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Scheduling Your Facebook Ad Sets

So once you've set up your campaign so as you've seen there's a couple of steps steps to setting up here campaign it's all about setting up your actual at said so what are they how do you set them up so again, this is really easy when you're in power editor you click on the ad sets tab then you click on the plus and you create your at so once you do that it takes you to this next page so you can creator at at some huge part of or this ad said is part of my soaps to live by contests on using existing if you want if you are entering something new it would assign you a new campaign so I would recommend using the campaign that you just set up and you can name your assets so part of what I'm doing is I'm running this contest to people that are already liking my facebook page and the name of this is really important because this is what you're going to see in your results so this is when you're looking at all the tracking you need to know exactly who you're targeting and part of this particu...

lar at set is tracking my already existing fans and if you remember I had three different assets so the next name of my at said will be contest maybe yoga journal readers and contest website visitors or whatever I had said in the beginning so this is where you will name it and name it something that makes sense to you that when you're looking at the statistics, you know exactly what that means, and you're not thinking, oh, what does that mean? Who was I targeting there? So get really specific about who you are serving. You're at two and name your at set according to the target audience that you're going after. So once you select on that, then they ask you to create a conversion tracking pixel and that's on lee because this whole campaign was set up to track leads and people that were converting so it's asking me to create a convergent tracking pucks. Also I am choosing for this one time I think I chose leads, then it takes me it gives me my conversion tracking pixel. I put that on my website, whether it's, elite page or a page on my website, or it could be on your website to wherever that confirmation email is after people sign up for that confirmation page that's where you would be putting your tracking pixel so after you do that, you can set a budget and the schedule, so this is where I usually said my budget, so I have decided that for this particular campaign, I wanted to only spend ten dollars a day. Now keep in mind that I have three different at sets for this particular campaign and if I said all of them a ten dollars each then I'll be spending thirty dollars per day so keep that in mind this isn't where you would be putting in all of the money this isn't where you would be putting in your one hundred dollars for the campaign this is how much you want to allocate for that particular at set so is that making sense? Yes ok and after you do that let's see you can schedule your ad so you can select if you have a certain time let's say maybe you're only running your contest for a week it would make sense to schedule that here so that in case you forget to stop it or or something like that people are not still seeing your ads and you're actually paying for them. So said your time here if you want a schedule your end and you can also run ads on a schedule so you could say I only want to show my ads from seven a m to ten a m and then from twelve p m to two p m I've never personally then it I know people who have and it works really really well but I like to just run my ads all the time and trying to get as many leads for that contest as I can then this is where the fun part starts and there's a lot about selecting your audience so it starts out with a really basic so it's the country and the age and this goes back tio what you learned by your audience before in the first session where you were looking at your insight so I usually only target the united states especially because for this contest I don't want to be shipping here's worth of soaps tossed australia or europe or something like that. So this is where I really only one people who have told facebook that they're based in the united states. So for my particular campaign that's what made sense? Um I normally would edit my audience here too and shoes more even more things so I would choose for this in the age I know on my audiences I know they're mostly between let's say the ages of twenty five and forty five I would really limit that here as well, you don't have to but it's better because your ads are being served more relevantly, especially if you're picking the campaign where you are spending on auction and you're saying I want to spend the least amount that I can per thousand impressions if you're sending if you're showing your ad tio women that are eighteen, they might not be interested in it, so I definitely would recommend getting really spa's pacific here and serving to the right audience so you're not paying for impressions to an audience that could care less about your products so once you click on the audience which is this this button right here it opens up this whole new I think that you have idea or this proposal so this is and we're going to go into a target group in just a second but you want to focus on a target group your custom audiences you also want to pick your location and we'll go through this one and every single one of these in just a second you also want to pick your age and gender your connections these are people who are connected to your page or not so these are fans versus non fans and you also want to pick your interests and this is where you would be putting in those pages that you want to target whether it's omega or yoga journal but that's exactly where you would be putting that in there so now I want to focus a little bit on your saved target group because this is what we were talking about before where you can save an audience and not have to enter there that page or their characteristics every single time you set up an ad because if you didn't use the safe target group you really would have to be doing this for every single one of your ads that you're running for that particular campaign so the target group you go under your power editor and then there is a place there where you can click on audiences and the audiences are just what it sounds like the audience that you are serving, you're at you and it really saves so much time from having to type in maybe it's not just yoga journal visitors maybe I found twenty yoga magazines that I want to target and I'm creating a custom audience for people who read all of those twenty year old a magazine so you can see how that can save you so much time from having to go in individually and putting that it in each time and then think about who you want to target I know for me for my campaigns I spent a lot of time actually spend more time thinking about kwame gonna target then actually setting up the ad itself because this is so critical who you target is going to determine how much money you spend how effective is you're at your ads are going to be and it really is the key tear success on facebook yes so before you start the campaign that you're just going through you would pride is that going to power editor and create this yes target group yeah, so would you would go right you could go to audiences and create your target group and then pulled that target group from as you're setting up the interests that you want to target, so the screen that I was on before that's, where we would be putting that it you can also created as you're creating your ads, but I usually like to do that ahead of time, but I'm just showing it in this and this specific way because I'm just walking you through like every single step of the way as it moves to facebook, but normally issue would create this ahead of time, so you just have it when it's ready to be pulled, so a few examples of target audience is that you can create. We talked about this a little bit in the previous session, but you can target your competitors facebook pages, facebook pages of magazines that your audience reads, and this is unnecessarily gis magazines. It couldn't be blog's, they read, it can be podcast they listen to if those podcasters have a particular page for their podcast, that khun b organizations, they belong tio, it can be tv shows that they watch, and you would usually know this information because hopefully have surveyed your audience, or they're telling you all of these things that are interested in actually do a survey of my audience, I've done this for every single business that I've had once a year, I will ask them a ton of questions about who they are, what magazines they read, what things they like to d'oh and then I use all of that one not only when I'm writing my content but also when I'm running facebook ads too so I know that a lot of my so customers really yoga journal as well so that's why that magazine was part of my target groups are really knowing your audience is going to be key here you can also target facebook pages for complementary products so for example with mice so business I know that if someone is interested in organic soap they composite oblique be interested in organic skin care so I might target your page and pages that are your competitors or other similar products that my audience is interested in. It could be even pages of yoga like yoga props and yoga mats and you can really think outside the box here and this is just a couple of examples for my own soap business when I was doing facebook ads with myself business so you can get an idea of all the interesting things that you can target so I was targeting and this I know to do this because I know my audience and I know who they are so I will star getting facebook pages of yoga fitness magazines, yoga related blog's right? Pretty much every industry there is a block that's related to that industry and try to find out who are the top blog's in this industry and most often they will have facebook pages that you can target and then you can get directly in front of their fans. I also targeted specific yoga studios I know there are a time of really large yoga studios like core power yoga and yoga works and they all have their own facebook pages, so I know my audience does yoga so all target places where they actually co two the yoga I also targeted facebook pages of my competitors, so I did a little bit of research ahead of time and look that all right? Who also selling organic celts who was selling organic soaps in my price range maybe higher price ranges who was selling the sort of a similar product that I'm selling and I'm going to put those on my list of places to target too also complementary products I talked about then I also knew about my audience that they were really into having an equal friendly lifestyle and I'm assuming if they do that they probably read equal friendly blocks. So that was another one of my target and then facebook pages of mom blocks because a lot of more moms so I looked at some of the more popular mom blog's and targeted them here I also targeted facebook pages of yoga apparel companies because I know if they do yoga they must wear your clothes right? So there's quite a few brands that target that audience and if their audience is buying those, they're probably going to be buying my selves to or at least they would be interested in entering my giveaway. And then I also targeted yoga retreat there's quite a few really popular yoga retreat out there, so I targeted their facebook pages. I could have targeted yoga and so structures who have a huge following luxury spas because that's another thing that my audience really loved to d'oh so you can see here there's so many things that you can target just with with your facebook ads and every single one of these audiences was its own at group, so this people are not all in one ad group there also, I have ten different audiences here, so I would have ten different ad groups for that campaign. Yes, kate, when you went when we were setting the budget for your ad set, so it was, I think ten dollars or something, so is ten dollars, basically for each of these I don't that's, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, but if I let say only had one hundred dollars, suspend, I probably wouldn't be targeting so many people I maybe might be targeting five and spending twenty dollars on each one rather than ten and spending ten dollars on each one so so yeah, I just depends on what your overall budget for your campaign is going to be and if you have a bigger budget you can go crazy on these sort of things and target as many things that are relevant as you possibly can. So now let's talk about the custom audience we talked about this a little bit in the previous section but a custom audience allows you to target your own audience from outside of facebook so you can actually target them on facebook and you could do this with your customer list your website traffic or your activity with people who have taken action on the maps that you have there so again facebook makes it super easy they sort of tell you what everything means so you know exactly what you're getting into when you are targeting those specific groups so let's talk about your this is the first one with your customer list so when you click on the customer list that you want to create a custom audience, it takes you to this screen where you can choose to upload a file copy and paste your custom list or if you have male chimp you could imported directly for male gym so usually what I'll do is I'll upload a file because I'll download that for my email service provider if I had milton by probably would be using that feature or you can really just copy and paste your customer list and um you couldn't paste emails, phone numbers, facebook user ideas now usually you're not gonna have phone numbers of your customers and you're not gonna have their facebook user ideal though if you had it you can pays that in here by most of us on ly have their email addresses and their names so facebook really on lee needs their email addresses to create that custom audience for you of your own email so you don't need to put in first names last names or anything like that yes really big lessons probably best just upload like a thief ok exactly it's a cs the file and usually what happens is when you uploaded let's say you have ten thousand people on my list on lee about like seventy to eighty percent of those will be matches on facebook so yes so if you have it mailing list of ten thousand people you might only see your custom audience based on your list at eight thousand people or something like that so it will never be dad exact number every time I tried it on dr no no people who have even half of their list is on facebook so it really depends for me it's about eighty percent usually so it could depend for everyone so one tio type that in there then facebook will so dan you will name your list and usually name it something simple like my email list or for me would be launched, grow joy, email list or soaps to live by email is so that way you know exactly what that list is and there's no second guessing, but you can also create an audience based on people who visit your website, and this is where things can kind of get really cool because you can say that anyone who visits my website regardless of the page that they come on, those are the people that I want to target, but you can also target people who visit specific pages. So we were talking before about targeting on lee p people who visited your shop eight but don't actually buy, so you can say I want to target people who visit my shop, age and every single one of my product pages, or you can say people visiting specific pages but not other. So you can say I want to target people who are visiting my shop but are not checking out, and I wantto target people who are visiting my home page, but they're not reading my block and so on, so you can get so specific here and again, even people who haven't visited and a certain amount of time, so if you have visitors that you want to bring them back to your web site, you can run anak specifically to them. That says, hey, I know you haven't been tio our website and three months here's a coupon code maybe we come back but obviously you have to keep in mind that twenty percent text rule that facebook and forces so that's a really great case where you'd actually be using that now this is for our app I know most of us don't really have app so this isn't really relevant to us to create a custom audience based on that but if you wanted to do that it's definitely an option for you here so now let's talk about someone's you have picked your your custom audience or your audience the next thing you can go down too and select and customize is their location so you can choose the united states you can even see people who live here people who've traveled here people that have recently been here, you can get really really specific here and just do whatever feels right to you. Usually I'll just pick the united states, especially if I'm giving away a whole bunch of soap and I don't want to pay the crazy stooping charges that it would be teo pay for somewhere else so after you sell like their location you goto their age and get a specific as you can about your audience if you know that people that are over seventy are not accustom audience or people that are under twenty five are not your custom audience don't serve your acts them it'll be totally irrelevant. Facebook well think that people are not liking your ad, so they're going to decrease the amount of times they show it, and it just really benefits everyone if you can get specific here and then again, you can choose ben women all based on your own your own demographics for your own business as well. Yeah, that is that for I'm sorry this's redundant, but it's that for each at set or is that universal for all of the ads? That is for this? Is that the ad set level? Ok, so yes, so you'd be setting that for each asset, okay, so you can see if you're targeting twenty different assets it's a lot of time to to focus on this. So that's, why one you're starting out? I definitely wouldn't recommend targeting all of those different assets just started with the few ones that are most important to you and that you think you can get the most engagement with and start with those and if you have time, I mean, I've spent days setting up facebook ads and I still feel like I wasn't done that there was more people that I want to target, so don't go too crazy but target enough people where it's actually relevant tio to your audience you could even choose more demographics when you click on the more demographics you can choose people that have gone to a certain college people who have a certain relationship status maybe on lee won a target couples that are engaged, although they probably already have a ring by then, but who knows, right or right exactly a wedding bands, right? So so, yeah, you could get really specific here and target people at different stages and different demographics and even more important to know your customers, right? Because if you know that most of your audience are women who who own their own home, you can target them right from here and you'll get even more specific results and you're paper leads is going to be a lot less than if you're targeting everyone, so I can't stress how important it is to get as specific as you can hear. All right, so then tonight, nothing that you can click on after you select selector demographics and you're targeting is that you could still like the connection. So this is where I'll serve an ad on ly two people that like my launch grow joy facebook page this is where you can actually go and put that, and I always recommend if you're doing a contest like this or something similar where you think your existing audience would benefit, make sure you set up on at set just for them so everything the only thing you would be selecting you wouldn't worry about interests or anything else you would just go here and include people that are connected to your facebook page, but what that means is that if you are selecting them as their own target group, you're going to have to exclude them from all of the other ads that you're running so let's say you're at your running ads to your facebook page, and then you also running ads to people who love yoga journal and who have like the yoga journal page, you probably are going to want to exclude people who are connected to your page for everyone, every other one of your at set so that's something that you have to keep in mind. I know it's a lot of details to keep track of what you do because the ads that you're serving your audience are going to be so much less expensive than the ads that you're going to be serving to people who are not in your audience yet. So make sure to exclude people to like your page from every single at set except the one you've set up specifically for people who like your page, so this is where I wanted to drill down into the audience is so this is where you would go in under interest and for our purpose I picked yoga journal magazine so I will select that there and it tells me how many people are potentially in my audience so this one is two point two million people and tracy were asking what's the ideal audience I usually like to keep it anywhere between two hundred and nine hundred thousand people and the way you do that let's say if you are targeting yoga journal and you saw that there were two point two million potential audience and there then you can go you'll see that I have now go down even more some onley choosing women that are between twenty and forty and dad gave me the audience of seven hundred sixty thousand people now I know other people who advertise sometimes they go over a million I found most of my success when I keep it between this sort of audience size yes so I'm curious why is that? I've heard that before do you know why are yeah I don't know why I feel like if it's anything more than your ads sort of are reaching too many people and you're cost per per click per impressions are just crazy high and then if something is cost a lot of people tend to stop it so so I don't know I've done test where I've had over a million and my costs are crazy so and they're not really that effective so and I know other people have talked about this as well on dh, there were times, for example, if you if your audience, if you're only targeting your facebook fans and you have five thousand likes, obviously you're going to get nowhere near that two hundred thousand dad likes for that campaign is only going to be five thousand or even less, so keep that in mind. This is the two hundred to nine hundred is usually when you are targeting audiences outside of your own audience, not your list ninety website visitors, unless you get that many web site visitors on your on your website, which would be awesome. So so, yeah, that's the magic number that act that I've had a lot of success with and other people that do facebook ads, it seems to work for them as well. Your target audience really is critical because targeting the right audience with your facebook ads can really mean the difference between having a super successful facebook campaign where you're paying very little to acquire each person, as opposed to paying a lot. None of us want to be paying forty four dollars just to get one name on our email is that's just crazy? So part of that is because I was experiment in the different audiences, and I wasn't sure I was going to work and it's obvious, that is just not my audience. So I'm never kind of target that audience again and if I dio it'll probably a totally different message than what I had before and targeting we talked a lot about knowing your audience but this is where it's super critical that you have to know who your audience is in order to reach more of that similar type of audience with your facebook ads so if you have when you have done a survey to your email list your customers that should be another one of those things that after you're done of this course I know you have a million things to dio but that should be the priority of what you should focus on is really get to know who your audience is what they like what they read what types of foods they ate and so on just gets super super specific and then give people an incentive to participate in your survey I used to do market research for a long time and part of getting people to participate is to give them an incentive so you can say here's twenty percent off if your next order if you give us you know if you take ten minutes to answer our survey so usually we could do another class on doing surveys and serving your audience but if you keep it under ten minutes and give them an incentive people will be happy tio answer all of the questions that you have off them so keep that in mind, dear surveys get to know your audience and then use that information to really set up on awesome and effective facebook ads campaign. So now let's talk about the placement, so once you've select selected your target, the next thing down on the list that facebook is going to ask you to do is to choose your plate placement. So wording want people to see your ads. Do you want them to see it on mobile? Do you want it to seed on the desktop newsfeed on the right column and you contrast here? I usually only dio mobile and that stop. I know that just from talking to other people who do ads in just from industry statistics, the right column isn't as effective. The click there was there are crazy low, although some people are having success with it. So if you want to try it out, make sure you try it out. But each one of these should be its own different ad group. So that way you contract, if to see if the desktop is working for you is the right hand is working for you of the mobile is working for you best and for the least cost, so do each one of these individually as its own ad group, so as you can see there's a lot of different ad groups you can possibly have here, but it really is important to take that time from the beginning and said this up correctly because you couldn't really see let's say to target someone on their desktop cost twenty cents per elite and to target them on mobile, it might be a dollar twenty now if you were to put those together and run it at the same time too the same ad group you might only see maybe the average of that costs sixty cents by you. You couldn't really get them for twenty cents if you only advertise on the desktop. So is that making sense with why it's really important? Okay, seeing lots of heads nodding. So once you do that, then you come to the place where it's asking you. Okay, what do you want to optimize for? And for this particular campaign? We were optimizing for website conversions because I was trying to get people to give me their name and email address so they could enter my contest so that's why that is here. But then you can also do it based on pricing so you can get the most website conversions at the best price that's what I usually start with, and then once I have an idea of a price then maybe I'll go ahead and said the amount that a conversion is worth to you and that's that whole fixed price. So before facebook changed there, advertising the way their their platform looks, it would say clicks per cost, click or cost per impression. So that name has now changed and it's get the most website conversions at the best price, which I really love this new naming because this makes a lot more sense and or said the amount of conversion is worth you. But again, if let's say you don't want facebook to decide what they wanted to play, so you don't have to pay the forty dollars, but you only are saying that my my conversions are only worth twenty cents to me, no one is probably ever going to see that ad because facebook is thinking, while other people are paying me five dollars to get in front of this audience, this company's only pay me twenty cents. Those ads are never going to be shown so that's why I think it's a good idea, especially when you don't know what a conversion is worth to you. Yet, that's why it's a great idea to start out with the this cost per thousand, also known as get the most website conversions at the best price, so yeah but you can also if I had set up a different type of campaign I could also select their optimized for website conversions and you can also select which kind of optimization you want so do you want to your ad to be served to people who are more likely to complete an action and facebook knows because as a facebook user they track how many ads you actually click on so if they know like let's say tracy you they've shown you ten acts today and you clicked on zero ads and if someone select thiss they're probably not going to show you that ad because they know that you don't click on ads and obviously they don't look just at a day's worth of data they probably look at much longer than that but they know here who's likely to click on ads based on the actions that you've already taken and if you show them that you've clicked on ads and they're more likely to show you even more at so you could get really specific here and this side who you want facebook to even show your acts to so read through those as you're setting up your facebook ad campaign and see what makes sense to you the other thing that I wanted to show you here is that you can also oh actually you know so this is just the screen shot I wanted to show you what the different things mean here. So when you click on that little information icon, facebook really does a great job of explaining that for you. And you can set the the amount that is, you can get the best conversion. So decision is the other two options broken down. So you could see exactly what facebook is telling you. They're going to do once you said your price.

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