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28 Days of Portrait Photography


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Photo Critiques Images 68 through 84

can shoulder hands hourglass body language connection again this is what I call your classic cover girl I prefer the shot a little bit asymmetrically this is the only symmetrical pose I have in my posing manual you good number there you got a number to you at the top of the here you could've given me a little bit more at the top of the head to the belly button or a little list to the boob line but I like it I like the hit it pops out it's just a classic one o one for the folio it works and she's got a really good smile nice and shop so well done just asymmetry so the holes under his elbows are almost exactly the same I would have liked you gr pull back to the top of the head and give me a little bit more on the left side and that would have worked way better let's have a look we've got elbows are pulled back I really like the outfit the chin could have come forward just a little wee but more I like her connection to the eyes but I am not believing that mouth so in the back light her bo...

dy is whiter than her face so just watch that you're bringing up you can either lay a mask or make sure using your recovery to drop the highlights because your body looks a lot whiter than her face I like that you can still see her frick will see you've kept it natural it's a good here and make up I just it's an in between expression for mae but then sometimes some people just have it in between expression that's neither incredibly smiling or nothing so it might just be classically her but I'm not attracted to this image so even though it's ticking boxes I want to feel more connected to here and I would feel more connected to her if her chin was down and her eyes were more directly connected to me but I like the outfit and good elbows back that works because you didn't finish older save made the body look good all right so this is a classic again classic shot that I do a lot in my repertoire it's a big seller for me it's cropped too tight I would like to see the girl on the fire right hand aside I would like to see her chin more towards his shoulder with her chin pushing out and then she would have been engaged with the other three these three are in perfect alignment and then this one is not I notice interestingly enough these two are closer to the reflector so they've got no no shadow and this one's not you could have lightened these two up and finish up just to even it out a little bit more but this one tuna away that way get them nice and square and get them in but you know what at the end of the day every single one of these girls is connected to you as a photographer and every single one of them differently you know in a group and I can see that is mom and three daughters this would be our prices shot for them so the only girl that really falls out for me is I could have actually photoshopped that girl out on the right and it would've looked like you'd process for three people she looks and suited watch the some connection here bring her chin around and you would have absolutely perfection nailed it but it's a good shot my bit to it sold because it's great to see a man with your beautiful grown up girls and like I said they'll own this for a lifetime so chin that way all right I love the shot because I love the styling I like the here like the makeup but her chin is too far down if you'd pulled that up infect I really hope that you took this shot here and then and you know the hands on not so much unnecessarily as you know they're actually not too bad they do look kind of small lie which is kind of weird they didn't have to be there the shot would have worked without it the color was just enough I hope you took the shot here but I also hope we took it here and here and here and here I want to see you experience menting mohr as photographers with one composition line and then just adjusting their tilled so it would have been really good if you'd taken the shot here which is too low she's looking up through her eyebrows whenever you see anybody looking up through the eyebrows the chin is too far down and it looks like they're looking up like this so I would have taken the shot here and then here and then here and then here and then here it just seemed the real difference in her body language coming up but other than that I am drawn to it and it's very close it's beautifully photo shops beautifully exposed and it's beautifully styled it's just two fourteen down you know this is a classic shot in my rib twice and you've done really really well I would have connected the elbow to that nay if you're going to bring the knee up have the elbow on it you could have bought that knee right across touching the top of that cheer and it would have just worked but in terms of that being a classic lifestyle portrait or a classic you know business profile lifestyle portrait you've absolutely now that the hands on the neck not the chin well done the other hand is belly hands you've got some working in the shoulder I could just see this hint of a knee here and if I'm going to put that knee and I'll bring it all the way in and across that need could have come right across and touch that here and you would have had a beautiful hourglass in their image but this is really close and well done really well executed okay so we've seen a few cover girls because you know it's one of my go to poses so these two things are criticizing this image in one of them is that she's leaning forward too far so this is obviously shot on the city five or maybe a twenty for one o five or one of this sort of wide angle lenses because I can see a variation between her face angle and her body line and it's just shot a little bit too high now this girl's not super lean but she's not cuvee either so you could have shot here straighter and even though she's leaning forward because she's laughing I feel like she was put in this position and then made her laugh so I just want to make sure you're coming down lower on your angles because this is a cute portrait and again the expression in it is real enough I hope she bought it because I can see the connection to it but remember there's a difference between this a cava girl is about placing the hands in shaping the waist but really what I'm doing is creating triangles on either side of my body which give me a nice line and then I'm working my body with those hands so I'm using my hands my hips my chin and pushing my body back and I'm working the covergirl pose I'm putting my hands up higher and end to make my waist look smaller because if I have my hands down here my waist look smaller when it's up here and in here that's what the covergirl is for you've got to be careful when people cover girl that not just doing gratuitous hands you know this is not about just having your hands here going I want you to put your hands here and then look comfortable you know it's about going your cover girl work it like a kava go work it take a hand in nice and tight keep it in keep them high keep them working and keep them relevant don't just put those hands together and just do this you know it just doesn't work it's kind of like you're going you know it's just it's wrong I will say though really good like a good background separation good drop away good focal point just stand up pull his hand back where it slide seventy five so if you're critiquing alongside me online you're on glam a critique dot com and you are following me along if you've just joined us if you can't follow along because I'm going to fast or you would rather watch what I'm saying then go back I'm going to leave the images up there the critic for the next seven days okay this image here has throwing as yellow and green is the background beautiful girl and it could have been a beautiful shot I think it's failed on post processing and you want the eyes too much but he is the biggest foe power of this image this image does the one thing that you've got to really watch jean come on this is one thing that you really gotta watch if you stayed in this direction here jean but thiss way okay now she's gotta front arm down and she's got a bed come up and what you can do is you can see from the front you can see this arm and elbow popping out and it makes her and the photo look like she's going like she's bigger here in the shoulders so if she tax it abo back and then shapes and gives me that that beautiful hourglass there then instantly I get the curve of her breasts not the width of her arm and the whole point is that we showing the curves of her body not the width of her body now this is a very common posing fail for most people and we feel like the back home you'd be better having the backhand down and in the front time up as long as you can see a triangle in the front see how that makes you look slimmer but if I have it here like this and you can't see that from that angle then she looks wider again so always creating triangles around the body always always shaping the hourglass so the bear carmen's never afford it always back okay but the body is open and forty five with this around the diamond thanks dean can I just ask you a question about cropping sheila this is from l a photo and who says I was always taught are told not to crop the fingers or at joints you don't you and told you that what a filthy life can you just touch on cropping a little bit since you know what I don't mind okay classic look at the next shop hands a cropped out it is they need to be cocked out they don't why would they be in there you look at with hanta and hence and where do you decide where to crop the hands out you know there's an awkward moment where something looks like it's going out of frame and it's cropped off so if I was dancing like this and you just cut my hand off you'd go with your hand but if I was up close during a magazine shot and you crop my hands off you wouldn't say where her hands it has to be relevant to the image but if you're keeping it there because you think it's a role then you're not looking at the relevance off the hands and the image and if these relevance if it's dancing in its cut off it's going to look weird if it's fashion and it's cut off it's not going to look weird so tell me where the hands of relevant tell me what the body language of the images and why they should be in there and if you think that they deserve to be in there they should be in there but if you don't see the need like these don't this image doesn't need hands and this is a beautifully executed image it's beautifully styled it's an incredible outfit she's working her front shoulder she's got a chin forward she's got a tiny little smile in the eyes it's sharp it's connected and it's beautifully executed it's an outside shot and I love it I mean I would take this to the next level on photo shop in alien skin because I know that there's some filters that would just go on the shot that we're just absolutely take this to the next level but I do not need to see the hands I wouldn't have liked to have seen maurine this image so I'm really happy with that so you know let's go with that that's great well then well executed okay another before and after so we've got chin shoulder hands everything's working in this shot this is a typical beauty shop for me it is elbows back is she did a crop number two she's at the top of the heap to that belly button she could have given me a little bit more in number two on the middle image she could have given me top of the head to the belly button but that's ok it's just a little bit toit and sometimes with the tides images when people go to buy them you know a husband or boyfriend or say where did you copy hit off so it's really important that you're not over cropping but it's a beautiful image I just feel like in the middle image your face is slightly tuned after center a little bit so she's gone tio here I would rather see her directly straight to the camera and the or all she's down in the number two position it has done a full rotation and looked back over his shoulder you can see her breast line you khun seymour back from break so she could've boarded albert beck but you know this is standard by this is everybody buys this stuff this is what people come here for you know I would be really pleased if my photographers were producing this level of work I mean it's a beautiful portrait she's connected she looks gorgeous and it's really nice really nice here make up okay we got two fails here one of them is shot too high too is that background has got to go so this is not being photographed well enough with reflectors because we've got too much of a big highlight at the beck and not enough light to her faith when the background casts a shadow forward you have got way too much like behind you enough enough light in front of you the only way you could bring light in front of you is to fill it with flesh or bounce back with a reflective like I do in twenty eight days on twenty eight days there's an entire section on not only natural light shooting to the background but removing that background so you should have watched that video and remove this background so put your hand out you're going to get a knuckle rap because that's a direct myths of a video that I've worked on for you that you should have now this background okay so I want to seymour afflicted like going back to your client defuse the light if you have to double filter that curtain to stop the amount I like going back to here then that's fine but make sure your double filtering all right chin shoulder hands hourglass body language connection how perfect with this image mean if I had removed this here okay how perfect would this image of being if I'd taken this arm away because again this here is a beautiful body language and this here works for may but this here doesn't okay it's kind of like I'm touching my breast I'm feeling the wall I'm touching my breasts and I'm feeling the wall in both of them feel nice all right what are we touching here people what are we talking because whatever we touch we look it so if we touch the wall we touch it low and lean on it we don't touch a war like this at least we're leaning on it using an elbow or just hear their hand touching a doorframe why else would we touch it we would never stand up touch a wall and then look back over our shoulder okay so body language is paramount this image is beautifully executed but it's beautifully executed with an orange am poking up the back okay so if you find a shop that out for me I would like this image more I would like to see a little bit more smile in her mouth but in terms of styling you've now that background is beautiful the chin is ford who facebook's pretty the dress is read it's gorgeous and don't cold the whole boob from the front okay if you're going to touch the bris remember we don't flip in touch our breath we're going to hold the briefs puller arm away and just touch here so there's some space between the boob in the hand looks better but other than that you're so close so close on that one all right chin shoulder hands really common when people put the elbow up to fall into the nick and losing nick she needs to come up and extend through whom it so this is where I look at my client and I say lift up tall lift up nice and tall margaret lift up nice and tall long need ten forward then you can connect the front shoulder whose shoulder is working everything is working in this image okay I don't know why you crop this arm out if you'd given me more space around he wouldn't now that okay I want to see this space beck in on I want to see her lifting up tall so you remember the rules for lift up tall right so both of you come in here for a second when people sit down in front of you no matter how they sit down so when you go on to your knees and put your elbows on the air in just relax in the company position nicky you sit to the side with your elbow on there and both of you sit in a fully comfortable position like how you would not hands forward but just how you would talk to me okay everyone does the same thing we all go into this comfortable position nick position slouching position this is weird as a photographer you two into your client and you got this lift up nice and tall nikki left up nice and tall gin okay well expect down to where you were left up nice and tall lift up nice and tall okay it's like a puppet we take that and we say lift up nice and tall lift up nice and talk and then we do this we say lift up nice and torching forward and down stop okay and that is when you get people to work up through the body this woman here is in a fully relax recline with no nick okay so it's lifting up nice and tall so it's a pinch now I will walk up to a client pinch the back of her here and lift them out like this if they don't get it and then the second time I do it they never do it again I never have to do it twice thanks ladies okay everything about this image works for me in the sense that the hand works it's got a true smile there's a get between her back and her arm so we've got triangles around the body when this triangles around the body body looks more flattering the chin is ford shoulder's connected we got a good smile nicer shop but it's just very boringly retouched like to me that is just like a catalogue shot you know or I want to see I want to see you fashion this up a bit you know the crop is kind of square it's not quite horizontal you haven't committed teo horizontal and you haven't committed to a vehicle I would have taken this shot up up to a horizontal cropped the top of their head off donna supplies and then given it a little bit of the filter but you know this is a good standard imagery but I want more than good standard imagery I want wow like I want to look at these images and go ah that's so amazing I want to do that so take it take it further but in terms of connection everything this works for may that you know this is as a photographer that's been shooting for twenty five years and if my one of my girls produces unlike this is good standard porch too like this is the sort of photography that I'm like you're belting out the sun and every day you're going to do well but it's not a wow portrait for me now I want to see more connection I want to see just something a bit of crop I would love to see this worked a little bit more question from a cm eighty three with regards to cropping the question is consumed talk about when shooting her style does she like taller wide shots portrait versus landscape I see people shooting images that would look good as a portrait and they shoot it wide so what is your take on that have you noticed davis since I started shooting video and incorporating video in marketing with video into my brand then I have started shooting everything horizontally and now I really really struggled anything medically although all of the covergirl shots all of the one two three four five at all vertical so I think it's really important that we are mixing it up you know I just go with the feel of it team to go horizontal on anything lying down anything lying or sitting with reclining in anything that's close with elbows back or short or ford or look back to maia's definitely horizontal image anything else is vertical but I just moved with it yeah sometimes I see people make that mistake but I think I don't know whether it's the eye or experience but ever since I've started shooting video everything I'm shooting now horace until remember the portrait photographer and the winning photographer is the only person that changed their camera vertical the fashion photographer doesn't most of them are shooting on a square format or a large format meeting in form it's always been square so I learned to shoot and composer square image and then crop it afterwards with using masking not using cropping and camera so it's only since we went thirty five mil digital that we all started to two now camera vertically when you watch tv you watch horizontal tv you watch a vertical story in a horizontal frame so our eyes used to watching a horizontal vision of life and we see horizontally so you know it is natural to shoot horizontally but you've got to know where the crop in ear image horizontally and I'm a big camera cropper because I believe you get a different image if you crop in camera than you do if you try and crop it afterwards all right and this image here I could have done without the hands around her body if you're not going to show them drop them down you went to the effort to pull it out bobek which gives you more boobs than back which works for may but the hands could have come down the red works the makeup works far too much mascara but sometimes you just get clients that were too much mess guy and they love it like that so that was your choice that's ok that we shall make a party I would have booted for that I'm definitely seeing tan lines don't want to see tan lines you could have warned throughout stand her up you know totally red actions have some really good cinnamon filters which you could drop in in a race back and mask layer which gives ten gets rid of tan lines I've always used but there's lots of ways to do an orange masking again that's something I've shown mohr off on finish up a little bit too much blusher and you're still looking down on this client her arm is still pressed against her body I want you to be very aware of arms pressed against the body they need to be pulled away elbows need to be pulled away when we priests out upper arms against their body we get I call it league of ham you know the arm pops out like a league of him it looks better than it is women do not buy images when their arms look fat okay so bringing their elbow forward you would and now that overall expression wise totally now that sharpness exposure excellent just a little bit more lower dropping those hands down out of that shot would be good all right so tin shoulder hands I feel like everything's working in the shop you know the shoulders working forward the chin's working to the shoulder the eyes are working to the camera the expression is working she's even got a bit of shape in here hits it's really muddy it's really insipid in its editing so if you'd given me a little bit more contrast in this black and white I would have really loved it it's eveything that's really dropping this shot down would have loved to have seen it in color but other than that the essence of that is perfect it's really good to see a lean body with the elbow back and we've got a good shape in the way so everything there's working for me just pull back a little bit not too crop at the top of the here because you've cropped to the belly button which means you're shooting at number two number three actually and we want to pull right back to number three we want to give a little bit more to the top of the head so that your clients not saying why is this so the cropped all right so from here um we're not sharp for status and we look like we tried to save this image by sharpening it I know what you saw when you were trying to save this image because it's differently gotta mood in a movement to it that you unfortunately have pushed it a little bit too far so I need to make sure that you're not that you're shooting a little bit lower you're still shooting down because you're shooting down the tin mine and down on that shoulder line and a little bit more connection from the chin to the shoulder but the only thing I can really complain about in this shot is you've pushed it a little bit too far because I can see how high the grain is so you're either shooting at a really high so you shot this underexposed and tried to save it in a shop and it's got a great connection it's got great connection and it may have even been an image that sold but it does have some fundamental areas but you know this is a cute shot it means of the day her expression wins over everything and I really really like it so question from page pugs lise who was asking if you can please elaborate on filters and if that's the way you bring a shot from good to wow ah using filters are really I'm doing my post editing on alien skin my post editing on alien skin is just putting that color strained through the image that doesn't look like a normal photo I'm always trying to even if it's twenty percent thirty percent I'm trying to add a color filter in some way that takes it towards the mood of an image that takes it away from being a really image

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Sue Bryce's 28 Days is the all-in-one portrait photography class that teaches you posing, shooting, marketing, selling, and everything else you need to know to run a successful contemporary portrait photography business. 

This series begins with two sessions of intense instruction on business, pricing, and overcoming your fears. Following the kickoff, Sue delivers short sessions exploring 28 different topics essential to any successful portrait photography studio. Sue covers flow posing, connecting with clients, posing and shooting groups, marketing to your key demographic, sales, and more.

In this comprehensive series you'll learn Sue's inspiring approach to styling, posing, marketing, selling and so much more!


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