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28 Days of Portrait Photography

Lesson 40 of 85

Bonus: Vintage Backdrop


28 Days of Portrait Photography

Lesson 40 of 85

Bonus: Vintage Backdrop


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Bonus: Vintage Backdrop

In my very first studio I had a whole wall of anaglypta wallpaper. Anaglypta is spelt like this. Like reason I'm showing you this today is because for a very, very small amount of money you can create a really amazing corner in your studio and paint it any color you want. So the other week when I started doing 28 days I wanted a wallpaper that looked like a vintage background like an old-style wall. So instead of trying to find vintage wallpaper what I did was I Googled anaglypta and I found it online here for $24 a roll and one whole roll did almost two full Polyboards. So for $50 and two old Polyboards which I bought for $15 each I built this amazing corner. So this is how I did it. I found the anaglypta wallpaper first and it comes in multiple textures. All very vintage and antique looking. This style of anaglypta wallpaper is white and it can be painted in any matte house paint color. Okay, so then after I ordered it, it was sent to me and it came with wallpaper glue and a brush to...

apply it. I have my polystyrene board here and this was a shabby old board that I was about to throw away. It was already painted originally, a gold color. I have heard from people that they couldn't apply the wallpaper straight to the polystyrene because the wallpaper peeled off. I didn't have that problem but I did apply it to an already painted old Polyboard. So, just watch your surface when you do put the wallpaper on. So I'm going to show you how we laid it out onto the floor. We put the wallpaper glue on very generously on the painted Polyboard and as you can see, we just rolled down and applied the wallpaper and then we matched up these edges here. Because it's very important that we keep it. We let our edges peel out because we quite like the idea of it looking vintage and looking a little bit shabby and distressed and I was even considering getting some white paint this week, mixing it with water, so it was very diluted like a milky wash and just washing over it and distressing it further. Also putting it on the ground and standing on it and making it dirty or just rubbing a darker paint, very gently over the top texture can distress it even more. I wanted it to be subtle. Not too much like a two tone backdrop. So I've just lifted one color. I chose this color palette here and it was from Ace Paints. I ended up buying the four gallon, I think it was four gallon. The big tin, I don't know how to do the tin conversions. So not the smaller tin, definitely the bigger tin and I only used about a third of it. So I probably could have just got away with the smaller tin. The anaglypta takes quite a lot of paint and I do it with a brush, not a roller because it's quite bumpy and textured and you have get right in. So quite often, as you can see, we got the paintbrush and we were really sort of, smooching it in. I chose this color palette because I wanted to go with a vintage rose and I chose raspberry rose which was C65. Any of these tones would work. And of course you could do it in a gray, you could do it through your tones of gray. You could do it in a soft lemon. Any color that you like that takes your fancy. I chose the pink because I thought it would be great for seniors photography, great for sort of, boudoir style and lingerie and really just in terms of prettiness. I don't have anything this tone. So I got my Polyboard, I got my dirty old Polyboard that was ready to be thrown away, painted on one side, I brushed it, I laid out the wallpaper, it was quite hard to push all the bubbles out but we worked it together Susan and I. We pushed all the bubbles out. This is the finished result and as you can see, we're going to shoot on it now. So that you can see what it looks like. I very much look forward to shooting on this over the next two months and taking some more old style, sort of vintage style images and also, maybe some young very clean, pretty, beauty images with some young girls on it. So I look forward to shooting this. Watch out for it, they'll come up on my blog and on my Facebook page and enjoy making anaglypta walls for your studio. So fast, so simple. Really affordable and you can make them entirely your own, enjoy. Big smile go. Good girl, you just did it. Ooh, I like that. So beautiful, okay I know what it is that I like.

Class Description

Sue Bryce's 28 Days is the all-in-one portrait photography class that teaches you posing, shooting, marketing, selling, and everything else you need to know to run a successful contemporary portrait photography business. 

This series begins with two sessions of intense instruction on business, pricing, and overcoming your fears. Following the kickoff, Sue delivers short sessions exploring 28 different topics essential to any successful portrait photography studio. Sue covers flow posing, connecting with clients, posing and shooting groups, marketing to your key demographic, sales, and more.

In this comprehensive series you'll learn Sue's inspiring approach to styling, posing, marketing, selling and so much more!


  1. First 2 Years: The Truth
  2. Teaching 2 Photographers in 28 Days
  3. Rate Your Business
  4. Year One in Business
  1. 28 Challenges
  2. Fear
  3. Price & Value
  4. Checklist, Challenges, and Next Steps
  1. Day 1: The Natural Light Studio
  1. Day 2: Mapping Your Set and Outfits
  1. Day 3: One Composition - Five Poses
  1. Day 4: Flow Posing
  1. Day 5: Posing Couples
  1. Day 6: Capturing Beautiful Connection & Expression
  1. Day 7: The Rules - Chin, Shoulders, Hands
  1. First Weekly Q&A Session
  2. Day 8: Rules - Hourglass, Body Language, Asymmetry, Connection
  1. Day 9: Styling & Wardrobe
  1. Day 10: Shooting Curves
  1. Day 11: Posing & Shooting - Groups of 2, 3, and 4
  1. Day 12: Posing & Shooting Families
  1. Day 13: Products & Price List
  1. Day 14: Marketing & Shooting the Before & After
  1. Day 15: Phone Coaching & Scripting
  1. Second Weekly Q&A Session
  2. Day 16: Posing Young Teens
  1. Day 17: Marketing & Shooting - Family First Demographic
  1. Day 18: The Corporate Headshot
  1. Day 19: Glamour Shoot on Location & Shooting with Flare
  2. Photoshop Video: Glamour Shoot on Location & Shooting with Flare
  1. Day 20: Photoshop - Warping & the Two Minute Rule
  1. Day 21: Posing Mothers & Daughters
  1. Third Weekly Q&A Session
  2. Day 22: Marketing & Shooting - 50 & Fabulous Demographic
  1. Day 23: Shooting into the Backlight
  2. Bonus: Shooting into the Backlight
  1. Day 24: Marketing & Shooting - Girl Power Demographic (18-30s)
  2. Photoshop Video: Girl Power Demographic (18-30s)
  1. Day 25: The Beauty Shot
  2. Bonus: Vintage Backdrop
  1. Day 26: Marketing & Shooting - Independent Women Demographic
  1. Day 27: Sales & Production
  1. Day 28: Posing Men
  1. Bonus: Pricing
  2. Introduction
  3. Photography, Style, Brand, and Price Part 1
  4. Photography, Style, Brand, and Price Part 2
  5. Marketing Part 1
  6. Marketing Part 2
  7. Money: What's Blocking You?
  8. Bonus: The Folio Shoot
  1. Photo Critiques Images 1 through 10
  2. Photo Critiques Images 11 through 27
  3. Photo Critiques Images 28 through 45
  4. Photo Critiques Images 47 through 67
  5. Photo Critiques Images 68 through 84
  6. Photo Critiques Images 85 through 105
  7. Photo Critiques Images 106 through 130
  8. Photo Critiques Images 131 through 141
  9. Photo Critiques Images 142 through 167
  10. Photo Critiques Images 168 through 197
  11. Photo Critiques Images 198 through 216
  1. Identify Your Challenges
  2. Identify Your Strengths
  3. Getting Started Q&A
  4. Rate Your Business
  5. Marketing Vs Pricing
  6. Facing Fear
  7. The 28 Day Study Group
  8. Selling Points
  9. Interview with Susan Stripling
  10. Emotional Honesty
  1. Sue's Evolution
  2. 28 Days Review
  3. Student Pitches
  4. 28 Days Testimonial: Mapuana Reed
  5. How to Pitch: Starting a Conversation
  6. Your Block: Seeing is What You're Being
  7. Your Block: Valuing and Receiving
  8. Building Confidence: Your Own Stories
  9. Building Confidence: Your Self Worth
  10. Pitching An Experience
  11. Pitching An Experience: Your Intentions
  12. Pitching An Experience: Social Media
  13. Final Thoughts


a Creativelive Student

I have purchased four of Sue's courses and love them all. I have learned so much. I found the lesson on connecting with people thru their eyes has made a huge difference in my photos already. Her before and after's made me cry. I want to be able to take these kinds of photos for my family and friends. I just love what she does. She is such a great teacher. I learn much better seeing things done, so this was the perfect choice for me to learn. I love Sue's humor, her honesty, her detailed teaching and sweet and wonderful personality. Her sessions will or should not disappoint anyone. It is the best money I have ever spent on self-help teaching. Thanks a million creative live. You GOTTA LOVE SUE!


Pure gold. Sue Bryce is likable, talented, funny, and an amazing teacher. She calls you on your BS (your excuses for why you aren't succeeding), gives you business, posing, marketing, pricing and LIFE advice. The class is 58 hours long - and you spend the majority of it looking right over her shoulder, through her lens and watch her walk through many, many photoshoots. She verbally and clearly repeats several critical formulas for success so it's imprinted in your mind. Her advice is crystal clear and your photography will dramatically improve after this class. Before Creative Live, you'd NEVER have had the opportunity to shadow a photographer of her quality... hands down the best photography class I've ever taken.


I have just began this course and I am excited to see how following her model will help me to improve and get my business started. I have been through the first two days and there is lots of information to absorb and things to get in order before I begin the actual challenges. I am thankful that there are photographers out there who are will to reveal there secrets ad are truly invested in others improving themselves in all aspects of their life and not just their photography skills. Thanks Sue Bryce for your passion for empowering woman and your knowledge of creating and sustaining a business by being true to who you and commitment to the improvement of others! I am excited to grow myself and my business, I am confident this will be worth every penny! Were the templates for the email PDF included in this course