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Why Use Facebook for Small Business?

Lesson 1 from: Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Nathan Latka

Why Use Facebook for Small Business?

Lesson 1 from: Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Nathan Latka

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Lesson Info

1. Why Use Facebook for Small Business?

Lesson Info

Why Use Facebook for Small Business?

Well, guys, I am excited to be here today. You know, we've got people joining us like Ana, who is starting her own social media consulting company. Michael, who's another audience member, was one of her first clients. We've got people here selling IPhones on Facebook. We've got 19 year olds that are just starting their business on Facebook. They're doing skateboarding. He's going to stay in school, though. We're good. Right? So, guys, today is gonna be a lot of fun. We're gonna go over everything you need to know to successfully start, grow and sell using your Facebook fan pages. Are you guys excited to be here? David, You're excited. All right. So, guys, Chris did a fantastic introduction about myself, and I'm gonna get through this part fairly quickly, but this is me. This is my This is my like, you know, Jonas brothers boy band pose here. Um, I wanting her job, you guys to stay super active, including audience members, you know, get active on Facebook on Twitter are hashtag we're us...

ing is gonna be FB for S m B. You know, if I trip and fall, take that embarrassing photo and get it out there for the live audience to see, uh, at hay on at Nathan Lack along with at creativelive. You can use as well. Not only will Chris, the host you just met be in there monitoring the comments. We've also got Christina, Chris and Alex from the HEO team monitoring that stream as well. So we're really excited to be here with you guys today. Now, here's a little bit about me. Any of you guys. Any of you guys see me in that mug shot? Do you remember that picture? You were there, Leanne, right. Okay. Where? I remember what I waas think. Your dorm room. Dorm room. So this is it this disproved anybody can do face or right? This was four years ago. I was studying architecture and business finance at Virginia Tech, and I quickly learned that nobody was hiring architects and had to figure out how to sell something online. So I turned to Facebook, and this was, you know, no sexy video cameras, no makeup, people, barely any clothes and a backwards hat talking on my Facebook page about how other folks like Valerie who outshone coffee brand can use Facebook to grow your business. After that, a publishing company reached out to me and asked to publish him this content in their book. It wanted to become a bestseller, and after that happened, things really took off. So I ended up speaking in Art Gallery here in New York at Social Media Week. I talked about the importance of small business owners, and we've got a lot in the audience today. Like we've got David with defined wines just hustling down a Napa Valley, right? We've got David, who's selling IPhone cases on Facebook as well. We've got Valerie, who runs her own. It's really coffee shop plus distribution network, right? So she's creating jobs for our economy, and this is really the opportunity that Facebook has for all of us. So I'm excited to be here in this room with you guys today. That stage is where I was speaking with four presidents, about the importance of small business growth and how Facebook was empowering. Ah, lot of that growth. Shortly after that, we had a Forbes billionaire decide to put $2 million into the company to help us continuing to serve folks like Giselle and everyone else who is looking to build a brand and a business on Facebook and throw this entire time period, we've been featured on countless different blog's. So, you know, I know a little bit. I'm showing on expert, but I'm excited to be here with you guys today. So here's where you gonna learn over the segment today. First, I want to walk through exactly how you guys can set up your Facebook page in under 30 seconds. So somebody joining us like Chris, right? Who's thinking about launched soon? Skateboarding brand. This is the second That's great for you. If you don't already have your Facebook page set up. Now there's several tricks that you need to know about. When you originally set up your page that many of you watching online may actually miss. You're gonna want to pay careful attention to that. After that, Will Gettinto optimizing your content to get your 1st 1000 likes will then talk about driving engagement right? Much like Anna does for a lot of her clients cause on a social media consultant. And lastly, how have you guys have used Facebook insights before our dabbled around in a little bit, we'll walk through some of the tricks and Facebook inside that you guys can use to get into the brains of your viewers and optimize your content for them. So let's get into the first segment, which is how to set up your Facebook page in under 30 seconds, making sure you do what you need to do to have it be optimized. Let me ask you guys real quick just in the live audience. How many of you guys by a show of hands already have a Facebook fan page set up? Okay, great. So the one that will focus on would be Chris, So no pressure. But I imagine a lot of people joining online right now who are a lot like Chris, an entrepreneur whose bright and young is a hustler, and he wants to figure out how to get set up, how to get going. And Facebook is a great way to do that. What we're going to do first is go through specific strategies that you need to know will then move into a how to section where also some screenshots from my desktop, and you'll learn exactly actually how to do it. You know the new degree, the buttons to click where your mouth should be, how you should optimize the page. And lastly, we'll do questions and potentially have a hot seat. We'll invite one of you guys on stage and we'll talk about your own fan page. Optimization is, that's on good guys, Michael. You feeling it? All right, brother. Good. All right. So, first, a lot of people get confused with this simple point, and it's actually a big point. You want to make sure that when you set up your Facebook page, you set up a Facebook page and not a Facebook profile. There are two very different things. If you're watching right now, I'll tell you some people who typically do it relisted agents mess this up all the time. Photographers sometimes mess this up. A Facebook profile will look like what you see on my screen right now. You'll notice that it has friends, right? You don't see likes you See, this is Nathan's personal Facebook page Timeline about photos and friends. This is how you know it's your personal profile. That's not correct. Okay, what you want to set up is a Facebook page. Now my profile and my page are named the exact same thing, so it makes it a little more difficult to communicate. But there's one thing you gotta look out where you'll immediately understand. If you've got a profile or page set up and that's right here, you'll see where it says likes. So if you are have likes on your Facebook presence instead of friends, you know that you've got the profile set up, OK, so make sure you guys do. And if you're give your watching right now and you're going, Oh, my gosh, it's like we're five minutes into this thing and I've already got a like switch, everything. It's really easy to do. I promise we'll be good to go, so make sure you get that profile set up, not a Facebook page. The reason you want to get a profile instead of a Facebook pages there several reasons. The first is you want to make sure they have access to Facebook insights, which we'll talk about a little bit later. This is like your guide to your audience. It teaches you how to speak directly to your audience. Secondly, on Facebook pages, you have the ability to sponsor and promote your content and use Facebook's advertising platform. We'll talk about that a little bit later as well. When Josh A Justin, joins us live on stage. Additionally, you can promote post outside of sponsored stories. All of this is doable through a page, not a personal profile. Giselle Makes sense. Were good. Okay, good. So the first thing you want to do when you're setting up your page is make sure you set up the right category. Now, those of you that are advanced marketers watching this, you may look at this and go, This is really basic. I get this, I wanna let you in A little prediction I have. I sat on Facebook's recent earnings call, and Mark talked in depth about what the future of Facebook looks like over the next three years. Over the next five years and most importantly, over the next 10 years and in the 3 to 5 year window mark, talk specifically about something called graph Search. Many of you guys may use graph search organically right now. Maybe when you wanna, you know, find your friends photos from last night or whatever it is. But graph search. Mark and Facebook will be positioning to be a dominant force not only against Google search, but against being search and other search engines. In fact, if you're watching right now and you type in on your mobile device a search live audience, you can feel free to do this as well. You'll see it actually has your search history, right? This is actually a new feature. It was just released. So what you see is you see the last friends you visited the last fan pages you went to the last places you checked in. It's really like a real time search engine and you're gonna see this continue. The reason getting your Facebook page category set up properly is because, just like in Google, when you set up a page and you want to optimize the header and everything else to make sure you rank properly, this setting up the category is essentially Facebook's version of making sure they rank you properly. Makes sense. So you want to make sure in this case we've got a restaurant in San Francisco. If you just opened up a restaurant and you're in San Francisco and you say restaurants, but you actually hit San Antonio and someone fires to San Francisco tomorrow and says, restaurants my friends have been to in San Francisco you have no chance of showing up because you got the wrong category, right? And the category includes things like location, place, what you do as a business as well. And I'll walk you through the steps to make sure you select the right category here in a second. There's over 200 categories you could potentially pick from. Next is you want to make sure you set up and choose your optimized. Your also. David, you are currently using your Facebook page to sell IPhone and IPhone accessories. Is that accurate? Okay, what is your Facebook page? You are. Oh, it's OK. So it's facebook dot com ford slash gizmo guy. I believe it is. I think we hope it is right, because you have a lot of right. Okay, great. Good. I'm gonna What is yours are Hendrix on our hundreds rate, your salary of one set up positive images. Photography, facebook dot com, ford slash Positive images photography. Great. And I wish you guys could see Giselle right now. It's like she's beaming energy to me. So go check out her Facebook page. I'm sure it's great. If you don't have a Facebook page you or else set up. You probably have something like facebook dot com. Ford slash 135762 Question mark exclamation point hashtag underscore something. It's really difficult to market. So by setting up this u R l and you can see I've done it from my personal Facebook page, it allows you to quickly just like Giselle in on it'd and David market your Facebook page by saying, Hey, guys, check me out right now by going to facebook dot com ford slash Nathan w. Latka or define wines or on a Hendrix consulting or whatever your U R l is the next thing that you want to make sure you do in a lot of people. Mess this up a swell. Make sure you create a great avatar and those of you watching right now online. I bet many of you are guilty of this. You want to make sure you've got an up to date and accurate profile picture, right? All the guys are smiling because, you know, I'm talking about those people that have, like, 20 year old pictures, you meet them in person. You go. What? Uh, right. None of you guys were like that when I met you this morning, though. So we you guys all have great updates, but keep it updated. Okay? Another good thing about this is Facebook's ad drank program. Okay. Facebook's ad drink program. If you're watching online and on, you don't know what that is. Stay tuned. We'll get into it in a second. But at a high level ed drink is what Facebook uses to determine what content to show in Facebook users news feeds. And so if you don't optimize for Ed drink your content won't be seen by anyone. What many people don't realize is that when you update your Facebook profile picture or you update your cover photo, Facebook gives a natural boost in Ed Drink to those kinds of updates over, say, a generic status update. In fact, our you're shaking your head. Have you updated your picture in the past? And it got a ton of likes and comments? Yes, more so than maybe a regular status update. Yes, definitely. And when was the last time you updated your profile, Sean? Three weeks ago. Okay. And this was for you. Update it three weeks ago. And this was for the coffee shop. Rice. Great. Yes. So good. So people that do a great job of this if you want to check them out at Mari Smith, Thomas Hawk and Rebecca gratis, I'll do a great job. If you're a personal brand, You want to make sure that you've got a great light from the front and with the phones that are out there right now, you guys should very be able to do this very easily, if very easily. And if you're like Michael and you have your own GoPro stick, just stick to stick out there, man. Just take the shot and just let it rain, right? I love it. I would use it. Selfies right. Okay. So makes you get a great avatar. Now, before I move forward. Chris, are you seeing anything on your own? Anyone have any questions about getting the u R l or the Avatar? Yeah, well, we have some people who had questions all over the board, but some of these might be good to touch on. Now. We have some people who are curious about the business page versus the profile. So we have a question here from L s J Portfolio. Who says Hi, Nathan. I want to start a business page, but I heard about situations where Facebook closed some accounts. Are there any rules when you sign up for a business page versus a fan page or a profile? So l s J Studios. That's a was it L s J J portfolio. LSD Apropos. That's a great question for the rest of you watching online again. It's important Facebook will shut down personal profile pages that are doing business. Okay, So if you have a personal profile page to say you're a photographer or your real estate agent or professional services and you right now on your personal profile post links that say, you know, by the false special here or by some special here, you can't be using your personal pages for that. Now they're gonna catch everyone. Probably not. But to be on the safe side, you should absolutely be setting up a Facebook fan page. So thanks for that question, Chris. Are we getting anything else? Yeah, We have another one here. Casio Pia wants to know. How can you make sure that your ideal clients are actually on Facebook versus other social media. Great questions Ocasio, P. A and others watching online in the chat really understand right now. And this was based off Facebook's last earning call. Earnings call. There is 1.35 billion people can feel free to tweet this out 1.35 billion people logging on to Facebook every single month. So if we take that into consideration of the studio audience right now, if you represented the entire world population right and there's about 14 of you, four of you guys is logging on to Facebook every month, and on average, your average log in lasts about minutes. Okay, lasted about 40 minutes. Another concept that's important when you're thinking about is your ideal client on Facebook. Cassie is 406 million. Of the 1.35 billion people that are logging on each month. Are Onley logging on via finish the sentence, A mobile device. 33% of people not desktop and mobile there Onley logging on via mobile. We'll talk about how you can get mobile optimization done here and a little bit as well now eso again because of how spans of Facebook's reach is. And some of Facebook's 10 year goals include connecting the world. Cassie, If you're if you are convinced your audience isn't on Facebook right now, you should get ahead of the curve because if Facebook reaches its goal, everyone will be on Facebook. And there's billions of dollars going into getting everybody on Facebook. So get your page set up now and be proactive. Anything else? Chris, let's do one more before we move on. This one comes from a Clipper heart. Who says, How do I keep my business friends separate from my personal friends? I don't want my business clients to have access to my private Facebook page. How many of you guys have had this problem or thought about it? Right, Anna, tell me. Tell me a story about when you had a business mixed with a personal, the funny or the better. I don't know if I have a funny one. I just know that definitely when bringing on clients and their adding me as an admin on their page that often they'll try and friend me, and it's like, No, let's keep this separate Yes. Oh, you guys watching right now might be wondering the same thing If I'm doing business and have a Facebook page and one of my clients friends me. Do I accept the front request? Right. Uh, Valerie, you probably do the same thing. Maybe people that come into your coffee shop that get to know you. And you would I prefer to keep that a business relationship. How do you handle that? Well, I always direct everybody to our business page. I almost never give out my personal Facebook page to anybody because I wanted to keep the everything very separate. Yeah. Yeah. So, yeah. You don't want those pictures about when we're all hanging out tonight having a fun time celebrating the course You like having too much fun of us Don't want your business. People say I also use the private setting. So nobody confined my personal page. Great. Very loose, because everybody's always looking at me from a business perspective. So guys value just brought up a great point on your personal page. You can access your privacy settings and make sure you prevent people who are you're not connected with from seeing your personal content

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