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Facing Fear

we just lost in audience member she's going here okay I want to talk to larry about the twenty eight day study group because if you have already purchased twenty eight days you should be part of the study group it is not just another facebook page I want to talk all of us about the reveal wall because lori seated is one of the most hotly discussed subjects in the checks and sorry in the groups and I want to talk about what's working for may I'm now doing twenty four thirty size reveals and big frames it's very cool I touch on there in twenty eight days but I was only just launching it myself so I'm gonna work out what works what doesn't she's doing a reveal without the wall marijuana is doing the reveal with a wall I know it's doubled who sails she's not here she had to go to hospital so we've lost map juana the's guys are not doing it yet are setting it up for the portrait work which means they're in the newbie stages so we'll be out it should be out of convince on their own all level...

s and this is your last hour and a bit to ask these three for any questions you want so you can direct all your questions to them if you want or may doesn't matter and let's go through the segment so are there any hot questions first off because victoria asked me christian at lunch and I wanted her to re ask it people always come up now this is going to happen this happens everywhere in the world the most the list the least excess you get two people the harder it is to be able to ask questions so when I first started teaching creative life workshops I think I got eleven thousand emails after my first workshop and I answered every one of them I got to a stage it took six weeks and I was pretty much crying towards the end of it because I couldn't seem to get myself out of but I really wanted if you do tow answer everybody's christians one question brings another five questions and then before you know it you're answering questions you can't answer questions anymore so I know what's gonna happen if you don't get your question answered is these guys are going to go home to massive in boxes of questions and it will be up to them whether they cannot them because they're both in winning season and the motioning portrait so we're gonna try and get us many questions through here so that everybody can hear the answer if you hold back a question that potentially a lot of people want to hear your saving you know anyway victoria asked me a question and I said can you ask me that question live because then I can answer alive and I felt like it was an important question well my question was when it really goes back to what you're saying is why are you doing what you're doing and I remembered you sharing your story about your friend who was a photographer who had been struggling struggling and you were able to look at the situation say you're in the wrong business this is what you're passionate about you need to follow that and now she's very successful what she's doing that's not even photography he's launched a juice bar yeah and vegas cord the jew standard and I have tried a lot of fresh pressed cold pressed juices from the biggest co priest uses and she is by far the best juice press I have ever met and I have never met a human being more focused in nutrition and juice than jamie stephen and now she is not shooting anything she owns a juicing business and that came from a conversation on she photographs who cared logs and you know so photography is a function ofthe business but not the form of it sometimes we are close to doing what we want but we only see one avenue and we don't realize how quite close we were doing something else but I mean if you online photography business to reduce business it's actually not that two friends she called me the other day to ask for marketing advice and I could answer all the questions and it was nothing to do with juice it was to do with problem solving business so that's what we're talking about you and I look at my life which is a very very unique situation but the bottom line is I need to work to provide for my family so I actually went to photography I grew up in the modeling industry I love taking photos so it just seemed like a natural fit yet it is such a huge learning curve as faras business and even my skill set us faras photography but then I look at my life and I think okay I can answer things like that when someone asked me about children are you know they're fascinated by my life and I'm like okay my missing the boat and what I should be doing as a business you know and so that's that's why I'm trying to assess you know I feel like it's like pings thinking I have a look at some creative ideas around you just look this is what I always think of put on your panoramic linds and see outside of your normal frame right and let's look att some ideas for you maybe you I'm just going to throw crazy idea that maybe you started blawg about shooting your own children and you teach other women how to shoot their own children maybe you start an online magazine about being a mom or having children and then you photograph all the staff to get started maybe I mean so many creative ways you can that you could go on but what you're asking me is how'd away monetize this thing so when I look at people from values like jamey's juice thing uh we were traveling together she was my assistant and she was trying to start a business but she had no products no price list in no website so I said to her you're not starting a business you keep telling me you're starting it but you're not actually doing it what she was doing was helping me with my nutrition so I was talking about what I was eating in how unhealthy I was I was also sixty five pounds heavier so she she turned to me one day and she was I've hurt my foot and she was rubbing my foot for me good assistance rub my feet would you believe it I think nikki's even rubbed my feet before after a shoot because it was killing me and she said to me we need to get this weight off you and I was like jolted and she said it's time you started to look at yourself with a heavy tried everything this is my photography assistant talking to me about nutrition a year later she opened a juice bar in vegas because I said to her that weak you're not supposed to be a photographer you're supposed to be a juicer then she fluted port costa rica hair and she studied sustainable living and oh my god this girl is just a wealth of knowledge so what what you're telling me is this what you're meant to do you're very close to doing it in fact you're probably already doing it but not getting paid for it because most people are kind of already doing what they're attracted to but they're not actually have not monetized it yet because you're not seeing a way to monetize that and although the sounds really nebulous kenna started off as a baby and children photographer and she struggled edit and struggled at it and then she found creative live in order to be a bit of photographer and she started hosting for free and then it turned into a career and now she is the lead host off this incredible company she manages other hosts and she didn't know I want to be a host but she knew she wanted to be in the photographic industry she knew she wanted to empower photographers inspire them educate them I like everything about her she was already doing for free and then she found her niche within the market and then started to move towards a nation it has nothing to do with photographing babies but when you first by a camera and you're attracted to a genre or a say an industry your niche will exist in their industry in some form you just haven't found the right way yet do you understand so then your next statement wass you but am I not seeing something you know what it is you just haven't found it yet there's a famous saying if you want to know where your heart is look we your mind wanders or something like that I can't even tell you who that is somebody put them in the chat room or google it it's like if you want to know where your heart is look we're your mind wanders too or something like that because the thing is is you will keep going back to it over and over again what you meant to be doing now you have to find a way to turn it into an income yeah I'm also I still maintain that you have incredibly beautiful children and I would take images of them and find a way to sell them because I'm just saying sister god did not give you beautiful children not to capitalize off them it's all about business now seriously so mei mei definitely my form of my business is to empower women and I do that through photography but I also do it by the conversations that I have when I'm photographing women so is my purpose to photograph women or to empower them through photography and if you took photography is a form of function away from me but I still be alberto empower women to love themselves I think yes because I think my purpose is stronger than my function now not everybody knows what their purpose or function is and a lot of people are confused by it but trust only if you meet a take long enough on it or pray long enough on it or focus long enough on it what you love to do you're already doing it what you're not doing is creating a product a price in the market to sell so that tells me you don't actually want to do it no you do know how you've done every one of my work so now you're lying to me and you're still not only your path and the best part is is when you looked at the rating off victoria the only zero on that board was you so you're not even acknowledging what you want so don't tell me you don't know what you want you haven't even asked yourself that question yet don't panic you have small children and you're running a home and right now it's coming forward to just embrace if everything you're learning and find your way in the interim it's okay teo in money from a photo shoot or a winning until you find your perfect recipe to say mike does anybody else want to challenge me on fear confusion around formed function and purpose I know nicky said to me one day somebody wants to interview me in the local area about being a glamour photographer and she said and when I was doing the interview I felt like I sounded a lot like you I want to empower women I want them tonight the beauty and the value of our era message indicate that's one of your values I said you know you're not trying to sound like mae you're talking through your true self as long as you were being sincere and honest about that that you believe that that's why you're attracted to my model and everybody has a different purpose I remember saying to death ben and amy the pain to give a cent to your high school as a couple you can sell wedding photography couples photography engagement photography because you're a young couple in love that is committed to each other that mean together for a long time do you remember I said this in my face creative life when I was learning photography I had a part time job in the jewelry store on a thursday night and saturday and sunday because let's face it photography assisting paid nothing and and I used to walk into this jewelry store and I would choose an engagement ring out of the thing tucked the tegan and put it on like this and I sold more engagement rings than any other sales person because everybody that walked up to the counter I would say high and they and they say we're getting engaged baby let's now let me see your ring and I would go out there and you know I was single but in order to sell engagement rings we won and then I go tell me about your engagement how did he propose to you you know and good it and once they within they were buying rings off may I would finish my day put my engagement my eight thousand dollar solid tear away and go and go home and people are like you're like one of their top self people are funny so you know everybody has a kind of calling or uh and it's always something you have to do and you must learn to work through it work around it were with it the many questions about that you know that well I mean I think a lot of people feel like you victoria lot of people are saying I understand I'm hearing that I need to go and just do it but I still wake up in the morning and I'm still afraid I still still still okay there's a difference I honestly don't feel afraid unless I'm totally in denial well then you're not doing it I'm not sure what to dio so like I kind of do a little here do a little there watch this video tried to do it now just like that's not true think about it you're not afraid but you're not doing it so what does that tell you you don't want to do it and soup told my story and that's the same thing turns out I didn't really want to do it I didn't want to be a business person I don't know I didn't want to be an entrepreneur I wanted to be creative when all these aspects of it and then I thought I was a failure but su has told me this over and over and over you consistently say if you're not doing it you don't want to be doing and that's a really hard thing to accept because she said it after you and she's doing it you know and I don't need to make her do it she can't stop doing it I couldn't stop doing it you couldn't have stopped me from being a portrait photographer when glamour was did I still did it when I was a duty would I still did it when my boss told me I was an uneducated bomber from self open with poor dressings and no elocution I still did it when glamour was the phallus would on the whole planet I still did it when it was not even a genre that existed I still did it in two thousand three I was even brave enough a little girl from country new zealand with no no high school nothing still said I'm going to relaunch photography to the world and I still did it and if I had to work in a restaurant or paint finger now or serve ice cream in order to do what I had to do I would have done it I sold jewelry and I sold it well because I could not stop doing what I was doing you know the hardest thing for jamie to accept before she went and opened a juice bar was understanding how could I bought this camera equipment and said I want to be a photographer and now I have to tell my family I'm going to open the juice bar and I said what were you the most attractive too when you I came to do my workshop and she said your power and I said to apply my power to your juice business she wasn't attracted to my photography she was attracted to my path so she saw in may think that but that she wanted she thought in may the power to create something she I believed I wanted more than anything in the world she's done it she's opened her doors so if I'm doing the work that I'm not getting paid for it like I feel like I'm doing the work but I'm not getting paid so I'm you think that I'm afraid of now you just said you weren't afraid you're not well that's why I'm saying that's why I'm like I'm totally confused about something okay what you need to do is sit down and write what your highest values are okay we've talked about that with many times before and write down your highest medicine will start breaking it down from there because you're blocking me now on where you want to go and you're not telling me exactly what this and you're saying you don't know everybody knows but your clothes say so confusing I know and it's what's confusing is you don't have a clear vision yet and when him clear was in port you'll understand it but I think you do have a clear vision you had just haven't allowed it to come for you and I think that's a common theme that I'm seeing here in the chat rooms to is people saying I know what I that I want to empower women or I know that I want teo do this or that but I don't have that vision yet I don't know how okay and it's yeah how do you feel about what did you say uh totally resonates with me I did it was a social worker for twelve years and I did not want to do it I dreaded every day and now I can't wait to work every day so it's yeah you do what you love whatever you spend your time doing that's what you want to be doing and so if you're not getting paid for it you're not doing the work you're not actually doing the work I mean it depends if you're not getting paid because you're building your portfolio I mean I spent a lot of time not game getting paid for it but I was doing the rest of it on the back end so that I could get paid for it eventually well you've got a lock down today you've gotta lock down your product your price and your mount your face stage of battling because I've got to see a finished product from this and I've got to see a higher shooting number the one well you're still in there folio building face and yet you're asking me why you're not making money when you're giving yourself ones on the three most important section to your business that will make you money so there's a reason you're not doing that so we have to find out what that is what is that resonate with you in terms ofthe so with the guys this is very interesting because I worked with a lot of mail photographers that don't necessarily follow the emotional passion for photography but loved the business aspect of it the numbers the logic whatever and yet you're still a creative photographer fat and you are in a creative business and you're in it with your wife actually like both uh before I was a target for corporate I t consultant for five years and same stories thinking I just hated every minute of it I didn't want to get up in the morning I didn't want to work I couldn't stop counting the time until three o'clock in the afternoon when mighty close clients would go off line and I could do photography and what finally cemented it for me in the very end when I was still hanging on to the job and the benefits and stuff was that I realized that I had saved a very large company about five million dollars over the course of a year and no one hug me if the end of these weddings we would go and I get three hugs from bride half drunken just happy and I was like this is ridiculous like all I want hugs way don't get me wrong I really enjoy making the money to but when I realized the thing about the hugs that was it I was tv walk into your ceo's office since I'm eighty five minutes bring it up but you know what because every human being wants to be seen feel important in the hood and you know that's exactly right that means to say that you wanted to be your own bath because you are making other people money that didn't even care any most we're going make yourself money right and that's kind of your focus in terms of who you are and the fact that your wife is creative in a good photographer and he made it better for you to build a business I just feel like it's a huge component about people that uh stack I mean this is my fourteenth switch up on creative life this is not the first time I put their rating up this is not the first time I have said the most important thing you need to lock down today is your range of products of priceless and your marketing plan you've heard it twelve times you still have a ball justa can't kneel in town yeah no you're not doing it is a different you're not doing it and if you're not afraid of it means you don't want to do it if you said to me I'm so afraid of it so I'm so afraid of it I just go to do with him okay so this was may I'm amy I couldn't put my prices up couldn't say my price list in every week I would sit like birth and people would be sitting there and I was paralyzed and able to say my with and there's a difference between me and you I was still doing it even though I was so frightened I couldn't speak and learning hardly sense but if I was not afraid and not doing it that it it means I didn't want to do it because when people say how do I know the difference between not wanting to do it in fear of it is a pretty big difference when you're in say to fear you know and maybe I will once I nail down my prices and then have to go maybe it then I will be yeah so yeah there you go so you're avoiding it then maybe yeah you cannot do that and you're answering me and maybe in his own enough or not so until you do it and then try then I'll believe you but when you do something in your chin shake and you sweat and you know there's something really weird about the human body it might be like a biological so that's the bible thing but when you're in a state of fear you omit this smell that you never have any other time and it's like oh and you being a selfish in and you just be like oh you want is for them to give you four hundred dollars you could pay this week that's what they're telling us to feel but I was still doing it every week sitting in that sales room so when somebody says to me how do I get over their fear I could talk to you about a block of value valuing yourself more valuing your work more valuing money more but when somebody tells me they're not even doing that then I go like oh you don't want to do it and then they tell me they do and I don't believe you I do not believe you because you'd be doing it I heard you say a couple times that it's only because you have to support your family you thought I wouldn't live in it right now what would you be doing I will be taking care of my kids find a way to make money doing them that involves beautiful photography

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Sue Bryce's 28 Days is the all-in-one portrait photography class that teaches you posing, shooting, marketing, selling, and everything else you need to know to run a successful contemporary portrait photography business. 

This series begins with two sessions of intense instruction on business, pricing, and overcoming your fears. Following the kickoff, Sue delivers short sessions exploring 28 different topics essential to any successful portrait photography studio. Sue covers flow posing, connecting with clients, posing and shooting groups, marketing to your key demographic, sales, and more.

In this comprehensive series you'll learn Sue's inspiring approach to styling, posing, marketing, selling and so much more!


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