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Day 3 Pre-Show Banter

Lesson 34 from: Lightroom® 4 Fundamentals

Laura Shoe

Day 3 Pre-Show Banter

Lesson 34 from: Lightroom® 4 Fundamentals

Laura Shoe

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34. Day 3 Pre-Show Banter


Class Trailer

Day 1


Pre-Show Banter


9:00 am - Introduction: Why Lightroom®?


The Lightroom Library Catalog


Staying Organized


Backing Up Your Library


Importing Your Photos


Preferences & Settings


Settings Q&A


Reorganizing Files and Folders


Using Views and Labels to Evaluate Photos


Filtering and Stacking Photos


Assigning and Managing Keywords


Keywording Q&A


The Metadata Panel


Searching for Photos


Creating a Collection


Day 2


Day 2 Pre-Show Banter


The Map Module: Assigning Locations


The Develop Module


Fixing Your Photos: Histograms and Cropping


Fixing Your Photos: Spot Removal Tool


11:30 am - Upgrading to Lightroom® 4


11:45 am - Basic Developing in Lightroom® 3 & 4


Basic Developing Part 2


Color Adjustments


Tone Curve Panel


Making Subtle Adjustments


Lens Corrections


Local Adjustments: Partial B&W


Local Adjustments: Portrait Touch Up


Additional Local Adjustments


Graduated Filter


Bonus: Day 3 Preview


Day 3


Day 3 Pre-Show Banter


Bonus: Recap of the Develop Module


Virtual Copies


B&W and Creative Effects


Noise Reduction




Sharpening for Portraits


Syncing Changes to Multiple Photos




Creating and Using Presets


11:45 am - Lightroom® and Photoshop


Sharing Your Work


Exporting for Web


Exporting for Print


Workflow Recap


Thanks + Credits


3:00 pm - Lightroom® 4: Publishing


3:30 pm - Lightroom® 4: Video Editing


3:45 pm - Lightroom® 4: Book Module


Lesson Info

Day 3 Pre-Show Banter

Welcome Internet. Back to day three of light room for light from four fundamentals with Laura shoe. And we are ready to get going today. But here's Kenna. Yes. Good morning, everyone. Um, I want Teoh. First of all, thank you, Natalia. Daddy, who has been joining us first time chat hosting so great dogs making fun. And so we're going to do about 12 minutes of pre show banter. Let us know if you can see us and Harris in the chat room. Tell us where you're joining us from, and we'll get going in about 10 minutes. But first we wanted to have a little chat with our audience and Laura of and Laura. I'd love to know what? What? Your experience has been teaching here at creativelive. This is your first time teaching here. So tell me how it's been. Oh, it spent fabulous. I've been Theo energy in this in the room and in feeling that that web energy as well is what really makes it work. Having you know, really interested students here, you know, asking questions, excited about the class, it's jus...

t really fuels me. And also, you know, this is my first time big, you know, in front of cameras. And they can't. It's not about the cameras. To me, it's about knowing that you guys are out there on the Web and that I'm hearing from you. I'm actually getting questions from you and feedback and interaction. So I actually feel like I have that that interaction worldwide, which is which is a wonderful experience. And I just can't emphasize how great the creative live staff and crew are and and how, you know, huge of a difference that makes in this whole experience. So, um, it's really truly been wonderful. So thank you. Well, thank you. We've just This has been such a great software class. We've had more students than some of the photography, of course, is where we have about six people and you guys have been awesome. There's just a really great energy and vibe I love how many questions you guys have been asking, and so we're gonna have a lot more opportunities for people to come here in person on. DSO also wanted to ask you guys what your experience has been being here in person. Well, I really enjoy being here. It's my second time being in the studio audience for software instruction. So obviously I wouldn't have come back if I didn't enjoy the first time. And I think we're to really being It's being here, having our questions answered both on and off camera and they feed us well, yeah. Uh, definitely be back there time. So thank you very much, Laura. Thank you. Experience, I can say being in the creative life audiences, but ah, lot different than being at home trying to watch three days of a workshop, especially to your way break for lunch. And I break for lunch at home Teoh and get me Sunday Now that this has been great cause it's completely uninterrupted and you know, there's a lot of people I'm sure who can relate, but being in the audience, you learn so, so much. And it is so interactive, and I think that's probably the best part. Thank you. Yeah, I think being here live has been great being around other students instead of just watching it at home alone in my, uh, computer room by myself. It's been a great benefit to be around everybody and to be with lower life. It's just a good experience all around being here. Yeah, being here is kind of surreal. I'm like, Oh, my gosh, that's that's kind of photo on. Oh, my gosh. This is like, this is really surreal. Um, it it's just great. And it's just huge for my business. And, um, I'm just so excited. Teoh, go home and just apply everything and just get really organized. And, yeah, I'm just really thankful. Good morning. Um, I just want to say it's been absolutely great being I feel like it's been such a valuable experience being able to be here in the creative life studio and being one of 10 people that gets to join its really intimate, which is really cool. And I feel like you get so much more hands on experience that opportunity to be ableto have the same photos as you and work on those with you almost feels like you're You're not as interrupted or distracted cause we're right there with you, which is really awesome. So it's just been a really great experience being here for the three days. Thank you, Awesome. When a group reportedly repeat that it has been incredible. And if you get a chance to become a part of the studio audience. You definitely should. Last night I was so inspired. I watched a little bit of the of the rewatch, and it's so interesting, you know, it's it's You could absorb different things at different times, so I would also by the video it's great information. Uh, but I was so inspired again, just watching the class that I applied for the fundamentals class and hope to be back everyone. That creativelive is amazing and people and thank you so much for having this and having me. Yeah, definitely second, everything there. Everything else has said. It's just it's a cool experience in person, and it's totally different than sitting at home. And, you know, kind of like living in front of your computer and making sure you don't miss a second, you know, and then obviously getting things to rewatch them to watch some of yesterday last night and I was like, I'm picking up stuff, but I'm literally here. But I'm still watching and rewatching like getting more stuff and how did I miss that? Or how did that not soak in? So you know, that was really cool and I've been following Creativelive since, like Zacarias in 2010 the 1st 1 So I don't think I've missed one, no matter what genre it is, whether it's what I do, you know, with my photography business or not, I've just totally been completely enamored. You know, everything that happens here, creativelive people. The quality of everything that comes through here is just, you know, it's gonna be gold on and that's we got with Laura. So thank you. Been a great experience. Good day, everyone. I think it's exciting being part of a worldwide audience on Li lives. So when we have the question, we can just wave together, answered right away and then also kind of speak on behalf of other students. So thinking in terms of what other kind of questions might come up and keeping that conversation going. It's also exciting being, you know, in the live TV studio environment and just to see how it's all put together and how wonderful the creative life people are. I think that's been said by everyone and yet can't be emphasized enough. So did you. Yeah, three. Only comparison I really have to. It is it's a bit like being on the air, being in the audience of like the Daily Show, it's it's a It's a totally different experience when you're behind the cameras for this room used to being, But it's it's cool. It's like there's all sorts of stuff that goes on and it's a totally different, you know, kind of perspective and viewpoint and big shadow toe all my fellow audience members. That's that's like the total unexpected benefit you know, sitting down to lunch and chatting with people and getting to know people what their work is and what they're into. Everything like that. It's just spectacular. That's like just icing on the cake. So and thanks, Laura for such an amazing programs before. I'm really looking forward to today. Great. Thank you. Very cool. Well, thanks, you guys. Um And like I said, John Gringo is doing a five day fundamentals class and that is going coming up April 9th for 13. So just around the corner, Really? And if you want to be part of our live audience here and you are in the Seattle area, this one is different because you don't have to submit a video like some of our other courses. And let's see, we can post on Facebook the link to how you submit to be in this course or for dark gringo, or you can email audience at Creativelive. And if you are in the chat room right now, I will be talking dropping the links on little survey to to fill out and let us know why you want to join us. So we still have ah, a few minutes to banter. Uh, yesterday we talked about in the morning What you guys learned, What we're someone, your ah ha moments, and I would love to hear some more. Ah ha. Moments from from yesterday as we got into the nitty gritty of developing started to me by far the most. My my most favorite part from yesterday was the way you presented it. It wasn't you, I focused. It was a process focused of photographers. Mindset focused. It wasn't, you know. Oh, here's all the controls, roughly an order from the upper left hand part of this green to the lower right hand part of the screen. It's like there's manuals and 1000 other ways to get that information you're like, Here's what we do here is we have this photo, we hear, we we look at it, we know the things we want to fix. And then from that, here's what I want to accomplish. Here are the places in the interface in this order, unless the order doesn't matter in, which is that's good to know, too. But here's the workflow, and that was great because that's what I just That's what I was really hoping to get out of this class. And that's what I've gotten so far and that that that process are task focused as opposed to you. I focus has been something I really appreciate it from yesterday, so well, it's wonderful to hear. Thank you. So hopefully anticipating this question, I had lots of stars in my notes from yesterday and like my mo book is filled with stars like a moment all the way through. I really appreciated your especially differentiating between vibrance and saturation, cause that's been something that even though I slide the sliders all the way, extremely like, what is what is the difference between the two? Your point that using vibrance for Portrait's it was a great tip again, like was set for in terms of the act, the practical application of it, not just the Here's how that how this tool works. But this is where you use it so great. Those kind of tips will really help the discriminatory and the non discriminatory tools. Exactly. Yeah, yeah, there. Couple of moments like the workflow is definitely awesome. I've been using light room since version two for a few years and kind of self taught. So sitting here, it's like, OK, that was correct. And I figured that out. But I tried to do this this way, and the workflow is really great. And how powerful light room for is compared to previous versions and auto masking was like like gold for me. I don't know. I never clicked on that because I was afraid to quit on. What is this? Are you know, I'm not using that right? So those were a couple of moments, you know, that I had with that on getting more used to the controls in the basic panel, missing some of the things we didn't have, like feel light and recovery and kind of learning how to use them in the new version and stuff like that. Those were like even the basics and the tone curve, especially to for me yesterday it was big, fabulous. It's good to know that, you know, it always feels great to feel like I'm making a difference. So I love to hear this fantastic. Well, it's actually nine oclock so we can chat more about that later. But thank you guys for your ah ha moments and thank you all for letting us know what it's like to be here in the credit blood studio audience. So it's shut out a few spots where people are joining us from. So we have folks from Edmonton, Alberto, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brazil. It's good afternoon. Malaga, Spain. Did I say that right again? Sonny would says peekaboo from Quebec City, Canada, Philly, Louisiana. Anyhow, Good. Good morning, everyone who is watching us around the world

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Ratings and Reviews

Miguel Lecuyer

Great workshop! New to Lightroom and found it very helpful. Saved me a couple hundred dollars and time by not taking an evening LR class. Creative Live workshops match my learning style perfectly. Laura is awesome! My only complaint is maybe Laura can use a PC next time which is what she seems more comfortable using. Her shortcut mix-ups on a Mac were making me a bit dizzy :)

a Creativelive Student

I cannot express enough how impressed I was with Laura and this class. I learned more in the 3 days of this workshop than I did in all 6 weeks of a class I took online that cost three times as much. I left not only impressed by the class but MOST importantly - refreshed and energized to put my new knowledge to use! Thank you for that!!!

a Creativelive Student

Excellent workshop bar none. I learned more about Lightroom than I did from any other tutorial/workshp that I previously encountered. Thanks Laura!

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