28 Days of Portrait Photography


28 Days of Portrait Photography


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Day 10: Shooting Curves

of course you know this one was coming this is one of my all time specialties it's about curves curves curves I'm going to show you how to photograph a normal body is best is you can remember it is just about making everyday woman look and feel and incredible and today it's all about chin forward shoulders back working the hourglass slimming the body line pushing it back using the weight forward this is something I need you to master this is definitely one of the hardest challenges and yet it would be one off the most significant challenges that you will have in your studio over the next couple of years our challenge today is making everybody look amazing well that tell challenge for the month but challenge today is to shoot curves better we need to shoot could better now whenever I see a camera pointing towards me I'm always weight on my back foot defining my waist pushing my chin forward and down it's always the first thing I do when I see a camera if one gets me off guard then obvio...

usly I don't always get it but I'm always trying to put my weight on the back foot shaped my body and push my chin forward and I've got this beautiful curvy body here and I'm going to show you how to shoot her in the best possible way because like old people all people they will buy beautiful photographs of themselves now just recently a friend of mine was saying that she shoots family portrait and she said it's so funny that mum will look at herself and if mom looks good and everybody else in the family looks like crap it doesn't matter mum buys a photograph anyway yes and I said well the cool thing about being a mama's she think you kids look good even when they don't so it's not that you look hot in that the most important part okay here's our roles were gonna pose straight to camera in my life you said that you can see at this angle this is the mistake everybody makes for status is that they think that if everybody stands up right they look really good to the camera and of course they don't because we all know that the camera is cruel and it is differently not this angle is going to flatter our bodies at all so what we have to do first is ten forty five degrees this way soon as we ten forty five degrees to the camera were not side on okay it is not a side on position it's forty five degrees so we're opening the shoulder up and pushing it out and bag that's forty five degrees to the front of the camera then we give our hands a job to do because when our hands were working use put thumbs into jean pocket then that does two things it means relaxed hands and it also means that we've got lots of good shape here in the elbows and we're bringing the arms away from the body straight away tomorrow has gone on her big foot already so she's already pushed her hit away from the front now if I am I'm going to take a shot of that because you don't think quite naturally but let's have a look at the difference so from here now what I want you to do is push your way to the front of your hip that's it and as soon as she does it the front of the ship comes forward now I always want here on the back and then I want the that's even better so as soon as she pushes out it goes back even further now second thing we do is I always hold the arm like this and I pull down and ford and now you can leave with your back of your arm shoulder on the wall and straight away her shoulders are now on a forty five degree angle and I've got all of this perfect push back here I'm opening up through here I've got a gorgeous line on her front arm arm looks good and once here I'm looks good everything looks amazing so from here now I can start shaping her body this is really cool too I can drop her down even more in her hip still pushes back through here the more space again they're here the more I show off your beautiful hip waste you know boob ratio this is what we're trying to achieve we're trying to achieve that gorgeous tilt where we have a line brisk waist hips and that the hourglass of a woman's body so now after I've got her into my little tip all I have to do is lift up nice and tall through the neck and shoulders and bring your chin toe towards me and down so this way a little bit more that took stay there now have a look I'm going to retake the shot and see how far we've come in justice beautiful tilled now all I have to do is give her a slight tilt back this way and engage the chin foreign down and she looks really comfortable from the front now I can shoot this here I can shoot this here and I can shoot this right up into here and every single time I'm getting gorgeous shots too just like that one two three it's about pushing the weight of the hips away from the body ni continue hips towards me a little weed but more that's a girl it's really good you've got this beautiful shape through the bottom of your ten lifting up nice and tall just tilting your chin ford ever so slightly now towards the camera and down now from here I can move her around I can even do this so I call this tucking in the front arm it's if you just actually stay still in his role towards me that's it stop and all of a sudden the front harm just absolutely go straight into the wall line and everybody wants to have nice and it was really important chin around to me now all the way around to me home keep coming in I don't want use question here on the wall but I'm going to get you very close to it I'm going to just fluff up they're here is I love this top on you and chin this way a little bit your isaac going exactly that color I love that I'm going to pull back here and as you can see I've got a gorgeous lines of just a nice easy smile for me now have a look at the angle which I'm photographing here I'm going to go to this camera here I am right on her eye line so you know everybody has this idea that were photographing up here this is so nineties we don't do that anymore we don't shoot from up here the kid looks wrong and it's not haste them somebody down because all they do is look like they're looking up at you and it's about tilting her body and as you can see from this side angle she looks uncomfortable from the from the side and she probably he is a bit uncomfortable but it doesn't matter as long as we get a gorgeous shot now this is the same way I posed everybody to shake the body regardless off their shape so all I'm trying to do is achieve the best possible line from the front off her body line now if you have a very lean body you can't pull there hips away from the camera because it makes the head look huge ok it's really important and it's a really important change also I'm shooting this on the thirty five his it it's slightly wide so that focus on the face and drop way on the body works perfectly on the fifty I find is a little flatter the thirty five there's a very subtle and it's a really easy way to slim people and it looks really really good so I start here with all of my basic roles have a look here's another one stand up nice and tall so that's when I reclined street here okay so from the front this is what I don't turn your buddy here I do this with eve free body ok I call it that the bobby hands put your hands out like they're like they're on a table top it's a and a little wider so their and they're both sides now when I photograph somebody election hands down to the sides I'm going to take a photo first okay soon as I take a photo of somebody with their shoulders in this position I know what I'm gonna do is make the arms look bigger in the body look bigger because whenever arms of beside us we look bigger than we are if we sit down and our arms are here the joint to us so as soon as we take them away it works to check herself hands go out and flat and by side and then we pull back with their elbows so being your elbows until they go behind the body on both sides so we pull back through here and what I do is I'm making here narrower all through her body and pushing forward with it chris line because it looks good this tax and beautifully here and I'm not going to shoot that I'm going to shoot this exactly here now the one you've gotta watch not to do is the shoulder's being pulled back too far come around to me a little bit more that's beautiful now push your chin towards me drop your shoulders down okay now pull those elbows back there to go so in exactly the same position look at the difference between this shot in the shot it's absolutely phenomenal it's so much better for the shape of her body and if you see that from the front that cross angle there when I take their crop absolutely beautiful this is where I shoot my cover girl now you'll find over this foot all body types because I want to slim through that body line push your chin forward and down to mei there that perfect girl and just in there a little touch more I love this shot stay there I'm just gonna buff up the here and make this my cava girl face shot remember I shoot if free body like this this cover girl face shot it's about having it beautiful face shot that everybody wants reelection mouth give me a little tiny girl that's just perfect timing or smile in the eyes see where I am in relation to tomorrow on below her eye line again they're effectively a shooting lower and yet she looks absolutely incredible her body line looks beautiful you're eyes and I'm going to show this and show how beautiful and slimming this is just relax your mouth that's a girl and a love that google and right through that shoulder line beautiful line nice and pull back that's what we want so here's another one another role but I'm going to swap over and maybe sit her down to show you this so let me just stop and change the sound I think the most amazing thing about learning how to sculpt bodies to the camera is just watching hell simply you could do it just watching how simply you can change it how simply you can change the body so just look at this post here to stay looking at the front of that camera and what I would like you to do here is to just bring your elbow there and just turn it this way now when the body is upright obviously the bottom half is predicting forward to the camera exactly the same as the face and it does absolutely nothing for the shape of the body is take a shot and I'll show you what I love to about this is tomorrow's act got who lived I'm upon her knee so it's becoming part of the outside of her body all I have to do to change this post is first of all it's like this arm against his thigh in all the way back straightaway I define her hourglass and straightaway I bring the shape of her body really nicely and tapered towards the camera knees together and didn't your mother teach you that on then what I do is I get here to bring her knees away from the camera to may so just your needs it to go move your feet a swell yeah now keep moving your feet with may and then drop them down now the feather I bring her bottom half away from the camera the longer and slimmer that she looks to the camera and the more we can focus on that face of bring your chin around that way long and down so now let me take another shot and I'll see how far I've come push it to something I do want to do is make sure that this hand is creating a triangle in the front that you can see some space through there because the more triangles that we create the more space in the more slimming this is going around the hourglass the chin is long and predicted forward towards the camera and now we shaping exactly like we were on the wall a beautiful breast wasting headline so from here I'm shooting just on her eye line sitting up nice and tall for me bringing your chin around this way gil and I could be right here so this isn't a shot example that's opposing example so as you can see I can see the wooden floor behind here which is not something that I would do but watch your body just come into play here is you see that shape bounce right and I can go just above the eye line to come down to here and I can also sit right down here and get it to push your chin forward and down to it that's it that's beautiful dalia and get that long our line what's really important is that I don't get this hand stiff in the front that I get it down nice and low that I see some space through here from the front and that I can get her to work her shoulder and bring her chin around so those three very basic won I won with curves but what I really need to be able to teach you today is to just take your time to sculpt the body take the time to see where she looks her best I could push her bum even further away so I want you to hold here on your album push your bum back on the box like that way google further further the more recline I get the shape you know that more shapely her body get spring this to the edge drop this down nice and low bring your open your shoulder up to me a little bit more break that teo bring your chin and as long as you've got that beautiful shape through there look what it's doing for his shoulder line here arm looks beautif awful her chin shoulder everything let me take a shot of that okay so just take the time to work through and have a look at what works and what doesn't now remember little tiny smile in your mouth good girl that's beautiful I ke h in this way just to touch in beautiful big smile they go the big big smile got it I want a real one not the fake one it's perfect now watching that now see what's happening here I'm getting a dominant forearm so I'm gonna let that one go down if I'm this close I'm going to have to come inside that for online chin this way and chin down now and there it is there so really important that you do not um that you do not let this whole shot get too crowded okay do not let this photo it's about stretching her whole body out as you can see from this angle here again she looks quite uncomfortable it shows that she's projecting away from the camera with her lower half so pushed the booty back that's what you have to do don't let them get low and then they make them lift up nice and tall through the pasture remember use your pinch chin ford and down engages the eyes the arms are always around the body keep on hands and make people look good because then they'll buy the photographs good practice this one two three really really important now that I take you through two of my other really really great tips pushing kids so he is a prime example of chin ford and down and how it works in the most incredible way so andrea I want you to lift up nice and tall through the top of your shoulders and push your chin forward and down okay now remember the coup via the body is the more it has to come forward and down so I'm going to show you in camera how this works so that we can show you how to take the best pasta well photos of people without a double ten nobody will buy a portrait with the double chin you won't buy a porter with a double chin ok I went by a porter with a double ten it is that simple and it is so easy to eliminate let's have a look at it poster on the wall as well so I'm going to get in front and take a photo fears and andrea what I want you to do is just go back into a normal relax nick position that's it stay be a good girl chin around me just a little that way perfect now I want you to bring your chin towards me or you need to slow down your blinks good girl okay and it's a good tip actually that's how I get people to stop blinking I tell them to slow down their blank system since I say so then your banks they become aware of them and then they start record linking okay so push your chin towards may and down all right now the best way to get this be shaped through here through ten foreign down not just by pushing forward and down is to create some space here okay between the chin and the first time they're the most amazing part is when you look in the camera at your chin fourteen down your first one in a relaxed position it looked like on the camera that andrew hit a chin up but to me it doesn't look like she does so I want you to go forty five degrees to the camera this right night this very good gil stop and now I want you to put your back foot out so that you can do a little tip forward that's her now as soon as you took forward you're gonna pressure arm against that war that's it and they're going to roll away from me with that shoulder stop not too far then uh actually I need to be doing this to the front of the camera okay so stand up nice and tall I'm getting all excited in praising you and I'm standing in front of you okay let's tip forty five degrees down the wall more down down down that to go and then you turned this away from the camera just attach so you're forty five degrees from the wall you lift up nice and tall through your back and neck so up through here that's it now you push your chin forward and down now the further it goes forward and down the bitter it looks truth declined through the face line it just looks bitter so it's just such a simple motion to push back here push your chin forward and down so that look at it like this as soon as I can see that I can see that definition and her face that's the beautiful definition that I want now I want you to bring your chin around this way and I'm going to photograph you here now I'm she asked above andrews are lines that just ever so slightly just above it and what it's doing is it's pushing that chin forward and down to the more space I can create here that's it good girl so I've just pushed his shoulder down and go big cap in the front I'll show that from the back the more space I can create here by pushing that shoulder down the longer I can make that space through there and the longer and make that look the longer she looks through the neck and shoulders so now let me take another one so that you can see just that subtle movement and how amazing that is to hear what a line let's have a look bring your chin around to me this way and then ford and down that's it feels weird looks fantastic I say that a lot okay lifting up nice and tall andrew through the back of your shoulders and chin down towards may beautiful big eyes up to meet this way that's a jolting down just a touch and there it is there so let me just take one up here so I can show you and there it is there so look at that shape through there isn't that beautiful yeah and it's so neat because what you see is this I'm just priestess down you get a really good breast line now I actually photographed a couple of sisters and this was a few years back it taught me a really valuable listen about shooting kurds I'm one of them waas was during a time probably my light twenties I put on a lot of wei and avoided the camera like the plague and I photographed these two sisters once in auckland and they said to me afterwards why did you only take photos of our hidden childress and I remember thinking I didn't know then how to take good photos of people's bodies bay I also didn't have you know the digital component to helps the mom's a little bit or do things that that that see I realised the biggest problem was may that I I was judging somebody's body on where I thought that they would look good and what I thought they'd liked and didn't like about themselves never assume with anybody wherever the rat with the kids wherever they're at in the life never seemed for one minute then that they're not proud and happy with who they are and what they are just cause I wasn't and I want to make everybody look beautiful I don't care what they are don't care who they are don't keep what the sp skin type is if they've got scars or they got birth max everybody wants to just look and feel fabulous for them so work people work with what they've got work with how gorgeous they are look at the here look at all of their all of the things that they want to show you how gorgeous they are work with it make them look incredible so just work their bodies work that chin work that expression and just really listened to what people want it is one of the most important parts about being a portrait photographer we're not trying to get everyone to mould into an ideal we're just trying to make everyone look the best they can be it's in that simple all right I want to show you another great trick from here I love during this in fact before I did that I said that so I could take a couple of pull back shots so I want you to walk your feet away from you keep your arm on the wall that's ago keep your body tuned away on beckoned to me sorry a back away from a better let this hand go to there I like that and I love this color on you I want that not central and I want your chin around and pushing out again so remember when we dropped that we get that beautiful shape I'm just going to pull back because I didn't get this part of this top which to me is the best part is the gold so I'm gonna come forty five degrees away from the war I'm going to get you to push your chin forward and down andrea they had to go you are right there right now okay now lift up taller and push your turned down because I just think if you can see the difference between those last two shots you can see that I did not get here on a really good angle I was pushing down you could see her face was pushing down and I could blink okay chin down a little tiny touch more open those beautiful eyes up to make a girl they got chin down a little bit more that's it and I can go right down to the jane's line oh look at that ok sandia okay tune your body towards the camera I can't always for boobs remember this is really really important hold your elbows kate boobs a squishy and they move really well okay so sometimes when I photograph people and I think that their boobs have really large I get them to bring the arm line in in assuming they do that they instantly some down through the arms and they cut down there bo blind looks really amazing so from here also now what I want to do is I've got to get her chin forward so from here I got to get you to go at this but I don't want you to do it to match there's just a slight tip forward and that creates space through here so pushing forward long chin that sit him down there it is right there and I'm going to take a gorgeous shot here on this is my category sharp slightly on the forty five to in this way that's it bring your chin towards me and down andrews who pushed that chin ford now down down down stop you just take a step over this way but I just got that line in the background okay now push that chin for two may and down that's it star okay from here long kneecap and then pushed him ford more and now down stop there this okay chin down a little bit more just less smile on your lips open those beautiful eyes up to may good gil love that big smile go it's perfect okay from here let's do it bobby door hands bring your hands down flat and your elbows go in and around your body so you took them in and straightaway tech that back in there its long neck lifting up nice and tall and pushing your chin forward and down that's it don't move chin down a bit more than a bit more they go good girl right there now this is we're in the studio I would definitely put on maybe a fan threw her here and I would put maybe some more color around here because I want to see this around the throat love this color on you this one here you could just wear that color all the time and push the arms out again hands out bobbing all that set perfect and I can take two shots here one is down the center line of her body lifting your neck and shoulders up nice and tall and pushing your chin towards may go gil and down that's it don't move enter pretend a little bit more you can see I'm just above her eye line I'm here putting it in ford and down a little way but more good girl nope sorry my bed and then chin around this way that's it and I'm going to go this way so open those elbows back to may long neck and shoulders up go go pushing a chin forward and down down down nice very gently tip towards may now lift your chin up assumes she tips towards may look at the difference here and there's a big difference in that tilt so to the front camera have a look at this go back up to normal you can see here she's in non position and all she did resist push forward and they lifted her chin up see that space it's created there it's absolutely perfect so go pick up normal if I'm going to be here I'm gonna get this I'm getting chin I'm getting shoulders now I'm sorry like now just tip towards me and those alibis push your chin tow what's make a girl and then I'm here push your chin down now ford and down you got it just like their wow look at your eyes look at your eyes and look at you here it's beautiful okay just like there nice and easy the tilt it's about the tilt okay it's about bringing the tilt towards the camera and ford it's about working and sculpting their body until it looks good so I need you to work on two things with all curve I need you to work on that ratio on what she was shooting a case I wanted around that eye level and I need you to work on getting the ratio into your frame okay whether it's tipping away tipping ford or tipping back this is what you need to work on today let's take some gorgeous shots of thes two girls from here could meet tabletop hands again out there now stand up nice and tall straight to the camera good girl putting your ten forward and down and then tank post elbows all the way back for me editor but not the shoulders really imp wouldn't now pushing your chin towards me and down so this is my kind of quintessential cover girl shot as you well know I'm shooting this straight into the big light I've got a reflector here just bouncing behind me just straight back to her face push your chin toe towards me even more and down ford ford google that's perfect I can see when they're ten comes into play it's really important that our hands alone and push back to intact the elbow right in there and then but there that's the one long ten long chin luncheon down down down that's always love that good girl and I love that little smile it's look here get this mindy green just look so gorgeous in the back like I'm going to go one this way too just push it towards me attach more that's it perfect okay from here love that love that horizontal perfect now what I want to get you to do so I'm going to get you to come to this war and no different than your foot then your first pose I want you to drop down on the forty five so if you just go thank god gil exactly right so now I want your elbow down and I want this space here cause I concede light coming through there and it looks good pressure I'm against the war that I'm goes around your body and amy I'll get you to come around the side you're gonna cross over that came over that's okay I need the light and just stay open inflict shawn can you see us okay and I'm gonna be here so I'm going to shoot straight back out to the white light bring your chin all the way around to me this way good girl well this is so cute okay from here I'm gonna pull back and get the jeans tippy head towards me a little weed but more sorry tip you hit that way pets ago stadia stay there I love that cute little smile what I'm missing is your right hand sitting over your right hip because that defines your hourglass on the back side elbow back good girl and that's really important nice and tall through your neck and shoulders and just watch your hand's in the front and splayed out so just something to genes could kill create some space between the wall and your waste tomorrow so push away that's good perfect long chin towards me now in this way there it is right there love that and I'm gonna come up and get one closer chin up to me now eaks love them like a good girl so easy so easy and so pretty and then so simple in that backlight is just absolutely gorgeous just like that so have a look at this gorgeous dung like beef let this beautiful redress exactly the same as you did the first time I want you to go forty five degrees too in a way this way from the camera and I want your shoulder arm just a press against that wall and lane take your weight on this foot on the outside this hand goes up in back elbow becca girl that's perfect and not too high because we don't want to elbow to stick out so from here let me have a look from the front what I want you to do is tune your body towards me a little weep all that's perfect don't move is going to fix this naughty little here there okay I really want you to lift up tore through the neck and shoulders could gil I want you to turn this hand flip to the camera better show that hand fet there and I just want you teo bring your chin towards me and down now I'm gonna push you away from the camera little weep it said kim around your whole body come around towards make a girl and remember the more space we put down here the longer you get through here said nice and two or three unique and shoulders and push your chin down this way there it is so from the front and take a gorgeous shot of you here and I just want you to follow me around with your shin that's perfect now you two needs to come down to may and then I open those eyes after little weaver more I'm just going teo adventure little kill here right there and I just want you to push your chin down here stop don't move good girl there it is wow stay there and I'm gonna come back one more go chin down just a touch eyes open up to me go kill so you can go open eyes up to me like that but I just needed a little bit more smiling lips that's the one perfect ah this rid is gorgeous and in here I'm gonna come in a little closer and chin this way that's it we're gonna be right there look at you and raid my dear isn't that fantastic I love that so let's do the one where you were at the front here tune around and you're holding boobs elbows that's exactly right and then I want you to just kick forward just ever so slightly so just watch that your arms are predicted to fare forth that they're tucked in nice and logan gil but hold your elbows and then I just want you to kick out onto one hip and then that's it so that your open that chin line up all right now chin towards may and down there this perfect and chin down a little weed but more now just on the sexes here down down stop I can they have to have that with a beautiful smile chin down chin down a bit more that's one beautiful big smile go gotcha good girl perfect now what else I would do from here is I've got my side on I took a nice recorders I've got one laughing there but the chin forward about the arms wrapped around let's just do a cover girl exactly what we did so when you stand up tall and you put your hand it's let ours comebacks openning his shoulders and then tipped towards may that's a girl pushing your chin towards me and then down again chin this waist up like that right there now bring your ten down to me now good girl there it is ten and a bit more oh I like that what I need is a little bit more here around here because we like I like big here it's a kill chin down a little bit more ah andrew this is gorgeous all right so just like that one two three flow through your sequence use your till create space don't be afraid to push the shoulder down to create the space to constantly ask you plans to stand up tall to push forward it's about sculpting the body and it's about doing it confidently it's about looking through the camera and then taking the time to readjust your position in the position so that it looks good we don't just bang out five hundred charts and hope that we get one we try and sculpt them move them and make sure that they're lifting up tor pushing the chin forward and down constantly pushing weight onto the back foot resetting their position your client is waiting for you to give them guidance because they can't see through the camera you can so enjoy practicing those three moves there absolutely incredible they work as you saw coming straight off my camera easy and I'll show you how to take them right through the editing so exactly the same as what we did first I just want you to come up onto your right hip so bring your feet this way and that's it and then sort of come up to you took your bum up that way perfect and all I'm going to get you to do is put your elbow on the edge of that white couch and then bring your arm forward so I think it's gonna be easier if I get you to bring your feet up onto the couch or even sit on your right foot and bring your leaf would oversee what feels comfortable to you we'll move this away so it stand up and sit on your right foot now as long as she sit far enough away from the edge dear that's it and bring your knees around this way perfect now your elbow just touches down remember we gotta create triangles from the front so this top here allows for this which is gorgeous and I think it's beautiful just relax that hand down good girl in this hand of course is going to get in the way of we don't push it back I do like both knees together so if I put this here and push this back then you'll be able to bring this foot down onto that box and well I'll be out of bring your knees together okay so that's exactly right now I want your chin to come all the way around to the front this way say here I've gotta recline I've got tomorrow's body pushing away I've just got to make sure I get that soft hand here and I'm going to take a shot chain around this way follow me around good girl now to make this nice and a beautiful line in a beautiful stunning line for her body it's gonna open it here I'm just going to get you to bring your chin around me here I make chicken to shoot dan it'll say only from above her eye line just to show you the difference and then what I'm gonna do it tuck her arm back towards here this color on you is insane oh I love that little smile now I feel like she's leading to match with this arm when I shoot up so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put getyou to slide your elbow back so it's sitting up under your boot there and you have to come out nice and tall now if that's too had to do and simple way to correct that would tip bring your elbow to the deeds that go on I don't wanna lose the space for you here relax three thehe and now lift up two or three neck and shoulders and bring your chin around I felt like it elbow is projecting forward towards the shop towards the front of the shot so let me try that again and now I'm going to get lower and now set up higher in the neck and shoulders and bring your chin down further now that to me is incredible I know of now that she looks great so now what I want you to do is I feel like you're pushing too far for with your boobs so just pull back through the center of your core like back away from the camera that's it's that's all my sight sinking down you do that and armed tech one will shot and have a look and long chin our neck and shoulders turn down this way perfect and there it is right there chin around this way a little bit more tiny little smile good feel lips together that little weak gorgeous meant there it is I could blink sorry I think that pain is my blinkers this week that's absolutely beautiful look at this color on you so we're trying to create link from the body were trying to extend the arms were trying to show off the hourglass we can turn this away so let's try just turn your body away a little bit more and seeing what we get I want to create I want to keep creating space here but I needed to be tool sometimes soft characters a quite had to pose on could you get really stacked down into them and it's really had to hold a really tall long posture when you're sinking into the couch so make sure you've got lots of streets lots of movement nice and high through the neck and shoulders here and remember that this catch then looks really amazing when you flip straight down and you shoot long style lying down so let's do that how about you lie on your tummy and I want your elbows in front of you there to such an easy transition into a nice shot elbows forward that's it back down onto tummy now I want you to scooch back now and I don't mind if you'll figure up over the back of the couch I just gotta make sure that this room for your arms your right arm goes forward over that way so over there night jeremy this one goes forward over this way and you lift one goes across good girl stop lifting up nice and tall bring your chin all the way around to me this way I'm going to bring the top and on the shoulder because I can looks like such a beautiful color and then I am going teo long up through your neck shoulders and turn around this way a little bit more so easy transition right they're all I have to do is push your high as I can and then chin around to the front they're perfect don't move chin down just a touch and I can do an entire sequence right there now the salvo goes out and your fingertips touch the back of you hear your chin comes around and down that said and oh I love that how gorgeous is that just like that now from here you'll see exactly the same transition is made it's all about stretching and length go down into a comfortable nick position right now everybody looks good when they're lifted up when they tall when the arms are extended out when the next lift it up it's all about posture okay posture in space taking what you don't want close to the camera away from you in working their body I love sitting pose is against the wall when you've got a little bit of an airport box there just to elevate your client I'll show you why if you sit back with your back against the wall now so that I can take a shot of you I know that if you're on the airport box not the floor you can open your body your bottom up your body out not your bottom s o if I'm sitting on the floor and without an heir for bucks I know I can recline because everything I do is going to make me shorter through the torso so if I put them on an apple box just like this then what I'm doing is I can bring her around to the front so I want you to scoot you bum and I just want to live that cheap beer that's it and then you can take you out of your shoulder right back to the wall sir tune your body towards me a little deeper and now lean back okay if it's too far away you can pull the box in that's it now lean back now this hand instantly crossed over but I wanted here bring this foot around to me andrew because from the front or when your needs to give that now look at that camera that way ok what I have to do let's create the same reclined down the wall that I get in a standing position say this is a whole different look let me come to the front and take a shot for you what I'm gonna do is slide before you do is I'm gonna be here is I'm going teo you can see on this camera line I'm just above her eye line so if I take a shot here now I'm going to watch this as I slide it down into position now that elbow slides back okay this opens up in the france so you need to drop down good girl a little bit more and the more she drops down through the air the more length in opening up I can get through her tin and shoulder now to hear a nice big here love that and now chin around to me this way and now I can come down this angle and I have a bitter recline open recline from here so I'm still above the eye line now long chin pushing it towards me and down because that that's it I can tell it's not quite there yet see my angle where I met see how if you go back to the other shot the first shot where have engaged her chin I've pushed it down of opened her up now because she's on the apple box I can move that down I want you elbow to come away from your body so push it against the wall now good girl you contend this hand around to me a little bit more and what I want you to do is lift up through your neck and shoulders doc down her shoulder even more and then push your chin down now I've come down to her eye line now tim this way which everybody thinks is a big no no for curves but I don't agree I think if I could get her to recline properly and pushed down then I can work this post beat out and open up the length of her body from down here if I'm getting here to tip forward to me they said right this is where everybody goes wrong everybody comes up to here thinking that this is more slimming and I don't think it is so I got a blank hole get one with that one I don't think it is I'm gonna compare both although I do like about this albert back it is if I end this high provided I can get him make higher and around and longer to mason now drop your shoulder down then this is really good now drop the shoulder lower now push your chin towards me and down stop here it is I can see it as soon as she engages who came down and I still think we're looking up it just doesn't work for me I don't like this so I'm back down here drop this hand right down albert down lift up tour create space unique and then push forward and down there it is just on their eye line right there and then I can take what even line through here and the either that I want to so I'm gonna show you how to do that so nice and simple very beautiful love this color and I like the back like two so if you can't stand in reclined simply sit in recline completely different look just like that I just absolutely love how much black is going in on this fief let me what she's wearing because her skin is so milky white to enter here is just kind of throw this gorgeous color so from here beautiful black dress I'm going to use this to cover girl from the front so what I want you to do is put your hands onto your waist inside this calf both sides and you're going to be squared to the camera I just love what this does and it tapers the way so beautifully you can use a scaffold around the arms whatever actually looks incredible cames gonna put that they're now the hands go in further and up higher we define the waist where we want to define the waist I call it for waste you just create your own waistline and I'm going to crop this top of the head just to the top of the hands just like a real cover girl shot so just bring your body square to me now and one of the things that I want you to do is to push your chin toe towards the camera and down really push it forward that because it gives you a beautiful definition through chin and decline infect a little weed but more now I'm going to just show you a cool little trick chin ford and down with the tiny looks my okay jill now I want you to take your hands to the outside of your waist that's it and I'm going to retake the shot this is the weird thing when you ask people to put their hands and they waste they put the hand on their true waste which is here but I want to create my own waistline so I'm going to come in so tape it in and up now interestingly the eye follows this if you kick back with your booty that way now push your chin towards me strong more more there have a look at this instantly the eye picks this up a cz being her new waistline which is absolutely incredible e like that so remember we look with hands are so we wanted to put her hands and shape your body go to the outside of your waist again we put it hands out there there's this distance here and it makes your waist look wider than it is I want to define her waist I want to take it into here I want to show that off it's an absolutely beautiful way to post people know slumming in in photoshopped needed because it's all in camera and they're coming a little closer and with your waist sorry with your hands on your waist coming closer that and just be very careful that you're not pinching fabric from the front it's really important now very gently I want half a tip towards mei chin long long long long so putting it like that that's a go there it is and every single time whether I start here okay slightly asymmetrically whether I do this beautiful face shut and I'm going put lots of here around here because you know I love that oh this is gorgeous tend towards me just attach oh wow okay I'm gonna pull back to here and do my second frame here my good pushing your chin forward here for my fourth and because I've got this beautiful definition chin up to me now really supermodel pushing your ten four good girl love that those in my four shots pulling back look e okay from here I want to do a really simple movement just hands down to here around so just bring one across that's exactly right and I'm going to get you to cross over and look over your shoulder at may okay and then your chin comes all the way forward and down to here ok they're so chin down now all right now I want you to go the other way and do it the other way so you just sit back and just work that shoulder forward that's it okay and then bring this elbow down so albert down the front shoulder forward getting nice line through there tipping towards the camera slight tip that way and I'm going to shoot this this way looking over the shoulder okay now very gently stay there so when you do this pose which is one of my all time favorites remember with curves there's going to have to be a tip with the whole body forward now that opens her up through the neck and shoulders I'm trying to create that space now bring your chin around to me now and down so soon it's not about tipping her forward to the camera actually about tipping her forward this way so that I could drop that down then I get this beautiful faith angle on my goodness that's gorgeous now very gently turn away from me tomorrow that way note with your shoulder that way stop look back at me now tin around gonna bring some of your gorgeous here and then take him down now straight down well look at that that is absolutely yeah okay chain around to me a little weed but more like eight shoulder forward leaning forward shoulder for chin down and down and then give me a tip this way wow good girl okay chin towards me push it towards me stretch out that chin I can relax your mouth perception towards may I uh look at that that is beautiful it's about length it's about creating a lot of people make the mistake of dropping this shoulder down here and getting that okay I want the same engaged over the shoulder looks I just tipped him forward and absolutely beautiful foe waste tipping forward gorgeous shots let's have a look at them

Class Description

Sue Bryce's 28 Days is the all-in-one portrait photography class that teaches you posing, shooting, marketing, selling, and everything else you need to know to run a successful contemporary portrait photography business. 

This series begins with two sessions of intense instruction on business, pricing, and overcoming your fears. Following the kickoff, Sue delivers short sessions exploring 28 different topics essential to any successful portrait photography studio. Sue covers flow posing, connecting with clients, posing and shooting groups, marketing to your key demographic, sales, and more.

In this comprehensive series you'll learn Sue's inspiring approach to styling, posing, marketing, selling and so much more!


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1Second Weekly Q&A Session
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1Day 17: Marketing & Shooting - Family First Demographic
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1Day 19: Glamour Shoot on Location & Shooting with Flare
2Photoshop Video: Glamour Shoot on Location & Shooting with Flare
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1Third Weekly Q&A Session
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