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Measure Your Efforts

And lastly, guys talk about measuring your efforts because tracking is really, really important. So why do we need to measure? Well, first of all, we want to do more of what's actually working for us. If something is not working, we shouldn't do it, but we're not going to know it's not working unless you're actually tracking it, and if it's not working, just do less of that or don't do it or tweak it until it actually works and constantly track your goals. So as I was saying before, I have a weekly spread shoot that I check in every week with my social media following, and I see how my facebook is growing, maybe what I've done that week to make that happen and constantly tracking this is really, really important. And lastly, tweak your plan as needed again if you're so seeing that your audience is not responding when you sharing that inspirational quote, maybe don't share those quotes as often, maybe do it less often, or maybe try a different type of quote or something else. But the mo...

re you know about what's working, the more you can take those things out that are not working and focus on the things that are actually working for you and for your own facebook profiles. So measuring is just so important, I think a lot of people look at it as this is after the fact I don't have to do it. Facebook is tracking it for me. Why do I need to track it, too? But as you've seen before, they're so many insights that you can get from facebook that, yes, faith facebook is tracking you, but if you don't know what that is, it's harder for you to actually know what to do more of so tracking is huge with everything that you d'oh? Yeah, I think it'll be a good time to take some of the online questions that we have here. We have a number that people have been voting on let's start with this one for people out there who maybe are just getting started. The question is, should you start your facebook community before you actually launch your business? For example, should you post relevant articles, tips and tricks on the industry before you even have a product in that? Absolutely, yes, I totally think that's a great plan that way you start building your community right away and when you already to lunch to launch, you have an audience was ready, tio see what you're up to, so and I would say the same thing with your email newsletter, even if you don't have your website going and just put up on opt in on your temporary site so people can start signing up before you actually launch great now this one was originally posted by photography by side to other people also vote on it but there's a clarification on when you use the term reach they want to know how do you calculate your reach is it's something as simple as how many likes your receiving per post divided by the number of fans that you have or is it just sort of depending on what you're trying to get out of that could you clarify reach sure yeah great question so facebook will tell you for every post that you post what the reach wass and they'll give you a number and usually reach is the number of people who have seen it who have maybe commented or liked it and then I just divide that by the number of my total fans so if I have ten thousand fans and my reach was one hundred then that's how I figure out my woman reaches about facebook gives you that number two you just have to divide it by the number of your total fans ok we have one here true photos posted this and we had five people voting on this people online are really curious it's a little bit of a long question but here it is and true photo says I understand that it depends on a number of factors but what is a rough estimate about the monthly amount to spend on facebook ads on boosting posts and reaching out defense in order to be effective? Or would you recommend not relying on facebook ads too much since the algorithm may change again to beam or disadvantage on businesses? On one of the first things we talked about was how much facebook changes and it's constantly moving so any tips for people who are trying to decide how much they should be allocating on a roughly monthly basis? Yeah, we're going to talk about that in our third segment today on and again there isn't ah hard number that everyone should use it totally depends on a lot of different factors, so we're going to talk about that in the third segment, but I also say I think it's about how much money you want to stand so and how much money have so if you have a thousand dollars suspend awesome if you only have ten dollars that's awesome too and you can still get a lot out of it great! We have any lingering questions from our students? Yes? Is there a cap on the length of video could be on facebook I want to say it's fifteen minutes okay so long yeah, so it's pretty long I don't know if they've recently changed that to thirty minutes but it yeah pretty long yes yes, advice I'm actually really interested now go back onto facebook journey and buy spur just starting over and and re launching yeah, I would say if you already have un existing list of customers or your email list just announced to them that you just re opened up your facebook page and invite them to like it and provide content on there so that's a great way if you closed it down but you still have an audience and a customer base too sort of start up again with with them as your fans, so that would be my my first up facebook ads would which we're going to talk about is the next thing that you should be looking at? Yeah, I'm just curious when you have when you become friends with people on your personal I mean, you kind of have to be somewhat active on your personal page two grow your business page, I feel like I mean, it depends if the friends that you have on facebook are not people who would be your customers, then you know, those two are totally irrelevant. I know I have a lot of friends who are not entrepreneurs and my audience are entrepreneurs, so a lot of my facebook friends could care less about my face cotton, my facebook page content because they're not entrepreneurs that you can't engage in the same way as a business page versus of personal can you are, you can still pose the same. I think our love, your facebook friends will see it as a friend, and they would as a fan. So yes, you could engage it the same audience, and it overlaps you could totally user profile facebook, personal profile, and I've done that, too. Now that I know a lot of entrepreneurs and I have a lot of entrepreneur friends, a lot of them are my friends, so I still can use my facebook page, my personal want to interact with my entrepreneur, friends, the most of my facebook friends are not entrepreneurs, but yes, you could still totally do that that I wanted to like, you know, like, interact with her, just like a business to business. It's I feel like it's more limited like you can't, um do you mean like our business? Yeah, yeah, I mean, you definitely can do as much stuff interacting from business to business. I'm usually the interaction is more the personal to business rather than business to business, although as a business owner you can go to her page and comment as your business. You can like her page, although I don't think it will show up in the number off her likes. That she sees so there are still things you could do. You could definitely go with your business page and leave a comment on her page, right? And like something. So yes, you could still do that. Yes, what do you think about fans that are trying to become your friends on your personal page? Because I tried to separate my personal with my business, and what I tend to do is all right, a note, a message to them and just ask them politely, did you know, just like my page, and we'll stay in contact that way? A couple people haven't liked it, the majority of the people are respectful, but what are your thoughts on that? I think my thoughts are it's up to you on whatever you're comfortable with. I know when I first started, I thought I'm keeping both of them separate. My personal stuff is not relevant to my business stuff, but now because I that was more when I had my t shirt business, but now that I'm more the brand behind my business, I think it makes sense for me personally to combine the two and to cross promote and to cross post, but if you're not the main person behind your brand and your brand is something that's totally out there on. Its own it might not make as much sense, so it just depends on who you are in relation to your brand and on your personal preference some of us the one anything we don't want to share anything with people who we don't personally know and if you're that kind of person you don't have to except your customers or your fans as your friend so it's really up to you and whatever you feel comfortable with yes, I have a kind of a similar issue happening, which was actually a big reason why I wanted to take a step back and kind of try other avenues um I I'm curious about posting the same content on both pages is that as effective as posting? Um, you know, content on your personal page and then separately going to post like something different? Yeah, good question and I'll do both sometimes I might take a couple of words here and there to make it more relevant to one audience versus the other, but I think that's totally fine there's times when I will take something posed the same thing on twitter on instagram, on facebook, on google plus on my facebook page because different people that follow you are on different platforms so not all of your audience might be on facebook they might all be on twitter on instagram so you do want to sort of re use the content throughout all of your social media, because not everyone is everywhere.

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For busy small business owners, the constant updates Facebook makes to its functions and features can be overwhelming. In Market Your Online Store with Facebook, Andreea Ayers will help bring focus to your Facebook marketing strategy and show you a reliable way to connect with and grow your online audience.

Andreea has deep, first-hand experience with marketing a small business online and in this beginner-friendly class she’ll tell you exactly what you need to know to make Facebook work for you. Andreea will teach you how to:

  • Post updates that engage your community and drive them to your site
  • Grow your email list using Facebook advertising and targeting features
  • Strategically run a Facebook contest to build your audience

Market Your Online Store with Facebook will help you feel more confident that time you spend on Facebook is bringing the right people back to your online store.

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