Intro to Making Fashion: Draw, Draft and Sew


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Intro to Making Fashion: Draw, Draft and Sew

Now as we head into our lessons about making fashion draw draft and so the's are a few different words that I know for myself scared me in terms of my ability to do them well I hear the word draw on like I could draw a stick figure but I'm looking forward teo hearing about how these things are actually approachable so j could you kick off this segment by talking a little bit about what we're going to get out of this and how we all can do these things to the level that we need thio definitely I think like you said, the first thing people will say is I can't do that and I always tell them yes you can because I think the mystique built up around each of these things has to do with how long it takes to kind of master a lot of them but you don't have to master it to do it initially and you'll never master it if you don't start so we what I've tried to do is withdrawing we're going to spend probably a little more time with that was I think that's more accessible and something people could st...

art doing right now I think with pattern making and construction with the sewing you really need to invest the time and you know in terms of what goes into that because they are art forms and under their own into their own and what we've my strategy for all of it is to compartmentalize to go step by step and give and also give the the student permission to do it to put it down on paper just to do it one step at a time and see what starts to come up off the paper because one of the things that I run into and our students run you know, draw their first figure and they go, oh, it looks like an alien or like a robot and I'm like good, you're halfway there because aliens and robots are usually trying to look like humans so you know, we have a starting point and then you start to spend more time and you know, your your technique improves and you notice little things you want to adjust, but the way we've broken it down really makes it accessible so that you can take it one step at a time and our students in the studio are going to actually go along with me, so step by step and just see what comes up on your paper, you know? I mean, like what? What comes up as you're going through the process because that'll be your first steps into it if you haven't tried before, so um with making fashion uh, we're going to, uh, learn how I think with the whole goal of drawing is to go through all the different variations you can imagine around an idea, and this is a very cost effective thing to do, because a lot of times we can't always make every single idea that comes into our minds. So we wantto this's the first step of kind of doing a rough concept down on paper with the pattern making, we're more concerned with building structure, figuring out how that puzzle comes together so that you take a two meant, two dimensional idea, and you figure out how to build that in three dimensions, and then with the sewing, we could spend weeks and weeks on sewing, you know, and all these different incredible techniques, but I think the key is to figure out why you're learning those techniques and what's the purpose of them, so quality, fit and finish are the hallmarks of a good garment. And no matter what it is, you know, whether it's a costume or whether it's, you know, casual wear an evening gown, so those those points are probably the most essential, because then you can judge what kind of things you want to learn, you know, you're gonna learn more hand sewing or I'm good with the machine, you know, like, where do we want to focus because there's a lot out there to take it.

Class Description

Interested in the world of fashion? Even if you're not an aspiring fashion designer, you’ll enjoy this class. Jay Calderin is the Director of Creative Marketing and an instructor at the School of Fashion Design. He is the author of three top-selling books on Fashion Design, and the founder and executive director of Boston Fashion Week. 

In Fashion Design: Start to Finish, Jay Calderin will get you started through hands-on demonstrations and step-by-step guidelines. 
Learn to navigate through the design process, from conceiving a garment to marketing it.

The various phases of fashion design will be covered, including:
  • research and mood boards, collections and trends
  • sketching, draping, pattern making, construction 
  • branding, marketing, and industry positioning
Fashion doesn’t have to be intimidating. This class is a beginners guide to the world of fashion design, led by an industry professional.


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