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Segment 4 - OneNote for Mac

Lesson 4 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

Segment 4 - OneNote for Mac

Lesson 4 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

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4. Segment 4 - OneNote for Mac


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Segment 4 - OneNote for Mac


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Lesson Info

Segment 4 - OneNote for Mac

So in this segment, we're going to talk about microsoft office one note and this's completely exciting because one note has been out for less than two weeks and it's been much anticipated. It's been available on the pc for a decade, but this is the first time that it's been brought over to mac, and if it does not come with the office software, you can go to the app store and download it from the app store. It it's absolutely, completely free to use there's two ways of using it. One is just having it on your computer, but if you also create in the count on office dot com, then it will synchronize to your ipad and your iphone and that's, one of the things that we're going to demonstrate to how to make that work so let's. First, talk about what one note is and why it is. It originated as a way of taking notes for people in college classes, and it has expanded greatly out from there on a mac. Probably the closest analogy is ever note where you can create notebooks and then create pages ins...

ide the notebook so that you can store up anything, any kind of snippets, images, anything that you want to store about a particular topic it's the version because it's new is still kind of a one point, no version. And so when you compare it teoh one note for pc there's a lot of things that it doesn't yet dio but be patient with it give it time and that will develop so I'm going to show you how it works from with the tools that are available right now and one thing that's different when you look at it on the screen is that you're not it's not like word or excel or power point where you make a file and then you open up the file l everything from one note exists inside its own framework and all the changes that you make instantly synchronized to the one excuse me to the one dr cloud it used to be called sky drive so if you've heard the term skydrive it's the cloud based storage for microsoft office they have renamed it now one drive so sometimes you'll see it on my screen is skydrive sometimes you'll see it as one drive but it's now called one drive so anytime I make changes here you'll see a little synchronisation arrow and its synchronizing up to the cloud for almost instantaneous access to my ipad and to my iphone um you can also share files with other people so you can use it for collaboration and um you can also export anything that you have here to a pdf for example all the notes that I'm using for my course I did in one note and then we made a pdf and printed out the pdf ironically, one of the features it doesn't have yet is just people too print, so that will come. For now you have to export it to a pdf and then print your pdf so let's, take a look at how it works. So just as before, I'm going to go ahead and expand out my window and hit my green button so it fills the screen, and just as before, we have our menus across the top with the same file, edit and view that you're used to and then insert format notebooks. This is, I think, the new look and feel of office twenty fourteen when it comes out for mac, so we have the same tabs with the ribbon it's a little bit more airy oven interface, but the concept is the same different ribbons and then the buttons across the across the river in itself. Now, when you're using one note, you really want to think about your overall organization from the beginning, because it's hierarchical. So I'm going to show you what the different levels of the hierarchy are first, then we'll get into the nitty gritty about how to use it, so the first is right here where it says, wandering star, these are my different notebooks. And so you can have as many different note books as you want now you want to think of the notebooks kind of on the big level like a notebook just for the company or in a notebook for your personal would be one example of how you would approach this the next are the sections and so these air the tabs that you see across here and so in this case with what I have in the file so far I have reusable text and I have advertising and so you're going to see here some of the different ways that you can use one note to organize yourself the whole tools about organization so that's the second level are these tabs across the top called sections. The third level is down the right hand side pages and so pages are additional sub topics under any one of the tabs. So as an example here what I have for wandering star you know how you re use snippets, you write something really well and then you re use it in all of your marketing materials. This is one of the ways that you can use one. So I created here a section called reusable text and I have one that's my introduction and overview so it's kind of my description of um how wandering star came to bay over on the right hand column I have an elevator which, you know, that's your one minute synopsis of what the company is, so I have a very short little blurb, so that one I had just, you know, one hundred fifty characters, the one hundred forty characters that's where I can put it, and then another snippet that I use frequently is what the jury does for you, because with wandering star in particular, they're not just pretty necklaces, they actually embody your personality, and they do things for you. And so this is going to be a list of those of that kind of information. So that's one way that I suggest using one known I have another tab here for called advertising, and I can't tell you how much I wish that I had this eighteen years ago, as I've been running ads over time, what I have set up right now is, and we'll show you how to add to this. I made a page for all of my ads that were in us weekly and then sub pages for all of the different ads that were run with the date that they were run. Now, if I had had to this from the beginning, this would give me a complete list of every single ad that I have ever run, so that I could look through them and find things to pull for future use and findings to reuse as it is right now, every single one of these tearsheets is in a filing cabinet in my office where they're not really doing me much good so I love that one note can do this for me and I'll show you how to make these pages in a little while so that's kind of the overall structure is no book section pages and sub pages so when you're getting started spend a little time thinking about what you would want to store because you wouldn't want to start the higher you too low or too high right now there's no drag and drop for moving pages two different sections and sections two different notebooks that does exist on the pc so I'm sure it's going to be coming but right now if you have something in one place and you want to move it to another, really your only option is copying the content and pasting the content now what's neat about this is it's completely free form any blank page is simply ah blank space and in that blank space you can add text you can add tables, you can add pictures and move them around on the page and so again we'll see that in a few minutes so as an example let's actually start working with the text formatting so where I'm going is to my tab that says reusable text and I'm on my page that says what did they do and so first I'm just going to demonstrate basic word processing you can click anywhere and start typing and it puts it actually in this in a text box that you can then pick up the text box and move around the page now unlike word in the last session where we had to make the text box all I have to do is just click somewhere and start typing and the text box shows up now once you have the text in you have formatting tools very similar toward so for example I can take this heading right here and highlighted and I have a styles box right here with pre formatted styles so I could make things heading one heading tio heading three so I'll go ahead and I'll call this heading one and you can see that it instantly made it sixteen point blue for me now in the same way you also have bold indict alikhan underline and strike through and sub scripts and superscripts text highlighting text color left center right justified you know all standard tools now some things that you can add into it I'm going to go ahead and highly all of this text and I'm going to turn this into a numbered list so that when I need it later on it's already it's easier to understand for people so I'm going to come up here to number and and go ahead and number of them I have a big paragraph right here when I want to break it apart, I can just click where I want the next number to go and hit return, and it adds to the number list and just highlighting to the lead, and I'm just going to go ahead and make some additional points here and what's neat about bullets and numbering, and we'll see this again in word, if I wanted to add to my numbering, all I have to do is just hit return, and it will re number everything for me, and I'm gonna undo that. There we go. So the basic text is just kind of standard word processing, and now I had said, I'm sorry if I want to change how wide this is, I can point to the edge of the bounding box and simply make it narrower and wider as I wanted to to be, because it is all bound in one particular object. Now, I want to add a picture here as well. I have a picture that I frequently used with this description, so I'm going to go up to the insert ribbon and then to picture and in your one note file that came with your bonus materials. If you are svp for the course there's a file that says destiny new and I'll go ahead and click on that and inserted, and it because I was clicked in my numbered list, it put it in my bulleted list, but I'm actually going to pick that up and drag it out and put it over here. Now it did pull the numbering with it, so I'm going to go back to home and take the numbering off now that may or may not have happened to you, depending on where you were clicked, I actually don't like the way that came out, so I'm actually going to undo that and I'm going to click outside the box so that I don't have all of that text formatting with it. So now you can see my cursor over here in the white space instead of here in the text, and I'm going to repeat that step. Insert picture in the one note folder destiny new and hear it now is just floating in my one note page and so it's this nice little white board. I don't have tio change the text rap the way that I had to with images in the in the last in the last unit, and if I wanted bigger aiken, simply hold the cursor on dh make it bigger. I'm sorry to hold a corner and make the picture bigger and smaller, so that way you can add pictures to your patients the only questions becca very intent okay so like I said one of my favorite uses is text that I have to re use any assets that I need to call on on a regular basis instead of keeping them inside my file structure and having to go look for them and navigate to them all the time just having them boom here in one note grab whatever I need whenever I need it update it it just makes it that much easier to organize so now I want to work with my advertising tap you know like I said this is heaven for me to be able to keep all of my assets in one place and so when I'm going to dio start over again there is I want tio I have a section here for my us weekly ads I did run an ad in men's journal several years ago so I want to add a new men's journal section so I'm going to click on add page right here in the upper right hand corner and it puts in an untitled page right down below and it has a space for a title and it shows me the date and time that this page was created and I'll put in men's journal and as I type here you can see it update itself over here not just like before I'm going to put a picture in so I've now clicked below into the white space and I'm going to choose picture and I have a cover from men's journal that I'm using as the cover for this section, and I'll go ahead and insert that, and it's now dropped the, um the ad in from inside the cover of the magazine in so now what I want to do is I want to make a sub page for the ad itself, and so I could click on add page, and it would put it right below. But I want to demonstrate that if you right, click or if you're on a track pad to finger click or on a mac control click, it brings up your shortcut them menu, your context sensitive menu, and I want to choose new sub page below the keyboard command, if you like, keyboard commands would be option shift command, and so I'm gonna put in a new sub page, and now I have an untitled page here, and I'll put in the date of my ad, and so that was in two thousand five in december and the seventh. Now, I just want to point out how on labeling these this way and why my instinct probably would have been to say right out december seventh, twenty year two thousand five but if I organized them this way, then I can group the year together and then the month together and then the date and so it allows me to see them grouped a little easier instead of saying april of all of every single year and then having them by day and then by year this gives me a realistic chronology, and again I'll click down here I'll click picture I'll click on the men's journal one and insert it and there I have the ad for that day, so then I can continue to go through and add more sub pages and add more pages as it as needed. Now if I they're not in the right order, for example, I have a two thousand six and then a two thousand five I can simply pick it is up and dragged them and you see that blue line that's going to allow me to specify where I want that page to go? If and this isn't true for this example, but if I needed teo, I could also control click or two finger click on it and I can also either make it a further sub page or promote the page. So if it's lower in the hierarchy but I want to raise it up in the hierarchy, I can promote it which pulls it back to the left or vice versa, I can turn it into a sub page and then it moves it down does that make sense? So that way you can manipulate your lists so now what I want to do is show you a really cool feature for making to do lists because you know, like I said the synchronizes to your phone and so when I'm preparing for a trade show and we're going to be actually organizing a trade show in the next session when I when amusing outlook there's certain things that I have to pack and remember to take with me otherwise I don't have what I need from my booth and so I can create myself a packing list and then have that packing list on my phone so as I'm actually packing the show I can go do something and then check it off and then go do something else and then check it off so let's see how that works I'm going to start by making a new section where it can maintain all of my to do list so I'll click that plus sign and it immediately highlights it says new section one and so I'm going to call this to do list and I don't like that green color it's too similar to this color right here so I'm going to right click or to fear click or control click and pull up my a pop up menu and I'm going to change my section color to something a little bit more vibrant so I'm going to go ahead and make it orange so now we've got that visual for as well and I need to make several different kinds of to do lists, so there's the things I need to dio when I'm booking a trade show, right? And I'll click down here, we're gonna go back to the home rhythm, and so I need tio send in my contract. I need to took my fight book a hotel room, you get the idea, right? So all the major things I need to do to plan now, I can actually add check boxes to these. I'm going to highlight all of those and on the home ribbon on the right hand side, I have a whole gallery here with different tags that I can that I can apply to the text, and I'll show you some of these texts and tags in a few minutes to do is right here, but because it's so commonly used there's also tag as to dio right here on then, and so when I click on that, it now adds a little check box to it, and now I can put check boxes in these as I finished them, and the next time that I needed getting ready for a trade show, I could just x all of those clear them all out and then run down the list again, so by keeping these to do lists in my one note as soon as I decided to do a show I can just go down all of the to do list that I have and make sure everything gets done in that way I don't forget anything okay there's nothing like being in a tree a john forgetting your stapler you know little things were important so and I'm going to make another to do list here and that's the one that I'm going to send over to my phone so I'm going toe click on add to pay ad page and I'm going to make a packing list and so when I'm packing for my show this time I'm actually going to turn the to do tag on first and so I need tio pack my story and I have several different jewelry lines and so if I hit the tab key it actually demotes the item and makes it a sub item I could also do that through these two buttons up here in the interface increase and decrease the indem so I need to pack my zodiac tori and I need to pack my destiny dorrie and I need to pack my planet story now I need my displays so I'm going to come back up and I'm going to promote this back up or do shift tab which takes it the other way and now I need to take my displace and I need to take my table coverings and I need to take my tools and I need to take all of my postcards and my catalogs now my catalogs that's a really important one maybe I want to make sure that I absolutely don't forget that, so I'm going to come up to my gallery and I'm also going to make this important and so now we put a little star next to that one to make sure that that I have it now for some shows I have to pack my own tables as well, so I'm going to put a table here, but sometimes I need it and sometimes I don't, so I'm going toe tag that one with a question mark and then I can find that out, then take it or not. So now that I have all those things in there, let me show you how this synchronizes to all the different places. So the first one, like I said, is that this is being saved in one drive, which essentially is a website so I can actually go in safari to office dot com and I do need to sign in the first time you do this, it will ask you to create a microsoft account, and if you already have one, you can use that if you have a aa hotmail account that's a microsoft account alive dot com account is a microsoft account or you can create one for your own email address and so the first time it will ask you to sign in and create an account and then when I'm in this is what it looks like and so lo and behold it has already synchronized the men's journal okay, so here I am I'm now in a safari interface this is what it looked like in one note itself this is what it looks like in safari and I can see the changes that I made are all right there and so if we wait a few minutes we'll see that to do list pop up here as well leanna has to go up to office and back down again so that's what it looks like when it's on the web so even if you are don't have your computer you can be at the trade show and get on anybody's computer and log into office dot com and have your resource is available to you okay, now what I'm going to dio is bring up I I film now it is going to take some time to synchronize so the to do list might not appear immediately but let's see how this works so here I'm looking at all of my different notebooks and I'll tap on wandering stars notebook and you can actually see it sinking to see that little little spinning arrow so it's doing its thing right away and I'll go in and their little behold our might to do lists and so I'll go to my packing lists and here's me just doing this on my phone and it's loading the page and there's the to do list that I just created so as I'm sitting here packing aiken go put it on okay I've got my planet jewelry I'll put a check mark on it and I've got my jodi act jury but maybe for some reason I can't do my destiny jewelry right away and then I can go through and find the things and check them off and as soon as I go back on my computer to my one note and this synchronizes you can see it sinking right there so in a moment you're going to see all of those things check themselves off over here don't give it to go on so the same thing is before you go to the app store and download the one note up and you condemn littered on your ipad and on your ipad and on your iphone you will log in with that same user I d and that's what makes it everything synchronized perfectly and then all you do is just pull up the app and it goes and gets the content for you and could you do some of these making things on your yeah absolutely so I can go into edit mode and I will um go over here so I will I'm tapping on that little check mark right there and it made a new to dio and I also have to remember to take my mirror, but I saved on my iphone, not on my computer, so I'll add my mirror into it, and then hit return and now when this sinks up and this sinks down, will see mirror appear on the computer as well. This is, if you were working, say, with the partner and you wanted them to have the list to use their wayto absolutely what you can do for that is go up here to the upper right hand corner, tio this share and I'll click on either share as and it gives me an option for either getting a link or e mailing it as a pdf. If it's a pdf, we're just turning it into a pdf, but what's neat about this is if I get a sharing link, I have an option of having the person just get a view or view and edit so that they can check things off a swell so that's great for giving to your assistant so they can pack the show while you do your oppression right? So I'll click view and edit, and it will go get a link by the way you can see mirror has appeared while we've been talking and ok there's a glitch because of the way that I have this set up but it would right now just give me a a link and I would copy it and then go over to an email and paste it or a text message and paste it and then they would be able to access it either by going toe off dot com or downloading the software themselves as well and this should work between mac and pc it won't matter if they're on a mac or a pc. That part will be universal because this is all about organization we've seen here how you can use it on a practical day to day level, we've seen how you can keep track of your assets your graphics you khun keep track of text it could be resource is it khun b snippets? It could be literally anything that you want to start it in an organized fashion so now what I'm going to do though is shift over and talk about outlook because when I'm doing my daily running of the business, my email in my contacts are what I need as much as anything and so no like I said before, not all versions of out of office for mac come with outlook, so you might not have it on your computer if you're buying the stand alone software, you do have to get the professional version if you are that's one good reason to sign up for the new office three sixty five service which instead of actually buying the software outright what you're doing is you're subscribing to it and it's for individuals it's ninety nine dollars a year but they're actually coming down with a new version that sixty nine a year for student and home I believe don't quote me on this prices and that allows you to download microsoft office on five computers mac or pc or both and up to five devices as well and so you could get microsoft office for your entire family for a fraction of the cost of getting it of buying into everybody's individual software so when you do office through sixty five you do get outlook along with it and you saying can you create a new notebook and then move on door copy of sheet from a current notebook into the new notebook in the pc version is just a matter of picking it up and dragging it on the mac version what I would actually have to dio is go into notebooks and click the plus sign and it will now allow me to make a new colored notebook and I'll go ahead make this one teal and I'm going to call this pointing personal just for something to work with and all could create and so now I have this new notebook and if I want to move something from one notebook to another I do have to actually click on the asset and copy it I'm going to use a command see but you can also you know, right click and copy or use the edit menu and then move over to the new notebook and paste it right now there's no drag and drop thank you I believe it will be coming do we have any other questions from the chat rooms? Well, there's questions about the actual because people are fascinated by the fact that we're seeing the iphone on the screen it said this I'm not sure there really things that you may want to answer but some are saying how does this how exactly does this sink with the phone is the assistant preference you need to put in no it's it's all built into how one note works that your one note file on your computer is not saved to your computer when you put up when when you install one note it immediately asks you to create an account and register it so it creates for you this cloud account and there's nothing else that you need to d'oh it's seamless you download it on your computer create your account downloaded on your iphone create your account down littered on your ipad creature account downloaded on your husband's computer create your account and you have it everywhere that you go and if even if you don't have any of those devices office dot com on any computer, you log it. There it is. And it will think so. Automatic lost things instantaneously after this with the slight delay. Thank you. Okay, wonderful. Alright, yeah, one of these ducats. But you want to use it in another program like you made your list of words. But you happen to be designing something in photo shop and you just wanted to put it in there. What would you that's exactly? Why? I like keeping these this way. So if I'm going to be re using this, I can simply copy it. We'll use this copyright here, copy. And then I can go teo an email message or tow word. And when I'm in the program, I simply paste and there will be now. This came in with different format because that's what we would like to do two things. Um, but it's just a matter of copying and pasting and that's. Why one notice particularly handy for all of those snippets? Because I could just go grab him and paste and grab it and paste and grab it and paste and I don't have to go opening up files to go and go navigate and find things that's all just right there for me.

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