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Setting Up Your Facebook Page

Lesson 3 from: Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Nathan Latka

Setting Up Your Facebook Page

Lesson 3 from: Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Nathan Latka

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Lesson Info

3. Setting Up Your Facebook Page

Lesson Info

Setting Up Your Facebook Page

Are you guys ready? Now? Get into the how to, Giselle. Come on, give me some love. Classic way just went over some strategies that you guys can use. What I want to do now, especially for those watching online and those of you in the audience that can actually do this from your phone, is get into the how to show you the buttons to click the text, the type where to post things. So let's first start with that. You're setting up your page. Where to go. You want to go to facebook dot com forward slash pages forward slash Create Hit me, Angelina. Doing it on a mobile device such as an IPad. Do I use the IPad app or do I use safari? You safari? OK, good question. Facebook dot com Ford's last pages, ford slash Create and this is another. I'll add the central quick so I don't forget. Remember, I asked you guys how you set up your Facebook. You are else. You can use FB dot com. In fact, Facebook paid the Farm Bureau $5 million for that domain name. Little little tidbit there for you. Okay, this ...

is turning into like Jeopardy or something. Okay, FB dot com that allows you get a smaller girl. Okay, so once you've got it set up, you want to then click create page. Once you do that, this is where you actually set up the right category. So all of you guys that raise your hand City of set of your page. You remember this step, right? So you want to select the right category and their six that you want to look at your either going to be a local business or page Ah, company, organisation or institution? Ah, brand or a product? Kay. An artist band. A public figure in entertainment or cause or community. Now, I get a question about this specific, uh, choice often. And that is people don't know what the categorize themselves out. So, like, Angeline, what would you guess? You would be based off those six brand or product. So you would Then I see her doing it there on your IPad. You click brand or product. Now, when you guys are choosing this, I'm going to say something that may surprise you. Don't think about what you actually are. Think about what someone's gonna put in graph search. Who is your ideal client to find you? Us that one more time when you're picking your category? Don't think about what you actually are. Think about what someone's gonna type in Facebook graph search toe. Find you. Does that make sense? So if you are, if you are like Valerie, you're a good example, right? You built a great brand, right? The coffee brand. If the distribution network you do have a physical location? No, correct, we do. But currently no, we're just actually converting into just distribution office. Yes. Okay, great. So your selection would be brand. Okay. If you did have a local coffee shop, you would select local business. Exactly. Right. Because local business, when you can click that, that's reading. You put in the address of your page for Chris for you, right? If you're looking for skateboard sponsorships and things like that, you're definitely gonna be looking at either you're a public figure, right? Or a brand or product, Chris, as the brand, the skateboarding brand. Okay. Additionally, cause or communities are always great. I work with several clients that not only have a Facebook page for, say, define wines, but they will also if something happens like a current event and and somehow David can strategically aligned to fine wines with a cause, Like a good feeling. Something. Um, I don't see if I can think of an example here on the spot. Have you done any charity work with defined wines? Yeah. Okay. Tell me about it. Uh, breast cancer awareness. Perfect breast cancer awareness. So, David, in order to get additional reach on Facebook, you could set up a cause or community specific to breast cancer awareness supported by defined wines. And the reason you would do that is because depending on what brand or category used to elect here, Facebook allows you to do different things. So when David selects cause or community, there's actually a little donate plug in that you can use and actually accept donations on the page vs. If you picked a local business or place, you're obviously not going to get that. Okay, Chris, this is typically confusing for people, so I want your feedback here in a second on what people are saying online regarding what category to pick. But rest will go to your question first on that cause or community Could that donate thing be used for something like Crowdfunding? It could be. I don't know what Facebook's intention is as far as all the legal ramifications of what, exactly how that can be used. I would say, if you have a broader A product or brand like for you, if you're trying to crowd fund to create, like these really cool we're joking for Is it like, What's the name of the wheels he that dean that DEA like? I'm not like I used to be that cool. Okay, Fat Dean's okay. These fat beans like roller the things that Chris came in third and in competition as a special. The special skates, right? Let's see when a crowd fund your own like new skates, your own brand to sell, use the brand, don't you? Don't don't go into the cause of community specifically trying crowd fund those, keep it as a brand and then use Facebook status updates to do crowdfunding and drive people to donate. Additionally, we do have in Giselle working 18 a second, Chris. Later, we're gonna get into specifically how you convey drive revenue directly through a status update. I know Angeline, you're gonna like that as well for selling your digital products. Just what was your question? I have my portrait studio page set up as a retail shop. Sometimes I create additional pages for that year's graduating senior class. Ah, what would you suggest for category for them? Yes. So walk me through the first part of what you said. You have your core page, which is positive images. Photography. OK, And when you travel to San Francisco High School and your photographer, you're taking a picture of all their seniors for the senior portrait, you're saying you created another page not for that high school for the graduating class felt typically, I would name it. I'm a positive 2015 senior. I see. I see. So we see the strategy a lot, right? What people do is they'll name their Facebook fan page, not Gisele photography, but rather something emotional that gets people to click the like Button were then you can market. So let's say that you sell sandals. You might create a page that says, I bet I can find a 1,000, fans of summer before winter, right, and then go create the winter page, too, so that when that page goes big, you can sell winter products through that page, right? I do not recommend going that extreme. Facebook has shut down pages that are specifically tied to just gaming getting likes. But I think what you're doing is really smart and really strategic. So if you've got if your business is trying to get more high schoolers to use you to photograph them and you want to get them all in one spot, setting up a generic page like what you mentioned on a positive thinker graduating in 2015 is a great It's a great, great strategy. But the question was, what category? With that auxiliary, you would leave that in brand. You leave that under brand and you want to make see what you're doing is you're kind of building this umbrella right where you've got the your core brand up here and you're saying Okay, I wanna go to do some different niches. Your niche is the year you always want to make sure because you want an asset that you're rolling up those individual things somehow back to your core page. So they become so that when they those hours go get married and they need a wedding Photography done. They're coming to you. And when they got a baby, they're coming to you, right? You want it to all go back up to your page and that what you could do is on your ancillary pages. You set up. Always link back in the description to that core page. Does that make sense? Think that's a great shirt. You're making me want to come A photographer. This is all that work. Great tons of people having some questions coming in here about the categories. Now it was a little bit sort of what you said. People do have trouble wrapping their head around this. Tons of people are saying, Well, how do I know if this is the right category for me? And lots of people are also saying, Well, I've already set this up. I've been going down one way. Is it easy enough to change the category? So this is a problem. I see people have, like they've worked really hard to get, like 900. Facebook likes on their page. They realized they did something wrong. They need update or change my general commendation and for the sake of clarity, I'll make a blanket statement. If you have less than 100 fans, go and get things, right. Right. If you have more than 100 fans on your Facebook page, keep it as it is and try and optimize as best you can without going back and restoring the page in a different category. I know you probably worked with people like this as well, Where you see something, they're categorised wrong. And you have to switch it, right? Yeah. Any examples? My own your own. So what happened? What happened? Well, I mean, just when I initially set up the page for my business, my name was much longer and more complicated and obviously, through the iterations of what it became and became focused on, especially with the, uh, the categories, I think even categories. Maybe they weren't as finite as they are now, like 2.5 years ago. So, you know, this is a completely different animal. But, um, now, I'm stuck with this really long name on face because I've got too many fans. So definitely setting it up from the beginning is the way to go. Yeah. What? I'll share with you guys as well is if you have a thing like Anna. Okay, Where your name is is you need to change it when you click settings on your Facebook page and you click the space working. Well, getting it in a second where you can change the URL, you can actually send a message to Facebook articulating why you think it should be changed to a different name, but no promises that you get one chance? Yes, and no promises. Valerie. So sort of speaking to changing categories now, as I mentioned earlier, were actually shifting from having a physical location to just be completely online and just using that locations as a warehouse. Um, now, if we change our category because currently we actually have a location and say we remove the address from our Facebook page, how would that effect? Or can you do that for civil on? And if you do that, will that affect the way we've been? Um, found because people have been finding us through the city or the location that we were in. But now if we remove that, does that change? What is your ideal customer? The person that wants to get a coffee in the morning on the way to work more than or the person that's gonna buy from you in bulk as a distribution partner, right? That's how the distribution partners find you. Uh, most of them actually find us through just our our website and our well, Facebook posts as well. Got it. Not physical, true or false. When you have a conversation with the distribution network and you say, Hey, just so you know, our brand is really well thought after a look at how many likes we have, does that give you the ability to charge more to that distribution partner? Yes. So used to want to get those likes as a leverage kind of from directly from consumers as a way to leverage your distribution deals. David, you might have something same economics with wines. You do any mass distribution deals? Uh, yeah, we started getting into that. No. Great. And the number of likes you have on Facebook is usually a direct barometer to how you know the quality of your product. So I would I would say, Don't mess with the page. It's not hurting you because they don't want them to get confused description up in description, not the location. If people are finding you from the location, believe it. Okay, update that description and say we have a high quality product. Here's a photo of it. If you want to buy in mass, that's where our focus is. Right now. Look here to buy over. Contact me. Good question. Yes. Okay. So again, once you click that, select the right category, But depending on what category you click on, you're going to see a bunch of different options. Restaurant, cafe, library, doctor or anything else Case you wanna select that, right? The right one. Okay. And then you'll move forward. And once it's launched. Okay. This is Valerie's page for Valdemar Coffee Specialty Coffee company. Again, this is what it would look like. So she's done a great job with the cover photo, Right? Tells a story, and then you can smile. This is good. This is great. Is good work, right? She didn't step on her thumbnail. Um, and she put her logo in there. Right. Looks really, really good. So once you do that, here's one of the things again that I pointed out and we were just talking about this when you search coffee in Redondo Beach, California. Currently, you do not show up because you don't have the location. The location will show up right here on your page, if you have it set. Okay. God. So you don't have your location here, Which means when people graph search and they're in Redondo Beach and you're there, they won't be able to find you if you want this people to find you. And it's a strategic question for you, Valerie. You want to make sure you get that address updated. Okay. Yep. It's is there. I have two locations one here and one in the Caribbean. Is there a way to put two addresses, or do I change them when I go back and forth So typically what people do brick and mortar locations. I'd say you're different, but if you're watching right now online in your brick and mortar location, Typically you set up one page her location because the thing you care about most is check ins. So if you have a Facebook page is a brick and mortar location, people can check into that page. I don't know if that same rule applies to you, though, when you say you have two locations. What do you mean? I live in two different locations. Six months out of the year. No, no, no. Keep one page. Okay? Yeah, way. Actually, a similar question now. It could be a good time for Caitlin O Hara said, What if you're a full time traveling photographer? She said that she doesn't have a central location or address where her business is located because it's constantly traveling. So he says she struggles with having an exact address on her Facebook page. And what was her name? Caitlyn O'Hara. Caitlin. Caitlin. Great question, guys, if you're watching right now and you're like Caitlyn, you're constantly traveling around. No need to put a location on there again. The reason that you would use location is if you're a rush drawn or literally something. If you don't have a brick like built around you and you're not like a brick and mortar, don't use a location. That location is specifically to help get foot traffic into that venue. Thank you. Any other questions related to choosing the right descriptions? Their addresses? I think we're good now. We you touched on it just then, people. Some people were concerned about having a specific address, and they felt they go. Is that something I need to do? If that's too personal? So people could just leave that out if they want to leave it out? Don't put your don't put your personal your personal address in there. You might get things on your doorstep. You don't want Chris Hit me anything. If you want to be regional like you want to do consulting. It's not necessarily brick and mortar. We'd like to stay in the same time zone for the work that you do. How do you address that for? Lead a set. You can be a specific as you want, so you might leave out city and zip code, but leave ST leave the state input. So you might say Virginia or san for California, so you can be as descriptive as you want. That way, when people search for consultants in Virginia, you pop up. Good question. Thank you. All right. Next. You guys want to choose your right Earl and we heard some murals earlier. Okay, but for again, positive images. Photography, right? You've got this smart. You're all set up, which is great. It's already set. That's what we mean when we say get the smart you are, you are l set up. If you don't set it up, this is gonna be something that's hard to remember or type. It's gonna be a bunch of weird characters. All right, So the way that you do this is when you're setting up your page right after Ah, Angeline, I know you're doing this right on your desktop. Once you pick your category or your IPad Sorry, your category, it's gonna walk you through setting up your page. The first step you can select what you are a coffee shop and right here is where you put in your Facebook. You are all those of you that see my side right now you'll see the orange box and that yellow highlight That's where you want to put in your you are l and most are still available, right? But they will become less available, much like the domain name grab was when dot com a. The dot com boom was happening. So grab your URL and make sure you get it right. You have you have one shot here writes. If you name that something and then it changes to something else, it makes it difficult to change more difficult than just doing it here. So pick something and stick with it. But don't wait. If you're watching right now, don't wait to launch your page because you're scared about putting something in here that might change three months from now. Do it and get started. You can change it if you have less than 100 likes. So until you hit that 100 likes threshold. You can change that forward slash your real name. OK, Mari Smith does a great job here. In fact, guys, in every section today I've tried to include a pro tips section at the end of each So you guys can see someone. It's really doing a great job. Mari does it great. Here's something that she battles with. Her brand is her as a person. So Angelina are photographers watching right now, you might have the same problem. You might want to use the same profile picture on your personal page and your fan page a great way to delineate between between the two, it's do it. Mari is done and put a little business page strip on the left side of your 160 pixel by 160 pixel thumbnail image. Additionally, you can see she's done a great job featuring text and what her brand is in the upper right of our cover photo. It's just enough branding toe lie to connect to her. And he's also doing a bit of marketing here. Pretty cool example, huh? Guys? All right. And Valerie years is great too, right? Okay, So what I want to remember. And, David, I think you said this is one of your big take away so far is that this is an opportunity. The profile picture and the thumbnail image is a big opportunity for you to get marketing done for your brand and get natural exposure.

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