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Easily Sell on Facebook

Lesson 18 from: Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Nathan Latka

Easily Sell on Facebook

Lesson 18 from: Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Nathan Latka

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Lesson Info

18. Easily Sell on Facebook

Lesson Info

Easily Sell on Facebook

Well, guys, you know, we've had a great day so far. We focused on exactly how to use Facebook ads with Justin Brooke, who he really is good at Facebook ads isn't a amazing content. Wish you had more time with him. Yeah. So you want to go back and re watch that segment If you want to learn how to spend a dollar on Facebook ads and still get incredible results again with a very limited ad spend. Now, what we're gonna focus on today is exactly how to take your Facebook fan page and convert your Facebook fans into new paying customers. That's our goal. But before we do that, I want to touch base of some of our audience members here because they are executing Ah, lot like Michael Jones. That tweeted just several hours ago. You're executing The strategy is you're seeing you're getting results. I see. Marlene Adams was on Twitter at lunch. She's a photographer based in Dallas, Texas. She's implementing these strategies, and she's already up over 15 likes now our own audience. We've got Chris ...

in the audience that launched his Facebook page brand New after yesterday's segments and Chris last time you shared with us that you were up to about 55 likes How we doing now? Where we at? I'm currently at 97 legs. So, Chris, tell me, Tell me what's working. How are you getting likes Right now? It's mostly through sending out invites to my current friends lists. Cold, Hard hustle, right? Yes. And then I use the most successful pictures from my current Facebook profile, and those are the ones that I'm plugging in to my page. I don't have to go out and get new content. Already have weeks of content on my Facebook page, and I see Lynn and other audience members are writing that down. Yeah, I use some of your Facebook personal profile images that they've done well. Go ahead and uses on your Facebook page to get started. Now, speaking about getting started, we had Angeline over lunch, actually took the plunge. You launched your Facebook page, right? She's a photographer. Cells, images of islands and island photography. Angelina, you just launch literally several minutes ago. How are we doing so far? Six. Like we got six like Fantastic. Walk us through it. How are you getting it when I did it the exact same way invited my friends list, used the people I already know on face. So a post on your maybe personal profile to get those 1st 6 people. And then we talked about in the last segment how you use that first person we used. Paula's an example to then take that first person. They invite five people and it starts to spread, and we're seeing some of those tactics play out perfectly on pages that have just launched, like Chris and like Angelina's Page. So let's move forward in today's content, and I want to get in again specifically to social selling. But I want to know that you guys really want this content that you're focused in on your creative life screen right now. If you've minimized me, I'm offended. Open me back up. Go to hail dot com. Ford's Last check in. That's your way of letting me know that you're here. You ready to learn? And specifically you want to take fans and convert them into paying customers? My goal is by the end of this segment, if you watch the entire segment that you'll be able to say, I know when I get a new Facebook like it's worth at least $3.50 for my business. I want you able to make that kind of correlation because it validates all the hard work you're doing to get your likes. Makes sense. Okay, let's move forward into the strategies. First, there's a bunch of different ways that you can sell on social. Now the first strategy we're gonna go over is a very simplistic but a highly effective one if you're getting exposure on your updates or like in last segment. We spoke with John, who's from Australia. He makes chocolate. He gave me this chocolate over lunch. Let me tell you, it's delicious in melt in your Mouth by doing good. Keep on your high, but he sells own chocolate. So let's say John now has how many fan pages 204,200 likes. Let's say he feels like he's built a good relationship with those 2200 likes. The holidays are maybe coming up, or some other event is coming up that you want to take advantage of Christmas Or or maybe, you know, Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day Mother's Day, Whatever it is, right. Well, what you can do is use a status update with a link to the check out page. And I've got these folks over here giggling. Sue? What? What? What are we hearing? You guys have another idea. We love this idea. You love this status link. Okay, great. Well, let's dig into it. Here's how it works. This is specifically for a T shirt company. Okay. I saw Johnny England on Twitter again. You're selling your own clothing line. You've got pants, you've got shirts. And I want to tell you specifically how you can use this strategy to drive more sales of those T shirts. Here's what you dio. First off, you want to feature your product in images. That's the first thing Attach that to the status update. Additionally, Valerie, when you look at this status update, do you see anything unique about the 1st characters? Yeah, it's It's very detailed. Very call to action. Do you guys remember an earlier segment where we talked about the partnership strategy with other pages and tagging them? What this brand has done is they've tagged another brand w life bar Bell Club because these shirts are for the barbell club, right? So now the WD life right becomes more likely to come back in and re share this. In fact, this was actually the rea share on the W DEA w o d life Facebook page, right? It's a great way to get additional exposure. Now we're gonna continue down the page. Okay? What they've done a great job of is featuring exactly what the thing is for sale. You have to keep in mind if you're asking for a sale in this format, you've got also get enough information in that status update. So people feel comfortable with buying that product and they actually know what they're buying. So do that. Make sure that the price points included because, remember, want to set the correct expectations. So they said 30 bucks and then they've put in a link came They have used a cool tool that you guys watching online can also use. Called bitterly bitterly. It's B I t dot l y allows you to put a Lincoln, they'll spend out a short link for you, and you can use that link to market your products in a status update and also track results. Now, I appreciate all of you guys tuning and right to being in the segment, so I'm gonna give you a little something something I wasn't planning on. If you guys take you see a competitor, er, use a bit Lee Link. You can actually copy that bit Lee Link. Put a plus on the end of it, and it will show you the analytics for that bit. Lee Link. So, for example, we talked to Lonette in last segment about email marketing. A lot of times when people doing email marketing blast, they'll use a bit Lee link. Some, like competitors, do that. I always enjoy copying that link, putting a plus on it and seeing or other traffics coming from seeing where and when they got clicks from understanding how big their email list is. In fact, that's a strategy that I use. If I wanted to post a status update for sale and then I wanted to find partners to email market may be back to that status update. If I know that when you know I'm gonna make well, Ana, right? So Ana, who's a social media consultant who's joining us in the audience. He's a lot like you guys watching online, who might be freelancers who are looking to build a business on social media. Let's say, Honest sent out an email blast and I was on her list and I want her to promote my product and she used a bit Lee Link. I can copy the Billy Link, and I know that ANA has the ability to drive 2 to 3000 clicks with one email send becomes valuable, doesn't it? Right? I then now want to make sure I continue understanding what's working Frana build the relationship because you understand the kind of traffic that folks can drive. It's kind of a cool way to figure out where cliques are coming from Now, after you do that, you're gonna take them okay again. You want your photos in there and you're gonna get the direct call to action, and then you want to take them directly to your check out page. Now this is on their website. If you watch until the end of the segment, you're going to see how you can execute this same strategy without asking your fans to leave Facebook right? Because you know, think about it. Like all of us, we much prefer to be in our house and our pajamas hanging out be introduced to something like there. And we're more or more likely to agree to something. If we're in a place where comfortable? Well, whether you like it or not, people love the Hexi Decimal code. 165135 which is the Facebook Hexi decimal light blue background there, naturally comfortable in that environment, And the second you shocked them out of that environment, your sales potentially decline. So, John, when we dug deep into an example in Justin's segment about ads, you had mentioned that you ran an ad you spent $10. You got 10,000 views on that RCB 30,000 views on that update. 3000 clicks on it, which is amazing that the 10% click through rate. But you said that your conversion rate fell off when they landed on the chocolate bar page. Right? Well, that's because you're going to see an example in a second. If you can actually sell that chocolate bar inside of Facebook, you'll see, can your conversion rate increase because your fans are more comfortable in Facebook. Now, if for whatever reason, your product does need to exist on your website and you leverage this strategy, a great tool to use is the folks over at Shopify, and you can use that by going to hail dot com ford slash Shopify. What Shopify does is it allows you to upload your product, whether it's physical or digital. Put it on your website using a plug in, and then you can manage all your inventory or your goods and services your imagery there and drive people there to make that purchase. Okay, the second strategy I want to focus in on is exactly how Teoh get the architecture of that status update Correct. And before I get into the architecture, I want to make sure the online audience clearly understands exactly how to put a link to a product you're selling in a status update and then sell it by getting traffic back through to your website. Lets go back into Let's go toe Giselle. So Giselle is also like Angeline. She is selling portrait's and photography Angelina. Excuse me, Giselle. Specifically, you're actually taking the photos and then selling those that service that photo shoot back to end customers that correct. And you want to make sure you grab the microphone there as well. Great. So what What are what is a product? Do you currently use a product to sell or plug in to sell directly on your website? No. Okay. To in person sales you do in person sales. So you and I meet you. Say, Nathan, Here's what I actually you tell me. Where do you find your customers? Currently? Mostly they are word of mouth referrals from, you know, existing clients. Okay, so you take a picture of me and my family and you say, Nathan, if you like those portrait came out, is there anybody else that you would recommend for my services? And you get referrals that way? Actually, I'm guilty of not often asking for the reef. Oh, you remember that tweet we said earlier? You're not gonna get what you don't ask for. You guys gotta ask for whether it's a liking, a status update or referral. But how your business is doing well. So this is all just upside. He implement a few these things and it's extra revenue. Anyone? That is anyone. That's watching right now where you are selling digital products. Maybe you're a photographer or an artist or freelancer selling segments of your time. Shopify is a great tool to use to quickly get those products up on your website. Now to get the architectural, and this is what I want. You guys take a picture of it or a desktop screen shot. If you're watching online, feel free to tweet this out, especially if you're a social consultant working with other customers. Because this is the architecture that works for optimizing the amount of clicks you get from the status update back through into your website sales page and that architecture is as follows. You want to use a large product image, okay and the width of a product image inside of Facebook. News feed is just over 410 pixels, so you want to make sure you optimize for that amount of space and then, additionally, you want to make sure you get your direct call to action plus a link, and lastly, make sure the check out page is a simple one. Now, Several segments ago, when we talked about how to get your first engagement on your Facebook page. We had Josh Parkinson on stage, who talked about Facebook at drink and how to make it work, and we were blessed. Have a guest join us on stage in Kim guards to as a top social media influence or top 20 social media influencer by Forbes. She is truly a rock star, and she really understands how to create this optimized image or product image inside of Facebook. So let's go to Kimbrel Quick and Kim break it down. You said You have an interesting content mix. You do about 80% of content, 20% of you know, click here to read my blawg or purchase any book. When you do craft that imaged for someone to click toe by. How do you think about making the image just right? Well, there's components. I think Teoh get people to take action. I think you always have to have your call to action on your graphic. You know if you want him to click or you want them to buy or, you know whatever it is, I think it's important to include that on your graphic. Colors are also important. Blue and grains convert higher then blue works well for you Very well. And obviously purple and orange are my brand colors. But blue, when it comes to sales absolutely works better than some of the other colors. So colors air are important. And you have to tell people what you want them to dio not just what you want them to do, What is what you're selling? I mean, if you're selling something very specific, make sure your graphic includes what that is or picture it if you can picture it that goes like an e book. For example, if you include any book and an actual photo of the E book not, um not just say what the name of the book is, but actually make it a graphic and a component of the graphic. You're going to convert much higher than if you just leave it all for just use the title of the book. That's great. And if you guys want to get deeper into the mind of how Kim Garst again a Forbes top 20 of social media influence or does sales on our Facebook page, you want to keep watching this segment, we're gonna have her on stage in a bit to break down the strategy. Okay, let's move for now. And I want you guys to understand We talked about at the beginning of a segment. I want you to be able to say that every new Facebook fan is worth X amount of money for you, but you need all And the reason I say that is because of this. It's because of this, if you minimize the creativelive screen, you're not going to see this. So focus back now. And on this quote, you really are wasting time on Facebook if you don't understand how to drive sales notice. I didn't say you're wasting time on Facebook if you're not constantly asking for this sale, but you need to understand how you're 80% of content leads to the 20% of content where you're asking for the sale, and that needs to be part of your overall marketing strategy. A lot of people miss this. I'd encourage you to take a screenshot of this and shared out on Twitter using hashtag f B for SMB. And while you do that, we're gonna go to some of the online questions now. Chris, what are people asking when it comes to the architecture of a successful selling status update. Well, we had some people who needed clarification on something you mentioned a second ago. You were talking about how people feel comfortable with the Facebook interface with that color, and you want to keep people on that page. Now how do you keep those sales inside Facebook? We have a couple of people who are curious about that. Margie and a few others who voted curious how to allow my clients to book sessions with them without having to leave the confines of Facebook. Well, Margie, thanks for being active in the chat. And what I want to tell you is the easiest way to sell directly inside of Facebook will be revealed here in about five minutes. So we'll get to that in a second. I'll show you had a make the whole conversion happen inside of Facebook Page. But before you move forward to that Chris, I want to make sure no one's getting lost. What else are we hearing online? Well, people just have some similar questions that I think you may be touching on it. We also had Tiger who wanted to know Well, if you're doing this method of selling, does that mean that you don't have to have a website for people to buy your product going directly through Facebook? Tiger? What I would tell you is that Facebook's a critical piece of your content marketing mix. Regardless, however, we have Lynette on last segment talking about the importance of your email marketing list, which is an asset that you own. You will never own your Facebook page outright. You'll never own your Twitter profile or your Instagram page or your linked in page. You'll always own your website. In fact, we're gonna have somebody join us on stage in the next segment who has built her website over the past 12 years after adopting to kids and having no other choice. She's gonna walk you through exactly how she's used her website as a core asset, but still uses Facebook and other social media channels as traffic sources and lead gen for her products on our website. So you absolutely need both All right, we'll do one more here from J. Who wants to notice Facebook penalize you for having links that go off of Facebook and out of their ecosystem. Guys, what I would ask you if you're watching online and live studio audience as well. What do think Facebook's gonna want? Do you do they want tohave you driving traffic outside of the Facebook ecosystem? Heck no, right. They want you keeping traffic in the Facebook ecosystem. So this is also true with ads. We've run case studies, and typically, if you're running a Facebook ad linking them to something inside of Facebook like a Facebook app or a contest, you're gonna get cheaper cost per clicks and see PM's. And if you don't know what, see PM's are you want to go back and watch the segment with Justin on Facebook ads. So Facebook doesn't necessarily penalize you in terms of organic traffic leaving Facebook. However, the more time your fans are spending in an on your Facebook page, the higher their affinity is with us the brand. And if you have higher affinity, what does that mean? You're gonna Your updates will show higher in their news feeds, and that's really what you want. Chris, what else are we hearing? You know, I think that we're good to carry on here as you get through this I think a lot of these questions you're gonna touch on. So we'll hold off on these and continue with the content. Great. It sounds a lot of people are really interested on how to use Facebook to sell inside of Facebook. So let's dive deeper into that and going toe had again use a status update with a link directly to a Facebook app. So we just went over assed acetate linking to a website to make the sale. Now we're gonna go into how to use this status update link directly to the product inside a Facebook page, and I'm gonna use this example K So we've got Lillian's here of Dickinson, and what you can see is there selling these sweater, Pancho, this black, white and red sweater pond show. And what they've done is they've again articulated what the product is, and then they've included the link, which is the call to action in that status update. But what they've done is they've actually linked directly through with the call to action plus link directly through to this application, which is actually an app inside of their Facebook page. Again, if you're watching online via desktop right now. Look closely at this slider. You're gonna miss this. You notice how there's still the Facebook bar there across the top, and inside of it, there's additional content. I want you to understand that is, by a company called Shop Tab Shop tab dot com, which allows you tow, launch a Facebook tab inside of your Facebook page and upload and sell products. So if you're like Chris and you're selling your own skateboarding parts or or you built a new product or a new product line, Chris, you can use shop tab to install us to your Facebook page to cater to the 96 fans that you've already gotten. And you can upload your inventory directly via shop tab to show in this app on Facebook. Now, this is great if you're watching online and you're a retailer and you have things like small, medium and large needs for each sale. If you're selling shirts, or maybe if you're John and you're selling a product like chocolate bars that come in to £2 sizes right to £2.2 right or little ones where you basically have you inventory volatility right? There's different kinds of inventory. John Shop time makes it really easy to manage all those products right inside of your tab. Now here's the warning I'll give you shop Top is a great tool to do this, but you don't want to upload all your inventory inside of Facebook because there are certain products that do better inside of Facebook relative toe. Others my recommendation, and it's by no means a blanket recommendation. But I highly recommend you follow this path is stick to products that cost less than $50. Those are generally mawr closer to what I call impulse buys that people are comfortable doing inside of Facebook vs if you're selling. You know, if your online you're a freelancer in your selling $1000 a month consulting course, you're gonna need a bigger sales page for that on your website, where you didn't sell it at the bottom and maybe use an update toe link to the website using the first strategy that we taught So John for you and your chocolate company. What's one of what are one or two products you might feature in your Facebook apple to sell were known for what we call the chocolate freckles. And that was one of the question I was gonna ask you. I mean, seriously, we've got 500 products we make. So how'd oh, I whittle it down to putting what, 10 products on there. So I pick the best products that I have in my retail store. Would I do that? Would you recommend that? Or so My my instinct would tell me if you guys are watching right now in your like John and you have a retail store. Certainly. Look at what's selling best in the retail store and double down on what's working right. Put that in the Facebook store as well as you can start selling globally. And then would I then add my Selve launched my caramel koalas in a pack of 10 which is $10. What I add that to, even though I'm not selling it in my retail store to see if I could get more exposure that way. Well, let me just share with you guys. No one's gonna organically and naturally find this Facebook tab on your page. You're gonna have to actually work to put a status update live with a good image to drive traffic to it. Very, if you will naturally find this. So you want to focus about the products you're putting on this tab in a very intent driven way, Right? Member? In the first segment of this course yesterday, we talked about that content counter at 9 a.m. Noon and 3 p.m. With images, photos and links. You want to actually, if you add a product strategically build into those segments where you're gonna market and get traffic to this tab for that product again, Which is why I don't recommend you upload a bunch of stuff all at once. The other thing I like to share. And you know, I don't have kids yet, but if this course goes well, maybe I will wait. You know, if your kids ask you, you know, Mom, Dad, I love some. I need strawberry jelly for my sandwich tomorrow at lunch. Right? And you go to the supermarket, right? And you look at the shelf and you see strawberry jelly, blackberry jelly and peach jelly. Okay. You know they want trouble. You're going up strawberry jelly, right? Well, if you know your kid wants strawberry jelly, you drive to the local supermarket. You show up and they've got chunky strawberry jelly, slightly chunky. More strawberries, Strawberry seed strawberry jelly. You at? What happens? You Actually, I'm not making a decision at all. Are you going? I'm gonna buy anything that I don't know my kid wants, right? So, actually, by really focusing on the product set you offer, it helps people quickly and officially make decisions. So if I was gonna make a recommendation about the five approx you featured on your Facebook page, I would say make them is different as possible. Don't make it strawberry. Chunky and strawberry, not chunky. Make it Strawberry and peanut butter or strawberry and blackberry. Very different. Very clear. Guises out. Ring a bell that make it easy. Now, Carrie, Carrie is gonna be joining us onstage in a bit. And she's giving me, like, fantastic looks from the audience. So she's either got either. I messed up somewhere. She's got a great piece of advice. Carry. What do you think it? Sorry. It's the business coaching me. My advice would be if you're just picking 53 or five. Pick your top seller. Pick something seasonal pick. Maybe something your beta testing that you, maybe you're gonna put in the store. And then maybe the two things that you have the highest margin or highest share ability on so margin rules, right? So if you have the highest margin on it than absolutely put it in there if it has high share ability, So I would take piggyback like with news if if Hello, Kitty just makes an announcement that she's what She's not a cat then and you have something in that line in your store than Heck, yeah, that's what I would put in there. I tweet about it. I drive people to it. And then what? You want the Facebook page to become a little bit? I faith is Hey, we can get stuff there that we can't necessarily get at the rial store. You know, we've seen lot to retailers, and I won't name drop all their names. But we've seen to retailers to a great job with limited run things that's driven specifically from Facebook and carry your specifically referencing maybe a limited amount, or you have to buy before X date because of a crowning event, right? Yeah, so first off said way more eloquently than I could ever say it. If you like those tips from Carrie, you want to stay tuned for next segment. She's gonna be on stage with me for 90 minutes, talking about what margin means and what is. Hello, Kitty. And how does John optimizes chocolate goods? And it's gonna be a really great segment. So you keep all that in mind. All right, so let's move forward. When you do, sit up your shop tab Page. You want to make sure that you make the elements that are custom teach product really easy to customize, whether that's a quantity. So a number of chocolate bars. Or if you're watching right now in your retailer and you have sizes right or different flavors of coffee for Valerie, you want to make all those decisions happen right over here on the right side of the page. So yep. Chris, go ahead on shop tab. I just want to get some quick clarification on this. Julia Tillman had a question here. A couple of people voted on it. The shop tab charge a fee for this service, so shop tab allows you to set up your first campaign or your first tab free. And then what they do is they have a monthly recurring business model ranging from $5 a month, up to $30 a month. That allows you to launch additional inventory or additional skews in that app. Okay, And and you can use this to sell digital products as well as physical products you can. So, in order to sell digital and physical, what you do is for those digital books or digital products. In general, you can feature a an image of that if you're watching right now, in a lot of you are watching your like Ana and our audience, where you might sell your time for consulting if you sell time the image you want to use, maybe of yourself or maybe a picture of you with a bunch of other clients. Or maybe you want stage presenting where you're in an authority position, where other people will say, I'm gonna work with that person because they're already teaching a bunch of people Great. And then one last clarification from Caroline. She wants to know with Shop Tab who does the fulfillment. Is it Facebook or me? Are you doing everything here? Facebook is just sort of the portal for this. So this is a This is a question people wonder about frequently. The fulfillment will tied directly to how you're doing fulfillment. What shop tab does is they help you get a downloadable essentially report about the sales that came through which you can feed back into your natural fulfillment services. So if you're just starting, you know, maybe in your you're a stay home mom in your basement like Amy Lombard, who's in one of the bonus pieces to this course, she doubled her email list using Facebook. And when she sells thes custom bags that she makes, she just doesn't via an opt in like Shop Tab. They put it in an Excel. If I or C. S. V and then she is manually riding those hand written labels sending out those products now, if you're not like Amy and your arm or high volume retailer, we're dealing with a lot of sales and a lot of distribution. You likely already have your own fulfillment tools and shop Tab does integrate with those tools, Chris. Okay, just another quick question that just came in from time capsule. They just want to know. Has there been any research showing that maybe more sales will come using something like shop tab versus just posting Ah, post as a link to your page or to your website. So what I'll tell you is, I have I don't have direct research on that. What I'll tell you, though, is just think about it in a really rational way. Are you more likely to buy in a place where you spend a lot of your time or you don't spend a lot of your time? For example, if I wanted to buy a bar of John Chocolate and I've liked his Facebook page and I have seen him post about the nutritional information about chocolate and I've seen him post about, you know what wines I should pair with his chocolate etcetera. And I spent a lot of time on his Facebook page, and then he puts a link up linking me to his website to purchase his chocolate. I almost feels like a jolt because I'm gonna click it, go to your website that I've never seen before, and then you're asking me for a sale. But I'm very familiar with your Facebook page. So If you let people buy where they're already very familiar with the ecosystem that content the landscape, your conversions will generally increase. And people are really interested in this topic. The questions just keep coming in. One last one from Sandra Vargas is Shop Tab Mobile as well. Shop Top is mobile friendly again. We talked about the importance of mobile and last segment. So, yes, when you launch these campaigns featuring your products, you do get mobile distribution as well. And Chris, I think it's great. So many people are interested in this because this whole course doesn't make much sense unless you understand how to make revenue from it. And I want to again clearly articulate the architecture of a successful SAS update where you're selling inside of Facebook vs linking to an external source and then architectural looks a bit like this again. You want that large product image, the strong called action with the link just like you do on a website. And again, you still want that Siple simple shop of a shop tab check out page on the other side of the application. So what I'd like to do is go bit deeper and You know, we've got a fantastic audience. But most importantly, as many of you guys tuned in and watch the best selling Instagram course several weeks ago that Susan Berman taught about how to use Instagram to build your base and Sue and I have an interesting story that I'm gonna let her to help.

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