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What's Your Home Design Personality?

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How Fashion Shapes our Style

Tobi Fairley

What's Your Home Design Personality?

Tobi Fairley

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28. How Fashion Shapes our Style


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How Fashion Shapes our Style

How many of you love fashion any of you intimidated by fashion now maybe a little sometimes depends on the fashion have you in your comfort zone your your style you're not intimidated with some are out of the box that's the same with me is you could tell from my way of dress for three days I have a very specific classic, pretty classic style and tailored style, which certainly aligns with my interiors, but let's talk about what fashion what's fashion got to do with it, and I was just mentioning in the last session that often great fashion designers end up crossing over into the home category, and even yesterday we were talking about trends we're seeing a lot of the trends and interior design trickle down from the faster and runways they have for years. In fact, fashion used to be several years ahead of our certainly months ahead of the home design industry, but now they've really gotten on the same schedule in many ways and home is influencing fashion as well, and we're seeing the same...

color so used to be that you would see a color on the runway and it would take two or three years before you would see that show up in the home and now we're seeing them simultaneously, so so what does this mean? How does this play into what we're talking about today and obviously we've also mentioned what that we're not just talking about our homes we're talking about our entire personal style and personal brand when we're deciding what appeals to us because for most ofhis they're the same there are some people who maybe have a really exciting and bold home and they only dressing in black and white or something simple or sometimes vice versa people may want a respite at home something serene and they're very colorful full in their dress but for the most part they're very, very related so let's think a little bit about this and then we're going to stay some really fun examples of how home and fashion can really influence each other and if you're in especially inspired by fashion you can bring some of those elements and details right into your home in a very literal way with this fun so leaves we're just saying the trends on fashion runways certainly influence furnishing designed so elements like details like pleading or you know piping grow grain a lot of the things I was even talking about yesterday the space that's our cover photo was influenced by fashion when I've decided to bring grow grain onto the sofa it was really thinking about some great blazers and jackets have seen that almost have a preppy look with a grow grain detail on a lapel certainly both color and design come from fashion often and trickle into the home furnishings industry just quickly, spain will grow, grain is grow, grain is a type of ribbon so on the black sofa, those boxes that are white sofa with the black boxes on the image we've been looking at all week and it's a type of kind of like a rib texture of ribbon and you often see eve seen it before, I'm sure in fashion, so can you imagine hoops when there's a lip hill on your jacket? And it has like a little ribbon detail ing just a theeighty and, you know, has kind of a little ribbed finish to the to the ribbon that's a grow grain, g r o s g r a and grow grain. Thank you for that girl. Looks like gross grain grow. They grow grain, rubin says something like a detail like that khun certainly trickle trickle over s o to get an early look at what's coming in interior design, you really can often look to fashion, particularly in color, and pinterest is so much fun for this because those of us who follow interiors and many of us who are bloggers and we want to go right about the color of the year, we can go straight to pinterest and look to the runways and go there's a million people with radiant orchid on as you're wearing today, which is the color of the year because oftentimes these things they're hitting fashion runways either at the same time or even a little ahead of what we're seeing in home design so taking cues from your own fashion as we've said preferences for your person homestyle could be a great thing are your clothes more tailored and does that translate to your home and we saw that in those style icons we just looked at for the most part every one of those people really live and breathe their brand from their persona all the way into their home it would be interesting to ask them wouldn't it if they would do that if they weren't trying to build a brand if it was if it's more you know theatrical because they want people to really notice them personally and as an extension of that build their design business or if it's truly authentic but I think for the most part you would find that it was very authentic that that's really what they're comfortable with so do you like bling what colors do you gravitate to and how does that show up in your house and you think about something like that like rhinestones or crystals or bling on your clothing and it might be easy to imagine or watch or a bracelet with crystals on it but can you really imagine how to bring that into your home and maybe you could imagine it in a very literal way like a crystal chandelier but there's other ways to do this to like did any of you see in the last few years there's a company that makes nail heads like nail head trim that would go like on an upholstered headboard, but their little swarovski crystals so you could literally line the perimeter of a bit or a sofa with little crystals? If you are a glamorous, sophisticated style leased a kind of personality and you want to bring bling to your interior, it contentedly happen, so it's really can be fun and interesting. So what I love about this idea is pinterest and other places on the web now have really gotten into this game with us, of showing how certain interior styles and certain fashion styles really meld together and there's this really neat website called fashion and decor, and so we've captured a lot of screen shots for you today that really reflects some of the styles we've been talking about and show how they translate from the runway to home, and we're going to go through just several of these and I think it'll be really fun to see the difference, but so this is a what what style would you all think that this is either one but maybe let's? Look at the at the fashion example first modern, crappy, modern, preppy yes, it's clamor traditional because it's pretty vintage like the build way so we're saying at the read of this that it is classic traditional because this style of skirt is very classic and the belt and the bows it doesn't I mean even though it's a modern version of it it looks almost like a fifty style like a fifties housewife even that kind of glamorous look that people used to dress in a more formal way which was really classic traditional so this is kate spade and then here's an image from lonnie magazine and so these weren't actually this isn't necessarily actually influenced this interior just someone who's really savvy realized that there were similarities but this is just showing how it could go in either direction so this was your personal style how might that show up in your home and several of you said other words that I think are important here like vintage so it looks vintage and even preppy so what do we think what about the interior reflects that kind of vintage or even preppy preppy look the little the little antique furniture painted in a in a bright colors sort of the idea of repurpose ing those vintage pieces what else did said the mirror of the mirror and the artwork like there's a portrait that looks like it could have been someone's mother from years ago a collection of artwork um and even do you see anything that really even reflects the bow motif and bringing it over to this do you even see that in any way the hardware it really kind of look it's like that? Doesn't it replicates that so isn't it kind of fun to think about putting sigh even an outfit together that you think is definitely your style statement and then seeing how that would translate to your own home and this can go either way so if you're really more comfortable as a decorator and designer but you don't really feel like you know your fashion sense in your fashion style, you could completely translate your own home into your wardrobe and vice versa, which I think is really, really fun of course you don't have to be literal this is again, as I was saying yesterday, these air guidelines these air fun tools and tips but it's just becoming aware, self aware and really noticing details that start help help you that really start to help you translate your style through all parts of your life. So I think this is a foam and let's look at another example so here is that idea j k o of almost even your your british influence we have a little bit of that and it's also americana the red, white and blue so this is tommy hill figure figure spring twenty thirteen runway ready to wear and a company called design legacy what do you notice about both of these images? The lines look at that look at the detail on the ren way of the runner on the floor even supporting the whole design so in the same way that design that fashion is influencing design design has influenced this runway show because they orchestrated the whole thing, including the surface she's walking on to represent the same graphic right graphic lines what else about it? Look at the look at the style of the dress. How does that translate over to the the interior? I feel like it's um last killing because she's wearing a button up shirt and the interior is pretty muscular. So minutes where there's a menswear influence or even you can imagine I a shirt collar button down showing up in din ums and other sort of rugged things to even almost I mean, tommy's sort of akin to like a ralph lauren style and you see all of that reflected here andan what about her shoes? Can you see him there like a ness material that so it's almost a macro may look and we even see that translated in the baskets and the detail ing in this interior, so very literal and a lot of ways. What also just what about her styling? She looks very all american, doesn't she all american girl classic? Not a lot of make up not a lot of fussiness to her hair and nothing and we know that in a runway show nothing is as left to chance everything is orchestrated and this is probably really a not a real room but a catalog that is on, you know, for the product but at the same time these things were intended to go in a real space so everything about this was really orchestrated as well to support is this anyone style here? Does anyone relate to this? Do you know anybody who has a really yes, you do on what kind of architecture do they live in? Dina it's very all of the all american domestic would they have, like beams or a farm table or any of those kinds of jesus colonial but they do have like farm tables and yes, so it's fun and sometimes it's fun to think about that and sometimes steri the things we think being stereotypical are actually what people gravitate to that support there's a reason why those things are associated with a certain style and so when you're creating it zain you think what would be the right kind of table for a room like this? And you think either an old table that's painted white with the paint flaking off for a big agrestic refuge in wooden table or something so you can see how this can really guide you in making purchasing decisions too if you know what your style is and if it's if you don't know this is your style but you do know this is your fashion style and you love it you go translated very different who did we just look at that this room looks looks like and even our mario buatta right casey it sorry guys I mean in your right so chance on chance on chance right ah and we can think that so I'm not very fresh and looks a little grant granny a little granny chic and then we see someone who's certainly on the forefront of still fashion which is chanel replicating this kind of look is and that's just this year that spring well I guess it was actually last year spring twenty thirteen so isn't that interesting that very, very classic so in this instance I wouldn't be surprised if this kind of classic desire sat design style for an interior even english interiors and things that incorporate these kind of floral patterns was exactly what influenced this sort of a look on the runway what about what else she has on the rest of the look see that necklace on the shoes and what about him? What do you say that make it more kind of modern it's kind of a modern version of something but look at the chest strike choose a limb so black and white stripe is very classic and we see stripes in this kind of garden room and then her necklace I agree with you it looks more modern, but what is it really? It's pearls hands like a modern interpretation of the classic it isthe so isn't that fun and said this is what you could even do in your own house off you think? Ok, well, this is comfortable to me. Maybe it was what my mother's house looked like my grandmother or a place I love to visit like the greenbrier that was designed by dorothy draper. But how do I make this my version of something young and fresh? You could take cues from what's been done on the runway and say, well, if you know if I were going to do chance what's the modern version of chants like just like they said when they were designing this fashion like we want pearls but what's the modern version of that how do we make that the scale different? How do we make it more dramatic? How do we make it look more updated? And we can do that with details all the way through our home. Kelly wearstler this's actually kelly worse slurs room and kelly were slurs fashion so clearly influenced by one another who knows which one came first? I don't know chicken and the egg, but look at the almost exact interpretation of the wall to the dress can you guys see that very so what style would we consider this do you think of the four we've been talking about all week? Certainly urban are cool urban very modern um it has some has a little bit of glamour to really it's pretty much and that I think that modern category even the furniture maybe a little curvy like glamour but it's more almost futuristic looking to me the sofas and things so certainly um certainly urban and a delay it I would be interesting to know which one of those came first if it was the the fashion or the interior with hara wouldn't be surprised if the interior came first because she was an interiors before she was in fashion another should nail look I love this internet so this is so fun wouldn't it be fun if this was your job to go out and search the web and go what looks cannot find and into just imagine when you actually found this and it looked so much like this you would be so excited that something actually exist out there that probably neither of these actually really inspired one another but creative minds created these looks and they have similar things in them and it's because a lot of those motifs air classic and they're derived from other influences so what do you think about these talked to me about what's interesting about these other black leather and dots so the beds leather and skirts, leather and chairs, the artwork and little chairs or letter the artwork um certainly translates to the polka dot jacket. Um what else do you see her necklace silver's that matches the silver detail the lamps and her necklace even almost looks like the hair in the artwork to me like a platinum color? Do you see that the lady's hair in the artwork in this room is really almost like a platinum blonde and the same with her shoes? I see a translation there. What about looking again at the runway? Look at the runway, the floor so I've never noticed until I really started studying these that because I'm a designer, I noticed all sorts of details about a room, but I've never paid so close attention to how many things air orchestrated in the presentation of a fashion show, including the floor and it's important to support the whole look and they obviously know that is going to be photographed and you're going to see the floor so it's really like looking at a space are a vignette the same way with we would look at an interior the whole look does this represent anybody style here? I would think it would appeal to that room very, very much I'm not so struck on the outfit that night wearing it, but I just don't is the poke it out a little too traditional free? So isa polka dot I just think that is the shaping it is not right down on the bottom it's not exactly it's not slick enough for me like I really like the room, so in the last one it where it was really fitted, that would be more very a lot I'd never go into crazy wallpaper pattern like that once again, what do you take out of it? But I love the sleek line of the dress I've got the dress, the dress growers and this one I love the room and that's exactly what we're I want everybody to realize is that you can look at many, many things and honestly only take one detail from remember the very first day when I was saying if you start to collect images on pinterest or if you have if your children start to collect images on pinterest our client, be sure that they in the captions say what it is that they like about the image because sometimes I have misinterpreted something because I see how they love blue and then what was the truth was they only loved the black and white stripe on the rug or something a little bitty details, so I love that we're getting beyond and that's what? Yes, we're spending a lot of time on this, but you have to really spend some time looking at things that are inspiration and I'm sure you do this to to see what really all the intricacies are and the details do you have an example you said you're inspired by things that aren't fashion or that aren't rooms like do you have any examples of something fun you've been inspired by um I just was in miami and I was on the beach and I was just picking up seashells and looking at the different patterns textures on seashells and c class that I was able to find and just picking those up and being a bit like sketch some of that and use some of that even the nuances and the of how the shells were formed form and you really have to train your eye to see beyond see deeper into the inspiration piece right? Because at first glance we might go it's glass and it's blue courts glass and it's green and a lot of people would only take those two things away from looking at a piece of sea glass and maybe for some of us who don't like to be so literal I'm pretty literal but some some creative minds don't love a literal interpretation and it's some tiny little detail like you're saying like a pattern or an edge detailing or you know sent the sleekness of it that you take away and bring to a textile or whatever you're designing right? Okay, so here's, another one this's d squared to fall runway with joani magazine. What style? First look at the at the runway. Look, because I don't know that we would get this the same style interpretation here if we were picking one a, b, c or d but what do you think the runway looks? Style is, I think that's really going to like that? Because it's so simple it's just three days of blocks, I would say I d like it looks like a fashionista to me. Yeah, there's certainly the the leather jacket does bring in an urban look, but I certainly think of her. She has a sassy leopard print hand. She certainly looks like that fashionista toe to me. But I think you're right that the room certainly aligns with be much better. It's more of that urban cool that modern interpretation. And you've got that sort of antique screen. Maybe again you're throwing, you know, different element come and that could be traveler. Or that could be classic design either one. But for the most part, it looks very, very modern to me. The room. I don't know that this fashion looks quite so modern. But there's certainly cues that so this is even more fun for me because maybe this is your personal style of the clothing you would wear but maybe your home's not as fussy maybe yeah, you throw on a leopard hat that you would never have a leopard autumn and in the middle of your room. So which parts and pieces do you take? What crosses over what's your point of reference from the home to fashion and they might not always be all the literal things that might be other small details you just might really be into teo accents or, you know, like I love this black stripe on the bed but so there's certain similarities but there's a lot of differences here too. This one is really interesting and what do we think about the fashion? The fashion look what style totally artistic travel wasn't it there's a lot of that in there for sure in the fashion, I guess there's classic detail ng to the fashion look but it's much more clean than that and we see a lot more tradition happening over here with the twelve but because it's in a unique color palette but it's so easy to see the translation between the two isn't that fun I think this is another one that sun because it's the same but it's far different in many ways too any any thoughts on either of these would anybody where this or put this in your in your room but that's again a very symptom outfit not so much the room but the outfit is very san francisco to me it is yeah in what way the colorful nous the jacket like it is club got a classic but it's also sort of vintage e looking to me is there a lot of color and design and francisca I I don't know it just reminds me yeah that's my I'm sick you might hear someone in england walking down the street wearing something really offensive, you know? Is it a man or a woman? I think it's a woman shoes, shoes say yeah, but I'm not sure so confident that that the stylist or the fashion designer intended to have that kind of androgynous look so again, I don't think it's and I don't think it's accidental is the room is quite feminine I think it is the drapes I agree with you and well that you're definitely making a public statement on you. I mean you want people to look at you, you want the right to come to you and the styling of the pants and the share it or certainly masculine like menswear, but they're done in colors that made that matt may or not may not be, you know, maybe that's what's making me think of the city to be out and garage in a slow think a little bit it's creative and it's confident so there are certainly some of us who would be more confident and fashion but would want traditional things to surround us in our home too but maybe the color is the only thing that really crosses over and that could see that happening a lot of times I mean I don't have a house full of leather but I certainly have a lot of black and white in my house and I'm not opposed to leather but I would much be much more likely to wear it on my body that I would to have a whole room full of leather because I want something that feels more warm and cozy and come comfortable on I don't think about a leather sofa for me with that as a classic traditionalist even even in a classic style I feel like it's not that warm I don't want to slide off the sofa every time I went it lay on it I want to cuddle into it so that's you know that's an example of how a color palette could just translate from fashion to interior but not materials interesting artistic right over here global what about that room there strikes me as very asian in some respects I am thinking traveler in this respect I mean but it's it's also very traditional to me it looks like it looks like the white house or something that's very, very classic and traditional maybe english though english or american um but I love how if you're with this comparison it could allow you to open your mind to that pattern and see it not quite so so traditional if you really isolate it didn't have all those other surround things in and if it didn't have the antique tables and and that style of furniture you could use this fabric in a way that it looked much more graphic and less stuffy okay really interesting when here of course this is a a show room I don't think it's a home it's a uh it's a a business probably but what about this? But what about these two troubled traveler traveled global look at the table cloth it's made out of ties neckties yeah, I love that isn't that fun? So a little classic piece do we see any of those classic men's wear peace elements showing up in the fashion that was like trials that's exactly what I was going to say trousers on trouser shorts so on and then some of the colors the certainly in the patterns are reflecting also the chairs air very, very modern and even though these air classic pieces like trousers their styled and executed in a really modern way and the floors high gloss wide, it wasn't about putting pattern on the floor here is about making it really sleek and simple and edited. I think at this runway show marc jacobs. I love both of those looks. So what do we think they are? Urban said glamour, I think glamour. What makes you think it's urban wishes pretty bold? And I don't think it's that flashy, because I don't know what I think of the glamour one I just think of flashing the chandelier so it's clean our lines, which was more urban. And on the fashion piece maybe the leather built seems kind of that urban piece. But I would I would consider this a very classic shit for shape or form and almost like a trench coat with me. A coat dress. She has the first, so that will be very glamorous. Glamour. The rugs, glamorous, the gold there's there's. Kind of a lot going on in the interior. I think it could literally be all four styles there. I think you can see awesome bohemia and kind of global influences. I think you concede glamour in the headboard and in the coffee table, I think there's. Certainly some things that even could come from traditional styling, maybe the headboard and some of those more ornate. Lines and then because it's really edited it becomes modern so this is probably closer to that part of the art of non style or something that's really reflective of the person who lives there um I love the grass cloth on the wall is a texture christian dior that's a jamie drake room so we saw jamie earlier and you can see how that would be in line with his iconic style came he loves pink certainly yeah interesting though if that entire room was charcoal or another color it wouldn't be symone it at all with it the lines of it are not feminine but the color makes us think it's feminine just because it's pink what do you think about that j k I really liked the dress because again it's very simple that I like the flowing over rap but the room in a way it's too stark and it's to monitor it feels cold and very even though it's a warm color so what if it was a different color yeah maybe I don't know because it's very modern its styling you see I see that being very art deco very well that's chairman and bring in our crosses the line between a modern look and a and a glamorous look like a real sort of hollywood style it certainly has that hollywood um hollywood flavor where those wells like I get her well is that I don't or some of each I think gorgeous so you love it you love it and then were you like whoa it's a lot I like I like the colors I do like the colors I don't like the construction of the outfit yeah on the same way I love the colors but I would never I just didn't think I could pull that off from a fashion statement on the other hand christ I'm crazy about this interior I love the breast able in fact I've used this interior is an inspiration for a client once um I love a lot of things about it what what do we think about the interior for us for a styling is the style cleansers glamorous the kind of black feathers in the base is on the table probably I can't tell that's feathers or if it's it's green doesn't this again become that art of non style there's a lot happening there yet the traditional print even a little bit art deco on the window treatment very mid century and the chairs and even the table a lot of glamour a really traditional chandelier black lacquer walls very traditional molding so we've got a total mix we've got to hide hair on hide on the floor so this these are the kinds of interiors of course there's a reason they make it in the magazines they're like runway shows but I think they're so interesting because people are daring enough to come to break the rules and as we said yesterday, you have to know the rules really to be able to break them with success but I think it's because people have confidence to make their own personal decisions and blin things that we find him so interesting or at least that's what why I find them interesting so how did these fashion trends impact interior design trends? We've talked a lot about it, but just a few others we saw this trend yesterday, so we saw the idea of minerals or um marble izing and there's a runway to room right there it's almost an exact interpretation on guy they're both bold, but I can appreciate both of them I think they're they're both pretty striking and and interesting I love this one so this resort look that's very global and then, you know, yesterday I saw a shadow a tiny little piece of that table top and I said tomorrow we'll see a really fun fashion fashion to room look and I think that one's very literal that very, very fun and interesting cindy from runway to room this really goes back to that look of an english english room. This is sort of the the union jack interpreted into a runway look and the room right? Yes which one the way wall because I love the blue, the jacket and the wall don't I would never do that I don't think it's almost exactly like the shirt you had on yesterday which when you walked out I said I guess because it was so pretty I was like oh I love that I do like that cover I'm not sure I'd go with that I've not should have everywhere just on one wall it would be so strikingly loving well what I love about it is you think of blue and red being classic and safe and there's nothing safe about are boring about the way it was interpreted in this very classic room so someone who's a classic traditionalists like me it's crazy about that because that's classic today that's classic with current color um infusion and I love it too um and then when this is really neat teo I love this obviously not probably going to be wearing that uh runway look it's certainly not for creative life but uh but I do appreciate a lot of things that are happening in best of these in this is that radiant orchid which is the color supposedly the color of twenty fourteen according to panton that's good does look like it could be a christian attempted cushion yeah she headed on the back the front she could just sit on it who love who likes the room anybody that's a great house beautiful I could be like the room I could see that you would like because it's you're wearing that color today I like to think it's pretty it's finn if pretty is a good word for that and I don't think it is a jamie drake room it looks a little more feminine than some of his rooms even I mean although we thought his were feminine they were much plainer line but the butterflies that he loves seas and that that punch of magenta that he loves to you show up here so that's the same some of the same elements but in a different executed in a different way and we were saying yesterday we could all have the same ten items in a box and we could be asked to put a room together and not one of ours would probably look exactly the same because we would all think of creative ways that reflected our own style to put it together okay, so what's the future of fashion forecast that might then trickle into in syria interiors s o we've talked about this from paint colors to motifs all of those things let's look at some of the things that have just hit runway so we were saying things that were on the runway in twenty thirteen and rooms that match but these air something looks that we're just on the runway that we might start seeing so back to our trend idea from yesterday that we could see in the future it's fun to look at these and draw inspiration from them it is about following every tree. Now, I think we do have some, maybe not. Um, I guess we'll see, but it isn't about following every trend out there and changing your house every time. There's a transit. We were saying that yesterday, too, just because this year's colors right you nor could you don't go home and paint up where last year's, emerald green if you still have emerald green, but she could blend them together. Um, it's about finding what speaks to you and your projects personally and what makes your house a home. And then I'm sorry, I thought we had some, but maybe we don't have thin. I think they're on that pinterest sports. So if you look on my pinterest boards, we have a lot of patterns and styles that that I say inspiring patterns and styles that air from the twenty fourteen runway looks s so how do you infuse your style into your home through this when we're gonna in just a minute? Have a couple of you come up and tell us how maybe you've done the same thing, but certainly looking back to your own closet? Um, do you like to dress formally, ari, more casual person, how does that relate to your house jeans? Do you like the experiment? Are you more conservative in your style and it'll be interesting to hear from some of you who I feel like are more daring and like to experiment in your own personal fashion statement if you're is daring in your own home and then what are those common ideas that you bring from your wardrobe to your your home or vice versa? And one of the things I love to do? I don't know if any of you saw my mom's bracelet today that's lucite with gold in it I gave that to her my brother and I did as a gift, but I love that idea of having loose sight in my own home and even having it on my body like in a bangle bracelet or something said even instead a little ways you can do that trends are always out there they always change you can't keep up with them, you can't get ahead of all of them so just really pick the ones that speak, move see and remember as we were saying yesterday that oftentimes quality over quantity so if you really love leather, you might want to invest in a great quality leather jacket that you're going to have for twenty years as opposed to buying something that's really cheap in an expensive and isn't going to really bring that great look to your hat into your wardrobe or to your home either way certainly let what you love about your god. We had the love test yesterday, so if you love it, then it's. Yes. And then being yourself is mainly your best style in your home or in your wardrobe.

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Tobi will teach you the top design styles — including today’s latest trends and what styles are rapidly on their way out. You'll learn how to define your personal style, how to shop smart when buying a new piece of furniture or art, as well as how to blend two different styles to create a cohesive look. By the end of this workshop, you'll have all the skills you need to create a stylish personal space that is a true and modern reflection of your taste.


Amy Cantrell

I was happy to get this class on sale at a time when I needed it. We were painting and replacing some furniture so it helped me get some clarity on what is most important to me. As a photographer I can appreciate most styles and colors so the class helped me hone in on what my design personality is (eclectic mostly) which helped me focus on things to inspire me.

LIndsey Connell

What a generous offering. I got so much out of this course. Sure, some of the style references are a little out-moded, but it's incredibly thorough. Tobi is so knowledgeable about all of the styles and is gifted at helping students ensure style and functionality. Dive in! You'll learn so much about your own style and how to make your home flow in a way that you love.

a Creativelive Student

Clear, informative and inspiring!