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Microsoft Office for iPad: Word Pt 2

Lesson 32 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

Microsoft Office for iPad: Word Pt 2

Lesson 32 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

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32. Microsoft Office for iPad: Word Pt 2


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Lesson Info

Microsoft Office for iPad: Word Pt 2

So let's, take a look at the menu bar that I have here I'm going to put this in full screen so that you're not distracted by what's going on in the back. So the first button that I have first, I have to highlight some text, so I'm just going to work with my title as much as possible now, for people who are not familiar with working on an ipad, one thing that you need to know is how to actually highlight things, so I just double tapped on the word jewelry, and it put thes bars on it. You can see the one on the one on the left with the dot at the top in the one on the right with the dot on the bottom, and so I touched the bottom dot on the right hand side, and I'm dragging it across, and so that allows me to highlight oh, once I have something highlighted, it gives this bar here where I can cut it, copy it, paste it, delete it, define it for speaking jewelry store so that's, how I that's, how I highly and then I'm touching this key right down here to hide my keyboard, but I did still wan...

t that to be highlighted, so now that I have something highlighted, I can turn my attention up to the buttons up on the tobar so I'm starting on my home ribbon and I can tap that a and that gives me all of my styles so what you've seen me emphasised how much I love working with stiles might everybody should work with styles and so here's my styles if I want to change the font all I do is touch the font name and I can change this to anything that I want I'll change it to ariel rounded bold and now my fund has changed if I want to change the size here I go what's neat about this is I different interfaces I can either use tapping on the number or I can also do that font up and fought down that I have and what's nice here is it's not beholden to the preset sizes you can see her I've got it twenty seven so you could get some odd jobs font sizes in their bold italic underline those air all self explanatory. Now the next one has this a with the dot dot dot under it that allows me to dio strike through subscript superscript my word art text effects are all right in there as well I'm just going to go ahead and mangle this document just for the sake of playing with it so this is the font that we used in the power point presentation so we'll use it there too and down below text effects hiding under text effects is that clear formatting button which is so handy for wiping out sixteen different font formats and just taking it back to normal all in one top ok here I have my font color and we've been talking about themes as well this is just pulling up the microsoft office theme if you have been using themes you would see other colors here if I click on more colors than I get the standard rainbow and if I want to get into custom colors and define my own color I can then tap on custom color and choose any color that I want off of this list I can use this slider here to make it later and darker that's that's lighter right there and when I'm done I'll tap on apply yes way have color themes have using power point as you give the example before it is light we see maybe one or two off the six or seven colors how can we use the other one for whether they right in the power point that we were working on? A lot of the backgrounds were colored textures but if we had gone teo the font color drop down or worked with a text box we can change that color and when we change those colors it must do I have words still open don't let me go ahead and open that up rock creek so looking back at power point, whenever you are, I'll just highlight some random text right now, but when I pulled down the font color, I can see these all the theme colors. So any time I want tio work with a a box, the fill colors are all those colors, the line colors air all those colors, they show it repeatedly throughout the document. Ok, so there are also highlighter colors if I want to use the highlighter left center, right and justified are all right here. Here is my line spacing from single down to triple line spacing here I have my bullets I don't want a bullet this right now, but I've got bullets and numbering, moving something to the left, moving something to the right and, of course, my favorite non printing characters so that I can actually see what's happening behind the behind the scenes in my word document to constructed the way it's constructed now let's, go to the insert ribbon and see what they have there we can insert a new page age we can insert breaks and sure enough, it's, just like we saw in word when we learned about the difference between a page break in the section break and when we used a column break when we worked with multiple columns, so all of our brakes air there now I'm going to flip all the way down to the bottom of my document I'm just swipe, swipe, swipe sweeping and I'm going to use this opportunity I'm going to double tap my finger to move my cursor down here and here I can insert a table just by tapping I can and then when I insert a table and I'm clicked on the table just like we saw in word we now have a new table tab with table style options table styles themselves and these all look exactly like the things we've been looking at for the last three sessions shading, deleting, inserting auto fitting, aligning the cells everything that you need for basic table editing is here it doesn't have everything but it has much of what you actually need I'm going to go double tap down below the table and hit returned a couple times to give myself some space and I'm going to go back to the insert tab again and here I can insert pictures and when I insert pictures because this is an ipad it does behave a little bit differently than it does on a on the desktop software I can pull from bicameral I can pull from my photo stream it separated out some panoramas here's my whole I photo library and any albums that I've synchronised from my mac using itunes so I can access any of my family photos and drop them into place so I can pick any one of these pictures here's your little introduction to jamie and my son wouldn't recognize if he had pictures and dropbox or would you have to take him out of the drop box and put him in your photos? Um I think you would have to um I don't know I don't know if it has integration with dropbox, but in one drive we saw that there's a picture's folder in one drive so let's see that so I think he would use that okay? So while I'm tapped on a picture, I now have my picture styles and so I can use all of the same picture formats that I had earlier I can add shadows, you might go into the next page there it is reflections I can wrap text so we've done a lot of text rapping in this course and so you can see here that I have square and tight and behind texts and all the different features that we've used and I can also if I have overlapping object, we order them fascinating to watch. I'm curious as somebody who's bean so steeped in microsoft forever and you know you're used to using the curse in every how have you adapted and found it easier to just, you know, basically work with your finger and touching rather than moving it to be something you found very easy toe take on its surprisingly natural and just like most people have found with an ipad like they don't have to think about how to get around and how to use it and there hasn't been I mean, you see with these buttons they're so straightforward, it's almost easier to use because there's not all that extra clutter around and there's not all of these options and choices and what does this do? And I'm afraid if I touch this, I'm going to break it. You don't have all of those same fears as you're using it forward seems today yeah, thank you so say we did things on inserting we can insert text boxes we can highlight something and turn it into a hyperlink it even has footnotes now we didn't talk about footnotes in this course at all but for example, this kiosk here I did actually get this from the web so it would be good form tio put in a footnote and then it down at the bottom you can see that it added this line and then I can actually type what it wass and right let's say it was used kiosk l l c dot com let's give them credit where credit is due all right, so that's the insert menu now I'm going to go up to lay out and forgive me for not being exactly right on with the with the circle the pointer is on the computer and the work I'm doing is on the ipad so it's kind of like having to use my left hand in my right hand at the same time so the layout tab has orientation for um left and of portrait and landscape page sizes let's what area so orientation page sizes margins with all of the default margins text direction changing the number of columns working with your headers and voters all of that is in here edit the head or remove the header at it. The photo removed the photo different first page we worked with that different adam even we've worked with up so the tools air here I'd be curious given how challenging we saw that it was toe accurately get a header in the footer into a complex document with multiple sections I'd be curious to see how well this does. I would be delighted to find out that specially easier to do it here then it is on my computer so I'm gonna try it when I get home and then there's also the option for page numbers showing the number on the first page or not maybe I'll turn that off maybe it will go ahead and get rid of that first page page number that we were so worried about now reviewing has been interesting because the different programs all handle reviewing differently word does allow you to actually to turn on track changes and any changes that you make dio actually get tracked, so if I highlight gold palace and make a change to it, we'll go home, I make it bulbs now it did actually turn on my change tracking, so when you are collaborating, this is going to be really key, especially since we saw that you have a not necessarily simultaneous, but at that we have editing at the ending at the same time, I can't use simultaneous, but we are at the same time being able to see use the reviewing as that tool really opens up the options there, I want to go and turn the track changes back off like be like chatting, yeah, kind of kind of and I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to go ahead and accept all the changes that I have in my dock humint just to turn that feature off and so now my track changes is gone and then I have my view tab so right now it is checking spelling I can turn on my ruler up at the top so I have a ruler up here and I do have an option here for word count so I can see seventeen pages this many words, this many characters and it is including my footnote in that count now just took us a few minutes, but that was actually most of the built in features in word so you can see that it's definitely streamlined but as you look through these you know your first thought is probably will shoot what's it missing and you would actually have to go in and take a look around to see what it doesn't have and then when you need it, you turn back to your mac to go get those to go get those options here's your undue so I had just made gold palace bold, so I'll use this undue right here and undo that option I think it's actually undoing my there we go and now let me turn my attention to this document right here and so this is your file right now saving I'm going to click save and refresh and that will put all of my changes back up into one drive so that it will now show up in anybody else's versions that they have open. I do want to note that if I didn't have office open in my browser also this auto safe right here would be on right now and as soon as I make a change it saves it, make a change, save it, make us change save it, so if that does crash, you don't lose any work it's all right there and that also means that if it's just you working on the document the moment they save it on your ipad, you could do just open up your computer and open up the file from your one dr folder and there it is that's where it's instantaneous down below I also have a duplicate so I would duplicate the file it's kind of like a save as but instead of making the changes and then duplicating it, I recommend duplicating it first then making your changes now what's really fabulous is this restore you have the option of restoring to the last opened so if you have been working on your ipad and you all of a sudden say you know I don't like anything that I just changed or there's some sort of an issue I can press restore the last open and everything I just did will go back the last save that was on my computer, which is very handy in addition, I have the opportunity to view my version history online I'm going to go ahead and tap on that and watch where this goes it's going to go to safari on my ipad and it's going to load up my one drive and for whatever reason I'm getting this message so I'm just going to go to one drive and it's now going to open up the one drive central area for my documents and so that will allow me to get back in and get into those copies okay, so I'm going to go from there back to my word I'm just curious d do you think you would be able or did you try? I know it's really new to do what we did in word with that particular document do you think he could repeat that whole thing? Most of what we did I think would work up there and yeah, you know, like we saw that the footers didn't might not be behaving is after the same way, but conceptually we could have generated most of that document now I'm a touch typist and so typing for me on an ipad is really challenging because I'm used to my home he's as feeling that he's under my fingertips so when I ever I am doing ah good amount of typing I do carry a little bluetooth wireless keyboard like if you haven't, I'm act that little wireless keyboard that comes with it makes a great keyboard for your ipad it's late it's small probably fits right in the case for it and then they make a lot of cases that have keyboards on it, so if you are doing a lot of document generation, I would recommend getting an external keyboard to work with your ipod I didn't even think you could use that one with the ipad no ok and last but not least, I didn't click on this magnifying glass right up here, and the magnifying glass is no surprise a search. So if I search for jewelry, you will now see all the instances of jewelry inside the document right now, there's seventy five of them and I could click on these arrows to move through them one at a time. If I go up to the gear in the upper left hand corner, I khun change this from find to find and replace, and then where it says jewelry right here, I could replace that with something completely different. So you have a find and replace and back under that gear. We also have the option when you are finding if you need to look for things that are just capital or just lover case you can if you need to find a whole word, you have all of those options as well. It doesn't allow you to, like we saw on the computer, or do we find and replace for paragraph marks and spaces can't do that, but you can do all you search for text, so right there that is actually, and I just tapped back on the document to get back to my ribbons word in a nutshell, we just tapped on everything that there was to tap so let's go yeah go ahead isha is there anything in the baseball call it standard version that is not translating the ipad of they pretty much covered every base no it's really just a stripped down pares down a version of the software it's also just version one point oh, so it's kind of not tried and true yet we don't know what bugs air there we don't know what features you really, really wish that you had that all that is still waiting to be seen. Now one thing that is actually helpful that I found that see if I can actually figure out where I found it again okay, I'm back under this synchronisation area we didn't actually go down two properties yet, so let me finish that little tour this properties now shows me my file name where it's located which when it says doc's dot life dot net that was skydrive, which is now one drive where document here's the size here who it's by here's who it was created by last modified and the company attached to it and I'm going to go back to file again right here now to specifically answer your question in the help and support I did find this option right here compare word for ipad with word for mac and word for windows to see what's the same and different there, so I'm going to tap on that and here is a list that tells you what you can do and what you can't notice you cannot print you have to go back and open up the file on your computer or on office dot com in order to print it out you do have styles, but you can't modify them, which we had a lot of fun doing. You can look at references you don't you can't update your citations when you're in there's no grammar check so there are things that are just not there and time remains to seen if it's not there yet or if it's just going to be a later, faster version of it and that's actually kind of where the industry is at with ipad aps because this is really just the infancy of being able to work on a tablet. I mean, we're really just talking maybe a year's worth of that, and we've seen it with apple. They because they do have pages and numbers and keynote for ipad when mavericks came out, the new versions of pages and numbers and keynote are actually completely stripped down to match the capabilities of the ipad versions, and a lot of people are actually up in arms about that because, for example, pages no longer has mill merge, and so anybody who has mail merge documents in pages now has to go back and use the old version and apple has made it so that you can use the two versions, but for now there's that inconvenience until everything catches back up again. And so I expect a lot of that with microsoft office as well. There are things that you won't be able to d'oh and things that will be inconvenient, but right now the trade off of that synchronization mean just for me and developing this course because I developed it in one note and I have this office three, sixty five account. You've seen me using my ipad as my notes, as I've been going for the course and that's because I could make the change here and it shows up here and I don't have to ship things back and forth between them. So the convenience has just been tremendous and it kind of sold me on the office three sixty five subscription I was going, you know, why should I pay for something every year when it's cheaper? Just buy it outright, but it made a world of difference for me just in the past two weeks, so I'm happy for it.

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