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Creative Paper Crafts with My Mind's Eye™

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Accessories to Add to Your Giftwrapping

Candice Stringham, My Mind's Eye

Creative Paper Crafts with My Mind's Eye™

Candice Stringham, My Mind's Eye

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20. Accessories to Add to Your Giftwrapping


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Lesson Info

Accessories to Add to Your Giftwrapping

One of the other things that I really love to do with the wrapping paper when I know I'm going to be sending packages, is to actually so the paper to be my envelope. So you could tell that I did not do the stitching on this on this little in who is very talented with stitching, but I do line it in this case, I used the vellum so it's extra strong so it can go through the mail so that's going to get torn apart as it goes through the rollers. Um, you can't put something to the mill that has, like, caught, you can, but it costs more because they have to hand check it s o this I would just create, like if I wanted to give it to somebody this I would have if I wanted to mail it and I would just steal it really well. But again, make sure you line it with something. The paper is really strong and extra thick, but the vellum kind of keeps it and makes it really tough. I am the sewing machine, I have actually does a lot of decorative stitches, so you can see right here I had a whole bunch of op...

tions, so I just put red thread in my machine, cut the size on blow by one and just ran it right across, but if you are sowing challenged like me I just do straight lines and I go all the way off turn it straight line all the way off turn it straight right all the way off I don't even try and like turn corners because even that's a little bit beyond to me but this stitch as well it looks like it was hand crossed it was just a stitch that was available on my sewing machine and what we did was just added to brad to the top and the bottom to close it so I've lined it with our floral paper and in this case because I knew I wasn't mailing it it's on lee lined like an inch into there but I just wanted to reinforce the flap um then I just punched a hole in the top and added one of our christmas on market street brad's and tied a little baker's twine and then you can loop it back and forth to close your package and so big this is obviously something that would do it was like an extra special gift um for example every year we make my parents like a photo book of the whole year and it always makes her cry every year one year I was like is this like a chief william gift and so I gave her like a sweater and she was like where's my book so um I would do you know I would do something like this, if it was a really special gift that it was really important, I'm not going to do this for not going to so every single gift that I am handing out s o this is for something just in extra special technique, or if you needed to send just a really beautiful package in the mail, this is a really great way to do it, and you could just add your label right to the back for the address and it will go right through the mail and be perfectly fine and really beautiful when they get there. Another thing that I really love to do and is totally possible to do, but a lot of people don't know is you can mail clear packages in the mail on and paper mart has some that have gold and caps and no handle. It costs a little bit more to mail something like that that it so special and son to get something like that in the now on been fact with my mind, I we actually sent out our pro most last year in clear tubes. You want to make sure that it's not something that someone wants to steal because they can see it s o b a little bit careful about that, um, I'm going to take these out of fears. You can see this so it's not full of newspaper, this is actually another def topper in here we're going to use, and I packaged it in here to make it all the way from texas, and it did these air glass ornaments. So, um, but I would just I love handing out items like this and packaging items like this for parties. We just recently did a how wean vintage candy bar and we handed everyone a little container to fill with the candy and take home, and these are our halloween labels, so all I needed to do was add on the label, and then I would probably embellish it more because I'm me and I care not, um, and I would just tie on some extra ribbon. Um, and I'd probably do like three or four little pieces right there and it's, you know, full of candy it's going to be amazing? People are going to love that, um, and the's aren't very pricey, they just come right from michael's and they're actually in the party section. So, ken issue, we're going to mail that. Would you put the label where the richest brew label is? Yeah, probably put the label this direction and just right there. Yeah. That's how we did it and they made them. They make it, they made it to everybody. Okay, we are going to do one more a little. Well, a couple more little things. One of the other things I loved to do with the letter stickers is to use just the clear glass. You can get any craft store on by love doing monograms or letters of names. And, um, that's is easy's gift topper gets right like you just stick that right on. I tie it right onto the gift with beautiful ribbon and people love it. I don't know. They really love seeing their names on special things. The other really cool thing that not to mention is you can use the ribbons right on glass as well. So I came to use those same not sure where they went, but the same rub ons right on. I've tried. I tried it like four different times just to make sure it wasn't like a fluke, that it worked the first time. But you can apply the rub ons right onto the glass, and it would be a really fun give topper an ornament to use later, onda geun, I actually think these would be really cool at a party with some of the my story, like butterflies and flowers on geometrics on them like hanging over a table kind of with branches like we did before so those air really fun as well and everything I kind of keep around for little stuff are just small boxes also from the party section just so that I have them as I'm wrapping things I'll have the right size for what I need um but while we wait for her let's wrap one more so I really also instead of using expensive ribbon, I like to use twine on dh our alphabet letters come with twenty so I'm just pulling some of that out thank you. Okay, so I I mean ribbon can get really expensive the more you buy I love investing in a couple of really beautiful high quality ribbon that you can use over and over again on dh like in these colors I could pretty much use them for anything all year around, so I think that's worthwhile, but instead of buying tons and tons of ribbon, I like to use more natural elements like twine or like yarn. So those are two things that I always sort of keep around because they're really handy and just cross that under but here's what I like to dio this is another sort of like saving all of your scraps from crafting projects that you've done tip so I just try and not in it and I think I want to run it around one more time and colonies like little mini it's blacks um, I really like to just take any, like, little extra tiny pieces of of urban I have around left over from other projects because, you know, you always, like, cut the ribbon just so a little bit longer and end up cutting off that tell at least ideo um, I never measured cool light, right? And so what I'll dio a lot of times is ad multiple ribbons and just whatever I have sitting around and this works if you have small or fat when you just have, like, a access amount, I'm just a little ribbon sitting around it's about a couple more things. Candace, someone had a question about the lettering that you put on the glass balls. Was it a rub on our sticker? Um, the letter I put on was a sticker sticker, but the robbins I showed earlier will rub right on, well, yeah, you just don't apply like major pressure. What I would do is what I did tio actually is really use like my finger and the warmth of my finger just sort of rub it on, and as you remove it, you can see if it's sticking or not are going to put it back and stick it a little bit more she also wanted to know her name is jony she wanted to know how well the rub ons are the sticker stand the glass over time um I mean I wouldn't say they're going to stay there for years but over a holiday season we'll stay there pretty well I mean, this is pretty that get he sieve on here all right? Thanks. Okay? And I would just keep adding multiple little pieces of ribbon till I cover probably a little area like that but I feel like if you don't have to add a lot and you can use all those extra little scraps and it gives you a really pretty um higher end look um then investing in a big giant expensive ribbon so that is one thing that I really like to do and the other thing is we called them belly vans I don't know why, but I like to use our paper chains um or even our pattern paper from scrapbooking um and just run them right along and actually it would have been in tokyo to make it look a little bit thicker. I will sometimes add multiples so this wass sam fuller and I just really is I brought a sample product with me that doesn't have adhesive but he's actually have it he said already on them so a lot of times if I want a ban toe look sicker all too underneath and I actually use these for napkin rings at the holidays or a parties as well um because they're really pretty and they're totally disposable so if one goes missing it's not a big deal we're gonna throw after anyway so I've doubled it right there and then I'll just add one in the center that and now we have just like a really pretty wrapped with just a few pieces of paper super easy and so super fast so I love doing that and I will do that with gifts as well. So as opposed tio using a big giant ribbon our bow I will cut out a twelve by twelve sheet of pattern paper and just rapid across the front and then use another piece rapid across the back just to give it like a little a pattern, a little extra interest and a little bit of fun. So those air really great to dio and I on top of that these air those same little bull clips that we've used in other projects that come from the craft store. I like to take some of the trees I talked about and glue them and you can glue them to different ways you can glue them this way and then clip it right onto the paper so you've added like a cute little embellishment that way or another thing I like to do especially on a square present like this like arment we'll add it right standing up and then and I actually really like the men with the red and the gold I would just tie my bow and I would do it a lot pretty here and I'm doing it now but with this urban it's gonna look a matter what in this paper and that's what I mean by all those little extra pieces right? Like you're gonna have like a million of these after you're done wrapping all your present on dh then I would just take the little clip and clipper right on so that from the top you can see like that little tree right on tough um and you could do that with multiple things again dollhouse section it's awesome for just a little fun things toe ad like that. Another thing I like to dio just again to save the expense of more expensive ribbon is to use baker's twine tie it right on the gift and I kind of like tying off center a lot of times and then all use washi tape to create my own little many banners we all like everybody loves washi tape and I always have tons of washi tape that I'm like what am I going to do with this? This is what you could do with it this this washington specifically comes with christmas on market street so it matches that whole line and we're just trying to find the end yes is if you buy the everything said you will get this um and what I like about it is that actually comes with packaging with the little perforated edge so you can just use it right from here and we're just going to create our own little mini banner so I'm just going to fold it right over in half and cut and that now we're creating our own super cute banner for our gift hardest part is getting the tape off finding the end and you can do like long and short pieces and alternating sizes and patterns on this is really fun on kids gifts they really like this just adds that like bright fun, festive feel and I just I like having the sort of ribbon end to it thinks that but see as we keep going then we have just like a really super cute way to wrap on a really inexpensive way and the way to use and justify my washington habit so um I've got a jar of it at home and I don't know about you but my husband like what do you really any more tape what we're getting is that for for washington hey banners I do really need it okay well that was it you can see like there are so many different options just using the different paper crafting lines using different techniques to save money on buying some of those more expensive elements at your gifts and just do really cool things. I mean, I could keep going and going and going with us. I would love, like. Also, I think, would be really, really cool, um, on the black tio, actually, right someone's name out and just have their name right across the front. I'm starting to smell santa. I don't know why I don't know him personally. Um, but you could spell out someone's name and add that right onto the gift and then there's. No need for extra embellishments or tags or anything, so I can just wrap presents all day and come up with new ideas, but we probably should end e. I could watch you all day. Two so far.

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Watched a little of this and was disappointed by her frequent mumbling, making it impossible to understand quite a bit of what she was saying. I didn't find her ideas very innovative but didn't watch the whole thing.