Make More Money and Discover Your Worth


Make More Money and Discover Your Worth


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Welcome to Creative Live. I'm Kenna Klosterman, your host for Make More Money and Discover Your Worth, with Sue Bryce and Tiffany Angeles. Sue Bryce is an international speaker, a master educator, and an award-winning photographer. Tiffany Angeles is an entrepreneur, a speaker, and a money coach. And together, these two women are going to empower you to break through your money blocks, to discover your value, and to create the life of your dreams. So to get this class started, Sue and Tiffany, these two powerhouses, are going to tell you and share with you why they created this class in the first place. Please help me welcome Sue Bryce and Tiffany Angeles to the Creative Live stage. (applause) Hi everyone. Hello. Welcome. This is, you're privy to a conversation today that we have as best friends every week. We talk about money and business and we're so excited by money and business all the time. I finally met a kindred spirit that not only has the same passion for making money an...

d building business, but she actually knows more about money than anybody I've ever met. And I'd just like to say that this woman significantly changed my path and my business, because I've been in business since 2003, but I was pretty much failing at money management. I'm not ashamed to say that. I looked very successful, my business was turning over a lot of money. In the first four years of my business, I had a business partner that was incredibly focused on money, very much like Tiffany. She took control of my money, that business partner. And then I felt out of control of my own money. But when she gave me back control, I failed and lost it immediately, because I was never able to sell my work and keep money. So, when I met Tiffany in 2010, my business was getting bigger and bigger and bigger, and I was finally learning to sell my work, which is what we want to teach you today, how to price and sell yourself and value yourself. Tiffany changed the way I was keeping money, and it really significantly changed my life. So we have these conversations every week, and this woman is amazing. Now we get to share them with you. It is true, we meet for dinner about once week. Not specifically to talk about money, but it just always comes up, and business, and the like. And we created, over the course of the last year, this money wheel. And what we've found is in the course of these conversations, that we ended up seeing that there was these consistent things that were happening in our money, and Sue was some of them, and I was some of them, but together they kind of painted this picture of what happens really with our money. And, it's about, Tiffany uses the expression pushing money away from you. We've seen it a million times. I've repaid the debt of a hundred people. It ranged from 3000 to 40,000, their debt. She went back 12 months later and they were all the same debt again one year later. We see it with lotto winners, we see it with people that come into money, they can't keep it, it goes just as fast. And Tiffany describes it as you're pushing money away from you. And when she said that to me, I woke up, because I was like, "Wait a minute. "No, money's not coming at me." And she was like, "Oh it's flowing at you, "and you are literally hitting it away from you." And then when she started to talk to me about all the ways I was doing it, we just started to develop this and before we knew it, we were like, "This has changed my life." So, I'm going to leave Tiffany to break down the wheel for you. In the next hour and a half, I expect you to discover some very, very uncomfortable things that you do. (laughing) Uncomfortable, but life changing. Yeah. So, I'm gonna leave Tiffany, and I'll be back up after the next break. Awesome.

Class Description

Running your own business is an incredibly demanding undertaking. You pour thousands of hours of effort into creating a service, pricing a product, and building a brand, all just to get paid. It is natural to feel like you’re behind, and struggle to sustain regular income. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the minutiae or get stuck on the fear of failure. Learn what is holding you back from knowing your inherent worth and valuing yourself, so you can start realizing your vision and making more money.

Join Tiffany Angeles and Sue Bryce for this deep dive into rewriting the story of your business and speaking your value in business and in life. In this class, you’ll discover:

  • How to price yourself, how to bring in better clients, and promote your brand.
  • How to turn your personal hurdles into an advantage, and rewrite the negative story you’ve been telling yourself.
  • How to identify unconscious ways you’ve been driving money away, and unlock secrets that will help you realize key goals and dreams.
Learn from two dynamic educators who have surmounted what seemed like crippling hurdles in their own businesses. Take the time to identify what personal and financial blocks you face, and embrace the paradigm shift that awaits your business!