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Setting Up the Actual Ads

So once you've done that, that is all at the ad, said level, so it's, that second here that I was talking about, all of that happens in the ad said level, but now we're still not done. We still have to set up our actual ad, so let's walk through actually, how to do that and how you could set them up so you'll see in your facebook power editor dad, there is another tab that says ads right there, so this is where all of your at creative ghost this is where all of those little images that you've created this is where your text goethe, this is basically where your actual ad is going to go, so when you click on create an ad, you can name your ad and obviously it's telling you what you're optimizing, that at four, because that said at your campaign level, and then you can also choose a facebook page to represent you. Now, this is obviously I have a couple of different facebook pages because I have more than one business, but if I was running an ad for my so business, I would obviously select...

my soap facebook page here, not my launch grow joy, but that was the only choice right now that I had just for to show you guys because that's, really my only active facebook page right now, so if you have more than one business, choose the page that you're actually running the business for or that you running the ad for that particular business. So once you do that, you can create a new ad, or you can use an existing post so let's say I had promoted or I had shared that content about when a year's worth of soap on my facebook page, I couldn't use that here and just pull that from there without actually having to upload my new ad. However, I don't actually recommend using on it, assisting post unless you're trying to boost on existing post if you are setting up a contest or something like that, if you create a new ad, you have a few more options, and I'll show you how exactly how that looks just a second, but you have a little bit more to play with when you're setting up here at the actually, so would this be how you promote, like a dark post? Like if you're scheduling it on the back end in that exact okay, you selected here? Yeah, so you would select that here, so so, like the create add and then in the next appear, you couldn't do a single image or multiple images and that's something pretty much brand new that I haven't played with, although I have seen so maybe if you're launching five new products, you might want to choose the multiple images and link so pictures of all of your five products are showing up in someone's feed when they're looking at your ad. So I think that's a really cool picture or really cool feature, especially if you have more than one product or more than one image that you're trying to promote so want to do that? This is I think he used to be called create unpublished post, but now it is if you click that where it says page post where if you were to select that drop down menu that select a post that has already been published if you click the little plus button right next to that, that is how you create an unpublished page post which means that you can create an ad, but that ad will never be shown on your facebook page to people that are your facebook pant fans unless you create an ad specifically for them, so does that make sense to everyone? No so let's say I create a new page post to promote your new organic skin care line that you're launching if you created here it'll only shop has an ad but if someone likes your facebook page already, though never going to see that ad in their feet because you're not publishing this post to your facebook page your only creating an ad yes okay, so that's what I usually recommend because if you're creating ten different at sets or ten different ads if you don't do it this way every time you publish something or create an ad it'll show up in your facebook page so we definitely don't want that and I think they even like you can don't even have that option anymore you can on ly choose an existing post or create a new one that is unpublished that no one on your page is going to see unless you actually actively promoted with a facebook at so once you create a new page post, it'll bring you to this little box so here you can type in your website you are l you're this play you are well and you'll see what that means is just the second there you type in your text that you want to have shown above your ad and then you could have a headline and then you can name your lincoln now this will make more sense once I show you the next picture of the finished at but you have a lot of different things that you can do here and then you could even have a call to action on your actual at and it looks like this so you'll see here where it says sign up right here that is that cold to action that was set up right here now if you are promoting if you were using this ad tio select a post here that you've already published, you wouldn't have that option to have that call to action's yes, so I'm sure because I know there's like sign up, learn more watch video are all the different things is there one that's converting or download is another one? I mean, you know when it makes sense in a soap contest, but is there one button that's working better than others? Yeah, I think it really depends for example, if you are trying people to get people to sign up for something like I am then download wouldn't make any time, but if I'm offering like a free downloadable guide because I'm trying to grow my list, then that's where download would make sense although you could do would sign up to but I would say for something like that downloaded probably more effective because people don't really want to sign up for any more yeah, right? So a test that you can actually dio set up two different ads and the only difference will be that call to action button that you have there and you can see what's working so again you can see you really couldn't set up a ton of different acts to test every single one of those things you can even test. What do you say here? What shows up here, your headline, the button right there? I mean, there's so many things that you contest and I know a small business owners and entrepreneurs we don't really have time to test all of that. So if you do that's great, I know a lot of at companies that run ads for you will probably do that, but I don't want to overwhelm anyone, and I don't want to think, oh, my god, there's so much that goes into it that I have to test everything, so you do have to keep track and see what's going on and do some testing, but you really can. I spent a whole week setting facebook ads and different things to test, and you probably still wouldn't be done with all of this stuff you still have to test so so you sort of have to pick your battles and I know what's what's worth it to you. Yeah, so that I'm sorry mr download so if you would down instead of sign up, they would go to a page, but they would still have to, you know, capture their email yes, ok, yeah, so if my image right here instead of, you know, saying enter a year's worth enter to win a year's worth of soap. If my image said, download your guide to the top ten toxic ingredients and skin care, then this button would probably I would choose it to say, download, so you're still capturing their email addresses, but they're getting something different from you. So for this one there's, nothing to really download, so download wouldn't make sense, right? But for the download sign up would also make sense as well. But if your image says download, you probably want to keep that consistent and you're called to action should say download to yes. All right, did you say that? Are those priest satur king? You put whatever word you want in there, you can put whatever word you want, so this is where you select and I wish I had a screen shot of you could say, like, enter if it's a contact can't remember I think there's only like four or five options, so it'll say, like, sign up, maybe learn more watch now download now or something like that, so so I can't remember exactly which one but want to go in there, you'll see, but you can change that tech, so they sort of give you a couple of options to choose from okay, so this is the different way that your ad will show up on different devices so you'll see this one here shows up and you can see right here on the desk top news feed the next one is in mobile news feed the next one is in the right column so you can decide and you can actually see ahead of time oh, it does my ad can people even read my graphic? If I'm showing it in the desktop right hand column and this case they probably could read it so maybe I should run it but in other cases and might not actually work. Yeah, so your image so your soaps, your brand packaging has words on it and then there's the words on the side do the words on the packaging count as the twenty percent l they don't so it's on lee the words on the side and I have to say this actually was not the image that I ran with my add s oh, I don't know, I don't think this would pass the twenty percent um okay test so but I just didn't have time to, like set up a whole new graphic, but yeah, so this tax right here would only have to be twenty percent of your image, so thank you for bringing that up this wasn't the actual I had that so this gives you a really good idea of how your ad is going to look across different devices so you can see well, does my ad can you read it on mobile doesn't make sense? Is it easy to follow and so on? So yeah, and then these things over here where it says you can win these are all the things that you were entering in here, the headline and the news link description that's what that is over there all right, so yeah, that's, how your ads are going toe look it's really awesome because facebook shows you what other people are saying, and you couldn't even tweak you then because you might feel that's away too much text on top, no one's going to read that, or I don't really like how that shows up in mobile, and I really want to reach people with mobile so that's where you can tweak all of that as well. But there is one more step that you have to do when it comes to this, and this is something that I always forgot when I was setting up my facebook ads, but there is a thing that says a plo changes that you have to click on, and this is at the top of your page when you're setting up your facebook ads, so what happens when you upload those changes? Is that facebook will get your ad they'll get notice that a new ad a set up and then they review it for approval and usually if it's your first time setting up an ad, it might take a little bit of time to get your ad approved so it's not the sort of thing where you want to go live with your ad right now it might take even a few days for it to get approved, but if you've doing been doing ads with them for a while in my get approved usually within a few minutes sometimes within a few hours but on lee, if you click the upload changes, but if you set up your ads and don't think that biden, facebook doesn't get any notice that you've set up ads that are ready to go live, so really, really important I have done that so many times were I was launching a new video series I put on my video, set up the ad and then waited and I was like my launch, and in two days facebook still hasn't approved it, and then I went back and I realized that I never sent it to facebook for approval, so I'll make a note of that too, and yeah, um, somebody s so make sure to click that upload changes button so that we facebook knows you're ready to launch our ads and you'll get an email usually that says you're at has been approved or your ad has been declined and sometimes they'll tell you why it's been declined it could say that it didn't meet their criteria or it was overly promotional or something like that so you'll know to tweak it yes to power at it let's that one this is one let's say you are creating customer list and uploading stuff to facebook and then you download so it downloads all of your data so usually what I do when I set up a facebook ad campaign is I'll download everything before I start with my ad and this could be any new changes that have been made to my audience or my custom lists or anything like that so I'll download everything, then I'll create my ads and then up up I'll upload everything so I think this could even include maybe your statistics I'm not sure exactly all of the things it includes, but you actually want to do both both upload and download um before and when you're launching your campaign into power additive and on google chrome it's not packed downloading tio website it you know a computer right? No it's not downloading to a computer it's downloading to your facebook interface oh yeah so to the power editor within facebook so it's not even downloading to your own website issues downloading into the facebook power editor so that way they have the latest information to know so for example, if you uploaded your list a month ago or maybe your website visitors that list might change so you want to click download that so that facebook power editor has the latest information so and you do that to this step stage I usually do that yeah, I guess I forgot something I usually that's the first thing I do when I create my facebook ads is I'll download everything may and I don't even know what they download right? I just know to do it because there's some stuff that needs to be updated and they might download reports or lists or anything else so that's the first thing I dio but if you don't have any ad set up already or if you've never done ads there's nothing to really download so but when you're done definitely upload all of your changes so you do both just to be safe I feel like after my experience with waiting for days for my ads to be approved, I just click on everybody download and upload and I think if you click on down I think it will tell you exactly like it downloaded your custom audience and downloaded different stats and things like that so it'll tell you what it actually downloaded yet okay, all right so don't forget to upload your changes now if you feel like you've launched your ad and you've uploaded your changes and nothing happened maybe it's been a day or two or three days and nothing is still happening from facebook then you sort of have to go back into your ads and make sure that your ads are not pause because you can also pause your ads as they're going and that they're all set to go live that they're not deleted or any of that stuff so if you don't get approval right away and right away could be up to a few days just go back and check your ads and make sure that everything still looks like it's about to go live and nothing is paused and I don't have any screenshots of pausing ads but when you go to the campaign you composite entire campaign and if you've paused it and you uploaded to facebook they're thinking that you've paused it so there's nothing for them to approve so yeah just if you don't get approved just that should be a red flag that there's something wrong that you've done on your end soldiers double check everything to make sure that everything is still in the way it should be. Yeah, so what are some reasons why as to why you would posit well you would pause it if let's say you are looking at your statistics and you're seeing that oh my goodness I'm spending forty dollars per lead you don't necessarily want to stop your entire campaign because for some of your assets your only spending two dollars so you want to pause that particular ad that is costing you forty dollars per leaf so you would pause and at the at said level but you can also do it so let's say that with my example my shine soap I was seeing that it was costing me twenty cents per conversion and all of my soaps are costing me eighty cents maybe I might want to pause my my eighty cent ads and on ly run the twenty cent adds so you would pause things as you're looking at your statistics to see what's working and pause the things that aren't working because you don't wantto pause your entire campaign because some stuff really is working so if you pause your entire campaign then all of your ads are paused if you pause your ad sets then that particular at said will will not run and then you can also pause at the actual ad level so there's three different levels that you confined by usually when my whole campaign is over let's I only wanted to run that for a week at the end I would just pause the entire campaign because it doesn't I don't want to run it anymore or you were you could say I only want to spend two hundred dollars on this and my budget has been reached and I don't want to spend anymore or maybe you can even see from the beginning this campaign is in sort of going the way I wanted it to go when I need to tweak a lot of different things then you would pause everything and then sort of start over again and try to see what's working and yeah when you talk about doing this campaign's how long you known it for a week or a month door I usually do it for a few days to a week I think a month is too long the only time I would do a month as if you see that something is working really really well so let's say I wanted to have this myself campaign on an ongoing basis and I found that I couldn't reach my optimal audience for only twenty cents a click and that's something that I want to do every single day for as long as I have money to do it so in that case when you found something that really really works maybe if I don't know for me in my case when I'm doing webinars or something like that and I find something that works I could just sort of put that on autopilot and run it for as long as I want to so usually I would start out with a few days to a week maybe a week you might get more insights into what's going on but anything longer than that, unless you've tested it and you homed in and, you know, what's working, you shouldn't said like, ah, whole campaign for just a month without making any changes to it. So and if you do get press, is that another way to use that as a facebook ad to generate leads or, well, not necessarily, because if you get pressed, there's not really a call to action that you can ask your audience to d'oh unless let's, say it's something where you got press in shape magazine. Maybe you want to target the facebook fans of shape magazine to give him a discount, because probably they've already live. Read the latest issue, although not everyone but you, khun say, as you've seen in shape magazine, if you want to purchase here's twenty percent off so that's a case where you can turn your press or use facebook ads to promote something like that, but usually I wouldn't use facebook ads to promote that I was featured and something I usually would only use facebook ads either to grow my list through something like this, or to try to get people to my site to buy something. So with a new ad, I mean, unless you have money, you know when you have a budget to actually promote all of these things, but I know most of us we've really only want to spend marketing dollars on things that we can actually track on investment and just promoting that you were featured there's really no way to track how much money that's bringing in for you because you're not really asking people to do anything else other than just read it so there's better places and we'll talk tomorrow about where you can promote your press to get even more sales, but you can promote it on facebook, but just not I wouldn't recommend spending money on facebook ads to promote it and to shared more so great question yeah, was there? Yes, tracy, do you recommend you mentioned like a month or two weeks or whatever? Like what if you had something ongoing like a really good often offer like one of my one of my first option offers was jewelry cleaning guide so like if I wanted to promote that to build these, is that something you would turn on and off for keep on or just on ly due for a month? Yeah, that's something that I would keep on for as long as you can when you find out what's working for you so I did actually a similar thing where I was downloading and I only targeted at sea sellers and he was specific to them and I said download our you are your price. That's. The price is too low. Download this pricing calculator, and I was getting a ton of leads from that, and I found out was working, and it was really specific to one target group. But again, you can target more people. But it was really working for me at a low cost. So I just let that keep going until I was like, ok, I spent enough money on this. I want to try different, opt in, but that's something where if you figure out when something works, it's that do more of what's working thing for you, and you are kind of setting, get up on autopilot, and we want to do as much of that as we can. So if you have the budget and, you know it's working, keep doing it.

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