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Jan showers a dallas designer very glamour so understated gland where it says, but many of her projects are also overstated blame where she combined minds periods and styles to create lovely and comfortable spaces she's an amazing collection of furniture that she produces herself and I love her philosophy for her furniture because she only makes pieces that she thinks no one else is making aa lot of retailers say everybody's making expenses we need an expense everybody's making a rolled aren't arms effort we need with if everybody's making it she thinks it's already been covered, so she looks for voids in the market and tries to create things that other people aren't creating now. Other people not kerr off sometimes now because they're so beautiful, but I love that her philosophy is to do what hasn't been done already for she has two amazing books, glamorous rooms and glamorous for treats just came out recently certainly worth picking up eso let's look at james designs the glamorous gl...

amour girls and guys in our midst will I love her work let's see, can I have the pinterest on my spring down here? There you go thank you it's kind of hard for me to look up here and control my mouse ok here's jay and showers she's very glamorous herself so she's certainly the epitome of her style as well she's really known for these are problems that I think the sofa is her furniture designed this table is certainly her design its brass and lucite very known for doing things like the pillow in the back that she makes her own patterns out of sewing silks together creating her own color palettes and then she makes amazing lamps this yellow glass lamp is from the jan showers collection very expensive paces but it's gorgeous and the quality is amazing so let's look at some of this is a nikon iq type of room for jan she creates again you see a pattern she's created herself on the pillows in in a sense that color palettes often like a barbara very but much more feminine I think in a lot of ways with silks and and gathers and barbara you don't really see her having gathered things on her that would be much more tailored and this is although it's taylor there's definitely a glamorous component to it there's a bedroom by jan showers so what about this kind of of tester over a bed compared to the last roughly frilly when does this make anybody lean more towards having a treatment over their bid? It's cleaner what was a bit confused when you have that sort of almost sleeping beauty sort of but you know she's lay it up she got to drive a thing and then a drive and then couldn't kind of be on top I never think they will do that anymore, but I guess they they do have to actually do it a lot as well. So that's that classes this coming out in me too, but doing it in a fresher way. This is one of her designs with mirror oh, I mean, maybe I would here's one of her amazing lamps she just to mix exquisite lamps in the nation style lamps that are gorgeous we're going to move us forward a little bit so we don't run out of time. A lot of you have heard of of a designer or may have he's more avant garde in some ways and then more traditionalist in some ways he's from the east village in new york but he's really known I think more for his his products and some of his mixing of antiques and vintage items he he has a whole deck a posh thing with his work, which is funny because it's very traditional in some ways, but it ends up looking a little bit. I think I've on guard sometimes and and traveled as well he's very much about the mix a lot of times and I think that's what makes it look daring? Because it's a total mixture of all kinds here's a look at this here's, another table j k o of where every not every chair but three chairs of the same and two chairs were different, so that's confident, I think. And instead of citing every chair has to be different he goes, well, I can take these three they're the same and then I can bring to other shares that have nothing to do with them and make them work in this design. Do you like that, jackie? I saw your eyes light up. I think this is much about that collection and even traveled. Look that you all so you see a mixture of a lot of things happening here? Antique certainly, but very edited. So we a lot often think of antiques being layers and layers and layers of things but antiques khun b like we saw yesterday, a curated collection in a white box basically could be something that's really simply doesn't have window coverings on the windows and almost any of these rooms that is really interesting. That's, natural wood all right, possibly, I think what what it probably is this how many of you have seen old buildings like in new york and other places where it's the bottom of the concrete for the floor next door and it just has, like these ridges and and a lot of times they'll paint amount it's almost a loft style, but it does add a lot of texture okay, and then let's, look at just a few more. Some of you may really like this style. So roman and williams are two designers who got their start designing sets for the film industry, and they became very, very popular with a lot of people, and they've done projects that are very notable, including one of frank lloyd wright's houses, but very typically very masculine, and has a lot of urban qualities to it, but layered still so here's the designers and let's look at some of their spices dark, moody, masculine, almost what I would call it an apothecary style re collect a lot of things and specimens, and and that industrial style mixed in and a lot of their work, lots of character, it's, traditional styling behind that what you'll notice about these rooms, anything that you like about them? Yes, now that this is very traditional, but I really do like it there's something about the I can't really afraid that I'm not sure, but I like the use of the books are like that it's not all ordered, and this is good. They're certainly not wrapping all their books and white paper like I did in my house, are they? It's about characters this really to me epitomizes that idea of telling a story with an interior cause whether this really reflects the owner of this room or not, you want to start imagining who this person is definitely affects the architect doesn't because you can see the auction, then you see through the other rooms that the windows are very old treated as well, let's see what else really very san francisco desert to me it doesn't really pretty so just really masculine modern but with traditional pieces and yeah, I love it and it does have a little flavor of that. It would be interesting to know if companies like restoration hardware were inspired by these designers because has a flavor of that loft and then mixing in some of those different kinds of wood finishes and classic pieces done in a little bit rustic little bit masculine way I think it's maybe they were one of the trendsetters for that style wouldn't be surprised at all if they were ok just a few more and then I'll remind you of what there their characteristics are, but I don't want to run out of time. These are friends of mine that live in l a ron woodson and jamie rubber filled and they are they're not a couple, they're not married, they're just designed partners, which I think is really fun and interesting that they work together to create this very iconic style. I think the same was true for the last a group of roman were long roman and williams I don't I don't think that they are a couple I might be wrong about that, but jamie and ron do a lot of celebrity homes. They did this project for christina arugula or look at the pool table. They're all about crazy glamour, so that really looked at yesterday after we looked at a few times with the green chairs with the lucite legs and the starburst chandelier that's one of their spaces very, very hollywood glamour and really bold. This is a christina aguilera space that's the se marie over the top, bold but classic detail ing underneath it all very hollywood anybody like this stuff? There's some elements? Yes, no, but the theory idea of a stained glass window was sort of covered did that? Why does the funky poor table that's come something different as well, but the room itself no it's, not really, me so and here's one of their iconic rooms, and I don't there's a famous designer that I mentioned that from the twenties and thirties that I love that we had in the last course in the history of design named dorothy draper that was an american designer, and she's certainly influenced this look with the black cabinet in the white piping and the chairs here certainly so it's fun to see if he once you start learning about the history of design and then you look it people like these designers many of whom are my friends or you look at my work you can see a direct correlation of who influenced us over our lives and then how we interpret it even kind of what you were at you all were asking my mom this morning did she interpret my I mean that I interpret her style in the same way she did or did I bring make it my own and so there's parts and pieces of of her style and may certainly so it's fun to start thinking about him who influence your style was that your grandmother? Was it a friend or are someone that you knew? Was it someone that you've met as you've gotten older and miles red is he's kind of a dynamo right now in the design industry? He is very daring he does the collection for oscar de la renta his furniture collection I meant to say earlier bunny williams is dear to your friends with oscar so it's interesting but but miles is this young savvy designer that they tapped to be the basically the creative director for the oscar dela renta furniture collection but this is his work also very, very daring, very daring red upholstered doors cobalt lacquer walls black and white marble flooring all right green so as you can imagine there's lots of things about his work that I like because I love strong color very classic details still happening I think this has a traveled look to it this is another version of that classic and painted asian oriental wallpaper that I love and but then in a totally different way chinese wall paper um then he does things like this there's the wallpaper again and turquoise lots going on there look you see a little mario buatta in there on the sofa you could really dorothy draper in the mirror see can really start learning where things come from and I don't know if you ever think about that we were laughing the other day with sent with the producer here thinking about the scene in the devil wears prada where the girl walks in and she has on the blue sweater and she goes you think you have nothing to do with fashion but what you don't know is the people in this room decided that color for you what about it on the rack that's what happens with these people these tastemakers you may not notice it but these are the kinds of people that are deciding for us for all of us what products are on the market what paints are on the market? What profiles and design so it's really actually important and interesting ten note what people are doing and design and the people and this was miles room that many of us liked yesterday so just a tie back to that and show show each of you that he's the guy who created this great room that we admired that mirror before now you didn't don't have it now but I have had that wait many of us know jonathan adler is we saw his work yesterday a lot of you think way too seventies for me this is an iconic jonathan adler space he does tons of working areas like palm springs he's in the what's the hotel that he did their camera where it's not the vice roy which was kelly were so he did the parker hotel which was this may actually be in that space very, very seventies inspired he's a potter very specific aesthetic that is very seventies and sixties mid century so he's very much room for that and he's also a brilliant licensee licensing designer he has just been phenomenal in his product licensing this is his pottery very, very irreverent in in lots of his own pieces which are fun tongue in cheek a little a little daring it's funny because when you talk about trends este one of things that toby highlighted very specifically was thie stay calm and do whatever you know things that would have become so irritating but I'm seeing in a lot of the pictures the iconic british flag is coming up any over and over is strange to me slightly because I'm sure none of you would ever think of putting the stars and stripes on your pillow see I would because I think it's cool I think your flag and their flag is cool and I want would notice unusual money have my flight I would be like that simple but do you think that the flag thing is going away or is this still way will be a thing that trends out before long but a lot of people are still enjoying has been strong for it is a very odd comment well I think you know, people really are interested in will and kate still and so they're very iconic in fact I could have had them all in here cause I mean it's just real quickly but where I think we're about out of time but I'm going to show you the few of these but I think they're important quickly but they're really style icons in their own right she certainly is and so beyond all of these designers and there's a couple of other designers but I think it's worth mentioning that you don't have to look to interior designers for start to be a style I kind of for you as we were saying in a lot of times it comes from fashion we're going to get into fashion more this afternoon but here's oscar so he's friends with bunny he's he's the mentor to miles red or miles does his collection so you know you can take cues from things like fashion and really bring that into your interiors whether it's the color of a wall or a pattern for a rug or a piece of fabric that you someplace in on a pillow here's a few this is miles interpretation of hit of oscar style so this is an oscar piece in his collection but done by miles red which is interesting and this is also from his collection so very classic and many allies and we now oscar's done things for presidentswives fashion hillary clinton barbara but I mean yeah the bushes mrs bush not barbara bush and then somebody that if you don't know her I think it's you really need to know who she is to watch because I think she's phenomenal in this same way that kate is is aaron lauder and says she's the great granddaughter of are the granddaughter of estee lauder from the cosmetic industry but she's really become iconic in fashion and home in fragrance she has her own line of cosmetics but she also run is a create creative director for her grandmother's companies still and very, very much a style icon these days she's moves really heavily into the home category and lighting in furniture there's a coffee table she makes that I'm dying to put in my house s o so she's not a designer but she has a very specific design aesthetic that she this is a room in her own home so she berate she brings a point of view in this look it's very to me a mix of artistic traveler of classic and then even if urban a little bit but she lived in other parts of the world her dad was an ambassador oren a diplomat and says she has a lot of different inflict cultural influences on her design style in her heritage so how many of you knew about air and water had heard about kelly wearstler I have a board on here just quickly many of us know about her she's very instrumental and design and she is one of the people who went from design interior design to fashion it's usually the other way it's usually like oscar's been a great fashion designer and then he dips his toe into the home category she went in the opposite direction this is a classic kelly wearstler look that's her own entry hole so very, very bold she's definitely when I think of translators I would think she was at the top of the list and design and then some of you may relate to my friends is in tucker who lives here in san francisco and she's really from the school of california design california modern she's the protege of michael taylor who was a very famous california designer and this big overstepped ottoman and all the huge rolled arm california furniture that you think of enormous white sofas with big rolled arms and palm trees in the house. You know, that kind of look from the eighties? Definitely a michael taylor looks. So suzanne comes from that school of thought. So some of you may have seen her work locally. Does this look like san francisco? This is her work, do you think? Well, I've not seen a ceiling like that. But then I'm not being a house that big. Let me wait. Let me see if there's. How about this that's? More rustic. So that maybe other parts of california more well liked the wine country? Sure. Definitely. You know, we've talked about jonathan was a potter miles rids, really known for his cozy glamour he's, the one who designs for oscar de la renta. He also worked for john rosselli and bunny williams. So it's. Interesting how many of the people that are really taste makers now I have worked for so many of the people that came before them in the industry that happens a lot, particularly in new york, new york city. He has a new book as well. Suzanne also has a new book so that's really in the same way that licensing is part of that progression for these people that air tastemakers translators most every one of them is going to have a book a beautiful book that can be an accessory in your home. But if you really want to know more about any of these people, you can certainly look them up. I think oscar speaks for himself he's amazing in his fashion that's both modern and feminine and classic all rolled into one and then, of course there was aaron lauder is amazing kelly worser who's very bold and then just a couple of other people to mention suzanne a sock is a an author and she curates other people's work often she's written books on had a design like the pros she has a new book that I will be in one of peace will actually maybe the the image are covering that you can't remember one of my my projects is in her new book that's coming out in april called decorate fearlessly but she curates everyone else's work for you and brings it to the table. So if you want to see a wide mix of the's, taste makers and other people you haven't heard from look susannah she also does great things, which has a book on sesay guest who was one of truman capote's ladies so one of those really interesting ladies that he surrounded himself with that were style icons, and then if you're in the blogging world, I think another great taste curator is cassandra lovell who's, a blogger in seattle, cocoa and kelly, and so she does the same thing about curating curating ideas for you and bringing them to the table. And then just finally, I think we've covered this, but be sure you're thinking about how you could draw inspiration from these trendsetters and not making it a replication of their work, but being inspired by them to bring details and patterns and prince and colors and different uses of materials into your own home to really help you execute your personal style in a better way. So any? Yes, any if we're following you on pinterest, all these links to all these people they are yes, and then there's a board of unpick tress that's my own works if you would love to see more of what I do there's a board called my work, and we post all of my projects in there and you can find them all there. So all of these things are on pinterest, so go out and have fun getting inspired by these people, anybody I have a new favorite, maybe that we talked about today that you didn't know before now yes, yeah, bunny, I'm very because as much as I love tradition, traditional stuff, I was like, oh my, I went home and looked at all of my furniture and like, none of it's very traditional, but it is very classic and smoothed out traditional, like what she does any very inspired by aaron lauder like I am, I think she's and this she amazigh going and you had someone else. Maybe you were thinking of the guy from school delivering smiles red yeah, he's very, very inspiring and exciting and bold. I can see that that would be a fit for you. So I hope you like this because I think sometimes we, you know, we look we don't know where to look for inspiration. We don't know who's really responsible for what style? Because even though in the divine industry, we all think that these air household names they're clearly not household names unless you're maybe martha stewart or someone like that, you're not a household name. So I think it's great to bring not only the history of design like I did let in the last course, but really his will become the history of design ten, twenty years from now, and you can don't forget you can see all of these people in house beautiful in a lot of their sister publications like elle decor and miranda and then there's architectural digest there's. Amazing shelter magazines out there that are doing the hard work of curating this forty. So I hope that you're still supporting all of those amazing publications because they, they do the work force to show us who these tastemakers are. And a lot of these tastemakers air on instagram. Erin lauter has the most exquisite instagram account. So if you are an instagram or go out and look for these people, and you can follow them there as well.

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