What's Your Home Design Personality?

Lesson 3/34 - Quiz: What Is Your Design Personality?


What's Your Home Design Personality?


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Quiz: What Is Your Design Personality?

So let's jump into this and see start defining what styles you are so we're going to go out to pinterest for this um and so are you and what we're going for the moment call and a on let me see if I can get us to pinterest there we are are you in a so here you'll see all right off the bat it's not just homes that we're looking at we're looking at a lot of different things so um if you were going to buy a watch would this one a pill to you black banded pretty classic and simple right um or maybe we're looking at a man fashion and we're thinking about really tailored crisp lines something that is simple and edited but what I would consider classic right um if the's appeal to you if either of these appeals he's you know, think about writing a note on those on your pet a ce faras a house goes something like this red brick whoops let's see if they were not logged in that might not work read a brit red brick come really, really classic something that you would see maybe in the south right doe...

s that appeals he is that what you envision your family home looking like our what about thiss maybe that was something you purchased or that's a great picture from house beautiful but you know, would your grandmother's antique secretary be something that you would want to bring into your house it's probably something that would appeal to you right? Because you love antiques and and maybe thinking about using it in a fresh white what's going to be fun about this is aa lot of the things that you may be seeing right now you may think at our older stodgy are a little too formal but there's a way to blend these things if they still appeal to you into your home in a fresh way and I think this is a great example from house beautiful where this has been done what about this piece? I love this this is a great mix of a bright, bold wall color which is fresh and traditional I mean fresh and updated but isn't the furniture really classic looks like antique said does that appeal to you? Does this look like what you would want? Your, um your donny wearing toe look like let's look at the bedroom so you could start see that they're saying that there's some variation because we went from a bright blue wall to a white wall but you can see how there's common threads here seat I can't either classic elements this has some european sort of details to its rugged maybe a little ralph lauren ask some of us might call it but again I think it definitely falls into a very um classic and pretty conservative for the most part design style um another secretary the fun thing is you can already see how within each of these pictures they all fall under a but there's a lot of different things going on right so you could be someone who likes more minimal unless more neutrals less color on the wall or you could love something that's really rich and chocolatey like this one are you could have really loved the bright blue dining room we just looked at but they all fall under a classic sensibility with with the kind of furniture pieces and things looking much more antique nostalgic some of those sorts of things what about this? This is pretty bold but it still falls into the same category what do you all think about this picture what can you see about this that makes it in the same category as some of the other things we've just looked that that were full of antiques neil headroom nail has said yeah details like that what else? The dilemma the one with the lamp so yes a swing arm lee was very classic with a pleated detail and even though it's in a bright color and a chinese wall paper hand painted wallpaper is actually very very classic so this is updated in a new way this's kind of the idea of taking grandmother's china but making it fresh so this was, you know a hand painted while covering it was something that a lot of people would think was, you know, maybe dated or boring but this is a really, really fresh approach to it in bright pink but you're getting the idea that looking at the details are really two things that start defining a style we love monograms in the south there's monica I mean that's a perfect southern picture right there plaid pearls and monogram, isn't it? I mean, that sums it all up but again something that I would call it comes from traditions right? Monograms maybe the jewelry all every part of that picture is really based it rooted in tradition and heritage um here's another image that I love again this could look really fresh and really current and it's from vogue and I'm sure it is but very, very, very classic timeless details the table, the city the you know, lots of things going on in here a very classic even the banisters pretty classic but I love how they fresh ended up with a little kind of twist on the band of the hand I mean the balustrades look a little more geometric and fresh but does this appeal to you? Does this make your yes list a bar cart? Superfund the color is bright and current right and lacquer finished that you can take any style and make it fit to you and make it young or make it fresh or make it hip but it still could be rooted in very traditional elements things like bamboo detail ng that's been used for years and years and chinese chippendale chairs and other motifs all fit into the same category I was this kitchen first month out of the new york area designed this gideon mendelssohn very mean getting on this so classic the collection of plates is very classic but there's nothing about this that doesn't look fresh to me it looks really, really updated but if you went and looked at every detail the crown molding all of it is very, very traditional really because they're they've taken very simple lines is very clean it's very pale but putting in that ceiling details completely transformed that whole area's fascinating did you think that's actually fabric was of the painter and I think it's a wall covering actually I'm not certain about but I think it's actually, while covering that it could be done with any of those paint fabric or while covering but he start kind of seeing that maybe you were a little more classic than you thought because this does not look at all like a home that you know historic home that's just filled with antiques it can look fresh which but underneath all of that the lines the details are very classic then there's something like this that is more like a historic home that's very much about, like french country fabrics. Antiques. There was a great designer who just recently passed away from oklahoma charles fodder a who is a master at this look and really, really beautiful. And whether or not this is your style it's interesting to really started appreciating all the detail that goes into a room like this that's layered but you're going to know at first glance, if this appeal see you or if it doesn't um this was my bedroom in my last time. So think about this complete let's look at let's. Think about those two bedrooms together to take a look at this one again. Andan it's far different from this one. That was my last time. But there's still some very similar details, right? The floral fat overscaled floral fabric is still classic the shape of the headboard still very classic. The finish is on the the furniture. Eso they still can fall into the same category as faras detail goes and then just one more this is, you know, has a more formal appeal to it. It's more a little more layered. A little more collected with got painted pieces that are a little more french looking, so again, but but you can probably see how it kind of falls into that same category. So within each of these realms, we're going to then further refine who you are, but first we want you to kind of know what category fallen, so if any of these are a lot of these pictures, we've just looked at really appealed tio you're going to say that you are in a okay let's see what it be looks like completely different, absolutely polar opposite imagine the difference in this piece from the the black man did classic simple watch this a sleek, shiny you know what about something like this mid century sort of shape to this, like a danish, even shape medal and chrome? Very simple tailored upholstery glass and metal tables have what about this? He who in the room just this crazy about this kind of look? Anybody crazy about us? Look so again, you can imagine far different from the charles fog arrayed that floral french tester over the bed, right completely office. It it doesn't mean that you can't have a little bit of this sensibility brought into your home if you were more of an a, but but this is sort of yeah, I guess, quintessential be right right here what about this so this is really starting to feel a little bit closer day in some ways and this is what a lot of you're going to try to accomplish because the the room itself falls more in a classic but the way it's been put together is definitely not consistent with a person who's just in a like this modern it's really a danish chair that's an iconic table that is you know been around probably since I can't remember when that was designed may be in the thirties very very forward in its design for sure when it was created it still also has a timeless appeal but just in a different category the geometric design over the the mantle here let's look at this is a little bit of the fashion hey so is opposed to the green very feminine classic now we're going for hard structured leather black and white contrast really bold sleek does that fit your style here's a fun look at something also this here's where color comes in so it's not just about black and white but still very sleep probably a vinyl on the bank and we've got the iconic to look table and really fun and sort of organic forms to the chairs s o almost like an old diner in a sense a little bit jet since space age a little bit um you know, mid century really fun here's a piece of lighting what about this appeals to you? So in the last one we were seeing lanterns we sell swing arm lamps with pleaded shades completely different sleek um a little bit um a little bit futurist stick actually, right? And especially when it was designed I'm sure so um does this appeal tio its has a kind of a tiny bit of an industrial feel to it this is very fun again that's to look chairs that would have matched the table in the previous are a couple of pages over but this is really avant garde forward look at the art look at the lighting it's kind of an industrial meets mod hit pop art innocence so does this appeal to you interesting timing is online has said I'm becoming more of a b as I get older like that happens, people doesn't that they are very busy and then they sort of as as they clear out and go to the next phase they may be going mohr wait cleaner well and you know, it happened to me through education. So when I took courses and designer haven't a degree and interior design of my favorite courses where the history of design, history of architecture and interiors and said the more I learned about modern pieces and all the different eras, the more I really appreciated all of them on definitely some that maybe weren't what I was exposed to is a childhood I grew up in a much more traditional home but certainly started loving danish pieces and other more forward kind of simple michael when he first saw the first time he said he was definitely a neighbor then he's just said he's that's his dining room so they might be the people change he might be schizophrenic case well this was kind of fun because this brings in the sensibility of like it would which a lot of times she would think it within a like a dark stained wood but here it isn't like really shiny like mahogany finish actually that's really lacquer it comes across but the bed is with the walls or lacquer but completely different execution low horizontal bid really really simple lines so if this appeal see you're definitely in the b category what about this when I love this this was also on the pages of house beautiful and it definitely has a mme a vibe that is mid century we've a lot of us of us have fallen in love with this category because of things like madmen teo you know some of the the and other television and movies and things that have really made these forms iconic to us here's a little bit different twist this is a rest iq approach so just because you love rustic, roughhewn, outdoorsy sort of things does that mean that you aren't going to fit into the b category because there's always a way to make things cleaner or simpler more subtle, more horizontal or low I think this is really really beautiful weight category that actually that could cross over into the next one in the minutes it here's another one that I would think it's very different from the last one we looked at in many ways with the ruffian wall but look how many things are similar this is the bed profile um really low furniture everything is really low to the ground really simple relief added it very very edited just another when this again is one of the ones that the the architecture itself would probably fall into a more classic category but it's really been executed designed in a completely different way I love these shares probably I have some french heritage that impossibly like modern french furniture from the twenties and thirties that I'll have a little bit of glam even so, I think we've gotten the idea of what this one's like right horizontal low sleek interesting materials medals kind of shiny um finishes on woods or maybe even on the wall um so that appeals to you than your in the b category from the chat room on like commentary you know as we're all looking at this and having a little having a little we're spring a chat chat room is going off with the varieties that you've got here okay types of furniture and a lot of bedroom love means price testing I love that we use this example of a watch was we really tried to keep it consistent so again here we see something that's completely different and it does this will define e that's maybe a turquoise with this rough sort of little what would that be like a little rope for your the bandits you know, little bohemian I would think eyes that more of your style do you like to blend things like maybe even this has a little bit of a pagoda so a little bit of an asian sort of influence here. So do you like to bring in other cultures other when you travel I could be traveled tio all sorts of exotic places and you like to bring back a little piece of that with you here's a great example from fashion that's bringing in sort of different cultures different sort of heritage in the pattern in the you know, do you love fabrics that air hand blocked with these sorts of designs here's a little bit more of this kind of global sensibility in the chair. So are you a person that likes your home to reflect all different cultures and places that you've been or do you know are you an avid traveler seeing it again here in the mix of fabrics the mix of materials uh certainly a collected look right this may fall more into what some people would try it would want to call eclectic, but we don't want you to just fall into that category, so we're going to talk to you about that but I think you can say that each of these pieces could be a mix of different you know, it could be european it could be indian it could be, you know, asian all sorts of different cultures can be represented in a space like this which I think is amazing here's a little bit more fashion it speaks to that the mix of textiles, fabrics, pattern someone said I think you said you loved to mix to do somebody so you did somebody said they loved to mix patterns on duty. So is this a pattern that appeals to you? Um, color brought that bright, vivid color and in life of the wood and details on the hammered metal definitely feel like it represents different locations. So this could be fun to think how your style would evolve if you did travel to all different sorts of locations and you brought back a piece of that concept every time that you came home great john robshaw textiles I love these prints hand blocked print it's pattern so does that appeal to you? So you're a c um love this room also from house beautiful I think this was about jim howard so almost has a mosquito netting or so a little bit of an african flavor to it love the wood on the ceiling maybe you know a lot of furniture I loved the campaign style furniture too if you know what that means which was the furniture that they usedto have to pack up to go travel with them when they were at war you know various kinds of situations that and it has different kinds of interesting hardware it works really well with with this style a great mix here happening do you have the confidence in the know how to bring all of these things together with such beauty? I think that's so interesting and if you want to even if you don't know how to if this is your dream bedroom then you would be a c on just a few more anybody in the room resonating with this style is it sally wasn't family was going to see so far I love this I love that it's just not taken so seriously and that things aren't so formal it's a little more relaxed and collected on layered love this one as well and you can even see a little bit of a you know, kind of crossing over into this when can't you and you see like the traditional lines of maybe a headboard or a bedside table, but it's more about really mixing it all together that makes that makes it the style for sea. Love this moroccan look to the tile. Um, is that appeal? T geometrics bowl all colors and pigments that you would see used in all different source of cultures. So that's what a c looks like and let's take a look at the final one and then I'm gonna tell you what they are. Are you a d? So a d is, um, a little more this one. It would be a little bit hard to tell at first. I think that maybe makes you think that it is close to an a and in some sense is that it is. But you're going to see as we move through this category for d what sets this apart is this glam light fixture so really glamorous? Maybe the mirror a little bit of pink on the wall, so maybe yes, my question is, when you see, like so my reaction I looked as I like love it. What do we do with that feeling? Because I don't know what to do. I flicked through magazines or look at pinterest and I love it and then what do we do next? So that's what we're going to do all week lower to get in this house we're going to show you how once you identify what you like or what things you like how to start blending them together and start bringing them to your home a piece at a time even all the way down to the last segment on three days from now when we talk about where to buy these things but in particular I think you just start a piece at a time and start unfolding and go ok, well how could I bring this to my well first of all I could start with paint paints easy, inexpensive and I could do it myself so what I love about this room is the wall color let's start with bringing some of that color into my house and then start layering and also going back and looking at things that you already own that feel consistent with this look um yes, well speaking of that when I did my remodel on and this was pre pinterest s o I had ripped many pages out of magazines and created a wall and the wall was just covered with pictures out of magazines and after a while I noticed that certain themes really laugh and as it was clear that you know I wanted white cabinets in the hallway and cherry you know, in the entryway and it just sort of came together after a while, but I for me it helps to have that visual angering whether it's pinterest or physically yeah ok, so here's not watch for this category so it's chill and and diamond so it's glam and glitzy um so if that appeal see you're going to like this style glamour, glamour, glamour ah the curve of the feminine curve of the chair the metal vantage vanity the mirrored finishes all part of this style tough ting is very glamorous black and white photos the metal bar car the feminine flowers so again, you see some details that could cross over to an a but it's not, but it has this kind of a different flavor to it a little bit more um symone are a little bit more formal a little more bling. I loved the drapery around this exterior stuff that appeals to you you're going to fall into the d category? Um glitzy, this is a lighting fixture, which I love so very glamorous sort of detail for this lighting fixture a love love love this I think this is a brian mccarthy removed I'm pretty sure he has a brand new book out in new york designer but look at the walls they're done in back painted glass so they have a finish like glass but it has that blue paint on the back of it, and then it has brass detail ing mixed with it. So I mean, you just can't get very much more chic and glamorous than that and then mixed with the zebra rug. Um, really, really pretty to me? I think so. Here's a here's a fashion piece that's, glitzy and glamorous. That does that appeal to you? Sally, would you wear that dress? I'd like to try our maybe this one. So if you're really really gutsy and your you know, your style, you know your femininity love this kind of glamour on dure gutsy with your fashion and can leave out and take take advantage of these beautiful things. Those strappy gold hills than this is definitely your category. Mirrored finishes on the bed. Um, just, you know, soft colors that fall in a more of a feminine detail. Art deco definitely falls into this category. So has that hollywood glam feeling about it. So a lot of french pieces fall into this category, like twenties french like rule man was one of the designers of that period that did beautiful pieces. How about these lucite and tufted dining chairs in this great starburst, loose side or glass chandelier and a lot of bold black and white? Does that appeal to you? And I think that's pretty fantastic on and then a little bit different flavor but still similar in the the wow factor of the chandelier. Now the chandelier could probably cross over to the last category that was really traveled and collected, but it works here because we have the glamour of the, you know, this one this one actually could cross over and a lot of ways and, well, we're going to see when we talk about mixing. Are you mostly a with a little bit of b or you mostly see with a little bit of a you know, it depends on your percentages of what you love, how it really comes, tow life in your own home. Just a couple more so very glamorous here gilded mixed with mirror and it's, really the mirror and the glass thie blown glass, probably the nation lamp or at least that style of lamp that's really taking this piece more into the d category on finally just a little bit more this painted chalky white, so this bid in the stained finish would probably fit in a cattle laurie, right? But we lacquer in and wide and throw in some sort of pop art style with it, and it suddenly fits into the more glamorous, ah little bit more edgy category of a d

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