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15 Step Quick Start Guide 1

So basically I'm going to do is I'm going to also, like, like I said, kind of walk through what the journey was, like, starting the podcast, and I'm going to share fifteen steps with you guys and so what's cool is that I'm not that far ahead of any of you, you know what I mean? And if you're watching this and you just got inspired literally today to create a podcast, I mean, I'm less than a year ahead of you, and I've been able to track back over one hundred seventeen thousand dollars literally just to the show. So that's pretty cool the break six figures and it's like we don't have monsters down low numbers, we have great friends, these guys thank you for bringing me here to talk about this s o the fit. So basically you're a little about my journey and in the fifteen steps, I've got one question, and if you're at home, I need full participation with everybody, so if you would like to see the fifteen steps, I need a hand up all the way to this guy, all right, we have I'm only doing it,...

we have full participation. I see a couple video people in the back with no hands up means you, dude, all right, we got everybody all right, so, um and this is to help this was like, my, you know, prop to help get there if I couldn't pull it off myself. So the very first step is and I'm not gonna repeat everything that that has already happened to takes you guys learned a ton about how to start a show and like what to talk about, but I am going to go back and talk just about this for a second cause it's so important, and I would say that, you know, you heard from john earlier today about, you know, it's like, what are your passions? What are you good at and see where those things match up and also think about it, you know, if I were to hand you a bag of money or if someone bought on your website and you had more money that you knew what to do with, um, I ask you, what would you do with your time, like, literally if you had one hundred million dollars after tax and you could do anything you know you've already given to charities already know all this stuff it's like, literally what would you do and what would you talk about? Because I think that for me, as a business coach and with the company life on fire, my goal is to help people live a life on fire if they're doing something for money or if they're doing something just for, you know, whether it's recognition or to be famous, all that stuff is like empty calories once you get there, and so we really should have something that's so connected with your core and your purpose and what you want to do. And so what is that? You know, if money were no issue, you know, what is that that you would talk about? And so for you guys here so what's, what what's something that is so you're so passionate about, you feel like you were dropped in this earth to dio that's your purpose? And so anyone in the room so what? What do you feel so compelled to do? I would talk about what I'm thinking about making my second podcast around photography because that's, where I got started as an entrepreneur and I love it when I post my pictures on facebook, they get the most clicks, they get the most interaction and it's something I don't think about, so I do other things now, but that would be my number one thing I would do without even thinking twice about it, so that for me is I look at that and say, man, you'd be crazy to do anything else because if it doesn't feel like work and you're so inspired to do it and if you truly put your energy into and put your twist on it, you could build a huge falling around that you know, and there's never been a better time in life to take advantage of social media I mean, she look at creative live and all the photographers and how this was built but there's there's so many pieces of technology everything you learned here today you know, it could be applied for that particular niche and I just think that you know, my whole background is being an entrepreneur and I was an entrepreneur you know, my whole life and had a paper at six years old my brother had when he's older demanded half and then it's like I looked around in my family I looked around it at friends and it it was really sad that everyone was working so much and, you know, my own family was just like I mean, if you think about it people spend more time working, then we do with friends with family doing any other activity in life we spend more hours working than anything else. And so if you don't love what you do, you really taking a huge bite out of your life, you know, and throwing it toe whatever so I just look at my old high my colonial fromthe scylla printer our ambassador um to your point I saw podcasting is simultaneously really, really easy and then also one of the hardest things it's there's so much work as you guys probably know cause many of you here have a podcast to get the thing from idea to actually being on itunes between all the audio in the recording, the website on stuff so it sometimes it could be a grind, and if you're not doing it on a subject that you absolutely love enough that it's oh no it's twelve thirty and something happened in my audio and I have to redo this show for tomorrow because you can't miss the deadline that means that you have to have that passion for it. I mean, really have that passion for it and that's a great point, and I think that when you are truly in alignment with what you're hearing this earth to do, so whether you believe in god or whether you just feel like you have a mission or a meeting or something that you want to on how you want to help people at the end of the day when you're in that alignment and you're talking on your podcast about something that is so near and dear to your heart, that is so it's your own movement or your own mission that when you have the challenge in front of you that is the size of a king mountain, when you're this inspired about your business you're going to overcome it and it's going to effectively be the size of like an ant hill because you'll get you'll find a way to overcome it you know you you'll always find a solution whereas it's like every time I work with an entrepreneur that they're not connected with the truth with a business that's connected to their core their mission or they're being it's so easy for them to get taken out it's the one big obstacle the one big challenge next thing you know they're done or you know business to start a prey is like what ninety five percent or something like that the way they were here that stats like I think ninety five percent of businesses fail well if if I'm doing what I love nothing well it's impossible phil if you're doing what you feel that you're meant to do on this earth nothing would ever stop me from that you know and would it for you probably not so it's like if you look at whatever you're thinking about doing whatever you learned here today take another hard look at that write it down and if you have to come back to it take you know take a moment to do that because when you connect this this is the one differentiator I have with life on fire that one that will never change you know john mentioned that I sold the business by thirty and I did and it was one of the worst experiences of my entire life I I was so focused on not being like others were where they were, you know, worked at a job he hated and they weren't there for like, my football games and this and that and I resented people that were just too busy, you know? But they were working and then my whole life, I just wanted tio be financially free insured if I go on this mission to do that and I sell a business by thirty like I said, it would not even have a tattoo on my chest with a goal saying I would do that and I did it and for what, though I thought it was my purpose at the time it was facebook advertising, I thought I was helping people, I was doing a great service, I kind of thought it was my mission, my purpose, but in reality I ended up in san diego more money than I've ever had my life yet I was standing over this gorgeous balcony, the same balcony that john has and I cried and I'm not like I was trained as a kid, not till it cries a little boy, you know, and I breaking cried because it was like, what is all that for? I'm alone I'm in san diego don't have many friends out here and I'm now like looking for my next thing, and so it was at that moment that I had this ah ha moment was like, you know what? It's like we spend more than our majority our life, we spend working so it's like, why don't I just do something that, like, I love you wholeheartedly that I would do, whether I was getting paid or not? And at the end of the day, I would never sell that, and when people say that they're like all they want to sell a business it's such an illusion, because why would you sell something that you love? Like, if you've got a child, would you sell your child? I don't have a show, but if I did, I probably wouldn't be down to sell them, you know, it's crazy, you know, and it's like? Well, so the way I look at it is I was so focused on in destination, and I was so obsessed with selling a business, I missed out on all of the fun in my twenties, and that stinks, right? And I think that so many people are like, oh, I can't wait to retire, then I'm going to be happy, you know, all this time in between. Paying my dues as they say you know podcast I'm gonna work my butt off and then at some point I'll start the podcast that I really like where I'll be happy later that to me is just a broken model so it's like, think of whatever you're doing in your life just design your podcast to suit you and be fun for you you know my show start up three days a week I dropped it down to two because you know, it was too much like it was too too taxing on me, you know, to be run around doing videos so the end of the day it's like, get in alignment with your purpose, what your message is, what really resonates with you and if you do that, the market is going to come easier aa lot of the things we're going to be easier and easier and easier and I feel that one last strategy on this I just have to share it because it can help you figure this out is what I call the three s is and so the three ass is our what's your story, you know? And that means like what's your background what's your story you know, I've got a buddy who almost died from alcohol abuse and he's a young guy, you're talking thirty three years old and for him he got he it was a miracle that he lived and now his story is he came back basically from the dead and now he's on a mission to inspire other kids that are in rehabs and things like that certain with addiction and now he's going to be a big old podcaster he's going to be speaking on stage is and this guy used to work at a nursing home that's partly why he end up in this position to begin with he was so freaking unhappy and so his story was his background and his stance the second s which is stance is he's taking a stand for basically not loving what you do for work and being miserable and leading you know having to go to alcohol to that level to just numb himself and the third s would be with your strategy if you figure out if you look at your background story and say this is why I'm so passion about photography because of why right or I'm so passionate life on fire because I grew up where you know people might like more able to be wrong if they were working so much now they're our respect that but also I as an entrepreneur building sold the business that didn't make me happy and I look at other entrepreneurs that work one hundred hours a week and say guys that's that's not a good plan for your life that's good plan to make money that's also a good plan to get divorced that's a good plan toe you know I mean like get illness from stress and all that but it's like instead just love what you do so in my case my background story in the experiences as a kid led me up to my stance and I had a business coach that said nick what's your stance and I was like, I don't know what you mean and then she was like, well what? I can't say that we're what nothing pisses you off and I was like, I'm a pretty happy guy and I'm not really sure nothing really you know, piss his mouth like that and she's like what's the movement that you're going to start and all of a sudden it hit me and I was like, you know what? I want to help inspire people to love what they do for work and then give them the tools to help them be successful with it and so think about what is your background story? It could be good it could be a negative experience that you've overcome and now you're using your podcast to do something you know so it's your story, your stance and then your strategy is how do you execute it idea create your movement of people that are going to follow you into the trenches and be your tribe so three s is is something that will change the way you look at starting your podcast so again, I kind of talked about my my purpose here seconds it past that, then the next step it's so here you're at a spot we're all going to soon we're just all right, we've got her story, we've got her stance, we know our strategy, we feel really good about it, you like, man, I would do this podcast if I got paid or not, you know? And I think about sean, um, you were in that boat, you know, I think there's actually have you share what you're doing because I think he's a great example of it's like, you know, I'm not sure if it's going to be, you know, profitable things like that, but I feel like hk just share real quick what your podcast is, and then I'd like to just move on from there. Daniels and, uh, I just launched a podcast, this we called creative trek um, my background I've been a visual development artist in games and film and it's, a very volatile industry aa lot of layoffs after every project, but you work with really talented people. And so for the past decade, it's always been me just heads down drawing, drawing, drawing my personal story, which I didn't share with you was I was a lead recently for a big company and at a really young team, and we got our assignment and I pretty much was like, ok, let's, charge that to do it, and all these young artists were freaking out like we didn't sign up for this, and I took it away from them did it myself, and the team hated me. I was competitive, so after the last layoff, I pulled it stands and said I would do the opposite of everything I've ever done. Yes, I always pretend like I'm working like stands, right? Yeah, and I said, that's it I'm going to give all of this talent that's in these industries that nobody knows about a platform, I want to share their personal projects or side projects, who they are, their story, what they're doing, not just the people that inspire me, you know, like idols and artists and art directors, and you know it like john lasseter and directors who I've always admired, I want tell their story through journey and that's what the show's about and I don't care if I don't make a cent, I don't know where it's going to go. I'm making a lot of new friends and it's been great so and so I think there's some cool things there I think number one is that there's something that happened in his life that's part of that was part of your story there's something jarring that got you to actually do it and it for you to tell that story as you were that into your show will be huge it's it's for john lee do miss that you know, he was consuming a podcast over and over and over but he ran out of shows there was no seven day a week show and then he created you know that your your story you were so unhappy with what you were doing in korean commercial real estate so it's like for all of us stay clear on what that story is and then for you what I love is that your stance is you want to create this platform we want to bring people together now it's a niche podcast. But the beautiful thing is that by sharing that story and bringing people together, you know sean setting up his life that when he does the interviews he's building relationships with the people he's interviewing because just check this out how cool is it if if I wanted to go talk to some new york times best selling author and I don't have a podcast and I was like, hey, I love your books you know seth godin could we just like hang out in of ice cream he's going like no man get out of here but it's like hey mr you know I've got this podcast they don't know what your download numbers are so as long as your graphic design looks good you could be a school is you want I was this cool as ice you don't mean and and the cool thing is it allows you to be able to like even if I never made a cent I could use my podcast as a platform to interview really cool people that I just want to learn from you know in in almost selfish she like build relationships with that could turn into friendships that could turn into a joint venture you know situations and in the business so it's like that's a huge way to monetize and you're already doing that well that's that was the other inspiration behind it I was I was in between drops right I was laid off as freelancing but I want to learn I want to learn from these amazing inspiring artists and people I looked up to and admired and when I had a show and I just asked them and and told him how much I love their work it was an easy yes yeah and that right there and I I wantto just highlight the fact that you know who you get on your show as a guest is going to dictate part of your audience, and I think, you know, when you look at how do you grow an audience and I want to talk about this and later step, but it's, who you get on to interview, ideally, that they're going to be so excited and so happy that they were on and you do a good job, that they will also share it, too. So it's cool is by you picking in looking at your niche, going to the top, the head of, like pixar and the big names well, they shared or tweeted, then your audience is going to stem from that, which is really cool, but you have the guts to go out and get that person it's john had the guts is, you know, he came out started podcast, and you had what, seth goat, and you had barbara corcoran and had all these amazing entrepreneurs, and anyone else was like, I'm going to stay where I'm comfortable in the the b lists or whatever, you know, so it's, like, take whatever niche you have, and you've got to shoot for the stars like whoever, and this is my the way I do it is whoever I experienced the most amount of fear in my body, when I think about reaching out to interview and it's like oh that's the person because I'm this most scared to talk to that person so that's my barometer my indicated to go talk to that one you know that's how I got kevin harrington from shark tank and tony shave the guy who I invented and built supposed over a billion dollars like that was a doozy but so that's just a little tidbit there but I think as far as this show so shawn's got unclear we want you to get clear in their three s is you've got to make sure that you define your outcome because even if you're like I don't have to monetize it next month or anything the end of the day you've got to know what your personal reasons are for it so you know if shawn is clear that this is for networking and this is his passion and he could talk about every day if he wasn't getting paid and you define these things that's cool but at the end of the day you don't ever want to go into podcasting with not knowing what you purpose what you selfishly want to get out so we all want to inspire people and things like that that's the mission of my business but you want to make sure that you're clear like what's your selfish reason for it you know you want to build up your email list do you want to you know go to quit your job like set that outcome, and then the second thing is you got to know what the alchemist for your viewer I want people to know if they watch life on fire tv for ninety days that they're going to be different than when they started, they may have started a business, they may have grown their business. I mean, I've got people that have made their first thousand dollars online or we've got people that have used our facebook strategist made ten thousand dollars on webinar it's like I want them to be clear that, you know, by watching the show, you're going to get inspired, and I literally at times have said, if you haven't made that leap to do what you love, then you shouldn't be watching this, you know, me like, like, if you're watching this and you watch this for, you know, and this is the tenth episode that you've watching you haven't, you know, taking the steps to do the three ss or you haven't taking the time to make that shift to doing what you love. You're just teasing yourself, you're just in a dream state and getting a little high from being inspired, but it's, like I want people to get actually get stuff done, I want I want success stories, that's my outcome. So my case you know I want to help tow actually grow my audience and sell coaching because for me coaching is where I can get my tentacles in there and help people grow faster and I'm obsessed about creating success story someone that was working a hundred hours a week never made more than x and now it's like I've got a really great lifestyle and I can spend time with my kids and I make more money and it's streamlined that's my goal outcome for the viewers helped them love what they do for work monetize live a life on fire step number three is research and modeling so if you think about starting a business sometimes we get so crazy that we think we need to think of the whole plan ourselves well there's no it's very rare unless you're an inventor tohave a completely unique idea so all you have to do is do a little research hop on itunes if it's for your podcast and just look what other people are doing for ideas it's the best place to get ideas and you want to look at their logo's look at their descriptions and then look at the categories you know it's really interesting that you know on video it was nice because in the categories there's opportunities I knew in video I could easily crush the right categories and I think I can jump to my phone here um showing how embarrassingly easy it is to get to the top of the charts on video, but all right, so as you can see here, I'm number four on business in video, um, I don't know the competition may not be that incredible beat neil cavuto, fox of I mean, the deloitte insights podcast, I mean seems to be riveting, but, um, I mean, it's easy competition and video said so you can use to get to the top the charts, but what's cool is I say, I've gotten to the top the charts in business, you know, and it actually works really well, but and you think of categories, I mean, you've got all these categories when you've got it, you know, if you're in the arts, it's, like, click on arts and just scroll down and see what you're up against, you know, what you can do is you can look here, and then the way I would do it is I would figure out where things like look at you getting get a gauge based on the logos and based on the competition, and you can start to figure out how competitive one of these are, and then you just go and you go to that person's website and look at their alexa ranking. So if I was going to get into the arts in the video side and go to the ted talks hd I'd find their site and look at what is their alexa ranking if there you know alexa just ranks you know, all the web sites in the world and assigns a ranking based on the traffic that they get so I know that anyone sweb site that isn't at least in the top one hundred thousand websites they're not a player as faras traffic ghost might be amazing men of great business but they're not going to have a big humongous audience you know, john you're probably in the top ten thousand now and that's so it's one of these things where you can get a gate by searching your categories and figuring out which one to go in you get to choose three don't jump back the power point but you get to choose three so I knew that I want to pop up in rank if someone's on business I want to be there because just like we talked about ranking on itunes for your key word if someone types an entrepreneur yeah, I definitely want to pop up at the top but I'd be really nice if someone goes to the business category and I'm up there or someone goes to the careers category and I'm up there so you can choose three categories just make sure that you choose three y z just browse around and look at you know look at what other people are doing they're so number four define your ideal customer I think that john and mike really nailed this out of all the business coaching that I do and I've coached hundreds and hundreds of customers one on one is that ideal customer is usually probably ninety nine percent of the time it's screwed up and people are actually marketing to people that they feel comfortable marketing too but they're not marketing to people that they really want to work with example I've got a client who is a real estate trainer the guy's a total boss speaks all over the country and like so all right man so tell me about your ideal client well all right so it's a realtor you know she's you know forty five to fifty five awful with technology maybe cells like one to two houses per year really struggling you know to get by and I'm like time out is that your is that who your customers are or is that who is ideal and he's a no it's notes whose ideal and I'm like you want to work with someone that doesn't have money that's struggling that sounds like a complete pain in the butt come on and he's like I'm like dude who would you love to work with and he was like all right so I love to work with a guy you know a guy that was like twenty five to thirty that you know is hungry that does what I say that's like savvy with like online marketing social media willing to pick up the phone and do sales calls I think what if you just targeted that what they were your customers not only would his business change but his quality of life would change because that's who we associate with us who we become so it's like if you're spending all all day on the phone with people like that you're going to turn into unlike your turn into one of those ladies so just get really clear on whose ideal so I think look at the exercises earlier today but then also make sure think are ideal isn't exactly who I want to talk to you or is it just who I think would be a good customer because that's where my comfort level is or my confidence is number five is what is your format? So four men is just the layout of your show like what's your frequency how often is it going to run? Um you know you've got the interview show so we talked about this a lot and I think that this is so critical if you're part of your outcomes to build a big audience, you'd be totally nuts to not have interviews great thing with interviews is that provides content for your show but the one thing we absolutely cannot get around is that this is how audiences are built, I mean, by colonial has three per week, and every time someone's on their excited, you know, the bigger your audience grows, the more excited people are people go bananas to be on his show and should I'm on it today came out, and they were going to share in that of, like, you know, because it's a big deal once you've got the audience it's a really big deal, and if you interview someone that has a big, you know, a big following and they simply tweeted or sharing on facebook, and if you do a good job now, your audience is going to grow. So this to me is like, that's, why you grow in audience faster, and I think another thing that I take away from from from john duma's is he's the only one I know that's got the seventy a week show every single day. If you didn't catch this before, this is so critical every day someone is saying, I'm excited beyond john do mrs entrepreneur on fire every single day, someone to push that out there every day, his audience is growing, so this to me is critical, so in my case, I want to have this once a week and I'd love to do it more but I just you know podcast for me is not my entire business it's this is one piece tio advice for people share what I know in to attract some clients so you know that's my band with I do one of these per week now um the next thing is teaching and what's so key about this is that if you are if you're outcome is to make money and monetize and you've got a skill you're good at something then you very well may want to be on camera or just on audio of it's an audio podcast teaching something so in my case it's like if I only interviewed people people might look at me and say yeah he's a great host in this then that is a podcaster but when I'm doing one interview show and then one episode it's just me teaching something and I'm like like really getting in there and I'm really making an impact for someone well now they're like yeah I can see why people what I heard this guy so you want to make sure that if you're selling your services that you need some time to like show off what you're good at, you need some time to add some value do something that you love and to so teaching is really important for that so for me like I do all right do one interview one teaching that's why a band with for that that's what works for may thie other type of format isn't is to answer questions I love this because this builds community I mean you see it with gary vaynerchuk now pat flynn I kind of weave this in a little bit so I might teach something myself and then say all right so here's a question from from jimmy and you know an answer that question I think where I see some of these podcasts that are you know, like that flynn like pipes the questions in and so you can hear the person says and then he answers it I love these because it takes creating content which can be challenging and actually puts it back on your tribe and the content that you're sharing is actually driven by your own community which is really cool but the thing is you have to have a big enough community to get a lot of questions for the whole thing to really work out so that's one thing I think it's a great strategy because you can still show off your knowledge and your building committee with anyone else at the same time just cool so how many days per week you know, I think more content, more downloads but the one thing and part of why I went down to two episodes per week is your quality you're only as good as like your last show and I think that you need quality supersedes anything that we talk about because if you're just putting it out there because you feel like you need to have a lot that's such a bad idea, you need toe have put your best foot forward. And if your band with only allows you to do once every other week, then maybe that's, what you do, because just putting more out, dad, morale is not going to serve the long term, and then you want to be consistent, of course. S o in my case, like I said, we're two days per week, and my like, um, differentiator was that I wanted to, you know, stand out some way, you know? So I think that for there's, a lot of interviews, but I was like, man, if I could like, how could I get it? So that the personal interview, how do I get it that they want to share this? Because if I know that sharing is what's really important to grow your audience, how would get someone you know, like john, or like you are, you know, you two share the episode that we did together, and I and I had a conversation with john, we may or may not have had a a glass of scotch and it was like command so far did like an interview with you but I didn't like mtv cribs style where we like showed this beautiful home that you live in and like is really different and like, you know, looked in the fridge and like just got like a different take on your life um what do you think about that and like and what you share that up and he's like, oh, man, fire nation would love that and that's when I was like that's cool because if if he wants to share it now I'm like in now that's a really good thing because you like, you know, if shawn can get those high level execs and creatives to want to share a stuff now you got something so you gotta think about kind of like, what is that twist? What is your twist? And so in my case, my twist was differentiating by, you know, actually going on camera with the person in their home and just walking around and like seeing like how they live and sky jonathan but had like this giant truth sword like, hey, dude like what's up with the nine foot sword of near living room, you know and like all these crystals everywhere and but like he loved it and his audience loved it you know and we got hundreds of shares on it and it was crazy, you know and because it was a different take on it, you know? And so that was my twist and then you look at and say, well, that's really tough to go out into, like filming on location like that but that also comes down into what's my outcome part of my outcome is I want to meet and build relationships with people that are amazing, you know? And like kevin harrington from shark tank, I got to go to the guy's house and like medium and be face to face and do this interview that's a level of report that you just don't get over the phone or on skype and so part of my out I like doing that cool traveling and like meeting people like that so that's why I'm doing it now to just got engaged if I have a baby and a year and a half I won't be doing only run around the country doing like these you know, this style video, I'll change it up, so for you, your show what is your twist? What makes you different? You know, modeling look at what other people are doing is cool and doing what you're passionate about, but then just make it unique be creative with this, you don't there, you know, it's like zack whenever else is digging like there's like like john the seven day week was like that will never work it's too much it's like be completely different you know on that can really stand out so hey what's going on guys that goes with here and I'm citizen exam fired up because I've got not only just a friend but a mentor and a guy who is just living in walking, breathing proof of what a life on fire looks like so we're about to go bust in on my good friend and mentor louis house is that one of the top podcast called the school of greatness and so this could be an amazing episode we just traveled all the way from l a x you always saying you go up here to l a to west hollywood to crash in and see what's going on with this house? So follow me on fire well, yeah fired up you think everyone's fired him this thing I want to see what's going on in the crib of loose house so welcome three. All right, look at this is the first stop. All right? So you could get the idea from that right? And so what's what's cool is that I mean that's a different take it like lewis his home and he went on to describe like that what's your purpose thing and he talked about how he was so inspired by pencils of promise and he's building schools in guatemala, and that whole thing stemmed from that in that one poster then inspired me to like, like, meet this guy adam braun, that then inspired me to want to go to guatemala. And now we're building a school in guatemala and it's just it's crazy how all these things come together, but, like that's unique and he was down to, you know, he shared it up and tweeted, and that was because people got to see a different side of him, you know? So the point of that is what's your twist and how to be different for a cz gear goes and it's amazing how fast time flies appear. I was like, man, I'm not gonna have enough time for all this stuff and it's like whoa, gotta move. So I'm gonna be pretty quick on the gear because I have a whole sheet about gear. If you are just repeat for any of this, all this is elaborated on so gear you can use your phone and that would totally works. There's a whole company outlier magazine that they just use the iphones, they record into iphones with lapel mike's, they use iphones and everything is true. Iphones so there's that option you've got for doing ending with with like google hangouts or interviews unlike on skype getting the largest tech c nine twenty it's I think sixty nine bucks and that thing is awesome and we've done plenty of episodes just with that you go dslr that is, you know, we we went crazy and you know, we got an expensive one, the five d mark three and I personally don't even how to use it, which I think is crazy. So I do my stuff selfie style or I'll use the web cam and then otherwise have got like a team member that, you know, will run around with a dslr. But that to me is, you know, you can do it on different levels and you don't have to be hollywood production style, you know, if you have a personality brain and people are just into you and your teaching stuff, you could totally do a show that is, you know, hd cam in selfies that people are it's like a reality show people could get a feel for your life, you know, just using that strategy as faras audio goes, audio is so key because you guys gotta figure you take your video show and you plot the audio and now you have two shows that's, another differentiator that's really important and the cool thing is that both of those shows can get up a new noteworthy and both of those shows could be driving up and building audience free for you. The big thing is that if your audio is not excellent people that our audio listeners which our audio download numbers have surpassed her video in if it's not awesome or we did one where it was windy outside we're doing some cool stuff then then that is going to turn people off so make sure that you've got good you've got great audio so how you know I use a lot of just a lapel mic plugged into a recording device there's the you know each one the zoom h one any recording device that want to be a simple that has less buttons and that's why I like that one and it's less expensive outside of their for editing I was up so late last night because I had to do some editing and I I am not a big fan like I to me I'm not a techy so I try and outsource a lot of this stuff but I mean I used screen flow personally to do some editing last night which very basic camp tasia is the rival that's for pc and mac and then you could if you wanted for advanced you know final cut if you're passionate about a topic I would foot put your time on the topic and I would outsource some of this so for me I'm passion about helping people set their business in life on fire all my anything at all that stuff I've got someone else doing it you know, I understand that not everyone can outsource immediately but how do you set your life and business up so that you can? Because I think that that stuff I could spend all day doing that stuff but instead it's like, you know, have a virtual assistant that can help you out. Number eight is producing your show. Keep in mind that your lighting is really important. Your audio is really important. You know, you wanna have episodes in the can first. So john talked about like, the importance of having three episodes just already loaded into itunes so that that when it launches, people are already able to get those episodes and then roll one out one per day just for the launch period. So if your shows no, when I launched, I had five episodes on itunes, then I went one show per day, day after day after day after day after day for two weeks, and we cranked all the way off the charts and so that model we've used with other clients and they've done the same thing and then after that launch is done, then I go back to the format, you know, so then it's just two per week, so that just maximum maximizes the traffic on itunes and all that good stuff. Um, intro big thing for the intro is you have to make sure that you frame up, what is the outcome for that listener for that viewer? And you want to make sure that it's clear, so in their mind they're thinking with him what's in it for me, please write that down circle and start because this is something I had to spend five thousand bucks to go to a conference to learn, and I'm like, so what's the key to marketing man and evan picking just like with him and it's what's in it for me and at the end of the day, that's what we think you're watching right now at home and you're like, do I stay with nick? So I go grab popcorn or some bond bonds you guys were thinking? Do I pay attention right now, or do I just tune out and just go toe like mars in your mind and just a dream or something? You know, so it's like what's in it for me? What am I going to get out of it? Your intro has to be so crisp and so clear, the whole thing is that you've got to make sure that you're really, really clear on your with so write that down, circle it so intro, I'm going to show you my intro, and I think what's cool is that if you look at tv shows, they don't start with, like, full house, like, you know, bob saget and the kids and all that, right? It starts with, like, the little intro of, like, what's happening in that show that week, you know, what's going on with uncle jesse, you know, in the hair it's like what's happening, and then it cuts to like the full house theme song. Well, the same is true for your video show it's, like, I'll talk about something that we're going to teach this here today because I'm addressing the witham but what's in it for me and then I cut to the life on fire intro that happens every single episode and so here's hey, what's going on nic underthe from life on fire dot com and I'm going to share with you five five reasons why I gave joe polish twenty five thousand hey what's going on here and I'm a king this's coach none on an absolute mission to help you find your purpose in life. Help you love what you do for work every single day to help you be the rock star that you're meant to be to make more money than you ever thought was possible and to have more time freedoms you can actually enjoy the life that you're living under help you set your life on fire this is the low seven james bond and you're watching life one fire tv all right, we're back and I'm really fired up because I had just oh okay, so so are what happened there so I talked about like why I gave you a polish twenty five thousand bucks is just like a interesting like title in what I was doing and you know, I so I didn't go on to like talk about I do this whole thing where if you notice the currents, those aren't my my real curtains just you guys know um is green screen, we're new at the green screen it looked a little funky, but basically I did like a countdown, which I think is great. It was like the five reasons why I gave joe polish one five grand and I have these little cards and even get some notes on the back and out through him then like class would break a throne like a cat would scream and so I made it like dynamic on the content, so I had the intro that was me just talking and I'm introducing what the contents are going to be about then it jumps to the actual intro for the show now the thing where it was like cutting across the screen with like that I'm going to set your life on fire all that part you can see that you see that? All right, so that part did that look complicated to create? Did that scare anyone like I don't think I could do that thing all right here's what's awesome about that is I saw a hand what's awesome about that is that's a template that's just a template where you upload photos too and that pumps out so anyone could have a really cool intro. The most important part is you got to know what's in it for me what the audience wants so there's things like templates there's all kinds of resource is for video. You can get clips and do cool things in these intros are not is crazier difficult as you think plus there's tons of people on if you saw a blue board tone who happen to be here lou bora tona did work with he did some of my first in native into back in two thousand ten the guy's awesome so the outro this is important not sure we need to have a call to action and so with the outro it's like, you know it's it's like what you know greg was saying about tim page from conversion cast is that you want to lead them somewhere you know, if you're like I'm just going to be a nice guy I don't want to sell anything that's fine, I didn't consciously sell anything on the course are on the podcast at all and that was what was so surprising to get coaching clients is I didn't even sell coaching or anything, but what I didn't do is I sold them with a call to action to take the next step I sold them on writing a review I sold them on subscribing I sold them on coming to the website and getting something they're so every single episode has to tell them where to go and what to do and so on the video side that would encourage you to go to a life on fire virtual summit dot com and just then I won't play the whole thing that what we're I will play the whole thing for time. But I explained why to go to this web site and explain exactly what to do so number nine and a blast of these is just about the logo we already talked a lot about this, so you're not missing out on ly key thing is this look att here and when someone sees that little video recording button and you put in parentheses in your description that it's a video that people say oh, there must be an audio and that's what's cool so even if this one ranks upon the charts but someone like I really just kind of like the idea of some jogging today in the bridge then they'll know that there's probably an audio version then they search for and they notice that that one's got that little icon they know that there's audio so that's how you cross pollinate with two shows an audio and video that little tiny icon in the corner now I need mind to kind of look like our brand you know, if you want to have yours be bows or you know whatever's cool these days you know the beats you could have it look covering a lot but that's a really important piece a ce faras the tech this is some of the stuff we wanna you know we use we use lips in tow host her audio we use amazon s three tow host our video please if you're doing a video pod do not host her video through lips and you'll end up spending a ton of money we got bills that were four figures for our lips and hosting and it's stuck and so we said while what's the solution three months later after hemorrhaging money we finally figured out that you could actually go to amazon s three and pipe that directed itunes so that is keep also the power press is nice we talked about that earlier that just makes it easy from the creating that feed that we're talking about before um submitting to itunes this was covered pretty good before but basically want to make sure that you've got your key words, your descriptions and all the tags and all that stuff on the back end when you submit itunes your long strategy I touched on briefly, which is the five episodes in the can roll one out per day that was the play book I got from mentorship of john and that's the importance of investing in a mentor or getting the short cut are watching a course like this or getting the advanced course it's like why blaze your own trail? Why get all the bumps and bruises just get some of that story where you want to be, you know, make some way faster on the marketing piece this is so important is that when you launch your podcast whether it's video or audio I would say one thing that we did exceptionally well is we executed a subscribe and review contest so we just had it set up where it was like a t the end of the shows like hey, you know, have you joined our are subscribing review contest? We're giving away an ipad you know and we're giving away a gopro we gave away a couple prizes and so what happens is that at the end of every show we talked about it when we communicated to people to just check our show out we said subscribe right it's those three steps number one subscribe number to write a five star review don't just say review say a five star review and then number three email me personally in just let me know that you did it because there's no way for us to track by looking at itunes because people can have different user names so we only tracked by whoever emailed us and then I mean, you're not going to get a million of them, you know, ideally you get thirty to fifty you take them, put them on little piece of paper and then I didn't episode me just picking the winners for the prizes, you know? And it allowed us to get I don't know forty reviews in the first week and we were number one, you know, and almost in all of our categories, so what happens from that contest is rising up the charts really fast in our case, these were a big deal, the number one on entrepreneur inspiration show that was a really big deal, this was actually a really big deal on business on the video side above ted talks and this one is video, all of video on all of itunes beating anderson cooper think got a screen capture that perfect timing just to let him know via twitter, you know, eat my dust. Anderson cooper, my best household, that death street and then also, you know, now, a week later, I mean, he's back above me and I'm at the bottom, but no, not that bad, but getting up the charts is really cool, and people become aware of you right after that just get fifteen u two marketing take that you're already shooting the video, so you'd be crazy not to just put it to youtube, even if he did nothing on it that's what I did, I was like, I don't have the band within the time to do everything so it's like, well, I was going to put the files to youtube and see what happens. Well, we ended up with over two thousand subscribers, and we've got tens and tens of thousands of views, and we haven't focused our time there, so we will be soon, which is get um and then from here is that once you're live now with the heck are you going to do so, building your audience, being consistent, getting on other people's podcast o p p you know that song o p p, you know, may get on other people's podcasts. You want to grow an audience, get another shows that's going to grow your audience fast. Other piece is create momentum with the virtual summit. So this is, like what? Like a little bit of a dog leg left concept after talking about video podcasting, but here's, what happens? Um, video podcast is going to really fast is I mean, a virtual summit. All this is is I have twenty seven amazing speakers, right? So I have, um, you know, gary vaynerchuk, brian tracy, mike cannon's, kevin harrington from shark tank tony shade from zappos, you've got john bill barone, so I've got all these amazing speakers, no tony shape from zappos, I mean, incredible. Alex mendoza and brian moran. Jonathan, bud, glenn, kevin, I mean, so just imagine, just to be for sake of time, you take your industry and you get the absolute top leaders in your industry and he doesn't need to be twenty seven, it could be five and say, hey, I want to feature you on this virtual summit, and all that happens is when someone ops in now, what's happening, you're collecting an email address, someone ops in their redirected to the next page, which actually have right here, so just jump to that and the redirected to the next page. I then share this ninety seven dollars product that we're calling the business on fire bundle, and that product is it's courses from myself, from john and other people put into one and then the proceeds goes to charity. So at the end of the day, what's happening is we're taking if you're going to interview people, what happens if I interview sean it's a replay? That podcast episode is a replay, but if I interview sean and it's live on a virtual summit, we can have a live audience shoot. We're live right now, and you add by for people what you're building your email us at the same time. So the whole thing is that if you take your industry and you create a virtual summit and you position five people in your niche, what happens is that you create brand position that you are literally at their level. So when I run ads and it's my head next to tony shea or like, you know kevin harrington from shark tank it's like people are going to be like, wow, this guy's really on the move, you know, he's doing great things in the virtual summit what's cool is I'm building my email list first and then after we do the live event, like, how many guys are like, man, I would love a replay of this here today. Well, what's cool is that the only way that they can get the replay of the twenty seven sessions from the virtual summit is they can only get the replay by coming to my podcast to get those sessions see that's like that that's where the ah ha moment comes in, where it's like I deliver the content live interview people and I create that brand positioning build my email list because if I've got five people on the summit with me and we all agree, we're all going to email together, build up this larger list, and then we're going to deliver the five sessions and then, you know, if you need to sell something on those and then you can take your replace from that virtual summit and that goes to a podcast. So the virtual summit concept is totally killer and I'll wrap things up get to the last side, so what I would do is just for time, your best bet this literally just launched today, so your best bet is all replays goto podcast, that's huge, and then I would write down this town, life on fire summitt dot com and for thinking about doing a video podcast, if you think about doing an audio podcast, just look at how we're laying this out. So if you have an interview show and you're considering interviewing people, look at this and model it and say, you know, could I use this strategy toe to start my podcast? Because it starts with the revenue it starts with building your email list, and then all the replace from this goes to your podcast, and that, to me is this far is like, you know, how do you want to run your business, like I prefer leading with revenue and cash flow, as opposed to, like, just throwing a hail mary with the podcast milligram, maybe it'll work so it's like you could, you could do the virtual summit and launch a podcast. Replays goes to the pot, you know, they actually your actual podcast critic or a way to launch, and this for trying to get interviews for your very first launch of a podcast. When I reach out to kevin harrington and tony shape from zappos, I was able to paint the picture of what this is going to do. They got that and said, owned, by the way, it's also going to get my podcast, my god, that sounds awesome, so that's the big thing to check out life on fire summit dot com. Write it down, just see what we're doing. And plus, there happens to be twenty seven sessions with amazing people like john lee do miss my colonial, greg. We had to do something here, buddy, and just amazing entrepreneurs that are that I'll be interviewing them, pulling out their greatness, and there are moments to give to you guys, and then we're going to take those and boom, you'll find those replace on life in fire tv, and that right there is going to be a game changer. And as we do that, we're going to be raising money to build a school for guatemala, if it doesn't get any better than that. So that's it's, all I got were gonna wrap up.

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Learn how to produce and promote a professional-quality podcast. John Lee Dumas hosts the award-winning podcast EntrepreneurOnFire and is the founder of Podcasters’ Paradise, an online learning community for aspiring and professional podcasters.

In Podcasting 101, John will walk you step-by-step through creating and distributing a dynamic, engaging, and high-quality podcast, whether you plan to share your creative expertise, interview the most fascinating people in your field, or just tell great stories to an audience that will truly appreciate them. You will learn how to:

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Samantha Porter

I think this is a great course for a beginner to start off strong. I really appreciated that there wasn't too much repetition, each presenter had his own perspective. I was disappointed with the lack of diversity in the presenters - all four teachers were white men. That said, they had magical information, great energy, and generosity for sharing tips! This course is worth watching and worth the investment.