Wedding Photography

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Debrief with designer Daniela Fagét


Wedding Photography

Lesson 21 of 32

Debrief with designer Daniela Fagét


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Debrief with designer Daniela Fagét

a little bit about myself I was born in raised in germany and came to the states um in the eighties and so it's nice because I kind of have that that transplant feeling I feel like I know all the different cultures really well so that really fun um I didn't start out in the wedding industry it all I started off being a psychologist I have a phd in euros I kalla ji and that's where I was headed in life but I've always loved flowers I've always loved design very passionate about that and I was always kind of the dream in the back of my head just to get to play with flowers and at some point in my graduate school career was doing catering and bartending and we started working at weddings and I just I have felt such a love for it had such a great time interacting with brides that I thought well at least I'll do this to make some extra money to pay my way for school and at some point I found myself you know working at a hospital sitting in this dark dingy room with no windows fluorescent li...

ghts it's way too much work and I found myself you know emailing brides and looking things up online and just really realizing like I want to be outside I want to be playing with flowers I want to be doing these fun things that make me alive as a person and I I started this company about ten years ago and it got really big really fast so within two years you know I quit my day job and I was able to really make this a reality I started off more doing planning until I got the confidence that people really wanted to hire me as a designer and that's really what people hired me for that's really what they like more than anything else was the design bringing together the flowers and the linens and draping fabric and bringing in lighting and so forth and I think probably just cause I'm so excited about it that somehow it comes across in my work and that's what people you know seem to like so um I've been doing it for ten years now and really really enjoy it and I work mostly in seattle but we do about four to five destination weddings a year as well so feel free to ask questions funny way publications um okay I've been in a number of magazines um let's get married magazines you see on the screen mostly local there's um fabulous publications here in seattle seattle bride seattle metropolitan bridegroom both of which are beautiful magazines I mean a great art great style there's of course a number of really amazing national publications that I've had the pleasure of being in one of which is a great sermon wedding style which is one of those magazines that you know we all strive to be and it was I was really excited when I finally got it and I went through quite the process to get into this magazine you couldn't try to put a real wedding in you can do your own photo shoots toe to send to them and I actually went through quite the process of setting up some photo shoots over time so I'd invited photographer in I'd style a whole photo shoot and I would send it to them it was really interesting that it's the first few that I did didn't get in at all and I would got amazing feedback from the editor editor of the magazine um you know on some of the assistance I don't know if you can pull up that photo of the purple uh we can go forward so this is a photo that was one of the first shoots that I style just for the purpose of trying to get into this magazine you know I love doing pretty things anyway so any excuse honey that is great but you know they have it all way out we're looking for something with peonies and I said oh great you know it's not pay any season but I'll do what I can on dh so I just you know I love these colors together I love all the different textures and found this great property near where I live to shoot this and the magazines and all we love the art it's beautiful we love the colors we love the vibrancy but we don't like the photography and I was really surprised because the photographer I work with for this particular shoot is an amazing photographer here in seattle does great work but in particular what they didn't like about this image is this there was too many bright spot steaming hot spots to meet dark spots so they thought it wouldn't read well on a page so if you look at the picture there's no bright sunlight there's the dark shadows of the tree in the foreground there's a lot of shadow spots in sunspots so although the photographer thought that was beautiful and artistic and I really love this image for the magazine they didn't want people flipping through it and being you know having all this contrast on the page so that was something that I learned in the same thing with the second one we did then we did an indoor photo shoot I don't have that picture here but again for them there was something just quite off with the photography so for the third time if we could go backwards to those images this was actually I was speaking with grace herself in san francisco we were talking about our table tops and she invited me to a photo shoot that she was doing so he was my chance with their photographer exertion no excuses you know that really my art isn't really the photography you know maybe they don't really like my work but it was great so I was able to do whatever I wanted there was absolutely no limits of what colors or what I could create anything I wanted this was for when she was putting her magazine out her book out and it was really fun just to create whatever I wanted and tohave their team of photographers shoot their style how they like things shot this was actually a second shooter that came in and took these images which were absolutely beautiful they're very vibrant if you go back craig to that first image that was that was brought no the one that was brought in on top of the magazine cover moment come appear so this is the image that made it in the magazine and for whatever reason they like the angle they would like the way that the color was composed this is the one that made it in and so you never really know what an enters editor's going to choose all you can do as the designer is make something pretty and really have a true to yourself and maybe because here I really got to do anything I wanted there was a lot of me in it and I think the photographer really knew what the magazine was looking for they had studied the magazine they had talked with her and they knew exactly what grace herself wanted and that's why it got published so I think as a photographer do what you can do really look at you know the last ten issues of that magazine to see what is that they're looking for what angle do they like they don't want a straight on shot of the table they like the angle shots you know as an example if it's a long table they want that shot war you know you're going down the table and you see all the plates and you see all the place settings and the chairs lined up perfectly every magazine has a different style even the two magazines here in seattle I know the style that the editors have I know they both like a certain something and so went as I'm doing a wedding you know a real wedding I'll say think well this one might fit really well in this magazine I don't see these ones fitting into what usually happens here in seattle so this one's a good for and national publication so if there's certain magazine that you want to get into a za photographer make sure that you study that magazine study that publication and see what it is that they're looking for and then work with you know the designer the florist whoever your team is on the day to make sure that those elements exist at the event itself questions from them okay I was no e about me yeah ok let's get started first question what's the title of your phd wait I want to go there okay this is from bob del if someone aspired to establish a career in wedding design how do they enter into the profession and our their second shooters and wedding design definitely I mean a week get emails you know constantly every week about oh I want to be a wedding planner I want to be a wedding zain of course I want to come play with stuff you know and we were pretty careful about who we allow to come work with us because people along I just want to do it for free that's great but on the day of an event for example if I have to spend two volunteers with me they can often distract or they can set things up in a way that we don't want to so while I don't wantto on ly pick really experienced people I also don't want to pick just anyone and allow them to come to the wedding was for me the wedding day itself a sacred so when I'm bringing my team they're just like jasmine like they're all representing my brand how I interact the client how the fork looks next to the plate you know how that flower arrangement that it's perfectly where I wanted to be that it looks right away all those things and so if I have a bunch of volunteers and I just picked them because they want to experience that then something there's too much possibility of things going wrong so I do allow people to come in and work with us in the studio and then the ones that I feel like wow these people really represent who I am they have a same passions they have the same ideas about how to interact with a writing group then those people become members of our team for you know onside set up and so forth have a question from april murder in uh twenty what are the three biggest mistakes that you see newer photographers make at your weddings who are just the photographers are your wedding plans there is a difference between obviously how the photographer's inner act and are on the site itself and then the photos that I see what's always disappointing to me is if I work with someone that doesn't capture the day like itwas like it's great if you can make the day look even better than it was but there are there have been times when I've reviewed the photography and there was just something not right you know the light was everything you know taken example of oh wedding where there's a lot of white flowers like the one we did yesterday we don't tend to do a lot of white flowers actually this is much more my what we usually do lots of color and texture but I know it is one wedding I did a few years ago everything was white everything was over exposed to the you know and I don't know if it was because of lack of experience or if it was because it was stylistic and they wanted it to look that way but in all the photos that brides holding this okay it's just a big white blob there's no texture you don't see any of the intricacies of what she's holding because it's sold were exposed and so you know I guess in terms of your photography style if you're doing something stylistically also make sure that there are some shots of things how they actually are or how they portrayed accurately and that's it's not also stylized I see a lot of photos lately it seems like there's a it's pretty trendy to be very editorialist iq and I love that look but make sure that the bride and groom want that as well and that there's not so much post processing with all the different layers you could by online and all the different things you can do in photoshopped that there's not some reality too what happened on the day of I think it's a very delicate balance of having the absolute beauty of what happened that day and then over styling as style izing and processing it afterwards to make it look a little bit too much processed thanks I have a quick question you talk a lot about color and texture and things like that and I love color a lot on dh how do I learn that you know these colors go well with each other and this is what works in these textures you know how can I get into the mind of a designer on dh you know really see that so that went on shooting out I know that this is what they were thinking that's what they were looking up I just really want to you know understand color a lot so well I think for you if you looking through it the land through it through your lens it's probably a great a great too little for myself sometimes when I'm especially when I'm doing a photo shoot not so much on the day of because I know of a wedding because I know what it's supposed to look like in my head but when I'm doing a photo shoot whether it's for a magazine for something commercial I'll bring my own camera and as I'm setting it up I'll step back and I'll take pictures because for some reason for me when I look at it through the camera I see all that linens not quite strayed or there's something missing here there's a hole in the flower arrangement here so I see it differently and I think for call like I'm terrible at shooting color if I do if I shoot something that's already way over saturated on my camera I have no idea what I'm doing on dso for you you know you don't I'm sure most of you don't have those issues because you know what you're doing but as you play with the color settings on your camera you can see what you know what looks good like these you know these pictures air really vibrant and they're supposed to be violent if someone's using a lot of color most likely they don't want it to be really dull and lifeless they want that color to shine through there's texture like for example on this table was it was a blue underlay and then on top of which is beautifully intricate linen that had all this beating and it's great to show that so if you're shooting things you know try to show those things off of someone's using do peony silk like we did on this thing that I'm sitting on in this picture you know it's great to see how the light shines on the sheen of the fabric how the threads of that fabric catch the light you know there's usually a reason why we use a certain fabric or why we're using those colors together for me I use colors that play off of each other you know even though a lot of color teaching gino tells you use yellow and blue together using the opposite color whale ah lot of times I'll use ready on orange because I like how they play off each other if I'm gonna teo a white wedding I'll use four different shades of white because those different shades of whites play off of each other and they create texture just because they're different shades of that one color and so you know in everything try to bring bring that out try to bring out texture try to bring up the different color and wants is on let those colors play off of each other I hope that answer the question and I tend to ramble on just really quickly but sometimes before we need to see these shots on the magazine like how do they do that because you pull out come on and take a shot other on dh it's not just one lens as a bunch of lights and they're probably you know maybe a reflector or you know soft boxes what do can you talk a bit about what the lighting self wasn't there just roughly yes certainly so this was up in vancouver at this really dark club called it was a beautiful spot but it was a pretty dark room so they were overhead lights I think the photographer only used one soft box and then used the last natural light that was coming in through the windows and it was really interesting because I was probably one of the only ones they hold a pretty modern table setting even though it was a more old fashioned setting and I like that I like the juxtaposition of something old with something more contemporary but so I think that was probably somewhat challenging and the lack of natural light was probably somewhat challenging toe towards them as well but they did not bring a lot of artificial light and she had this one's half box it was too different photographers that shot from different angles so the man and the one that was in the magazine was you know slightly little different than these images which were by melissa but you know there's it wasn't an hour long shoot there was six of us in the room we each had our own table um for the shoot and we really each only got about twenty five minutes which isn't a lot I mean I'll just shoot sometimes we're there for three hours you know adjusting each lightened adjusting each napkin and changing things over to get the right angle so you know these guys these photographers knew what they were doing did a fabulous job and I didn't really have to play too much lighting I love what happened here with um the window that was one of the front of the main photographer the one that rain who ended up being in the magazine that was already a way had opened the window because it was getting warm and what about if we get that fabric blowing just be so romantic and so we opened up all the windows and it kept closings who were sticking sticks in there and everything just to get that affect and then at first you know the currents weren't really coming in we were pulling them in and trying to do everything to create that and then it kind of just happened on its own but you know it just made for this beautiful image so it's a little bit of of working with nature to make things happen and using what's there in that room already I have a question actually when you're doing a shoot like this uh do you do a lot of directing of the photographer or do you just work with photographers who you like their style and you let them do their thing I almost always just let them do their thing um if for example they start going in the wrong direction like for example most of for this particular photo shoot I knew there was gonna be people coming in and so it was perfect on all sides but sometimes when we're doing a photo shoot I might just do the flower arrangement from three sides because you know this is about a thousand dollars with flowers and limits and so forth and so you know I might not want to finish that fourth side just to save some money but because it's actually gonna be published or not right so you know if someone starts going towards the back and I haven't finished that off I have to finish it off with greens versus flowers and say you know that's not gonna be a really good angle on and there's been a number of times when I've had things published you know like oh magazine in college okay we want a really pretty fluffy spring okay okay great so I provided okay I tell them this is the front well at some point the models holding it wrong and for whatever reason they love that shot so there's you know in a magazine a couple years ago there's a shot of this beautiful bo cam e from the back you know I put the less pretty flowers and you know the beautiful antique pin that had found is not shown it all and it wasn't how I wanted my design to be featured you know but for whatever reason it was the most beautiful shot that the editor like so it's interesting how as a designer a lot of times once you get to that point once you get to the chute you lose that control which is really hard for me because I again want to brand myself and I want to show my I work at its best but I also know the photographer's doing their art and for them they're composing the photo and not only of the art that I create that the flowers but no of the model holding the bouquet or the setting or whatever and what ends up in a magazine or what ends up you know being a wedding is how it iss and it's everybody's aren't working together and you have to work together instead of trying to control everything is they don't know you need to shoot it this way I don't know how to shoot something and how to get the best light on how to do that so I'll let you guys do that way so we got a tweet from jasmine that she's on her way hey she said she is so much to talk about your early because you have you I don't like to get a gps on it I wanna let you know someone in the chat room said you did their wedding five years ago we said nick oh the fairmont and they say they adore you and they miss you and I have such fond memories and it's so great to see you and uh you know it's great to hear from people and I you know I think just like jasmine I'm really personable with my clients and I you know I care about them I want them to be happy I have this really weird thing that when the bride first walks in the room I hope that she gets a little tear in her eye because that I know I've done it like I know I've made it pretty I've hopefully exceeded her expectations and it's great to see them and walk in because most girls think about what they're okay is gonna look like what setting is gonna look like and if I can create that dream for them of everything so that leads perfectly to my next question from kelvin in the chat room what questions do you ask your clients in order to learn their style oh gosh a little bit of everything um I try to ask them both who they are and and a little bit of who they want to be because sometimes a wedding is the biggest part of their would ever gonna thrill they're gonna have all the family all their closest friends all in one room and that doesn't happen very often in life and so you want to take yourself and you want to take the essence of yourself and create that in that space and so sometimes you know if if a couple's younger you know they met their work they're just learning their style and it's up to me to try to pull that out of them so I ask questions you know what's your favorite restaurant and why what do you like about that restaurant what is your house look like what you want it to look like you know where do you like the vacation is your vacation exploring the historic ruins of europe or is it laying on a beach with a mimosa you know all those different things at some point help me figure out what that client wants and you know for like laura billy they wanted certain things that you know it was easy for us to come up with a color palette that they like even though she said she couldn't decide I could tell that she was really leaning towards the couch color power that was chosen they really liked in a dialectic style that they love that we had different chanda layers and that everything wasn't matching grant you one thing that happened that nobody knew was that the keener shows up way have picked the cater I think maybe ten days before the wedding caterer came to me on the day of the wedding and said I'm really really sorry but because this was all so last minute we couldn't get you know forks and you know and everything from the same company we didn't have enough time so I don't know what to do because you know the fork doesn't match the knife they're not the same shape that handles different they're completely different it's perfect perfect billion laura they would love that because it's not natural eclectic they look great together it's not like they looked terrible but it was perfect what kind of plan that better so something's things like that happen but if it wasn't laura if it would have been the kind of bride who's getting married in a ballroom who wants everything perfect it would have been okay we would have had to find something else so I think knowing what your bride and groom are all about knowing their style and bringing that into their wedding makes a huge difference and you know it helps to be able to ask those questions one of the things I try to ask all my bride um in particular and sometimes the groom is to give me a point of inspiration so sometimes I've had brides give me a scarf that they like the color of the pattern of I've had someone give me the wrapping paper that the ring box was wrapped in a pair of shoes once was the inspiration for the color palette for the wedding bridesmaid dress that someone found it somewhere was the inspiration for another wedding we did you know anything that for some reason you're really drawn to and you really like even if you don't know why gives me a lot of insight into your style and so I can go from that jumping point and create an entire event just from one little object as long as it's something that's personal to you it has meaning to you for whatever reason which is amazing very cool that you could do that I have a question from tutor from car belfort photog which is melissa car bell in bridgeport west virginia what is the best thing that a photographer can do to help make your job easier well one of the things I try to do in terms of the flow of the day when I'm also planning and not just designing the wedding and showing up and leaving but if I'm there for the whole wedding and I'm creating the timeline I try to ask my photographers what do you need you know what shots do you need because everyone approaches our wedding a little bit differently every photographer you know you all want that you know the bridal portrait and the group shops and all those things but how do you want to do that you like to you know do during the cocktail hour do you want to do it all ahead of time so as I'm planning the day out and creating that day of schedule I ask all my photographers for you know what they want how many minutes do you need for this how many means do you need for that you know when do you like to do that and so I build their wishes into our timeline before I send the final timeline out to everyone so that I can make sure that they get the shots they want in the water that they'd like him in the way that they can get the bride and groom to be most comfortable so it's really important that we communicate ahead of time if I think that there is there's something about the wedding that that means it's going toe likely fit into a certain publication and I will say you know hey let's make sure we get a great vertical shot of the bride and groom you know there's kind of the perfect sexy couple that this particular magazine love they like vertical shots of their brides and governments make sure we get a shot like that so sometimes I'll try to direct a few shots if that photographer and if the couple likes to get published but otherwise in that you know do your magic e okay I have a question here from casey chapel with the current trend being so do I I do it yourself and budget savvy how can you as a wedding designer play a part in that or is that trend one that's for bride who wouldn't hire someone like you well it depends I think we have a question here that we send out one of the things we ask is you know what do you want to be involved and I don't when I design a wedding I don't want it to be my wedding I wanted to be their wedding and so if there are certain things that they want to do themselves I want to know so maybe they want to be involved in their favours or they you know they have the idea of heading out getting all their brides maids together and in creating the favors together greater they have a friend who likes to do invitations fabulous but I think the more that they want to be involved in those ways great so I will sit down with the friend who wants to do the invitations say here's the color palette you know here's a panto in colors you know these are the colors that the brightest chosen please work with these colors were working with textures so maybe I would suggest the kind of paper that I think they would like but it's great to get those people involved where I draw the line is for example on flowers for us if we're creating floral for an event we're doing the floor for an event so I won't allow you know the aunt to come in and do that her own centerpieces because I can't control the quality of those flowers you know I don't want someone to go buy flowers from the local supermarket and then have them die halfway through the reception because that's my name on there that's my branding and now the product doesn't look how I would have made it so there are definitely some things where I draw the line where said I need to have quality control over this particular thing and that's not something that we allow someone else to participate you know bella signature design doesn't event that we do in event but there are little things like okay sure bring your own candles or you create your own favors I'm all for that it should be a collaborative effort do you feel like um each event you do you are starting from scratch almost or do you feel like people are are buying into your brand so they know your style and that's what it is gonna be that's a really interesting question because I don't know if I if I can answer that whole heartedly I feel like I definitely feel like I have my style I love color love how colors into play with each other I love texture as I've said so many times but even again with a white and cream wedding those nuances of shade of white and cream can play off of each other so even though I love color and I wouldn't personally choose to have an all white wedding as an example I can take those colors and make them work in a way that has my style in the way that I work on them I do think that every event I do is so unique and so different that I do feel like I'm starting from scratch because each couple it's so unique so you know it's not like I have abella signature you know template and then you know everyone falls in that temple and I just take their wishes and drop them in it's not like that at all it's you know it's really from scratch and in creating all these different template I know a year ago I did a wedding for someone and they wanted a very loose and romantic and garden style and a lot of my work is more modern more contemporary kind of contemporary and very less but not really loosened gardening and so they know they have their hesitancy they really wanted me to do about the cash you know we've seen your work we've seen your portfolio but this is not something that we've seen you do before and I really felt like I could do it and I exceeded their expectations they were really happy and I was really happy that I know and that's great for me it's great for me to take that extra step you know and I've had that okay that I was talking about that ended up in the magazine that pink fluffy went I don't usually do pink and fluffy like that's the pink and fluffy look isn't usually something that I put out there is part of my brand but the magazine asked me to do and I'm not gonna say I don't do think of fluffy butt magazine want something I get it there and that's something about getting published if someone calls me I dropped everything in and I make it happen you know I've had editors come and say something happened we need three putin ears for a photo shoot tomorrow morning I will get it there no matter what because you know every time you have the opportunity to get yourself and your brand out there for others to see in a large way like a publication it's a blawg you know a tv show whatever it it really behooves you to make it happen you know and the more you do that excuse me those editors on those people working on those things see that and they'll call you again and again and again so sometimes you know yeah maybe it's nine o'clock at night you don't really want to be doing that but if you want to push your brand out there and you want to show people what you can do and you want to reach the biggest audience as quickly as possible you have to go above and beyond to make it happen had swung question because you're talking about challenges right now then special after yesterday what what would be the next challenge for you something you haven't done yet and you think you'd be great for you too get over that one I've mentioned way do do a few destination weddings for the most part they've been in this country and I would love to dio an international wedding someone asked on twitter actually I think yesterday someone who's been following this if I would do a wedding in india and I would love e one of my games we do a ton of east indian weddings in fact that own a whole separate company that's always specializing in indian weddings and this actually is hopeful ownership was that was kind of what I had in mind was the influence of that culture um and part of it's because usually those weddings are just infused with color with textures with traditions and I just love all of that there's something about those weddings that really where I really feel like I'm alive and passionate putting all of myself you know into that and so I would love to get the opportunity to do something like that you know logistically it would be difficult because you know I don't necessarily have contacts there and so forth but that that would be a huge challenge that I would love to try you can have that wedding used twitter to find those contact all right something good and also I wanted to say that you answered macho sanjay's question on twitter which was if you can can you please talk about how indian weddings are different okay I think indian weddings were different in terms of photography at least I would say because there's so much going on I can't imagine as a photographer doing an indian wedding without having a for example like as before the bride and groom I gather the groom arrives and something that's called a berat and usually he comes in on a horse or an elephant or something else like that and tradition comes from when you know traditionally they would come from their village and bring the entire village with them to the bride's village and so usually there's this huge processional there's a drummer everyone's dancing he's on a horse or an elephant well it's great to get all that but it's also great to see the bride watching that from the window from the venue so unless you have a second shooter that be impossible so that's a really cool you know it's great to get all those shots indian weddings are usually you know an hour or two hours long so it's not that typical ten to twenty minutes ceremony where you know you're sitting there and you can get a lot of shots in a short amount of time there's so many different traditions that happen in that in that two hour period that I'm imagine is a photographer it's hard to sit there for two hours and focus on getting all those different aspect of the ceremony so besides just all the colorful things and all the amazing things that happened everything is a little bit longer and more complicated and east indian ceremony like hindu ceremony that's two hours long people get up and leave and go have a snack and they come back and have this more casual approach and so I imagine as a photographer that that's a little bit more difficult to capture everything and tio not get distracted by all the distractions that going on well that answers that question yeah people have been asking me and twitter where we get what's credible of you top this so maybe first way jasmine's house waiting hey guys you know what we have to brief the micro up okay we'll go with some more questions wait maybe in um bert slur in the uk uh is asking jasmine talked a lot about um having three words to describe your brand when I hear work motto are also what we do everyone how important you think branding is for you as far as your website and lobo and or does your reputation precede you well uh some of the words that come to mind if I try to think about the work that I put out there especially it's mostly my work and I'm working like a dog on a photo shoot um and then this style that comes in when I'm talking to a couple is um lush modern and personal for me the wedding has to be personal and it's not all about oh the color trend right now is green yellow on bride comes to me and say well how about green yellow let's go over here and you know this this is really cool I got it although I have things that I like to do I don't necessarily try to get the bride and groom to go in my direction again for me it's all about taking the bride and groom and getting the essence of them and what they like and what they want to share with their family and their friends in creating this atmosphere in that room I want guests to come into that room and almost like step into a bubble of a different place and feel like they're you know really sharing something with the bride and groom and if they walk away and they say wow I was really part of something that was really laura and billy then I've done my job quick question I was jasmine this is well like you know where do you get your inspiration from because yesterday when or even when the venue is being set up two things are just fell in love with straight way with all the cool old school cameras out there you know as the entrance and I thought that was amazing really good and if you got the spares a lot I think but also the other thing that I thought was unbelievable those three hanging windowpanes for love so where did you get those well it's strange actually the windowpanes weren't my my first inspiration and that's often how these things happen like for some reason when laura and I were talking we're talking eclectic an antique yet modern I had this vision of my head of an antique door and I wanted to take all their escort cards and paid them to that door so as people walk in and there's this cool door awfully even like a double hinged door and so we put it out there on twitter and I'm looking for a door somehow we never really got the door but katie who was a huge help throughout this whole process she was there she's a photographer in seattle she helped throughout this whole event she answered on twitter and said well I have some window panes and said ok windowpanes could be interesting and so she sent me a picture of them they were fabulous so then I thought well I can't imagine pinning anything to the windowpanes but how cool they look suspended from the city I love suspending things I don't know why I just something about things hanging in space that's not expected and so when we were building out the ceremony it was awkward because people way changed where we were gonna have people walking we were gonna have him walk into that it's beautiful rolling door and have all this fabric but it didn't work for crowd control in terms of everyone signing releases when you do a production like this everything changes you have to there's so many different things that come into play than just having a regular wedding and so we decided to use entrance where people would walk in and just look at this row of chairs facing a completely different way and I thought it was really awkward so then the idea came to put some tables there to guide people in and then I wanted something there for them to look at I still wanted them to walk in and see something different see something pretty see something loren billy so that was the idea of just hanging these windowpanes ever kind of antique but but there were suspended which was unexpected just having something unusual so I came to be so it's not it's not a scripted as you might think although I might wake up at three in the morning and come up with some really random thing which have sometimes things just evolve over time and if you can go with that some really magical things happen and I wanted to give katie a shout out her twitter is uh at katie ford she's amazing great fact hired she was what three four am I did I hired she's you know is it fair that you get someone that has that combination of like a really creative mind really strong worth it work I think and it's just so excited about south so when I worked with her over these last days I told her she had to come work with me you great what leave me to my next question from getty who who wants to know who your jd is I don't have a sadie I was thinking about that because I talk so much about him in and watching the two that he's sitting over here which is why I keep pointing out that I'm not good at looking at the camera but it's you know there's so supportive of each other and they said they think so well together and I saw him really supporting her like you know drink your water or let me change the battery pack let me do this I need one of those I'm looking for one of them ah e a personal question and that is um for us photographers out here what is your advice on networking within the wedding industry with regard to cross promotion from different types of vendors so for photographers working with you and flores and etcetera how much cross promotion goes on I didn't cross promotion is great I am not the strongest at attending all the different industry events that go on them and there's so many there's anything from you know casual get together is what people just meat to network and then there's all these you know industry organizations that get together and that hasn't always been my strong point because I do try to strive for that balance of a family life I have two small children that I adore and I want to spend time with them so on a wednesday night I don't necessarily want to go to you know abc meeting and meet with everyone and say hey I'm daniella here's my card call me I want to be at home with my kids and so for me I do try to pick events for networking and meeting people that when I get a lot out so I'll go to liken engage conference that's you know somewhere across the country where I get to meet people that are like minded engages a conference for kind of luxury wedding professionals and the few times I've gone it's just been amazing there's all these like minded attendees the speakers are amazing and inspiring I get so much out of going to something like that that's worth you know twenty five times going to a small wednesday even anything that being said you know when I'm at an event and I see someone shooting their way that I love and I see the end product and it's great I will approach that person say hey you know I've been asked by a magazine to do a photo shoot you know and I need thio style and entire wedding and I need someone to come shoot it or I need invitations you know and I see a product that I like then I will call upon those people and invite them to come in when I you know what I'm doing something in magazine or when I have a client that I think they'd really jo with so the more that I see someone's work and that we fit well together then the more I think we can work together with and I think it's fun to do things like photo shoots you know even if it's not for anything specific because the really fun things gonna happen question from kelvin can you talk about your target market market target market well I you know I tried not to it's interesting you know I get clients who are um people that don't consider themselves creative and really need us to help them be creative or to pull out of them what their style is because they can't say what it is because they're just not good at that and then I get you know a lot of really creative you know artistic people graphic designers I get the opposite spectrum because they see what we can do with our work to pull you know to create their style essence in our work so we really get both ends of the spectrum then we get small intimate weddings we get you know a big fancy weddings you know we do a little bit of everything so I would say you know if you like our work and you like what we do give us a chance and we sit down and I interview people as much as they interviewed me it's a matter of of us fitting really well together and it's like something that jasmine said over the last few days you know it has to be a really good fit if you tried it tweak your style because you know to fit them you're not doing them any favors you know a and you shouldn't take every wedding that comes your way it should really be a really good start what you're excited because when you're excited about them and what they want to do then your passion and everything comes into your work and it really shows as a result I think jasmine is here and I know everyone's dying to know about the photos with the way you lacey for desmond no not yet I don't want you giving a proceed I want you to actually hang out in your seat for a second because can I put my bum right you're wearing nice clothes I just want to say thank you I think that yesterday could not have been half it couldn't have been a fourth of what what what it wass without your dedication and I mean this without cameras with cameras in front of everybody is here we all saw the behind the scenes we something in yellow that was composed then we saw the detail that book innit to get everybody across the street so I mean literally I think that it was a huge burden off craig just for you to say I'm in control of this and he says you think the end of the night when laura and billy walked in and when they came in for the rehearsal dinner I saw laura's face and police face and he looked around just like it was a sigh and then when they came in yesterday it was nothing but complete elation that it had gone it had made a complete transformation so I went from literally a warehouse teo a very very beautiful venue for them and that would not have been possible without you thank you it was just great to have that opportunity again I mean there's nothing I love more than taking a raw space and putting a client into putting a bride and groom into it and I can't wait to see how you capture me no pressure wave oh ourselves into creating something and then it's not captured well that's really disappointing I mean there's been a few weddings we have done that has been like amazing I did this one wedding where they really all about the flowers for the reception but the photographer said oh we're really busy doing group shots down at the docks we didn't get any room shots without people in it you know the only room shots more with everyone sitting down and eating so we never got that beautiful shot that the couple wanted and I wanted and we didn't get it and so you know it's always exciting and have the anticipation of seeing how my work was captured absolutely and it was a time where I think it's during speeches where I don't know what happened I got like a hot flat tire or something I was like I'm walking outside because I can't breathe I was so hot and so stressed so I walked outside galveston daniella can it comes out like me okay anything like no I just needed a minute I think I was all the cameras everything going and then it actually took me going outside to look at the venue from an entirely different perspective and I said oh everybody's here looking in one direction for the toasts I'll turn up all my flash and just use the ambient light so I snapped that photo and and want us to meet danielle is right behind my shoulder and I take my camera away from ii and I look at it like a great photo thank you and she runs I like like oh my god she's around me the whole night it was great and it's good to know that we're on the same page and you know she knows how hard she works is I will work just it's hard to make sure that she has what she needs as muchas laura and billy so thank you again seriously e you okay great okay so I was um watching online I was watching you way late who gets a negative points for being late I had I didn't even know you guys were supposed to be here anyway like I was setting like I saw like twitter somebody had said oh a new innate power somebody had tweeted like oh a new follower because I really like something that he had said or something I'm like oh they're on line so I want and I get to see all you all and eavesdrop on what you guys were saying because it really nice like you guys really you really are I can't thank you enough for all your hard work yesterday and I know that j t wanted to say this but I'll totally still his thunder he uh he said that any time from audrey was you know in our neck of the woods she could be our third shooter but that stands for all of you guys like I know that you're really local e every week waiting I'm totally getting totally totally kidding but that offer stands you guys were absolutely positively phenomenal creative life five full effect way way way legit I can't thank you guys enough like some you guys would like turn around or like show just like a break picture you know on your lcd screen and I'm like oh god I'm glad I'm on their team teo total it's a total win and I think it says a lot I'm a complete control freak absolutely one hundred percent don't let anything go and I think it says a lot for me teo be able to go into the confessional booth and trust you and jd tio get a very very very important day and I can say with confidence I know you guys have it and that meant a lot so thank you and I didn't know how everything would turn inspire like having chosen like the videos and I heard about how you guys went through indian craig totally didn't button you up and he's like your videos went bust e o I know you like what uh no but it was it was it was it was it was what it wass I think that birds of a feather flock together and um we're kind of like a team and I would not say it again and again and again but I would not have been able to confidently approach a day if I didn't feel really good about who I was out there with so thank you and I heard that guy's right a bar like nearby watching online I was like there aren't sick of me I'm like totally blown away so it's really good and one thing tio was that um I think cannot ask it was a really good question that nobody wanted to answer if you guys had the opportunity if it was your wedding what would you have done differently on dh um nobody wanted to say anything and I appreciate it I really really do because you know it easy it's so easy to be a monday morning quarterback and I would do things differently if I knew if I could look back and run retrospectively but um you as a great teammates and he said no or you going to say anything which is why it was fine it was fine but thank you I think we were shackled to some parameters of the venue you know we could we wanted to be online and so there was only so far we can go and wanted to make sure that the internet was still part of everything and um thank you for being there and having my back one hundred per cent I really didn't mean that I can't wait to see your pictures just what you guys showed me I was like oh my god they're like so good I can't wait to go through the entire well I can really can't I mean you know it's like when you look at all your images um I didn't look at my images last night because I definitely needed a break like I wanted to sleep but I got home and I was able to go here on twitter and for those who you tweeted about the event what what camera is live right now john for those of you guys who twittered tweeted twitter twat whatever you guys teo are online and supported the event like I can't tell you I really really really did feel the support and every capacity I don't know how we made it through the day I really really really don't I felt like I always in a bubble and I felt like everybody around me was protecting meat and just saying do your job do your job do your job do your job and um it was overwhelming truly thank you for that was totally moved and thank you thank you thank you this morning though I went through all the cards and I called what laura and billy will be getting from their final edit from my perspective I can't wait at your picture see that um their final their final edit roughly is just just under thirteen hundred images so I do know I do know that they were going to get more pictures because we shot them the day before and we had you know an hour a little bit over an hour to shoot them so that's gonna yield more pictures and then usual coverage for me is about eight hours but yesterday we spent close to ten hours with them so that's gonna play a factor and um I was very I was very worried that laura and retrospect we'll look back and think I don't know if I got all the pictures I was supposed to get because of the event and so that's why I was I actually saw a little bit of the replay last night and I'm like oh my god is that me and my life like oh my god there's nothing more like oh excruciating and watching yourself on line it was like so awkward I watched five minutes I'm like no don't stop watching but I think what I do remember is asking whoever came in like you guys tag team and I just kept saying do you candy candy can it I was like what am I a broken record but I wanted teo I want lauren billy to look at their wedding day and think we got above me on I don't want them to think that they got gypped

Class Description

What’s the best way to learn about wedding photography? Talk to a successful wedding photographer, of course. Even better? Go with her on a live wedding shoot! This extraordinary CreativeLive experience gives you a first-hand look at what it takes to shoot a wedding, from the morning bridal party prep to the actual wedding service to the reception toasts.

Celebrated photographer Jasmine Star begins by telling her personal story of how she built her business from the ground up. She covers everything from equipment to pricing to marketing. According to Jasmine, the key to a successful wedding photography business is to build a unique brand that highlights your personality, strengths and talents.

You’ll then accompany Jasmine and her team as she shoots the real-life wedding of Laura and Billy, who graciously allowed CreativeLive to share their experience with the world. Jasmine will demonstrate how she gets the most creative, most meaningful wedding photos that will be treasured by the happy couple for the rest of their lives.  

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build your wedding photography business from the beginning.

  • Market your business with websites, social media and blogging.

  • Create a unique brand and identify your target audience.

  • Rely less on fancy gear and more on your personality and talents.

  • Connect with your clients and build trust.

  • Use second shooters to help out on the big day.

  • Shoot a real wedding from start to finish.

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