Make More Money and Discover Your Worth


Make More Money and Discover Your Worth


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Blocking, Leaking, and Pushing Money Away

I am super excited to share this wheel with you. And the reason I'm so excited is because this wheel gets to the underlying issues of why we cannot make money and also equally important why we can't keep money. So what we talk about today will help you make more money. It will help you keep more money. I could stand up here today and tell you all of these other things that we think that we wish would help fix our money. I can tell you how to have a better budget. I could tell you how to get a better rate on your credit card or how to do something differently with your mortgage. But at the end of the day it is only a Band-Aid on your money. Because underneath it we have these eight reasons of why we simply cannot either go out and make it or once we get it, we have a hard time hanging onto it. And it does seem like it's all these things around us. It seems like it's the economy or somebody took my money or somebody did this. But underneath it, it's always us. It's always us. Now this is...

a lot, as Sue mentioned. And I don't want you to be overwhelmed. I want you to look at this and remember one thing all day long. Awareness is progress. Right now, especially this morning, as we go through the wheel and we are talking about each of the ones. And you may see yourself in a few of them. You may see yourself in a lot of them. Or you may see yourself in only one. But even if you see different areas, awareness is progress. Once you know better, you do better. Once we know better, we do better. So just having the awareness of what's happening is going to allow you to go out from here and continue to work on the root issue, which is really gonna help you make more money. And as we go through, if you're watching and you've downloaded the class, there is a workbook. And in that workbook it's gonna be really helpful, as we go through, if you star next to the ones where you feel like this might be an issue for you. So maybe one star is I see this happening a little bit but it's not really blocking my money. Two stars maybe, okay, I have some money issues around this. And three stars is like whoa. So the thing that is awesome about this class is what we've already established is the Band-Aids, the better budget, the credit card issues, all of the stuff, all of the Band-Aids that we could put on it isn't gonna help when you are carrying and dragging these money blocks. Because one of my favorite quotes is T. Harv Eker, and he says, "Money makes you more of what you already are." Money makes you more of what you already are, and that's why we can get more money, we can go out and try and get a better job and think $10,000 more a year is going to now help me not be strapped. But what happens at the end of the year? You're just strapped again because these eight things are blocking it. Because money makes you more of what you already are, And if you already have these issues, more money isn't gonna solve it.

Class Description

Running your own business is an incredibly demanding undertaking. You pour thousands of hours of effort into creating a service, pricing a product, and building a brand, all just to get paid. It is natural to feel like you’re behind, and struggle to sustain regular income. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the minutiae or get stuck on the fear of failure. Learn what is holding you back from knowing your inherent worth and valuing yourself, so you can start realizing your vision and making more money.

Join Tiffany Angeles and Sue Bryce for this deep dive into rewriting the story of your business and speaking your value in business and in life. In this class, you’ll discover:

  • How to price yourself, how to bring in better clients, and promote your brand.
  • How to turn your personal hurdles into an advantage, and rewrite the negative story you’ve been telling yourself.
  • How to identify unconscious ways you’ve been driving money away, and unlock secrets that will help you realize key goals and dreams.
Learn from two dynamic educators who have surmounted what seemed like crippling hurdles in their own businesses. Take the time to identify what personal and financial blocks you face, and embrace the paradigm shift that awaits your business!