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28 Days of Portrait Photography


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Bonus: Pricing

hi there uh if you don't know who I am I am surprised and I'm a portrait photographer and if you do know who I am welcome back today I want to talk to you about pricing in the photographic industry now I'm a portrait photographer and have been for twenty four years and pricing I feel is one of the most hotly debated topics in our industry it is one of the most unguided topics that we talked about and or don't talk about I feel like everybody is too scared to put out what they believe is an industry standard so let's talk about industry standard how much do I price myself is how much is a piece of string you're all at different levels of photography some of you have studios some ofyou don't some of you have staff some of you don't all of you have a very different level off skill sit and service and all if you have a definitely a different cost of doing business so let's have a look at how I went through my evolution of pricing to see if that helps you price yourself okay so first thing ...

I want to show you is my price list I'm pretty lucky in the scenes that I did not start out on my own I started in a professional portrait studio so at the age of twenty this was our price list and exactly the same is my priceless is now minus the smallest priced image on there because I wanted to up myself I'll explain that in a minute the reason I had my price list on a business card is because it needed to be easy to understand not frightening to my clients I needed to be ableto handed out and educate my client at every opportunity so I put it on a small card like this to make it accessible easy to read and non threatening so basically I compressed my price list into sitting fate one hundred ninety dollars images right by team sorry steven my team now is two hundred seventy five eleven sixteen four hundred fifty sixteen twenty four six hundred and seventy five and it basically just shows print costs okay now my new price list has folio box twelve hundred two thousand three thousand plus tex so let me talk you through how I got up to this because my average sale now is three thousand three hundred dollars when I left my studio and this was in two thousand three to go out on my own I was unable to make any money I was doing on average three seven thousand dollars sales for somebody else in a professional studio but when I went into my own garage I was struggling around to get around the four hundred dollar mark and even having people not purchase around the four hundred dollar mac so I need to fast forward first or sorry rewind to how I got to the end I I was really unhappy in my job I was employed photographer running around four hundred dollars a week and wages and I got given a gift to go and see a business coach the business coach asked me a serious questions that involved who I wanted to be and what I wanted in my future he said I was never going to buy a home or a car or get savings on four hundred dollars a week so I talked to him about what I was capable of doing and I explained to him that I was inning between five and twelve thousand dollars a week for my studio he asked me why I wasn't doing this for myself and I said well interestingly enough I didn't even own a camera now at this time I had had a period of sickness and I had to take some time off work so I had no savings not that I really had any anyway but mostly that means I had did I had a car that I owned and I had a credit card with about four and a half thousand dollars dish on it and I was living week to week the day I went back to work my car blew up and I had to go on borrow money to buy a car to go to work to a job that I hated doing so as I went and did all of this I went to this business coach and he said it's time that I went out on my own he said what would it take you to leave and I in my mind I needed four hundred dollars times for so basically or five I need five weeks off safety neat and I was surviving on four hundred dollars a week so in my mind set I was like any four hundred dollars a week and surely I can get a shoot in the next five weeks that would need me four hundred dollars and then I would be survived for six weeks and my goal would be to get one shoot a week for four hundred dollars can you see ahead this four hundred dollar mentality so he said what do you need and I said I would need two thousand dollars in the camera and he said I'm going to give you four weeks it's a challenge I want you to go out I want you to get two thousand dollars in the bank and I want you to buy a camera and instantly I went home and my first problem was there's no way I'm going to give an extra two thousand dollars on top of my wages this mountain to pay to live I just couldn't find a way and I was like no I'm creative surely I could get a job so I put myself out there is a re toucher to other photographers and I booked about four photographers that wanted to pay me to teach them how to loon retouching and I charged them one hundred dollars an hour while I was doing that one of those photographers headed team d kenan tin d and he wanted to sell it for eight hundred dollars so I exchanged eight hours of retouching to him and he gave me the ken in thine d over the month I got twenty hours of work with many others for this I could teaching retouching except I got about fifteen hours the other five hundred dollars came from I shoot that I did that paid me five hundred dollars for a family portrait and so I went back to my business coach very proud of myself I had a cannon tinh di didn't even shoot roar I had elect up that was barely surviving I had no way come tablet I was doing all of my retouching on the mouth and I had two thousand dollars so I was very proud of myself and he said great there you go that's exactly what you set out to do no more and no less the problem wass is ahead absolutely no idea how I was going to run a business how I was going to sell my own work I only knew that when it was for somebody else I could do it two thousand three thousand seven thousand dollar sale but I had no concept of pricing myself so I took the price list from the studio and I made it my price list the biggest problem with this price list if you take my price list is two things one of them is your comparing with may and too you also not in the big studio anymore so my idea of what I was with was considerably lower because all of a sudden I was working from a garage nobody was going to pay me this much money I'm not in the big studio in the city now so I see now that my mindset was so off but I'm going to push forward because I'm gonna teach you how I went from four hundred dollars to eighteen hundred dollars pretty much in a month I couldn't make any money I was struggling to get four hundred dollars I saw no value in the shooting and I saw no value in my space I thought people wouldn't pay me because I don't have a fancy studio people wouldn't pay me because I don't have you know the fancy furniture or the city space I hate this grandi little garret with a roller door that I would sweep out in cleanup I soon realized that really it had nothing to do with where I was located and everything to do with the service that I could give people that service has nothing to do with what you look like and everything to do with what you're giving I believe that in that moment I discovered that you price your work at what is called your survival rate okay you need enough to eat you need enough to get by enough so that you can go week by week and all of a sudden you team to generate the exact enough that you need my enough amount was four hundred dollars this is what I commonly referred to is the four hundred dollar mindset I knew that I needed four hundred dollars a week to survive in every week without fail for about eight months four hundred dollars magically turned up on my doorstep I would even get a shoot just in time book a retouching job just in time you know somehow sell something or get something that got me four hundred dollars the problem wass I hadn't evolved my thinking or how I was selling my wig at a lower price ing my wig at all so I was giving pretty much exactly what I've been learning in the studio for the teen years beforehand and I was getting nowhere fast okay so survival rates don't work and I live in the industry that if you look at the evolution of photographers across the board in portraiture the photographers that air starting out right through to the photographers now that earning money and working on the average sale this was pretty matched the evolution that we were all sitting on it we all started around the four hundred dollar mac it's we started to value ourselves we went up to nine hundred dollars then we in between twelve and thirteen hundred dollars for the folio then we upped their price to around eighteen hundred dollars that was the first price point my studio hit and then stayed it for the next three years I'll tell you how we then goto around the two thousand three hundred dollar cell you know when you're getting average cells around two thousand three hundred that you're doing really well and then the evolution is around two thousand eight hundred mine ik step up with three thousand three hundred and that's where I stayed I stayed at three thousand three hundred for another five years why because again this was my safe design you keep finding your survival rate and it keeps shifting with both your mind in your living situation your price of living your cost of living and I notice it seems to be an umbrella we put up the umbrella we put a price on it festival were terrified then we hit the umbrella with our head and we're like oh we need to put that umbrella a bit higher it goes to the next level notice all of these increments go up around the five hundred dollar mac but this is the mentality the safe mentality so if you want a guideline for upping your prices this is the guidelines for you because it seems to be an international standard across the board I look att wedding photographers wedding photographers there a little bit different they away start at seven to nine hundred dollar mac always every now and then you get somebody doing this three to four hundred dollars waiting to start out but they soon know that they can't even survive at that range stick and laid they've been up themselves to around the fifteen to eighteen hundred dollars man that's usually around the second season when they realize that they're starting to get quite good in the getting a lot of referrals mostly they're getting referrals from people who find out that they only charge stephen hundred dollars a year before everybody gets scared when they put the prices up because the first fear based thinking comes from all no the people who I'm going to recommend me from last year and he paid seven hundred and then I have to explain that I'm better now and I've put my prices up and blah blah blah aren instantly all of that energy gets in the way instead of saying are my prices have changed or not even talking about pricechange this is what I offer for the cast so four hundred nine hundred thirteen hundred eighteen hundred two thousand three hundred two thousand eight hundred three thousand three hundred seems to be the general upscale off your portrait work as you are upgrading yourself and your business so this is a really great starting point and let's talk about why let's also talk about why three thousand three hundred became my safe zone and how easy this is for me to get three thousand three hundred dollars now when I could not get three thousand three hundred dollars eight years ago teen years ago because I simply so on no value in what I was doing and what I was giving now I think that two things that are very very very very important here one is in order to sell anything you have to educate your client that's why my price list is on a business card it's very important when my client rings out very first contact with mei or email that they get a beautiful pdf visual email priceless that is mostly about the experience but it has a small part about the cost remember don't be brief sorry don't be vague be brief people just want to know how much so the question then is how do you price you're sitting and how do you price your product okay you have to answer a couple of questions for me one of them is are you ala carte or are you a package photographer that means do you charge one amount and say I am twelve hundred dollars for a folio this is what you're going to receive that works really well in getting twelve hundred dollars it also pushes mohr people away who are afraid of that twelve hundred dollars cost because they're not going to commit to spending twelve hundred dollars until they see the photographs so this is where the people who price themselves with a package can get really really afraid are you ala carte which means you pay for a sitting fee and then you buy your portrait is you sell them so my fist image is two hundred and seventy five dollars on the wall when they see two hundred seventy five dollars in my priceless you can be in danger off do they read the prices and think that all they're going to spend this two hundred and seventy five dollars so either way none of them work without education and they both have justus many drawbacks and pluses but the alley cat menu opens you up to a bigger up sail it also opens you up to a smaller buyin at the package opens you up to one consistent price but it also opens you up to more people being afraid of your price now so many photographers say to may I put my package up to sixteen hundred dollars and people tell me they love my work but they're just not prepared to spend sixteen hundred dollars and yet I could honestly tell you three thousand times that I photographed portrait's in the last fifteen years people have spent twice three times more then they thought they were going to spain after they saw the photographs because they have no emotional connection to the photograph and to you present them and they see them once they see them then they're going to say I have to have that have you ever purchased something you don't need but you just loved it so much you have to have it definitely but there seems to be so much fear in conversation around how you achieved that and I can really only tell you it comes from you it's about how you've any whatyou do delivering that product and service educating your clients standing by your priceless and then delivering the best way that you can but you must choose a priceless that such years so these your touch points okay for educating first your client emails you and you seen the beautiful pdf hopefully with linc silvio or youtube or countries page that shows all of your beautiful work to really entice them as to how much it costs at that point whether you're showing them in ala carte menu or a package price from four hundred dollars to eight thousand dollars it doesn't matter as long as you're making it clear you're making it brief not vague and then you're showing this incredible experience that's going to create desire for them to book with you secondly when they called to do the consultation on what you were we shall I come what head away tune up who'd away bring what date do a book this is a must you must speak to them on the phone or in person no more emailing after they commit to doing a shoot with you you must connect with them speak with them talk to them about a how they want to be photographed be what you're going to produces a final result because that leads to the conversation how much and what sort of product they want then when they come into the studio for the shoot the first thing I want to do is show them on my finished product which they didn't get to see in person because they only saw it on the internet so I'm like let me walk you through my prices we walk you through my package is let me walk you through my beautiful products so you know why I cost this match and you're educated on how much on what we're creating for you today you could do that a million different ways but if you pretend not to price your work at this stage if you pretend you're free and you're just there to do the session then people are going to be shocked they're going to be upset they're going to be frightened and they're going to use it against you when you come back to try and sell their photographs back to them let's not keep it a secret you are not there to surprise people with surprise my packages five thousand dollars you were there to say I create this experience for this much money how do you want to be photographed what beautiful products do you want to take home this is what I cost but spend more time on the experience in less time on the cast the other day I was standing in a big shopping center and I went in to buy something and the young girl walked up to me and she said everything today is twenty five percent off and I said okay and thank you and they should keep saying it to me and she keeps saying it to me and I was thinking I don't shop because it's twenty five percent off I shall because I want something but more importantly I keep getting really offended that she'd keep telling me how cheap everything wass like somehow I was cheap and it was going to make it better for me that it was cheaper and I just thought to myself I would rather just have a look around and see if there's something I want and have you help me then you keep telling me I'll buy this because it's cheap you know value is so much more important than cost cost is only eva an issue in the absence of value value is about what do you value you know you don't need to give people the hat string conversation one day when you die these private these portrait will be valuable what do you value beautiful prince and incredible experience amazing service do you want to be pampered where is your value because the most questions they ask will be around the value that they really want and that means that you can shift now I think the best sales people in the world other ones that very hypervigilant the ones that can feel energy around people and say you need to be pampered you need to be treated like a star you need beautiful product you need extras you need to be given mohr you need to be this and I think that they accommodate based on the person and what they need I address the price again at the end of the shoot when I say to them let's book and your viewing session okay your viewing session is really important is this somebody you would like to bring to your viewing position would you like to bring your partner your spouse your husband your daughter your sister your mother who would you like to bring and give them a priceless so that they're educated on how much we cost because we don't want the boys to get frightened when they come in and tell them how expensive your beautiful photographs I always say that to people because sometimes they don't think to tell the people that are coming in how much support karen I've had partners shutdown complete sales because they simply did not want to be part of it now alicante or package you need to decide this right now but what you need to decide is which of these price points ru four hundred nine hundred seven hundred eighteen hundred two three two if you're alec are and you want your average sale to be two thousand eight hundred then what you need to do is you need to take your allah cat put it together as an example package which is what I've done and sell lovers both lyman ala carte price list but my best packages three thousand three hundred this includes so see how I'm not tricking people I'm just driving them towards the average cell that I want I soon learned that people always buy exactly what you tell them to buy so you're the one that sets the rules and you're the one that sits the value around that package and that's the most important part all right there's a couple of things here that I think a really really really really really important I feel like you need to understand what your bottom price is so if you price your images at sixty five dollars and they buy two of them you're going to earn one hundred thirty dollars you're paying for a studio and a makeup at us you are not going to survive you need to understand what your cost off doing business is okay you need to understand and break it down if I do a portrait shoot and they buy twelve hundred dollars within a folio I have to pay for my studio I have to pay for my makeup artist I have to pay for my re toucher and then I have to pay for the product which is the folio box that I buy from celtics and I have to price all of that and then look at what has left over and there twelve hundred dollars and that is my profit I then have to work out how many hours of work that took mae and divide that profit and that tomorrow try manning an hour this is it's a good solid business so I guess the question really is is not how'd away price myself but how do I see my own value and how do I know what my value is now that is an entirely different conversation because I have seen incredibly average what I'd aim as being below average photographers earning average sales of seven to twelve thousand dollars in the studio because they've got these big system set up payment plans and I used to look at them when I was younger and they they're ripping people off but they're not ripping people are they taking good solid family portrait they giving good service good follow through they've price the product this strong with it they educate the client nobody's getting a shock everybody's going in there and clocking up these huge sales and then paying them off over three to five years when I started my business I judge these people I thought how disgusting you know how discussing that these people are charging these people this much money it's so wrong and then I thought who am I to tell that you don't value yourself enough to charge seven thousand dollars for a portrait you you can value your product it what ever you thank you is your value as long as you're getting the work your client a happy and you're producing a product and a result and you're getting paid and you're not hurting anybody who waited judge what people charge this is one of my biggest lessons I wrote this down because I feel like this is something everybody needs to remember stopped looking at what other people are charging but I know this is how we lynn how to charge ourselves we look at what our competition is charging and then our competition isn't as good as us and they're getting more money than ask and we don't understand why and we get confused and then before you know it your ego's getting in the way of selling and you're not getting anywhere because you just don't understand it because you have come back comparing yourself to others and competing instead of creating a product that you want to get paid for so whether you choose to be in alicante photographer or a package photographer I guess what you need to tell me is what you offering for this money this is the way I judged howto work my way through the four hundred nine hundred one hundred eighteen hundred two thousand three hundred two thousand eight hundred three thousand three hundred that's how I went through the structure I based it on my need to survive so I wrote down my survival rain my survival rate was four hundred dollars so there was no way I was going to pay for a studio pay any text pay from myself and survive on four hundred dollars infect as I started my business about three months into it I was aiming for hundred dollars awake I was saying I'm my own boss you know my meaning the same amount of money I'm surviving high five to myself and then I went to an accountant and they accountant said you need to pay yourself team to seed of what you in and I said excuse me and he was like you need to pay yourself ten percent of what you and I see what uh what do I do with the rest and he goes well the rest is for expenses and range and tax and and I think but that would mean I get forty dollars a week and he goes well then that's what your inning so it's like butt I need four hundred dollars a week to survive and he goes well in order to get four hundred dollars away you would need to in four thousand dollars a week and that was the biggest wake up call in the world for me I just couldn't believe I hadn't even considered that this was common so the survival rate is the lowest amount you're prepared to get in the rival right it's the goal that you set yourself and that go instead of crying about not getting this not getting that what you need to do is it a go so let's say your first girl is a twelve hundred dollars average and that twelve hundred dollars average is what you're aspiring to so you know what you do you add up your last twenty shoot it's how much they spent divided by twenty and that's how much your average sailors if that every cell of three hundred four hundred five hundred in your goal is to take your average up to twelve hundred every single sale reset your average ended up edit onto the rest twenty one shoots divided by twenty one thirty to shoot divided by thirty two and the question you have to ask yourself if every single week is how do I take my average up you take your average out not by having more fancy equipment in a bigger flash studio in fact when I got my big studio I didn't make more money I just had mohr over here I made more money in my grandee little gadge in the country then I made in my big fancy studio infect people used to comment when they came to the studio and say it was a bit flesh here I think you make enough money and I used to think oh no people think I'm really wealthy now you know but when I was in the grandeur garrity everyone would say so cute in a homely here and I want to stay and you know it just always made me laugh so your survival your survival would be the amount of money that you want to make every week let's work our way backwards from there I need a thousand dollars a week to survive okay that's just girls own I need to buy shoes I need to go up to dinner I need teo I need a thousand dollars so in order to do a thousand dollars profit I need to do at least one shoot a week because I need to pay for my rent which is my studio and then I can use it and slight have person to just text deductible at my office I need to buy food I need to buy utilities I need to save some money and I needed a thousand dollars this was my goal so straightaway I need three thousand dollars a week to pay my makeup artist to pay for my product for pay from a re toucher now at the time I was in ing around four hundred dollars in scrambling this is when I got the best advice either given to me one of these amazing woman photographers in new zealand she gave me this is by she said sue brice put your priceless on paper so its sit and stone and believe in it when people come in give it to them give it to them with confidence when they can bet for the viewing you say here is my price list these air your beautiful photograph what would you like to buy and then stop talking and instantly overnight my average sale went to eighteen hundred dollars because I stopped talking in my viewings and I put my price list on a cad and I stopped hiding the money and I stopped confusing people about the value of what I was selling and it changed instantaneously overnight if you don't believe this I want to show you something last week I was designing nicky cross this pdf with nikki we've recorded it because I feel like everybody is sucking really badly at designing the pds while we're designing it I went to write the price list and I said to nicky how much you charging for a gram issued and nikki said five hundred dollars and I said excuse me and she said five hundred dollars and I said well wait a minute how much you charging for a wedding and she said three thousand eight hundred dollars and I said well why are you charging you know twelve hundred dollars for a glamour shoot and she said well I don't have x studio and I'm nuit clement and I've been shooting weddings this my second season and hang on are you getting three thousand eight hundred dollar bookings from four weddings and she said yes and I said then I suggest you start your glamour pack of twelve hundred dollars the mentality was all hers her very fist sale after that wass twelve hundred dollars but the base pat the woman liked the product the serious and the shoe it's a match she booked in four of her friends at twelve hundred dollars map joanna who you know has been working with me building her business and her way whoever cell was it seven hundred fifty I challenged here she put her package up to fourteen fifty and ever since then has been pulling an average sound of fourteen fifty it really comes down to you it comes down to what you're going to end it comes down to what you want to end it comes down to what you find is the value on what you do what you give for that value so if you're going to show a priceless packages like this or an ala carte menu that potentially can up sell to these packages I suggest you get busy telling me what you're giving me for this money instead of complaining about what you're not getting because I think you'll find it shit everything my average has peanut three thousand three hundred dollars for the last three and a half years this month I'm putting my money where my mouth is and I'm putting my package up to seven thousand dollars what I have done the difference between the three thousand and seven thousand is I've changed the packages value I've added champagne I've added a stylist so I've added personal shopping I've ended fly in the day before I've also upgraded so put upgrade in the location of your choice stay in a hotel and I'm going to take my clients out to dinner with me that night I'm going to make it a full day experience including the shopping the day before in the styling of outfits I'm making the value of my package greater by giving more and I know that I'm going to hit that average really really easily and I'm really excited about putting my new pdf to give it and my new website together that's going to show the entire experience off my seven thousand dollar package I feel like I watch high end winning photographers in seven to fifteen thousand dollars shooting weddings and now I have to take my portrait package into the next level by taking the value into the next level okay let's talk about a couple of really good options what does a payoff option and why does it work in my studio I made a decision that if people couldn't afford me they could pay the images off I was doing a consultation with a business the other day they're averaging a thousand dollars to get portrait but they're averaging five thousand dollars to get winnings when I asked them why is your portrait average so low they think because the market he does not value portraiture that is a lie it is a lie you have told yourself you have told yourself this lie and you believe it I did the status they either don't they're not sold on the work so maybe just maybe your work isn't good enough years and if you really believe that but you're comparing yourself but you're confused about this this is when you get a mento this is when you get somebody that's going to be honest with you not somebody else in the industry that's competing with you this is where you give more into your package and this is where you upscale yourself because I would still rather you scraped by with a thousand dollars average the knock it anything to build up that folio and get better and if you have to do a free shoot every week to appreciate every month if you have to get better into build your folio but what's really important is that you have a look at your belief system around the package that you think you're with and challenge that before you challenge anything else I have also seen photographers that is complaining that they're not getting twelve hundred dollars and I've gone to the website and I'm sorry but you are below a professional standard and you are not going to get work because your work simply is not good enough yet okay so before you start throwing up big numbers on your packages start toe up skill yourself first so yes there is a gray area between leaning in between charging but even at the looming stage I find it very hard to believe that you're struggling around the four hundred dollars back because you are definitely with that if you're giving a whole cd of boone images ok I really want you to hone your skill before you start crying about not any money and the wisp at that even within the new photographer that's struggling to find their own validation is the experience photographer like I wass that leads a studio and could not make their own money because I just did not say my own value here's something that helped me with my value one of them was I put the most beautiful power that I love it's the deer walcott palm the time will come when with elation that was written on the floor in my studio and what I love about it is people keep it and I feel like I was giving a part of my philosophy whenever I gave away the time for them to come in with the viewing and the other one wass I really helped me to put my work on this beautiful foldout came to lever because I felt like I was showing everybody my beautiful work and had so much more value when I spent the money to get my beautiful work put on cads at the time these cards cost me just over two thousand dollars two thousand dollars was beyond belief to what I could afford at the time I do not look back I got ten thousand of these cards and they changed my life because I really felt so proud of delivering my elevator pitch in my priceless when people saw the quality of my work nowadays I have an iphone okay so I can show the iphone but the good thing is this is what they take away and this really helped may change my value so that tells me maybe the biggest problem with me maybe the biggest problem was I never saw the value I didn't know how to price myself I compare myself to others constantly I saw people who were list talented the maid doing better and I didn't realize that maybe just maybe they're struggling to do not compare yourself with others I want you to look at this priceless four hundred nine hundred thirty one hundred eighteen hundred two thousand three hundred twenty eight hundred three thousand three hundred three thousand eight hundred four thousand three hundred work your way up in five hundred dollar increments tell me the most important part and there is maur value more value I want you to put more value into what you're offering put a price on it and sell it when you believe it everybody believes it it's just the way it is and what is your survival right what is the lowest that you're prepared to survive on but more importantly what is your dream right what is your goal is that your gold in four thousand dollars a week isn't your gold in forty thousand dollars a week break it down into service and then tell me how you're going to make it happen last of all canceling an order if somebody is uneducated or they've come in for the shoot and they just don't want to buy if somebody has I told you how they want to be photographed and you think you've delivered but maybe you haven't maybe you have you don't know it's a mystery every now and then we get clients who don't want to buy they're being through the shoot they may be paid for the shoot maybe you've really paid for the makeup artist and it's cost you money to shoot them you can let these people go it's ok it is better to let them go and cut your losses take the sitting fee and let it go make no money hopefully they signed a contract so you can use the images on your website in your portfolio it is better to let them go than to make an enemy of someone that doesn't want to spend now you can sign a south contract and if the job has been started you can say to them I'm sorry you had five days to change the order the order has been sent to the lab it is in the process right now so we can't change anything but you'll find most people will either back out lie make up some silly excuse will try to get out within twenty four hour period because they've got what's called buyer's remorse they've gone home they've looked at how much they spend or you were pushing them and they didn't want to say no to you until they get home I believe that you should let them go but that is your personal choice payment options are an excellent option if you sign people down toe a payment plan I would rather you have twenty people paying off twenty dollars awake then haven't you those twenty people not come in as long as you're managing your payment it's quite respectable to make up your own cells contract and to get them to give you the mckay be a credit card number with an authority to charge that card twenty dollars awake or what ever it is that you're taking set up an automatic payment from the bank pre right chicks but they do not get the work until it's paid for sometimes we offer you know you do what you have to do to get paid and I've always done payment plans in my studio for years and years and years and it had a very very small nonpayment right every now and then we got one or two percent they just didn't pay we'd have to follow through you have to follow through but they always start to pay and their images out printed until they're almost paid so the truth is is most people paid off and when they don't that already paid some so we always cut our losses instead of taking them through dick collection last night I was watching tv and volts waiting currently have this ed on tv and it says zero zero zero zero zero dollars down zero deposit syria interest for the first year and then it says tagline basically take a car home with your signature that doesn't mean both make into giving away free boat higgins it means that deferring the payment so you need to look there's a business owner you need to look at how people are shopping and a big companies like volkswagen giving away cars in deferring payment interest in deposit then you might need to give away free shoots and have payment plans that is your choice I now work on a how would you like to pay for that system and people pay for me straightaway so sometimes I wonder how much of it is driven by the public and how much of it is really driven by may so these your guidelines for prices four hundred nine hundred seven hundred eight hundred two thousand three hundred two thousand eight hundred remember my philosophy is it's fifty percent giving and receiving you must learn to receive its complements love money payment you give fifty percent you received fifty percent for the super set your offer the more value you give the more service you give the easier it is to receive if your right hand is open just remember the first person you have to look at if you're not getting paid is you because you're the one stopping it and I feel like it's really important my favorite poet rumi seize your task is not to seek for love but to seek for every barrier you put up against it if I changed the word love to money I laugh your task is not to seek for money but to seek every barrier that you put up against it and sometimes just sometimes ninety nine point nine percent of sometimes were our biggest enemy so please value what you do up your value up your service skill seat if you're a single wait try harder to give more be more and love what you do put a price on it say it with confidence believe it in your heart and get paid thank you for joining me today to talk about pricing my name is super ice and you confined my photography portrait education caused twenty eight days on creative life dot com join me for twenty eight days you'll get about thirty when videos just like this one on every aspect of portraiture small business and being photographer that you could possibly imagine from a whole lifetime off what I've land building a business

Class Description

Sue Bryce's 28 Days is the all-in-one portrait photography class that teaches you posing, shooting, marketing, selling, and everything else you need to know to run a successful contemporary portrait photography business. 

This series begins with two sessions of intense instruction on business, pricing, and overcoming your fears. Following the kickoff, Sue delivers short sessions exploring 28 different topics essential to any successful portrait photography studio. Sue covers flow posing, connecting with clients, posing and shooting groups, marketing to your key demographic, sales, and more.

In this comprehensive series you'll learn Sue's inspiring approach to styling, posing, marketing, selling and so much more!


1Teaching 2 Photographers in 28 Days
2First 2 Years: The Truth
3Rate Your Business
4Year One in Business
128 Challenges
3Price & Value
4Checklist, Challenges, and Next Steps
1Day 1: The Natural Light Studio
1Day 2: Mapping Your Set and Outfits
1Day 3: One Composition - Five Poses
1Day 4: Flow Posing
1Day 5: Posing Couples
1Day 6: Capturing Beautiful Connection & Expression
1Day 7: The Rules - Chin, Shoulders, Hands
1First Weekly Q&A Session
2Day 8: Rules - Hourglass, Body Language, Asymmetry, Connection
1Day 9: Styling & Wardrobe
1Day 10: Shooting Curves
1Day 11: Posing & Shooting - Groups of 2, 3, and 4
1Day 12: Posing & Shooting Families
1Day 13: Products & Price List
1Day 14: Marketing & Shooting the Before & After
1Day 15: Phone Coaching & Scripting
1Second Weekly Q&A Session
2Day 16: Posing Young Teens
1Day 17: Marketing & Shooting - Family First Demographic
1Day 18: The Corporate Headshot
1Day 19: Glamour Shoot on Location & Shooting with Flare
2Photoshop Video: Glamour Shoot on Location & Shooting with Flare
1Day 20: Photoshop - Warping & the Two Minute Rule
1Day 21: Posing Mothers & Daughters
1Third Weekly Q&A Session
2Day 22: Marketing & Shooting - 50 & Fabulous Demographic
1Day 23: Shooting into the Backlight
2Bonus: Shooting into the Backlight
1Day 24: Marketing & Shooting - Girl Power Demographic (18-30s)
2Photoshop Video: Girl Power Demographic (18-30s)
1Day 25: The Beauty Shot
2Bonus: Vintage Backdrop
1Day 26: Marketing & Shooting - Independent Women Demographic
1Day 27: Sales & Production
1Day 28: Posing Men
1Bonus: Pricing
3Photography, Style, Brand, and Price Part 1
4Photography, Style, Brand, and Price Part 2
5Marketing Part 1
6Marketing Part 2
7Money: What's Blocking You?
8Bonus: The Folio Shoot
1Photo Critiques Images 1 through 10
2Photo Critiques Images 11 through 27
3Photo Critiques Images 28 through 45
4Photo Critiques Images 47 through 67
5Photo Critiques Images 68 through 84
6Photo Critiques Images 85 through 105
7Photo Critiques Images 106 through 130
8Photo Critiques Images 131 through 141
9Photo Critiques Images 142 through 167
10Photo Critiques Images 168 through 197
11Photo Critiques Images 198 through 216
1Identify Your Challenges
2Identify Your Strengths
3Getting Started Q&A
4Rate Your Business
5Marketing Vs Pricing
6Facing Fear
7The 28 Day Study Group
8Selling Points
9Interview with Susan Stripling
10Emotional Honesty
1Sue's Evolution
228 Days Review
3Student Pitches
428 Days Testimonial: Mapuana Reed
5How to Pitch: Starting a Conversation
6Your Block: Seeing is What You're Being
7Your Block: Valuing and Receiving
8Building Confidence: Your Own Stories
9Building Confidence: Your Self Worth
10Pitching An Experience
11Pitching An Experience: Your Intentions
12Pitching An Experience: Social Media
13Final Thoughts