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iCloud® Drive

So let's switch gears just a little bit and honing in on one specific solution and that is I cloud drive we talked about icloud, we talked about what it is and why it's important and why we should consider using a specifically I want to talk about icloud drive and why I think that's so beneficial and quite frankly, why it's so cool okay? And this works really well with I work, which is why we're bringing this into this I work conversation so here's an example of three devices and we have our cloud up here which represents our cloud storage our icloud drive let's say in this example we create a file, so this happens to be a maybe a pages file we've been working on it's pretty basic there's a little bit of text in there and when we create that file on our mac so pages for for the mac um and we have that icloud dr sinking mechanism enabled and we're using that automatically that file is copied up to the clouds, so we now have a local copy and a copy in the cloud that's important to rememb...

er because a lot of people think that when that happens, you're moving the file to the cloud and it's no longer here accessible on the imac so that's actually not the case, so a copy lives in both places and that's nice to know because if you're a thirty five thousand feet on a flight and you want to get worked on on that file you still have full access to that file because you're working on that local copy the second it hits your icloud drive a copy of that file is then placed on all of your other devices that are connected to your icloud dr account ok, so in my case I have a laptop and I have an ipad and now I have a copy available on my imac, my mac book pro my ipad and also in the cloud that I can access through safari or firefox or any other browser on any computer from anywhere. So at this point I have full access to everything from everywhere this is really empowering but the question is what if we make a change? Ok, so in this case let's make a change on this laptop here maybe we're going to add some graphs and charts and some other things to that to that file to really dress it up but we happen to be on the road okay, so we make those changes on our mac book pro well, as you would expect, those changes go back up to icloud drive and we still have our local copy here and once that copy is successful on icloud drive it automatically sinks back down to our other devices so at this point, and this all happens automatically in the background. At this point, we have a copy on all three devices of the updated version of our document as well is in the cloud. So again, once we make those changes in it sinks, we have full access across our icloud account on any device were connected to one thing I will mention with. This is the way that kino files and this is pacific burkino because they tend to be the largest file types but specific to key note if I have a lot of assets in that file photos, video, audio files technically, that kino file is actually a self contained file that contains a lot of little files inside of that file. So if I were to make a change to that big file, maybe it's, maybe it's let's say it's five hundred gig in size now, that would be huge let's, say, five hundred mag it's a five hundred mag file, and we make one little change to that. The nice thing about how that sinking works is we don't have to re sync that whole five hundred meg file if we just made that one little change, ok, whatever that change was that we made, maybe we made some some changes to a fund it only thinks that piece of the kino file up to the cloud and then back down to your other devices. And this is really important to understand. Because if we're if we're making some changes on maybe an ipad, and we feel like, ok, we've got to sit and wait for this thing to sink for the next four hours. As I'm waiting to board a flight, you'll find that that sinking process happens very quickly because it's only sinking the changes to that file, not the entire file again.

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