What's Your Home Design Personality?


What's Your Home Design Personality?


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Trendsetters: Buatta, Passal, Hampton

Mario buatta he's known as the prince of chintz so this is a very, very classic design style wouldn't be right for lots of people to cover your entire room with floral chance but very very successful designer he just hey has had over fifty year career so obviously he's done something that appealed to a lot of people he did many high profile clients including the blair house which is the official guest house for the president and he just published his first book which sp surprisingly well so I'll show you the image that's on the cover of it is so so current and forward thinking uh compared to what you would think of his typical typical work but here's mario talk about trends and fashions and yesterday and one of our chapter and just did ask is jin's coming making a comeback is making a big comeback actually so here's a typical mario buatta room were literally every surface in the room often is covered in chance this was even toned down a little bit because it's a modern chromatic monoch...

romatic pattern I mean he's known for using those wildly colored chipped floral chances on everything in the room but obviously what what style isi classic traditionalists yes very, very much so and there's very little of anything else that comes into his spaces and maybe a little glamour sometime very classic traditionalists so chants sofas bully on fringe on the the ottomans which others there there's a lot of people that are very comfortable in this formal kind of of an interior american and english and other places french so he's really a master at mixing whether this is your style or not it's it's interesting to see how much detail and layering goes into this and it's not easy to do it's certainly easier to be less is more I think this is the cover of his book which I think is is remarkably fresh and mated with the yellow interior in the bed and that um kind of ah ikat fabric on on the exterior of the bed so I really love this space and it looks fresh and in many ways this has a timeless appeal to me in some senses you could think well that could be in the eighties it could be in the fifties and it could really be today as well if you had a classic style to any of you like this everybody thought I seen my mom in the back seat and she loves it I really love this space I love that pop of you know I love the band I could take the entire bed just like it is and bring it to my house mario buatta he's around for many many years as we just said um and now we've seen some other it's interesting the first day we saw a room that had that pink chinese wall covering on the wall in a bedroom that did look that far different than this and it was a a younger designer that was, you know, on the pages of house beautiful and so in many ways some of these states designs are very current as well I think now as you say, they feel it's very current because that to me just look so old fashioned that this is a house I'd expect to find a very elderly couple living in almost and I just put I just put hand painted the gorn a while covering in a client's home that I'm photographing in two weeks that is young, hip cool couple so there's so many things and I was saying yesterday traditional design is coming back in a really strong way but in a fresh and updated way and what I think it's fresh about this is it's chinese wallpaper but it's pink and it's shove ari traditional bamboo chairs with bright lime green scalloped so you know it's the color it's a lot of other things about it that make it look fresh to me but that's from the designers on we see things before other people see it we start seeing the truth temelin before other people see it and I've been seeing lots and lots of this while covering that this you could probably see that the lacquered walls would be what made this look more updated so dark black or chocolate, probably lacquered wall, but he's still mixing it with chins and animal print and all sorts of layering. So little elements of this are fresher version of his signature style, maybe with the lacquer on the wall. But in many ways, a lot of this could also look like an elderly couple that's had all of these pieces for a long time. You probably don't see many really young people going just to this style, but there was certainly or some in, particularly if this is the style that they grew up in there, that they're really comfortable with. So certain things about it are, I think, that the shape of some of the chairs and some other things that are definitely youthful, so he has a very, very, very specific style as well. This is designer that you may not have heard of. So I said, some of these would be people that you might not have heard of. This is a great friend of mine, and I think he's rob castle and he just he's so handsome anyway, but mixing the pattern of a shirt with this window pane jacket that's very much, but still crispin and urban and a lot of ways he lives in new york city. He also lives part time in palm beach. And does really what I consider gorgeous work and but it's very light while what you tell me what you think about it because in some ways it's not what do you think it isthe traveler glamour and there's a lot of classic details in that arthur he said you loved it yeah um bold masculine handsome I think it's very, very beautiful this is another project that's the same chair so but looking into another room at this project so there's a lot of classic cabinet tree in here but it's all painted out in a in a sort of updated urban coat weigh in color love this space of hiss so there's a lot of mixing going also look at the difference in that and what we just looked at it mario buatta innocence there's the same level of mixing we saw animal print in that room that we just looked at with the dark lacquer walls there's a pattern on this self of it's almost akin to something like a chance and all over pattern but this looks completely different I think don't you? It looks younger maybe looks um the rattlers little frills and trim but when you really dig into it, look how many there are there's bully on friends on a leather I mean I mean on a leopard ottoman there's there's lots of things happening but just tiny little tweaks so you think about what we were saying this week of someone being sixty percent a and, you know, twenty percent be in ten percent something else and or mixing that up and changing the percentages, but taking almost the exact same elements, almost the exact same fabrics, many of the same colors, but just switching it up. I think the contemporary art work certainly makes this look more contemporary. Um, and it even though there's a lot in that space, it is still a bit more edited than the room we were just looking at. I really, really and I could certainly live in this, the classic traditionalist in me at the root loves most of this and then there's enough punchy color and excitement that I think this is really great, and I love that he's wrapped the whole room in a neutral paint so that other things could shine. So this is a great example of if you can't change the wall color if you're afraid to go bride on a wall, look how much color is in that space and it's not a colored wall, it's just another couple. So this was certainly in that glamour, this glamorous look, blue velvet bedside, I mean, uh, day bids andy warhol on the wall with a zebra rug, definitely a traveled component of this do you all see that how his personal style is reflected in many ways he makes his patterns but still really could crisp a little more edited on and then he even does something like this that has a bold wall there's certainly a global presence in his in all of his room's really beautiful. So if you didn't know rob when here, you know, yesterday we were talking about marble is a trend. He's, one of the people who use that black crow studios, marble wall covering I was talking about and he did it in coral in a show house in the hamptons last summer with this bright green bid which I think is totally great and glamorous, but that's just another look at that marble or mineral kind of wall covering or fabric component that's that's still trending great little grouping of items that are probably antiques and otherwise okay, so so rob really believes that one's home should be a luxurious refuge. His aesthetic is considered timeless, collected composed in curate. And I think the reason it's timeless is we can look at it and think it looks fresh. But that also could be a room that's been around for a while that even the one we were just looking at and comparing tomorrow blotted because he mixes in other things he worked with bunny williams husband john rosselli so that's what really gave him that I for curating on collecting and editing so that's what his background is and he works with a lot of really high profile clients his motto is make it personal and happy that's what we're talking about right make it personal which I think is really great so interesting tio see beyond the designs of these taste makers but then hear their philosophy bc alexa hampton is the daughter of mark came to he was a very fame famous designer in the eighties and nineties and she runs his company now mark hampton she's been named by house beautiful and every other magazine and they're on their top one hundred list she's very, very well known and young she's the only regularly appearing guests cast member for this old house which I think is interesting she does have a classic design style but she's only forty or so so she's she's pretty young and she appeared on that show for several years definitely known as a dynamo, she writes a column for the wall street journal so let's see what her work looks like and I won't eat it think this is alexa I want you to see if you think her style looks like someone who is late thirties early forties hearts say older it looks older she was really influenced by her father, who was a classicist and he was I can't remember if he was british or he just had a lot of english training and influence in his life, but he definitely had that sort of aesthetic and very, very, very traditional that share. This is one of her chair designs for hickory chair with the burl wood on the background, so there are youthful things about it, but it's interesting, because is this what a classic design classic traditionalists looks like as a young person, maybe it's clean and it's color palette, right with the blue and white? It seems very east coast and like ralph lauren light, and she is in new york city, and she works in the hamptons. All right, so she could see that she has that influence, but then she does things like this. This is a chair she designed for hickory chair, and she'll have that bold pop of grow goring, so classic style, but really making it look a little more of editor modern. She was one of the people that really was helping evolve this jay died and am a fist or purple and green trend. We were looking at yesterday. So this was a sum design she had at the high point furniture market about six months ago, but look very, very traditional things happening here with this is chance eso so some really traditional pieces but this looks a little more probably her age don't you think someone may be in their thirties or forties that still has a classic aesthetic but then she has other designs that are very in a sense it's so interesting how timeless and dated are almost the same thing in some instances because you could look at this and go that looks like as joo would so I think that looks like someone's grandmother but at the same time their classes is like like alexa who were still doing this look today so it makes it a room that's hard to pinpoint when it was created because it's rooted in a lot of classic elements you don't think that looks or because of the freshness of the color and the vibrancy that to me just looks very very feminine do any of you like this sort of room with any of you want a traditional bedroom with a tester over the bid not something you could relate to even the very classic ones of you I like it but I appreciated also from studying the history of design so and here's the here's another living room by alexa which is really classic I think also but looks current it looks like it's today but you see classic elements so I think that's a gorgeous representation of her work any favorites jumping out for any of you yet any of these people already a style icon for you or somebody that you think he would liketo know more about memories are tonight we're following bunny. I had our interest board, yeah, because I loved it, everything. It's, I agree, anybody else that maybe you are wanting to go out now and learn more about who was the the handsome guy with rob russell? Yeah, that was interesting. I like he's, definitely worth just gets, he said. That looking now is designed so that style he's, he's, getting really stylish, he's a great guy.

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