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Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More!

Lesson 1 of 24

Class Introduction and Explaining Profiles


Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More!

Lesson 1 of 24

Class Introduction and Explaining Profiles


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Class Introduction and Explaining Profiles

Welcome to creative live I'm kinda klosterman your host for scrap booking paper crafting, stamping and more now close to my heart has partnered with creative live to bring you a show about how to make the most out of their products we are starting here with a wonderful event on dh we are going to show you all the product line from close to my heart they have independent consultants that sell the product line throughout the north america and australasia so let's kick it off why don't you help me welcome the chief communications officer of close to my heart monica we homey welcome way well do you have thousands of photos on your phone? What about your computer? Both right? Well, I know I d'oh well, we're here to show you what to do with all of those photos how to share those photos and tell the stories behind those photos the other thing that we dio really, really well and have so much fun doing this paper crafting we help you celebrate those relationships by making handmade cards, paper...

, crafts, home decor themed parties and we're going to show you how to do all of that through this class are you excited? Are you ready to create some fun and beautiful stuff? Well, first I want to tell you how we came about close to my heart started with a visionary women by the name of jeanette lynton. I met jeanette lynton in nineteen. Oh, gosh. Nineteen ninety two. I was only nineteen years old, but when I met her, I just knew that she had something really special. And what that really special thing was, it was making beautiful, designing decorative stamps. Jeanette herself hand drew all of the stamps. And back then our company, the company that she started, was called dots, dozens of terrific stamps. This's the catalog cover of when I started isn't back just precious acute. So when I saw it, I thought, oh, my gosh, this is this is something I have to be a part of, but little did I know what these beautiful precious stamp designs really meant. So that's what? We're here to talk about two. In two thousand, we started a scrapbook the line jeanette was passionate about. Scrapbooking loved it, did it as a teenager and brought scrapbooking in two dots. We call that line close to my heart. Soon after that, it really took off. So we decided to change the name to close to my heart. And so that's, all encompassing of those paper, crafts and scrap booking and stamping all combined together. Soon after we did close to my heart, we introduced the very first clear stamps through direct cells so that's why we're going to be using today a lot of clear stamps it's so much fun to do and so so easy so you're going to have you have lots of stamps that's they're in front of you and it's going to be so awesome so this is me and jeanette today still working together side by side and it spent such an amazing adventure we've seen this company grow from just being here in the united states to canada and most recently australia and new zealand so it has becoming a global white thing because people have memories and they need to celebrate those memories and how to preserve them and keep them safe right? All right so here is to net she is still the visionary of this company she is the ceo and runs this company with her heart and keeping all of our consultants in mind so I'm very, very proud to be a part of close to my heart this is our mission we show you how to celebrate relationships through discovering your creativity to preserve and share the moment that matter most. Now I have a awesome video that I want to share with all ofyou interview viewers at home because this really does share who we are this's who we are we want to help you share the joy that is creating creating having creativity so in this class we have identified six different categories. If you will, we call them profiles. And so we have scrapbooking, decorative, scrapbooking, fundamental, scrapbooking, card making digital scrapbooking, and we're going to cover the whole gamut. So make sure that you're paying attention to see. What is it that you're drawn to, and we're going to help you figure that out for yourself.

Class Description

Discover your creativity and celebrate the relationships that matter to you with the beautiful artwork of Close To My Heart!

Close To My Heart, a leader in the scrapbooking and stamping industry, partnered with CreativeLive to bring you Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More!. During this unique event, you’ll learn how to use the Close To My Heart products to create beautiful scrapbook pages, customized cards, handcrafted home décor, inspired digital designs and more!

You’ll get dozens of inspiring project ideas as Consultants and staff members show you how to work with the complete collection of Close To My Heart Products. You’ll get instructions and advice on getting the most out of the Close To My Heart scrapbook supplies and Cricut embellishments, along with plenty of tips for good old-fashioned party hostessing.

Whether you just want to create personal treasures or are ready to start a home-based business of your very own, Close To My Heart is the perfect partner for you. Close To My Heart produces high-quality and inspiring creative tools and accessories that are only available for sale through passionate and hard-working Close To My Heart Consultants.

Tune in for Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More! and find out how fun and rewarding being a Close to My Heart Consultant and customer can be! 



I have been stamping, making cards, for 10+ years but only found out about ctmh last year. I love, love, love your clear stamps. They are great to use and easy to store. These classes inspire me and get me all excited again about making cards. I just recently got a circuit, so much to learn. I've got to get me a ctmh cartridge!!!


This video series will provide all viewers with a fantastic overview of not just the wonderful products Close To My Heart has to offer but the creative environment they foster. Whether you want to craft personally or would like to see if this could grow as a business, watch this series and receive tons of information. Thanks CTMH and Creative Live!


I'm in love really with art ,craft ,colours, everything related to papers stamping writing party preparation, celebration wedding everything over and over things that course will be definitely increase my ability to innovate more and more ... thanks a lot for that free course with massive information love my heart to close to my heart