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28 Days of Portrait Photography


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Day 4: Flow Posing

today's challenge is all about flowing and creating a met before you I took a simple couch a two seater couch or a love seat and I took a simple white box and I saw how many times I could flo posed jessica over the couch in over the box I want you to see something that simple a corner a staggered couch line an arm or a simple white plain box and I want you to think of thirty poses that you khun do over to flow and get movement so that you can practice and become a master poser what I did was I've met this for you so that you can print out these contact sheets and work through your flow this is where I want you to be this is an advanced portrait photographer this is really exciting today and it's so easy for you to learn enjoy this challenge hello internet sorry I thought it looked really hard today until jessica came and sat beside me today we're talking about studio props this is a very hotly contested subject on my facebook page on my creative lives and also on my email so I get a wh...

ole lot of people asking me whole other things about sizes and ottomans and boxes I try every where I go every country I go to get these wooden boxes they're made of a very light wood and I actually have gotten teo melbourne in australia and I couldn't source any so I made them myself and painted them white I also went to in sydney I went to confession retail outlet that was selling out and I bought a whole of evan shaped boxes the more boxes that I can have in my studio the mohr staggered poses I can create so today I wantto put the challenge to this I want to see how many poses I can shoot on one box I want to say how many images I can shoot on one love seat so this is a two seater couch and it has a good side on it it's white liver I think it's going to be really easy to photograph on and I'm going to flow through a cz many posters as I can on these two props now you've seen me pose on the bass doll you've seen me do fashion cordially of seemly freestyle you've seen me spin around but today and I've showed you how to do a really good lying down shot on the ottoman that I want to just see if you have a light scenario in your studio how many great ideas that I can come up with just off this now someone work in some won't just like a normal shoot and let's not pretend that everything we should is perfect is I'm shooting if I don't like something change it straight away if I feel like something's working I'll keep going into it and I'll just see if I can create a bit of a met for you in a bit of opposing manual based on how many moves I can get on something this simple then what that's going to teach you is to look at a little piece of furniture or look at a box a little bit differently open up to lots and lots of different poses that you can land so that when you're shooting multiple people you keep it interesting you keep variety and you keep it moving outside of just the normal five poses that I taught you now remember the normal five posters I taught you other basis off all of our posers now we want to take it to the next level so let's go for it and uh I'm just going to keep this flow going and then we're going to create a little bit of opposing manual for you from this video jessica I'm going to start off with a very typical pose I'm going to make this on a very typical pose for may would be when you put your feet up on the couch let sit behind you this way so tack them in that's it now slide back and keep your knees away from in front and I just want your elbow onto here so come towards me a little bit more income this way and put your elbows here next and then keep your knees together so this knee comes up higher bit it and then this one comes out now we do that for two reasons if I took your foot in you look like you've got no bottom league so we always bring the bottom leaking and the top me always goes over the top of this one to keep your knees together this hand's always here nice and simple right there and your chin comes around this way and engages with your front shoulder here so just working your front shoulder up towards me a little bit more in this position I'll take a few different um degree tunes around you so I'm actually going to start here going across here follow me with your chin I start about here I'm shooting today you can see my big natural light space I've got no reflectors because I don't need to I've got so much beautiful light bouncing in here today I met two point eight chin this way a little weed but more discipline no follow me this way good girl stop and I met six forty so that's right where I want to be perfect so I can shoot this up high I can come in a little bit closer I can get you to lift that shoulder up and I could get you to bring your chin long and down towards may and I can shoot this a little bit closer and a little bit lower then your eye line here so that's perfect beautiful smile for may before I move on got yet ok then I do what I normally do in this pose I could use a push your elbow back and I get you to rotate your body towards me and lean across stop now long chin towards me and down don't move and bringing needs around to be a little weed but more good girl so from here I love that absolutely beautiful stuff in your eyes for me jessica beautiful ten ford shoulder for a little way that more in the front here the shoulder said to bring it this way go chin that way perfect neck of me gorgeous big smile go love that from there I would like you to stretch out actually before you do anything bring this albert up into the center towards may now stay there just there now by good girl and just sort of use it to cap your face so you bring this hand up in this hand across albert cross sorry at no on the inside just head that sits straight up and down now I just want the heel of your palm to go into here just cup your face this way don't move perfectly girl love that and from here beautiful laugh at ten up to make a long term push it forward that's it good girl beautiful from here I want you to go onto a tummy so slide back that way and I'm going to pull you towards me very just easier that way perfect I want you to scooch back a little bit more teo the tip perfect perfect and I want you to keep your feet on this side cross ankles so I can't see them and just let them slide down that way yeah so tune your body this way and put your elbows forward now tuck this one up underneath here that this hand go and long chin towards me hear such in this way long now down a touch and work that shoulder out the back here so remember this is your pretty standard autumn in paris relax those eyes down for me jessica don't be too steering it made yourself in your eyes good girl little we soft mouth we have got multiple poses and here and tim's are bringing your fingertips up and just touching down with the back long chin forward and down okay I just don't want to see that thumb so if you just took your fingertips their chin down to me now working that shoulder more also remember I'm not going to go into all that arm changes because this is just about using the props we've got so we can do lots of changes and we can do lots of expression changes we can also shoot around here and just get the top of that couch and do different angles but today we're just going to keep moving through what we want to do and now I want you to lie back down so feather go back further okay and I want you to lie here okay so I want you to be on this hand to go perfect I love this and ten down teo asked to touch I used to do this shot a lot that was one of my definite favorites I think it looks beautiful on everybody you do have to make sure that that front arm doesn't dominate to match if you feel like it does you can either bring it they're up but it doesn't go towards the camera if it's dominating it goes away from the camera okay any dominating arms look too big and we don't like I'm sorry that was a blank beautiful good girl from here I want you to stretch out with both of your arms and just bring your chin down to me here it's exactly right and also like coming in here doing a nice little close low shot like this beautiful big smile I also like that you get a little bit off the pattern on the back of the shapes on the back of the lounge when you are let low and that you don't quite get that cut away so now what I want you to do is to come off there and sit down onto the floor and I'm gonna push it back here if you could bring that side around to meetyou psychologist it's perfect I'm gonna come back and I want you to sit down on the floor peps pushed that couch back a little bit on this side better yeah okay now sit down on the floor to may and the easiest way to do that without flashing me is to just cross this league over here so I want you back to the couch so ten and face may now bring this foot towards may that always in the front here so I want you to lean back on the couch that's a tune square note square to may tip so scooch around just a little way but more that's it now from the front I can't see up between your legs because your knee and they come across here stay pointed come out that's it so you cover there now I want you to lean forward onto both those knees so this is a position that I always get people in on the bass door as well so I just want you to bring this here that's it and I just want you to you're sitting really upright okay because you've got really good posture I want you to scoot your bum towards may yes so that you are yes now straight out onto that this one across maybe g oh that's it and then this one across here so I just mix up arms exactly as they would on the box but I shooed it leaning back on the couch because I think this is just really good okay this hand you need to turn its side onto may it can't go to the camera that's a girl so it goes that way and I want to bend in there you've got a perfect okay from here their lips together in a tiny little smile gorgeous I also shoot this here now I quite like this idea that we're going to stretch this arm across a little weird but more this one stay there but dark keep offend into or keep it onto your knee down anthony talbot talbot that's it perfect lower it's one now keep beaned in this one this one could gil long chin towards may I often shit this this way because I think it's just really clean it's like a beauty shot and I love it I'm gonna pull back a little bit more and get that hand in there just because actually really long because you're so tall so someone shorter I can shoot they're a little closer but you are so long and good pull right back to here and I love that okay from there that's something I do quite often is I just lean back onto the couch like that I just am trying to create an image with the couch in the background that gives the wall a bit of texture there's something a little bit different that is not entirely about being in a white space like I could take that couch away and just created completely white space background but just like with that drop away two point eight that the couch is interesting in the background right from here I stand up and I want you to this time sit I'm on pull a couch stop let me just do one thing the one thing I didn't know you're going to go on that side is I'm going to shoot this side of the catch so when I shot you with your knees up this time I want you to do a directly front on vision of that so here so your knees in everything is a front straight to me so it's really kind of like a sitting cabbage or it's not their angular one on just put your right foot and then they and tuck it up so let it perfect okay now from here I want that angle there so that your creating a triangle with your right hand this one here goes under there and I just want you to push your lower half away I was to christ keep going keep going that's it stop all right let this hand relax slide this one up and back and sitting up nice and tall upright so I love that gonna shoot that they're perfect wait long chin towards make a girl excellent idea now from here I just want you to bring your chin all the way down completely side onto me pushing forward that's it stay there love the angle right and now I want you to stand up and uh let's have a look this is something else I do I get you to sit you can actually turn around that way sit up on the side and put your feet out so you don't really side onto may now put your right foot down on the ground and I want you to lean forward onto this nay say this hand comes onto the inside that's exactly right and this one goes on your thigh now here I'm in almost exactly the fishing poorly pose again I'm staggering limbs I'm creating triangles and I can do this one and make it really motley savoring the shoulder forward good girl long chin towards may keep that one tucked in their long turn out that way you got up and I can also shoot this here like that chin all the way around to me now he come and go girl this way you're going to use that hit stop her bag or I can just freely this up here put this hand down and now I want you to work the shoulder towards me and bring your chin down this way and I've been coming to hear too that ok I was gonna watch the back of this hand soon as I turned her around I lost sight of with that hand wass so just relax it make sure ballet fingers good girl's perfect and then I want to shoot that again and show legs because it looks great now your chin has tapped right and just push it towards me so you'll see how easy it is for people just to revert back to a comfortable sitting position we've gotta watch them all the time bring this hand up just touch the face bring your chin around to me this way more bring this shoulder forward more come in nice and close and had this here now this hand I just want like a cup around here or even around your neck that's it now your posture is so beautiful but I want you to cave in more more more google now bring your turn around long tend towards may and just teaches yoga so she's not gonna like my question her your chin tucked right in there to push it towards make a girl with that front shoulder okay the go love their big beautiful smile there got okay from there let's go up tio I would even go so far if if this was all I had to pose on I could even do this go around the back of there and what I want you to do is I'm goingto all this is going to make a noise I'm sorry I would kneel on that and if it's too low I might need to bring you out but I would even get it perfect legal I would shake this on here come across because the good thing about still is now bringing elbows out for mai and take one side across let's go this way no other way okay keep this elbow out that's the one and your hands up over the edge I wanted to be on top perfect now right up on the top with your elbow and setting up nice and tall with your head straight and chin towards may gil stadia love that wow so from here I could also bring this elbow in and bring this hand up and cut the face here so ran this right more set up nice and tall pull your torso away and go down a bit lower good girl perfect don't move my love that is too good to sort of you wow please bring both hands up elbows together okay and just sort of cutting the face that's it and then chin sitting down love that and you know what I came up to me a little bit more this is a shot that I took maybe twenty years ago this was a really popular shop for may it was very very modern beauty shop and I just loved it then and I love it now let's try just freestyling in a little bit let's bring the alba across so that your fingertips khun touchdown this hand can drop down across st stop and then just bring your ten down on what the shoulder and for me a little bit more more more love that don't move okay I need to get your chin and your shoulders together that's the one love that good girls and then I need this hand to slide over more keep going keep going stop I'll go down and I like that too so from here let's sit up I'll put this back on couch very good and from here I could easily I'm going to push this this way just use this couch for one of my favorites is sitting on the edge there just on the tip uh feet that way could go perfect hands sort of at the back and then leaning forward and then bringing your chain around two don't hit back to before but just two in the shoulder away from may so what I want you to do here is I want you to get rid of that arm so slided there and I want you to bring your chin all the way to the edge and then tip in that way good girl stay there and god just using the of the state and I cannot see the capped at all so now I'm just using it to flow pose and of course there's a million different ways I can do this one go this way more guy guy starts let's pretend for one minute you can swap sides so that come around here that's where so I just want you to now turn your shoulder to me this way because I want to see if the sleeve is different and know we had the right sleeve because I liked that side even more okay so from here at the next thing I would do would be okay from the front step over here yes I'm gonna pull us over what I want you teo is I want you to sit comfortably upon here again just like you were on the floor that just don't fleshed me to the camera keep one foot in front of you here and I wanted to hug that name and just do a nice comfortable sitting seriously where I can just get a more friendly okay from there that's the one now bring your right knee right foot in and then had that name okay peps don't cross over bring that foot here because if you there it's better that's the one now let's use your arms up and over this side here crossing up over that name on top of it the one thing I never do in these posers is heaven nature sticking up out of the center always looks odd I always have this hand up here when I had the knee and try and get the sideways angles and then long tim this way so gil stay there now work the shoulder until what's me a little weak but we'll walk I love all of these close up shots you really need to push your chin towards media's more and now this way this way going push that chin towards may and the reason that I do these close up shots at this is I feel like they fill the frame I think they look really beautiful this pose it really beautiful with young girls that are wearing jeans it's a young po's you can friendly it up but what I love it shuts down all the body language and you can create this gorgeous tight frame filled with arms and legs and it always looks great always having the body and lifting the makeup tour and pushing your chin forward so just your chin down here like this okay stay there I'm shooting this nice and low nice and type arms and legs to me this is just friendly cute gorgeous young and I love that stay there now let's open it up a little bit and show you just help beautiful that can look back here now what I want you to do is I want you to bring this hand to your face so we can use this hand for our expression slide down set sits on your hand that's a girl straighten you hit up to me long chin towards me this way down down stop now I just need you to drop this shoulder and bring it forward and this hand can come a bit lower and then longer down now pull your hand away from your nick the reason I pull a hand away from the nick as I feel like when the hand touches down it can look too clamped on there oh I love this beautiful girl from here I want you to put your head in two hands I want you to use your body language put it behind up on top of you here that's a girl teo now relax his hand out over and around more such riel like we're talking it acted now soon as I see you go into that really pose I know that looks real to me and I believe that so all I need now to believe it's the most beautiful smile you have and big grin smile smile big big big tin up to me a really big smile you got it wow okay from there so we leaned a gets aside we fashioned quarterly we set against the side we leaned against the bed we lay in the front we lay across and even every one of those posers store has a full one eighty rotation on them so let's have a quick look at what we took right now I'm going to quickly take you through the map as you can see when we started on the first plane back that would be one of my most classic poses right from the very beginning pose and then she rotated over we could use her hands in this pose as we did we can pull back we can shoot their horizontally as well as soon as she lay down on the ottoman there at least teen different variations you can do there I absolutely adore that lying down pose that's something I should do more often not so keen on this one because I feel like the phantom dominates to match what we talked about that I love how we can sit her down to their horizontally with it white couch just coming in on the outside and I love that side of you I like the fishing quarterly view on the side of the couch which is amazing over the back of it so easy just to create such a simple beautiful beauty shot and I love the side looking back and they were killed up on the couch so we've got lots of beautiful scenarios there and lots of you lots for you to practice lots of flow if I was going to do all of that in one outfit um I think she's probably only by maybe five or six of those images if I was not going to move my white background and changed my would change your clothes so I could have done that in three different outfits in one corner and still created enough images to sell folio so I want you to buy maybe five or six images in each outfit so you could have changed her out three times and still not moved in your space so if you are shooting in a small space and all you have available is a two seater couch and that would not be a bad thing at all so now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to change this outfit and I'm going to see how many shots I can take in on and around the white box with a very similar principle now what we're going to do is flow pose over this white box exactly as we did on the white love seat I'm going to try and hold exactly the same pattern or a similar pattern I won't sit her in front of the white box because I wouldn't do that anyway instead I'm gonna have her neil and stand on at the end so I will get just as many poses from the simple white wooden box as I would from the white love seat I'm also going to use this old devil box for you to sit on so that I can stake her arms in use league so this is gonna be a really great one for youto watch and try also I think we need to focus on looking at the size of this box right now so when she stands up stand up nice and told us that actually comes up to her knees it's a very simple little white wooden box you can buy an ottoman from a little white square ottoman they're around sixty to eighty dollars at care and if you can't then you can make this little wooden boxes keep them light paint them white remember they drag around in the studio a lot so we lose a bit of paint off them and then you could just repaint them every year keep them nice and fresh and try and get us many different sized boxes as you can because it's so easy to learn how to pose on them so I'm going to start with the very similar post that we did before I'm going to get you to sit down here and on the side not big on the side yeah and I want you to turn this way and put your elbow here now exactly as I did on the couch but I want your knees together and I want them this way that's it stay there stop I can't turn you funny away from me a little bit more I'm gonna bring this forward and you're going to use the white box the same way that you were using the white couch with corner and that one goes there and then you lift up nice and tall so the idea from the front is we're creating triangles in our posters I want forty five degrees here chin comes around to the front and I'm gonna shoot yeah from this one I can start I'm just gonna remove that I'm gonna start around here just like I did on the couch and I'm going to get you to bring your chin around to me a little bit more and I'm sitting down on this airline just a tickle pull back I met two point eight I'm still it six forty when you turn around to me just a little bit more good girl stop in a little smile I'm gonna get you to work the shoulder up a little weak but more I'm gonna get you to bring your chin down and around here nice and close like your chin around to me now good girl lips together little smirk lovely from here I want you to keep your knees together and bring them around to me and I want you to slide your elbow back and I want this hand to go across here pets it now lean forward towards may teo albert touches down that's the one long chin towards me this way and down there stop perfect don't move from there now this is where we can use this hand so you can bring your fingertips up you can stretch out that's it this is nice and soft on the box hand down ballet hands good gil fingertips they're not quite so much of elaine and bring the shoulder and okay that's perfect right there and we're there now from here as you can see I'm just starting to pick up the white sari the wooden floor so I don't actually want to do that so what I'm gonna try and do is stay back a little lower so I can shoot just below her eye line and shoot back towards the white wall there that's it perfect and at any time to I contend my camera this way and shoot this heart's on today all square just gonna talk all that over changed my focal point oh they would go beautiful now from here we came up just sit up nice and tall for me and instead of lying down because we can't do this we can't let down without the ottoman I'm gonna show you a vision of lying down here so I want you to come around here it is and kneel down and I want you to lie across here so we give the illusion of lying down but of course it's not but if this hand just relaxes and then this one goes across there we lead with the shoulder we make sure we don't squish that arm we bring the chin long and around the then I can shoot this one house on to leave this way and even though it kind of you comptel she's not lying down it's just a really good way to crop in and I'll show you gonna pull back to here on a beautiful also I can cheat this way which is like a side beauty toes and then expect to I once head a client who couldn't lie on her stomach because of her knees and she couldn't kneel so I put a second box up here and head her standing and leaning over just like this and it was a great way to get a variation imposing okay from there lying down pose remember when I had you lying down like this so it's about good gil so this hand goes on the inside at nine tonight this handle some inside this one stretches across in remember you can't have it towards me the elbow has to go it goes across this mirror me that's it stabia and then lean there that side perfect don't move just touching down maybe put it up under your elbow now flat in this inside hint good girl it's perfect and then light and learned here and I'm nice and close here oh I love this so beautiful katya now can this hand just come up a little bit more so that it is actually everything head to go perfect don't move while gorgeous okay from there after we lay down I stretched out the arms that both and I didn't actually like it because we were dominating too much with the front so let's imagine then that this one is coming up behind the head in supporting the head and then this one is coming in on the inside and let's try that there so a little bit more upright working the shoulder in I don't want that claimed on the ear I wanted behind you're here so fingertips at the top of your head there good guild now lean into it and now for you chin down to may hear down a little bit more and I love that too beautiful I am getting a little bit of body pushing away because I want that and I want your albert to go back towards you I feel like the arm is leading to much they're those let's try and take it again and see if we improve it tend towards me and down down stop there it is and I love them that much better also let me try and take one a little fear the bag I don't think I need to see the box in the front I think I like this crop so let's have a look and you can see the difference it looks good to me now here to get more expression we can work the shoulder all the way into her start and there it is there so it gives it push your chin towards me now this occur don't move girl it gives the illusion that she is lying down but she really isn't big smile right there I love that all right let me just take one more here chin towards me up and beautiful big smile go lovely be aware what I just did then and I didn't like it I came in on my crops too much of this arm off and I just feel like it didn't work I feel like that phantom is dominating here all they did was pulled back to here chin up a little touch and there it is there and I love that that makes a big difference to me and I want that with a huge big smiley smiley smiley go perfect you're okay give me teeth smile not gonna dis lifted up that the one I love bit also this looks good to relax your hands down just let your eyes go down like no put that out just yeah that's just look down your body line just I just love this sword downward angle love eyelashes looking down I think this is really beautiful cropping into the here line I think that's a really pretty shot always have okay from here when we were lying down within set in front of the couch we don't want to do that now so instead what we're going to do is we're going to do this sitting on the box version of that we're going to sit out know what motivated the end um then we came around the side and we did around the back of the couch we did this so it's exactly right now remember it's not about having a bomb up in the year it's about having now it come up up on over your shoulders that's perfect I just want you to go back down so I can show people when you sit down and bet look how much shorter just looks here when she comes up and over start and that's up in over her own shoulders in elbow so a very significant rise coming up and I really want you to master this from here I want your elbows towards the center and I want one out through that so this one could go out that way good gil stop now long chin and you need to bring your your body towards the that's exactly right go back with your chin too far forward to pull back your shoulders unit to go a little bit more you've got I concede that angle right now there it is there this is my beauty shot lips together and I want you to push your chin up and towards media start wow that gorgeous soften your eyes form a lipstick in that tiny little smile on your lips even so slightly you've got it that's perfect this is where we can bring this elbow in and this hand around I can't do that without question my microphone okay you do it bring it to the center and then just touch your throat really simple here this way not back the hand to the camera stop that's gorgeous side almost towards me just just a tickle elbows towards me both of them good gilmore start here it is wow if you want on closest hand make sure that you do if you don't want to cut it off then you just pulled back and you can crop it wider and longer because it's gorgeous also you can shoot this horizontally right here which I think is amazing I want you to lift your chin up I want you to push your chin towards may mohr that to go right there beautiful okay from there I want you to put both hands up elbows together and bring your cabinets and just touch down and cut very deeply in here with your hands out okay and then just bring your chin forward and sit in there bring your elbows towards me right now stop I love that don't move that is so gorgeous soft eyes bring the hand closer to the face push it chin up lips together and a little tiny smile in the I fear you've got it stop putting him down keep it up good girl don't make that move and more smile more smile okay from here we came to the side a little bit more so it was actually very similar to what we were just doing in the ottoman shots and let's just put it elbow out this hand down touched behind your head and keep your elbow down though and then roller shoulder towards may more more stop this is the same vision is lying down shot I don't want to see this palm that to go so think it it's in tuck your thumb and that's it that's beautiful right there and I need you to soften your eyes to media stop putting them down to go perfect and nice soft eyes literally smiling lips with the shoulder forward a little bit more out of this gorgeous tin ford for down down big big smile go go go go more more more a gay big go to smuggle now what I want you to do is come around here your knees of that way yeah so tune that way now I just want this hand to go here and both hands like they're on pipe it's now I want you to lean forward away from me so point that way go now this shoulder here I just want you to tune it away from ages so there and then you look over your shoulder at me okay so don't tip your head back it has to come around on the sexist and then around that way that's perfect stayed here take a shot that I love the shot love the shot I love doing the shop for everyone not everyone can do it it's one of those shots that sometimes I try and it doesn't work and push forward long chin towards me and could gil there it is nice and low c were my angle is right now it's really really important that you can see that I'm shooting to secure right below the eye line a long time and it's such a different shot if you come up high and shoot down it does not work it does not work lead the same ok from here I now want you to um let's have a look tip this way good girl not quite so far bring it back and I'm just gonna try and work that children the front my sugar's here wow nice and low shooting nice and no pushing that chin for dears don't tip back tip forward stop you got it right there okay now as I sit here I can move her around and do multiple shots here this is a one of my favorites as you know I love this no different than the past or bring your knees around me put one foot up and went down now stay towards maybe it's a point this tell in the front the more you point this tow the longer the league looks in the front come forward on tier elbows again now not with your torso just with your arms so you come forward like that and we're always looking for a symmetry so one has to be slightly different so we want to hold the league's wanted deluxe doesn't want to keep the elbows being and what I don't want is for jews to push forward with the front of her cheer so I need almost a cave in so it's rules that's it it's really nt posture thie supermodel is anti pasture again from the front I'm going to shoot this nice and low here below her eye line and I just want you to push your chin forward and our tears now as you know this is a shot that I do all of the time this is a shot that it's one of my go to so you're going to do this a hundred times but I just wanted to show you how to use the white box in the apple box remember you can come up onto your elbow this elbow and and just use it on your anyway you know yeah case for paper but don't show me the back your hand it's a go put it on top of that I am just up to the side and it's it now I want you around here don't tip away from may that's it stay there and here it is so I can use the box chin forward push that chin towards media schoolgirl stabia I can use the box a million different ways and this is another great way to do it stand up come around here I'm going to put this little blanket on here because I don't want to hear her knees because this is a wooden box hold my camera don't drop it on live camera no pressure okay I always have little soft blankets like this in the studio I'm not going to see it what I'm going to do just as I'm going to get to you kneel on this box with steger league so the league uses it and the forty five degrees this way and I'm going to show you why when I get just on here this wages needs this way that's it and I want your back come up and I want your bet big up in your front leg back so what other way let's set okay now I want you on an angle this way you need to stop now what I wanna work on here is when I bring this back here can you see what happens to the shape of the hit as soon as I stagger the legs I all of a sudden hip this ability to move and even they just doesn't have a lot of curves we're going to try and give her a match curve as we can so from here I can get both hands up on the back of her waist and I could get your elbows pointing back and your face that way just for now I just want to show you that forty nine I do this with kids and I want the albert attack all the way and jason that side I do this with kay everybody I do this with lean body is what I'm trying to do is create exactly the same thing and that has movement now bring your chin all the way around to me now like all the way around going stopped now I want youto pretend you've got a big booty and you're pushing it out the back good girl stop election mouth look at the curve and her body now now for kivi body exactly the same rules apply we want booty we wanna waste we want to create a breast line so it's exactly the same roles now that I've got her body in this shape I'm going to drop it arms down both sides and just let them go completely flat now I want you to fall into it and because she's on her knees she could do this is very hard to do standing out and it's so easy to do when you're kneeling and so now I can do all sorts of really great lines at this now if I asked you to go to stand like this chin up to mediate in this way start for election mouth if I asked jessica to just stand in this position I don't think she would be able to get this curve in her body but you can do this on the navy and this works so beautifully with a flying dress any movement now I could get here to do pretty much anything I want with hands and just to give you some fast examples let's try backhand comes up and sweeps a quote that's it stop now give me hate been through their good girl that perfect now I want you to hold across here that's it now push across even more so I can't see good will start now give me hits a booty now open that shoulder up to me stop can you see the shape in her body right now it works for everybody and it's absolutely beautiful now what I'm gonna do is switch it up and I'm going to get you to just bring the shoulder and a little bit more more more stop I'm going to go closer I'm going to go to here push your chin towards media sycamore good girl there it is more push it towards me about up more more stop beautiful there it is okay so from here now I can turn your body towards me or your apple body towards me and I want you to put your hands on your hips like have a go so no different than cava goalpost but now she's actually kneeling on the box so kick your booty out that way and I'm going to come in here pushing chin towards may up and long good girl stay there love that now from here hold your elbows across your body and I wanted to kick out this way that's it lots of shape in there and we are their chin up to me pushing your ten four good girl stop beautiful and those are just simple gorgeous cava go shots now I would finish with this very similar to what we did I want you to sit this way I want you to sit on your name like this the way you were and I want you to hug that knee in tune around this way to make good girl stay there now I want you to bring your arm up and over and hug your um the way you were when you were on the couch lower that's it and so I just need this sum to relax and I need this elbow so on that leg there is but hold your leg always hands connected around there like put your hand across there uh they're vetted ok now I don't want their hand to the back of the camera so we either need to bring it hanging down but towards you this way that's it relax it down though we'll find it the hands always have their own little mind of their own just tell us where little wave it that way let's go long chin towards may and chin down to me now now can you work that shoulder in a little wee that law and ten down now down stop that thirty if it's beautiful I came from there I want you to I can't see obvious good from this from the france I want you to bring by sounds up over the top of that name because your side on to may all I want now to make this perfect would be able to see that space through there so your foot can go to the age of there your heel and your token go off and I just want you to find hands that onto the back of the camera so this one sits up there that to go now just bring your chin all the way around to me now and down I love that okay here nice and long and that's kind of a killed up version of the face and cordially pose where normally we would be on the box now I just want your hands to go between your legs both of them straight down straight down yet that's a and bring your chin good gil don't move I love that and now I want you to drop that foot down good girl stop and I want you to cave in through the upper body and I want you to bend your arms that's it not that far halfway elbows in and I want you to turn and open your body up towards me a little weed but stop kick that shoulder forward keep that shoulder forward not this fun and stabia and then I'm gonna shoot that they're now don't tip you hit back come around this way not the other way could gil stop chin towards me and down here it is caven through your body come here soft that's it leah go till up relation mouth multiple poses on a white box I don't know how many I got still it's counting through now let's have a look at them and let's see what we're doing and how we're doing it and followed the same pattern just added the knees up on the couch after there and I actually love that thank you so much and I love the pink trees absolutely beautiful on white so let's have a look at what we've got

Class Description

Sue Bryce's 28 Days is the all-in-one portrait photography class that teaches you posing, shooting, marketing, selling, and everything else you need to know to run a successful contemporary portrait photography business. 

This series begins with two sessions of intense instruction on business, pricing, and overcoming your fears. Following the kickoff, Sue delivers short sessions exploring 28 different topics essential to any successful portrait photography studio. Sue covers flow posing, connecting with clients, posing and shooting groups, marketing to your key demographic, sales, and more.

In this comprehensive series you'll learn Sue's inspiring approach to styling, posing, marketing, selling and so much more!


1Teaching 2 Photographers in 28 Days
2First 2 Years: The Truth
3Rate Your Business
4Year One in Business
128 Challenges
3Price & Value
4Checklist, Challenges, and Next Steps
1Day 1: The Natural Light Studio
1Day 2: Mapping Your Set and Outfits
1Day 3: One Composition - Five Poses
1Day 4: Flow Posing
1Day 5: Posing Couples
1Day 6: Capturing Beautiful Connection & Expression
1Day 7: The Rules - Chin, Shoulders, Hands
1First Weekly Q&A Session
2Day 8: Rules - Hourglass, Body Language, Asymmetry, Connection
1Day 9: Styling & Wardrobe
1Day 10: Shooting Curves
1Day 11: Posing & Shooting - Groups of 2, 3, and 4
1Day 12: Posing & Shooting Families
1Day 13: Products & Price List
1Day 14: Marketing & Shooting the Before & After
1Day 15: Phone Coaching & Scripting
1Second Weekly Q&A Session
2Day 16: Posing Young Teens
1Day 17: Marketing & Shooting - Family First Demographic
1Day 18: The Corporate Headshot
1Day 19: Glamour Shoot on Location & Shooting with Flare
2Photoshop Video: Glamour Shoot on Location & Shooting with Flare
1Day 20: Photoshop - Warping & the Two Minute Rule
1Day 21: Posing Mothers & Daughters
1Third Weekly Q&A Session
2Day 22: Marketing & Shooting - 50 & Fabulous Demographic
1Day 23: Shooting into the Backlight
2Bonus: Shooting into the Backlight
1Day 24: Marketing & Shooting - Girl Power Demographic (18-30s)
2Photoshop Video: Girl Power Demographic (18-30s)
1Day 25: The Beauty Shot
2Bonus: Vintage Backdrop
1Day 26: Marketing & Shooting - Independent Women Demographic
1Day 27: Sales & Production
1Day 28: Posing Men
1Bonus: Pricing
3Photography, Style, Brand, and Price Part 1
4Photography, Style, Brand, and Price Part 2
5Marketing Part 1
6Marketing Part 2
7Money: What's Blocking You?
8Bonus: The Folio Shoot
1Photo Critiques Images 1 through 10
2Photo Critiques Images 11 through 27
3Photo Critiques Images 28 through 45
4Photo Critiques Images 47 through 67
5Photo Critiques Images 68 through 84
6Photo Critiques Images 85 through 105
7Photo Critiques Images 106 through 130
8Photo Critiques Images 131 through 141
9Photo Critiques Images 142 through 167
10Photo Critiques Images 168 through 197
11Photo Critiques Images 198 through 216
1Identify Your Challenges
2Identify Your Strengths
3Getting Started Q&A
4Rate Your Business
5Marketing Vs Pricing
6Facing Fear
7The 28 Day Study Group
8Selling Points
9Interview with Susan Stripling
10Emotional Honesty
1Sue's Evolution
228 Days Review
3Student Pitches
428 Days Testimonial: Mapuana Reed
5How to Pitch: Starting a Conversation
6Your Block: Seeing is What You're Being
7Your Block: Valuing and Receiving
8Building Confidence: Your Own Stories
9Building Confidence: Your Self Worth
10Pitching An Experience
11Pitching An Experience: Your Intentions
12Pitching An Experience: Social Media
13Final Thoughts