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Ad Ideas to Increase Your Likes, Lists, & Sales

So now let's talk about some facebook at ideas and I want to give you some ideas to increase your likes to get more leads and to get more sales so again I mentioned before I don't necessarily recommend buying facebook ads to increase your likes unless that really is a goal that you're trying to do so keep in mind that and I mentioned this before it costs a lot less tio advertised you're resisting audience, which is why maybe you might know I want to build your facebook likes because it's going to be less expensive but I don't necessarily think that paying for facebook likes so you can get a lower cost when you're advertising to them is necessarily the way to go, but you can if you want to go that route and usually the couple there's a couple of ways you can do that. So if you run an ad to your email list and to your website visitors inviting them to like your page and you couldn't do this specifically to people who don't already like your page. And this is similar to what I was saying ...

before where once a year or twice a year I'll send out an email to my list and I'll say, hey, are we connected on facebook if not let's connect on facebook so you can get some exclusives or or something special that I don't share anywhere also this is another one of those where you are if you want to get likes, it's less expensive to target, you're already existing list and website visitors than it is to target a brand new audience, so you can definitely do that there, and you can also create a lookalike audience. We talked about that a little bit here, but you really can create that and just invite them to like your page and again, you're don't necessarily. This shouldn't be your main marketing strategy with facebook, but I wanted to show it just because it is an option. If you have the budget tio, use your your marketing budget to increase your facebook likes now, let's talk a couple of ideas where you can use your facebook ads to actually grow your list so we did a thing where I showed you how I ran a contest to actually grow my list and that's something you can do as well. You can also give away free be so like your jewelry cleaning guide or your color freebie that you are giving away that's a great place to run facebook ads, and you could do this with your already existing audience. Maybe not your email subscribers, because you already have them on your list, but maybe people who have visited your page but who are not on your email list. So you could get really specific here, and you can offer them something and get them to like your page and to give you their email address through their facebook fans and or through facebook ads. And what happens often times is that when you run a facebook ad, you will naturally get more likes to your facebook page, even though you're not asking for it. Any time I run a campaign, I have a whole bunch of new likes and people who have liked it simply because they saw the ad, and they clicked on like page, so you can definitely get more facebook likes by running other types of ads, so keep that in mind as well, and then you can also promote an offer that require sign up. So we were talking about your event, maybe you want to give people or your event about twenty percent off when this event happens, or when our star opens, you can make that offer to them and require them to sign up for your email list in order to get that offer, and you can do all of that through facebook ads, and the other thing I wanted to mention is that you shouldn't on ly use facebook ads to do that, you should also be posting this organically on your facebook page, so periodically don't onley pay for ads, but send that offer to your facebook list as well, and that where you still will get some free traffic, right? Not have to pay for it, so don't forget about the organic reach that we talked about earlier and the things that you don't have to pay for, that you can still do on facebook. But as facebook is changing, I feel like facebook advertising is really becoming much more of a reality that we all sort of need to embrace and set aside a budget for because we have budgets for everything else. Why not have a budget force facebook at still, even though it might mean taking away money from maybe some of our other marketing strategies that we're doing so now, let's, talk a couple of let's talk about a couple of ideas to use facebook at, so you can actually increase your sales so you can run a special offer to a new audience. So this is great when I know when I had my cell business, I thought myself would be awesome gifts for valentine's they especially myself that said love on it. So I did a facebook at targeted specifically to new fans that had never heard about me, and I was suggesting my soap as a great gift for valentine's day again, this was a direct sale to non fans, which couldn't get pretty expensive and it's not as effective to turn on fans into customers, but it's still something that I did, it got me really great response, it got a ton of new likes, and I even got a few sales out of it. Some people saying I read about yourselves on facebook and I just bought a gift from my wife or something like that so that's something that is available to you, you could do it as well. It might cost a little bit more per lead, but you can still get sales directly from facebook, especially if your product is not a higher and product. So if you're trying to promote a five hundred dollars, engagement ring or although five hundred foreign engagement ring is a steel but maybe just a regular ring down my not fly as well as if you promoting something that's lower and especially to someone who does not know about you yet, you can also run a special offer to new audience that offers them free shipping or this count or something along those lines where you're giving them an incentive to try a product when they've never heard about you before, and if you give them an incentive, they're more likely to try it on if you didn't give them that incentive. Now you can also run a special offer to your already existing audience, so this is great when you want to target your email list and target your website visitors and maybe targeting people who have visited your website but who actually haven't bought from you yet. So this is much more effective. You pay a lot less per lead and yes, you can send an email to your list and you can also run an ad to them on facebook. They both work in different ways. Some people, maybe they sign up for email list, but they never open your e mails. Why not get them here on facebook? So there is definitely value and having them see your products and come across your brand more than once and in different mediums. Yes, um, very plainly visible on your side, if you're quote unquote running a campaign, and so you say it in your ad campaign, would you also say it so it's really a parent like when people actually visit, or would that be blind and then once they actually do it? That's a great question. So why do you might want to do is create a special landing page from people that come directly from your facebook ads so that way they're not just on your home page with nothing to d'oh. Or with too much to do and they don't actually know where to go so you can create a special landing page that's on ly visible to people who have clicked on your ad and he couldn't even say thanks for for visiting maybe here's a coupon or here's the coupon code that you need to use click here to start shopping or which one of these would make the best gift free or something like that where you're not just letting them go wild on your website you actually giving that something too so that's a great idea on dh I know a lot of people have done that and taken people directly to a special page that is not advertised anywhere else and it doesn't link from your home page or anything like that so you could do that too yes um yeah there's I mean so many different things you can do with facebook and you can use it not on lee to connect with your existing audience but you could use it to build a new audience and make new connections and get new customers and it really is such a powerful toe I think you've seen from all of the different things that we talked about that you can target you actually you can get this kind of targeting anywhere else you can get the song google ads you really can get it on twitter or pinterest or anything like that even lincoln so this is the one place where you can get really specific. Yeah and also can be targeted to friends of your fan. Yes, you could do that too. And you would do that under I'm not going to go back to you but you were you can target your own page. Yes, you can also target friends of friends of this pages and oftentimes I think the thinking behind that is that if someone likes a page they hang out with people who are similar to them so their friends might also like it to that could be true could be not sure, but overall it usually is. It usually is the case, so yeah yes, I just wanted to make a comment. We we used adwords floor a few years and this is it just seems like this is so much easier and so much more targeted. Yes, you know, through a specific audience if you put the time into it it is really helpful. It's totally true, because with ad words you can on ly target people that are surgeon for certain key word and oftentimes that's great if someone's looking for a valentine's day gift and he wanted target like they know what they're looking for, you can target but your costs with google adwords are so much higher than anything you could never do with facebook ads yeah by the other thing to keep in mind is that as more people start using facebook ads, the costs are probably going to increase as well. So that's why you want to get and now try to figure out your audience, figure out what works and the more people that jump on the facebook ads bandwagon, the more costly it's going to be too. So this is really one of the best times to get in and start experimenting and see what's working for your facebook ads. All right? So a few more tips before we wrap up for the day that I wanted to share with you. We talked about the boost post option and I definitely wouldn't recommend this it is so much more costly than anything you can d'oh in the power editor, so don't be tempted, I know that button really stands out they make it super temping you, khun boost your post and have sixty thousand people see it with the click of a button, but if you really want to boost the post, just go through the facebook ads and choose that already existing post and ensured from there rather than boosting your post on facebook and also again think about your audience and who they are and identified different buyer personas free own audience and target them specifically so you can target on ad that speaks directly to moms if that's one of the main audiences that buys from me and your language and your ads, khun, say mom or you can target, I don't know people who go to a certain college and your ad specifically can have that ward, and they're so. If you know who your audience is, you can target them even more specifically with the language that you use inside your ads and that's, so much more effective, because if you're a mom and you see an ad that speaking directly to moms by using that word or something similar, they're more likely to click on it. And it's the same one I was talking about handmade and e commerce, so my handmade audience doesn't relate to the word e commerce, and now I know that, and I discover that through facebook ads, but if I hadn't thought about marketing my ads, two jewelry designers and can made entrepreneurs and all of that, I might have never come across that. So think about your own business, who's buying from you. Are there different categories that you can sort of put people into based on all of these different personas that they can have that's related to your business and a few more tips? So the images that you choose in your ad are actually have a huge impact, and I've done this where I've tested different ads for throughout the same or through different at sets and some ads that better than other so again my e commerce ad didn't do as well as one I changed one word that's said handmade so think about that to retarget rio work your ads according to what's working and what's not working and make sure that everything reflects your branding it wouldn't have made sense for me to have that particular soap ad and that image if when someone wants to my website or my opt in page if it didn't look similar and it didn't have similar colors and features and images and branding names so keep your branding consistent throughout your facebook ads throughout your email marketing threw out everything that you do in your business and way had a couple of people asking specifically about images maybe you could touch on that a little bit more they want to know if there were any specific colors or sizes or any other that's practices for the images that they're using in their ads yeah, I mean there is sizing their facebook that's have a standard image size that you need to follow so I would definitely recommend that I know one thing that doesn't work and your ads will almost always get rejected is if you let's say you are saying something like watch a video and you put that little play icon and it's actually not a video your ad will get rejected because it's misleading two people I know my ads have gone rejected because I said watch a video and there was no video to watch unless someone clicked on through the page so be mindful of that as well and just keep it consistent I wouldn't say there's a color I know before people used to like put a red border around their ads or a blue border and change the thickness and all of that but I think people are sort of catching onto that and it doesn't work as well as it used to, so just do something that feels all thinking to you that reflects your brand that your audience is likely to click on and respond tio and forget about all of the gimmicks or things you should be doing. But as long as you reflecting your branding you're telling people exactly what they can expect when they click on your ad then I think you should be all set to go with facebook ads group thanks yeah so I know facebook is changing we really talked a lot about how much things are changing and facebook the organic reaches declining people aren't seeing as many of your post some people are completely frustrated with facebook and have given up on it but if you shift your thinking a little bit and if you can embrace all of those changes as entrepreneurs we really do have to embrace every single change that comes to us and if you learn how to run facebook ads the right way, if you optimize your profile, if you write posts that are engaging, you really are going to get a lot out of facebook. So please don't give up on facebook. Yet they're really on. Lee are trying to make things easier for us and do what's working. The reason they keep changing things is because they're seeing what their audience responds to the most. I really do think that their main goal is to make the facebook user experience one that's pleasant, because we all spend so much time there, so keep that in mind and embrace it. Set aside a bit of marketing dollars for it, and I think you're going to start seeing some really awesome results. I know I have in my business, tons of entrepreneurs are using get with great success and definitely don't overlook your facebook marketing.

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For busy small business owners, the constant updates Facebook makes to its functions and features can be overwhelming. In Market Your Online Store with Facebook, Andreea Ayers will help bring focus to your Facebook marketing strategy and show you a reliable way to connect with and grow your online audience.

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Market Your Online Store with Facebook will help you feel more confident that time you spend on Facebook is bringing the right people back to your online store.

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Andreea is easy to understand and is so personable. She has a great mastermind group on Facebook too. She really cares about helping us all and has great information that is really relevant.