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Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Office for iPad: Word Pt 1

Lesson 31 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Office for iPad: Word Pt 1

Lesson 31 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

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31. Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Office for iPad: Word Pt 1


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Lesson Info

Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Office for iPad: Word Pt 1

So I've been looking forward to this segment for the last two weeks because when we started planning this course, there wasn't even any such thing as office for ipad and they released it or they released one note a few weeks ago and I said to brian, you know, I'm going to use one note to take my notes for the course and let me put it through its paces and then a week later of office for ipad came out were like let's scrap our entire lists through this instead. So it's been quite the adventure the I do before I get one before I get into the ipad part of it, I just want to return back to the slide show and about the exporting as movie, and we did figure out what the problem is. It's a bug in microsoft office for mac so once you've done that narration, the safe as movie um doesn't export sound on the mac however it does on the pc and so if you take that same file, you have to make any changes but open it up on a pc instead, then you can take that last save step and it'll take care of all ...

the things that we were not sure if we could do so I'm still clapped about me okay, so let me go ahead and quit quit that quit power point okay so before we really start getting down and dirty with one note I want to actually start talk a little bit about collaborating with others and the tools that are out there so you know you've heard of drop box and dropbox allows you to save all your files up on a file server so that you can first have them off of your computer but second share them with other people you've heard of google drive and google docks which opened up microsoft office files is through the google ecosystem and allow several people to collaborate and work on the same file at the same time now we have one drive and one drive is microsoft's answer to google docks and used to be called skydrive so if you hear skydrive it's we're really talking about the same thing and so what one dr does is it allows you to save your files on your computer but save them up on your in their space as well you get one drive from the app store so you can go down on your doc and find the blue circle with the app store and you can go and you can download one drive and install it they'll have you create a user account so if you have a microsoft I d like a hotmail account or live dot com you can use those or you just make a new account once you create that account you khun install the software on your mac and when I have one drive on my mac I'm going to go up to my magnifying glass up here and type in o n e and one dr pops up one drive is actually less of an interface then it is this little cloud up here and my up on my tobar appear and you can see those little lines going right now right now one drive is working really, really, really hard to upload that big power point presentation that we just created today so right now it's saving that file onto my one drive for me and making it available either in safari or on the ipad I also if one dr does not actually show up in your favorites you can put it there if you go up but go back to your finder so click working oh click on the blue guy down on the corner in my dock and I'll go up to go and I'll go to my home folder and after you have installed one drive you will now see a brand new folder here for one drive and one of the things that I like to do is just pick it up and drag it over to my favorites over here so that I could easily get to anything that's on my one drive and as I've been developing this course I have saved all of my files on one drive from the in this documents folder so my one drive has the documents folder pictures folder in a public folder and I click on documents, and here are the finished files, those of the course, the files that you downloaded when you registered for the course, and as I've been saving files as we've gone, I've been putting them here in this class files folder, and so that is putting everything instantly up onto the web or up into the cloud and just on the fundamental level, one that one way that you can see what you've got going on is to go to safari and then go to office dot com and it's going to ask you to sign in, and so I put in my I d but it actually remembered me from last time, and so I can see hear word xl online power point online, and so when I click on one of these, it will allow either make a blank document or browse their built in templates or see my recent items on one drive and so I can come through here. And, for example, although to my jewelry store kiosk business plan that we worked on yesterday, that big document that we did and I'll click on it and open it and there it is in all its glory, so everything that we created yesterday, including our footers, are all there now I do see some things that are a little bit different as you're going from platform to platform it's natural that it it's going to behave differently in different places. For example, we worked really hard yesterday so that the footer would not appear on the first page is but they are showing up here on the browser so it's not a guarantee that you're going to see the same thing in each place. So when in doubt, go back to your desk top to make sure that things are where they are, but what this will allow me to do is from any computer anywhere if I was working on a project at work and I didn't bring the file home with me, but I did save it in one drive I could get on my home computer and pull up that file and pull it up and work on it from home, so the browser makes that easily possible, and it also allows you when I pull it up on safari there's, an edit document button right here that will allow me to change this document right inward online or edited inward, which will then download it and open it inward so that I could make changes to it. Does that make sense? Everybody okay? You also have the ability to share the file through this interface and what that will do is, aiken send people an email that will have a link where they can open it up and they could make changes? I can click get a lake and it gives me the option to either do a view on lee or to give them editing privileges, and then I can post it or email it, and it even will give you the opportunity in the whole thing that either they do have to actually log in with an I d or they don't have to and that's up to you, so this ability to share works from anywhere inside the browser, and then it also has will allow you to see comments from people, so when you're collaborating and using the tracking, no one thing to note is that this interface allows you to have more than one person working on a file at once, so I could have it open on my laptop, and I can have somebody looking at it on office dot com and I could have somebody else looking at it on an ipad, the home we're going to see in a minute that when you have it up on your ipad, it doesn't auto say that any time you make a change, it automatically saves that change for you, but when you do have simultaneous users, you have to tell it when to save on the ipad for the other people, tio you see it so there is kind of a step in there that you have to take into consideration to make sure that everybody is working off of the same life copy now I know everybody's had said about the ipad they're all going well why she's showing us safari we want to see the ipad so let's go ahead and get started with that now alicia does thie product that microsoft have released a zit applying to the only the latest ipad or will it work on earlier versions as well? I believe it's ipad two yeah, I'm not sure if it works on ipad one but I have an ipad two great and it's working thank you ok, so I've when I have microsoft office on my ipad I did go to the app store and I had download each of the files for it. It will if you don't have an office three, sixty five accounts let me ask you talk about office through sixty five for a minute office three sixty five is microsoft subscription basis for running microsoft office and as part of the subscription which is ninety nine dollars a year for five computers both mac or pc and up to five devices um there's and I think there's also a cheaper version for individuals with one computer and won ipad you get all of this synchronization now I believe and it forgive me if I don't have this exactly right that you can still use office for ipad if you don't have an office three sixty five subscription, but I think it's just on your ipad, I don't think you have is much sharing ability and you don't get the one dr access, so forgive me if I don't have that exactly right, but I believe that's how the whole framework works. So I downloaded all five of the aps from the app store, and I have them here in a I put them all in one folder on my ipad so I can keep him all really easy, and I have already gone into each one of them and entered in my office. Three sixty five user name and password so that's, what attach is each one of them? Tio, you're one drive so you can access all of the files and I'm going to actually start just with one drive. So there's the icon right there in the middle and one drive again is that central location for where all of the files are. And so if I tap on my documents folder, aiken, see the files that I have in my one drive and I can open files right from here if I tap on that word. This is actually just giving me a preview of it I'm in one drive and so this is giving me not the actual document, but a preview of what it actually is, and then I could tap the documents back up in the upper left hand corner and go back again. So this is your central clearinghouse for everybody there's a camera back up theirs. The recent files of things that you've used recently and anything that people have shared with you has its own area down at the bottom. So it's kind of the one dr centralized location, but now let's get into the exciting parts, so let's, go into word now, all of the applications have basically the same interface, so I'm going to use word as my big example for this, and then I'll show you kind of the overall layout of the application, and then when we get to excel and powerpoint, I'll just kind of point out the features I won't go into, I won't repeat the whole structure of it also, because this is just a tour of the aps I'm not going to go in and show you how to use the features. If you've been with us for the last three days or the last sessions, then you've seen those features in action, and we're just going to really look at how the ipad approaches the information so you can see that in the upper left hand corner, you can see my account name that has my name on it. If I want to make a new word, I'm looking in the blue bar on the left hand side. Unfortunately, don't have a pointer at this point. The new button for making a new document if I tap on recent, it will show me my recent documents, and if I click on open, it will now take me into my one drive file structure, and right now I have two places I have anything that has saved local to my ipad. So again, for those of you who don't have an office three sixty five subscription, you can still use the program. You just can't easily transfer files as easily transfer files back and forth, but if I tap on my one drive up here, I now have my own documents and my public documents, so I'm going to click on my documents folder and here those two folders that I showed you on my computer, my class files and the finished files, which are my original documents that you get as a bonus for signing up. So I'm going to click on class files, and here are the files that we made during this course, specifically the word files. So you can see that they all have w's there's you don't see the excel files or the power point files in that folder just the word files and so I'm going to tap on my jewelry store business plan and open it up so it's now downloading it from one drive and here we are so now the document actually does look a lot more like the file that we that we've created let's see, yeah, it still does have the footer at the bottom now let's, take a look at the interface in the start in the upper left hand corner and you see the arrow within the circle that takes me out of this document and back to my file management I'm going to come back to the second button in a moment the arrow pointing to the left is my undue and the arrow pointing to my right is a re do I have my tabs just like I would have in my word interface and I'm going to come back through these in with a fine tooth comb on the far right I can see a little person that has a little too next to it, and that's actually told me that right now there are two authors editing and that's on the ipad, but remember how I opened this up on my computer and I have it open in safari as well there's my other editor now, this is kind of flying without a net, but I want to try an experiment uh, let's, see what happens if I edit the document here doesn't show up on my ipad, so right now I'm on my computer and I'm going to edit and word online and it goes into edit mode and let's see if this works, I'm going tio highlight that the first line and I'm going to turn it let's, go orange and I save a document and on my ipad, here you go and now says updates available, another author updated this document. I'm going to tap on, save and refresh, and it says saving the chaos plan no, this or a message again is coming up because I have this an excel spreadsheet inside it, and there it is, it's orange so I'm editing on my ipad and on office dot com and I could also be doing this right inside word as well. No, I'm not going to push it too far, but I could be right inside my native word at the same time.

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