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Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Lesson 8 of 23

Create Content & Manage It

Nathan Latka

Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Nathan Latka

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8. Create Content & Manage It

Lesson Info

Create Content & Manage It

All right, let's get into the thick of it now. Now, remember, we talked about fishing right before, so let's get in. Let's let's let's take that metaphor. Another step, All right? Remember, we went out into the Pacific Ocean, right? The 1.4 billion user for the Pacific Ocean. And we got a subset of those users, and we took them back in this Arbet. Right now we're on our boat floating on top of the water, and we're trying to What are we trying to do? What's our goal? What's our goal? Our business goal on Facebook. How do we do that? People come back to click on our leeks and come back to our website. Right. That's what we're gonna do, right? We got him in the bay, were on the boat. Now it's time to make them click and come back to our website so we could turn him into customers. So what should we do as fishermen? Well, we should think like a smart fishermen. What's a smart fishermen gonna do it on the bay out there? He's gonna have some nice chum, right? Some nice, stinky, gooey, rotten...

fish to throw out there I morsels for those fish out. There are fans, right? Stuff they're gonna It's gonna be popular and relevant, right? You're gonna have chum. And then the other thing is gonna have are baited hooks Because you don't just go out as a fisherman and just throw out free food all day, right? I wouldn't get you anything right. You gotta throughout the charm. Then you gotta drop in the baited hooks because then they're gonna bite those hooks and you pull him in. And this is how I want you to think about your fan page posts in your strategy here. All right, chum, is the engaging content. All right? It's those images, those videos, those text updates, the things that you are posting purely to get those clicks. All right. You want to get those clicks? Why do you want to get those clicks? Because you want your fans signaling to Facebook that they want to see more your content. Right. And that's what you can think of when those fisher are are biting that chum there clicking to view your videos. They're clicking to view your photos. They're leaving comments on your status updates right there. Sharing your photos. They're eating the chum I and they're signaling to face. But, man, I love this stuff. Give me more of it. Give me more of it, Right? And then that's when you got a drop in the baited hooks. And what of the baited hooks Links to your website. Now that's what we dio Post planner are fan pages. Like I said before, the whole meaning of its existence is distribution. We want people to click on those block post, come back to our website so I can turn them into post planner users so they can pay me money. Right? That's how I exist as a business. So those baited hooks are key, So I want you to think of it this way. You're out on the bay, you're in the boat, you're throwing out the chum throwing out the awesome photos. We're gonna talk about how you can, you know, determine what's going to be awesome in terms of visual content and other content. You're throwing out that. Show him, you're getting clicks and then you're throwing in the baited hooks and you're getting people clicking and going back to your website. Right? Then there's 1/3 thing, which is baited hooks, disguises chumps. Little more complicated. But if you are a post planner user, which you will be soon if you know aren't already, then you can use what's called our share bar. When you share 1/3 party article, Seo share a blob post from the Hail Blawg, and when I share it, it goes out. And then when someone clicks that they go to the Hale blogged but above it, there's a bar there that says Post Planner, Why don't you try our app? Alright, so it's kind of the same as my baited hook right there. Still called the action there, but it's someone else's content now. I'm not gonna get too much into that, but you should definitely try it out. All right, Now, while you're prepping to go deeper in this analogy, Josh, which I love, cause I think it makes it easy for everybody. Understand, Kim, You know, you talk a lot about making sure we strike a balance between engaging content and asking for that link click or even Maura sale. When you're building Kim, guard the Kim Guards boom social fan page. How do you think about when it is appropriate to mix in those link clicks or or link shares with the majority of your content, in my opinion, should be jump because that's what people engaged with the most. And that's what drives your engagement in your community and outside of your community. Even it gets more people, ah, access to your community. They see your content more frequently, so the majority of your content should be. I'll use your analogy, chum. I love that analogy, By the way, um, you know, videos, inspiration. Ah, a lot of visual content. The majority of content on Facebook today that gets the majority of the engagement is visual content. Um, so I think it needs to be visual, but to directly answer your question, um, I try toe leverage 80 20 rule, which basically means 80% of my content is, um, chum, and 20% of it has a marketing message. You know, whether that's my my marketing message can be anything from a free offer where I build my list to a direct sale. It can. It depends on your your goal set. You know, Josh has a very distinct one. Very defined, you know, he's driving people back to his website. You could be driving people to your content. You could be driving them to Ah, lead page. Could be Amazon land. Absolutely. So your goals may be very different from Josh is. But the reality is whatever it iss, whatever that marketing pieces we've it in. Don't forget that you are in business to create sales so many times, etc. Businesses, you know, they get wrapped up in the chum and they forget to tell people they have something for sale. So, um, how many? How many posts to your block post, would you would you post a day I share one a day on my way on my fan page, Um, And then if I see something that's, you know, valuable from someone else, I'll share that. Or if there's something new, Nathan just did a great Balog post on, you know, I guess eso I shared that. So it depends on, you know, but almost routinely, every day I share a block post on my fan page. Um, I'll share a marketing message as well. You know, I That's because that's kind of two fold for me. I'll have you know, whether it's a free offer, whether I'm directly selling something on my fan page. Um, and the rest of it is, you know, tips. Uh um, inspiration, you know, things. The charm, Yeah, the charm to started up. She are, that's That's a That's a perfect example of the mix. We actually even on postpartum, even share more links what we're gonna get into evergreen content and a little bit. That's your block posts that never go stale right there. Always relevant we share were sharing about 9 to 10 post a day on our fan page, which is a lot, right? A lot of people would say That's a lot like you're saying people are nervous even to share one right. We share nine and hey, baby, here I would put it out there, and at least one of those block posts is a new one that we just published the day before, for example, and then three of them are old evergreen posts that still provide value, but they're still functioning the same, right. They're still out there. People are sharing them. People are getting back into the ecosystem and people are clicking on them and coming back to our website, which is my ultimate goal, right? So, Josh, for someone like Ana Ana is ah, social media has their own social media business works with a lot of clients. She worked you actually with Michael. I think recently as well, when she's thinking about and let's say she's a she's a one woman show, crushing it. But she doesn't have a big content team, so she doesn't necessarily have nine things to share a post every day. How should Ana and everyone watching live with us right now? Like on How should they be thinking about their content posting strategy in terms of frequency each day? Well, if you don't have your own block posts, then you could easily go out and find valuable content on other blog's right and you condone. Like I said, use the baited hooks, disguises, charm That way, um, you know, ultimately you want to have your own content, but you're a consultant. You're doing posting for other businesses, right? And most businesses have their own content. If they don't, you gotta give him a kick in the butt to get something right, because the thing that's so great about block content is it's not sell Z, right? I'm not. When I'm when I'm pushing out 3 to 4 block posts a day on our block, our fan page. It's not like I'm pushing marketing constantly, right? I'm actually providing value to them. I'm giving them value. They come back, they don't have to buy from me. They come back to my website, my blogger, they can read it and then they can go their merry way. They got some value. They learn something, right? A lot of them will click that call to action and become my customer. But, you know, that's why I would recommend so much having a blawg. Um, if you don't have a block, you're not gonna have that luxury on. That's why you should have one. But again, you can share other people's third party content that's valuable. And then if you want to use post plan and you can use our share bar so that be my my solution there. All right. So luckily, we created a nice infographic. That kind of illustrates what I just said. I'm just going to go through it pretty quickly fishing off Facebook. Right there is the fish who were the fish. Your fans, they scare easy to get distracted. Then they lose interest there. Just scrolling this girl when you got to stop the scroll. Who's the fisherman? You the business. You got to be patient. You got to be savvy and you got to think strategically, right? And we've talked about all of these things. Now, you know, chum, the waters you're gonna throw in that we say 50% of the time. Throw out that chum Kim said 80% of time, you're gonna have to decide what's right for you. Right. Um, but at least part of the posting that you're doing is the chum, and this is text updates. Fill in the blanks. Questions, photos, videos means these these things that you want to share. These chum that get the clicks. You're getting the bites, Fisher beytin. And then drop in those baited hooks, promo videos, blonde posts, e books, tutorials, infographics, and you see the mix, right? So for somebody like Valerie, who runs her own kind of our own brand, her own coffee company, And for those of you watching that might have your own maybe brick and mortar location or your own brand. Maybe it's not an online service with a u I or you act or anything like that. What would What should Valerie be? Or maybe valley? What ideas do you have for baited hooks that you could use on your page? Um, that are disguised or non disguised? Josh, how should she? I don't want you to think about is it's not about tricking people, right? We're not trying to be devious here. This is just a metaphor, right? Your links, say your website on there. There's nothing sneaky about it, right? You're just trying to get them to go back to your website. But remember to answer that question. The main thing should be, what's your goal, right? What do you want people to do? What do you want your fans to do that will ultimately benefit your business? Can you answer that question and I want them to buying my products. And how did they do that going on? Is that really what you want? Because, Well, you to what you shared with us. An earlier segment you talked about. You know, you're actually using those likes as a way to get leverage with distribution channels. where you could distribute your coffee. Yes, we're transitioning to that currently, because we were we used to Well, we still dio sell direct Teoh consumers. And of course, we want them to go to our website and purchase online. But you're right. Our likes are being used now to leverage our credibility for with the resellers that we want to work with and distributors, And that's where we're transitioning. So, Josh, what are some ideas you have? Maybe for Valerie. People like Valerie. What could the user baited hooks? Well, I would go and see what other coffee pages were doing, right? This is the best thing you can dio see. I'm gonna get into this in a bit, but I see all Facebook posts as experiments. The just scientific experiments right there, experiments with results. So if you go and you look at another coffee page and you see what has worked there, then you can learn something, and you can either try to replicate that kind of content or it gives you ideas for even content. It's even better, right? So that's my first advice to you is to go find some pages that share the kind of content that's relevant to your fan base and start, you know, posting some of that stuff and see if it works again. Experiment right, it's it's experiments. You gotta put him out there. Some of them are going to fail, but failed Experiments are awesome. Why? Because they give you data. Yeah, right. You want data? And so that's what That's my best advice there, I quick question, but how much is too much? I mean, do you? I mean, yes, you talk about a combination of different methods you want to throw in, like maybe something That's just Trump versus you know, these are baited hooks, but how much is too much? You know that You just keep hitting them with the similar content because coffee is such a sort of small niche, if you will, with you know, with what we do, it's even much smaller. Yeah, but Gadhafi's like up such a passionate thing. People love their coffee right, and it's also ah, timely thing because they drink it in the morning, right? So it's I think it's actually coffee is a topic that you could easily create awesome content. That's kind of the same ultimate It's kind of the same stuff every day, but it's just a different twist on it. But in the morning, people are having their coffee. They see a image about, you know, this is great coffee. They like it, you know. But in the end, it's all going to depend on the data, right? You're gonna know, because if you're just setting out the same thing and it's like crickets, Yeah, you know, you're not doing it right? Right? A good, good strategy, Valerie that you might be able to use. I recently saw through my newsfeed, and I'm a passionate coffee drinker. Josh says people drinking all in the morning, I say, Speak for yourself because I'm like backstage. Anyways, I was coffee. Just okay, Theo? The You know, I saw a really good piece come through. I don't know. The creator was, but they broke down the science behind Ah mocha. That's very popular right now and articulated. Why was healthy and why wasn't healthy down to where the beans came from and where the whipped cream that was on top. You know what density is? The whipped cream aired actual whipped cream. And what does that mean? when you taste it. So there's potentially a lot of opportunities for a brand like yours is a coffee company for position you as the thought leader because you're analyzing, you know, what is this farm like, where these beans came from compared to the weather it had last year? Like, Does the wet season mean that these beans are gonna be richer to the tongue? I'm making this up as I go, but you can see where this kind of concept you could pull through. So any of you guys watching live online if you have a physical product or location, think about being a thought leader in that space. Totally. Are all of these examples up here like are they your e books and your videos and your tutorials? So we need to have a basketful of these different things. If you have it, you're going to be in a much better position to remember its distribution, right? If you don't have any stuff to distribute when you're in a worse position and you know, for folks like for folks like Angela again, where you're really you're working hard every day trying, you know you're spending time researching the newest camera. You should by then you have got to save up for this camera to purchase it. You're spending money on software. You may or may not have team members creating e books for you. Ah, great way to, like still get the benefits of this. These baited hooks has become the best curator of the baited hooks for your things, my e books. But it could be something that I read that highly relevant what you're doing, because what you're doing is look, your fans are like, Oh, I love that her page because she's always sharing awesome stuff. I'm always clicking on it and going to see it, and I'm always telling Facebook that I want to see more of it. So that's why I'm seeing more of it. Think of it that way. And for folks like Angelina that are watching right now, when you think about being the best content curator, if you curate somebody else's content and in fact, I know Scott Ares is watching us right now. If you go the post planner Blawg, you will see they do a great job curating other people's content, but it doesn't stop there. What they do afterwards, they'll reach out to everyone they've curated. Okay, maybe it's Kim. Maybe it's me. Maybe it's Josh anybody and say we have featured on this post that makes Kim and I feel great. So what we're gonna do, we're gonna re share it. So what you should be doing is trying to curate content from people that have really big distribution channels to the end customers you're trying to reach a great example. Giving away the secret sauce is Yeah, it's got a question, Nathan. I just wanted to call out an ah ha moment that I just had here. Yeah, that you when you think about being the thought leaders Oh, gosh, how dare I claim to be the expert? Well, almost anything but if. But if you're a curator, you could be the beginner. And you can curate those things that hey, this is what I needed. And this is what worked for me as a beginner. And this is what I just don't understand and get all kinds engagement. Or you could be the journeymen, the next level. Okay, you know, it's past the first year of or whatever that you know, the first season of whatever doing something And then so you can You could have a point of view. Not just you have toe try and be something that you're not. So you can be unauthentic, beginner on and curate. So thank you for the curate piece that Chris, I can You feel it coming Things like this is like an Oprah moment, right? Like this is like a three. It's like a three way. You guys just lean in, like, over moment. I appreciate that. You know what? In the end, what you're talking about is you're actually you're being a thought leader. Instead of saying your thought leader claiming to be won by curating content in picking this stuff is really valuable on good. You're not. You're being a thought leader, right? That's how it works. And if if you share that kind of content and people click it and more people say, Hey, you got to follow this guy, he shares really good stuff. It's like, inevitable that you will be a thought leader. So end, Of course of time. Yes, Yes. Thank you. So baited hooks. You know what those are? And then reel them in and we just talked about this. The more clicks you get, the more customers you get. As long as you have a boat, right? Remember, the more clicks you get, you're getting all these people to send signals to Facebook or they're clicking and coming to your website both great outcomes. Right? Which means both you. In the end, that leads to more customers. And you gotta have a boat. Which means what? What do you have to have? I have a website. If you don't have a website, you don't have anywhere to send someone. So if you don't have a website, get one there. It's so easy to build website these days. I could build 1 40 15 minutes in the next 15 minutes. Right? You can do it at him. Take him up on that sentiment. Tweet. All right, so let's talk about automation. That's really what are that's one component of our app. It's that I think we do really well and that's about getting that content out there. You've curated the content. You decided what the charm is. You decided what the baited hooks are. Now. You got to get it out there and you got to get it out there consistently right now. Post Planner, Any of our competitors, we all pretty much have the same feature, which is a que schedule. This is where you go into the app. You say, Hey, I want this many posts per day to go out right? I want Let's say I said it. We have nine now. We have a global audience, right? We have people around the world, so time zones don't really matter so much to us. So we have, like, nine post go out. It's like every three hours, every three or four hours, right around the clock, 24 7 So I've gone into Post planner and I've created a que schedule that says Send out a post at this time this time this time these nine times throughout the day. All right, easy stuff. Now configure your accuse schedule for the proper mix. Remember how important the mixes. You gotta mix the chum with the baited hooks you can't send Chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp, baited hook, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump Just right You want to have a mixed up chum charm, baited hook, charm, baited hook, charm, charm baited hook, right? You have the mix all about the mix Now in post Ponder, for example, you could go in there and instead instead of just choosing the time you can also choose that the type of content we talked about three content types, right? Text visual links. You could say 7 a.m. Sent out a link. 10 am Sent out a photo. A visual, uh, one PM sent out a text three pm, sent out a link, right, Set it all up, drop all that content in there and it would just go out at the right time. The right content goes out at the right time. Always a mix. You don't have to worry about one type of content being posted over and over again. Always a mix. Right now, you don't have to use Post Planner. We have to use postpone it for that feature. But you can do that yourself as well. If you don't want to postpone it, you just got to make sure that there's a mix. And then we talked about evergreen content, right? Set your ever been content to continuously repost? I cannot stress how important this is, and I cannot believe that some people don't do it because there are so many great blog's out there that have tons of awesome evergreen content content that they wrote maybe five years ago. And it's still super valuable as Rome relevant today as it was when they published it. And yet they don't share it. They don't continue to share it on social media. Why? Why would you not do that? Yes, Content. OK, good question. Evergreen content is content that never go stale. Do you think about the evergreen trees, right? You got your evergreen trees, your Christmas trees, your pine trees that always green right there. Always green compared to other decisions. Trees, their leaves get yellow and they fall off, right. They get stale. This is evergreen conduct. It's also an example of what and every well, for example, um, this this block post, right? This block post was a infographic on this block post, right? We shared it. It's still relevant today. We I think we published that a year and 1/2 ago. So why would I just publish it, post it once and then never pub Publish it again. I wanted to continually be fed into the ecosystem. The social ecosystem get shared again, get hyped again, and then it will die down. And then three months from now, shared again and it will get in the ecosystem again. And they'll be continuous traffic to this. Valerie, do you remember in the first segment when we talked about when your first launching her page and getting your 1st likes, We talked about how Facebook is deciding every time you log on there have about 1500 different potential post to show you might, you might see 50. Let's say you miss the 50. Let's say I'm your fan and ice and I missed it the first time. And you did this great infographic about coffee beans from this farm, and I missed it. If you only share it that one time, you missed me. What Josh is saying is, Well, if you build it into a content calendar and you share it over and over again, there's no reason do that. And I know you know Kim. I think there's a great job at this. You have some content that is still hyper relevant that you share almost weekly. It works well for you know it does. And I in particular on Twitter. I share content on Twitter. You know, one knew Bullock Post. Probably every hour. Not no, I said new. It's not new, it's evergreen. So any content I have over block posts that I have in my evergreen file and it's in my bucket, and as long as it's still relevant than I share it routinely, Twitter's my number one traffic source. Guys, not Google Twitter. So, um, it could be it could be Facebook. It's all about where you ultimately leveraged to drive the traffic from. So if you if you don't tell people about your content, they're not just gonna arbitrarily land there. You have to constantly be sharing that relevant content. Get more people, more eyeballs on it. It's all about the eyeballs. Yeah, and what you said about Twitter goes along with Nathan's point. Twitter's has no algorithm, right newsfeed algorithm, everything that post on Twitter. It goes in there, you see it in the feed. What that means ultimately is the Twitter feed moves very quickly. If you followed, like more than people on Twitter, you just refresh and suddenly there's 100 more tweets, so it's much easier for your tweet to just get not get seen, right? So you got to continuously repost it. Does that make sense? Everyone at what kind of evergreen content is? And as you're investing, your time, especially if you got a limited resource, is like Angela, if you're you know, one woman show or the other photographers and artists watching right now and you don't have a lot of resource is make sure in your building content that you try and make it so that it's going to be relevant for a long time. So avoid saying like, you know, mentioning like, holidays or like, you know, tomorrow when we're doing holiday photos. Reasoning news. There were recent news correct. Evergreen content is like men so that you can step up to the plate and bat multiple times with the same thing. And it's a huge asset. You know, you're investing in asset that's gonna have our ally for a long time, are blonde. We have, like 440 block posts on our blawg, and I would say 85 90% of them are evergreen, so we have about 400 posts that are just continuously turning into social media, right there is such a valuable asset. I mean, they're worth probably hundreds of thousands of dollars for us. All right, so it's a good investment. So, you know what I wanted to show next is this is our fan page, and we're not gonna have time to jump in there and see the actual the postings from our page. But I encourage you a home. You guys, when you're done here to go and look at our fan page and look at Kim's boom social with Kim Garst, those two fan page like exemplify everything that I've said here today, right? The charm, the baited hooks, the fishing, all that you're going to see very quickly how much engagement we have on our posts. Lots of shares, lots of likes, lots of comments. You're going to see the nice mix. Lots of charm, lots of ah, imagery, text updates mixed in and lots of links. All right, so go in there and look and check out the mix. All right?

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