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Content Strategy with Sean Malarkey

Lesson 6 from: Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Nathan Latka

Content Strategy with Sean Malarkey

Lesson 6 from: Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Nathan Latka

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Lesson Info

6. Content Strategy with Sean Malarkey

Lesson Info

Content Strategy with Sean Malarkey

What I want to do now is get into that, how to of how you guys can execute some of these strategies. And again, we've got exciting guests coming up that really understands how to think creatively about pulling in from webinars and other live events to drive engagement on your Facebook page. But first, let me give you some additional ideas, okay? Of how you can get likes in your status update. Now, here's a thing that we've seen. Angelina. When you post that status update to your Facebook page that says click, like if you love to be say, in this location and for everyone that clicks like I'm going to give away free desktop background of this location at 2 p.m. Tomorrow. How would you pick the winner? I don't know. How would you pick the winner, Valerie? Okay, David, the 1st 1 in your social network, most see you, like the way you get close to the person that has the most influence on any ideas, how you pick the winner. I mean, I generally just, like, go with the number and try and yeah,...

okay. I'm gonna go with number five. And whoever liked it. The fifth is gonna be the winner. Yeah. Don't tell your fans that. Yeah, I'm creative video. Our live stream, if you can. And a video where you're picking names That it had something or you could people can engage, make it make it a kind of something social, right? This is the biggest problem we see is that we've had people use this strategy for their brand. They'll get a lot of likes, comments and shares, and they have no idea how to truly randomly pick a winner. Cause you know what happens when you don't truly randomly pick a winner? You put something up on your fans. Go. What, like this is so unfair. Michael, I'm gonna come find you, like, hunt you down. Like I should have won this and they're mad and negative comments. Come on. And then you have to hire a PR team, and then you're out of business like I use. Hey, I see you looking out for this, what you want to do, and I'm gonna show you exactly how to pick a winner in a truly random way. That's really efficient. So what I want you guys to do is go to this link. Heo dot com ford slash TCC What TCC stands for his timeline contest. Creator, I'm gonna explain to you what you're gonna see once you go there. So guys online again. I want guys toe take screenshots and post what you're seeing as you're going. Hear? Once you go here, you're going to see if you click Contest Creator at the top of the page. This is a This is free, by the way. There's nothing paid here. You click contest creator, and you enter your fan page name. Okay. After you enter your name, you can select what kind of contest you want to run in a status update. So you might select photo contest, giveaway or coupon. What happens is when you click that we're then going to generate for you some ideas of what works. And just like that, how many guys have clicked? The Google? I'm feeling lucky button. I've done a few times. Okay, when you click the show me more button over there, it just goes through all the top converting ideas that have been posted through this before. So there's there's, like, tons of ideas in here that you guys can use rain. So if you selected photo contest, you might see. And this would be great for any photographers or artists watching, you might post something that says Comment below with a picture of your favorite vacation destination. I watched this. The comment that gets the most likes will win a professional. You know, you have to figure what your incentive win a professional photo from that location. So what happens? Well, you get photo comments. Those people then get their friends to go like their comments so they can win. You've turned your fans into a marketing force for you, right? So there's a bunch of ideas like that built into this and, you know, we got some good questions from the online audience, which I really appreciate a lot of you were asking about disclaimers, and how do you make sure you're compliant with Facebook? We've We've sent a lot of money on legal, and we again we stay up to date with what is compliant, what's not. And we've included again the disclaimer that you need at the bottom of each of these updates to ensure that you're compliant. Now here's what's cool. Angelina for you when you post that photo contest or whichever staffs up that you choose to use, you can click this and edit it. So this area, let's see only half fans. You can click this and change it to 500. You click post to Facebook and let's say you say you're gonna pick the winner at 2 p.m. Tomorrow. What you do is you go back, Teoh that link click pick a winner. Okay? And you're gonna see we're going that you put in the URL of that post and will pick four winners for you. Now, can you guys read and we'll do a close above this slide. You guys online concede us. You'll see the four winners that we put on the right side are all picked randomly. Okay? Based off what you ask them to dio So that first Catherine and Mary Chavez or whoever it is, it will say that person was one of 2900 people who liked your post. So if you're called, the action was click like toe win. You pick that person as your winner. The bottom one right here says got the most likes on their comment. That would be further examples for you. That so you'd pick, and then you just click pick. Winner. We automatically update that status update to congratulate the winner and pull in that photo. And you just have to click post. So we see this work really well for a lot of brands, cause it's basically an idea bank for these kinds of timeline contest. You guys like that? Yeah. Good. Okay. Again. One of the things I gave you this quote at the beginning, but I want to reiterate it. If you don't ask for that. Like the comment, the share the engagement you're looking for, you're not gonna get what you want, right? You need to ask for what you want. And so a lot of people, a lot of small business that I've worked with, you know, they'll get a great idea, but they won't take action because they'll be scared about How do I pick a winner, you know? Is it legal? What? I give away what I post and I'll just tell you again. Don't be shy about asking for what you want. You've got to be aggressive. Why? Because when people are school into their Facebook news feed their really freaking aggressive, too right? Catch their attention as fast as possible. Okay, lastly, before we get in again, using live events and webinars to drive your content strategy and create engagement, I want to talk you through creating a pure content strategy. And Chris, I love Teoh chatting a second about what kinds of questions folks are having online about creating an appropriate content strategy for their brand. But first, for those in the audience. Okay, when you're thinking about how to create a content strategy, you want a leverage. Facebook insights I went through in Segment one. Why it was important to use a Facebook fan page instead of a profile, and what you'll see is that a page allows you to access Facebook insights, and Facebook insights will tell you what times of day most of your audience members are online. It'll tell you what kind of content they typically engage with. It will tell you who they are, where they're located, how old they are. Are they male or female? A bunch of stuff that will help you curate a good content strategy so you might plot something like this and I would encourage you guys before I move forward to the next slide. You guys can actually screenshot this or take a picture and use this as you're planning, like French off as a worksheet and use it to plan your own content in here. Now we've generically used here nine AM 12 PM and five PM for creating a relevant content strategy. And you want to mix these updates like we talked about Segment one between images, okay, between images that are really eye catching between the videos and also between link shares or things that can be clicked again. Those links you want to make sure you've got those images or the metadata is what we call it, which we'll talk about later. Those images uploaded attached that link that'll drive your click your CTR, which is called your click through rate. Meaning how many people click your status update up higher. Okay, now, once you have your basic content strategy, mapped out what you can into its supplement it with the things we just talked about right so didn't boost it with, say, this timeline contest concept. Pick a winner rents wash. Repeat. Giselle doesn't make sense What would you use? What would be an example of a status update that you would launch, say, on a Monday as a contest? Can you think of anything? Favorite location for a holiday family portrait. Okay. Okay. And why do you So she said favorite location for ah, holiday family portrait. And why do you think that would work? Well, it gets people thinking about the product that I need to move this quarter or the holidays where they, like, love being with family, and then they want to buy your stuff because I think about chocolate they're eating on. Yeah, I get it. Totally. Um, the thing that you want to focus on is the incentive, Right? So what do you want them to do in response to that? So let's say you asking the comment right? What do they get In exchange for taking their time and attention and engaging with that update on that 1/2 hour ago, we'll ask me, and then we'll go over to Chris and get some online questions. But ask me the questions. I can answer it. What should my incentive be? Okay, so walk me through what you're currently selling right now would be holiday family portrait. Okay, Holiday family portrait. What are some things people typically by along with followed a holiday family portrait? It's from me or just in general, um, clothing. Clothing. What else? Um, any other ideas? You ugly, ugly, ugly Christmas sweaters, ornaments, picture frames. Or maybe they put their card in a thank you letter like that they send out to their family. What you would want to do is pick one of those things, like an ancillary product that relates back that holiday photo. So maybe what you dio is you go get a free 50 set a pack of, say, envelopes and blank holiday cards where they can quickly insert the photos they paid you to take. And then that's what you give away as the incentive, right? Or maybe you do an ugly sweater would be a good example to the eye catching and pull people out of their feet. Now you're looking at me with the most skeptical look I have ever seen. So ask me what you're thinking. Who is going to sign up for a stack of envelopes may. Come on. Well, I'll be honest with you again. that when vow is going through that news feed, right? You the person is going by the picture. That's answer. It makes it really easy for them. No, Nobody except the person also needs the picture to push the envelope. Then do a card. My point is you want to align your incentive directly with whatever it is you're selling. Though the Onley people you want to spend your time engaging with right versus giving me an IPad and IPhone or IPod. They're just gonna get a bunch of people engaged that are not high quality leads for holiday family photos. Is that helpful? Okay, ask me another question. I'm still not getting something that I feel is viable as an incentive. So if I'm trying to sell holiday cars, obviously I'm not giving away the cards. You said don't give away the session. That's my time. You're taking up a photo of a family, right? For the holidays. What? What is the family typically do with that photo once they take it? Well, ideally, they're gonna order Christmas cards for me. Oh, so you also sell Christmas cornice? Okay, Okay. That's where I asked you what you sold and you said those family photos, You want to find something that you don't sell directly? That is something that they would likely. But like you probably Christmas these sweaters, right? No. Okay, you said skeptically. The reason I said is that would work. Really? Well, if you get a weird looking Christmas sweater that you found discounted for 15 bucks at some Super A clothing store and you buy it and just imagine me my body right now is a status update in the image is like this goofy looking guy. Like wearing this weird, like sweater. And it says, um uh, comment below. OK, now you're, uh what did you say with the holiday photo? You're taking the holiday photos you're traveling to where they are? Is that service? Well, it could be at the studio. It could be at their home. It could be. So it is location sensitive. The only people in what area? San Francisco. Oakland Bay Area. Okay, San Francisco Bay area. OK, so what you want to do is when you post that status update and your goal is to ultimately get leads of people, you could take photos off. You would want to say something like, Hey, guys, if you want your photos to pop this season, when you send out to your family and friends, you should deck out this. We're looking custom holiday sweater as a joke, right? Cause it's gonna pull in people's eyeballs. And it's a really engaging image with bright colors and then say, And if you're looking for someone right to take these photos, you can always reach us at and boom putting your phone number or your link or your call to action. Okay, these questions you're asking are important. And Chris, I'm curious questions you're getting. People have a lot of problems finding the right incentive, right? So let's let's real quick, maybe take two questions online and they will bring up our special guest. Yeah, we do have a ton of questions here, and I would love to get in them, but I think that they were good to bring the guest on now and then we can get maybe some of them we can get to with the guests, but I think we should bring him up perfect. So, guys, what a lot of people do is they stop at this strategy right so they think OK about a content strategy. I know what I'm posting, but the men neglect the live event that Chris is going to, Where he skateboarding and winning a championship. Or they forget that online Similar. They're putting on where they've got a bunch people's eyeballs watching at the same time, and they forget how to use that. So what I want to talk about now is how to get likes and social proof from Webinars. And, you know, I met this guy Oh, about two years ago, and I actually really upset him. And I didn't talk to me for about a year and 1/2 right now. After we got over this, I was traveling to Santa Barbara. He said, Oh, come stay in my place like, Well, sir, if he was really testing me out, he's like, I'm gonna for this guy into some you know, craft and see our reacts. Right? Long story short as I think I held up OK, we became good friends, and what I want to do is ask you guys to help me welcome Sean Malarkey to the stage who and Don good to see a brother. I appreciate I appreciate you jumping off. Sean is difficult to pull out of the surf. He's always catching wave. He's traveling. He's based in Santa Barbara. But Shawn is an expert. When it comes to figuring out how to use these live events of Sean, we're gonna switch spots. I'm gonna let you take the clicker and walk through this content about how use live events to drive engagement. Awesome. Thanks for having me on. Of course. Real A teacher? Was I teacher? Heck, no. Really good. No teaching thing is gonna be difficult. Anyway, we use webinars a lot. I think you've been on some of my webinars before. And, um, they're really just tremendous ways to drive engagement on the fan page. So one of the things that we do is we'll advertise on the fan page, which usually gets a lot of likes comments and shares and registrations in From a opt in perspective, it's probably the cheapest options that weakened by building an email. This is important to you. And you can do any kind of live content, whether it be a hang out or a webinar, how you recommend it. So, um, this is an example of one that will post this right before we do the webinar. We just got started. Join us, please. Placements. Here is a comment enduring the webinar. We will ask people toe, leave their notes and we're gonna pick a winner. So and this is pretty cool is what it does is it encourages people a to take notes which, if you are trying to get a message across the people or sell something them or engage, you can get them on your content. The more productive you're, you're gonna be in reaching your goal. So what'll happen is they'll come well paced their notes, and this was just a snippet of one. But this will show up in their news feeds as an image and not just hey so and so liked or commented on this post. So it really, really drives engagement. And a lot of times your it's a really kind of covert way to get your audience aware of the fact that even have a fan page for us. It's It's incredible to see the spikes that we get. Justin likes what's the incentive for them poor? What's the incentive for them to post that thing in. You know, it's different for every scenario. I think in this one we gave away three business books that were relevant to the topic of the weapon. So there is something that a bait? Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. And we've done ipads. There's like a $300 IPad. Business books seem to work really well. People, the name of your company. It's inspired, market inspired marketing. Excellent, Great. And we've got, ah, a bunch of brands and a bunch of different pages. So we do this on all all of the different pages for the different brands for different promotions. So the one thing I wanted to say that we've noticed when you are having an event to sell something online, be conscious of your call to action and having really one called action at the point you're making the sale. I've noticed when we've done this at the same time we're making asking people to go and buy the product, it's actually hurt sales. So what we try and do now what we'll do now is midway through the presentation will tell them to go in post. It's a fun way to kind of mix up the middle of Webinar and get them re engaged and get, you know, get them talking and whatnot. So we'll pick a winner there, and then we'll say the varying will pick another winner. So if you want to leave notes, but we never mention it again because a lot of times gone from can hurt your conversions. Now, Sean, you I think at both Ed and Chris have been on your webinars before, right? I think so, Yeah, you have, I believe. Yeah, they message me and said, OK, I can't wait to see Sean on stages Webinar, mad stories and all these. What is it? How do you guys feel when Shawn's on a webinar? Any asks folks to post notes, When I see the notes that people post up, I feel like, wow that some people, the notes are amazing because they have emphasis on the content that maybe I didn't quite catch right a different view, and it's a really reinforces some things that I may have missed and people's handwriting or a lot neater than minds. You mean the other thing It does. It's really important thing is that Dr Social Proof? So if you have you know we usually get and you can do the math figure people out of work, but about 10% 15% of the people to do it. So when somebody goes to post it note and they see 40 other people have posted notes, all of a sudden, it really drives her credibility up in your consumers minds. So you have a question. I was also going to say, along with you know, the notes. Everyone has different backgrounds, different education. So what I take from the exact same words you're saying is probably different than what Nathan's taking out of it. My father's taking out of it so you can see a lot of different perspectives just by looking over other people's notes. And maybe someone has an ah ha moment and their notes that you didn't have in yours absolutely. And Shawn, I mean, would you agree in any kind of digital event, even like a creativelive course, it becomes super easy to get distracted. So if you really like what some called actions you use to make sure people are taking notes as you're delivering that content, so it's it's funny you say that as in the very beginning. We tell him to shut everything down it again with, you know, and so they don't get distracted and we don't know what kind of I don't know. I don't dance around. I just say, Look, you're here to learn, so don't get distracted by this stuff and shut it down. But we do run under the disguise that it eats up your band with. And it will have a craftier experience on the webinar where your audio video will freeze. So So we do that, we tell him to take notes and then we'll tell them we're gonna pick a pick a winner based on this so often times, I'll just simply say that things now you might want to write this down. Earlier. I told you, Take notes. Write this down. One of the funny things to is take a look at the screen, take a look at the screen and make a note of this, things like that and you'll see the engagement go to Webinars, which is what we use shows you how many people are looking at the screen versus something else and you'll see if I just say, look at the screen over and over multiple times. You'll see that it just drives right up. This is a great strategy for those of you watching online right now that have digital products or you're doing online seminars or online courses and wondering at a drive engagement. This is really a top strategy to use. In fact, Leanne for offer vault. If you guys ever doing live webinars and doing case studies, I could see this working really well for you. Do you guys currently leverage webinars as a mechanism to engage with fans? We absolutely do. So how did those usually go? They go really? Well, we actually I haven't connected it to the Facebook page, which is force why I'm here. But I can see that working phenomenally well. So, Sean, I'm gonna ask the $1,000,000 question here. Do you? It's difficult to I measure to measure lift in the month sales, I imagine. But you mentioned social proof. When people see everyone saying, Oh, my gosh, overall, it's amazing. And they've invested in taking these notes or, like many people, like, did it on a white board. I saw you had a screenshot of like a team have like a whiteboard drawing of your notes. True or false, they become significantly more likely to buy. They do, and we see sale like, definitely higher sales. Great. So you gotta be careful. Like I was saying earlier not to have to call the actions. One being posted at one go by the same exact time. But if you do it right, we have one. I did one with Lewis. What? Norm Webinars earlier this year. Webinar on webinars. This is why I'm telling this is the guy inception? Yeah. Inception going on here was it was funny, but that when we had a value of, like, $ per attendee great. Which was which is really Yeah, question. I just want to say something real quick if it's OK. I remember when you used to do a lot of webinars before, before your company name was changed to hail. And, um and I remember using that that strategy of your saying Tell people you want to see this Look at your screen and I remember specifically in at least one or two webinars, you would say OK, well, now I'm not gonna say anything. I'm just gonna show you if you don't. Look, you're gonna miss this. I learned everything I know from these guys. What? That's brilliant. I'm going to use that. Yeah, that's a good one. Yeah. So all I want to make sure that we don't also lose these strategies in just the folks that have digital services. So if you've got again Chris at a at a show, maybe Valerie, you're at a spot where there's a bunch different coffee brands and potential You're live streaming right by Set up a computer, use the webcam, it your streaming, your booth or something you might say, like, you know, watch me live. And when you hear me use this keyword, right, you know, send this picture on on our Facebook page for your chance to win a free bag of my You know this coffee, right? An old coffee. You couldn't move or Senate with the fine wine that there's a big wine festival and you're live streaming or any kind of online event. These kind of webinar strategies Sean are present. Shawn's presenting can be used for his online events as well, for sure, And one thing I want to point out, just it's a little off topic. But how many people here do email marketing? So most of you are? I love you. The, uh used the images within your copy so that the copy doesn't make sense unless they can see the images. So in our auto responders, we have a lot of images that when they read the email without enabling the image, it doesn't make sense. So there's like sections. You know, if you look at the image, you can see where that thing is. You have to click that in order to get this to work by using that it gets people to enable the images on your on your email, which then gets him or engaged. But more importantly, tracks open rates and will drive that higher super sharp. Yeah, sharp again. So moving on. Um, I think this was just another example that we did on another webinar, and it just went on and on and on. We use a service called Still Seminar, and a lot of our auto responders or opt ins or offers will drive people for a weapon arm, and we don't do them. Live every day. Usually do one a week typically, but we have hundreds of webinars running every day using a company called Stealth. There's nothing called Evergreen basically plays back Webinars. If it's almost like it's alive environment, we don't market is of its life. We just say it's a weapon Armed people sign up and think that it is, and one of the things that we do with that is we re target the Webinar attendees to get them to watch the replay. So we set the cookie on Facebook. Retarding. It's a little complicated if you getting Yeah, we're gonna You guys should stay tuned. We're gonna get into Facebook and how to use Facebook ads in a segment coming up and additionally mentioned email marketing. We've got a lot. We have a whole segment dedicated to doubling your email list using Facebook's. You guys want to stay tuned for that? You know, I'm doing the rest of the day way. Lots of people who are jumping in now who are just getting in and asking some questions. Could you just do a quick little clarification and update people about you and about your company and a little bit about why you're presenting this material is people jump in here for any new viewers? Yeah, for sure. So I own the company called Inspire Marketing. We published a bunch of digital trainings and products. One of the more popular ones is a Facebook training. We have Amy Porter Fields, the author of that. We have a video training. James Wetmore is the author of that Linked in training. Just a bunch of different weapons, actually a webinar training. We have some Softwares and tools that we have out there. So I've been doing webinars for five almost six years now. Probably done somewhere between 500,000. I haven't I've lost track of that, but we we've used them way probably get hard to do the math. I don't know. Close to over a 1,000,000 people a year, probably seeing our webinars released our views. Our views on the webinars and replace get that, Not including the automated ones that we run. So anyway, so that's kind of who I am and what I'm talking about This and these are some of the strategies that we use. Nathan asked me after taking the webinar with Heo. We did. It was a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun. He, you know, people Chris into the online audience. The reason I've got Sean up here is because people miss the opportunity. They think connecting with their fans is about a text and a status update and liking their comment. I mean, this is an example of how you take that to the next level. Right, And there's an online communication and online dialogues. Show me your notes. I'll reward you engage in a webinar do live Q and A. This is really what the next level of, in my opinion Facebook marketing, social marketing and is Is Israel time back and forth? It is, Yeah. And I think you know the old adage. People have to know you like you and trust you when it comes to mediums. For people to do that, I don't think there's a better platform than you know when you're coming. Talk about digital than Webinars itself. So you're engaging them kind of in all the important ways. So, um, this is a strategy we used. We re target the replay for our webinars, and this is incredibly effective so people will sign up the washing automated weapon, and if they don't purchase If they don't purchase from the event they then they're shown an ad on Facebook. Uh, and I think we just run these in the right side when he muses in the news feed, But on the right side. And I'll just say for those folks that aren't familiar with the right side ads, verse, the news feed ads. We have an entire segment coming up that's actually dedicated to different kinds of ads, and we'll make sure to reference why these have worked so well. He's gonna tell you why they work so well for Sean, but will point those out in excitement coming up often. So this, um yeah, and you'll learn all about the city. But we have a short cookie, I guess, if you will, for these types of ads, so they're only shown for two weeks to 30 days, depending on it on the on the promotion. But basically what you're looking at is we spend think it's highlight yet on this particular campaign started in February of this year, and this was through about a week ago or two weeks ago. bucks, and you can see down here in a few days concedes in the audience, but that's $20,000 basically in conversion value. Eso it's We've spent 2600 to make 20,000. I just want I just want to illustrate like this is like an a t m essentially right. This is You put a dollar in, you get $10 out, 10 out, right? Raise your hand If you would take advantage of that HTM all day long, Michael's like, Yeah, well, and this is so funny, I'm looking. This says not approved of these air ads are actually canceled because we were over the 20% rule on the right side, which used to be fine. But anyway, and this what's funny about this is we've actually made a lot more than 20,000 closer to 30. This in this campaign that was over 20 adds that we split tested and the the winners were like 10 bucks a conversion for $100 sale. And then also it doesn't factor into up sales or when somebody buys this is Hey, if you like this, you might like this. So that number is probably close. Somewhere between 30 and 40,000 on revenues just is a tremendous tactic. What percentage of your sales came from the first time viewers versus the replay viewers for this particular, um, strategy? I'm getting in just to them happen. This probably about 30% of sales. 20 to 30% of sales come from from this from the replay. Yeah. Yeah. This adds over, say, from February until today, right? Yeah, Late February. Think about nine months time. Has it been optimized constantly, or now? It just said him. Forget pretty much. I mean, we the first to three months we worked on it hard. But if you put in a dollar, take out 10 A. My time is better spent doing something else. And I'm going to get down to five. I doubt it, you know, like but yes, So we I mean, we got I was really happy with the conversions, but literally it was like we made five ads. I used a tool can va that you touched on earlier to make five ads through him up there. And mainly they were different calls to action. Different color backgrounds. Whatever ran that ran the ads, looked at it a week later, we could see some traction on it might. My goal. I look for 200 clicks for each ad. And then what is that amount tuning conversions. So it 200 I can start to see something usually to hold out. And then we just would narrow three of the five, take the two, and then take those two and expand upon those. Okay? These two are working. What is it about these two? What if we change this background color or we put this picture here? We're changed. A call to action in the text A little bit. Yeah, we probably ran 20. Adds to get to I think we had four on this on this pretty. Or can we have four right now? They're working well, some a little better than others. But we keep four. Just to kind of get different looks. I think different things appeal to different people. So once you reach ago, you just kind of leave you along. It's so sudden. Forget it like these. Not. He's actually just got touched recently because Facebook changed the rule. Where? On the right side, add you couldn't have used to able to get away with as much text is you wanted in that ad. Right now, the 20% rule applies to that. So these had a big called action about the webinar about the replay on the image. So they've changed that now. So we had to go back. They disapprove those ads, and we saw it right away. It's like, Oh, what happened if the sales dropped? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, it's it's based on psychology and human behavior. You sign up for something, you miss it, or you've got to only see half of it. Cool. There it is. I'm on Facebook to kill times on board. This is something I'm interested in. Boom together. Yes. So we got We're right back up. So what we'll do is we've got we've got a few minutes left for questions. Maybe we'll take one or two from the audience, then go over to Chris and maybe get some questions answered for the online audience that's here with us today. So are you of where any successful webinar strategies have been used for portrait photographers to consumers? Um, now, personally, No, I mean, I I cannot think of one any case that I've heard, but I have seen a bunch of good case studies for wedding photographers not using webinars per se, but using Facebook. Actually, photographers in general, I think, face because it's such a visual platform, and I think that really favor visual content, this webinars and these live events there great if you're Chris and it's a light skateboarding event or or if there's an event like a convention of people taking holiday photos of people, or if there's something you're teaching like off of all like come to learn how to use off all to do X, y and Z it's great for like to teach and then sell. But if, like your brand or your example, it would be obviously more difficult. Probably not a recommended strategy. You know what? Here's the thing. I'm all against breaking the rules and going against the trend. Just because someone hasn't had success that before doesn't mean that it can't work. She's gonna be the first, right? Yeah, I could think of you know how to kind of how to do it yourself thing, maybe working well for you Because first of all, you have people sign up for that. You can do targeting with Facebook for your you promote, opposed and targeted two people in your area that are interested in creating the greatest holiday photo ever the United have retired for. There's a lot of things like where if I'm standing here, you don't want my fingers here, but you don't know that as a general public, you want it behind. So there's a lot of lessons you could teach. I think that would get people writing, talking audience and the other side and for learning how to do it. But then ultimately, they may just say, Well, shoot, I could just hire her. Yeah, I am, Um so I just had an idea. I don't know if it would work for portrait photography, but for an artist, let's say what if you had a webinar like a Google hang out or something like that, where you actually showed yourself doing the work and then gave people an opportunity to buy that piece on the webinar? That could be cool. It's a really great example. I mean, you go in New York and you see these people in the street they're doing the spray painting things. Everyone huddles around them, right? Imagine they just put a Cameron Stream that that's a really good example. Yeah, was similar. If live event, like boat racing in the Caribbean or something, you could show them doing that and then sell your photographs of it. Yeah. Later, Angelina, To make me jealous. I wanna hang out. He more Giza ways Boat racing in the Cayman. Awesome. Chris, are we seeing anything online? Any big questions? We should get answered. You know, we had a lot of people who were talking about sort of the hierarchy of getting likes versus shares and which ones were more valuable. So I'd love to get Shawn's take on content strategies on shares. Vs likes because we had 16 people vote on that. They say that share seem to create more reach. But do you have any any vision on that? About where people should be focusing on trying to get? Yeah, that's a great question. And was it Michael, this one you like? We had 16 people vote on it, so lots of people want to know a lot. There was Michael in there, I hear. Yes, we just recently I offered to give away an IPad, which I'm sitting here listening to you talk about making irrelevant and I felt kind of stupid for that. But I knew it would get people engaged in most of the people that would see it would. It would be of interest to if they shared it. Wasn't you that comment on There are a lot of it. Yeah. No, it wasn't. It was a $300 IPad. I think the IPad many 16 gigs like to 99 and that got shared over 50 times in the traffic that came from that more than paid for for itself. So for me, I love shares for things like this. And they're more valuable, in my opinion, getting people to share, then likes for live events and stuff where there's a called action to sign up on whatever it is they're sharing. And we've got a really great example as well. The guys will learn about in a bit of a status update posted on a fan page that only has 80,000 fans. I say only, you'll see why in a second 1000 fans, I got 750,000 shares using a bit of psychology that I think you're gonna really be interested in. So you want to stay tuned for that as well? Chris, what else are we seeing in the chat room? Well, we have lots of people who are talking about doing the contest. Kind of respond to the gifts. Now we have this one question here. This one comes from Edgell A who had seven other people vote on it. But they said would if no one responds to a post where you're offering a gift, I don t want to take that. I deleted, deleted, deleted. I don't like leaving as fast as you can. Negative social proof because it looks really bad. I think it was like a b testing, right? You launch it, It doesn't do well. Like deleted real quick. Repost it. You know, I'll tell you when I did my first webinar after that image that you guys saw at the top of the show of the segment the first segment, that image that was actually me doing my first webinar After I learned from these guys in my dorm room and there was nobody on that webinar a little secret. There's just me taking my own notes, doing my own thing There's nothing wrong with that. Like, try it. Like, get started again. Remember, Hesitation is always the enemy of hustles. Start. That's a great quote. Yeah, yeah.

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