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Fashion Design: Start to Finish


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Intro to Fashion Design Inspiration: Where to Begin

Hello and welcome to creative live my name is ken klosterman and I am your host for fashion design start to finish with jay cauldron now j cauldron is the founder and executive director of boston fashion week which he started over twenty years ago they just celebrated their twentieth anniversary which is really, really exciting j is a designer and author and he is also the an instructor and the director of creative marketing at the fashion school school fashion design in boston in between doing things like authoring a multiple books jay is also a mentor he is a speaker a promotional public speaker and he is here very much excited to teach all of you about fashion design again from start to finish so j I think when people hear the term fashion design the fashion industry people generally think oh project runway that that must be exactly what it's all about right what that's not what it's all about jay what are some of the biggest misconceptions that you have seen your students and peopl...

e in the industry have over the years about what fashion design is truly all about? Well, I think with reality shows and things like that and and even when when we see runway shows online or see magazine spreads we think about the finish line we think about that rush at the end that final bow or the beautiful images and I think for people who are really thinking about a career in fashion, the process is really the key, you know, that pathway to getting to that finish line is so rich with what experiences and this whole creative process that it's really fulfilling so I think that so that's why I wanted to do this because I think it's more about why to than how to because you could get the how to but the y two is very important, I think that's really exciting what I'm so thrilled about what this class is that there are so many nuts and bolts as well, is that like why into what this industry all the different pieces of the industry have been looking through some of the bonus materials that you're providing us part of this class and just the breadth and depth of all of the possibilities of what one could do in this industry is a little bit overwhelming and so what I am excited about is that you're going to break that down and so people there's something for everybody people can really see what they might be drawn to most right when they when they see the big picture, it often helps some kind of because a lot of people think fashion design is only about that designer but there's so much more to and when you see the big picture you can kind of figure out where you feel comfortable where you're drawn to find all right, well, I think we're ready to get started, so j, take it away. Thank you for being here on creative life. So, um, fashion is a lot of things. Fashion is thie art. Fashion is the craft. Fashion is the theatre, but fashion is also the business, and a lot of times in situations in the business of fashion, designers are expected to kind of have inspiration at the drop of the hat, and that starting point is probably one of the hardest things to deal with. So so we're starting in this class with fashion design, inspiration and the three main areas we're going to cover in this class are going to be creating mood boards to develop and contain your concepts, and we're going to have a lot of fun with with that process, focusing your attention, one garment at a time and one collection at a time and finally editing a collection to eliminate the one essential.

Class Description

Interested in the world of fashion? Even if you're not an aspiring fashion designer, you’ll enjoy this class. Jay Calderin is the Director of Creative Marketing and an instructor at the School of Fashion Design. He is the author of three top-selling books on Fashion Design, and the founder and executive director of Boston Fashion Week. 

In Fashion Design: Start to Finish, Jay Calderin will get you started through hands-on demonstrations and step-by-step guidelines. 
Learn to navigate through the design process, from conceiving a garment to marketing it.

The various phases of fashion design will be covered, including:
  • research and mood boards, collections and trends
  • sketching, draping, pattern making, construction 
  • branding, marketing, and industry positioning
Fashion doesn’t have to be intimidating. This class is a beginners guide to the world of fashion design, led by an industry professional.


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