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28 Days of Portrait Photography


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Day 18: The Corporate Headshot

one of the most significant marketing engines and my business in the early days was selling corporate headshots to people because my brand in my style of photography was all about simplicity and people were really drawn to it they would ring me all of that all the time tio get corporate head shots so what I realized was instead of turning them away because they were only potentially three or four hundred dollar clients I would bring them into the studio and then market to their families so today I'm going to take you through posing I'm gonna take you through shooting and I'm going to take you through marketing to the corporate hit shot and turning them into other chutes hi everyone today's challenges the corporate hitch up I just want to talk about the corporate hitch up it's something that has existed in my portrait studio and has been there for my entire career which is twenty three years and there's a couple of things about this that I wanted to make a challenge the the reason being...

is I find a lot of people no longer offer this and I find that this is what I call advertising on the periphery it means that I can gain portrait clients through advertising in a different means and it's also a product that is a little bit cheaper than portrait photography in the sense that the package is smaller so let's discuss it and why I think it's a challenge and why I want youto offered in your studio I'm moist looking to advertise to offer different avenues of photography without actually putting that on my website so if somebody looks at my website now clearly it's a stylish type glimmer photography website but I want to be able to offer contemporary corporate images without writing that on my website so basically meaning that the advertising I'm sending out is going directly to corporate client in its advertising directly to corporates and I'm not actually advertising that I'm doing it on my website I want my genre in my website to look very clean contemporary and very focused on one genre how with that I know that I can smack it on the periphery to bring people to that to my studio to debt genre so here it is the corporate hitch up I have been doing the corporate hitch our men and women for about twenty years and in the studio we have always offered the corporate head shot is a product as I see it too in products and pricing the corporate hitch up his toys spain's three hundred dollars for a man and that comes with the top three images and I would actually send them a little contact sheet and they would choose the three images to be printed now that was twenty years ago we were selling a corporate hit shot for three hundred dollars twenty years ago and ways to shoot five a week easy now they take fifteen minutes to shoot for the boys fifteen minutes to shoot for the girls and it's four hundred dollars for the girls if you included here and makeup because it's one hundred dollars for you here and make up artist now the slide here sea is posing men imposing men is one of the last challenges and yes differently I do talk about corporate as well but today all of the posing and behind the scenes you're seeing for corporate posing for men and women so the posing men challenge at the end is really for posing for portraiture and I have added some corporate style and there but mostly I want it to be about posing man for portrait so today we're going to talk about just having a contemporary look at contemporary executive corporate style now you know I should not rely so all of my images for corporate arshad unnatural life there is a choice I make if you want to shoot this in artificial light or flesh like you can obviously it's good to have a nice sharp clean images but most people book me because they like the contemporary feel of my image is not so much the old style blue background flesh lit feels so that's your choice I think the corporate lookers about posing simplicity and expression now posing meaning there very limited poses that you can put people in in corporate hid shots men and women today we're going to show you what they all are I believe simplicity is just about having one plain background night and simple maybe a colored cheer like I've showed you and also keeping your expression in a small but the smallest range so we go from having just two connected look in the eyes with a tiny little smick to just a little bit more friendly to an easy smile but very really do we do anything sultry anything sixty or anything big granny ok we're kind of in the middle realm of expression it's open and you wanted to be friendly but kick ass and take names all the same rules applied about pasha lifting up chin forward the mention forward you can do all of the power stances as I'll show you a little grid at the end here of the different posters we can use toe open up on the way wall to make it look stylish but not sixty or anything to do with um oddly now there are a lot of businesses now they're a little bit more startup business or internet business or corporate modern corporate that don't require the suit and tie that we can make a little bit more friendly you can do jeans and a pollen nick make it suit the business that they're in but tell them to bring two or three outfits and for the men a change of shirt a different suit in a change of tie for the girls they can bring in one suit but they could bring in a colored scarf a different colored blouse or a second business sort of jacket change so I think all the primary colors look good they look great rid white black blue gray it's very corporate very strong we have to do is do two or three chutes and show them but they're really getting the top three shots for corporate it's an easy three hundred dollars it's a quick showed and now you have the undivided attention in your studio to market too so in nineteen ninety three we were selling a corporate hitch up for three hundred dollars and that was for three five by seven it's now we were shooting back then on the median format hesse blade film we would choose one roll off twelve film which is a full roll twelve photographs you never knew if you had a blink or not because you couldn't see in the shutter once you click to see to watch for blanks we would get a first friend stripped back so we would process it for eight dollars and then we would scan the images and well first okay back twenty three years ago we would printed as a first round and they came out five by five inches we would show them all twelve and they would pick the top three for three hundred and then they would say can I have the rest in the wrist where one hundred dollars each so we had bean selling corporate here charts and my portrait studio since nineteen ninety three for that price now that is more than most of you charge for a photo shoot and now that you are lifting yourself into this professional realm it is time to charge maur and do this right so then as we started to progress before we went digital and the later nineties what we would do is we would process the film but not printed into first round then we would scan the negative and then we were starting to loon photo shop so we could fix anything do dust parts except your bags under the eyes and then we would show them the top twelve images on the computer on the predictor and then they would choose the three and then we would only pick the three that was three hundred dollars and we would only pay the eight dollar processing fi the dull a film charge and then the processing of three images but it's about two dollars fifty so it's still had a good profitability specially if you were doing five awake but more importantly it was the avenue to open another new work in your studio off more corporate real estate agents of people that want to go really good quality photographs and then you could give them about you two come back and have a family portrait down a glamour shoot down kids portrait is done so this is a great little neat work toe open up ifyou're marketing toe a properly the corporate marketing giant I put the slide in here's a little reminder recently I was in sidney and I went into corporate sydney which I don't you to go into the area and there are all the gray suits where and I walked into a mess of corporate building to meet a photographer for lunch who is doing a big corporate campaign in one of the big high rises when I was in the cafeteria waiting for him I just saw thousands and thousands of women walking past and suits and I thought to myself one of these buildings can host up to a thousand sometimes more people and all of these people need to be marketed to how would I get my glamour business into this building and then I thought to myself if I was smart I would go in the same door that would get everybody to my studio and that is the corporate he'd shot then I can win them over his clients and then I can offer them something else or I can shoot the top line of executives on instead of taking payment I can ask that all of the staff received gift vouchers for glamour shoots family portrait shoots exceed trick citra we need to start thinking a little bit wider and our periphery and making sure that we're creating advertising and work that is going to service our porter industry now marketing on the periphery is when you market a product but you're doing it on the periphery of what you do so I would think corporate maddening in corporate he'd shot a perfect example of what I call my cling on the periphery so even though I'm a glamour photographer I'm saying I do kid gorgeous corporate shoots and then I mac it on the periphery to those people so it's about not saying come and get a glamour shoot down that it's about winning them over a different way so your challenge today is to create a corporate marketing campaign that you can start marketing to the corporate world around you so that you can take these simple gorgeous shuts you can make three to four hundred dollars will you make about this is gonna take home one hundred and you can start advertising and marketing to a whole new genre that's going to bring bums on seats and people into your studio now let's look at how another really good ran I called the slide executive mother guilt this one's kind of funny for me I've got a few girlfriends their executives lawyers big executive corporate executives unusual and and they started to have children in their later cities and they juggle the executive career and they juggle motherhood as well they also juggle husbands had also have executive careers so it's pandemonium like anybody who tries to have children and a career you know that they both require a huge amount of your time and energy and somebody always suffers in that equation it's either going teo usually be you and your partner but I realized that all of the executive mothers head mess of mother guilt about not spending enough time with your children two of my girlfriends have nannies who uh you know with the children a lot of the time so one of my friends and melbourne is a really great kids pour tripped over her and she started to create this amazing package for that executive mom because she realized that they had too much mother guilt they were happy to pay a lot of money for beautiful folios off the kid it's because they were there all of the time so I think about all the ways in which you can connect with the needs of these people I'm not saying I want you to go and give them mohr executive mother guilt I just want you to say if this is something you notice if it exists and it's something you notice that you can create an advertising campaign around it because marketing it is about solving people's problem and selling people's problems in answering the questions not about advertising yourself gay I'm the best kids photographer in the world but saying you don't get to spend a long time with your beautiful children let us create a video for you so that you can enjoy this you can give this to mama eccentric cetera it's just when you see something you can create a campaign out of it creating a market campaign for corporate is your challenge today I want you to shoot a female and a male corporate I want you to follow all of these rules I want you to make it style e making a little bit geek you shoot in a natural light no reflected for the boys all open body positions for the boys and mohr for the women so let's talk about that and I want you to create it and I want you to start marketing it to anybody you know that works in a corporate field in a corporate industry you should not be charging less than three hundred dollars we've been doing this for twenty three years why would you charge least now you know what twenty three years ago what three hundred dollars with with and I want you to look at your current database how much of your current database are in business how much of them can you reconnect with how many of them can you seen vouchers to maybe you give them a hundred dollars off and they just do it for two hundred dollars just to get you started they must pay when they come in s o there is set up is a deposit paid they choose the three images that's how you're going to shoot it shooting the corporate hitch up right today I've given you three examples I'm showing you the mail corporate hit chuck very jake you starlet but more stylishly I'm going to show you what to wear what to bring in basic poses this here is a little grid off nine poses that I want you to focus on you can pretty much lean them against the wall you can bring the shoulder around you can drop the shoulder you can arms folded and you could just keep it very simple trying to do anything to sixty with the men they don't bring the elbows out on the lean down they can just stand upright they can go hands into the pocket and there's you see when I should george he is sitting in a big executive tear that oboe and that's that president shot I've shot that's queer I've done lots of sitting upright chin posture pushing his chin forward and then I've turned sideways he's gotta speed apart knees apart elbows onto his knees I've crossed his hands I'm watching hands no connection to the chin for the boys only with the women with arlene I actually photographed alan for the fifteen fabulous demographic and she had a black suit arm and the black suit was really gorgeous so we photographed here first in a corporate style just very straight up and down a little bit of shape into a body with the pink shirt underneath as you would for corporate then she took the pink top half and she did more of a slinky black suit with no top on the knee I love the juxtaposition between watching that get a little bit more sixty and you may have somebody corporate that's quite style e that wants that little edge and then we took the black jacket off and get a nice standard hitch up in the pink top so you'll get to see all three and then with photographs susan in her suit following a similar pattern to george moore ceo mohr sort of geek isc more vanity theorist made a little bit more modern the here is up in these modern poses and I'm going to talk about their so following these poses with susan and now you can watch the shoot and how I did this and how I finished there's someone you create your marketing campaign get it out there to your core prints and then when I put a call out I want you to tell me how much work you're getting from your corporate shoots how you have opened this up how you're giving them gift vouchers how you're looking at a whole new genre in your studio and how you were making this week for you and your business good luck enjoy doing this I have been doing this for years I think it is all part ties into your marketing thing it's going to be great evan you for you to work on I'm repeating myself now and uh go on enjoy thank you very much I'm going to incorporate a corporate sharp for my client today because I want to do a corporate shark I wanted then use the jacket is a sixty shot and then I'm going to take that off and take a really beautiful casual portrait in the pink top so I'm going to use exactly what you're wearing now three times so for your portrait for your corporate portrait I want you just to tune away a little bit more and lean back now this way and then back with the back of your shoulder and then fold your arms fold your arms but in a comfortable sort of core pretty tight way that's exactly right so maybe a little bit more of a lean you can actually take your weight on the wall so no I want you change the weight of your feet and then back with this shoulder that's exactly right so that you'd just leaning there all right and I want you instead of holding your elbows to be a little bit more business so I need to be yet that's exactly right good that's a kick ass take names corporate alan push your chin forward towards me now and in this way and just towards me a little bit more and down okay I'm going to start off with no smile and then I'm going to just just soften your eyes down just attach your perfect all right now just an easy light friendly smile okay corporate is not about having a huge smile I feel like this elbows right up so push it inform a in a little bit lower that's better ok right down again where it wass now this hand don't be splayed out in the front can come up this one that's right so just maybe tuck it in here and then long chin so long term good lane there now I feel like I'm going to show you what I'm getting guys because I feel like I'm dominating with this hand can you swap hands in your cross yes I know it's a thing to do that okay from here I like that because I can see that ring and I just feel like let me take the shot again push your chin for delaying towards me and down that's exactly right good this orson I see a lot of corporate charts a lot of bad corporate shark a lot of flesh let corporate shots and I always think to myself why don't people just treat it like a really contemporary shot just tip this way a little weed but more but just take the body language down a little wee bit so also I find just about all of my clients no matter what demographic their mouth all of my corporate clients who want to have a good corporate shot so if I can incorporate it by telling them do you need to do anything like that do you need to do a suit shot do you need to do anything else why you having your other portrait's taken they can just bring in a suit like this and now she has this gorgeous portrait that she can use on her corporate website in on her card that is professional and clean and it's done really well I also would take the hands down from cross and just do my standard but the difference being is take the weight onto your back foot again so that you can pull your thumb off the wall and we bit so step away from the wall and just lean back with your shoulder that's it feels weird but take your weight on your shoulder on the wall so lame right back there it is and I just want you to tune this hand here this hand comes up onto a thigh slide it up and elbow back and I just want you to turn your body away from me just ever so slightly just your body so like there no that way that's perfect now long chin towards me and down what's important is that I get this gap here to show her body line because then I can show who waistline which looks really flattering so I'm just going to take this shot it's a straight up and down standard corporate smart portrait bring your chin around to me alan push it forward this way push it forward and down that's a tiny little smile that is not a portrait that is what I would use for corporate so what I want you to do is push your chin down towards me look that's it I just want you to soften your eyes just a little wee but more nice easy approachable half smile go for it nice easy one just let it go okay now I want to see nice easy half teeth smile that perfect I love that everybody hates the corporate shot you're going to love yours now what I want you to do is to go and take that rose top off and we'll do exactly the same scenario and will do more of a portrait look with the black suit so exactly the same scenario we haven't changed anything all I'm going to do is change your body language and hippos and see if I can create a more of an elegant portrait from her corporate look we took away the rose top and we put a gorgeous gold knickers which is his on and now I want you to do is stick that foot away from me even more your back foot and over there a little bit more away from the wall that's it now lean back so this one requires you to do a big lean now tune your hips away from made that way and put this hand just here on the bed so now I want you to lean down into his shoulder touches the wall so at the moment that's exactly right now more hip away from may this hand goes onto your thigh and then slides up so just bring your hip back to me a little weed but more and I want to see this hand in the front so if you need to bring it around then it goes up and you're albert goes back and I just want to make sure that that pin is not shown on the front cause I can see it but it's okay now from here I want you to very gently stay in this position I'm going to move you that I'm just going pull you towards may I love doing that slims down arm gives me beautiful way shape long chin too what's me and down now when we change this body language we've worked here body more we've given him more chin more body line I can see I can see a perfect line on her waist I think your hands that gorgeous and now I just need to bring this chin down the sinners she engages that gorgeous expression love this now instead of cropping her more central I'm going to bring her here to the top of my crop and all I need is a tiny little smile and sixty eyes which I already have looking right at me that's absolute perfect state here and now and just want to take you down a little weed but I'm kind of comeback chin down towards your shoulder a little weed but more push that chin towards me until it feels uncomfortable and you want to send me a bill for the chiropractor because you know that I will ok from here that that's it right here on my guards there's gorgeous so just like that I've changed that I've turned it into just im from from a corporate look tow an elegant portrait now I want you to swap back into the pink top letha nick assan let check it off and well friendly it up even more so exactly the same again but this time I'm going to get you in a little bit more of a recline so out behind your back their hand behind you about albert down on the wall behind your butt it would have been tio take your weight on your back foot and lean back with the back of your arm so more like that so pull your feet away and then lean back okay now I want your feet to go back that way so scooch away and then that way cakey coming good girl now very gently rotate everything around to me perfect now this albert comes forward and then I can go very like jimmy gonna pull you down like a little teapot there sent more you're going to come down the war like that perfect now push forward here tuck in here relax his hand bring this hand up here on the side on the other hand just soda halfway up that's it and then tuck back now nice and tall long chin towards may and then push forward and down so at the moment your side on eyes quite dominant to me so I'm going to show you the difference because this is something everybody does I'm going to show you and the difference between one move so now what I want you to do is I'm going to hold your arm is I want you to roll off the wall towards may stop the cave now her whole body just tend towards may and she rolled out onto her arm so I call it tucking in the am and I'm going to show you the difference between the shot from the front now that I bought that I'm forward now just long chin towards may and down keep coming down that's it stay there engine this way now from here I can now retake this shot and I just want to show you the difference between these two shots so see she was arm forward and I'm brought her body around now I'm gonna do it one more time you stay here and just rolled towards may not yes there keep going you going to stop now this hand goes up higher elbow back and then I need some space here so kick forward don't move now I've got her on a forty five angle that feels odd to hear but looks really good to me chin down a little bit this way stop in a tiny little easy smile you got it like a soft eyes and don't open them up to me to much bigger drop your eyebrows that teo stay there okay from here I'm going to look at one two three and have a look at haram open up to me so she was to open in the am isn't it funny how when you see these images together and the first one I'm looking at an amp it and it looks like rama's bigger is she comes around to me her body slims down and gets into the perfect line love there that's beautiful right there he got a perfect body line and I just got you on a little blank so long chin down to your shoulder to me now and just a soft easy little smile got it in this way a little bit more he going keep going stop here it is love that okay nice half smile good gil and I want to see some teeth just a nice easy smile gorgeous from here just bring your elbows african like you were with your corporate look but you're going to change it so that this hand here is on your body and that one there and you're gonna work your shoulder up and you're gonna long need long chin down that's perfect from here and I'm just going to come in nice and close to in this way that in chin down just a tickle tiny little smile good girl that's gorgeous and from there I want you just to touch the wall on both sides there hands down don't move anything else and long chin towards may and I'm coming around this fight oi love there a lot and follow me around with your chin a bit more keep coming around that teo stay there nice relax those eyes down feel beautiful beautiful big smile love that and they would go so I don't want to squash you hit on the walls have come away that's it now come back half way and it's right there good god it's lovely lips together now justin that's it okay I adore that I love that now I want to see those three shots and sequence for you so that you can see corporate sixty and nice and cage or gorgeous portrait right there today we're gonna post george in our three ceo positions and then I'm going to talk to you about how to market it to the corporate world and how to bring in more market through macklin too corporate hit chart this is something that I've been doing in my portrait studio for nearly twenty years it's always worked for me so it's about shooting the boys in the corporate girls getting great contemporary shots of them kind of energy fear is we just want to make it look really modern really stylish and we're using natural light so the one thing you'll see today is that I've upped the contrast in this room by blocking down on my light and just having a very small sliver of light because george is a guy he wants look stronger in the face he has no reflector and if I was to shoot a female ceo exactly this same way but I would open one more curtain and put a reflector and down the other side to lighten up her face the guys look stronger with hard a light in it looks better in contrast e really easy to shoot a corporate hitch up would take under an hour half an hour if that three looks so we're going to educate you also and how to educate your clients to bring the right outfits to get the right shots for the corporate look what either the corporate look is so maybe their internet start up so they want to look more casual will go to more casual is around so right now we're gonna have a look for g ve wave got out executive tear which I borrowed from zoom jim so I went down to the gym here in seattle so it is um did you am great jim I've been working out there for the last month that I've been in pierrot and I saw this cheer in their lobby and I said now that is the cheer for a ceo so please borrow up please lend it to me for a shoot and they let me take it home so thank you some anti hero or so let's get started as you can say my eye line today is way lower than normal okay I'm going to shoot the boys and I want to shoot the corporate looks shooting up so I want that very low modern look not that portrait looks I've dropped it down whenever I'm shooting glow it's about being more commercial more fashion so today I want to ceo look but I wanted to be lower what I've done that I put george in the cheerleader and I'm shooting this horizontally because I'm going to crop all of these images square I just feel like the square component brings just more sort of medium format look and I just think it looks great so I asked george before when he set down to just sit comfortably and he instantly went into its comfortable position so the way you sit before when you sit comfortably do that again you put one laker punching me and you just sit comfortably so I started here really important one of the most important things to remember is just tow works that the boys suits don't get too high up around the neck and even though I'm shooting up on upon them I want him to lift up nice and tall so coming straight out three nick and shoulders even though you're in a relaxed position and then bring your chin forward perfect I liked your hand leave you left india but I kind of actually no you should go back to where you were all right as long as I can see the hands that all that they're not disappearing into his lap so there andy and I'm just going to focus on his eyes and take that shot and I just kind of start around here now what get him to d'oh okay one war was gonna focus is lifting up nice and tall push chin forward okay so even the guys are wearing shoots and ties right after the nick it's really important that you lifting up through the pasture and then pushing the chin forward as far as it goes and then down just a touch I get one tiny little smile in the eyes not too much just a little bit okay I don't want to look too authority so bring the chin down a little we but more and just give me a little bit more smart perfect order is excellent okay from here I'm then going to get him to put his league back down so write it down and I want you to come forward onto your knees with your elbows that's exactly right so don't predict too much with your upper body sit comfortably and live the hands go so that they're not folded together that's it and I could be right there pull back with your shoulders a little oui but more that's the one I'm going to shoot that and just make sure you didn't get my blink cause I'm in life you for you a little bit more of a smirk perfect okay lips together smoke that's it stay there I really like this post but I think I should turn the cheer so let's have a look at it I like this on the forty five if you just turn up to nick this way and give it thee on exactly the same position so the reason I like this at the forty five is I think the back of the cheers really good I'm just going to stop in refocus so it's going to go up to shortens camera I'm gonna pull up just a little wee bit and I'm going to pull across to here so it's going to move away from him just a little way that more I'm sitting right on the square crop still so I'm just going to refocus my camera so I can show you how I'm gonna pose him and life here and back here and start right straight away he's in a position that I like I think it looks really really good and it's going to bring his chin around to me stop just a little way but more so remember with the guys we're not connecting the chin in the shoulder either all of those positions of feminine what I will get him to do is bring his elbows wider into the end of his knees not so wide more I needed that stopped and this time george I want you to relax your hands down so you can still that perfect okay I don't mind the lift and projecting towards me he can't swap over if the hands bother you that's perfect and then his other hand away election thumb down make sure both hands or alexis that's right and just chin up nice and long and tall first and then bring your chin down down towards me a little way but more stop time it'll smile on the ice here it is okay not gonna do that again I'm just going to lift up because I am shooting this horizontally and just give a little bit more headroom I just want to tune this hand in george so this one is facing me that's it not the other way that's it now let it go fingers down okay just watch the guy's hands we don't want to draw too much attention to the hands and from here this one chick my focus and I'm gonna take a still here so just a tiny little smile ok you can come forward in the cheer so actually slide out of the fear that it now come ford on two knees and we can put an apple box into here I really like this salad see if this works better that's exactly right I like that a lot I was going to bring this over to here and I'm going to shoot that their tiny little smile in the eyes just that's it perfect from the george turn away from me a little bit more so your whole body stopped and then bring your chin back towards me or I'm going to shift my position I'm going to show you how much I want to stay alive I'm going to pull back and I'm going to go a little bit to the left so he's turned so I'm going to turn but I still want to go straight back to the backdrop okay I'm just going to reach it my focus in from here let me stop go to shawn's camera all right now I've turned him away and now he's looking back at mater it's really important that I get him to sit up and bring his chin around to me because if anybody's going to look atyou through their color like that they're going to pinch they call it the color's going to pinch into his neck so really tall three neck and shoulders georgian bring it end that way not so far against right now forward put your feet apart a little bit more and slide your feet away that's not too much away from me this away from you it's a perfect sorry yeah uh backwards today jin this way okay stop not to fare in relax those hands down okay so just watching the hands don't get repositioned anywhere and just bring this front elbow towards may pet the one now he's in a really relaxed position I can see him sitting comfortably he's got a nice wide shoulder nice wide elbows which a defiantly more masculine so make sure you're taking all of the guys to the sitting up nice and tall pushing that chin ford start with a serious face exactly the same but we don't want to be too scary because we want to kick off and take names but not terrify after and a tiny little smile okay if you're going to make the guy smile try and get them to smile naturally guys shockers it smiling for photographs they always do a fake smile keep it simple no big cheesy grins for corporate we wanted to be soft approachable kind of style but not not too serious not too smiley at least they have that sort of job all right I like that in that way a little bit tv that's it perfect and let's go lips together just a little bit of a smirk and that's a perfect there it is okay I like that I like how corporate shot so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to go back to shawn's camera I'm going to take this off the pod and I'm gonna just take kind of a a very sort of any labovitz for g q shot just to take it to the next level I'm gonna put a camera up into portrait and I'm gonna hand holder so you can see me on the other camera was going to stop out from yeah so now I'm going to get you to sit back in your tear that's exactly right so the way you were very comfortably sitting back in the tear it's it just fine degrees this way and just bring your chin around to me this way all right so I'm still in live mode so I'm just gonna take out of that coming to here all right the whole point of this one and I'll show you the reference for the shot is something that I just found an amenity fear which I absolutely love shot by any live it great here who's gonna pull back all right let's go side on a little weight but more um you leave them on for this one just turn this way jim popped also contain this year on that's gonna put you inside and uh side onto me again so sit near on dh just scratching around for so that you can go down there to your little way but more that and bring your league pick up where it wass will you come to the set that stay there okay and bring your chin around to me this way okay lifting up nice and tall three neck and shoulders and that teaching around to meet this way more more keep coming around stop okay chin down now all right so here we are and I'm so down so just pulling out this whole cheer have a look at this craft I'm still sitting nice and low summit two point eight on right on his glass line focusing on his eyes I just wanted to get something a little bit more traditional on the tune and then with that for you so you can see it sorry that was a blank all right from here just one more where your foot comes down and you lean forward on your elbows again okay so from this angle I'm coming into here on the on the vertical can we see if that gets it's a different line that we're getting from the horizontal chin this way just to touch stop there it is okay and I just want one marie pulled back to here and I like this year perfect good smith expend right from here I like what I've done let's have a look at all of those horizontal images I'll show you how I'm cropping and retouching so that they got that nice square corporate look and I like the contrast in the cheer and let's go and start to casual it up a little bit so I'm going to get george to get changed and we're going to go into a sort of more of a day sooner blue with a lighter shirt and tie and we're going to take the ceo tear away we're going to keep the dark background and use boxes and steve so what we're going to do now is exactly the same pose is in the ceo here assuming you don't have one or can't afford one or can borrow one my car just id which is going to use to apple boxes so just turning a little bit this way george away from may and I put a second apple box as you can see on camera one down on the floor so just using that nate if you feel like that may is too high you have two choices one of them is to slide their box towards me so this way so stop not too far say they can still put your foot on it but it's dropping your knee forward so your football sometimes the ceo's quite had it giving direction to because they used to being the boss but you put out there and fight it slide it out slide it out towards me your foot that stuff okay soon as I drop his knee down I open that body lineup so drop it down a little weed but more george know towards may yeah see his knees going down if his knee goes down lower I could bring their elbow forward to each of the knee and I'm sitting there now when he brings his elbow forward he doesn't need to bring his face forward so you know you can stay upright alright be serious okay no relax your hands down as you can see the bottom of my crop is right on the apple box it doesn't really matter what they sitting on it could be an adjustable bass door anything going that goes up and down on devil boxes were really great I'm going to crop it right at that needs anyway I'm shooting this horizontally and all I need to do is sit up nice and tall and right after the bank and bring your chin towards me and then you turned that way ever so slightly so I love the blue suit I like the traditional background I'm just going to take a little siri's here okay so watching always eyes making sure the eyes have got a little bit of a smile so just be careful when you do a little smitten george you really come up on your left side so just smiling through the eyes okay I like real smile so make sure that if you get them that you captured them came too easy okay lips to give out that just a tiny little smirk both sides of your mouth that the one you're going to naturally come up on your left side anyway so just talking through a couple of easy expressions I really like that watch the hands make sure the hands thank you too stiff or into a fist to make sure that they stay relaxed really like this let's open his body language up and see what happens I want you to rotate towards me and little way that maura moved the box with you okay really important in body language that you don't do a crotch shot you don't want to do that whole the body language is the crutch display so right now if he comes forward a little bit more on dh then pushes that box towards me with his foot stop that drops us need down and then his hand's go down and see how the hands of asymmetrical they're asymmetrical because I put his right foot out I think that works a lot better I like this front and keep it simple nice and tour pushing the chin forward also notice I chose teo take your glasses off so when you come chin forward just go down on a little weight but just give me a little bit more of a serious expression to stop or not too serious all right so from here we will take it to the end let's put our glasses back on and we get them with you so I just want you to put your glasses back on I don't mind opening this position out so just that neighbor just making sure that it's not too leaning forward there's also we're extending push their books away from towards me a little way that more george stark I can't now lean forward a little bit more and just relax the hands down since stepping in the grip that's exactly right now they're down there looks better so just getting your focal point there let me stop go to camera one I'm just gonna make sure my focus because I want to show you in live you and I know that it's not hitting a focus manual focus in life you so once a refocus nice and sharp on the glasses I like this look a lot this looks great george okay so he's got a nice contrast on the space it looks room masculine I love the colors I think the blue sitting really nice bouncing on the gray it looks good so taking him now into a standing position I'm going to go here just look in the camera one more time it's watching you and I just want I really like easy smile go okay this time I really like easy smile take that it's davia you've gotta okay perfect so let's stop and stand up and refocus so what I'm gonna do here iss there's only very few standing positions we can really tio without corporate look so I think that we want to keep masculine and a lot of guys don't have the ability to bring their hands up into the frame just like a lot of girls don't with beauty shots so I'll try one thing is I want you two to forty five to the camera george so if you just turn your feet that way that's exactly right and looking at the camera that way so if he's in a standing position I probably only have two or three options one of them is tio start here and if you take your hands out of your pockets it doesn't really work it's got nowhere for his hands to go if he holds his hands hear exactly what you just did when you adjusted your cast so yeah there you can shoot there but it's kind of more male model than corporate and it doesn't really wig the other option is to fold your rounds and obviously in a suit it's actually one of the hardest things to do in a suit and it can it looks okay to infront onto me in the act that way so I'm going to do is take this off life because the life years giving the traditional posing look but I think the only way that I'm going to be ableto shoot this is going more g q style so I'm just gonna freshen it up a bit I'm going to start my life you and I'm gonna pull it off they're off my tripod and the only way I think I can really work this kind of mohr standing casual style off corporate look as if I should it more like this so I'm going to shoot it alone I'm going to shoot it low and I'm going to shoot it exactly the same way as I shot the fashion section right stadia right from here I just want you to push your chin towards me here looking for asymmetry love that okay as you can say bringing your chin forward and down so I know that you're not supposed to do up your seeking button but when you fold your arms it just plays out so fold your arms back again that's it and it comes with baby you go so shoulders drop down nice and low in your elbows that's it push down push chin forward okay so what the guys its not about coming forward and down it's about pushing up forward to find that face okay least smile there no smile all right so if he's gonna be if he's going to be taking then I want you to cross a foot so across that way yeah that's one and just drop the shoulders down nice and I pushed him for okay now you can do it bit works I could go back to strong stuff okay well I like a strong scent and give me serious face okay I'm scolded that drop shoulders down nice and tall through the neck and shoulders pushed in ford stay there all right there we go here we go there sorry my bed like no smiling nice mine I can't but not a rugby shirt not a football shirt push it in pushy jim ford okay ten fourteen ford and down towards may that's it lips together just a tiny but that stay there all right from here we're going to go there then I just want you to turn this way all right so just a forty five degrees thumb you can put your hands into your pockets okay because it just relaxes his shoulders and just bring your chin towards me a little bit more alright to standing in a forty five is quite formal but let's have a look how it looks obviously it works open your body at me a little bit more just stop okay push chin forward all right so that's very formal ceo standing and if you want to do that what you did with your cuffs before I'm going to shoot low I'm going to shoot two here chin this way little way but more okay so laugh thanks because she because I called you on my own moral can't loving a lavage okay pushed in ford all right ten fourteen fortune ford no smile whatsoever ok serious face ten forward ten forward all right oh my bed like okay lips together no smile hits the one drop your shoulders that's perfect that's it right there all right formal standing standing standing using the apple box using the ceo here now we're going to get him to go down to a sports coat maybe mohr relax trousers just a nice neutral shit sort of you know just a little less corporate but still stylish I'm going to take him off the traditional background put him on the white corner and see what we get from there thank you that was perfect so what we're going to do now is go a little bit dressed down a little bit more casual casual pose is so we can drop it down somewhere in between corporate head shot and our family posing that we did with the boys which is coming up imposing men I would never get somebody in a corporate suit to lean but we can when it's more of a corporate casual so let's do a couple more casual poses and we're going to use the plain white wall so this time on what I get to do georges to forty five degrees this way at night the same er me and just lean back against the wall so forty five outside on that that that that it now you're gonna lean kick out with that foot there you go now just turn your body away from me now everything goes away okay so unlike the girls this is where the boys can step away but no hip movement no shoulder movement so I want your feet to go back away from me to keep your shoulder there so just take a step back a little bit more little bit more just yet let's keep going little bit more okay so he's leaning towards me on a forty five this foot can come up and relax it's going to drop your front shoulder down and I want you to lift up nice and tall through your shoulders and bring your chin around this way and down okay that's about as far as I'm going to get him to lean now because he's moved I'm going to stop take it off life you and shoot this and portrait so I want you to see this angle what's really important here for this shot now come into here so that you can say is that I'm getting this angle here okay I love this this is actually really cool shot all right I'm just gonna put on all their focus and I'm gonna take this shot here so putting your chin for just a little way but more there is sorry to say thanks down okay christian for a little weed but more and dan all right if I'm just capturing this here I like the standing angle like this I can't weaken just soften us up a little bit but not too smart just go lips together kind of more smoke that's the one all right you can turn him sideways so you bring your body around and just kick this foot out and lean onto their so again I I don't think I would so much do this in a suit but I think can get away with it here if you get the top of the pen so I just want you to drop that shoulder down perfect and just bring your gentle what's made just a little way but more okay and down this way ok straighten you hit up a little bit more and then bring it forward chin chin stop okay I like this too so this is a great shot chin down just a little touch now four drums okay this is where it works so you can do a nice easy lane to keep your foot kicked out and then lean against their but just lower on themselves okay joe what's not so much I mean business but just so that bet it okay so drop this shoulder down the wall again straighten him up to may and just bring your chin for just a touch this fight tension now not up forward okay there it is now I'm studying chin for just a little bit more occasionally smile we're starting to look a little bit ralph learn here say okay I want in four ten four because I'm shooting below him so I'm shooting below him so he looks bigger and stronger and I need you to keep pushing your chin towards me in that way from side on looks weird but from fund on looks really good okay that's exactly right nice easy smile way go okay not too easy get in for a little bit more and just election mouth lips together and just chin ford and down follow me down that just a smoke just go stay here comes our thumbs hanson to pocket so you can open your dick it's a little bit that's it lane I can't but more lame than normal so yeah maybe not that much lean comic halfway yeah all right so you think he beat on the wall I can't put you foot up that's it so just cross it out because it's going to give you a drop here push that down stuff straightened here that may bring your chin towards me so no shaping the body with the boys okay pushing the chin towards mei chin forward and down down down stop there it is a nice easy smile here propping nice and low just get the top of the trousers get chen fortune ford least smile more of a smirk that's the one perfect chin down now that's it straightening it up to me this way sorry that way that know their father jin this way stop there it is all right and I'm coming to nice and close here right from here all clinging all right let's go into the apple box so I can bring this end but what I'm going to do now is I'm going to use the wall so instead of him just freestyling coming sit there and I'm going to get you to put this league at this time in tune forty five degrees this way away from the camera cameras at the front so tune this way put this foot up here that I'm that's it all right now we've opened up his body language to the front but I can use that wall okay I don't want you to sit upright so it's about and push their push that yeah no right meaning to straight back you pasta is too good yeah no I want you in a lazy posture so I want you to know I want teo the with their elbow for debt it okay now when you turn around to me this way here it is okay so exactly the same see I've got no reflector I'm coming down nice and low I'm going to sit here now just push your chin towards me because I'm shooting you quite low that's it towards me chin chin chin towards me a little bit more more more more more and down this way stop that's this far to the shoulders I'm going to take this just what your hand straightening hands up and just roll your shoulders for george bring your left elbow out to the outside of your knee okay the wider we take the boy's elbows and shoulders the better they look in the other body that's better push your chin towards me now that's exactly right and chin towards me now and down more more more let's smile ok there is such a thing is looking to friendly in your corporate shark all right there it is and I'm going to go horizontal talking crop this we're no smile just that's it nice and easy nice and like exactly as we were in the blue cheer samos theobald box in the ceo shot so just keeping it real simple if you want to take something a little bit more personal for the guys here they can lean back against the wall and put them into masculine hands and stop following all of the opposing men roles that were done for the posing men challenge remember this is about taking a really great shot for ceo and advertising to your corporate clients so that you can thin book their wives their girlfriends both the children and for photo shoots thie imams the family shoot just like the girls the boys that also a network and a really great corporate network as well so let's talk about marketing this summer susan roderick said she would never wear suit ever again when she became a photographer and I just made her do it for the female look she's hating every minute of the female corporate look let's model very similar corner off what we did with georges sort of male ceo look we're not going to take the body lines the female body lines to women so I'm gonna show you how far we can push that and make it stylish and then what do what we did with allen will take the shooter from well take something even a little bit more contemporary and push that line a little bit more I feel like the modern ceo nowadays can have be here down can have curls can have jewelry can have colored scarves or even can be photographed in you know genes in a nice casual outfit I just want to make this contemporary and not to posey a little bit corporate so this is the female vision and remember george had no reflect on now reflector to make his face of card susan's gonna have a reflector to light and here up on that's what we do for the girls not boys so basic posing one o one is the back of the shoulder touches the wall better and we want to create some space here and because the suit is often quite blocky and not one of the easiest things to photograph I know what she it's not we just want to make sure you've got colors we want to do exactly the same rules apply its and normal posing shot meaning we're looking for our glass we're gonna turn here here and I'm gonna work her body through a serious oppose it so let's go from this position here I just want to bring her chin around to the front now from here I've picked a nice easy here sell x you really love this I think it looks great let me take one more I just adjust my exposure as you can see I'm shooting right on her eye line as usual just gonna open her collar a little wee bit more with the girls and the guys the color sit right up there and give them no nick it's really easy to pull it down you can bring her color out or tuck it in to the suit but bring it down just create some space just what you don't give them too much cleavage makes you dip that line down there so that one works really well and from here I can come up to this side here so just there that's where I want to start pull back a little give you some space around the top on dh then we do you know three easy looks a tiny little bit more smile nice and friendly in the distant easy teeth smile right there that's it it's not to be too grainy it's just sort of kick out okay chin goes he goes that way a little bit more and I can come inside on and I'm going to be about the earth it's my corporate hitch up from here she can keep this position and simply fold arms so everybody does this hand to the camera was swap over and because it's not holding it's more folded it has to tune in so actually turn end that's exactly reid dropped down the shoulder get a nice line through that body long chin towards may and we can start this up here so I'm just gonna step away some shooting forty five get her chin to come with me that didn't just drop that some back at the back susan there it is sorry link top of the head back and little wee bit stopped this way that to gil stop chin down a little bit more nice easy smile where you go perfect okay little half smile okay with teeth excellent today is my little corporate war shot so exactly the same pose hand back albert beck exactly there have a look from the front it's about creating the space if you have a look from shortens angle you can tell that she doesn't look particularly comfortable but that's the whole point of that shot right there just keep it simple from here we can go side on we can sit into a cheer but another one I like would be back of the wall we did this with georgia's well come straight big arms folded okay so actually arms folded properly you're doing portrait elbows heads it so but lower than your bris line so that so we don't want to fold arms up over the boobs because a lot of people do that and they set up out here so bit lower relaxes shoulders lifting nice and tall and I'm just going to recompose this life here so that you can see this there and I'm just going to refocus because I'm shooting this in life you so that you can see me posing here in life you which looks good and I'm going rerecord that okay so I'm going to shoot this a little bit low one of the thing that I'm going to do here a shooting asymmetrically and another thing I'm going to do is push her chin forward so push it in ford in let's kick out in tow one hip we're allowed to shape the body a little bit not too much we want to definitely make this sort of really cool looking chin down just a touch more that said I like that little bit more of a smile I think this week's with the girls and the guys and let's do a nice easy just nicety teeth that's perfect chin up a little wee bit viggo I really like there we can do sitting in our ceo cheer we can do the girl vision of that we can do leagues cross sitting on the box we can do any avail poses as long as we're keeping quite straight up and down so let's just take a siri's and create a little bit of opposing met from here I'm going to get the stone okay no different than our normal sitting stay good shot from here who are making come out depending on where the footers so if the foot slide out the knee comes up higher she can lean forward onto that ni let's keep it ceo let's make sure that you've got a good recompose here we're always looking for hands always looking to get her hands right and remember if they're going to be front onto the camera I want to tune them this way and there we don't want a hand on the crotch so we need to bring this forward that's a little bit they're bringing the elbows down still creating an hourglass no different just wanted to be a little bit more corporate lifting up nice and tall through the neck and shoulders that's one and then pushing your tin towards may spirited they're good theory I am just gonna focus I'm armed here right by and bring it down perfect I'm shooting nice and low for this because I like the single what just contain it hand away from may they good here it is nice easy light smile very good nice a little bit more remember the corporate looks have to be quick they have to be efficient they have to take two or three good shots get them out of there really should only take you fifteen minutes to shoot maybe twenty images you want all of them to be good little bit of variation let's try without the black check it just the white ship e tucked into your trousers are now it's out the blouse so just put your jacket there and let's put you back into this exactly the same position here and just get a completely different look so let's keep our hip hop okay let me re compose this yeah so from my life you will have to do is bring this hand back to you by to know your body away from a little weak but more so hips go away from me as well so push away with that hair girl bring your chin back to me and we're not that far but this isn't perfect we're going to repeat that chin down just a touch and we're going to do it just with the white shoot so if that makes a difference if you find that the white shoes she's going it's too dressy can around a little bit more that's it um leased to give her an option I think it's nice to have a c conduction and like I said corporate these days can have got a pretty cool style and then from there I would swap out how about you get changed into your black jacket without the white shirt and just d'oh let's check it let's see what completely other look we give so we're in exactly the same position now we're just switched out the white shit I just want you to not take your handbag so far behind you that's it now tune your hips away from me your hank install touch your bum they're too close that gap and maybe just slow this him back not so much lower active now bring your chin around engage your chin there so there we are being let me take a still of that just don't bring that hand behind your back so far when they bring your children forward and down we're just back and down but you've come forward too much lift it up and now just bring your chin down stop there it is okay so little we smile and the eyes they're a little bit more than that and I like this I think it's simple nice easy smile go I think it's a nice simple corporate shark arms folded push yur hips back to the wall just a little bit more and ceo fold knot hole portrait so yeah that's exactly right tune your body away from me and then bring your shoulder towards me a little bit more than one bring your chin around and then we can be here so just bring your head back a little bit you've come too for chin down now and to the top you hear that the one in trouble here to the world that more nice easy smile there susan thank you perfect just like that it's an easy sequence let me come over here so I can finish it off what we did with alan was we were photographing allen with the black jacket on and then she had the pink blouse then we photographed tio with just the black jacket and it was a bit more sixty and a bit more elegant portrait is a poster corporate and then we took the black took it off and we went with the pink blouse with susan we did black jacket white blouse white flowers on its own and then simple and she could have even gone without a blouse and just maybe put a pin in here and just done a little bit more of a sixty black suit look I do mix it up because I think it's important to show them those remember they're really here for a corporate look fifteen twenty minutes tops one hour if she's headed here and make up done as well the boys are only in the fifteen minutes tops the usually buying three images for three hundred dollars and what they're going to do is spread the word so this is about getting a client in making this a new revenue to market with and this is about just broadening your range but not so much advertising for corporate but advertising to corporate so enjoy practicing all of those let's have a look at our results

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