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Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Lesson 16 of 23

Double Your Email List

Nathan Latka

Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Nathan Latka

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16. Double Your Email List

Lesson Info

Double Your Email List

We just went into how to use Facebook ads to supplement what you're doing. And you got some strategies about how you could just take $1 still get great results using a Facebook ad. But coming up in this segment, we're gonna focus on something I really, really love. And that is list building guys. How many of you guys have heard of the saying right? The money is in the list, right? Michael, you're shaking your head. You've built a fantastic email list. What is that done for your business and your blog's? I depend on it, so I mean religiously. And the people that subscribe to my emails know that every Wednesday morning that they're going to get something of value from May, and they kind of look forward to it and help build my business and my block. Great. Well, guys again, that's what this segment's gonna focus on. So if you're joining us, live right now and you're curious about how to build your email list, I need to know that you're focused in you've got other distractions shut down an...

d that you're ready to go. So go to hale dot com. Ford slash check in. That's your way of telling me that you're ready. Toe. Learn how to use Facebook to double your email list. And out of curiosity, I want you to just really quick talk to me. This is your This is your lifeline to me using hashtag f b Friess and be talk to me and tell me using that. Hashtag what email marketing provider are you using? And do you have an email list already started? And we've got folks monitoring that so we can talk back and forth and get your feedback. Additionally, if you missed our segment starting yesterday, where we talked out launching your fan page from scratch, I want you know, that we do have several folks in the audience that are just starting, including Chris, Who's a guy. He's out there. He's hustling, and Chris started his page yesterday after he watched those segments. And Chris, you're giving me updates as we go through the course. Last segment you said you were up to 25 likes you continue to implement some of stuff that you're learning where we at now. Last time I checked on the loss break, I'm at 57 Wow, it is amazing. You run a lot. That's great. That's really, really great. And let me ask you, I mean, I'm sure you're kind of in hustle mode because it's your first few fans. What are you doing to literally double your fan count almost every two hours Now? I'm right now. It's going through the friends list. So using the network already have, And one of the things that you know on initial thought I had going through as well, you know, Is this person really gonna actually like the page or I haven't talked to them in a long time? Are they really gonna like it? But why am I trying to make that decision? Just send, like, send the invite, let your friends build the network. And then once you have that networking of the people who are waiting for your content cause they're wondering what are you doing with this page? So that's when the intention can really start to build. When I start putting posts up over the next couple days, I love that. And you're taking action, which is great. We talked about one of the things I live by an earlier segment that's hesitation is the enemy of Hustle, and Chris is hostile, man. So I love that I hope you guys online or hustling as well. This next segment, again is about doubling your email list, and we'll talk about strategies first and then get into the how to. And, you know, email marketing is a is a field and a subject that people sometimes really hesitate to get into because they think they need a line up a bunch of things to start. And that's just not the case. In fact, you want to watch the entire segment cause I've got a surprise guest joining us that not only knows a thing or two about email marketing, but she's working with one of the largest email marketing providers on the planet today, whose founder actually created something called The Auto Responders. So you want to watch the whole segment, to be sure to learn who that is and strategies she has to bring to the table. So once you've launched your Facebook page, there's many different ways that you can use Facebook to double your email list. But the way that we're going to focus on is launching a Facebook contest or campaign in something called and Facebook Application. Now, on the Facebook fan pages where these applications show up is right under your cover photo. If you don't know what your cover photo is, we talked about that in segment one and under your cover photo, your APS will be listed. Additionally, all you're absolutely listed on the left side of your Facebook page with a thumbnail preview as well. Now, by show of hands, live audience, how many of you guys have launched in the past? Some form of Facebook out either for yourself or for a friend or client? Okay, great. So maybe Valerie, Right? Who again is running her own coffee company through a small business entrepreneur who's doing great? Tell me about the app that you tried and how did it do? Um, I actually started with an app called Wufu. Um and I did. We did really Well, I think by introducing that up alone and what it's able to dio it almost doubled our audience and gained a lot more interest that we didn't have before. And for those others that are just like you watching entrepreneurs, small business owners, you said this tool Wufu spell. W u f o. If you'd like to try it out, you said it worked really well. Why did it work? Well, I think I mean it. First of all, it's very user friendly. It's easy for us to set up, but also just the way it plugs into Facebook. And it engages with the audience. You know, in when we send people to our Facebook page, it becomes an app that is added on to, like you said you mentioned It's under your profile. So people actually tend to want to click into debt or like a What is that? Or you can direct them directly to that girl, uh, through our events, you know, weaken, do Oh, uh, come to a private tasting event for our special release and give them that exact You are all and they'll come visit right away and will give away prices great. And you're capturing the name the email address, which examine your list, helping you get closer to your customer base. It is a very lead capture based type. Great again. Just remind me again who else is try to Facebook out already, Michael. So Michael on again for everyone watching right now, that's a continent you create a lot of content. You're a lot like Michael, right? Michael has his own blawg. He creates fantastic blawg Post gets exposure. And in fact, it's gotten so much exposure and success that Michael has now launched his own book called Connect, which you can check out at self employed. King dot com ford slash connects yet can or get Connect. And I love that Ford such get connect now, Michael, how did you use that Facebook app? Uh, to collect emails. And initially I've been using lead pages on it works phenomenal. Eso on adds to that app took like females to collect email leads. Then you work. Those email leads to ideally drive sales of your book or your other products for webinars correct or webinars. Great. Well, guys, what I'm about to go through is an actual breakdown on a research study that we did it. Hey. Oh, So the researcher about to see is taken from approximately 250,000 campaigns that we've launched over the past three years and the reason I'm excited about bringing all this content together for you and just giving it to you is because the secret to figuring out what works is really a B testing. But as small business owners, you know, hustling to try and sell your product. You don't have time to set up a ton of from marketing campaigns and a B test all the time. So to give you an example of the information you are about to get in, how powerful it is those of you watching right now on average, in the live audience, In order to get what I'm about to present to you, you would have had to launch two since you were born to where you are today, About 400 Facebook campaigns every day to get to where we are and what you're about to get. You're about to learn this six elements every Facebook contest needs to convert, and the average conversion across the sample size that I'm gonna about to show you was over 17%. Now, conversion rate means of the 100 people that see this Facebook up on your Facebook page. On average, 17 of them chose to opt in, meaning that's a new email lead for you. Okay. Are you as excited about that. You want to go to the six elements? All right, here we go. So the first thing is, you want to build on your brand that you've already built. Many people forget about this. So you know, if you're watching right now and you're selling physical devices or goods, you're a lot like Wes who's in the audience, and he's selling IPhone gadgets. You probably built a great brand around selling those gadgets or selling your physical products, so you want to feature your logo in the upper left of the scream. That's the first to make sure use your brand awareness. Second, you need an extremely compelling incentive. Now, in many earlier segments, when we talked about how the launch of Facebook contest in an actual status update yesterday, we talked about how do we give away the right incentive? In fact, Angelina, remember we had a conversation. You're a photographer, you're an artist, and you were going. I want to run this, but I don't know what to give away, and we use some analogies like a sawdust to the sawmill or right figure out what the ketchup is to the hamburger and make the ketchup be the giveaway. But what we don't want to dio does anyone or just raise your hand? Do you remember what I said you do not want to do with your product? Valerie. What we say you do not want to give away your time for free. And if you're selling a physical product, Cindy, what did we say? Don't discount right? You don't want to discount for your physical products what you actually sell, because what happens is, you think creative mentality of your Facebook fan base that, let's say, for John, who's selling chocolate if they see John give away one of his chocolate bars discounted, Well, guess what? The next time they really want to buy, they're going to say, Oh, wait, Oh, wait, because he's probably gonna run a discount soon and I'll just go in when he discounts it. What's that mean for your revenue and right? You don't want to do that. What's a much better strategy is again if If Valerie, who we spoke with in the front row, has a coffee company and she's got old coffee inventory, she can't move, maybe issues. Is that coffee as the incentive? Because it's essentially a waste product or something. You're gonna throw away. Use that instead. So make a strong incentive here. The other thing I'll articulate is I don't want you guys to fall into this trap. We see a lot of folks and some of you watching may or may not be guilty of this. But you run an incentive and you can't figure out what to give away. So what do you dio? You default to what you think is sexy and popular. So give away an IPhone, right or an IPad or something like that. Here's what makes this so dangerous. It'll work. If you're optimizing for conversions, it'll work. You'll get a lot of people topped in. But guess what? You're going to spend all your time trying to work these leads. They're never gonna convert because they're contest junkies right there. Contest junkies. So I would rather you get a really strong incentive that's relevant to your brand and a lower conversion rate because those leads or higher quality You do that by making sure you pick a strong incentive. So those of you watching online right now, I want you to write down on a sheet of paper. What do you are on your notes? What do you think is a strong incentive? You could give away Leanne for offer vault, which, from what I understand you aggregate different affiliate offers. What kind of incentive might you give away to attract your ideal customers? That's what I'm trying to think of right now and spending my head a little bit. But I think, um, perhaps former products that we don't sell anymore but are still high value things that teach affiliates out of the market and how to do things like that. So give me an example of what that might be is. Are you talking about maybe an e book on E book or webinar course or something like that that we no longer sell but still has great information and high value to the target market? That's a great idea. So again, if you're likely and watching online right now and your B A B two b business thought leadership in the form of an e book is a great thing for you to give away because it doesn't cost you anything except time to make. Now let's go over to John again. Is running his own chocolate company. John for you. Let's brainstorm moral quick. What? What are you thinking? What would work as a good incentive? At the moment? I've got a one Kayla block of chocolate. One kilo pounds. Yes, it's about that big. That's what I feel like giving away, because it's big impact. You put that off posted that? Yeah. And they say, Oh, my God. One killer. Yeah. I mean, so you're that I obviously haven't given given birth to any Children, But I don't know what an average child ways is an average child way. About £2.2 in their born more or less, A bit more. Okay, what would work really? Well, for you to put in this image is maybe, like your chocolates chocolate bar and make it the chocolate bar in the aspect ratio. Make the chocolate bar B about 1/3 the size of like a baby right next to it. OK, right. Why? Because babies do really well, it's also funny. Want to maximize the fact this is a big freakin bar? So people want to talk about it, right? So think about how to strategically position your incentives to get maximum exposure like we just did with John, especially. You're watching online and you're selling or giving away physical goods, so get a strong incentive up there. The third thing you want to do is you want to make it really, really easy to enter. This is a large mistake. We stay on a lot of contests is when you look at it. You typically people ask the user or the viewer to do way too many things right? They want under, like, jump into circles. Click here, common Fairview. This play that look at minute three in this video bubble, you want to do one thing and you want optimize all the focus on that one thing. Now the one thing that our sample size in this research I'm presenting to you has focused on is capturing the emails. I want you guys watching online to know that these campaigns are optimized to capture email so you can double your list from Facebook. So again you want to make it easy to enter. Now, the thing is, when people look at that easy to enter concept, they're not going to do it unless you've created some urgency. What you see here on my screen, you want to put a countdown on your campaign that is located in the upper left of your screen. Now, those of you that are smart marketers or maybe photographers that no aspect ratios. You know that when people look at a web page, they're gonna look at it in the form of an F A capital letter F, meaning they're gonna look in the upper left segment, is at first read across and then go down and across a bit and didn't been down further. The reason it's critical that you create that urgency with the contest countdown is because we all know what's gonna happen, right This Facebook app, remember, it's living inside of Facebook. So what's gonna happen if you don't create urgency? Well, you've got notifications across the top, right? You've got ads all the way down this right side over here on the left. You've got navigation. You know, there's actually over 136 different links. Somebody could click when they're viewing your contest. Now, those of you that launched Web pages that were you trying capture leads. You know, people say you want to create a really strong bucket with no holes by asking for one thing. Well, because we're playing in the Facebook ecosystem. This bucket, you already at a disadvantage. It has a bunch of holes, right? If I'm close with LeAnn and this is John's Facebook page, and I'm viewing it, and I see Leanne messages me on Facebook, what am I gonna dio focus on John's brand? So I'm not really close with Orly. And I know I have a dinner meeting with tomorrow and her message. I'm gonna click that message, and then I'm lost. I'm lost. So what you want to do is put that countdown up there and what we've seen work best for this. Okay, what we've seen work best for this is a countdown. That's exactly seven days. Okay, that's exactly seven days now. The strategy that you see on my side, where you've seen 19 days, the reason we extended this one okay was because it was built around a specific holiday, right? So there was a definitive end point. The ratio that we recommend for you to run contests on your Facebook page is launching one every Monday, closing it down on each weekend launching each Monday, closing it down each weekend. Okay? And the reason is because each week when you launch this contest, there's actually a way that I will show you in a second to turn your Facebook fans into a marketing force for you. So all the new likes that you gain that week the next week. You don't want to launch your contest to capture them is new email leads, So you're constantly refreshing. Your marketing funnel just by not of heads is making sense. Yeah, okay, again. Want to get that count on? You want to put that right above that email? Opt in where we've made it really easy to enter. I want you to notice a few things about this. Okay, First, we've put notation right next to the enter email below called to Action. It says one and implies that's the first thing to Dio. It's as close to the upper left as we can get. And we've tested this positioning all over the page again. With 1/4 of a 1,000,000 Facebook tests on A B tests on these contests, we know the most optimal place to get that again, to optimize for emails captured is right there on the screen, about 1/3 or 2/3 down the left side of the page. So what I want to do is review exactly what we've learned so far. First, you wanna build on your brand awareness with your logo in the upper left second, you need to make sure you pick a strong incentive to get quality engagement on your contest. Third, you must create urgency with a countdown. Otherwise, guys, you're gonna lose your audience to notifications or ads or other distractions on Facebook and next. The fourth is you want to make it really easy to enter. Now you want to keep watching because I have two more things to point out, and then we're going to the how to. But first, you know, we're excited today to share with you that we've got someone in studio that not only does email marketing but actually works at one of the largest email marketing companies in the world being a Weber. In fact, A Weber's founder, Tom, was actually the creator of the auto responder, which is a staple of email marketing as it is today. Not only that, though, what I love about the guests were about to bring on stage is she is a small business gal. Let me tell you, she's launched her own businesses, right? She fights joining companies because she said she just goes out there and hustles. Her name is Lynette Young and guys, please help me in welcoming Miss Lonette to the stage. So good to see you again. So good to see a so Lynette, What did I miss? Tell a little bit. Give some people some more context about what you're focused on, what you're doing first as your personal brand and then it a Weber. You know, it's a funny thing having a personal brand because I find that even as a small business owner, you are still the face of your brand. So I suppose my brand is limit radio, right? That's what most people know me as. I think it's really important for small businesses specifically to get out in front of their audiences and get out and realize that as you're building your brand, you're selling your product to your services. But you're actually doing your potential customers a favor. If you have something that is incredible to offer to them. You owe it to your clients and prospective customers to offer them and to get your offer in front of them, because without it, they're probably going to hopefully not be doing business is well or not live without their IPhone gadget or whatever that. If you perceive yourself as providing the value to your customers, I think it makes it a little bit easier. Put your brand in front of people. Let me just ask Lynette when you were working with small businesses and they're building their email lists using a Weber, and there are using their Facebook pages to build their lists. What's a big mistake you see people make when they're trying to drive more opt ins to those lists? Well, first, I would like to say that I think social and specifically Facebook is the perfect way to capture eyeballs of potential customers to grow your list. But my opinion, when you're working on social, your goal is to get your specific offer in front of his many people is it might be applicable to right. There are many more people on face, but then there are in our email list. I can pretty much guarantee you that, but the narrower you go down to your email list, the more definitive I want you to speak to people, and this is where I see people kind of trip it up a bit. When you're used to talking on a social platform, you're talking a one. To many, you're talking as if you're in a room such as we are right now. When you go down to email, I want you to talk as if it was Nathan and I. When you have a conversation with someone, and that's where I see people lose it. The most in email marketing is they still think they're doing email blast. You don't want to blast a person. It isn't very fun. Don't last. People don't blast. People talk to them 1 to 1. I think that that's the biggest mistake that people make. Now. It is such great advice to. So before we talk to Angela in the front row, she's an artist and a photographer. We're going to talk about her email marketing. Let's go over to Chris. Chris, are we seeing any questions coming in about email marketing in general, be it a live chat? Yeah, we have a couple coming in. We had one that's been getting a lot of votes. It's It's a technical question, but maybe you could just clarify. Uh, this was originally post by every Avery Lane photography and seven other people voted on this. They just want to know, How do you require a like on the page before a person is allowed to post, for instance, if you're getting into a contest or something like that? So Avery Lane photography. That's a really great question. Facebook does not allow you to require somebody to like your page in orderto opt in or engage in a contest. Now, if you're wondering, wait a second. I saw somewhere that you could do that. That's because you used to be able to do that. But from this point moving forward, there is no way to require somebody clicks like in order to quote a c this campaign that we're building. Okay, now what I'm about to show you up here with Lynette is another way to still get the like from the contest without making it a requirement. That way, you'll still stay compliant for you and your photography company with Facebook Chris. Any other questions? We see. Yeah, we had another one here voted on by six people, and this viewer says I have an extensive mailing list to merge with Facebook. I currently use mail chimp for email promotions. Can I utilize my mail chimp list along with this Facebook ad strategy to have further reach? So, Lynette, you've got a lot of people in a Weber building. Big lists. Are you seeing any unique strategies about how they're using their lists tied back into their Facebook audience? I dio I have to give the disclaimer that I'm not an ad person. I am a content marketing person, so to me it's all about what you write and how you write it. But I see a lot of small businesses specifically, and we kind of always glaze over this. And I know we've talked about this so far about running ads is looking like audiences and taking your email list and pretty much loading them back up into eat into Facebook so that you can start retargeting the people that already know and love you and sign up to your list because just because they're on your list doesn't mean you're top of mind all the time. So I think it's a really good circular plan to take your list and to kind of feed it back into Facebook and then target advertisements. Just those people. The more you segment down, the more successful I feel that you be. So if you're watching online and you're curious about how to use Facebook ads, you want to go back and watch Last segment where we had a Facebook ads expert Justin, join us on stage. He mentioned using the power editor, and one of the critical things Justin Tot Lynette was exactly how to target those Facebook ads. The strategy Lynette just gave was, Once you've built an email list, you can actually up with that email list back into Facebook until Facebook toe on Lee Show your adds to your email list subscribers. So when that What does that mean for the effectiveness of our out dollars? Well, you're only showing its people that have already expressed an interest for one. The second that I would have to say, though, is that the more targeted you can get in breaking down your list, the more effective I feel that would be. If you have a list of 500 people, 1000 people, AH, 100,000 people, chances are all of those people don't subscribe to your list or participate and watch you and like you on Facebook for the same reasons. So the more that you can narrow them down in, the more specific you can get as far as targeting and create ads to go around that, based on you know, the personas of how you understand your email list to work, the more effective I think it will be. So let's go deep here before we go back to any live questions from the online audience toe Angelina Here in the front, Roche again she runs her own photography business. She's trying to sell Mawr of the photos she's taking. So if you're watching online right now and you're our still photographer, pay attention to Angelina's questions because she's just like you. So, Angelina, are you building your own email list? Currently, I haven't begun. No haven't begun. So first off, if people want to get started with a Weber Lynette, what's the easiest way for them to get started? A weather dot com Actually, that's a w e b e r dot com. You can get started. I believe it just a dollar to get started with your email marketing. Exactly. It's a dollar trial to start with, and you can get in, test out the platform, understand how it works. Our customer solutions team is really awesome to, so if you have questions, you can give him a call. So with that being said, let's talk about Angelina. What ideas are going through your head after seeing the first part of this segment? How would you? What incentive would you use to start building your email list? Um, I think that I would use an ad saying, Would you like the beautiful images on your news feed? That was a very good suggestion from earlier. The other would be to give away digital photographs before it's a contest. So maybe again in the upper right, your incentive might be a photo of that digital background. Maybe you're giving away the photo as a desktop background for the winners. Death stop. Great. So, Lynette, once people start capturing emails. So let's say Angelina has now set up her a Weber account. She has no subscribers yet she's gonna learn from this segment, and she's gonna launch her first contest on her Facebook page and she gets her first subscriber. First off, that's like celebration. Wait, what does she do that first? Subscriber? What? How should she use a weather or other email marketing tools to cater to that first subscriber? Well, I'm definitely believer of the auto responder, right for the follow up. Siri's so what I always suggest. And this is how does an auto responder work? So what an auto responder is is one. So it's sort of like an out of office message of heaven. Anyone has ever set that up. If someone sends you an email message, it's an automatic response to them. So what happens with an auto responder? And I love to set up what we call welcome messages. So as soon as someone subscribes and confirms into their list that they really want to be added, what happens is the A weather system, automatically, once you set it up, sends them a response email that you can set up anyway that you want. I'm a huge fan of putting a digital incentive in this list. So for this example, What I would do is I would probably give everyone that entered a free photograph, right? And the winner may get more, but everyone gets something for entering. So in your auto responder, thank you. Reaffirm to them why they're in the list. Tell them what you plan on doing with their lives because everyone's afraid of spam, Right? Because what is what we have on us? The most times we have our cell phones on us, we have a text messaging and email. Email is like the number one thing we do on our mobile devices. So for people to give their email addresses, they have to trust that you're going to give them the information that you said you would. So reaffirm that in your welcome message, attach your digital prize. You know, you could have a link to what are actually embedded in there. And then from there you can set up another Siris of auto responders based on a time frame or what have you. But I always like to give that welcome message, because if someone subscribes in a different time zone or you're not in front of your computer to automatically respond to those entries. The system does it for you, so it's being gracious. Can you personalize those auto response? Absolutely ours, George. Thank you, Yes, and it's been proven that if you personalize, especially in the subject line, that you'll have a better open ray and you'll have just a better interaction in general with the people that are subscribing to your less. Uh, so Angelina that first email you send out. Let's say you've you've got your email often here. Okay, this segment. When you click this toe, enter your email and set it up. You can select the email marketing provider that you use when you guys are all those of you again that have minimized the creativelive window. You want to open that backups, you can take a look at my desktop right now. You'll see on the right side we've got a Weber Constant contact mail chimp, and we also in html, tool for you to drop in the A male opt in a code for the provider that you use, but we're gonna stick with a weather for Angelina because it's just a dollar. To start, you'd click the A Weber logo and without having to write a line of code. Every email often goes right into your a Weber list. That way I don't know about you guys. I'm not a huge Microsoft fan, and I can't get through Excel if you paid me to do it. But we don't want to downloading CSB files right trying to re upload them and you know, timing and tagging in all this so that I go directly into your list and a great email to send out as an auto responder via a Weber. The subject line might say Thanks for entering toe Win a free digital background of X y Z Island. Right then, the content might say, I know you're just entered to win this image, but has just a thank you for opting it all. Here's a free image. Stay tuned and come back to our page in seven days to see if you want, so you're giving them something right away and keeping their interest with the without getting too scientific. This is the dopamine hit to the brain. You make them feel good. They're still getting addicted to you Now, John got it easy. He's got chocolate. May feed. Feed me for me for me and John. Got a question. How much chocolate Don't give away. Well, remember it for you, right? You have a hard cost to your uncle, Your product for Angelina. Just a quick photo photo. And there's a lot of us who have got that product. But in that same way, if you have a physical product and you're not necessarily wanting to give that away as part of the auto responder, think about recipes that you can do or ideas of how to package and gift the chocolate that you sell. You're giving away ideas for people to use with your product and not necessarily always your product itself. Was that helpful? John? Great. So let's take one or two more questions from a live audience before moving forward. Leanne, what are you thinking? So I just had a comment for Jonah. Something that came up in my mind when when you said that and I thought, Wow, he really can't, you know, send chocolate via email. But how about the experience? What if you send out a video of a little kid eating chocolate? I mean, I think that would be awesome, or John articulated that he's got photos or videos of him. And was it your son or somewhere way making the charge that we used to go pro in the factory and everyone throwing marshmallow around? Just That's great. So I want to be there right now, right? Great. So that's what you want to do. So let's go with one or one more question. Chris in the front row again, Chris, for those of you just joining, he just launched his own Facebook page after watching a Segments yesterday. If doing incredible, well, he's doubling his likes, almost our over our. So he's having a lot of success. Chris, what's your question? More of another comment for John as well on the same topic of you know that video with your Children. Uh, along with sending that an email you could say, you know, here's how to on how to temper chocolate in your home and show you and your kids doing it so people can. You can then be that thought leader in that field and people that want to come back not just to buy your chocolate, but see, oh, how do I make this week's chocolate creation so I could take him out of my caramel make. There you go. Okay? Yeah. And, you know, think about two other funny plays you can do on the chocolate. Like I would open every email sent to me if the subject line said how to eat £2 of chocolate without getting fat, right? And you open it. Yeah, right. You're right. Now, when you open it, you just say, like, make it funny, like don't actually try and say like you need chocolate without getting fat. That's like, Not possible. But be funny about it. People think you're cool and they'll see that marshmallows flying and you're building a brand, so don't lose sight of that. Is your building these campaigns? And again, it's a great thing to be thinking about. How do you take those people that have entered your brick and mortar location? If you're watching online and you're like John or you're like Valerie with your own coffee shop, you want to figure out those people coming into your store Those air high quality leave capture their emails, build the man and guess what? When they didn't leave your store and you launch a contest, you can email them letting them letting them know you've launched the contest to pull them back in to your brand and your experience.

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If you’re a small business owner or creative freelancer, everyone you know has declared that you “should” be using Facebook® to promote your work. (After all, with over a billion active users, at least a few should be interested in what you do.) But making a page for yourself and getting a few likes from friends won’t do your business any good.

Learning how to take full advantage of the remarkable marketing power of Facebook can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Facebook marketing pro Nathan Latka will show you how to use this powerful social media hub to attract customers, turn them into fans, and drive sales. Focusing on the concrete, practical skills you need to harness the full power of Facebook, this course will guide you through setting up, optimizing, and monetizing your company’s Facebook page. You’ll learn Facebook marketing tips about:

  • building your email list via Facebook
  • using Facebook to pitch, sell, and close
  • getting likes, shares, and comments
  • managing your Facebook page efficiently and effortlessly
  • and more!

Whether you’re looking for your first 100 likes or your first 10,000, this course will make Facebook your most powerful marketing tool.

Class Materials

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Post Planner Discount

How a Ski Resort Hit 30 percent Email Conversion Rate via Facebook®

How an Island Inn Captured 25 of its Facebook® Fans Emails

How Mixed Bag Designs Captured 582 Emails with a Facebook® Campaign

How To Craft the Perfect Facebook® Post

The Secret to Stunning Visual Content

What Do I Share on Social Media by Kim Garst

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Polina Orlova

Excellent course; watching in 2017, and it is still very relevant. Nathan is a wonderful speaker - he limits his slides to actionable tips & tricks and dives deep into the nitty gritty, using real-life examples and constantly referencing audience members and their businesses. I find this so helpful! The audience members have vastly different businesses, so their input is varied and valuable. To put it simply - Nathan doesn't simply reiterate the information on his slides, which is a personal pet peeve of mine. It is absolutely worth your time to sit down and listen to him - he is concise, doesn't water anything down, and he is constantly engaging in a dialogue with the audience. For such a time-consuming course, I believe it is important to get enough value for the time spent - Nathan definitely delivers! I see many reviews here accusing Nathan of self-promotion. I do not find that to be an issue. Yes, he references his business, and hats off to him - this in itself is a wonderful example of marketing. He is not over-bearing with his promo, keeping it relevant to the topics he talks about. I am taking a lot from this course, even though I have already attended quite a number of other workshops and have read tons of literature on the topic. Check it out!


Nathan's teaching style is engaging, entertaining and extremely informative. This class is jam-packed with really useful, actionable steps and suggestions. Not to mention Nathan's introduction of some fantastic new technology that really knocked my socks off! Thanks you Nathan Latka and CL Team. REALLY impressive stuff!

a Creativelive Student

This program is fantastic. I've only watched the first two videos and, with the changes I've made to my Facebook page and profile, feel like I've already received my money's worth. Thank you!