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What's Your Home Design Personality?

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Breaking Down Sophisticated Stylista

Tobi Fairley

What's Your Home Design Personality?

Tobi Fairley

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8. Breaking Down Sophisticated Stylista


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Breaking Down Sophisticated Stylista

Okay, so we haven't swayed anybody that doesn't seem like over to the artistic traveler maybe not that you don't want to start traveling more, but but she just can't really see yourself embracing in the style exactly this way but let's move over and look at um the glamorous a more glamorous style the, um sophisticated style ista we're going to actually get some excitement now with the glamorous style from the army pretty much everybody actually are you not e I look at your nuancing shed its just suddenly just delivering is that glimmering disclaimer? Yeah, I really don't see this is my store I would definitely think that this one leans towards the feminine and seeing a lot of ways so let's talk about let's remind ourselves what the sophisticated stylist it's so this is what you love if you love this style it's chic so I don't know that you would ever consider that one of the descriptors of your personality probably how chic um fashionable maybe I think you're fashionable certainly has ...

a fashion component to it in a lot of ways it's current so I mean, some of these things are iconic, they come for you know that there have been around for a long time like a chesterfield sofa, but in most ways they're presented in a really current, sometimes almost trendy way if you're not careful in this category or in this style, certainly glamorous, so and that's, where the kind of feminine piece comes in, and a lot of the shine and glitz, and then luxurious also so anything that you would think of being a luxury like this lighting fixture from curry and company that looks like diamond diamonds, are a girl's best friend. You know, this is a perfect example of lighting fixture that would fit thie sophisticated stylist. So you think about that lighting fixture without the crystals it could fit in the modern category, or, if it was done and say, retain, it could fit in the global category by its shape and its form. But it's, because it's covered in crystals, that it really fits into this glamour style. Another thing, that's, really, really a style key for this category is gold, and even other finishes like this bone in life, so this the bannon like it also fit. This piece could fit great as an artistic traveler piece, depending on what it's with but it's, because it has that little bit of glitz and gold, and if it makes it really work well with the glamorous interior, certainly mirror for sure. This piece about bungalow five, I think, is the epitome of the sophisticated style ista with the curve drawer, said the form of the pieces very traditional but it's covered in mirror so it gets that gland appeal and then this is kind of a little bit of a french almost art deco piece so that's the hollywood piece this is by century furniture she could see something like this was which kind of falls into the modern category are something like this that falls into the traditional category but both are mainstays or really staples of this the style this is sophisticated style eastern's it particularly this one depending on what kind of fabric it's and so that's velvet which would certainly work also earlier I mentioned envisioning this sofa in like white vinyl or white leather it could have a certainly in a really exciting hollywood sort of feel to it. So let's go look at some of our images out on pimp interests land of what the dedicated style he still looks like okay, so look there's something that's sort of like our shearling chair that we saw before that I said could fit in glamour or in the in the travel artistic traveler um and you know, this space really could be either one of those it is really right down the middle and so that's what I think is so interesting about this picture because you could have a home that was almost completely an embodiment of the idea of artistic traveler and this could be your office or you could have a very glamorous space, and this could still be your office. This could be this one is one that really splits the difference, but it depends on what you're looking at and what you're focusing on when deciding what makes it work for your projects that I would have said that was cooler because you've got the steel cabinet, you've got the ankle place light, you got that khloe's pain. I can see that as well. And then you go that really comfy chair in the middle. So so isn't this fun. This is fun to look at things this and this look urban, this could be glamour or traveled the return here, and this piece of wood here goes toward the artistic traveler on then this is more of the cool urbanize of this is a great example of how you could start mixing all of those styles together. We're going to see more of that tomorrow. We included in this category mainly because what really is a center point of this picture is this fabulous, curved, um, shaggy, glamorous little piece, but I agree with you. I think it could fit into any of those categories. Thiss pain I just was thinking, you know, you signed that could fit in any of the categories is aa lot off online discussion on the map so the mat that quick picture which you call eye everybody loves the map and I'm interested because everybody is loving it bear with their base say all right let me d so I wanted perhaps you could just quickly address with us how you know so you had how you would do a map in h of those so it's certainly sits into there's I agree with you so what it's interesting about the mat pieces obviously it makes sense with the artistic traveler that's kind of a literal interpretation it also easily fits into the category of traditionalists because you can imagine the libraries in a lot of spaces that would have maps in them and it makes a lot of sense and then I think one of the things about that makes it fit into the the urban sort of style and house or room is the way the furnishings that were in the space so they were really simple like a parson's table and some simple chairs or benches said that felt really edited and really modern so it really is the same thing and that's what's great about this so this starts to show you where some overlap comes in this one is the same way um how you could start having some of these things you don't have to be one hundred percent traditional are one hundred percent modern or our urban are you know one of the other styles with I'll use the names we actually named them so don't confuse people it would be urban you can really start blending these styles for a different look now this next one is very much sophisticated style least I think the art deco lighting fixtures the pink wall the purple sofa um very glamorous very very dramatic and bold and fashion forward does this appeal to anybody in the room well the surprising the color does and the chair did you like that one yeah so what is what about it appeal see I don't even know how to explain it gets although it's so loud because of the pink I don't know if it's because of the muted purple that it balances oh and then it has like a little in the table there's like a little sheen to it so it's just that's a pop to it I don't know if I like it as well can you imagine that I would like this space you're nothing knows well you like that one yeah I like the color but I don't think I like that shape of the furnishings so I don't like it but there's something that really draws your eye to this room and then the lights a traumatizing me a bit wait and then we get to something like this that I think is going to appeal to the traditionalist and the thing that's glamorous the best I love we heard a love already the thing that's glamorous about this is the channel back bed. So the very much of a glamorous peace with that a little animal print here, which definitely fits in the glamour category. But in a lot of ways, this is a very traditional space. I mean, this is a glamorous pace is well in the black lacquer, but this is so this is what's funds. You start looking at these different styles, and you start saying, oh, this works for someone who's, traditional glamour. This one works for someone whose artistic glenn where this one works, and I think we're starting to get a lot of cues for what we're going to see tomorrow. Ah, that would help us transition in. You know, this piece right here even fits that artistic traveler with this pattern, so but this one is mainly a traditional space with a little bit of glam, which I think it's fun. Um, this one very different, certainly much more in the traveler category, right? So it's got some glass kind of a red velvet tufted bank. It you can't get very much glint more glamorous than that, but I think this space really feels like the travel, the global kind of interior in many, many ways s o that's glamour meets global, which I think is really fun so you can start creating your own terms and you don't have to use my four categories but you could use them is jumping off points to start seeing what really resonates with you know I think this is it is very much the epitome of glamour we've got a lucite table we've got a crystal chandelier similar to the one we just saw we've got curved legs on the sofas white lacquer on the the fireplace around we've got mirror I mean this is very very glamorous a mirrored piece of furniture here s so if this appeal so you are very very get in line to the glamorous stylistic phillip stark on this islet start yeah what about because I'm between like I don't know because I'm like obsessed with him but on the shark is definitely mean he would fall into the urban cat the urban category more modern his furniture is it was very mid century but because so much of it is done in acrylic yeah it starts fitting the glamour the glamorous style so this fast this style leased a um style very much yeah everybody knows phillips felipe stark is that did the ghost chair um certainly again we've got a lot of traditional flavor to this but very much glamorous with the tough thing I'm a big fan of tough thing this is interesting so this is I would think what do you think this is? What two styles is this yeah it's like the bnd its urban but it has this crazy glamorous chandelier um I think that's a very daring space is well let's say have at a gold bathtub anybody want a shiny gold better remember the dream ugo remember this morning we saw a light in the quiz there was a person in a gold lame a dress so very much this flavor from fashion to the bathtub the translation here that's kind of literal very glamorous but against really edited so it could be in a modern ok here's the headboard that I was talking about this morning when we were talking about scale sally and I said the everyone that loves the letter d is their quiz category is going to really be able to embrace scale it's a huge scale of the bid and is tufted how many people have this? So I think this is a friend of mine who I love who lives in l a design orion patrick flynn who did this space uh but certainly glamourous has a very high ceilings too yes, very high ceilings on and maybe just one more so one or two more I think the animal print the chintz here the things that are on the coffee tables in the gold very feminine, very glamorous, very much of fashion east of this feels like a fashion east this house to me um and I think a little bit young here maybe so daring has a short true store this is a dining room that did for the client that used to have very traditional things that we've been seeing and they want something to feel more like the places they travel so we took out a marble um buffet built in bar and tufted the wall and now it's very chic and cosmopolitan and glamorous and we've got crystal dripping from the feeling but very traditional table on very you know, in many ways traditional chair so we really just sort of amped up the glamour but stayed within their trish traditional category for them in many ways I love the walls thank you. Um if you're living in a padded cell though ah a little different this is from house beautiful, almost even palm beachy but I think definitely some glamour there you could imagine a a hollywood celebrity living in this space, I think can't you what's on the stealing it's it's like a mural painted it? Maybe it's ah map I can't really tell interesting so season he's alive loving the talk about combining styles I think my style is audrey hepburn mates creighton barrel interesting I think this is a friend of mine barry dixon, who is a designer, didn't near the washington d c area and so this is interest sting with the pink. This what? What an interesting space in general. His furniture placement, I guess. It's just a library sort of room, conversation space you that you could sit in there and read a book by the fire something, but very, very glamorous. Almost all pink. So take just the right person to embrace this let's look at just a couple more, and then we'll talk about, um, these styles and some questions that we have now that we've seen all forms so love this the art deco glass coffee table, very glamorous lighting fixture. You know how we talked about this style being one that embraces quite a few of the trends. So cuatro foil design has been a big trend in the last few years, and you're seeing that in this light fixture so it's, a very classic interior. The architecture is but it's really pretty glamorous in its execution, the the shapes of the furniture pieces and e I think that maybe just this last one and again here about some very traditional elements, but really leans towards the claim or more than just a traditional space mean davis, while covering, is very, very traditional, but this has a lot of drama, so I definitely think this falls into the that that sort of glamour category looks category so what kind of questions do we have now that you've all started figuring out what your styles are and now we're going to get into mixing these styles? But what are some of the things that maybe you're coming to mind for each of you have had it? I mean, are you excited that you've defined your style? Do you want to move you? Are you wishing you could be another style? Um, what's coming to mind for each of you? I think limitations of your house of your space really kind of dictate what you can choose and what you can like in each category. So you're feeling like you can't just openly embrace some of these different trends because of your maybe how much space you have because you live in a small spicer, the club, the ark I happen or we'll have a house it's one hundred over one hundred years old, so it's very old is very traditional has a lot of the wanes coating, but this size is much smaller, so you've got I I don't know how they lived and we we've expanded its much bigger but you can't have big furniture, not a lot of windows even though part of the house is very light part of it's very dark, but if I was to do glam and there would seem out of place and what we think so even like something cause thinking about the scale of I mean, these air kind of told that there's a lot of aren't decca lighting fixtures that aaron an antique scale I'm sure you run across these a lot of times I love to shop instant places like a new york city vintage for vintage finds, and I think sometimes you do see glamorous pieces that aren't super overscaled so s o glamour maybe is that one of the ones you would embrace that you feel like you can't or what is it that you would live by bringing my traditional house and, like traditional like very queens? Mace but I'd like stuff on the wall like your tufted wall I think would be really interesting I have some leather walls or leather floors, which I really like, but I travel, so I have a lot of travel art that I like from africa some of the mass that they have on stands and I've got palace guards from india, so they're really different and they I just I want them all together and I think your personal style it's reminiscent of the artistic traveler like even what you're wearing today, so that makes sense that you would like some of those things, so when we get into mixing tomorrow and the next day, we're going to be thinking for you how to bring together traditional global and glamour in a very traditional and somewhat confined space you have a lot of a lot of challenges there yes, and I was wondering, what do you think off creating for example your living room ah kind of traditional but glimmers bathroom and different style ofthe kitchen that's a great question so a lot of people may think ok, well the way that I could I could fix my, you know, fill my needs for all of these different styles with b o have a glamorous bedroom in a traditional living room and a modern kitchen or something like that it could work, but I think more than anything the houses and the spaces that are most successful blend a lot of those things together and at the very least, like we talked about sally in the color course, I kept saying have a point of reference, so if you're gonna as opposed to in color you you wouldn't necessarily have a purple room next to a yellow room next to an orange room, but you might have purple and yellow next to yellow and orange next to orange and white, so some point of reference in each space that flows into the next ring, so you certainly could have a cleaner, more modern kitchen, particularly if you're really into cooking and that's what supports the function there we'll talk a lot about function tomorrow but I just think that you might then introduce they seem really traditional dining chairs or something or anti table in that modern kitchen, so it has a point of reference to the next space, and we'll talk all through that tomorrow. It will be fun to see some of the examples of where people have done that, but I would probably I would probably try to stay away from having each room feel like it had its own unique personality, I think it's going to feel less cohesive and not have a lot of flow. So what? What other challenges? That we have any challenges that on the web, the people already excitement? Now that we've just we've gone through all four style just to share with what gabby has to saying gavea kind of show you we we are going to be helping people like you in need over the next few days. He's gonna be saying I looked at toby's boards inside that I'm most likely a about fifty percent, about ten percent b, about twenty percent seeing about twenty percent. Is there any hope? Few? Yes, gabby toby's going to getting to know how you mix up the stew the stars in the next couple of days. Well, I would just add to that that I think it's suddenly I could quite envious when people have their own place and they don't have to contend with the family say for instance, a family of boys when you want to do glamorous and no medic e and they kicking soccer balls around the house or when you had you know are my daughter wants a really modern room but she's also really, really wants bird cages everywhere could she have bird cages and really white really thing but everything else thinks the super modern you know, and then that's not my thing and I kind of she visualized his thing that would be a family makes it how they talked a lot again I think back to our color of course where people would say I would love to have that pink wall but my family would never go for that. So how many of you feel like one of your challenges is that you're having tio blend not only seven several different of your own personality design personalities but everyone else's design personality into your space? So have you had some challenges with maybe some pushback from people that it's what are some examples of that created your teenage daughter's room is that different from the rest of the house? She was away that way she was away and she trusted me with it so that was nice that was actually easy but when we did our remodel it was with my husband that everything was difficulty because even though he has absolutely no sense of really you know, decorating or style not that he's not stylish um he just you know, everything was a push back so it was very challenging so was it because he was afraid of that he was afraid he would grow tired of it he just couldn't understand it I think with him he had a harder time seeing like you're talking about the cohesiveness of it I had an easier time I knew that you know we have an open floor plans so things need to flow you can't have a green bathroom in a blue hallway and you know so getting him to understand that was challenging um yeah he's happy with with the results so it was color as much a style yeah. And are any of you living with someone that you have an exact it opposite designed personality like maybe your spouse is really super traditional and you want everything minimalist or vice versa anybody say you are so tell me about that uh well I think my husband is always more modern than that I would like him to take and uh but at the same time he loves a lot of color so they have a whole way orange hallway um blight blue bathroom and ah big um like kind of like come deep green well in the laying them so I do long orange but I'm not russia so we're using are using styles and to bring all those colors together, you know, considered as we talk about and we're going to talk about later that color would be one of the things that you could use to bring so style together but it sounds like you have a lot of color going on said is is that the style that's cohesive in your space? Um not currently so hopefully after the passage way getsem some keys on hannibal in that another just because your husband also from turkey is he from my eyes from here? Oh yes oh do you have something of a culture clash going on as well as different aesthetic design? Perhaps not really I don't think so yeah he's very open so the, um but yeah very well was when you said culture class my husband's english and when I moved in with him in london he had just redone his home so I couldn't really say anything because he was quite proud of us moth and pink striped wallpaper and dark mahogany table and shins covered patterned so fuzz that all match and it was very, very english and it was english like his grandmother may have had, but he was quite proud of it but he's in a very different aesthetic, and so slowly we peeled back the layers you evolve his style over time, it's been it's been fun, actually travel helped her a lot, and when you respond to different aesthetics and different places, like see, this is what I'd like the house to be, and when he can feel it as opposed to me trying to explain it, it worked a lot said I said, when you took the quiz this morning, you were being see you were you were urban and artistic traveler, and you have a husband who is very much english with chintz and soccer balls, okay, so that way, how do you bring all of those things together? Right? Sounds like you've done it right, job said, is he much more urban now? Are modern earn it? He is, but like what devin said were limited, teo the architecture of our home and it's, a nineteen thirties stucco home that's, very sweet has some really beautiful architectural details, but that would fit and probably be a delight for in a, um but it's. Why I have to have to temper what I put in the home because it can't be too modern because it right, it might just kill odd, right? So I'd love to hear from some of you who've I don't want a waiver on your style or came in here thinking that you wouldn't it might start there even people out on the internet that might want to start consider branching into have we opened anyone's eyes today have we done what design school did for me and really start and I see some of the head's not in here and start an appreciation for some other things and maybe intrigue you a little bit on how might I incorporate these do you have? Are you thinking it that I can really appreciate the different styles? And I would I find myself more of a traditionalist, of course, but I could appreciate all the different things and I would like to bring those in but in a tasteful way I don't want it to look, you know, mismatched and tacky I want to bring it in taste it would always you bring in which styles what other styles I didn't want to incorporate. I really like b I like the modern urban rail and I'd like to bring in some of that, so that might be with it with one of the rooms like we saw earlier that had a more traditional aesthetic with a um I think it was with that one right here with this one right here um where you might introduce something like an iconic modern chair into a space even though you're rooms, I'm sure much more about antiques as faras warm woods and things just from a standpoint of the style of furnishings you can envision how you could blend in one piece that is really kind of a right just add more personality, tio a room cause I like you said, I don't like it when you just when people go out and they buy all the same of everything, you know, everything's match and I don't think that's interesting, but then it's hard and it takes you have to have a lot of confidence to go out there and do, you know, pick different things and then pull it all together. And I've seen this chair this egg chair actually done in leopard velvet, too, so you can imagine how that might be a blend of the glamorous sort of style d with something that's really modern and so it could be in a dressing room are really fun space. And so, you know, thinking about how to blend not only the the items but the materials that make it all work together. Who else? Anybody else wanting to dip their toe in a new style now that they've seen what, what all their options are? We do have you know what I said, that thing about family we have got creative meesh is who and has put something out there and a whole lot of people picked up on a creative businesses I have a lot of d sensibilities, but it seems so hard to live in with the family and then design queen also, how do you make something that glamorous work with kids? So those are great questions and we'll get into function, but let's such on it just a little bit, so I have alluded the things like leather or vinyl, I love to use materials that you can really wiped clean for children. We have a whole section tomorrow on living with kids with some of these styles, but I think it becomes this is exactly the conversation that I want us to be opening up to right now thinking as opposed to I can't have that, I can't have that now I have to have that when my kids are grown really getting creative of how you bring some of these parts and pieces in elements of this in on make it still worked for your family so you could certainly introduce lucite ah, and in some way without it not working for children, you know you could certainly introduce a giant tufted ottoman, but maybe it's done in the material that you could wipe off on I think that's one of the not necessarily a mistake but a little bit of us kind of oh a little sad for me when people wait until they think they can purchase certain things because of their family have pits or have kids there's always a way to make any of these things work leather is a great thing to use for if you're wanting to use your ability leather vinyl if you're if you're really worried about eco friendly, some of the vinyls aren't the most eco friendly things because of the chemicals but weather you know, some of those depending on the situation that people have improved the ico friendly this the environmental things that they do for levity all of those things it's a little difficult it's a little tricky for um for that kind of sustainability piece if that's something that you're interested in but certainly looking to those kinds of materials we've got another one here married deby I'm trying to rework out living area and shedding some of the bigger pieces of furniture because their spaces on the smaller side and it's an all behind I'd love to have a love seat and cheers on blues the couch but my husband is six foot toll and wants a sight that he can light down on that yes and so what's the question she just she doesn't feel I was solution she visualize is a little love satan a lot of room and he visualizes massive counts that he basically this runs and jumps and flops on yeah that's a little difficult and I think that's going to go into town tomorrow about fun to do and having space is for everyone so that's a little bit to your idea of can you have different styles and different rooms and you can a little bit you can move into you commit from one to another if you have a point of reference and mess so maybe he needs a room that holds his stuff and she needs a smaller space that has her lovely little love seat in it. And so, you know, certainly there are certain styles that you could introduce by themselves as just a room are, you know, in your homes and maybe every room is not different, but maybe you do have a dressing room, our room that yours or a ring for your spouse or your partner something children that actually lean towards one style so it would be fun if for your daughter or sally you were saying your daughter will be front perfectly fine if you had a spice or two in your house that really represented a style that wasn't the style of the rest of the home as long as you did some things to tie it together so you could totally have a very traditional home and then let your kids have bringing their personality that maybe you tie it together again with color or something it's interesting because other people have got exactly the same problem that yasmin was describing in the same but creative measures is saying it seems to work can you do different colors in rooms that don't necessarily meet will meet up you know some of these challenges of our student having a swell quick question from bethany she's saying which style the category would french modern and deco fit into? I would think it's really that stylist for the most parts of french modern and I love a lot of those pieces it's all the art deco really fits into that more glamorous very much what we and the united states would consider you know kind of a hollywood style that we saw definitely in the twenties and thirties and in movies and we still see it today so certainly deco fits that and I was just I don't think I looked at this image earlier and I was just going to pull that it but this is an interesting, very very art deco mirror in this bathroom and even the tile patterns that bring in the greek qi says something which I love great key could be very trendy could be very tradition colonel it could have a modern sensibility or it could certainly fall into this category of something that was in the art deco arena

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What a generous offering. I got so much out of this course. Sure, some of the style references are a little out-moded, but it's incredibly thorough. Tobi is so knowledgeable about all of the styles and is gifted at helping students ensure style and functionality. Dive in! You'll learn so much about your own style and how to make your home flow in a way that you love.

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