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So here's a variety of rooms some that air that air new hot off the presses some that have been coming around for a while but remember designers embrace the's color trends and really set the colored receive probably been seeing these for a little while but this is a green and purple room and remember back on the color will the green and purple are our closest particularly lime green and the shit depending on the shaded part purple are almost compliments on the color wheel. I think purple and yellow are technically compliments but yellowish greens on dh then the other direction. So think about pale purple with a yellowish green or darker purple with a bluish green are going to be opposite of each other on the color will and that's a lot of times what makes colors really work seamlessly together is depending on their placement on a color will here's another another room and this is fun. So this is where we start also thinking again trends blending with our personal design style so I love...

this space it's it's I would consider this traditional and glamorous a and e and we see the traditional cleese most chair but it's done in a black lacquer we have that bright pop of green on the cushion very traditional table, some other very traditional elements in the space but in a lot of ways this feels really fresh and updated it looks trend forward ride it looks but it's not trendy so I don't think this room just the any of you feel like this is a room in a design that would go out of fashion really quickly for you there's a lot of timeless things tonight what do you think? Do you feel like it would be trendy so it's hard for me it's hard for you to say so I think that this is a great lesson and if you love things starting to embrace them in ways that blend with timeless pieces so that they're not going to go out of style quickly and I think this could be a room that could have some longevity for sure does that green and purple with gray on another one of the pictures that last picture where the walls grey um are yeah, maybe a really pale they may be either really pale purple they look like a great but that purple drapery has a lot of gray undertones in it too. So it looks like it's an extension that's the same idea of the sofa being just an extension of the wall same thing here the wall color and the drapery or just really almost the same shade but once just sort of an extension of the other so that adds aa lot of draw I mean a lot of dimension but not a lot of contrast lots of room that could just have been a room and you wanted to adopt a trend and you just pulled those two fabrics exactly and the purple drapery might need to stay for a long time because drapes can get expensive, but the chair cushions could easily be changed to something else. So this is a smart way teo teo introduce something like this trend I left it there but also both solids so they could easily be used in other places too solid fabrics I think are great have a lot of longevity is well, ok let's, look at this one so a very traditional chinese while covering, but what really gets your attention is the upholstery on the chairs, isn't it? But I still don't think this is a trendy room and a lot of ways even that's embracing a trend forward color because the lines of the chairs or so classic money you would need to really love purple. So here's an example of if someone says you really need to embrace this new trend that we're seeing lots of purple if you don't love purple, don't be swayed into buying this because you will not like it long term it's not going to go grow on you I mean it may a little bit, but if this is a pretty significant investment dining room furniture is some of the most expensive um party pieces that you will purchase there so I need to last a long time so you better really love purple if this is going to be your dining ring but I think this is really pretty maybe just lighting buddy are the shares upholstered in different shades or is it just one shaving their lighting moving I think it's lighting it looks to me like it's a velvet so the light bounces off of it because you see it's a lot darker right here at the edge I think it is a velvet but this could be a different um different fabric do you think of the trouble is the light looks quite to start thinking like that? I mean, I think it's gotta cool I did kind of looks on bride that a little bit which also was a trend that we were talking about earlier so I've also seen people do that where each chair was just slightly different on the color it moved even into different color so my sister did that in her dining she did yeah with with a velvet fabric which one is slightly different shades of the night that's interesting says that's in the unique design personality that she embraced something yes unfortunately for quadruple children ruined them but they are a function with children before she hears another one and this is another variety so this is really that, um the amethyst and jay died I think this color of green moves more towards that spearmint which I happen to love and has a vintage appeal to it it sort of looks like those my jadeite collection of cake plates but very classic in a lot of ways you do what makes you like this when he didn't like the other ones the green softer it's not long lose their softer and they make more sense in the space to me and and I like the styling of food the furniture the shapes of the furniture is what gets me and look at the room beyond where the purple is it's an entire room wrapped in purple and I spoke about this also in my color course which I love the idea of wrapping an entire room and one color so that it almost becomes a neutral to itself because the walls the sofa, the chairs everything in that space as you can see is just purple um top to bottom for the most part interesting so purple and jadeite are amethyst and jada here's a totally different saturation of color so that's more of an eggplant with a richer wall so again very different look this becomes more eclectic this becomes that mix of um traditional and urban or even glamour and urban and there's a little artistic traveler and there there's that african peace on the wall the feather headdress so this is a great example of an eclectic design that is also embraced a trend forward color but in many ways I don't think this looks like something that would go out of style for this person very quickly do you also see how something it's trending that's popular is it necessarily always trendy like it's not going toe necessarily go at a style in eighteen to twenty four months so there's a lot of things about this that are timeless is well it's great example for all students how many of you are parents and sort of have pressure from your teenagers or whatever age children are to do something that's the latest trend or whatever that doesn't necessarily fit with your house you know your personal style like maybe this yeah because you know exactly what kind of you know better you know in a year's time they're gonna be on to something I'm just curious if that's a battle and you have about to fourteen win during the remodel it wass but because I picked out all the finishes and handles and hardware and mirrors and everything the paint was what I let them choose and I have to say it was not my choice but that was their one choice plus I knew it would be easy and cheap and have you changed any of them yet like with my older daughter and that's what I did her room looks much better now. Yeah and she appreciates it and I was going to say it probably you couldn't have convinced her that the other color was wrong but letting her live in it and then change probably really interesting for hardest to see the difference in mom knows exactly yes, yes s o I love this little this is a fun example also in just a pop of green in this space again double rooms so I think purple is one of those colors that people either love or hate deal fund that as well a purple person or not? Ok, let's, look at the next trend so marveled effects and not just marble defects, but even mineral and stone kind of effects are really popular. We've been seeing this again for a little while but still holding very strong and in fashion so let's see what those look what so here's a chair by c r laine and a marbled fabric I think designers like kelly wearstler in particular come to mind for me that would do something like this. Also the famous tony jackett, who was a famous set designer in hollywood for years is tons of malachite and this has that look we're going to see some green in a moment that has that mineral look so it's it's replicating what a stone pattern would look like so it's natural it comes from nature so it's not totally trendy it could be timeless it just depends on how you use it that's what it looks like a textile here's another option on a bench it sort of looks like the faux guar faux wood a little bit doesn't it? Because they're both patterns that come from natural elements would versus as a mineral or a marble looks again, I remember a lot of this in the eighty steel remember things that looked marble patterned in the eighties, black and wide or even the green so we see that we're in a period where a lot of things that were popular in the eighty's or cycling back around here's a and upholstered arm all from hickory chair so that looks very trendy in in many ways, but it depends on how you use it whether or not it's trendy or timeless this would be a pretty expensive purchase to buy this arm law upholstered in this fabric you'd have to really really love this something you'd regret very quickly. This is that look of malachite so there's a lot of fabrics that looked like this I've seen great looking chairs upholstered in this, but I happen to really love green s oh, I like this one a lot here's a iv's in a different color this marveled effect on a wall covering this was in a show house in the hamptons a couple of years ago but I've seen this wall covering in every color from coral to cobol two purple really dramatic, definitely it's all comers wall covering him bring it's from a company out of los angeles named black crow studious. And so I think it's actually hand painted wallpaper so tongue like wallpaper it's not a finished, but you could do this. Nfl finish looks like artwork. It does, but it's it's actually a whole entire room you can you can look up the serene it was in a hampton show house a couple of years ago. The design is designer. That used that is eileen catherine boyd from um long island here's another look at that malachite green on a secretary. So this has a a on asian flavor to this with coral handles black lacquer this is very tony to kit this one on the wall. I've seen this treatment a couple of times too, and it definitely looks more like a mineral or even a petrified wood that kind of an earthy look. So I think in a neutral like this it's going to probably be more timeless than in purple or in some of the the other colors we've seen anybody like this. Yes, it may be a tahoe arm in a winter cabin, so it's certainly geographic locations you think it would be a good fit is there a mirror in the center that, yes, there's a mirror right there, that's reflecting that pattern drone and that's interesting that's again, the same idea of just being an extension of the wall like the sofa that this mirror does that really interesting there's some great elements in that room that I really liked that the that covering the wall cover, you know? But I liked a lot of things in that room, too, and here's the look on a wall in a bathroom that looks very much like natural stone that may actually be natural stone, but I can't really tell if it's a wall covering or are a stone on the wall pretty bold. So this is one that you would possibly want toe taken small. This is, if you were going to bring this one into your house, I think might be a good idea on occasional chair, a really cool little statement chair. They popped malachite green or one of these things on, but yeah, and small doses and again think quality. So when you're thinking something like this, the higher the quality is probably going to look more expensive as opposed to the cheapest version of this, okay, next we have. Well, I'm just going in the wrong direction, acrylic furniture, so this has been around for a while, and it is just a strong as it's ever been acrylic furniture, and we saw that it's, a mainstay of the style east of personality, but they're just continuing to create more and more beautiful acrylic furniture, so this's is interesting to see a trend that doesn't really adhere to the life cycle of eighteen, twenty four months. Or maybe it's happening so often that it's looking like it's the trend, the life cycles, running together, a lot of these pieces or classic there's, the philippe starck ghost chair that we were talking about yesterday. So you can't go wrong with that it's not trendy at all because it has become an iconic piece but originally was trendy and it's used in a lot of trendy interiors. But in and of itself, it has become a classic. I love these acrylic marcel's. They're vintage love, love love those I mean that's so beautiful, it's the scale, the quality, the dimension, and you can tell by looking at these, they're not inexpensive. So this would be a great place that you would splurge and buy the highest quality that you could afford on something like acrylic, and there is a difference, like you see some acrylic tables that you buy at a local retail or ah, mass online retailer that just aren't great quality, and they don't add that much to your interior. You know, they're really kind of disposable that something like this is a piece that you're gonna want to hang on to you for years, just really, really gorgeous. Then that peace is the opposite, that just something really simple. A little waterfall table. But I love how it's invisible in that space, that that would be a cool solution for that entry. We looked at this morning with the little dim ellen that didn't work against that wall, but witten and acrylic table work great on that wall is just a little invisible piece. So maybe she wants to find another home for the dim ellen and put a waterfall acrylic table against that paneling would work really, really well, more krilic chairs. You know you see things like this even at creighton barrel so great little pieces, and this is a good a good way to make your budget go farther. So maybe dining chairs are expensive, and you ultimately want some fully upholstered ones that maybe a thousand dollars a piece. In the meantime, why not have a ninety nine dollars version of an acrylic chair that looks fun? And you know that it's, not something you're going to keep forever. It goes to the kid's room or the play room as plan b. So that's a great way to bring in to stretch your budget and bring in something a little more trendy. This is a jonathan adler desk I've used several times. I happen to like this piece a lot cute burro would finish, and then you can even create the classic, traditional or glamorous look with a silhouette in acrylic that is totally different than the philippe starck chair but reminiscent of it, so they're spun ways to incorporate trends in every style that we've been talking about. Do you like this one? Ginny? I did, I did like it it's interesting, it made me laugh and here's a little piece that has, like a foe faux bois pattern on the little little cube. So acrylic is a fun trend that's still hanging on hey, so exotic influences this fits perfectly with our, um, traveled interior and also in a lot of ways with some of the other ones, too. So the good news is, if you are an artistic traveler who can't afford to travel there's a lot of great product on trend right now, that's out in the marketplace that brings this look to your home so every piece doesn't have to be authentic, or you could have a few pieces that you have actually collected and then enhance the look with things that you've purchased. I actually think these air, great looking and bordered this is a crocodile medal, crocodile metallic leather ottoman from hancock and more that I think it's, interesting and fun, it could be in a great glamourous interior the same with this pink crocodile pillow very glamorous occurred may we never have seen the acrylic furniture color was is just asking this now in the chat room. Have you ever found any issues of scratching with that type of? Yes, they do, and they also make cleaners that you can and products you can use on them so they can scratch. But it's also sort of part of the charm of a piece that, like those vintage bar stools, you just have to know that they're going to get some age and where to him, but that it's part of ah, that it's part of the idea so if it's going to drive you crazy, maybe acrylic it's not the trend for you or if you can embrace a little bit of patina and weathering and wear and tear that then he could probably handle it here's yesterday we talked about sugaring which is shark skin it's been very very popular over the last couple of years definitely fits this global influence but that's um like a leather anybody used triggering before there's some different colors of it but a lot of times you see it in a gray or white lots of this type of a pattern this is a rug seeing a lot of moroccan influence in tile work in textiles this is more tribal and africans a lots of things happening in this global trend I think you're going to continue to see we saw this one no we're actually going to say this later in a different a different slide that you're going to like that has to do with fashion this in light so this is bone and ebony in life has that serena and lily look we were talking about yesterday and of course we talked about heads and taxidermy and if you don't love the rial thing there's a lot of really fun options out there to get this idea in a trendy way out of paper machete there's one out of a britanny there's a fabric covered all sorts of options for this look which I think it's fun it's a little little whimsical a little funny blotch looks that seems very trendy to me right now, and they were we just included them as a larger piece of the the exotic influence in and of themselves. I think those will not be around a long time because they've trickled way down, but just they really do also fall under that exotic idea manly motifs, especially in fabrics. Um, j k, we're going to give you some some masculinity you've been wanting all week our since yesterday, I feel like he's not really wanting in masculinity and that's not what she meant. Well, he said that a lot of these things, like the glamorous idea, was too feminine for him, and he were left cool urban because it was masculine, and so most of the looks that we've been showing have had a feminine twist to him, with a few exceptions, the english traditional and the cool air ovens to see some of these very bright colors that you do that I think most guys would shy away from the very bright pink for the very bright booze I'm all about that, and if you use that with you in particular, I really like that dark gray setting with all of those bright pink, so I thought that was great, and you wouldn't think of that as being a masculine style, but I thought it wasa but it's kind of an interesting way that we talk we've had several people say I wish I could embrace pink in my home, but my husband wouldn't go for it well, they might go for it if you rath the room and charcoal gray and had like a great pink chair ottoman so there's there's a lot of ways to get teo an end result than just the obvious ones if you're creating your husband's worried about sitting on a pink couch change your husband, wait get the cash but they will start it's interesting that that gray we came to pink it's what a lot of guys are wearing to the office now you know that were wearing a star even though people I think women might be think that guys can't do we think that there is a there are a lot of guys out there wearing pink right now there are let's look at some of these that here's a hound's tooth cabinet that's done with actual wood inlay, which is interesting and has that danish leg to it so that's kind of fun mix because you don't think about a lot of the scandinavian peace is actually having any pattern to them, so I love this um speed up a little bit so we can get through some of these but love this idea of horn and leather definitely masculine a lot very, very, very trendy item at the furniture market was hair on hide so cow hides on everything from chest of drawers wrapped in in an entire sofas and heroin hide chairs like this piece of it if that rugged look or of that unit is more lodge or however you interpret hair on high to feel like that it's definitely on trends it's better is a carpet or it on an autumn and to put your state on the firm pokes you, and then I'm seeing lots and lots of this look teo that's brass and dark wood sleek urban, haagen e's, other cunt types of dark wood mixed with brass definitely fits the urban look ok, and the made for just a little bit organic sheikh so our last one or going to look at that trending on its way in is what we call organic sheikh, so we'll look at that organic trans and sarah several things that we've seen over the last couple of days that we called organic let me find my mouth of there it is an organic can just mean the form of something or it can actually be from nature aa lot of these have natural elements, so we saw great looking coffee table yesterday too that had this kind of look to it would be fun if you love that that traveled in global look but you just want to introduce a piece of it this would be a fun accent in a house that was otherwise either urban or even traditional some more sculptural pieces that have that flavor left level of this coffee table and that's the brass trend again it's the same two finishes that we're on the last table that we just saw that this is an organic form that's what someone else said it does look like it has the texas looked at me we've been saying things like this for a little while that's still fitting under this category of aggad or stone or minerals on and that's actually mixed with shia green so ana should green box but I love thes table that's actually would but it still has bet same pattern as the mineral so we've noticed the faux ball on the mineral patterns in nature and then obviously the the replications on fabric and other things really similar in their form lighting fixture with maggot scots that could be very glamorous or very much a global look I think that's been a lot of personality and then that hears that coffee table there's texas used in a space and are in a share in texas organic so lots of things trending across all of the different all the different styles right? We saw things it would work great in an urban space, things that were very traditional lots of of ideas. And if those really new to you all, do, you feel like you've seen that most of those, or do you feel like some of them? What about the wall color? Does that fill new t to go that really moody, dark wall color? Seeing that on pinterest, you've seen it. Pinterest is a great resource for staying on the front of trends, because if you follow the right people that are out there on that, the pulse of it, like designers and other creatives, you're going to get a lot of keys, so really great.

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