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28 Days of Portrait Photography


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Identify Your Challenges

I started to create a catalogue from my workshop for my work shots my creative life catalog because I figured people are still just learning about me and people have been following me for three or four years and the people that are just meeting about mae what workshop so I do what workshop by day and I started to write my experience with every workshop and I feel like every workshop has a very powerful connection to some part of what we do but for me twenty eight days was the maker because it took me maybe fifty four days I think to film twenty eight days in the ninety three video downloads and you know that's where the fear talk came from and I found a common thread in all of the questions all of the questions really came down to how do I get started hideaway hannis it because if one seems to be really scattered in all over the place how do I start by hannah sing it and the third one wass how do I mak it myself and get more bums on seats and then the fourth one wass how do I get over ...

my fear and value so I felt like every one of those christians came down to those four core issues and those four court issues were really significant to everybody so we're gonna go through that today the one thing I hear over and over again is it's too easy cause you're super rise even though I've stood here and cried and showed you my first studio and showed you my challenges somehow everybody believes that it was just easy because it was me so I thought about that and I thought I'm going to ask people that are working through the twenty eight day model in the business to come up and talk about with their it now because they're actually working and doing it I chose amy and dustin because they married and unmarried couple working together is a really big part of the questions that we get I chose nicky cause she startup glamour I chose my planner because she stood up solely glamour so amy best in end nicki all shoot wedding as well so we're going to talk about how they cross glamour and winning and I chose my wanna because she only shoots glamour and her whole business's glamour last night might wanna went to hospital to have the gall bladder removed she posted it on facebook and instagram so I know it's not a secret and so she cannot join us today which breaks my heart and breaks here's too because she was one of my original students on my very first creative life two years ago so this afternoon when we get out of asking a billion questions that are going to seem to around all of those subjects I'm going to take you through my diagnostics and how I really solidified my business plan to get where I am today and I'm going to show you a slide this is really we're attacked for me at the end of the day I can break my entire career into these categories and I look at these categories and I break them down this is what you need to do you need to break your business and your personal self down to these these team categories and start focusing on one at a time until you have now the twenty and I'll give you the quick example of where I'm going to go with this this is how I rated my business in two thousand three okay this is how I rated every one of these and I've bean asking you to do this for two years tell me what your rating is because when you asked me to help you and I say what's your problem and you go I want more work then I go to marketing and then I go teo you balance yourself in self value and it's really important to made that I ask you about how you manage money how you attract money and then it's really really important that I know what your business goals are so you can tell me what it is you exactly one I asked for questions and I got a lot of this I've got this going on I've got this going on I've got this going on I want to be perfect window I launched this hat away get a make up artist head away pull it all together how do I stay balanced how do I manage myself like is there a question in there because the question seemed to be just help me and so what I'm trying to do is compartmentalize your problems and that's how I did it um I guess I'm also a very a type personality my brain works so fast sometimes that it just explodes and I felt I smell the burning smell and I know it's my head and I have to pull away from my business in run away for a while because I can't cope but when I put it into compartments I can deal with it and look there's a few zeros on the air how did I deal with my balance and my family zero did not emanate type pissed now they workaholic spent my first teen years of my career single and wishing I wasn't not managing myself or my time the other zero was money management zero money management living week by week city dollars in thirty dollars out I had a full next out credit card I would pay the required hundred dollars a month something going spin that hundred dollars it was full it was full it was full two thousand three saw me start my business my marketing was too I'm not going to say zero because I had some idea of putting myself out there I just could not do it my sales ready to could not sell my with the thought of reading my priceless in front of someone gave me physical anxiety anxiety like to a point where I just could not say it my product in my pricing were a teen why because I'd worked in the studio for teen years so I just borrowed the price list it was simple I took a model that had already been working I put my price her son and I said I'm going to sell my work for this match didn't believe it was with that there's a big connection there I give myself a teen and photo shop because you know I write myself and further shop I spin twenty years working on retouching images even before photo shot my brand and style was at a at a distinct five liked my folio hated my website two thousand three my business goals I'm going to go to I had an idea of where I wanted to go but no concept of it aside go through I rated myself again in two thousand seven by two thousand seven we had gotten up to nearly nine hundred thousand dollars in tune over that was five years for four years four years of working through every one of these sections I was still falling down and balance there are zero after four and a half years I was eggs elling definitely in product and photoshopped still my business goals my sales in my shooting were at a teen in at a team meaning not by a world standard but by client stand it okay again we're not competing against each other to be the bait of photographers were competing against the client to produce a product that a sellable viable marketable and easy to produce all right but I was still suffering in my service and production and I was still at an all time zero and I'm going to you know talk more about how I got all the others up to a teen I rated my business last night I sat down and I looked at my business now there's a lot of teens on there I'm definitely it has taken may live in years so when people say how long how long how long will I have been doing this for twenty five and august so teen years of working my business model I feel very very closely that I am almost across the board I still suffer in two areas my brand and my style is still sitting at an eight because I want it to be bitter even now I want it to be better I want to shoot better what website to look better I want to be better I want to improve myself I don't think that even change everything else is working within my business model service in production I still struggle with this after twenty five years I still struggle producing I work at a good time for my clients I still drop the ball I still fail I still fail it turn around I still have twenty one folios to print this week where I could have done three week over the last month but I got so busy I push it I push it I push it I push it now these twenty three people that want to pick up their work and I have to get it done by friday it's this familiar still happening to me but surprise can afford an assistant that khun duel that no I must produce this work I must have control over it still an issue and don't think for one minute that those issues won't impact my business is soon as I pass one person off I'm in big trouble she will not recommend me to another client she will go on right then on facebook you know come on so and this is where I constantly if I was my bus stand there and say not good enough not good service and it makes me go like this and then I think I suck I can't work today I just had to take the day off thank I vented shopping and go to the movies sound familiar alright don't give yourself too much of a hard time because we're all human what we need to do is identify were strong and identify we were weak I will answer any question that comes to me today personal question I don't care if they're hard questions they just gotta get past kina ken will take bribes you can ask me any question you want and I'll answer it honestly I'm not afraid ofthe bed questions I'm not afraid of hard hitting questions bring it on um I still struggle really with those two things but everything else and tombs of running my business is good so I'm going to cab bring up my wanna I'm gonna come back to this this afternoon I'm going to bring up nicky closer who shoots weddings and start up klemmer I'm going to bring up amy and dustin husband wife team they shoot weddings and they're also starting up in glamour I've known nicky for nearly two years I met her on my second eva creative life workshop she still space friend and then ended up working with me and see it off so I've watched to start your business I feel like people will go oh it's so easy for nikki because she worked for so don't get me wrong I didn't employee nikki to mentor her I employed nicky toe work for me so she's been working for me not for herself getting me toward buy me everything that he's done she's done herself uh that's why she's here today also same with amy and dustin I really respect both of them I met them three years ago they came to one of my workshops but I met them because they employed mia's photographer and this is something that I think a lot of stat up photography is that want to be bitter don't understand the people that work for me were not chosen by me uh they sorry they didn't get a free ride never has amy nicky or dustin ever asked me for anything for free and I feel like this is a really significant thing I do free workshops on creative live in yes you buy them they're free to watch I wouldn't give that away if I felt that I shouldn't I give so much of my time tio educate uh on my block and on creative live and I loved it but when I'm not here I'm running a business and on an average day for me I get ten to one hundred questions per day to help and I cannot help one hundred people a day I cannot because I run a business so one of the hardest things I think is that people think they see me a whole list of questions I don't answer them and then they get upset at me that I cannot answer the christians that's why these facebook groups exists so that we can do on going with together the smartest photographers I've met work with people that they want a wick with but they offer something to me and if the exchange is that they learned from may or they see my business model while they worked with in my business model that's upto what they're going to take away from it okay so I'm going to bring them out because I want questions to them because they're not surprised they're all starting out and they're going to give you a very honest account of with the struggling how much money they're making how much money they're building up to what they want the averages to bay and I think you'll be quite I'm blown away so you guys come up here and sit with me yeah all right now we're gonna answer as many questions as we can today I want teo asked nicki christians knowing that nikki is the startup gramma nicky you opened your little studio and upto upto one thousand thirteen all right so that's nearly and nikki was working part time for me and part time building up her folio nicky shoots hominy winning here um between ten and fifteen okay and you're keeping it then you're not going to go up you know a lot if anything I'm gonna go down to what eight what's your ideal shoot per week how many portrait sheets per week my goal is twelve per month so three for a week that's a lot and right now I'm at about five per month okay and what is your average town fifteen sixty four okay and when did you get how long did it take you from october to get to fifteen sixty four three months maybe alright I've kind of gone up and down in my average depending but I want to talk about that you're going to go from five to twelve shoots amount your current average is fifteen hasn't been higher than fifteen at one point it was eight eighteen eighteen twenty and then it came back down okay so basically nikki is doing what I've taught she's monitoring here average monthly and basically that means that every month she adds up how many shoot she did and worked out a new average and currently her average has dropped back to fifteen from eighteen which means something changed so whenever people drop the average bag I know something has changed so I instantly want to know what changed and we're going to confront that because I know what changed what changed is nikki stopped working part time for me and then your average dropped now why would her average change when she had a part time job and then go down a little when she went out on her own and there's a belief in there that she can't do it on here I'm because I've seen all of my photographers do it say all my photographers and a work full time for mai were on average is of three thousand dollars my two photographers in new zealand went out on their own and the ravages dropped straight away to a thousand now when they were earning money for me and my studio the value was higher and when they went out for themselves it dropped down what does that tell you all right so we'll talk about that because so many questions she can ask nicky where she's standing and we're going to talk about what what's your biggest challenge right now consistently having clients come in okay so I mean it all comes to marketing and mac all right uh how you guys have been a business how many five years thisyou did you make a profit in it for you you're to make profits yeah and you should you were solely shooting weddings and starting three years ago when I meet you to introduce boudoir and it was good while because when I meet you claim I wasn't really a thing again and you had pretty much advertise yourself the standing to do good well you know how many weddings do you do in the first year or for and what was your average sound in first year twelve hundred and how many ways doing sticking it thirteen and what was your every sound sixteen hundred good this is such a chronological perfect I watch this all the time vidia thirty three average twenty eight hundred ok fourth year thirty six averaged forty to fifty years theory of forty two weddings average sales sitting at four thousand six hundred thirty eight definitely to me the other day he's like way we have applied your business model and we've learned so much from you and I did not know what my average cell was until I met you and now I keep it's bridget until you keep this appreciate of what your inning you're not in business basic business practice how much do you cost how much to charge what is your cost of business how much does it cost to run it how much you making in what do you now change because it's about units we're not looking at I did a four thousand dollar sale this week we're looking at I did eighteen shoots with an average cell of four thousand dollars that is a smart business it takes you away from the good gil bed girl good boy bad boy I failed I had a no sale about three years ago I did a big promotion where I gave everybody a one hundred dollar free make over and a hundred dollars towards portrait that means you could get the smallest photograph on my price list for eighty nine dollars I booked thirty six shoot at this event and I had an average sell off fifteen hundred dollars which was good then I did pay to be there then two of the girls came in and gave me the voucher and they paid eighty nine dollars and they walked out with a seven by teen each so I spent an entire day with a makeup artist on a photo shoot for one hundred ninety eight dollars which is what I paid my make up a list so and I could not get past this in myself I was just like I failed but they didn't buy anything they were never going to buy anything but one photograph and in fact when I think about the language that they were talking about they were never going to um so I could look at that is a complete waste or I could look at the thirty six shoots I booked the fact that they dropped my average down to fifteen hundred it would have been higher they both spent I can also look at the fact that one of those girls had a super special look and I ended up using her folio my marketing if ray single week for two years so did I lose anything that day no but how many photographers on a weekly basis are writing I didn't know seo she didn't buy anything I didn't get anything and it seems to me that we're all focused on what we've done what we didn't get instead of what we did right then you started to shoot good wire glamour and your averages lower how much lower uh ninety two okay so nikki's average was around eight hundred and nicky's waiting averages around four thousand so I said nicki down and we had a conversation and it went like this how come he charged four thousand dollars for a wedding in eight hundred dollars for a glamour shoot what was your um well you see things like but I knew it this because it's a wedding people will spend more on a wedding I had every excuse huh I was charging two to three hundred when I first started in my family room yeah I mean I shot a little corner of my family room two to three hundred dollars yeah so the really the only person that was stopping here was here right ok so I was like how could you possibly have a four thousand dollar average for a wedding and uh eight hundred dollars average your portrait show yeah but how is that possible I think I justify it because we're usually there for a longer time and deliver more pictures okay and secondly I'll tell you why because I'm winning you both work and you both process but in your portrait shoots you do it you're the creative one you're the business when he knows the numbers says that means you don't believe in your wig and you're working your beautiful I mean to work on that okay so hell cannot business run coexist when these two are working together she hides behind him and when she's working on her own her value goes down am I making this clear enough the only person who doesn't value your work is you I did it for years years and years and years and years and years how can a single person offer two different services and one day significantly lower until they decide they're with more how is it possible you are doing this okay you were doing this now there's a million christians coming out kenny you can interact when even you like you can ask these guys is many questions as you want you can ask me as many questions as you want but let's get started in tim's of like hit me with some big questions what's the first thing that's kind of coming up oh right well where to start to bryce where to start well I think this is a big one for a lot of folks online happy bug photo and cindy how do you build a photography business while you have another full time job and kids don't you build a folio yu you are really you are under no ability to start a business when you have a full time job what you need to do is stop to transition if I was working as an accountant or if I was serving ice cream during the week because I couldn't make it as a photographer I would still spend every waking moment that my children went away or that I could building up my folio I would shoot for free if I head to in order to get good enough to make it my job and I would find a way to transition and it's going to be one of the hardest things with kids now this is something I get asked all the time on my block the question was how I can't even get a baby sitter don't try so hard to launch a business when you have small babies you have to be a whole life to be a photographer so what I really am asking you is why you trying so hard to make it when you have kids come on kids take five years out once you're at school you get a daytime maybe three days a week where you can start to focus but how would you expect to do that and why are you busting a god and then saying that you're failing at it going I just want to make it but I have kids but I hear it's like stop breathe you have your whole life to be a photographer practice your craft star like really you need to back off on yourself and stop telling me that you're just not making it work it's not gonna happen for you right now and this you have a partner that's not working and he's gonna support your children or she's going to support your children by space that guy's a swell while you can build your career not gonna happen what was your question question is to follow up with that one and ask how do you know you're ready how do you know your folio is full enough to then start as soon as you can sell your work you are ready to start selling your work when you're ready to go into business took me eighteen years twelve years now it didn't nineteen ninety two fourteen years I wasn't ready you saw that right two thousand three zero money me and money we were just not friends yeah so how is that ever going to run a buy isn't when you really only you can answer that somebody said to me one day how do you empower people because then they're just going to go out instead of business and they're going to fail and I said well I did and I see then somebody empowered may so you are ready when you can live and breathe this and it's what you want more than anything in the world save money sell what you have to sell make sacrifices if this is really what you want make sacrifices but this is not an easy ride I've never made a business person that said this is such an easy road ever in my life most business people I know most entrepreneurs I know over wit unbalanced and doing the base to stay alive but you know they have that's back of creativity that they want to just keep going next question mandy eh can you again let's go back and define glamour this is boudoir um I don't shoot bombs good where is about details it's about leagues in lingerie glamour is more fashion based I don't like the word boudoir I find a lot of good where photographers when I say it and I don't really care I photographed woman for twenty five years I've never had a woman asked me to photograph her bomb I love budweiser genre but it markets to eighteen of the female population of the world where I mark it to one hundred percent of the population of the world uh well fifty percent half over women I feel like there is a distinction in mostly my distinction is contemporary portrait a lot of the questions that came up were I don't advertise families but I'm getting a lot of requests for families to shoot families in my studio this is something I'm going to challenge nikki on today she's not doing any family she's not shooting them she's doing mother and daughter that was one of my biggest revenue streams is the fact that I cheat mothers and daughters and families ed on the boys at the end I've been teaching that in all of my workshops twenty eight days covers that howto ed on families had a market to the family plus demographic you don't have to show it on your website but you can shoot anything you want and this is the irony I don't shoot newborns but people asked me if I will I don't shoot families but people ask me if I wil I don't shoot weddings but people ask me if they will because they liked my glamour work so I advertise the work I want to get and I take what ever else I can get and do you take it yes you do its work all right I have a question for nicky nicky this is her martine duke it did you build your portfolio with paying or non paying customers at the beginning it was free I would shoot friends neighbors family anybody who would let me in my family room in a tiny little corner with my v flats in my little light bubble and then slowly just started building up where I started charging how about you guys amy well we didn't like three years to free weddings the weddings weddings for glamorous we didn't like three free to begin with just to have something to show people and it was all our brides that we brought in for appreciates what do you recommend to bryce yeah do what you have to dio do what you have to do to get work up a lot of the questions that came in yesterday where um how do I not look new at this glamour photography's only just relaunched in the last two years you're gonna look new at this people like what does this say you know it's contemporary portraiture and I'm loving every minute of it do I have to tell you how long I've been a photographer now I bank on the fact that I've been a photographer for over half my life I can because I can say that but if I didn't say you'd still like my folio right all right we have another another scenario from pictures ofyou photography and by the way you guys are here in the front row so afraid to raise your hand and ask questions either of su o our guests as well pictures of you photography I've just opened a small portrait studio and I cannot all caps get my first client in the door shooting burn photographers are plentiful here and they in all caps you do get the business horrible results but lots of business how do you propose teo high end photographers get past us and get clients and we hear this is part of the first thing we hear over and over and over all I heard there was other people other people other people other people not me and then you called yourself high end well if you're not getting any work you're not high end you've told me that you're better than everybody else in the community but then told me everybody else is getting more work than you so you get a big wreck on the knuckles because all I heard was poor me poor me pour me for me and I'm getting nothing which means you're spending most of your time looking at who's getting something and you're not you must break that cycle I have been there it is hard stop saying it's everybody else and start taking responsibility for what you're not doing because I'm telling you right now you are doing that like that is the school of hard knocks and that is something that we okay these these people are my friends dustin there's also runs a side business doing with design here's my web akatiev so these people I speak to on a regular basis they know that I'm a hot ass they know that when it comes to day doesn't say when he met me he was scared of me anybody and she I couldn't talk around her leg just intimidating presence like all over it I don't think that's so cute but anyway but the truth is is like we nicky hits me with a question nicky's a really strong tourists she's bullheaded you know if I say that nicky no you need to do this the keys first response is no she'll go no that's not how it's going to know two got knife on it and it together you know and then she goes away and then comes back in the morning and shit you're so right but I know nicky's first response to everything is no no no now my go to with friends might go to with business mentoring my go to with anybody is why you doing that and if you honestly look back at me and say ok I've got a question for all of you out there how do I get bums on seats I just want to regulate get bombs on state I want to regulate get bombs on states show me a marketing plan crickets show me your marketing claim show me a marketing plan I want to regulate get bombs on state show me a marketing plan how many creative lives have I done wrong showing you twenty steps to market your business you're not doing it well this one I got this one I'm putting out vouchers nobody's biting they say about you by mail his zero point one point zero one right on come back so you would have to put out a thousand vouchers to get one shoot and you may be put out eighty belcher's and got one shoot and you go it's not working it's not working it's not true okay a portrait studio a winning studio you do your ceo you do the best for leo you advertise on all the good blog's you try and get on all the good blocks and all the good wedding magazines you build up your suit changing because when you're getting married the first thing you search for us winning photographer or you ask your best friend who shot your wedding I love their images and you get a lot of recommendations portrait photographers opposite we call them I've worked in a portrait studio since I was eighteen years old we used to phone market for the fifteen years and yet the weddings were there any calls we were receiving so we would find people to come in for a portrait and then we would accept calls for winning gates so when people say I'm not getting any work I go you do realize something right you have to market this business weakly imagine it's like a big heavy cog and then you slowly get past that little hill and then it starts going move and then you just slowly build it the second you dropped the ball it slows down again and you have to start the question on my block hell do I I started my business I got eight shoots in six months my highest sale was four thousand dollars I was doing so good the money has run out I was so busy shooting I've done no marketing now I can't pay my bills I'm shutting the door classic mistake right spending all your time being the creative flouncy one that's taking all the feathers and doing the photo shop not looking at the money not looking at the marketing not looking at ongoing sustainable business happened to me fifty years I would make a big ton of money and then I'd have eighty thousand dollars in the bank and I was like wow I've made it and then I would look at my diary no work for three months nothing nothing would be like what do we do you market your business and unfortunately the hardest thing that you will do is find their balance of shooting marketing selling photo shop shooting marketing selling photoshopped rejuvenating yourself staying active staying excited staying creative because they're all going to go out the window is seen as you're over with am I making portrait photography really really really unappealing right now no I am no do you know something I got to say you know what really really thrills me is how excited she gets and how excited they get about shooting it's like I can I can almost be jaded now after all this time unlike maybe I just don't get this excited as I should but when I watched them so nikki's has been write me a christmas card and it said um my wife now wakes up in the morning and tells me she loves his job and he goes you changed my wife and I was like no no she changed but the thing is when he wrote there I started crying like imagine she used to count down the holidays for her job and now she just skips to work I second that and they do that they don't sit there going silencer down the road's getting this and getting that also good question for dustin and amy they used to share a studio with another another photographer and now they've gone out on their own but they did what they had to do to get into a studio they shared a space they made that work so that's good questions

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Sue Bryce's 28 Days is the all-in-one portrait photography class that teaches you posing, shooting, marketing, selling, and everything else you need to know to run a successful contemporary portrait photography business. 

This series begins with two sessions of intense instruction on business, pricing, and overcoming your fears. Following the kickoff, Sue delivers short sessions exploring 28 different topics essential to any successful portrait photography studio. Sue covers flow posing, connecting with clients, posing and shooting groups, marketing to your key demographic, sales, and more.

In this comprehensive series you'll learn Sue's inspiring approach to styling, posing, marketing, selling and so much more!


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