28 Days of Portrait Photography


28 Days of Portrait Photography


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Day 28: Posing Men

I have never done this before on creative live and this is the first time I'm shooting boys I'm going to show you a casual fan boy shoot every day boy shoot that I would do for a family portrait I'm going to show you the corporate boys I'm going to show you the head shots and I'm going to show you the boys going calvin klein today it's all about shooting boys and men where you're a man not a boy this's my wonderful model today big rest I'm going to show you how I photograph guys and you know what photographed over five and a half thousand women and I'd say every one hundred shoots I do I get a buoy in the studio so over the last few years I've managed to photograph close to have probably over five hundred million if not more they always come in though usually it dispels on dh even though my mark ling has been set up to glamour and mostly macklin too women the voice that cameron of being born in because they want to be photographed with a woman or the women want them to be photographed ...

so a lot of the time I photographed guys that don't really want to be photographed they just come in because it girlfriends of us into or their wives have asked them to I realized soon after that it's not that they don't want to be photographed it might be just how they will board into the studio when you do get guys come into the studio that want to be photographed they absolutely love it mean have a totally different confidence in front of the camera that women do is you'll see today when you watch all of the men being photographed and they move very differently in the body language so the whole weii we posed them the whole way they stand everything is completely opposite to how we pose women so I'm going to take you through a casual shoot with brass we're going to go into a corporate sell shoot they were going to do it bit of a geek you shoot we're gonna do a bit of the cavern client showed so I'm going to show you a little bit of everything to show you how to photograph guys how I photograph guys in this studio completely differently to how I photograph women so if you think about my role in all of those rules go out the window there is no point any time that the boys will put their hands on their body the way women day my camera down so at no point is there any reason for any of the boys to touch any of their body parts a gay that's definitely a girl thing with the boys I keep it very standard and I keep it thumbs into the james here or even hands by the sides and standing tall looks really good everything I do for women about bringing their body language in into an hour glass does not work with me and so they are trying angler try angular so we want them to always have open big shoulders okay and when they opposed it's couples remember the boys are always on the outside we want the arms to be bigger and stronger case all of the posing for men is right in strong and usually forty five degrees to the camera so just slightly turned to the camera okay no touching the bunny no hit popping no pushing booty out none of that applies to the boys all for the girls and also no weight on the back foot so at no time do we drop the shoulder forward ok we also never connect the shoulder or do anything I can infect every single rule I have chin shoulda hands hourglass body language asymmetry connection do not apply the guys they also do not need reflectors because the stronger that they look in the faith the more masculine they look so with the woman we're always trying to bring this in and the reason we bring this in is to try and lighten my face out so that I look younger and more beautiful okay we don't need to do that with the boys they do not need reflectors to the face if the room is particularly dark bringing reflector and lightly but just enough to lighten up the side of the face but not enough to give it a beaut dish light it's not what we're doing so if everything's opposite then what do we do instead of bringing the elbows into the hourglass body line we're going to bring them out when he sits down his elbows will go out outside of his name not inside of his name so all the girls will be here in the boys are here when they sit down both arms congar oh out there the only poses that a symmetrical they will be submit to call in their pockets they'll be symmetrical when they fold the rounds and that's a really strong position for men and they'll be symmetrical with their hands even here on the side and then they'll be submit to call pretty much when they sit down and put their hands on their knees all of the opposers are open and symmetrical where is all of ours and asymmetrical so let's go through some shots nice casual shots ruses and james and a shit I'm going to just move him around that client sideline like I do with the girls but I'm going to show you the difference between how I'm gonna pose him and shoot him as we go okay so what I want you to do here is I want to do this but I'm sorry I kicked him out I want you to hear it now there's something that I do want to show you and I'm going to get back into this camera the one thing the boys do get to do and this is so cool is they get to do chin ford but it doesn't go down okay so all the boys wanna have a really good definition and and they're based your line I get a strong male jor is it was a really dominant thing so I want teo push russia's door forward as far as it goes in lengthen and up through the neck and spine so when he comes up through his neck and shoulders that he's going to look strong through the shoulders and then I'm just going to get him to push his chin forward now the problem with most people pushing the chin forward as you know is when you tell people to turn that push the chin food they got at this inn pretty chin up ok so I've got to make sure he pushes it forward but he's not going to do this the case that he's not going to go down and connect the shoulder because if you have a look ross you go forward and now go down just touched up but I'm going to go forward and down see the difference in I'm going to be here and he's going to be upright more so he's holding a strong jawline where his mind will be connected to my shoulder with bigger eyes so that's the whole point is I'm going to keep saying to him push your chin forward push it and for because I wanted to have a really good strong line through here okay from here the first thing I'll do is put times into jane's so with the girls I would kick back straightaway and I would drop them down I don't need to do any of that with russ he's already there just like that the boys that's so easy to pose and my in frame if I stand here so okay yeah okay so you can see straightaway he's reading to shoot just take perhaps maybe a little half step away from the wall that's it I don't even need to bring in a reflector just push your chin towards me rest and then bring it down this way that's it right there so like my normal shot right on that window line I'm going to take this here now what I am going to do and I'm shooting at two point eight I'm at six forty so as you can see I'm in the smaller office room today because I wanted to cut down the light for the boys is I'm going to ask grass to give me a tiny smile in his eyes so no differently then the girls okay it's just about pushing that expression through the eyes instead of the mouth push it towards me a little bit more made that it that it's perfect don't move okay from here straight away already I've just now that that's easy I've got some some jeans I wouldn't do a whole lot of different hand positions here like a with the girls so I can falters arm so try there let's see how we go right if you're going to go into an unfolding position I just going to get you to drop your shoulder down just even so slightly okay and the intent towards may if this is not a corporate look if this is just where you're going to photograph the guys I need to soften his expression just a little weak but more okay and that's perfect grass and little little little bit more heads to one to one craig okay let's see if I can do that leaning back on the wall so I want you to come towards me just a touch that drop your hands a bit lower so that the events it perfect no come up higher again that's it keeping it why long chin pushing towards may write from here okay just talk me hands down again go back to your jeans pockets okay leaning on the wall for mei doesn't work I'm going to take it I just don't see it is being a very strong position for a guy it's okay maybe go back half of that I'm going to come around to get across that camera I'm going to come to this angle here and see if I can get the same angle push it in towards may all right that's perfect right there I like that a lot okay straight away from here the only other position so I really like that we've got his arm just touching the wall is absolutely nobody shape going on like you just wouldn't shoot a girl like that okay and he's all he's doing is protecting his chin forward let's take you to the back hall here just like I do the cover girl position I'll take him to the back wall and normally with kava girl as you well know I'm going to do this okay normally with kava girl I'm going to go up close I'm going to pull back I'm going to do three quarters but with wrath I'm not going to do any of those divisions what I'm going to do is keep him flat against the wall so you can actually lean and then what I want you to do is push your chin forward okay so it's got to come off the wall right now I just want you to put a kick into one of your feet so it has to be relaxed that's it so that miss you can fall onto one hip right and then roll your shoulders towards me off the wall headset now bring your chin off the wall towards me as well I can't go back to what you were doing and I'm going to re show that because have look at this from here he's too upright and if I take a photo from like this I'm not shaping these these passports are okay and so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to shape it I'm going to do two things one of them is I said roll your shoulders off the walls they watch his shoulders and his chin come forward that's it see that just instantly bought his upper body straight you know strong to the camera and then I said kick that foot across and then he dropped down into that position now are all those shoulders forward a little weed but more so you can get the boys to roll these shoulders forward here and there let's come forward you know the arms and triceps put forward they get nice big shoulders you would never ask a woman to watch me roll forward you couldn't watch me roll food like this because my arms get really big and I don't I would row forward from the side for that suit the model pose which is when you push through the torso but never ever ever would you ask a woman to roll ish all this fort so rolling his shoulders forward wrath and then pushing your chin too woods may as soon as I roll his shoulders forward and I'm going to be here I'm shooting on the forty five sorry I'm shooting on the three quarter so just push that tension and down a little touch that tiny little smoke that's perfect I like that a lot okay now knife easy smile russ just let it go no that's a favorite I gave bring your tenure so that was a again and that is exactly right now just try that I really like your foot's really alexia just could make crossed arms again okay and then pushing it forward that's the one and from here nice easy smart now I don't hold it just go look together give me a smoke booth give me just a little easy smoke I'm pushing tend towards may that's it keep going I actually prefer that because I think it looks more like wrath anyway and you know it's not so much a guy thing it's pretty much a personality thing some people are big grin is some people are just happy through the eyes and expression just have a look at what they are if they're just this other guy's that smile a lot then get them smiling if they smile already without having through big cheesy grin you don't get a big cheesy grin but it's that simple for mei I'm here the the air in there ok so keeping their shoulders rolling forward made a big difference so let's look at another variation I've got a little apple box here I'm going to steal that and I'll show you something else that I've done in the standing position and what this does is it just brings just come forward a little with that russ this might be a bit high but I'll see if not I can swap it out what I want to do is put russ's right foot up there yeah so just stay back a little wee bit rough so you're behind it lets it go back a little bit more that's a little bit more little bit more okay this really needs to be a right angle and the reason it's at a right angle is because if it's lower he's not gonna be able to go forward onto it so what I'm going to get him to do is lean forward onto the air ok now this is an easy position to get into and all I'm trying to do now is bring the focus to his arms his shoulders and just get him into this nice well exposition here so I want to keep that the one thing I know never do with the girls is I would never even eva get there get there knee on the outside of the hit so what I never do with the girls and bring the knee outside but the boys can do that you see I always joke so hot down wrath in order to show our just so season for the for the girls I always sort of called this farmer joe and so I'm always like we have our bodies on the inside line we always predicting out may into the middle of our buddy without arm into the middle of everybody here and that sort of if I ever see girls in this position almost like oh that's so farmer joe but the boy's com'on and they go into this position so I'll put us back in here and the reason I just cheat the height of my box because it's a really high box but russell a tall guy is he can bring his elbow forward kate now a lot of people could do this comfortably a lot of people can't so you have to look at what's comfortable for him can he put his other hand through so if I bring your both your elbows forward can you rather I'm going there comfortably so can you lean forward in order to do that year that you've gotta pull back now I really like that for the guys I can get up here I can do this shot I can pull that out just a little bit and I could take a nice hitch up I kind of cut the knee off right about here so I'll take a few and see what looks good and if it doesn't I'll stand about hand back in this pocket there now pull back with your chest headset so pull back here so it's about pushing back through the air and then pushing a chin towards me down now see how he's got really good strong big arms I really like that I think it's masculine like their hands just boys have really good hand sort of position they don't really do the stiff hands like the girls do so which is odd stay there you're instantly tipping and that looks really cool so right now your head for me now that's and just push your chin forward that's the one right I like that a lot now you can see how close I am to him it's not about shooting this back here I don't want that I don't want it to look like he's standing on a step I just wanted to look like it's a really natural position and he's leaning forward that was really good smile ok from here ask go backto taking this hand back to here so you have just come in your pocket that's it and you just leaning back a little but more so maybe come back into that line that's when now just let this shoulder cave in just a little bit and long chin towards may push push that one there it is there so I mean I'll come back to here so what if it's comfortable for him if he looks good if he looks really good with his arm across the ant then I'll do it because I really like that shot I can't need goes down so from here I've got him standing side onto me against the wall he's gone straight back against there and then I've got it knee up so without moving I'm already in three positions and then looking for a couple of different competitions so I'm just going to switch out this box and state and then get him into a state of position I'll go and get my seat now so just like normal I'm in exactly the same position with the girls when I come to the sitting position but instead of being in front and working the body language towards the hourglass what I'm doing with the boys is opening it out so this would be the only time either that you open a client's leads up to the camera so I'm going to do two things one of them has put this foot up here and just slide that foot out just a touch and then put your elbow right to the edge the arrest that's it now see what he did with this left hand automatically he just set directly into position now we never want have hands towards the camera so we always want to turn them away but I'm not concerned about that one there and I really like this composition I like the staggering that the box down here is just enough to live his foot off the ground and that means that this knee is slightly higher which means he can comfortably lean down to it so this would really works for may I like that it's a little bit asymmetrical in them I can work his chin this way so I was going to take this still so that you can see it and for may I'm just gonna bring your chin around and forward okay russ what I need you to do is just go over here and that's the one yeah now it's gonna have to cross in front of the year so what I don't want to do is shoot this too low this really just is about the top of that they now I can see the back of that hand so just bring it out boat out to may that's it now that doesn't bother me when he brings his elbow out because for the guys that just makes around so big and then this hand just come down what I don't want to do is be to anyone knew your crutch because if the hand comes into the hand comes into the cracks and it looks like they're holding the crutch that this khun stay out just bring your feet out so have a look how much bitters leagues look when they're not tucked back and this is quite normal for people bring your hell back into it right into the annual he'll back into the case weeks look shorter and if he brings them out straight away his legs look a lot longer and they are long legs so we want them to look long make sure that hand stays relaxed okay so just find your groove here sitting up nice and tall for your neck and shoulders and then pushing your chin towards may and down oh I like this a lot wrath okay push that chin towards me but not down that's the one and as you can say election mouth a little bit more chin forward we don't have to tell the voice anything because they just love being in front of the cameras yeah okay here's a co variation to that works I'll take this out I want you to stay exactly there but this time I want you to turn away from a actually just think push this box back a little so you sit and keep going keep going right on the edge now bring your legs around and now just lean forward on your elbow so it's better if you sit more on the edge of the box that's in your knees go apart figure part right straightaway or goes to this all right they instantly bring the fingers together here and that's cool you can keep them together if they look natural or you can let them drop down but either way however they hold there is usually good and I want you to just lift up through tears through here push back yeah so there yet about rolling those shoulders for again sitting out nice and tall and bringing your chin towards may so I do this a lot too without that box so without leaning on that I think russ is quite long and he's really tall and so I think he actually looks better with his foot up but I'm going to take this show anyway so that you can see this pose because this is all about that sort of close forty five years left to chain up to me just attach in least smile rasa just a tiny little leaf that's it perfect and nice and holds forthem now if you're going to do the quintessential sort of these poses you're gonna have to make sure that they are working so they're sitting poses that you can do with the boys you know you want them this fun thinker on all of those hand prizes but you just have to make sure just the same with the girls as some people bring their hands up to the face really easy and some people don't some people find that they have quite a natural touch up here and other people are like this so I'm never going to I will try and if a guy looks good like that then I'll do it what I find easier with men a soon as you start talking to them they re seat the pose so as a photographer all start a conversation while they here and they will get into a pose very naturally and as soon as I see it I just say stop talking let me take this photograph and I find that they just don't quite naturally if you put something here like this they will quite happily set up and do this quite amazingly you know it's quite incredible it's so easy they do it naturally and I think that I don't maybe I don't know why they hold a different space than women do in terms of confidence but I definitely feel like they've you're good at placing themselves so I distract them for a minute and just check to them about something of check to him about work or life or whatever and inevitably they get into these really cool poses and the quite you know so easy to photograph I also find of course we take eighty two three hundred photographs of women and the guys usually have about twenty five good shots and about twenty four of them really great so just nice and easy stand stand move down move down move down move down and there we are just like that it's too easy so before you sit down I want to show everyone one thing if you just sit down just about on the ground in natha russ you just bring your arms up onto name okay have a look at how comfortably rest and said here because that would be my provide position exactly the same as my sort of female sitting down position but of course all the body language is open now I want to know how comfortable russ is in this position sitting and if I can't get him up and over with his shoulders I want toe stick the sunday just to elevate him because it's more important that I get a really good body in english or his upper body and it is that so to me from here I want to not his niece dominate slight or feet forward a little weed but more which makes your league's longer of course and straightaway I like that position so here's my casual schardt I've just sitting him down it's a little bit of enable box just to give him some elevation his arms are strong he's holding this position now I connects you walk around this position pretty much ninety degrees so I'll do a full ten and see what I can say from here I like the side position here and I can shoot this guy just refocus I can shoot there's pretty much here on the horizontal and crossed the square because I like it and I like the jeans just coming up or I can shoot there on the vertical beer so I'm here now from the insider angle I'm getting him to push his chin toe towards me this way that's it rust it's perfect now another thing that the guys could do that the girls can't is it slightly forty five up on the face which looks really really good I'm going to get a life you here here it is and I'm just going to follow around someone to stay nice and low pushing your chin towards me rest that's it nice all this is good so there I am on his forty five right there so I really like that for he didn't smile at may say that's perfect grass okay see how I'm cutting into that four out there that doesn't bother me too much I'm going to come round a bit more and I'm going to shoot that here he's following me with his chin I like that a lot you don't need to smile good looks together just giving it a little weak that's the word that's perfect rest I like that a lot there's my angle try just relaxing your hands and so that they're not held then I'm gonna come to here now when I get to hear something changes in his asymmetry so hold him to get in the way you just had your own hands down that's the one nasty I'm slightly asymmetrical push it towards me russ and give me a tiny little smile the eyes that's the one perfect I like there's a lot I would never follow a female client away from the light because I would be predicting like back to her constantly in order to get a nice open light to her face but with the boys I'm pulling him away away from my only light source and it still looks good so push your chin down a little weed but I'm shooting on the forty five okay he's using his needs his arms a rolled forward those hands dominating the front I can crop them here where I can pull back and then crop them here so say sometimes with the guys it doesn't matter if the arms are really strong in the front because it really suits them I also like this nice wide shoulders shot horizontally all the way around to easy now if russ was being shot with his girlfriend I would bring here in on his bet klein she could cuddle up to his shoulder you know she could kneel down she could be and she'd get there so many positions I could be an ed on the girlfriend so from here we want to get the girls and we'll let the boys stay in the masculine position we rotate them this way she could be here here here and here up through here holding him on his shoulder saving on the shoulder and then you end on the girl and then you take the boy away and then you photograph the girl so then you're going boy couple girl and then you've got flow right through your portrait shoot so nice and easy let them come away from the light get just let them use the shoulders in their arms their needs make sure their legs come out and then just move around them and see what you get lit these arms strong these hands that strong they look good as long as here a little bit side onto the camera nice big rolled out shoulders that looks fantastic and you know little smiles just work with the person whoever they are and make sure that they look like all right pushing your chin towards me rest nice and strong that the one tiny little smile in your eyes just like near that perfect stadium is going to come up on my exposure to point at one hundred shall I spin around six forty eyes and I've got one baby looks like source here now what I want you to do is just come back to this wall st backed us well actually before you do just for grounds just there that's the one drop your shoulders down that's it nice and strong long chin towards me and I'm happened over here like with love you're just gonna have yourself from those eyes look like the kick I c e o and then from here just go back down on stand nice and strong there and lean back against that wall just a touch km from here I just want you to tip forward even so stop that straighten here that may and then long chin towards me this way okay so I'm coming around on the forty five don't drop that shoulder down too low in the front actually straighten up it's the one and just tiny light little smile in your eyes that easy that's it perfect from their arms folded here so just get it down with angle there it didn't drop that shoulder down just have the one perfect so nice easy smile here perfect that knows that's awesome I want you to go back onto that back wall so from there remember on the back wall your thumbs into your pockets or hands into your pockets and then I got you to roll your shoulders forward off the wall and then I got you to push your ten forward there it is and down just a touch isn't easy and just keep these hands relax into pocket so you can put them into your pockets that's it looks better with a certain here okay so rolling shoulders forward and then pushing your chin up first with your chin and then forward push it forward and down that one stay there so I just got a little clear on your glasses but you turn this way form a that's it and you're right there now let's together just easy tiny smile they asked if russia is great and little wee bit more that's one cake nice easy big smile go set stadium if it okay from here I just wantto try note of fakes my no go no smile don't think about it just smiled at me just a bit better I came from the edges fold your arms so nice and comfortably against the wall there I like that a lot I could do this I need a tiki smile for that not now not so much just more of a smoke there sir I like that that's perfect okay from there I'm going to bring this box then and I just want you to put your right foot upon they're so nice and tall and with your right hand just leaning forward so this hanging going to pocket and just leaning forward and nice long chin towards me that ten fourteen down and then just bring your chin very that stop that's it perfect I just nice light that's the one that's perfect and then from here I don't know in a suit if you feel comfortable bringing this and for because you may not be able to try if it's restricting you yeah just you know living come for just a little and just see if I can make it work if I can't I'll just pull away through chief a little weird but there is an ancient comes forward okay and yeah it definitely looks better down so just put it back into your pocket and I just want to take one more there just because that jacket's gonna pull straight across your shoulder line okay from here we'll sort this one out will put this box down we'll bring in the white box and we can sit on that so just go that way and that aside salon and I'm gonna get you to sit on the corner and your right foot is coming up that's it and then just come over here a little way but slide across on the box that's it keep that they're right elbow right to the edge that's it and then that hand just comes in that one sitting nice and tall and just watch that their hand doesn't come too close to the front long chin towards me rest davia to effect and just leaning forward onto that me just a little weak but war it's great that move I came from here perhaps bring this foot out towards me a little weed but more I can't drop this hand down your fighting and I know that and I just took that's it then lifting up nice and tall long tend towards me this watch that front hand doesn't get too rigid that's the one so just take out your hand this relax it but perfect and tend towards me push it forward nice just easy smith all in the eyes that's it perfect excellent okay from here I want to go up and even though you're in a suit let's just perhaps chin down just a touch it's perhaps take the tie off and just did the suit with the white shirt with just open collar on that sitting position so it's still really styling and take you but it's just a little bit more relaxed so I'll take their hand you can undo your top button will take the white box out susan and then we'll just sit down on the smaller box and we'll sit at the back this time so um actually no we'll sit right we were because we're gonna repeat all of our positions in this outfit just to show how style okay so your feet came out just a little weak but rest that's the one perfect all right and just bring your chin around to me now this way so chin down just to touch so on this forty five looks great it's alright tiny little smile it's perfect and I'm gonna come around to hear so you're the I like that a lot and then I'm gonna come around to here and here and just bring your chin with me nice and long and down to here awesome and just bring those hands together so I can't see them but that's it lower longneck sitting up nice and tall pushing in ten forward this way that's it that mood perfect then a right so that's all I want to do with the boys I just want to show you that flow I want to show you how easy it is to open up the body language I want to show you how easy it is to make them look strong and the shoulders I want to show you how easy it is to shoot them and also how easy it is to oppose them so let them post themselves lengthen the league's opened their arms up roll the shoulders forward in always pushing the chin ford we always want a strong masculine jor el expression always comes through the eyes and enjoy practicing shooting boys so now we're going to complete exactly the same posing met for the boys but this time I'm going to shoot lower I'm going to shoot on more of a fashion angle so I'm going to be instead of sitting right here where I was with russ I was sitting right on about russ is sort of bottom chin height and he was pushing his chin out towards me with adam I'm going to drop down even lower so I'm going to shoot it low I'm gonna pull back a little bit more same rules apply all body language goes out okay and all I have to do with adam is just roll his shoulders forward so I just have to keep rolling his shoulders forward and making sure speeded comfortable and I'm going to talk to you through the whole man this time I've changed my background again we're we're still on the black and so what I've done is I dropped down my expression we have absolutely no reflector coming in the side so nice strong lines to the face and jaw and I'm just going to take him through the same men that we took for us but he's in a single genes he's more casual it's definitely list formalist corporate I'm going to shoot a little bit lower but follow exactly the same posing happen rules so he would go from here and comes into your jeans and you can see this is my only light source in the room so the whole room is painted white we've got a black deflect their that's absorbing lots of light this light he is just hitting and I'm just here and all I have to do is discuss them tio roll those shoulders for that as soon as his shoulders come forward his jawline a strong has showed us a strong his arms look strong then all I had to do is come down to here now I can just get him to push his chin towards me half in it towards me but not so much up and I'm gonna make sure I crop to the top and the bottom of the genes sorry that was there now I'm shooting one stop below because I'm on the v flat on dh the black is telling me that I need to expose higher he's going to blow out if I don't so I'm watching the back of the camera not the meter and the camera so if I look at the meter and the camera I'm reading one hundred shutter speed two point eight six forty so now see hello I am I'm shooting right down up to him so it's real fashion I'm also taking the crop higher than I took ruses so basically what I'm doing is I'm shooting almost to the top of his head to the urn is james and I just want that low fashion calvin klein look so with russ I had rust scented an up he was in the top two foods his head was in the top food it was very portrait and very traditional exactly the same pose so from here forty five degrees all I'm going to do is get him to step back this way this does two things to his body side onto may and also takes him away even more from the light source so have a look how this just picks up the light it's almost a silhouette because I've got a better meter here about one point three so from here straight down the line just rolling your shoulders forward ever so slightly look how low am and straight away that that shoulder roll makes his significa indifference to a shoulder let me show you pull back with your shoulders and on the way you were standing before just normally so when he's at pride is here remember with the boys we don't can eke the front shoulder the way the girls do this is all about strength and all about making you bigger so the boys just roll their shoulders in it pulls it cheers down you can see picks it looks really good so just making sure it's a gentle movement so have look at the difference just rolling forward now also you'll notice in a lot of magazines when you see male models they were always using their thumbs into the james you can always see that they're putting pressure into the jean pockets because they're rolling their arm forward very slightly and the just pushing down on their angle there it looks really good so from here on in I shoot back I'm going to go a little bit lower and I'm just going to get you to bring your chin down ever so slightly here now rolling those shoulders forward even more adam that's perfect right there and they're this so I really love that I think it looks really good with this ted oh so following a map he then turns and goes to the back the whole point of this one as we shooting square so from here you can just roll your shoulders down that's it that's it looks good with his chin up this would be the very few times that people look good with the chin up remember the chin comes up because it's more fashion and it definitely has its strong jaw I can still get him to pushes him towards may and when I'm in camera if it's going to be up there high I don't want to be too low so bring your chin down to me now because I'm lower stop he still really chin up to me here I'm just going to check the back of the camera not my meter so I'll be here I'm just going to go up on my meter sorry and from here already I'm there I don't want to blow this out so I wanted to come out on the camera looking really dad a lot of these images are going to be put into that really grantee black and white so we want them to look really fashion and really modern and grainy sitting nice and low now let's try arms folded so just fold around said I'm just naturally exactly right and then from there let this foot come on up and over so exactly the same way we did with russ the difference in this pose is soon as he puts his foot over there he instantly drops down one shoulder which looks really good rolling their shoulders forward that's it instantly put his muscles up through its nick I'm going to shoot low I'm here among their and just push your chin towards me a tiny touch and from here just a little smiling eyes that not even a almost a smith not quite a smoke maybe just a little bit more little bit more there there's okay and it's so settled but just soften it face have a look at this too you can give him a slight tip this way stop okay like that and now just a tiny little smile there tiny time that's one that's one can you see that shift did you get that on that view okay you can just soften the boys the same way you soften the girls okay it's an expression off being completely blank and then it just lightens up and it's really simple from here with russ we put the box down seems we put the box down right foot comes up and then you can lean your elbows just naturally that's it however you come forward now straightaway this really is about the arms so what I'm gonna do is bring the chin down like you're looking at the window straight away in its there so I'm just cutting into that new line a cab just gotta watch my exposure because I just found straight out when he came into the light I care pullback here just chin eyes to me and um that's and just bring your chin up to me now all right stay the terrific ok I really like that I think strong arms look amazing it's an easy party's ticket into and we tried this one put this hand until thumb and you're and you're jane's and leave that one there right so if you're gonna do that you need to roll the shoulders out a bit and then keep this one here nice and wide mean that alba is always got outside the body gilles come inside the body so keep it wide keep it strong push the chin forward to me a little way but more I'm going about my exposure dancer like a silhouette like that a lot perfect now bring your chin straight down again and just look about just a little that move right there it is love that and you know wherever I shoot my client is usually sitting exactly the same eye line so when they sit down I sit down what I've done here is exactly what I did with rats but what I'm going to get you to do adam has come towards me see your backs on this wall it come towards me a little bit more and sit with your feet apart just a little bit more than that so that your arms come out this is where we're at here remember with right sided a ninety degree angle tune around him for his casual shot this is exactly the same thing but what I'm trying to do is just get something a little bit more fashion so I'm going to have to go a little bit lower so from here I'm going to be here he's going to come in and I want to be about here in my lo all right so I'm gonna start off in my heart's on tone and then I'm gonna come up to a vertical shot so here I'm there and I like that but I need to come back a little way but more so sorry last day the coming here all right that's it so I really like this single here nice and low just gonna make sure my exposures on still a two point eight of course because you know that well I like to shoot and if I'm going to shoot this video clean and I want to come up to here so if you want to bring the am stand you just need to slide the feet forward so comfort stop and then his shoulders roll forward and that all comes in to play nicely so I'm going to start coming around and want to be here alright just when he dropped forward I can now see both arms both heads which looks good it's going to come back shoot that little wide I'm on the fifty mil so mother's close as I normally am with thirty five you know the city five get up close and personal and fifty I got a little bit of space I'm gonna come around to hear and remember I just follow this all the way around I absolutely love this just watching the exposure here right now and I think what I'll do susan is if you are able to just come about to reflect your informer the reason I'm going to put this reflector and I'm going to get susan to hold this here is because there's a lot of white black going on so I'm just gonna put it there for one minute and I know that we're going to block the ego it's perfect and then I don't get too much contrast I don't want to much contrast in there like I was getting or maybe I do all right we'll try so we'll just leave it there on the floor and stephen bounces up and is I come around one more time I'm here I can use this on me anyway I really like this light coming in through here so to things going to happen here just watching that his forearms are dominating towards the front of the camera so that's my focal point but because of the ted o's I think it's absolutely perfect I'm gonna put this up there and I'm going to take another one so this time and I'm just like your hands goes they don't hold them there that's it that was call from there in turn up half in and that's it all right so I'm going to keep it looking really kevin kline I gotta keep asking for those expressions are gonna keep getting it you know let's try this way all right what I like about this now is I've got a pretty strong silhouette I'm going to shoot on the asymmetry so I'm pulling off this way if I feel like that arms dominating I'll tell you what I'm gonna do it's gonna come up on my tilt so if I'm down here in his arm is dominating the camera then the facing I want to do is just come up until tinto but I don't want to lose it fashion style so if I tilt up like this so see I was here and I'm just coming up on my tilt then I'm more focused on this face and it's arms coming down this into let's see if that witch and if that starts to look like I'm shooting down her mom's gonna get him to lift his chin up to me half an inch that's it perfect amazing it's my favorite shot okay from here because we have this really cool light I'm going to do exactly the same rotation but you're going to come back to this side so if you just sit there you look at this this is real call now very few people can do this so you have to look always at your client look at your client and asked what they can do so see if adam you can bring your left hand spring it up I don't want to it can't hold like a girl so it can't be on the back of his here because guys don't do that it was going to do anything he's gonna have to do it naturally now remember mina natural poses they're really really good at it so let them find their own group this makes a huge difference soon as he brings that hand up if it looks like it belongs I'm going to shoot it if it doesn't I won't when the forearms are leading like that and they're out of the shop I love that I feel like if I did that to a woman she would say I hate my arms I feel like with guys they like their arms and I think they look strong just slide this foot out towards me a little debt it that way little lower soon as I drop that down I can just take it for him out now what I've got is a really cool backline so I'm going to come into here and just go from there to there all right now just let that hand go back in the front now this time let one hand here doing it come around now I got a totally different light because now he's on my light source I know you're behind me you can and I'm just going to come on this way and see what I get what I like is that black v flip is now picking up a blue gray which is awesome because it's going to pick up and throw those jeans really called and totally different look here so totally different process see how I cut a hand off at the wrist I'm going to go but lower so I don't I don't want to cut him off at the wrist I want to cut him off at the top of the hand which is right there that's amazing perfect and I could just keep going all the way around again so from here next what I'm gonna do I'm gonna put him up on this white box the reason I'm going to do the white box is because I can get a whole different shaking his body so we'll put that against here and I just want you I'm on the edge and then I want your right foot up now we put the right foot up so he can go the elbow to spring a hell here that's perfectly ok now from here in this pose here I am back to that sort of exactly the same elbows down but have a look at this this is a really great way to drop the front shoulder so I'm just going to bring this back and so that you can see it from front camera from here something that looks really really good is I sometimes get the guys to just like they're almost reaching down to the ground so it's like there and I should get quite square what this does is it drops that front shoulder down and it just gives the arms something different today so I'll take a shot so you can see it and I just think that sometimes when you drop that shoulder down gives it a whole different look we're pulling back to here and just drop in my experience that changed my life and just bring your chin this way and then that's it don't move perfect them can make more yeah I'm gonna be on the horizontal may all right so just dropping the arm straight up get a frame bring it there cup again and from here then I would probably just sit forward a little bit more so it's just about enrolling so don't say that right roland and then just bring your chin to me ever so slightly that's the one and I can go into here they're absolutely perfect so there was my map the only thing I did differently with recitative with adam was a met exactly the same except for I came back on the ninety degrees and changed his wall side I followed exactly the same posters and staggers in hands I just shot lower and I shot a little bit lower in more fashion so tight a crop to the top of the head in showing the bottom of the genes with rest I shot right down to the bottom of his jacket but I was focused more on his head and shoulders so it was more traditional portrait and with them we just found it out by now dropping down our composition I kept my angle shooting angle lower and more fashion and I worked exactly through the same map so enjoy practicing that all right what we're going to do now is I'm going to show you how to shoot in the silhouette I have blocked my entire light source off with black defects and now what I'm gonna do is take a photo of him in this light I have allowed this much like that's my hand with just to come through and she asked gonna brush over him this is going to be a dad grantee siri's I've taken adam shoot off and now we're going to shoot it low going to shoot a fashion it's going to be that dad grandi black and white or really high contrast color so this is how we do it we knocked it right back when I get a reading on him I'm still a two point eight I'm right down to a sixtieth I'm shooting it about a stop and a half under exposed because it's reading or the black my meter is reading all the black and the image in it saying to put my exposure up if I do that his body is just going to go bright light instead I'm going to bring it write down so he's in it really dax it away so when I shoot in the back light I shoot it a better stop and a half over even though it's mita ring for the face and it's telling me to put my exposure down I pushed the explosion up because I'm watching the lcd not not the meter and the camera okay so he would go as soon as I start shooting here I'm going to get him into position so I'm going to get him to lean back on his shoulders and he's projecting with his hips forward which is something I would never do with a female in a female post and that the reason that I'm doing that it's because this is where his body line looks the strongest and the most masculine now I'm just going to get him to push his thumbs down and roll his shoulders forward to bring their body nine forward his chin cast goes forward and out just ever so slightly he's got the silhouette just touching his body and what I'm doing is I'm exposing for the mid time so I'm not looking at the highlight because there is none I'm just letting the camera took up I'm still one and a half stops under exposed I'm sixty two point eight and as you can see it's looking really fashion and really graduate push it and for me a little bit more and then that's perfect there so from this position here I love it I just want a little bit more light on it backdrop so I've got two choices I can come up that one stop and just he'll get brighter or I can dodge back that highlight when I'm in fetish off from here when I want you to do is just put your hand on your hat so just bring your hand up that's it and long chin down rolling those shoulders forward perfect and then stay there stay there I'm coming in a little bit closer to here and I love that so come inclined like it looked like a rock star just make sure you get the genes pushing that crop down that fish and proper answer he fills the frame and from here just bring your chin down that way that's it follow that line it's perfect and I'm going to look and look into the frame instead of out so from fear stand up tour and just take one step towards me forty five degrees angles so what I like now is this side of his head is which we didn't get last time I want you to crunch down first before you crunched down with your abs I want you to lean back with your shoulders then you crouch down and ford perfect now just let this albert come back a little bit more so I can see that today so roll your shoulder forward again that's it great position look how low am I I'm shooting down this low I've got to make sure my exposure is one and a half under what is meeting because I want that grand you are so I look and there it is right there it's at one and a half exactly so I'm going to get him to lean back a little bit more rolling your shoulders forward this back line looks really cool I'm going to come into here and I really love how his shoulders open so we would never photographed feels this way I'm going to take that from the top right down to the bottom of the genes with hands there because they look really good in the pocket from here I'm going to get you to tune this way and I want you to put your back there that's exactly right leaning back and then the space we've created now is about having his shoulders back and then you can crunch down with your abs and bring it bring your shoulders forward and then just bring your chin down this way and I'm going to hit this low into the side here and I love the amount of silhouette like this just coming off that backdrop so it's here in here I'm gonna pull right back and low and chill out a little way bit and then I said to meet him that's two fixing up a little but more that it you can see that line coming straight away when he hits that sort of model line it's really perfect I'm going to come down a bit lower and I just want to cut down some light so that silly it is he's gotten closer he's pushed this back and that's why he's getting more light so I'm going to push this back to block it see that instantly the light's gone off again so I'm going to go back and take that shot again and we'll see which looks better than almost like you're the one without all the molly there one without looks incredible all right that's it don't move don't move absolutely perfect there it is right there okay so we're back with their with side were hand on the heart with forty five exactly the same mething just using scylla waited lights or cutting up right down and this finish will be all about the processing

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