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So the next thing we want to talk about is I work for ipad this gets fun, okay? We talked about in other classes, we talked about pages, numbers and keynote, and we talked about in this class how to access these same files via the web browser. Ok, so now what we're going to do is we're going to talk about accessing this same data on our ipad and the same thing applies to our iphones were only going to look at our ipad right now because the screen is a little bit larger, easier to see a lot of what we're talking about here is going to be related to the ipad and then in a little bit we're actually going switch out the ipad for an iphone. We'll talk about a couple of things that are specific to iphone on lee, but what I want to do at this point is we'll go ahead and bring the camera over and let's go ahead and switch the display over to the ipad, ok, so here we have my ipad and you can see I've got more than just the three applications in here, okay, so here we have my ipad you can see he...

re that I have more than just the three applications, so again, what makes up the I work sweet is pages numbers in key note I have a couple of a couple of other applications here just these air the eye life applications that were put out by apple the ones that I'm going to focus here of course are pages numbers in key note so let's just take you on a quick little tour here again to get to these applications if you don't have them on your ipad already is to go out to the ipad through the ios store and download those aps for free all right, so let's go ahead and open up pages here and at this point you can see here that were presented with the open file dialogue or we have the option to create a new document so at this point let's not open and document right now let's go ahead and create a new document we'll tap on that now at this point if you went through the the pages class you're familiar with this screen here this allows us to browse through some of the templates they're available and you can see here that we have the same templates available here that we had available in the pages for mac application they look the same they feel the same they work the same again. The idea is to have full parity between the ipad version of pages and the mac version of pages ok, so in this example let's go ahead and tap on one of these will tap on this for sale flier and we have this flyer available now. Toe work on, I can come down here and let's. Go ahead and double tap on this text here and, you know, we just type some text in there. We can change this text over here. This is text yada, yada yada. We can hide the keyboard so we can see more on the screen here by tapping this button right here. And that goes away. We can also so the temple has some built in images here that we can use or obviously, if we're going to customize the file to something that's a little more specific to us and how we want to use that file, we can tap on this here and maybe choose something from our own. I photo our sorry of photos library. So now if you're looking at this here, I just replaced that picture of a scooter with a picture of a plant, and we've now just customized that particular image. We can also do things like re sizing. So if we tap on an image you can see on the corners and the sides in the top and the bottom that we have a small blue dot, we can grab that blue dot and weaken resize that and wouldn't you know it, russ, we have alignment guides. Makes you happy doesn't that makes me very, very happy yes so we have a lineman guys, it will help us to keep our objects in alignment and and straight and centered so at this point we can resize again we can take this object here we can move that around and now I'm just messing it all up but that's ok? Because the other feature that we have is part of the pages for ios app and the same goes for numbers and keynote is we have our lovely undo button so if I do make a mistake we can tap on do undo again and weaken step back on multiple undoes. Of course to do this on the mac version of these applications is the command z will undo in multiple steps some of the other things that we could do here, as you can imagine because they they try to have full feature parity between the aps is we can we can insert objects we can modify those objects we can insert text boxes and arrows we could add more images we can even print from directly from this apa's well so let's go through some of these some of these functions so the first thing I want to show you is let's go ahead and tap on the plus button here at the top right hand corner and that's going to bring up the object insertion window so from here we can choose insert a table we can choose to insert a graph we can choose to insert objects in the form of arrows and boxes and lions or we can choose the insert pictures and again these pictures are actually coming up from our photos library so if you use photos to manage your photos then all of these pictures you have in your photos library will automatically be available right from this interface so for example if I wanted to pick a choose it sort of pick a photo from my around the world album I could simply find the picture I want to use and here's a nice picture of utah got a tap on that and at this point we can resize that we can even twist and turn that by using our fingers to twist and turn that and we can move that to whichever location we want tio as far as adding other objects will take a graph for example this is really simple and straightforward we simply tap on the type of grass that we want and you can see that there are lots of different grass to choose from including two dimensional three dimensional and our favorite interactive which adds a little possess to our files we can choose the kind of graph that we want well she's a three d pie chart will tap on that and we've now inserted that chart into our file we can now use the same features that we have access to in the other full applications for macintosh um on in the applications for ios so we can resize waken, tap on a specific area, make changes to that um, we can go into the properties and really do whatever we want that we can do in the full version of the apple on the mac that we could do on the iowa's um, in the iowa's version, so let's, go ahead and delete this will tap on that hit delete so let's, look at some of the settings now, let's, leave this picture and I wantto want to use this picture here and let's, go ahead and look at some of the formatting options so formatting is a little bit different in the ios version of pages numbers in key note that it is in the full blown version to do that. We don't have the pain always up like we do in the mac app, so to get access to that, we want to tap on the object and they will tap on the paintbrush right here, and that will give us all of our formatting options that we're familiar with him, that we expect so some of those would be maybe we want to choose a different style, so in this case we want to choose maybe a page curl or maybe a reflection or maybe just a lying or something a little more simple. Let's go back tio I like this page curl but I want to make some changes to this we want to modify some of the some of the deeper properties there so I'll choose the style options and at this point we can change the scale we can change the type of line that we have going around the image we can change the colors so maybe we want a nice red color or maybe an orange color uh, we can change the width of that uh, border we have other options down here. These air all called picture frames so we can choose the one that we're familiar with. We can choose this one here, which is a nice, you know, scrapbook e type of field. We can choose this one here which allows us to make it look like a a framed photo in a soft frame. We've got one that's being held up by a pushpin there that gives us a little a little character to that and we have some other options. Okay, if we go to effects, this is where you know let's. Go ahead and turn off the border if we go to the effects section, this is where we can add our shadows, so for example, I can turn that shadow on and we can choose from the same shadow types that we had access to in the full version on mac so again all these same features that we're used to here we have access to on our ipad so let's choose maybe a curved shadow and uh we could change the opacity on the image maybe let's change to a different style now the one area that that is a little bit limited here is that maybe we don't have the same functionality in terms of how intense is that shadow? So if we apply the curve shadow or the contact shadow we don't have the same functionality in terms of of adjusting how much of that shadow is available to us so let's turn that um off we're changing to a different one that actually looks really good I like that contact shadow there has a nice little touch to it so let's go back in we can change the style again and we could turn on reflection if we wanted to add a reflection to that you get the idea there's a lot of different different ways that we can change the style in those when it comes to image editing um we can also change images and modify images in the same way that we did in the full blown version of pages in this case for mac where we can edit our mask so for example we have the masking here we can bring the sides in we could make that more of a square ratio and maybe get that to the right point, maybe bring the arch mohr into the picture, maybe like that when we're done, we tap on done and now we've cropped or mask that image to just how we want it let's go back in uh let's do a reset on that mask will bring that back over to the center of the file we could do an instant alfa so doing the instant alfa is just azizi as doing that in the full blown version of pages numbers of keynote on the mac, where at the bottom, it says drag across the colors to make transparent, so we'll take our finger and we'll just drag until we make just the area that we want transparent now in this case, if we wanted to make the sky transparent, we can't really get the sky fully transparent without bleeding into the ground. So what we would do in this case is we'll get a cz much of the skies we can and I will let go and they will tap again over in this part of the sky to grab the rest of that and we'll do the same in this part of the sky, and now we should have described between the arch there we should have a pretty good um pretty good sense for transparency just across the sky version so sometimes you might have to do the instant off a couple of times to get exactly the results really before especially there's a lot of colors in there and grady and fills and things like that okay let's tap on that we'll go back into it's going to arrange so earlier we talked about arranging layers in our documents and we can also arrange the layers here so with one image we just have one layer so we can't really adjust that layer it doesn't make sense to adjust that layer relative to other layers in terms of you know, bringing it forward or bringing a backwards um but when we're ready tio adjust some of these layers this is where we can adjust that that layer property of bringing those layers forward and backward in our file incidentally, this is also where we could change the rap so when we think about how images react to text in a pages file rap can make a big difference because rapping is the way that the text either wraps around a file or goes behind a file or it's the way that texting interacts with the image itself so if we want no rap we can choose none if they want above and bill below we can choose that we can also add our spacing in here um and anyway so that is text rapping so just to give you an idea what some of the other applications look like relative to making some of these modifications let's, go ahead and open up a file that I've been working on. And again, this is going to give you a little bit of insight into what went into building the slide deck for these particular classes. So what I'm going to do is open up the same file that I used to present teo you through these other classes um, at this point here, and I'm glad that this window popped up because I want tio to bring this year attention. One of the side effects of working across devices is that on my mac, I have more fonts installed and available to to me than I do on my ipad or iphone, ok? And so what that means in real terms or in terms of of impact is if I'm using a fund that's available on my laptop it's gonna look great on my laptop, as I expect, but when I think that through icloud drive to my ipad, if I don't have that same fund on my ipad, it's going to look a little bit differently, ok, so all this warning messages saying is, hey, kevin, you're using a certain number of funds that you had access to on your laptop. Those funds aren't available on your ipad, at least yet. Um, so as long as you're okay with that let's proceed. So in this case, we'll just tap gun, and at this point, we'll go ahead and open up that file, and you can see here that I have full access to the entire slide deck that I used for for this presentation. Now you can see that the font on this light here looks a little bit different than what the fuck should look like again, that's, just because there was a discrepancy and funds, it does the best they can to replace the font that I'm missing with something that it has its closest to that, um but in some cases it's not going to match and that's okay, we'll have to accept that. So in terms of making changes and modifications in keynote now that we're in keynote for ios it's the same idea we have access to the formatting tab. So if I tap on an item here and tap on format, I have my style options. I have my text options in texas. This is where we can change our funds. We have options to change the arrangement of layers we can add columns change the column, uh, the column information. We can lock objects from here. So even though we're not going through a lot of this stuff in detail, a lot of these details for what I'm talking about is available in the other classes, but I wanted to draw your attention to the fact that all of the possibility that you have access to hear exists on the ios version of the zaps as well. The other thing that I wanted to show with regards to keynote is when it comes to the animations and the transitions, um, they're all the same, they all look just is good on my ipad, as it does on my laptop, just like we saw earlier, when we talked about accessing these files on icloud drive thru safari or through firefox, you know, we had access to those same cinematic quality animations and transitions, and we have access to the same things on the ios version of the app psas. Well, so for example, if I go ahead and play this, okay, so what you're seeing on the screen here is the actual slide presentation for the audience. What I can see here on my ipad that the viewers at home can see is the presenter display that we talked about earlier when we talked about keynote, so up here on this display, I can see the current slide, I can see the the next slide, if I had speaker notes, I could turn on speaker notes so I could see that this is really, really useful for giving a presentation in a setting like this where I can use my ipad instead of a laptop even to give a full blown presentation, and I have access to my presented display from here. One of the things that I will point out here that's a little bit unique to the ipad and this is the same on the iphone is that I have some functionality here that I don't necessarily have on my laptop, so one of that one of those features is this ability to draw and you can't see this where you are, but the viewers at home can see this, but I have a view on my display here where I can actually use it red marker and I can draw on the screen, so if I wanted to highlight a certain there we go, we can see that. So if I wanted to highlight a certain part of that slide or maybe underlying something I can do that I can switch colors to maybe a green color so I can do that I can maybe, you know, drawn arrow, so I have all access to all of these colors I can undo any of those this button right here will allow me to simulate having a pointer a laser pointer so I can tap on that and now I can say look at that right there so that's pretty cool so these are some really nice features and this is actually an example where the ipad version or the ios version of keynote is actually a little bit better than the full blown mac version of keynote so depending on how you want to present and how you want to use keynote might might depend on the device that you that you want to use all right? So as far as animations go again all of the animations are available here just like they would be on your mac okay so you can see on the big screen here again this is that presented display that I'm looking at here so I'm not seeing a lot of the action and the animations that I see there you can see that they were seeing the same animations that I would see if I represented from my laptop so very, very powerful and again this goes back to we can use this simple little device that's that's really with us all the time or even our phone which has all the same functionality from anywhere. So this really empowers us to do the same level in the same quality of work that we do on our laptop from anywhere again the one thing to keep in mind or the fun discrepancies between the two devices okay, I was good and close out of that let's take a look at numbers so let's go into numbers here so that's the third application that I wanted to look at so these air some files here that I created on my laptop and I want to access these same files on my ipad so let's, go ahead and bring this file up and just to show you the sinking, what I want to do here is we'll make and changes to this file will spread this out maybe dragged this over and maybe let's maybe adds more rose here we'll just make some simple changes there and we'll go ahead and say back to spreadsheets and you can see that there's an arrow on the screen it just happened very briefly there was a little arrow that arrow indicates that something has changed on this version of the file and it's now uploading to icloud drive so that's really useful to know because if you're maybe with the airport you're making a last change going to make sure that that change is committed not just to this device but to the cloud maybe you're collaborating with someone else you want to make sure that that arrow has completely disappeared meaning it has sink now to icloud you're safe to put it into airplane mode, board the flight and take off well go ahead and open up the numbers application perfect okay, so we can see here that already that there's a change that has happened to the test scores file so we're gonna give it just a second you could see it's already done sinkings will go ahead and open that file and we can see that the changes that we just made on the ipad are committed to this device is well, if I open my iphone those same changes would would be committed to that version of the file as well. So this is where we're starting to see a lot of the sinking part of icloud drive in action and we're starting to hopefully get the power going to get a sense of the power that we can have with all of the sinking it happens automatically just in the background. Okay let's, go ahead and hop out of here. Um one more thing maybe I can show you in key note that I think would be good to look at and we'll look at the same thing on the iphone as well in just a little bit, but I want to show you how we can actually control a slideshow on my laptop from my ipad and I'll show you that same thing on my iphone um and this might be a good thing to know because maybe my laptop in this case my laptop is here in front of me just like my ipad is um but maybe it's a computer that's in the back of the hall where maybe you know, behind the curtain and we've got a big display and maybe I'm out on stage just me and maybe I don't want to use a clicker because the clickers just a clicker, but if I was controlling a slide deck with my iphone or my ipad, I have a lot more control over over the content that I see on my ipad is I'm controlling that slide deck so the way that we do this is let's go ahead and leave this I've got to slide available and up on my laptop and on the ipad if we get a shot of this on my ipad, there is a button at the top left hand corner actually let's go ahead and switch over to the ipad from the back just to the we can see that so in the top left hand corner you've got three buttons you got the plus you've got the action and then in the middle you've got a remote button, so we're going to tap on that and this just says you can easily use your ipad to control yada yada we'll continue at this point it's trying to pare itself to my computer ok, so now let's switch over to my computer and what I need to do on my computer is go to keynote and preferences and on the remote button I can see that I have an ipad air to that's trying to pair with my laptop so at this point I can go ahead and choose toe link the two together and at this point it just says ok here's a code four five four nine I can visually confirm if we go and switch to my ipad I can visually confirmed that I've got the same code on my ipad you can imagine in a large room of people if you have lots of ipad airs and they're all trying to pair a swell for one reason or another you want to make sure that your codes match in this case visually they do matt so let's go and switch back over to my laptop perfect and will click on confirm and we're now paired okay now let's go ahead and close this and this gets a little technical because we have one display with lots of devices were trying to connect tio but we'll do this slowly to make sure we see everything so let's go ahead and switch back over to the ipad and on the ipad we now have a big green play button okay if we tip click on play this will actually invoke the slide show to play on my mac so I'm going to go ahead and tap that ok and now go ahead and switch over to my mac for a second okay, so you can see here that we've got our slide deck running. This is exactly what I see on my laptop here, and if we advance, we'll see that happen there and let's, go ahead and switch back over to my ipad on the ipad. This is where it gets really cool. This is my presenter display. So in a case where you're in a big hall and you have presented displays on the ground that's create, maybe you don't need to use this, you're going to be good with just a clicker and just your presenter displays on the ground on. But that presented display, you've got your current slide next slide speaker notes all of that, but let's say you don't have that, but you want to have access to those items to help you give your presentation. So this is where the ipad or the iphone can really be a big help because I'm now looking at the ipad, I can see what my current slide is. I can see what my next slide is and I can see speaker notes if I turned on speaker notes. So if you look at this window here, this allows us to adjust how we see our are our presenter display, so for example, right now we have current and next is one option if we change that to next this just gives us our, uh, next uh, our next slide if we change that back to maybe current and notes current and notes back in landscape mode, so this will give us our current slide and our notes. So if we had notes here, this would allow us to as we're walking around the stage or in front of our audience as we're holding the ipad just kind of glanced down and say, ok, now I'd like to talk about this and then and then we talk about it, we refer to our notes that way, so we've got a few options for customizing that presented display. Ok, now I know I didn't spend a lot of time going through the I work for ios aps um, I think a lot of it is intuitive, I think just spending time playing with those aps and getting cuffed, comfortable with the features and getting used to where the features are, I think that's really key, ideally, if we wanted to really go through and help you to understand what every app doesn't howto howto work with every up individually, we could probably create a day or two course just on each of those aps it is a little bit different than using the the mac version of the app the concept is the same, just the buttons air in a little different place and again, I love the power, the simplicity of the aps, and I love really, how, in conjunction with hi cloud and icloud drive, how it really sinks everything together, so I think you're starting to get a sense for for what we can do with that. So at this point, we want to go ahead and switch out the ipad for the iphone, and we'll show you a couple things with how the iphone works with this, okay, so just wondering whether there is anything that you can do on the ipad or the iphone, something mobile that you can't do on your laptop? Absolutely, um, you know, they try to make it feature parody one hundred percent between the devices, in some cases, there's some things we outlined earlier that you can't do on an ios device, for example, you don't have full control over it, so the shadowing and things like that, but the same is it holds true for the other direction as well. There are some things you could do on the ipad and iphone that you can't do on a mac. One of those is when you were in presentation mode. If you're presenting using your ipad or your iphone as the remote, um, you actually have access to additional tools as you're presenting one of those tools happens to be a a virtual laser pointer so you can use that laser pointer to you know, accent something and you also have access to some different colored markers and penn tools to really highlight some of the some of the text or images on the screen so yeah, there are a few things um to be honest, I think that the ipad or the iphone is a great presentation tool and in fact a lot of the times when I present I present from an ios device I do a lot of the heavy lifting on my mac but then when it comes time to actually delivering it let's face it the battery on an iphone or an ipad is excellent all day right? So I don't have to worry about extra cables and, you know, it's my ipad and a video adapter and that's it and I can walk around the stage or the front of the room and I have access to that presenter display and some of those other features so yeah there's a few in there they're pretty cool features to I think we had one more question from jeff yeah, yes so I have an older ipad and when I went in the app store to download pages it was nine ninety nine it wasn't no oh I so glad you brought that up thank you okay, so I think I mentioned earlier that the the I work for ios aps were free and technically right now they are but there is one caveat so if you purchased a new ios device on or after september first of two thousand thirteen then you have free access to those applications that's part of the purchase of that new device in your case I think you have a newer device and newer iphone but then you have an older ipad that wouldn't meet that criteria so what you would do in that case is sort of cheat the system a little bit and what you would do is buy the app and when I say by the app on your iphone I mean just just downloaded yes get the free version on your iphone and when you do that that attach is the purchase because it's free the purchase of those aps to your icloud account because you've done it for free on your iphone once you've done that now go back to your ipad because it's using the same icloud account and re download those applications and because it's already being attached to your icloud account you know how you now have full access to those aps for free on even older ipads or iphones yeah so that's a little tip for everybody watching from home on how to get I work for free on your ios device that is older than september of two thousand thirteen so that's a great point thank you

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