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Creative Paper Crafts with My Mind's Eye™

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Customizing Cake Toppers & Table Numbers

Candice Stringham, My Mind's Eye

Creative Paper Crafts with My Mind's Eye™

Candice Stringham, My Mind's Eye

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9. Customizing Cake Toppers & Table Numbers


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Lesson Info

Customizing Cake Toppers & Table Numbers

So I wanted to also talk about cake toppers because that's something that you can buy a store bought cake as opposed to trying to make one yourself and then just add a little element to customize it and make it your own so we can do that in a few different ways, just going to clear this off. The first option is just to buy a beautiful cake topper, and we have multiple options and that we have these different sayings and quotes, and then we also have numbers glittered numbers so you can add on the birthday age, and while they're really cute and would be perfect to straight out of the package, I really love to add just a little bit of detail to make them fit the party theme, and I think that's, the other thing that you can do to make a party really fill custom, is sort of coordinate all the different elements toe work together, so if I was doing a party for a little girl, I might add in some pink elements. If I was doing a party for, like a thirty year old guy, I might add in like some n...

avy to the gold, and so these are really simple we're just going to throw one of these together, we'll do the zero and all I've done here is picked out some really beautiful ribbon. Studio carta is a company a really love for ribbon it's all italian really gorgeous ribbon and adds a really nice touch um and we will talk about that more when we talk about gift wrapping I've added a little bit of velvet so we have a different texture some gold of course because we love gold in my mind's eye and then just a little bit this is more of that yarn or some tinsel and we're just going to cut them to be different lengths and just start tying them right on and I sometimes like to add just a little beat of hot glue so that they don't slide down on me well at our navy first I think navy and gold is really a beautiful combination and adding in like a little constellation or star theme it can be really, really beautiful well, he's a little over studio carter ribbon and this is the kind of party prep that I like nothing too complicated just tying a few things on and calling it good um if I wanted to add in some of the stars, I could just take a little bit of wire that is someone here and just run the wire right on and I would use wire cutters, but bernie says they're just right now and I'm gonna run to seiken due to different stars I'm just going to twist it right around and then I would just add my punched stars right on to the wire with hot glue and then we have the perfect cake toppers to go right into our kick and I don't know, I think it's just like a special little touch that is really, really beautiful and makes it feel just a little bit more custom and, um, special. So then if I was going to do that, I would continue to coordinate the other elements, and this is one of my very, very favorite items that my mind's eye cells it's actually many um, fan banner looks like this and they're really great to use at parties, but I actually really loved them for so many other things, and this is one of them, so as just little closures to our bags, so if I was going with pink eye could really easily just add like a pink sticker to the center if I was going with this star theme, I've added just a little bit of that ribbon tio create the repetition and then the star right on top and I just did that with hot glue. Then I punched a hole in a plane craft bag and just tied it right on and then I would lay these out as well with my display because it just creates like a really beautiful, cohesive look it makes it feel like you spend a ton of time and put a ton of thought into it when really bought it all from one store and added a couple of ruben so let's go with the pink now I really love this kind of peachy pink color and it's in a lot of our products it's also in the my story that we used earlier for some of those banners, so we're going to create a couple of cake toppers for this one I've just added the oh happy day sticker right on top of the number two and then again just tied the different ribbon these air again from studio carta if you really like them yourself to correspond I've added just a tiny bit of crepe paper underneath with hot glue and then one of the stickers right on top and if I was going to do multiple cakes, I also created a cake topper just using a barbecue skewer that you would use for shish kebabs on dh can get at the grocery store and then our chip board stickers so I'm gonna do one of those for you now so that you can see um how we did that and I kind of loved the idea of a cake on top of cake I don't know, I just think it's funny uh I showed it to someone when they were like I don't get it so that's okay not everyone gets my genius sometimes so what I really like and what I think is an easy thing, that a lot of people I wouldn't think of is these are stickers already, so what I did on the cake was just removed the adhesive back and I don't need to do anything special to it. I can just stick it right down and then I put the adhesive back back on it to make it look finished in the back, so I just reattached and kind of pressed in towards the skewer, so it'll hold it in place and then it's like a finished, so just put it right back on, add some ribbon, and then you have a really beautiful topper, the other thing that I really love to d'oh, and a lot of our sticker sheets come with our flags that are already made for you. So this is also the my story line, and you can see down here and the different patterns this would match the banner we made today perfectly as well. It's, already the pre made one and what I would do, just take some baker swing, how many times today I mean, vickers twine, because we love it when a tire not, and then I'm going to decide the distance that I want these to be apart, so it would just depend on how big my cake is and we're going to go with this little guy so I would just kind of hold it apart see how wide I want it and tie that right on the top and so now we have our little tight rope across the top and then all we need to do is just take the stickers they already even have like the full blind for you so you're all set to go and we're just going to fold them right over I will just keep adding they already have all of the patterns that we like to news before so we know they'll coordinate with what we've already made kenneth I love tio let the people at home know that my mind's eye has given a gift back to all the in studio audience here and you guys are like you ladies are lucky ones open them if you like great they do include some products from what you're seeing in the workshop today and we wanted to thank my mind's eye for that gift there's fun stuff in their great sparkly e o thanks my mind's eye. I also wanted to let people know that if you'd like to be part of our in studio audience there's a way to do that if you're in seattle or san francisco that's where we film our classes are live classes you could do that by going tio www dot crate of live dot com backslash front row that's creative live dot com backslash front row there you can submit a form to request to be an in studio audience member so check that out if you'd like tio join us we love to have you we always love to have the interaction live in the studio I'm jealous I wish I lived one of those places all right? So we've just attached each of the little flags, so now we have, like, our cute little banner and the other thing I like to dio just to sort of finish it off so you can't tell that it was just a barbecue skewer is we have these like little tab stickers and I'm going to run those on the top just like it would be a flag at a circus or something and there are two of those so it goes perfectly right on do it right at the top to sort of cover up all right, so tiny little flag banner and I would add these right into the cake pullem apart and put him right down in maybe too slow it higher and I would then add this right to the center because I just think it's cute I watch out for flying way might need to make that a little bit lower I'm gonna try not till like, lick it and for on camera it looks amazing and I would probably use wire cutters for this just you know so you're not ruining your sisters there you go so comes out just a little bit and there we got so really fun really simple ways to add in details to our beautiful little cakes and it's an easy way to just you know I know what our local grocery starts h e b in texas I can go in and just order a plain white frosted cake um and it's you know way lastman having a fancy bakery and then just add some pretty trim and it looks really, really beautiful um and then they're coordinating back so this is actually just like a scene that I would create I might even like throw out some confetti on the table as well which we sell matching on dh then maybe few extra banners because I'm not very good at stopping so keep going the other thing I really wanted to show you that I think it's a super easy way to sort of customize your party is if you don't have time like we did today to create a multiple banners we sell full alphabet banners so all gold foiled each line has a coordinating alphabet that works this is the fancy line the cream with the gold and then we also have the craft line which is the craft with gold so I've taken this if I was going to be doing this pink line I've taken it and I've just we've done tila because I thought that would be cute and we've just added some of the scrapbooking elements to the premade letter banner on dh it comes with string I added the gold baker's trying to just courtney a little bit better and then we've added the ribbon in between each banner it literally took like five minutes to make and it matches everything and looks really, really good and coordinated, but I could tell you this exact same thing as we've done here, um, and this is just the same alphabet, but in cream, and instead of going with pinks and gold, I've been added christmas elements, and now I have a christmas banner that again just took a few minutes by just changing out the string and adding in some card stock on a little bit of glitter because how can you resist glitter like andi? So I just think they're so many fun ways to just add a little tiny elements that really help it like shine and sparkle and look really nice. Um, okay, we're going to keep going because they're going to keep coordinating stuff, the next thing that I really love onda lot of times people feel like they don't find them know what to do with I'm going to clear this off so we can really see what's happening um, but our table numbers so generally would just think of table numbers, four weddings or for something really formal, and I don't know about you, but I'm not very often throwing very formal parties it's just not something that I personally do a lot of, and so the table numbers I would look at and think, well, I don't really have a great use for that on, and I'm not really sure how I would use those, but we just recently realized that their twenty for table number so we've done our christmas countdown earlier with our envelopes, but we also created another countdown with our table numbers, so what we ended up doing is folding them in half and then cutting off the top and turning them each into little bag so again, you could slip in the concept of like what you're going to be doing that day or for this, you could even put in candy or greenery for decoration, and then we just stitched right along it's just a simple straight stitch along the edge and added in some red and white baker's twine, and I would actually at home, I'm planning on doing the exact same thing, having some branches above and then hanging each of the numbers because they are double sided that will look good from either way. Just into the trees, and each day they can collect. One will do it. So really, really simple, fun thing. I also think these could be really cool for different birthdays or things like that. If they're turning thirteen, you do thirteen of them and have them hanging on their door. They're turning twenty four. You could do all twenty four. You knew multiples if you need more, right. But I think it's, just a really fun, simple way to sort of customize something that we may be wouldn't normally have a use for. But we can come up with really cool fund concepts to todo.

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Watched a little of this and was disappointed by her frequent mumbling, making it impossible to understand quite a bit of what she was saying. I didn't find her ideas very innovative but didn't watch the whole thing.