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Identify Your Target Market

Lesson 22 from: Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Nathan Latka

Identify Your Target Market

Lesson 22 from: Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Nathan Latka

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Lesson Info

22. Identify Your Target Market

Lesson Info

Identify Your Target Market

So Kerry will move forward now and maybe talk about our ideal market and you can get a sense. I mean, I don't like Webinar voice right now, and she's like looking at me like now somebody's gonna run in and offer you your own game show. Okay, identify your target market. This is a great point. The wine point. Who is your target market And you can't say everybody. What's their income level? What's their gender? What's their marital status? What's their education status? Who is it that really resonates with you? You have to know these things. These are the hard drill down questions that a lot of entrepreneurs or startups or business owners we just don't think of. When we first start, he clearly had his defied us the older we blonde woman market. But But you have to know who in Australia because of shipping, right? I'm not really gonna buy chocolate from you because the shipping to the U. S. Would would quite frankly, be too much. Plus, it be nasty by the time it got here. So who in Austra...

lia and what regions of Australia and what income is a finer chocolate is an elite chocolate. Isn't it on up brand? Or is it the, you know, chocolate buddy chocolate that everybody puts in the Easter basket? So you have to know those things so that you know what platform your people are on and where you're going to find them and how much you can spend. Also, I think that depends. Like on Facebook. You might find that you're selling the lower end or the half bottles of wine where, as you know, on linked in content and linked in groups that lead to some of your connoisseurs. Those would be your flights or those would be your your high end things, I said. Flights, I said. I didn t think about why, but I said flights look at that. So that's that's why you have to know who your market is. The other reason you have to know who your market is, you have to know. Do they have discretionary income? Yes or no? If they don't have discretionary income, you know what it query? What is discretionary income for those folks watching right now that don't know what it is? Discretionary income is money that they are able to spend without asking other people's permission or without putting their mortgage in danger or, you know, those kind of things. It's it's spendable income now. Not to say that some of your folks aren't gonna overspend, get themselves in debt, put things on a credit card. I'm not saying that. I'm just saying you don't want to look at markets that are struggling, struggling to survive markets, and I'm not trying to be ugly, but they don't need social media consulting. Really. They don't need fine wine and chocolate. They need somebody that can help them in a different way. So make sure your target market is somebody with discretionary spendable income. Facebook has an average income of you would know this better than I would authorities up, forties up. And if you want to want to identify what that income level is, you want to target you guys. Remember, we spoke with Justin Brooke in the Facebook ads section. We went in in my desktop carry and showed people how did target income levels. And the other thing is, you have to know LinkedIn has a higher, more professional executive income and typically a higher, um, education level two. So if you're doing consulting like keynotes, marketing those kind of things or transit transitory to working for yourself instead of being in the corporate brides, then those That's where you need to go find this people. So you have to know who your target market is. Are they had e book spending market, or are they high end consulting spending market and know who they are? And then this is this is Nathan's ninja secret here. So then you do this. So why we zoom in on this side, we'll talk specifically about, you know, for folks like honor that are watching right now, the important thing to recognize is that you can actually find a lot of leads using Facebook Graph search. So once people, let's say you're on and you're trying to find Mawr clients that are in on what talked me and make sure you pick up the microphone on the answer. But are you? Is your business location sensitive? Do you like to get business? Only in one region? No, I have a global business. I'm a location independent entrepreneur. So I have business clients from all over the world. Okay, we'll carry just talked a little bit about defining your target market. Help me get inside the brain of what your target market is. A little bit more. Uh, I'd love to sit here and sound like a super pro, and I've got that really hammered down, but I definitely don't, Um, because of just the growth of my business. My clients have changed over the years from being, you know, like the tiny small business owner that could just afford Facebook marketing all the way up to someone who's hiring me for several different social platforms. Email, marketing, blogging, you know, the whole nine yards. So it's I have a lot of variety. Do we want to be doing it? I wish we had a white board up here. We could maybe, like, dive in, specifically toe that we could get one. How way could dive directly, know of his example and work together three times a wish for diesel stage. We could do that. I do have an idea for that. While the easel mysteriously makes its way to the stage, I would say in that case, when you have a broad client base like several of you do and you say Oh, but I don't know how to drill down to the perfect one. That's when you're in the beautiful place of saying I'm gonna pick maybe my three favorite clients and profile them. No profile them where they live. What do they spend with me on average? What is their household kind of look like, You know, What are they buying on average, etcetera? And then that's when you start to build this a beautiful, amazing, joy filled business that you love toe work in. You know, I went to work my little office the other day from the coffee pot. I commuted to my office about 10 steps, and I was thinking, You know, there is every client on my roster right now. I adore and that's not on accident. It's because that's an overnight success story of 17 years, right? So it's because as I was growing and found myself a little splayed, then I said, OK, out of these, you know, let's say 10 consulting clients who were my favorites and why What? What brings me happiness and how do I bring them happiness? I mean, how how are we working beautifully together? And then, as I had some attrition with clients who chose not to renew or that I chose not to renew with. Then I went after people, you know, I went out to increase engagement with people that were like those. So when you're struggling with your client avatar or your the iconic customer that you have or you like, maybe that you prefer to dio, you know engagement and newborn settings than you do magical studio in my house, it may be that you choose to Onley do engagement sessions. Or maybe you choose only to do maternity sessions or those things, because maybe the wedding stress you out too much because one bridezilla too many. I'm gonna tell you what her face looks like right now. That she's making me Bridezilla is not a pretty thing. You'll stop doing that, photographers. So that's that's what I would say when you're creating your target market drill down to who you would love to work with. And guess what we were taught for years that it usually was somebody much like ourselves. Not necessarily. I am not necessarily my own customer all the time. Your target customer, when you were 19 years old, was not a 19 year old college students. They don't have any money. They don't have any money. They have stolen paper rolls up his decoration. It's crazy. So he identified who he wanted to work with, who had discretionary income. Super, super important. Okay, what I'd like to do, carry is your baby. Walk through exactly how I used Facebook graph. Search to get my first sandwich actually happened to be carry. And then after we do that, we'll go over to Chris to answer all of your questions that you guys have that are watching online. I'll take you back about 4.5 years ago and carry. I'll never forget it. I was sitting in my dorm room. I was I was rocking these Christmas boxers. My ex girlfriend had balmy right that the only thing I got from the relationship cat back, ball cap on backwards. I was sitting under my bunk bed lounge back and I said, Who can I sell to on Facebook? And my thought was, Well, if I could maybe find something or someone super egotistical not carry and found him on Facebook, I could call them and sell them on these new fan pages. So what I did is I used Facebook graph search. I typed in executive the word executive and click search. Well, a bunch of folks came up along with Kerry because carries page Name was the barefoot executive, and my thought was I could call this person and convince them to launch a new shiny Facebook fan page executive tab. So I found, carries phone number on our site and also found the connection or how to connect to the woman she had doing her social media marketing. And I called up and said, Hey, it was Carrie Wilkerson, truly an executive, which you know, probably not a good first line to start with, right? But this is really who she really Yeah, let me challenge you and I don't even know you yet, right? But, you know, it was a little bit abrupt, kind of shocked the ecosystem and elicited a response, and she said, Well, yes, of course, carries an executive long story. Short is, I went through talking him through these new executive Facebook fan page tabs that Kerry could use to build our email list by promoting her e book and showing a video of herself asking for people to opt in below in a Facebook application. And long story short is that turned it into $700 sale. The reason I walk you guys through that strategy is Valerie. Let's go in for your coffee business and we'll talk more about Valerie's business because she actually sells the world's most expensive coffee rights is actually unique Target market, and so she could do if she's looking to find partners, is type in searches in graph search right related to who you think would buy really expensive coffee. Do you think those people might be people that have checked into Tiffany's over the past two months? Was definitely right. So you searching? Graph search people who have checked into Tiffany's in the past two months, right or other things like that, and you get owned your get your leave list and you start working the leads right carry. So if you're watching right now again and you're like on and you specifically focus on selling social media services to a certain user persona, you can let's say you sell to restaurants. You in San Francisco, you can use Facebook graph. Search to search restaurants in San Francisco. You get a big list of all the restaurants in San Francisco, and you can reach out to them and start proposing Facebook contest ideas list, building ideas and other strategies to them. Give them the idea they engage with you and then you work towards the sale. So we asked folks to ask questions in the chat room for Carry. Chris. What is the online audience asking? Well, we have some people who want to know a little bit more about how toe learn about your audience. Beach and dog says, How do you find out the amazing particulars about your top three clients? I know we touched on this a little bit, but they want to know, Are you contacting them or you ask them directly? Are you creating a questionnaire? What have you used to help get this? Well, here is here's a key term. I'm a switch places with. You said you were gonna draw a picture and you didn't. So there's this term. Some people use this very negatively. I think it could be super positive, and that's stalking and I mean this friendliest way possible. I think you can see if somebody is walking their walk. When you have a little friendly stock, see what did there? Little six. So I think that you can see how often they're engaging, what the quality of people are that are engaging back with them or if it's the same four people over and over. Or do they have any engagement? Or they just talk into the crickets, right? So I think there's that. I think you can also use that Bentley strategy you referred to in another session were used the Bentley link and put up a little plus signs you can also go into Last. I checked, you could go into YouTube into there. Are you talk? Are they talking about customers or competitors? Their ideals? I think they're talking about their customers. Okay, so their customers, then you can see what other pages that they like. Am I correct on their on their public profile page, you could see how often they're interacting. You could see the quality of their photo or if it's a cat, um, you can see some of those things. You can also click in sites. Um, I correct. We went deep into insides in the last summit. We really breakdown. Understand who your ideal customer persona is. And you know what? This is a really good time for me to say this. And I meant to disclaimer this we first started. I am not a social media expert in any way, shape or form. I'm not when I am is a businesswoman, a super profitable business woman who leverages social media to grow my brand in my business. You do not those of you that are not in the social media space. You do not have to be a social media expert. Let me just let you off the hook about that. Uh, that you do need to know how toe leverage the correct platform for you and your audience and how to find them there said, Okay, that I disclaim that. I think that's why you brought me for the business section. Because I just don't. I had somebody helping me. The social media. At one point I do now I do a lot of it myself. That's why we connected. And you know what? I don't think that that turned into a $700 sale when I remember the story. What did turn into. I think that I didn't pay you, uh, because while we were using, you wanted to test something just like just like currently just I didn't test it. And then he showed up at an event where I was speaking like I'm walking into the room and he's like, Hey, you know, you look smaller on Facebook. Anything on? Then he sat, you know, kind of in the front of the room. And when it came to my social media part of the training, I gave Nathan a big shout out there and told everybody That's who I was using for my Facebook page stuff. So I don't think you charged Well, this is a great example. This is a great example. In the last segment, you know, people are asking online Chris about Do we give something away for free? Or do you give a free trial on something? Look, I knew Kerry had a bunch of influence, and it made a lot of sense for me to build that page for and do that work for you because she's gonna You're much more than a year much more than a distribution channel, right? Kerry's gonna talk about right distribution distribution. So she talked about us on stage in and drove additional $700 sales carried to the fact that over the next six months in the dorm room, we did about 100 sales at 700 bucks a piece from a bunch of different sources. But a big one was carry recommending the product or service. So that's a strategy where it made a lot of sense. Yeah, connect with influencers and I wouldn't have even said 4.5 years ago I was that big of an influence or, you know, and I guess influencers in the eye of the beholder. But from that room, I know that he charged a suit on his credit card, charged a plane ticket on his credit card and showed up and took away so much business from that event that it was the start of Hey, you want to inhale? That was pre heo, and that was like I had no suit. So I charged and I charged the plane ticket. I said, Lord, help me, I wanna go to this conference and help. I can make it. Rain, rain, rain. There you go, rainmaker. If you make it rain, Chris, what else? We're hearing online. So we have a comment here that people are have been voting on. And honestly, that just says, please give more examples of how to find these great clients. We'd love to see some more examples. You can work it with some of our students here. Yeah. Yes. So, um, the broad strokes are if you have in mind what income level they are or what you would like for them to be what they're you know, it first. Just create your ideal client. So I'm talking startups here, create your ideal client. Start ups are strugglers. How old are they? What's their income? Education, etcetera. And then where do they hang out? So Facebook tends to be women? Yes. There are men there. Yes, I've got man contracts there that sounded so, so wrong. So So if you're looking at the married mom slash Grandma, uh, 30. The $50,000 range active in Facebook Viral word of mouth spreaders. Facebook is We're going to find them, Period. End of story, period. End of story. Um, Twitter. I'm not even sure what the demographic is. I'm using that more for curative purposes right now, What would you say the demographic on Twitter is right now? You know what? I I spend so much time understanding Facebook upside backwards and stores that a lot of Twitter and it's such a fast moving platform. Let's just disregard it for today's purposes. But LinkedIn tends to be more masculine. And when I say masculine instead of males, I'm gonna say there's a lot of women there to like me, and we tend to have a very masculine energy, were very professional, were very driven, were very interested in connections. We don't want to see your cat videos if you have cats. Don't send me hate Mail is OK. I'm just saying that in general, as the fluffy term for what circulates in social media, LinkedIn is very much people that bottom line want to do business. So that's the market that you want to aim for, I would say definitely the wine guy. You need to be writing some articles over there. Definitely. You know, men that need to get out of the doghouse or have gift giving occasions go find a way to do some meaningful content over their instagram is kind of I would say millennial and up, wouldn't you? Yeah. You know, And I think you know, when you guys are thinking about if your people get this question all the time, they're wondering they have a lot of time carry right, trying to figure out what platforms to spend time on, right? A quick way to think about this, guys. And this is gonna trend over the next several years. In the social media world, when you see new networks popping up, social media is it's just a different form of learning. And I'm gonna make this really simple for you here right now. If you guys think about how your ideal customer learns Yep. It's gonna tell you exactly which platform to be on. Here's what I mean. Valerie, what are the three types of learning styles do you know? Watching? Yeah, visual visual, auditory, auditory and kinesthetic. Which is a combination watching about two dio Okay, US audience. Say it together with podcasting. Audio. What's youtube? Visual, right? What's when people when people are putting together, um uh oh, our facebook. Right. That's gonna be kinesthetic combination of both every single decision you have to make about which platform to be on. You can come right back to that question to my buyers. Do they learn best via audio? Do they remember if your speaker, that might be great for Kerry? Do they learn best via visual, Which is great for John and chalk or define wines. They learn best in a keen aesthetic manner where you need to mix the two. And once you identify that tells you exactly what social media platforms you should be on to find your ideal customers. But I'm gonna pop in. I'm gonna be antagonistic for a minute, I'm gonna say, but I'm gonna go back to what I said about which is the perfect bribe or offer to put on Facebook. You know what tests better? Webinar video, etcetera. I'm going to say whatever you have the least resistance to personally go master that. So for me it was Twitter Back in the day run, it's perfect for the 80 HD mind. I was hit and run. It didn't take a lot of time, so I lived there, cultivated there and then graduated to a different platform. I know how you feel about in person experience because that's also, I think very valuable, depending on what you're s. So if you are geo specific, then I think in person experience is vital. You know, I close most of my highest deals face to face, flesh to flesh. You know, that is how we're wired. But in the online scenario is not always possible. So you have to create that through sound through images, through memories. So you might say, you know, do you remember that That really nice. You remember the first time you ever touched a fur coat? Or you remember the first time you ran your hand along a high end car at a dealer? Scheper, when I picked you up for the prompt, you have to kind of take them there. That's why I think Facebook is such a beautiful platform because you have a little space to take them there in addition to the picture instead of just the instagram picture. Unless you did an instagram picture had the hashtag defining moment and it was the kid you know, that blocked the goal or whatever. I think that's how you can do that. But now if we're talking about building local business, which I probably is a is a little off que but I think have a quarterly live experience. But then you make it a social global experience with Hashtags like we're doing here. Hashtags and email invites to people that can't be local, make them want to be there, make them drool like I'm drooling over this all show you chocolate that I'm never going toe have ever because I live in Texas. So So I think being comfortable with your platform and knowing that your people are there and then testing some things you know, in those different learning styles, I think it's super important. And I think any time you can blend into the same product or experience multiple learning styles, it's a higher perceived value. Did you notice that on my Facebook test offer that we talked about right before the break? How I added into the E book? I said, You're going to get an audio and video bonus. Why do you think I did that? I'm touching all the learning styles. Nobody has a reason to say no because there's going to be three learning styles touched there. There's some part of that offer that they're ready and willing to consume. That's how they learn. Yeah, I just not down resistance the price and with those other things. So click on fan pages and listen. So to answer their question, Chris and even a shorter way, you only find ideal customers and great customers. When you start actually selling something and making offers and driving your own engagement, you have to go round up a lot of cattle and bring them in the pin before you find the couple that you really want to breathe. Does that make sense? So, Carrie, for the online audience, that's what that's watching us up here. They they might be like Valerie with Valdemar, uh, are are high end coffee brand, right, the most expensive coffee out there on the market. And it's because it's really high quality. What other than there are a lot of local businesses watching? So I want to go deeper on that for a second. You're watching right now, and you are a local business, you know, outside of geography, carry what are some other ways that they confined really high quality customers that are related relatable to their brand. Um, somebody said earlier in the studio audience. Maybe our photographer, I think, she said. She's not asking for referrals, but I think is exactly what you said. You don't get what you don't ask for. When I first started my online publishing company in this was before the Internet was easy to use. I was using email and I was uploading at, um, pdf files to an FTP server manually on dial up. And those of you that know what I'm talking about are not in your head. And if you don't be grateful, but But what I learned is that you know, we didn't have Facebook ads. We don't have any social media, and I really didn't have away at that point to do paid advertising to our business. It was kind of a clunky agent online business. And so what I did is I mobilized my customers as evangelists. My current customers and I started with You will hear my strategy. Give it to me what you got. I found one person like you did me. That was ideal. And I said I went to work with you free for two months in exchange for you being patient with me. being in beta and for your the use of your published newsletter as my sample of my portfolio and for your referrals when we're done. And and so we. So two months I worked and worked and worked, and I literally emailed three people her and to people she recommended and said, You know, every every three, you recommend us free. Every three you recommend is free, and I literally mobilized my current happy customers. Now, when I got a little bigger, I still wanted to grow that way. But there were some customers I did not tell about the referral policy. Are you feeling me there? Some customers that I didn't want to duplicate in the food chain. Uh, just to be clear, you don't some customers you wanted to say no to and it was probably not want referrals from And, you know, as you're in business longer, you get better knowing who those people are. Sometimes you really do think it's you. That's an issue, and sometimes you realize there are some people you just can't make happy, and you're not a good fit. So sometimes when you're struggling for that next sailor, that next dollar you have a hard time letting somebody go. But I just learned to ask for referrals from my favorite clients, my best clients, my happiest clients, the ones that were willing to work on those solutions. So that's what I did. You just look and see who's happy with what you've sold them. That's awesome. Here's what I would love for you do this. You could do me a huge favor and leave us a great review on such and such site. And also who are three friends that you could share information about our business with. We did a test. I know you don't really hear. We say that we did a test on Facebook. Um, and I had a client that duplicated this test. Posted an image. It was a great image. Little motivational quotes, blah blah, blah. I usually get a lot of traction out of that. Got tons of comments, tons of likes. I have 25, people on my Facebook page, just organic, and so I have a lot of good engagement, and I thought ha, I really thought that would get shared more. I really thought that would get Mawr likes. I took the same image and on the image I wrote. Please share. How did you did use a tool to do that? I use pic monkey. Very complicated, very expensive. It's free. Great it online Monkey p. I see monkey. I'm sorry. Graphic artists. It's what? It's easy for me. I can do it on the go. So I just added please share reposted it Within the next 24 hour period it was shared like 72 times. It had tripled the amount of comments. Why did it get shared? Because I didn't ask him. I told him Please share. People are more than happy to do something to help but they don't always know what to do. And when there are so many pretty things to click in so many places to look online They get kind of frozen and they just keep scrolling and lichens girl in like And unless they see a share that disrupts there What he called ecosystem disrupts their ecosystem. And then what do they dio share? They sometimes share so fast that I know they have not even had time to read that blood post serious when you have the share buttons at the top of your blonde post. Sometimes they share before they even read it when you have trust engagement. So that's what I would do. So, Chris, that's actually the easiest answer. Find somebody you love working with or somebody you would love to work with. And even if you're not working with them yet, say, Hey, I would love to work with a small business owner like you that does such and such and such and such Where do I find superstars like you that I could provide such and such service for? And folks in the audience like Angelina and guys, If you're watching rain now, when you're an artist or photographer, you're a lot like Angela. And she launched her fan page using tactics earlier, and she said she got her first, like at lunch. Angeline, how many likes are you up to now? You got a refreshing check, But one of the great things about getting those likes, especially the 1st 1 is that becomes your first up the side of that, your ideal customer. Then you can reach out to them and really go all in and the strategy carrying about referrals. I messed up referrals my first started. I do that. I didn't us with Carrie, but she did it. Thankfully. What? I do not stay on stage right to the world. You want to actually set the precedent right when you offer to do something for free or at a discount or give it away. So if I'm John with the cough with the chocolate business, and I know there's an influencer that uses, you know, uh, Facebook and have a lot of likes. And if I get them to post a picture of the meeting my chocolates going to do well, you might send them this chalk with a handwritten letter that says, Hey, I'm sending this to for free. I know it's £2 share with your family, and if you enjoy it, snap a selfie with the chocolate, your family and posted to your Facebook page. That'll be your way of thanking me for you getting this chocolate for free. I would add one condition to that. I would say. Ask them before you send it as someone who has stacks of stuff at my house that people want me to review etcetera. Sometimes it seems like less of a gift and more of a burden. So I would ask first. Hey, would you be willing, you know? Hey, I would love to thank you. So if you're looking at their fan pages or whatever, I would love to thank you for the value I've gotten for your fan page. And I would love to send you this chocolate in exchange if you love it. I just love for you to post a selfie, etcetera. Send it beautifully wrapped. That's well, way more received than if I just get a strange box. And they I don't know where it came from. And in such a crazy, creepy world we live in right now, I'm not eating something that I don't know who it's from. You mentioned you mentioned you get a lot, a lot. We've talked a lot about partnership strategies, and when people are reaching out to try and launch cold partnerships, they're not gonna get a response. Kind of like that, you know, Stacker freebies. You've got it actually helpful of you articulate why you choose to respond to some inbound partnering requests and choose to not respond to some other so they can up craft their message better Yeah, and I love this, and I love that. We're going so offside. This is awesome. This is what I love. What? People are interested, Chris and referrals. This is great. So when you're looking at a partnership strategy, let's go back to the wine and chocolate. Great. Well, first of all, the reason you and I worked is because I didn't know anything about Facebook. Quite frankly, I was social media resistant. I don't want to know anything about Facebook. I just knew I had to be there. And so you were just gonna feel that need for me. I didn't care that you were 19 in your college room work with my secretary. Do what you dio and awesome made me look good. You know, it made me more attractive to my audience and maybe, you know, be engaged. And so that helped take away the scary for me. So that's that's why that worked with my publishing company. The reason that worked is that this woman needed a newsletter for her business. She was not technically savvy, and I was It was a done for you. Solution had the inspiration, education, motivation, recognition that she needed for her team, and it was all done. And incidentally, when I offered to do it for her for free, I already had done it and I was able to show it to her, so that also was compelling. But if you were to approach a wine cellar and say, I would love to partner with you on a few holiday centric promotions and here's what I have in mind and why, and here's how I think it would benefit you. And here's how I think it would benefit me and and I would love to chat about this, you know, in a gesture of good faith, I have sent you a box of chocolates. Just so you compare it with your favorite wine while you decide if you want to have a talk or not. Yeah, it's great. I could also do that. Do the search on Facebook for food bloggers, all teeth, Yeah, booties and foodies in particular because we've got a lot of foodies in Australia and there's a lot of bloggers that talk about wine incessantly, and they're not even wind bloggers there just whiny and so they're like, OK, we tell my glass of wine, but like he said, These people must be getting tons and tons of everything. So, yes, I do. Yeah. How am I gonna be different? Just look at the slide that's up. Click on the fan pages and listen. First, I want you to be Riel and Relational Navan and I talked about this when I came today. I think I could be brutally honest. You should be in the next two days in Texas. I have my high end consulting group in Texas. Two full days that I'm in charge of. I also have two kids still at home. And when Nathan invited me to come do this, which was kind of short notice, it was really sure. Notably short notice. Um, I also paid all my own expenses. Can I say that? It all my own expenses to be here. Why would I do that? Is it so I could have air time? I've been on Fox and CNN and, you know, Lifetime, I don't care about airtime, but it's because Nathan and I have a relationship. We started this relationship because on Facebook he paid attention to my content. He made a meaningful connection there. I think you go to some pages that you would like to engage with some blog's and make some comments. Get to know them when somebody approaches me and says, Oh, I love your work and I love what you're doing And I left for you to blah, blah, blah, but it's clear they have no idea what the barefoot executive is that it's clear they don't know anything about my work or my family or whatever. That's a huge turn off to me, and that says to me, they're just in it for the transaction, not the relationship Guys, I don't care how many people have new books about relationship, economy or engagement economy or whatever it's all about. It is what it is, and it's always been. People are just now rediscovering it because the old way of business is no longer working. So you develop some relationships, comment on some posts, developed some report and be genuine with it, and then they'll be open to it. When somebody sends me a book that I have a relationship with, and they would love for me to do the foreword or they would left for me to do an endorsement, I'm happy to do it. But I promise you, I have 25 unsolicited books on my curtains of people that I don't know that claim to know me or know of me or whatever, but they really want access to my list and my endorsement. They want me to be there, Oprah, and I'm just not going to do it. I'm not gonna open the envelope nine times out of 10. So that's what you do is you build relationships because it is no overnighters. Things not happening overnight. I've got it. All of us have to just keep going to work. Pays well yet because I want you to remember May. First, I want you to remember my chocolate. All right. And then I want you to remember John K Force, right? Yeah. I remember him yet. I really like him. Yep. I'll help him

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Polina Orlova

Excellent course; watching in 2017, and it is still very relevant. Nathan is a wonderful speaker - he limits his slides to actionable tips & tricks and dives deep into the nitty gritty, using real-life examples and constantly referencing audience members and their businesses. I find this so helpful! The audience members have vastly different businesses, so their input is varied and valuable. To put it simply - Nathan doesn't simply reiterate the information on his slides, which is a personal pet peeve of mine. It is absolutely worth your time to sit down and listen to him - he is concise, doesn't water anything down, and he is constantly engaging in a dialogue with the audience. For such a time-consuming course, I believe it is important to get enough value for the time spent - Nathan definitely delivers! I see many reviews here accusing Nathan of self-promotion. I do not find that to be an issue. Yes, he references his business, and hats off to him - this in itself is a wonderful example of marketing. He is not over-bearing with his promo, keeping it relevant to the topics he talks about. I am taking a lot from this course, even though I have already attended quite a number of other workshops and have read tons of literature on the topic. Check it out!


Nathan's teaching style is engaging, entertaining and extremely informative. This class is jam-packed with really useful, actionable steps and suggestions. Not to mention Nathan's introduction of some fantastic new technology that really knocked my socks off! Thanks you Nathan Latka and CL Team. REALLY impressive stuff!

a Creativelive Student

This program is fantastic. I've only watched the first two videos and, with the changes I've made to my Facebook page and profile, feel like I've already received my money's worth. Thank you!

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