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What's Your Value?

Lesson 4 from: The Easy Yes: How to Craft an Effective Pitch

Tiffany Han

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4. What's Your Value?

Lesson Info

What's Your Value?

So I want to talk about what's your about you. And this is really, really important as we get into the pitch process because you have to know what you're bringing to the table before you ask for anything. This is a part of it. A lot of people skip. I just want to guess pose? I just want to write for having composed Why? Why should they say yes to you? That could be a story. Why should they say yes to me? But also I want you to consider that, like, why should they say yes to you? Because you need to tell them why they should say us to you. Why does this matter? It matters because your values at the core of the easy Yes, your values while you're delivered your value is what you're saying. Look at this really cool thing that I have. It's gonna make your life way easier, right? That's and that's like, Okay, you know, we're so afraid of selling and yet we buy things all the time. I go to target, I buy the magic erasers because it makes cleaning my stove way easier. I don't think that their ...

skis you for trying to sell me magic erasers. I think they're making my life easier. And that's what you guys are doing with. Your work is you're solving problems and it's easy to be like, I'll know it's just jewellery. Can I see you? That necklace is stunning. I saw it when I walked in, and I was like, I need to know more about that. That necklace is making me really happy. It's more than just jewelry. It's more than just a blawg. It's more than just a tweet. Sometimes it's not more than a treat. Sometimes the tweet is just a tweet, but all of your work, if you're embracing the crazy faith if you're getting authentic, if you're getting inspired, those things are what the world needs. And when you guys to think about what problems you're solving, write it down. Everyone in the chat Let's get familiar with this. Tell me what problems you're solving and how you're solving with your creativity. You haven't you? Look, what do you thinking? No complexity. A lot of the customers and people I work with deal with a lot of complexity, and I take that in and I helps help them. Some I help. I usually tell people that I get. I help them to get to what they love the most. And for me, that's very important because I hate when things are too complex. So I try to distill that for them. That's a problem. A lot of us, with all my businesses. Air solving is I want you to be able to do the work you want to dio. So I'm gonna make your life easier by taking this piece away. You know, that's huge. Anybody else have something they want toe say, for my management clients, something I do is I actually create an emotional buffer because their creative people and so I handle all of the social media that they can work and do their creative work, and they don't have to be a part of that because it's something that it's hard for a lot of creative people. That's huge, right? That's that's giant. So don't loss over those like I want. You guys aren't writing. You're watching me, right? Write it down. Write a whole right it out. What problem are you solving? All creativity is is problem solving And what a lot of creativity is is communication and pitching his communication. And it all just comes together around just communicating, which is part of being a human being. We're all just on our phones all the time and don't actually communicate. We just type things in the little screen. So problem solving, even if what you're even if the problem you're solving is giving somebody a great way to express themselves huge self expression. I'm gonna wear that necklace and I'm gonna feel so smoking hot. That's huge, right? Like, don't you want everybody in the world to feel so smoking hot? If your necklace could do that Problem solved, man. So as you think about naming your value, well, you guys to think about what do you know? Don't over complicate. This is not the time. Like I want everyone to be writing right now like just free, right? Just think it out because it's not the time to be like I know that in order to be a successful human being, I don't have to make stuff look good. I know how to make really pretty jewelry. I know how to write things in a way that people have a gut reaction to it. I know how to put flowers in a vase so that it looks really deliberate. And how to take your vision and make it a reality. I know how to make gifts that make people cry right. What have you learned so far? So this isn't complete opposite Teoh? I don't know enough too young. You guys have a life experience that is Tell you, Elizabeth, I know. Used to be a semi pro boxer. What? That has taught her a lot of, ah, hotter on her business. Right? I was everything. Got to get uncomfortable. Yeah, How to get uncomfortable And how the show up with me earlier on what I'm doing and how they want Parenting has taught me so much about business, Tommy. How to pick my battles, Tommy? How to take time for myself, right? It's Tommy. Had a leg hustle. Sometimes you gotta hustle. You got to get up at three. In the morning and that kid needs to be fed. What makes you stand out? What makes you different? Why should I hire you over anybody else who doesn't? Lettering? Well, because you're really good at it. And because you capture in a way that is different and unique. So you all have a unique value that you bring to the table. It could be a style thing. It could be the kinds of things Christine, I'm gonna pick on you again. Christine that does scrapbooking design, So she has a line of scrapbooking materials. Christine harron dot com h e r. I am Check out. These are like different. It's a different kind of scrapbooking. It's more of a modern twist, right? It's not your like grandma scrapbooking, You know, you bring it to the masses and making it hip and cool. That's huge. Yeah, Christina's describe her to go to. If you want to scrap book about how much you love coffee or travel, right, this is like your unique thing. And so, knowing what you bring to the table, why I should hire you, all of you. This is what I want you to get really comfortable with. You may not feel like I know I know right now. Work at it because it's a process that develops over time. Don't over complicate it. Don't overcomplicate it. The things that come most naturally to you and that occur to you the quickest. That's what the world needs. And ironically, that's what we're quickest to dismiss. Done. What I want you to do is like again, it's a process you're gonna do something to be like. Well, the simplest way I could solve this problem would be to do this and then you do in the clients like that was great. So easy. And you're like, Oh, wait, that worked. It doesn't have to be hard. As you get better at your craft, it's easier helping someone develop a menu. Bridget is a personal chef helping someone develop a menu. You probably just have to work really hard, right? Yeah. Yeah. And now you're probably like I know what to dio. Yeah, I couldn't do it in my feet. Now, if you are like man, suck of this because I just do it so quickly. There is a little bit of that because it comes so easily for me that I sometimes discount my ability to do it because it's it's so easy. We'll do. You're not alone. Yeah. So let's get back to embracing the easy. It doesn't mean you don't have to work hard, but it also, you don't have to struggle. Right and struggle on effort are not the same things. So let's cut them off. We're always like I vow hard work is so important. That's a story you can let go of right and be, like, fun and easy is Okay, So this is where we're going with this. Why you? Why should I hire you? What do you have to bring to the table? So you guys write down why you should hire me is right at them Because the truth is that there are a 1,000,000 other people out there doing what you're doing. Sorry, That's okay, because you have something worth selling and you have something that makes you stand out. So let's get really clear on that. And I also engaged to think about where you're held back and stating your value, right? If we go back to the rewriting your stories work, shed some of the things of the value why someone should hire you that could go into this. What I will believe in Said column. I will believe that I am the best business and branding coach and podcaster for the highly creative entrepreneur who's tired of the same old business advice, right? That's what I'm gonna believe instead. And it is your responsibility to articulate this when you're pitching. This is your responsibility. Every single time is what we're trying to do here, right? Get clear with that. Do your But did you go to sleep and you say your affirmations to yourself? I business and Brandon, coach for the highly creative person. For people who are tired of everything you say it, like, get used to it because the more familiar you get with it, the more you're gonna start to believe that you will. You will start to believe it.

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Tiffany has enormous energy! At the very beginning, it seemed a little off, but then she found her rhythm with the audience! This was exactly the kick I needed to start pitching. Her advice is simple and powerful. I had the pleasure of attending this live. If you are stuck feeling like you need some elaborate plan to get started pitching people for sales or interviews, this is the course for you. You won't regret it.


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