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What's Your Home Design Personality?

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Trends on Their Way Out

Tobi Fairley

What's Your Home Design Personality?

Tobi Fairley

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20. Trends on Their Way Out


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Trends on Their Way Out

So let's look at a few things that are on their way out. So again, I use this with caution. I don't want to offend anyone. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I have some of these things in my own house, and it doesn't necessarily mean that I'm going to get rid of them if I still love them. But maybe they're just they've become really overexposed or they're just not as popular. So if you're on the verge of buying them and you're in question and you don't really love it, maybe this could help you not purchased this or not bring this into your home. So I think we're going to see that the minimalism, the rial, riel, clean, sleek lines are a little less popular as we move towards traditional like I was saying yesterday. So I think you'll start to see a lot of traditional lines and furniture. Traditional materials, traditional scale would stained wood again, and it's gonna take a little while for this to come. Come in and it's going to take a year or two, probably before we're seeing it...

everywhere. But it'll be fun. Don't think back to this course and go. Yeah, we talked about that to 24 months ago that we're going to see a lot more traditional divine something That's a really trendy motif. Are you gonna be sad that skulls air going out? Um, you know, these have been really trendy, and it doesn't mean you can't have schools in your house, But I think this is one of those things that, like some of the other things I've mentioned, like, you know, for May I've seen more Chevron than I ever want to see in my life. Although I have beautiful images of tile from Morocco where there's these classic Chevron Penner. So there's always a use sport, but in its in its most common form and least expensive form, I think some of these things have really been overused. My daughter will be really sad to know both, and Jay Ko may be said to keep calm, and the mustache is, I think have really been overexposed. My daughter would have mustache and these posters on everything in her house. Um, but if you have these in your house, I'm gonna defer to the keep calm and deny that I told you that they were going out of style because you don't have to get rid of them. You can keep them if you want to. But being overused in the last five years, this has to be it right to the point. Now. I think it's just irritating when you see exactly, doesn't keep become, doesn't know. And although this one will be hard for a lot of people to embrace, all white kitchens have been really, really popular for a while now. I'm probably going to do my brand new kitchen all white, So if you love White, stick with all white kitchen. But it's definitely something that has been, really, This is my kitchen in my last house on the other side, kind of like so it's classic again classic, but in the trend perspective, it's really been used. And from a magazine perspective, When I talk to my friends here in the magazine editors, they say, if I see another white kitchen, I'm going to scream, But it's a very safe and a very classic decisions. I'm not saying Don't do it if it's a fit for you. But if you're leaning towards something else, have you been itching to do a stay in the kitchen. You have? What have you been wanting today? I'm just wondering what color woods coming next? Because I don't want to cover up my beautiful wood cabinets. You know, they were beautiful. And being a traditionalist, I want would to shine. I don't want to cover it up. So I've actually struggled through this white kitchen and going, But I have beautiful would. What's coming next suspect. We'll see things that are much more traditional. So we in the wood cabinetry we have seen it's been very modern, very urban, more sleep, less grading, less detail, ing less ornate door styles. And I suspect we're going to go back to some of the more traditional styles. Now they're gonna probably look fresher and more cleaned up than they used to. But if you are really loving to go going back bad if going back to our embracing your traditional kitchen, I think that you will actually pretty soon be ahead, be at the front end of that trend because I think you're going to see it again in the warm tones, things that look like antiques. Um, you know, I think that the Age and Pitino. I saw great looking on Kitchen Island last week that had the campaign style hardware, and it looked like a giant piece of furniture that someone found and I wouldn't know. We've seen that for a while, but it looked fresher because it was campaign style hardware and with the little brackets on the corner. So it wasn't necessarily the stained kitchen island with the race panel doors and all the scroll leak horribles that we saw a few years ago that were more of that Mediterranean style but something cleaner a little bit more tailored but still in the classic traditional realm, so they'll show up in a little different way. Was there anything about the countertops that has changed recently? People are really still loving marvel, but I saw an article just this week from the editor at large, which is the design website has. All the latest is on these posing the question of is correra marble on its way out. So from a training perspective perspective, we've been seeing lots of white kitchens and lots of gray. And why that quite correra marble? Of course, again, it's classic. It's been in kitchens in Paris for, you know, a long, long time certainly brings back, you know, lots of Julia Child and in this Parisians kind of bistro kitchen. So it's not something that is trendy, but it's been very popular lately. I still love it, but I think that people are tiring a little bit of some of the marbles. I'm seeing a lot of courts still, the not very much granted, all pretty much zero granite. So it really became over expense for a while in the darker colors. And people really didn't like that. So the kitchen that I just saw that I was mentioning the stained wood campaign style island did have a light marble countertop. That's the difference from 10 years ago. We were seeing stained cabinets with dark granite countertops, brown granite, uber tuba, dark green granite, so really dark things. So maybe the way to freshen it up is the lighter countertops and the lighter backsplash, but with a darker, stained stained cabinetry. So it's gonna they're gonna show up in different ways. It's not that we're ever going to go right back to what we saw 10 years ago, but some of the finishes some of the colors of the wood elements are going to come back. They'll just usually have a fresher, different twist on them than what we saw before. White kitchens with a marble. Is that a new trend? Was that something he feels on the way? Because clearly white wood is on the way out. I think both of them have been very popular for quite some time, for it is in the design industry. As a designer, I've been seeing it for probably six or eight years used often. And it's just now to the point where my clients are coming to me saying, Oh, we're doing white marble, right? So that means that you know, it's really may be experiencing that end point of the trend, and it may be time to think of something a little bit fresher. Have second question is what do you think is gonna come next? After white in the kitchen area kitchen seem to be something that people do really want to change quite often. Where's the rest of the house? They tend to stick with us so and paint colors, even some of these moody paint colors coming to the kitchen and we've seen them in lacquer finishes in New York City and people that are really daring with a green lacquer kitchen or navy lacquer kitchen button, but not lacquer. So think about the moody paint colors and chalky or finishes like dark grey cabinetry. Dark, maybe cabinetry. Still, I think that the countertops air wider, but not necessarily marble. I saw a really cool new material last week called Jade Stone, and it's almost a heavy scene that it's really beautiful. It's high gloss white, but it doesn't have any vain ing, so it's similar to a quartz. It's got natural material in it, but it's made with, like, an epoxy or a a resin that holds it together. Really, really sleek, very, very beautiful. Could look really great and fresh on a stained Cabinet and a totally different way, even in a very traditional space. But I think there's always gonna be it's sort of timeless, yes, feeling to me, a white kitchen. It just seems clean in the kitchen, in the bathroom, you kind of wanna feel clean. And I just said, I'm probably gonna do white all over again, and even probably white marble in my own house, So you have to know that whether or not you're driven by trans or not. And just because something's not as trendy doesn't mean you should necessarily follow that. Now you know, some things could become dated quickly, like granite really became dated all of the sudden, and a lot of people were frustrated that invested in because it was really expensive. And if it's not there forever, house where they were wanting resale, then they have some issues. So there are moments when you're frustrated if you don't get on the right trend. But if you're in a home that you're going to stay in for quite some time, I still recommend that you do what you like the most, not necessarily what's trendy, but this might be in a reason just to go out and look at what the options are. Educate yourself on what's new, what's different, what's going to still maybe give you that look of fresh and clean. But maybe it's not Correra marble or Calcutta marble. Maybe it's something different. One of the interesting things about the marble is the price has jumped so much because it's become so popular. I just saw an estimate of a countertop bid for a client earlier. That was shocking to me two or three times what marble was just 18 or 24 months ago because it has become so popular. So where you were maybe doing an entire kitchen for five or $6000. You're seeing marble quotes coming at 16 or $17, for a kitchen shocking. But that's how popular that material is right this moment. Damien text is a question that Marble says, because they agree with everything you say about marble, and they also don't even feel it is a good fixed kit finish in the kitchen. Why does it persist? Well, a lot of people are afraid of marble in the kitchen. They think that it's way too porous. There's an interesting product, though, that DuPont just came out with DuPont has a product now, a finish that they'll put on the white marbles. That said that they're not porous, and DuPont guarantees the marble for the lifetime of the product. If you put there, finish on. So there are people developing things that help products be more durable, more user friendly. If you love that look marvelous definitely a softer stone than granite. And that's why it gets a bad rap, because it can stain things like red wine or fruits or other things can really stain. And so a lot of people are afraid of it. Now again, we talked. We've talked a lot about how everything that people aren't willing to embrace is driven by fear. For the most part, in most of the time, those fears are unfounded. Worst case scenario. Eso except for maybe my clients who have four or five young Children and entertain all the time. I still encourage people to embrace marble if they love it, but I love this new product, but I just think it's become really popular because shelter magazines, Pinterest home and gardens kind of shows on television have really highlighted this over the last few years. And people have really gotten on board with this trend. Interesting questions also from Bethany just to really get some clarification on this in case other people understanding what is the difference if there is one between a trend and the fat? Does the trend hang around longer? In your mind? There's no differently. They're probably the same. They're probably the same, but what I like to say and this may just be my language. I don't know if anyone else really describes this in this way, but I like to think of things as being trendy or trending. So you think about something that's trending on Twitter or Twitter trending and social media. It's showing up all the time. Eso things air showing up more and more. But it doesn't mean that they're not classic like a white kitchen. There's nothing more classic in the world been a white kitchen, but it's been very trendy. It's been trending for several years to use them. In other words, it's been really popular. It's been experiencing a resurgence or a popularity. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't use it, that it's in poor taste, that you that you bring it into your home. It's just something to be aware of and to notice, and they're fun to think about. But also, you know, being mindful of making good investments is is something that I don't really love. And maybe if it does go out, I'll wish that I hadn't purchased it. But maybe the local marble in the local kitchen store said. Oh, you have to have this finished because it's what everybody's doing. And a lot of design decisions are made that way because there's someone says this is what you should do So I think that you should listen to all those things and but then make your own decision, do the research and see what's a fit for you. The stainless steel was really big and have a stainless other than than rain, just like stoves and ovens, stainless, still assed faras refrigerators and other things you just don't see much at all anymore. And you see panel front with just what I have in my own home, so that are seamless with the kitchen. Just a couple more things we've seen and I love it, I said yesterday, I love chalkboard, but we've seen chalkboard pain everywhere, so maybe a little over exposed for May. It has a function purpose, so we're gonna put chalkboard paint on the wall again so we can all communicate in my family so but something that's definitely been trending neon colors. This is a little playroom I did for some kids that I still love, but really bright, vibrant neon bloops also really single style. So that look that that Jay Ko wasn't loving earlier. That was overkill on glamour. This is an extreme example. This is verse. I am making a jug, obviously oversized classic, but I didn't want to. I never like to point out anyone else's design work is something that's a bad example. So just showing you giving an example of maybe the idea of an entire mid century room is not as interesting or not as popular as it was a few years ago. But just selecting your favorite mid century chair, as we've been doing over the last few days and blending it into a traditional space or a glamorous space is a better idea. You're gonna go on the Web and people are gonna say Toby said her size, really? And then this is my own house, and I happen to still my last house. And I loved this idea, and it's not that I wouldn't do this again, But we've seen a lot of books wrapped in paper as a prop That comes from photo styling and catalogs and magazines and design design designers doing sort of trendy things. I still would use this in the right space if it made a room less busy. If it And that's why I did this in my particular living room in the last house because, as opposed to wrapping this mean filling these bookcases with all the different books that I have have a 1,000, different colors going on, and it was really distracting to me. I wanted to be really soft and subtle, but I am more inclined in my new house to create a dark stained wood classic library and put all my take all these covers off the books and let them be books again. So this was really something that was a fad for a little while. Did anybody try this? Did anybody wrap their books? Yes, I the You painted us. It's fun. I think that's been a fun train. I've enjoyed it, and I would definitely use it again in the right space. But more from a, um, approach to either cut down that visual clutter and always so almost even from a function standpoint, like we were talking about yesterday. So if something is really, really busy, they're still instances where I would have the confidence to embrace this even though other people are saying it's sort of silly or done. Or why would you do that? Had so many people ask me about this and say, you know, how in the world do you know what books are behind there? But I've ran all the books that I wrapped, and I didn't wrap any of the books that I haven't read. So it was a process for me. When the book gets read, it gets covering. It goes on the shelf. So it was kind of even a way for me to check them off my to do list, which was fun. So what about these? What about the trends that are coming in or out? Anybody have any exciting thoughts? And he fears anything that you're gonna go home and get rid of. Or a decision that you're gonna change and not make that you were thinking about making based on our and yes, Um, yesterday someone asked me what I learned when I came here, and I said, I think I'm gonna paint my living room dark blue. And that was before we had discussed the dark colors. And what was making you think that I think seem being exposed more to the glamour and the modern mixes. What I pulled from there in a classical style was I wanted to go back to dark walls, so that was different, cause I have light tan walls, white couch night. But I really wanted by asking lots of questions about that one interior with the blue Wall. And so would you go without, like, a Matt finish on the wall or something that was shining? Oh, not shiny, No, I didn't go into the lacquer trends. So yes, still met. Okay, Anybody else excited about a trend or embarrassed to say that they're gonna slink home and remove some stuff that's in there Now your land is asking. Is there such a thing as a trend proof item? She's thinking things like medium dark oak or penny tile flooring. Or even like she was. She actually did mention marble finishes, which I think we've discussed. But is there such a thing, right? Yes and no. So as we just said, in many ways, the white kitchens trend proof, like, how can you really go wrong with that being classic? But at any given time, we can you know those of us who were the the commentators and design can decide that it's been overused and maybe that it's trendy. So certainly there's lots of very classic things. That's what a lot of us, why a lot of us gravitate to traditional design because it's really rooted in things that are more timeless. That have a historical references? Certainly, yes. But anymore, they're people that inner in retail and in design, scouring the history books to figure out what they could make popular or trendy. So that's really where all of the trends all come from. Classic design elements, every single one of them, which is kind of interesting because it seems like an oxymoron. In a way, that's something that it's trendy is directly derived from something that's a historical or classic item. Well, that's a great example, I think, because that's obviously a very modern room. It's a very modern space, but there isn't a single thing in there that is kind of new or modern, but it's just so beautiful. But all of those things in there a classic every single item is classic in and of itself. But isn't it presented in a really what you might think at first glance a trendy sort away or a very forward or current way in your right. So I agree. That's and that's how I like to make selections for my own home does. Yes, this may be experiencing a trend right now, but at its root is it still a classic item that is a fit for my personal style? And if the answer is yes to both of those, then that's when you make an investment in those kind of pieces. Exactly a few people have made comments of various things like, If you see it and you like it, buy it. If you love it, do it. I think that I love test if you love it by but ask yourself sometimes we said, Oh, I love that there's a difference in really loving something and getting excited about something or having a little wow moment with something So you got really digging a little deeper? Go. Do you really love that? Would you spend your hard earned money on that? There's a difference. Absolutely Well, we are gonna take our last break of the day. Another just short, 15 minute break. Toby, we're going to talk about inside out. When we come back, we're going to talk about the exterior of our homes, the architecture of our homes, people. Someone mentioned Tudor style. That's even in our presentation. What are those styles of the exterior? And should your interior in your exterior be a match or be juxtaposed or combination of, uh, and we're gonna hopefully find that? What? It's probably a mix right?

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