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Previewing All the Images Part 2


Wedding Photography

Lesson 24 of 32

Previewing All the Images Part 2


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Previewing All the Images Part 2

um here we go pictures these are all like I'm just going to fly through so you'll see I get to save shots and then one silly if the bride does I don't ever tell the girls do something cute like it just is so synthetic but laura was really good at bringing out really silly sides of her girls and I really like this photo yeah I s so funny and her bridesmaid just make the funniest face I think it's really cute so it is what it is so are you guys okay with me going this fast through these these were just oh this is tape tate is there's a little shout out every girl needs a tate on the wedding day because what he wass was it just a gofer our personal assistant like he was one shipping bags back and forth falling up with her rings talking to the guys like girls underestimate the value of having a person sitting on her wedding day and this is tate and I wish I could just borrow him I was like I like you he was so nice so again these are my shining beacon of picture of formal pictures they're ...

just really not but it is what it is I would prefer to shoot outdoors but us saw how much that light was changing I just couldn't control a size group it would be twenty people outdoors and for me to find a space that's conducive for twenty people with changing light was just all over the place and think hair internet was watching I would prefer just to go with the safe shot and besides I don't mean it's important these pictures were so important they're valuable but again I'm not gonna again this goes back to anticipating when I saw her oh like just get down and you know what those are cute pictures of their pictures that she's gonna like and again these air pictures that probably wouldn't make that edit but I just feel like it's funny like their reactions to the to the little boy were funny again shooting for the bride okay so here were quick I want reasoning okay so here they're like watched their legs I noticed that a lot of them have like locked knees and then I said sell the legs and then they just kind of brought out their legs a little bit more it makes a big difference and girls just feel better about themselves so we went from pose one this is post to I didn't have to chat him change anything I just had them lean together um simple and this is what happened here j d and I jd I will show you his shot I had laura turned to jd all her girls are looking at me and so when she turned synergy jd it looks extraordinarily candid like you just happen to turn in this direction jamie gets a different shot of her again diversity within the portfolio without taking more than thirty seconds out of the day this is for me so this shoot for the client you shoot for yourself I won't talk about more about that tomorrow but it gets like and I'm leaving all the laughing pictures this is billion is dead and you guys all like what we had to do these are all out of order because somebody was late somebody lost her bra the dad's being a mom it's like so much is going on take what you have fly fly fly that is why they're paying you again shooting for the okay so this is a safe shot then of course I can't have all the guys lean in right girls can lean in guys I just have more a small ray around on what g gets is it a different pose and his his shots are a lot stronger and then I just have the guys walk towards me this is the photo that I like this is the third technically my third pose but it's the most candid of course this guy's lost in the mix but billy knows who he is you know I like it just don't try that again and then again just simply within the same so this is the fourth post I just tilted their bodies in for a little bit creativity again probably not my shining making work but given what I was given I'm just like okay okay family photos family photo go and we're just in a few days you guys okay with this yeah okay that's cool um I love it for what it was so cheesy but god wi I I have a photo of my dad and my dad and you simply mean that it's not canada but minus candid my photographer was uh but yeah I mean good light and a mom you know danielle uh sam and look in that truck with that it looks like I strategically placing like the bane of their existence right there you know what again so here's a thing I had to get detail shots and um one wasn't gonna have that I could have but I'm not gonna be diva the photo if this is like for a magazine I probably would have liked requested a few more things everybody was stressing out that day I'm not gonna be like move this camera musicians take a step back it wasn't that great of a photo to begin with I'm not gonna like pull the diva moved because it is what it is I prefer just more single shots anything that I can do to less to beautify what we're working with was very much um a warehouse but when I guess I'm shooting with twenty four I'm gonna shoot now with fifty I feel like the fifty cells it along more I feel like what this picture does is translate more to a nicer event it's the same event but displayed differently and so I will remember how I said shoot you know take the ghetto fabulous take out together and just shoot the fabulous this is why I kind of had to take take out the cords everywhere people in the background okay so basically I shot it from one side to get back light and I would have to compensate for this is simply just flipping to do the side that's the better picture only details shooting with the macro like that picture I like me some chairs give me some symmetry are we okay any questions just have to do crop after the fact I don't remember I outsource oh right I outsource so I'm a huge I'm a huge believer of income or cop ring because I don't have control of at the end but doctors said it won't yeah they just won't ever take the liberty and thing I think that should be cropped so I know but I think it requires me to be be better for the whole river I'm not thinking I'll take care of this later why your time is valuable shoot it right from the can justin I know we can't cover this already but can you just go over one more time people in the chat room would like to know what you outsource and what you process yourself ok I'll talk about that in a minute but remind me this is no shooting with the fifty and I was having a hard time getting it to focus um and then I asked you need to go and get me the fifty and some shooting it in such a way that I can still pick up the ambience stream lights in the background but remember these photos are slightly darker in my view in eye view so um they're slightly brighter and this is when I got my macro just kind of locked right in I felt good about it and there's something about those mean always get the name cards always always always it just that's the photo that will end up in every single editorial and every single wedding book again in the end it's just some of the um floating windows it just looks so cool you know because they just lay there looking at just literally floating which is awesome and I went through and I shot the chandeliers I try to shoot every chandelier because it took her forever to get them on and then these were just sitting out there and he realized I hadn't got a good photo of them but there was pin lighting on them they were fine great it isn't it is it was the cake I like that photo the cake I actually don't like I mean it just doesn't matter how cool you're cutting utensils aren't there never that cool so I mean there is not there just not everything I like that that's me is just like a classic kick photo then I get this is this one's for daniella because she wants me I'm sure as a corner I would think I would want um to get this set up eyes that's another cake the groom's cake and this is just a random photo but I thought I kind of did her persons left on her plate you know and so this is what we do in the beginning j d and I will test the light but how we're testing line is by shooting other guests their clients love it it's just a shot that because they don't see any of this have been happening so again nothing spectacular but the light was good so here's my perspective jd had a better angle and you guys will get to hiss and there was more hiss like I just us our wass I was shooting with the seventy two hundred my back was answer while I was behind a speaker just wasn't very good but it's good enough for her to get a couple shots that she needs and I'm fine with that I feel like you need music or something okay and then here's billy watching her and he's crying for guy and I was only able to get two shots because what happened was the girls came in front of me and I'm not and I just couldn't get my way around so I had to go around them so I lost laura and her dad the first two kind of make major steps coming down the aisle and the aisle was maybe eight feet long thank god jd was there thank god that's the benefits of having a second shooter quick listen so you've got some crazy different lighting scenario yes you know that I'll turning around shooting ability you're shooting in manual mode are there like blowing out pictures in between this because like how the heck do you I was very packed authority though you kind of have a figure in your head of like okay this is that this setting my memories my settings when they're walking on the aisle I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure was one twenty fifth of a second they're shooting at two point eight no right and when I turned to billy I had to change from one fifth down to sixty but I knew that because I had memorized it already it's our job to think ahead of for those types of situations given like the extreme lighting situation like remember when you talked about homeboy in the blue shirt him having a better picture this is not a good thing it's not like the best pictures and clearly you'll see when I get down this right here the light was so harsh fine I of course could have put remember I had my flash on my camera I just couldn't I couldn't bring myself to put it on because at this particular moment her dad is giving her way she'd been dating billy for seven and a half years the last thing I want her to remember about this moment is moved you know that's that's me valuing my photos more than I'm following her her experience and it's not even my photos would be that great anyway because quite frankly and what I'll do in this light show is it's just too funky for me to try to fix black on white I'm not lying I'm not even lying I'm not even lying and there's really crying and again this is kind of a tough photo it is what it is but again I just couldn't bring myself to use a flash where was where was duty when you were in behind because uh I was still actually at this point I was still in the back of the aisle okay okay rights right in the center because sometimes when the dad gives the daughter away sometimes you can just you can see a lot from that angle and I know that jazz I always know that jasmine's up in the front so my goal is always to say I'm never going to grow up in the front cause I know that would just be redundant redundant photo photos there so I always stay in the back for a little bit longer and then I move around after that so because I was up in the front usually I try to sneak away when there's a prayer because everybody's eyes are closed actually david j waiter he put on twitter that we weren't praying I was like we're professionals okay I'll pray in church are okay so because it was close this is I knew that this was the only time I was going to be up towards the front so while they were praying I just made sure and fired up shots of details that I knew that I wouldn't be able to get laters again harsh harsh lighting I couldn't do anything and I'm not gonna flash this picture totally not um through light room they'll fix it a little bit but again I still think that the mood would be a lot more it would be better made through I like that again I will make this like and white and I would on li lift this portion of their skin boom boom that's it everything else and stay the same okay I got a flight was overlooking billy thank you right I mean crappy lighting but whatever he's cute so um very very very straight forward I have I have a commonly held belief that people hire me for twenty percent of their photos I have I really know that after shooting with you guys like we can all shoot the same eighty percent of photo is pretty much the same way where they're paying before is the twenty percent that I can get that nobody else could get and I don't necessarily feel that it's gonna come through through the ceremony I mean this is just okay how do you is she she's cute she's cute ball day I could just shot her all day I mean so so so q that's also so pretty oh and this is her telling jamie to get the rings I go down the aisle once and that is for the exchanging your brains because I feel like that's like a really special moment I'll go halfway on the I'll use my seventy two two hundred but other than that I'm behind I'm behind the hopefully the last so here we go okay so let's say we now announce you husband and wife I get the just before kiss I know that j d is along one of my two margins I know that he shouldn't tight it's just a conversation that we've had before but I like to shoot it as if I'm the on ly shooter so I can cover my bottom I have just the before then during zoom in for one or two shots zoom out just to be sure and then I get a vertical that happens within a couple seconds you just have to be confident of what you dio can you do that one more time you can show that you have course of course of course ok so then again this is with the power vested in me then the butterfly start going and you start sweating they turn to each other the just before kiss is always in a slide show okay so in this light show it goes in like done done I don't like it just looks like a little movie oh yeah and you could put those three pictures together and it just looks like a little flip show okay so sorry squirrel okay so so this is the just before picture that's the kissing kissing for sure got my shot zoom in for the save shot zoom out just to make sure again and then we do the horizontal and then this is where that's not the best for oh you know it's like ice fired a little too soon because she was like this when I should have got with the whatever but I'm happy with their coming coming down the aisle pictures scare the heck out of me every single time but I was really happy with these history because the light was good and she look beautiful in every single frame so change you change from one shot again focussing shooting focusing shooting because remember they're walking to their walking to me I think that I want to be in more control of that so here they're coming out doors now that photo is not the best photo but the way think god the shadows landed was all around them and between the porta potties the light came radio so there you have it I'm totally totally okay with that god that's where they stood and actually it mean if I wanted to be like all deep you know like wow I'm so creative but look at that photo I like oh the cursor darn cursor just yeah just make a little sound but yeah I like that photo I really do I really really really do that's one hundred percent them that's one hundred seven we don't give a rip about the camera just happy photos and again I left that I would take their cause I think it's funny like whatever it's just making were like um this is the photo okay somebody oh I was in the confessional and something said jasmine you don't get a photo of both families together and I'm like besides you and I was like oh my god I didn't get that photo so then right after I was like hey do you want to get a picture of both your families together and she's like I would love that I was like awesome so yeah I mean thank you thank you internet thank you internet for that so again this is just both their families nice lighting is both their parents I would have asked her mom to take her glasses but um her mom actually said she didn't want him she says we'll finally we got them off but she says it makes her feel older but I said I had a magic lens that doesn't pick up wrinkles okay details all naturally I'm shooting away from people I mean there was a time of people in the room at this time and I'm just shooting and I'm still like I'm having a panic attack I like this photo this's one that I always always always love the side but specifically worked well because of the contrast in colors went earlier daniella was talking about picking colors thes were the colors they chose and I just think it's a direction of what's going on I have the up letting in the background I have a candlelight and beyond that I have the wind of light coming from the side I specifically chose this table to shoot because the light was far better on this table than it was on the tables behind it will be o box shooting the details and I explained to the camera yesterday that was beneficial for me because all of the tables were decorated the same way had daniella decided to decorate each table differently I would have to go through and get shots of every single table the minute then I knew that I had a stellar shot stellar the man I had a shot of the centerpiece that I felt okay with then I'm like I'm done with that I can von confidently so um she wanted an overview room with she wanted overshot an overview shot of the room um every coordinator wants that that's her hard work but he was difficult in this situation it was so difficult because the lighting was funky this that was extraordinarily funky we had wires coming in through here there's bits of whatever this is on the floor it's hard this was my first shot is my first take and I knew yeah not so good so see what that was the scene when I was like that shows that you know it was yeah that's what but I don't want it to be I don't want detailed photos to be documentary I want detailed photos to be like congratulatory or more fabulous than what the case may be given this situation that I decided okay I need to move the picture doesn't get that much better but I feel like shooting it from this position here got a little bit better because here I'm able to cut out the vat get the long details of the table have the cake have natural lighting coming from the side and then we have the video lights bouncing down not my best picture but far better than that then that you know so moving around to see the room a little bit differently um that's there sweetheart table always shoot the details sweetheart table I'm shooting all of these at a one point to one fifth of a second on dry so this right here was different because I need it there's a side door there was just one door in the brick wall and as the door was open and illuminated just that the first two um centerpieces but it made all the other lights in the background kind of just tinkle just yes sorry you know you skipped past the bride and the groom bits there like you put so much effort into making sure that those two exactly similar remember watching a video like you know down the road and you rearrange that table pretty much so that you could like you know get those two things like no another bride and groom on this heart's table you're rearranging it to make sure that that light you know similar about latin you're sorry yeah through that much effort but I think I don't know because it's so important you're so you're so so so right and it's something that I totally take for granted and I want to point out was if you tuned in yesterday specifically through this there this particular section was you'll clearly see in the background this is distinct bright light and so I had to position the bride and groom chairs so that the exposure on the sign ege would make the letters legible and the exposure still nice and still sell the idea of what they did because had I not move the chairs it would have been I mean this is a media war picture it just would have been a not nice picture but I had to go out of my way specifically for the groom the groom chair to rearrange it cause it was in a darker corner as well so again using that single door making sure that I had everything I wanted with different lighting they had signature drinks making sure that I got a vertical and a horizontal of the signature drinks and this is my favorite because I can still pick up ambient light in the background any time they could get little science okay I made sure that I get uh detail shots a b o that's like a big thing and then billy and laura were just standing in the room just hanging out looking at the room I'll shoot that shoot it shoot it shoot it and then I had them look at me I mean it's not but I just feel like she works so darn hard to get those chandeliers and this was an impromptu photo and I think it worked it was right after her hair transformation these are the chocolates that I'm shooting and because you got married I feel I want to make sure they have enough detail shots of chocolates I kind of like symmetry I like how all that worked out um okay so this here this photo was taken in the confessional and they had this white um the white screen next to me and I could have in another situation there was nothing to bounce our food the light off and in a dramatic case I probably would have fired them directly with flash and thank you sweet god because they were filling this on the internet there's this big white being locked myself on the side of the wall so I simply put my bounds card up and I turn my flesh towards the white wall and that white wall just casted nice pretty light in them I mean whatever like of course like the ibp I really don't want that in the background but this is where they signed their marriage license like and whatever these photos are never really in the album but look at how pretty that is it was I was back to those dark back there I mean that's right it looks like that's like sunlight coming in that there is no sunlight coming in at all that was really dark back there thank you thanks what what happens if you don't cause I don't have a one point she don't want I don't have one no one is three hundred you go to creating life dot com backslash be age there there you will find that lens for about three hundred and fifty dollars it will be the best three hundred dollars in low light situations you will thank me and I will then require ten percent hey that's for all your wedding here's another thing for loose and nate I hope you had my back I hope you are back on this okay because we were back there they were signing a marriage licence and they were just like we're tired of hiding like they're not there so no nonsense kind of couple and they're like we want to do if we wanted your grand entrance and the male was like okay she ranches like just were doing that grand entrance um I turned to me because I couldn't find jd and I was like hey have my back with a grand entrance because it happened so fast and then jd came around and I was like cool three coverage I needed this grand entrance was a little bit funny because he walked three steps on the stage and then down the stairs but as they approach the stairs there was pin lining on them that was so extraordinarily thought right I mean their faces went from this too I mean this is this is the shot that I have over the grand insurance I sock I really dio I really dio janie got another one and maybe if you got one man you got one okay good yeah whatever it is what it is laura as a photographer and she knows what it is I had three steps and I got one out of focus on the number that was really hot first dance perfect I'm standing I'm standing with the light source behind me so that their exposure is perf and count pretty she looks just gorge a little chandelier little string lights in the background squat down shoot up to get that kind of photo oh look at how pretty right she looked like snow white and of course at this time I'm shooting with out the light box in my photos because I know where the light box it on the lot my light box isn't on misses her daddy that gorgeous that background yes and then I had to move my position because that that was just killing me but look at how pretty she's just she loves her daddy and I love it and this actually is a photo that danielle was like turn around and her mom is crying so do I appreciate when people tell me things of course absolutely that's a photo that I think she'll want and then I saw these just lying there pretty light so then I got distracted squirrel may started shooting something else on that issue just reactions you know people just around and then billy and his mom and what did you mean what I'm laura is doing that during that time to go q just like these photos and I like these because there is a different story going on in the back that too with laura and so I put him out of focus and then laura in vegas and then I get shots of the band I loved that band they're cool I mean even if they were terrible what they stand for so rad but they were good let's move to billy lived you believe I mean seriously like so cool like so so so cool people and this I think I was just being psycho jasmine and telling jd and audrey to go get outdoor shots and I was like go get out sort of something on the internet said I don't know craig was like to have a outdoor shots of theo and I'm like no jedi run and then I grabbed my camera and I just decided to fire off one or two at a one point two why because I'm I'm afforded the luxury to make a mistake I have awesome second and third shooter's not like okay they really liked the way it came out it's just the photos and I think in the photo this person or this person isn't focused but it doesn't really matter it's just what's going on and the photo isn't focused but the person itself isn't a really big deal it's just more along the story so these are boring photos that I shot with flash and whatever but actually I like the duel light source it is what it is that's cool you know okay and then the chef and they're they're I mean they're fine photos but what I don't know what your belt your flash there so I have shooting with me I'm shooting with my okay so I'm shooting off camera flashes over here and I'm bouncing with my mom and then this little well I mean seriously like if this kid wasn't having a party look at that he was guarding his mouth just reactions just yes oh cursor thinking um oh mrs this's this guy going on about slavery uh I mean no it's not funny I didn't mean to I just I I should include that in it so they remember too ok so then this right here is shooting at a one point to an eighth of a second in two thousand s oh I like it that's billy that's a total like anchorman poles on I like it and if it had flash I think it would have cheesed it up so this is her dad again the safe that I called the say shot probably not my artistic beacon safe shot save shot okay safe shot safe shot great now I'm bored with the same shots and I know that suction and j d are getting the save shots I decide to change it up goto one point two eighty that the second two thousand s o they absolutely love the light and I will be able to pick up information and a little bit and I just think that these photos look at the light back here the light light light blue sky um oh and this is so funny I love that's putting here because her dad was his dad missing something important she was just like who's in it ana but yeah I just like natural lighting I didn't use any flash for these photos of her sister giving toast she's really expensive and again this is all one point two I mean just I'm sorry I'm sorry guys I love love of course these air so red these are red but I will be able to thes will be able to be changed lately but this is what the room look like when if you were in the room you knew that it was this stark and shooting at one point to focusing on small details like they're toasting glasses this is a photo of a toasting glass that's not cheesy putting the twisting glass putting rose petals around it that's gonna be a photo that I think is a real representation of what they were used for billy looking handsome and laura completely out of focus but still we know she's there we know the story and then I felt like I got panicked okay I was like oh my god what if they don't have the station what is such an angie both mrs safe shot so then I go to the boring flash flash pouring flash wearing flash okay this is just an ambient lighting they had that fuchsia light on the door probably again not my beacon of work but again it just shows what's going on in telling the story this is when they're looking at their video of out takes I'm shooting at a one point two sixty eighth of a second two thousand so you put these all together it was just telling I like that that we'll end up on the log it just is just truly truly truly them and some nice reactionary photos I think such got better reaction photos the cake cutting if he was watching online kind of hot mess I couldn't shoot with flash they had been lighting on them it was what it waas mean my settings air way wrong if I I um let's see but whatever I'll be able to lift it in in in light room um aperture two point five one twenty fifth of a second and twelve fifty s o their skin tones of nice but they're against a black background and I didn't want to blow out the cake I'm trying to balance so many things when I tried flashing them with flash because they were up on a stage I couldn't tilt it the way that I needed to tilt it so I was like bump the flash she with natural lighting and do what you have to dio and they were fine they're fine and a couple on lee everything is one or two cake photos I'm not going to say don't you know don't stress about the petty things just yes remember speaking to jamie when we were shooting on and I uh no what kind of noise level was uncomfortable with with my sensor and stuff so I don't go past like twelve hundred or twelve fifty whatever it's all the one just about like sixteen hundred then I'll speak to j d it was like you know when you outsource it what's what do you guys do do you shoot lower sos or fire you know I tried t try to shoot as low as possible but looking at this I'm shooting at twelve fifty I don't have any crane when I go to two thousand photos I mean it's hard to see the grain given the lighting situation I'm okay with that I'm totally totally one hundred percent okay with it so then do your the guys that you outsource it to do they do they know about I mean not know about noise but do they know that you want to keep it there or to reduce it what do they make that what they ok so I okay so I think the underlying question is how much work does my specific outsourcing company dio different outsourcing companies will do different things I happen to work specifically with photographer said it because they don't do fancy stuff they simply take your photos and make them pretty they don't add actions they don't do noise reduction how you take the picture is what they will do in the name fix it that's all they want I'm a no nonsense kind of girl I don't want fifty options of cross processing will you make my favorites when you upload this with a little but it's just like to do the job and get it done and upload it for me that's it that's what they'll do so look this photo what they will do to this photo so maybe take out the reddish tones the reddest hit hints in their skin and then that's it and the light in it but but yeah I mean that's cute I like it in the funny again probably not the best photos with flash but still has the ambient lighting background um that photo it's kind of wrong but I like it whatever would you recommend to do with shooting flash if you don't have the little uh card yeah because on the fourth four thirty coming doesn't come in all right you want it okay I will show you the most ghetto fab tricks that week without should should I keep it real right now without looking really went through one of these because you don't you know that the reflects that winning all that perfect you know like I don't want okay whatever uh we got okay we got a business card a white mrs card that we got from sunny everything j d's wallet because I need to him talking about hard turn the business around and you stuck it in a flash he rocket for like a year we just got him a new flash because we came here because I can't get out I'm not lying I swear so if you don't want to pay the actual money for you know the five eighty x is business card you're fine nobody knows it's a business card turning around it's dark in the reception you know whose business culture yeah um I'm just not very many people were dancing so I tried to shoot as many dancing shots as possible you know because I'd like to add a few of those in the slideshow and these are just heard her photo booth that I'm shooting off to the side there's tate everyday use these air the bouquet eso off camera flash his light is pointed towards the girls and my bounce card is pointing towards the bride because I want to eliminate two situations at once because if I only eliminated her the girls would be just kind of silhouetted in back awful and so jd you will see later on said it I'm shooting wide to sell the story he should even tighter because girls wanna look cute as they have the recorder so as we get towards the end these are cds now god it's almost six coming fire through these in like fifteen minutes you know everybody's just like I know internet I'm bored with myself okay judy is probably she okay judy shooting three point two with twenty eight here we go again I tell him just tell the story I don't know need to get fancy guys are no nonsense don't bother them either and this is these are all family friendly and made sure so again just tell the story oh this is him getting a gift or give him a putter on one thing one thing okay so this is a big big this is back in the day when j was getting c minuses hey now I know what happened was j d would be so petrified to take control of the situation I asked him please just place the subject's toward the light people don't mind being told what to do if they trust you and they think that it's better for the photo because you know because guys naturally what we do is humans we don't ever face the light we turn our eyes can see what is illuminating behind us and so all he would get with these blown out pictures in behind trying to meet her for the face turn them around ever since he did that it has been such a huge huge huge thing but pictures like this are what guys want guys don't really want to look hot in the day they want to remember that they had fun that's his dad his dad was his best man these are all like really important pictures for him I like this photo because it has a lamp shade and has his dad in the background love it just love and I ask your family so how'd it go he's just a guy dressed like in five minutes you know like it is what it is on this photo I love I love I love it it's really billions li tai was already attached to his shirt he just did and it was button yeah so these are some of the gifts that the guys god and they're just clinking with their gifts I'm pretending they're drinking so again aren't the girl photos so much funner funner waste okay so these are his ingles when they see each other and he had a ton of good angles too I'm just not including because it's too repetitive and what I'm shooting while she should well I'm shooting laura and one girl judy's often side getting their reactions of the girls so that's what we need a second shooter to do I need the second shooter to find the other story and this is the back story so I asked him specifically to get side shots of the case this is for the florist for the designer you will see I'm gonna ask tell laura laura look over to j d right there that's what I like I would love to put a dipstick of laura like this the next to a picture of just a bouquet I think it tells a story okay well kind of like these oh and so janey's off telling that story all the guys are looking at me it just looks a little bit more voyeuristic again I like that for more than like mine he had a different angle he told a different story he's giving back story these older guys hanging out oh I wish I was like that's the only detail shot by shot I was like dang it you know you clearly he just had different lighting different magic nous I wish she would shot more but he didn't so it was when it wass these are all this candids thes air photos like that you know you put that that's her sister in law that's pretty light that just is just stuff that I love and oh my god I can't get a shot of the flower girls when I saw these I was like thank you sweet baby jesus okay then jeannie took it on his own initiative to gather the girls with hayes and the bride's case because he knew that I didn't get it and he put them outside not our shiny I know I ee oh ee hey it doesn't matter e I like this photo I mean again it's simple simple simple little nice bright colors like what it does and testing the light this is his angle of people walking through it's just better if I don't like that angle but that's it's fine it tells a different story I have the direct safe shot he tells a different story um and remember okay so what he does immediately he turns back down he doesn't specifically he doesn't after the kids and he doesn't after the bride you have a bottom of a girl walking down not so interesting little kids it's sweet it's endearing it tells a different story I'm saying that word a lot I'm annoying myself next time I say that I owe everybody like a dime hora everybody's world I know noted it wasn't so this is a little bit dark but again it shows up darker on the screen as well I was missing all these shots jd was getting them this is a pretty shot I love love love this is the shot that gets behind and this is um right before the family brings together the prayer that's his shot the part he is better exposure for that I like that photo um his shots coming out and they're not that dark oh and then through this ceremony I panicked and I realized oh my gosh get shots of the parents I need always to get reactionary shots of the parents I feel like that's like a big thing to and then his shot is a different angle that's the first kiss from his angle okay and this is when I just like poor thing we had a conversation last night he's like I can't believe he made me take the whole picture he's like where was I going to put one hundred twenty five people in bright light weight was stephanie and I felt that I was like okay there might be a riot and we might get club because everybody out in the sun in the heat wave was like give me try to buy me twenty minutes and I was like twenty minutes it is wearing somehow waiting for you know I mean it's you know I know well it was kind of hard to get that entire group in one frame so it was it took a while just to kind of get him in to the pixie mean whatever it's not our shining weekend but it'll dio and so this is cocktail hour the's again aren't the best photos but the clients are going toe love them because those other people that they were so special that came to their day and just you know again caesar photos that are so special to you the lines so that's cheese his wife she says they have a girl crush on her I love her she chased jarvis yes she's so she's a class act she was out there hustling putting out lighting candles putting out chairs and chase was there for five fucking morning that's all they are like just huge people so jd gets a totally different angle of the first look of it of the first dance for dad I like that photo time that photo to o get pretty she looks area um and so he just gets candid oh this is when he's schmoozing with the ladies now um people are you flashing here city why what's he's saying that analogy like I think I'm fine with that I'm here still uh after the grand engine cool that's when I turned on the during the grand entrance but again even if they're not like technically right like this might be slightly underexposed although it is it does show up darker is it really that does that is but I like the lighting I like what it is you don't have to show her the entirety of her face to know what her face looks like the lighting is just so pretty I love love love and of course he's cursor um he got detailed photos that I didn't get it just people hanging out right before dinner these are you know silly photos and good light and these are all just guests there and he's just completing the edit for me again the grout this is all when I'm behind the scenes and this is what the um I have this photo on my head from of all places the olive garden and I've always wanted to take a long table shot and you know I wanted to do this system anything like he did it just kind of getting it just out exterior shots of field they're not going to be amazing but it is what it is I need you to go shopping but it's not mean it's hard it was sunset there's shadows I mean whatever let's go our electrical wires that's right just detail shots you get and I know that he's getting the same shot with the flash in the case of the client wants the safe shot with the flesh so he gets a reactionary yes I just had a quick question you know when you're shooting and you said that you take about sixty gigs with cards yeah we don't use off yeah for sure yeah and that's that between yourselves and then what size of those cards when you for when she you know what they reach for it gets cool and you keep them just in your sheets act with you all the time even if we go out to eat after I wear my shoes it's like you could take you to steal my car you cannot steal these these cards so again I remember I was shooting from a different angle I was shooting the with the twenty four I was telling the story jeannie was getting reactionary we know this we have his communication that's it that's the entire at it clearly clearly what I feel the best about would be the things that I was the most controlling was their first look but again that's how most clients remember their day for the pictures of the two of them together having said that I feel okay with how things came out however given the situation in its entirety and all the pressure of yesterday and release a freakin proud really thank you I think it was such a difficult thing tomorrow I will be talking about post so now way up now we've seen the cold imagery of course I'm waiting for is the functioning assumption that we're done what do I do then how do I then go out and market my brand which is what we initially started with so I walked you through the entire process of what we do how we approach a wedding how we shoot the wedding now we have cold the wedding and what we will then do is then how how do I outsource what do I outsource what do I keep my own how do I didn't market myself virally after the wedding and then a ton of two and a

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What’s the best way to learn about wedding photography? Talk to a successful wedding photographer, of course. Even better? Go with her on a live wedding shoot! This extraordinary CreativeLive experience gives you a first-hand look at what it takes to shoot a wedding, from the morning bridal party prep to the actual wedding service to the reception toasts.

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