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Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More!

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Stamping Profile

Close To My Heart, Monica Wihongi, Jill Broadbent, Karen Pedersen, Michelle Snyder, Kristina Livingstone

Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More!

Close To My Heart, Monica Wihongi, Jill Broadbent, Karen Pedersen, Michelle Snyder, Kristina Livingstone

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2. Stamping Profile

Lesson Info

Stamping Profile

All right, so now we're going to dio are very first thing and that is stamping stamping really is the foundation of who we are. Jeanette lynton started and built this business off of stamping and so we're going to teach you all you need to know about stamping and to help me do that is my co host jill broadbent who's been with close to my heart for over ten years and really is our creative group at close to my heart. So jill, come on in. I am so excited to be here with you today and to teach you about stamping is a passion of mine. I've always been an events person and the planner and that's been my job and my hobby has always been scrapbooking. I was the one in high school that made scrapbooks and would say to everyone, we need to take a picture of this and make it mint memorable and like, you know, it was before scrapbooking with like a thing, but I just loved it and I was always cutting up my pictures and putting him in those stick backfield down she you know, on dh then I came to co...

llege and found out there is like a really thing called scrapbooking that became this entire industry on dh, so I started teaching scrapbook classes in college that was like my side job was teaching and I loved it, and then since I worked in a craft store, I saw that on the shelves where these wooden rubber stamps and I thought, I I don't know these, so I bought a stamp and an impact and I thought, you know, the whole world had opened up to me, I had one stamp and one inc and it was so fun and I was stamping everything I could get my hands on, and then I learned that there was a lot more to it. And so that year for christmas, since I didn't really have an income hopefully own that's what I asked for for christmas, I was a college student saying, please, I just want a ton of stamps and supplies, so my parents that year took my supply list that I had ordered, you know, are wanted my wish list, and they tied a stamp to a string and put under the tree, so I found one little wooden stamp and then had a string and I followed the string and then I found an impact and then I followed the string and I found it in bossing jar powder and like it went through the entire house, it was like the coolest memory I felt like I was seven again at christmas morning, but I wasn't going on I had so much fun by the end of that it will trail I had this entire box of stamping supplies so I was so excited to get started because I hadn't done all these other things there were these tools that I didn't have yet and so really before christmas had even finished people were still opening presidents I'm getting stuff out and trying it so this is honest and true I was stamping and I wanted to try and bossing right if you haven't tried in boston we're going to talk about it today I was stamping and heating sitting on the carpet so heat on carpet like sorry mom still has left like this nice melted mark in her carpet because I was just like sitting on the floor scrap but you're stamping my heart out so I really did burn a hole right through my mom's carpet and but it did set such a love for this craft in this a whole system of stamping because I think a lot of people do look a stamping and think you have a stamp you haven't in pad you're good to go but there so many techniques and there's so many different ways that you can use that so we're going to get started right away I have got all my supplies here in my trusty organizer and so for you in the audience right here we are going to start with a ruby ink pad which is a nice red gold rush and now I have to double check my cards to make sure you know which other one and then we're going to use honey, ok, so let's pull out those three inks, and then you should have some stamp it's in front of you think, and I've got an organizer full of stamps, and so we're just going to pull out a few of these to make our cards. We've got your own kind of wonderful. This is adorable, with butterflies and different sentiments see, we've got blossom expressions that was fun flowers, this is really going to just give us a good sampling, and then so many smiles, let's see, I think there was one more I wanted to use on this. We're going to use crazy good, so you also should have some blocks in front of you as well. Now we use a curling blocks and are stamping because that is the beauty of being able to see through exactly what you're doing onto your projects. So let's start by just talking about the basics of stamping itself. I'm going to get my project out, all of you in the audience should have a little bag full of the pieces for this project we're just going to make a few different three by three cards today, but when you first get a stamp we're going to start with let's see, we're going to dio do you have the blossoming expressions in front of you? Ok, we're going to do this one here, so let's, start with that. I think we do also need to use a pomegranate. Do you have that lucky? Because I don't so confining me. Obama granny, eat that? That would be awesome! I'm looking at it going that is not ruby. Okay, so when you get a new stamp set, it always comes in this wonderful snap closed envelope, and then you'll always find that there's a piece of foam in your stamps it. Now this is purposeful. This gives you a bet, a base for your stamping so you always want to put something with foam underneath that we also have a verse amount, which you can buy two cover your entire work surface, but if you don't have one of those every single stance that will come with this foam so that you can stamp your project nice and easy and it will give you just enough give so that that pressure comes through and your stamp is nice and clean every time. And then when you get in brand new stamps that they're nice and clean and really pretty, and we're going to dirty him up, which makes it that's important, it's fun. You're going to peel off your stamp and it here it to the right sized acrylic block now when you first get a brand new stamps that they're just a little bit sticky thanks monica thank you there a little bit tacky that's because it's brand new so you always want to season your stand before you stand for the very first time a couple ways you can do that you can inc and stamp onto a scrap piece of paper until you go on go on go until you see that it's nice and clear and you're not getting any um any texture to it at all or you can simply rub it on your arm this is my favorite way to do it just because I just can grab my stamp and rub it on the arm the reason we do that is because the oils in your skin will seize on that perfectly and then you can feel that that tackiness went away you just rub it on your skin for just a second and then you'll feel that there's no more tacky to the brand new stamping it's ready to go so I still like to always test that that's why you have a desk pad in front of you or you can use any kind of scratch paper so I want you to take one of these white squares it's two and a half by two and a half inch white square we're going to dio what we call base and shade so you'll see on this stamps that I'm using this image right here. This is my base image, ok? And I'm going to we're going to do to techniques here, we're going to do base in shade and we're also going to do second generation, so here I'm going to think my image just press it and give it a good tap in the ink pad a couple times and again, I'm just going to test it on my desk pad to make sure I've got a nice, clear impression, which I do because I season like stamp and when you do second generation, we're going for this look right here do you see how I have a soft background and then a more intense image on top, so I simply take my stamp, stamp it one more time off onto my desk pad now before doing anything else stamp directly onto your project and you can see that that was my first generation is what we call that and this is second generation, so it just took the first layer of the ink off, but left me just enough to give a nice, subtle background so that's, what I need you to do first is just stamp that in second generation, right in the middle of your square there and then you can just clean your stamp, we have spritz cleaner and a scrubber, which makes it really easy, just tow scrape that off your stance after you stamp with him will kind of have a stain you can see, especially for using a red or brown or black. It'll kind of leave a stain that doesn't change the efficacy of the stamp it's still going to be in great quality, it just shows that you love them and you use them, which is important, okay, so after you've done this base image, then you'll see that across from that one here on the stamp carrier sheet, there is another outline stamp that matches up and nest with that image perfectly, so we're going to grab that one in a season that up and again, you only have to do this the very first time you stamp with it. So since everyone's using brand new stamp today, that's, why we're seasoning, once you've done that, you'll never have to do it again on that same image. So this time we're not going to do second generation, we're going to just stamp that directly on top of the other that we did, and you'll see that makes it look like a realistic rose, so you've got the layers you've got the color and the contrast. And that is based in shade as well a second generation to techniques that you can use we sell a lot of different stamps it's that do this basin shade technique so you'll notice when you look through a catalog that you can see options that give you that base image as well as the outlined image on top okay, so you can simply take that one and I could hear it tio a card base it's going to set it aside will we can assemble those cards in just a minute while we talked but let's go ahead and do all of our stamping first so this next one says congrats on that we're going to use the stamps that crazy good I've got that right here and you can see I've got this triangle image on this block that I'm gonna load onto my block right now we have a couple different sizes out for you so you can make sure it fits on the block that lee I'm going to use this longer block this time just to make sure it fits really well and this time I am going to use some of that ruby ink so we've got different shades of every color because again that's important when you're crafting that you have a lot of variety in color and that you can layer different colors together so I'm simply going to take oh I didn't season at first let's pretend I did where it's going to keep moving with that? I don't want to rub it on my arm with the red incoming and I'm going to take this image and I am going to stamp part of it on here hopes and stuff I'm gonna flip it over the beauty of double sided card stock you can always live it over if you mess up you just want tio dio second then uh blind that up again do second generation then you could do a third generation so you see what I'm doing I'm just kind of giving a grady in effect as I go up so I think at one time stamped it down blinded that went again and again and again until you just go right off the page with that and that's first generation second generation third about third isas faras you can go before you really start losing all your ink so you can just kind of get a grading effect on your stamps that way okay, so that's another really fun technique there let's. See what we could do next got a couple more samples that I want to make with you all right? Does everyone have some post it notes at your spot? All right, we are going to take this image here now me, would you throw me a couple of post it notes here. Thanks. All right, do you see this image right here called you did it this's one full image thank you, but I when I stand it on here I didn't necessarily want it to be the text bubble or the talk bubble so you can mask off pieces of your stamp that you don't want to show up. So go ahead and load the image on here block season that one up because it's brand new and then I'm going to mask off the talk bubble that I don't want to show up so you can't just take a post it note and you, khun simply put the post it note I don't need all this extra just use the sticky part to really help you decide what part you want to use and what part you don't so you're just masking it off just like you would if you were painting the walls of your home hey looks like it took about two post it notes to do this one you can also use tape like a blue painter's tape or something um it's just basically tio to cover that up and I'm going to use the honey inc and actually I want to stand my border on their first so put that block aside and grab your really long six inch block and take this lined image that's right here at the very bottom of that same stamp set this will give us a better guide before we actually stamp are masked image so we're gonna line this up here's another tip I don't know if you can see this because they were white on white on white sometimes when you're doing a word or a long image like this it's hard to get that perfectly lined up so this is what I like to do I take the image or the stamp itself and drop it on the table like like I was stamping so stamp side down then take your block impressive in today and then it's straight every time so if it's a big or like a really outlined image that's kind of hard to control drop it down first and then later block onto it rather than trying tio light it up on the block itself so that's another good tip for them okay, so I'm going to take this border and one of my square pieces of paper again and I'm going to go back to that pomegranate eight pad so you can see right here were making this little card I'm simply going to stamp just a portion of this across the bottom just like this hey one more time I rolled right into the top make sure you don't press too hard so that you get ink on your block at the top you want to just make sure that you get just enough pressure okay so now we're going to we've got our border that's going to help us line up where we want our you did it stamp image and again I'm going back to the honey inc now I've got my image all masked and I'm going to stamp directly into my honey inc get it nice encoded and then quickly just peel off your post it notes okay, now you should be able to just line up your words and stamped that with no outline ok? So when youre stamping and you see an image that you love but maybe you don't love everything about it you can simply mask off what you don't want to use you can also switch colors that way you could I could have masked off the outline here and stan fat in yellow and then masked off the words and stamped the talk bubble in another color and so that I'd have to color tones on that same image. So does that make sense that's just a fun way to be ableto manipulate your stamps to use them however it works for your project okay, so that's another really fun one I'm asking we clean up these stamps really quickly and put those away so we can move on to another one all right next I want to show you this idea here this is called hombre or we sometimes call this rock n roll so here we're going to take the butterfly you can use any of them that you like you don't have to use the exact same ones that I have out here, so just take this butterfly and again this is a base in shade stamps that you can see because you've got the base background and also that, uh overlay part I'm just going to use the overlay this time I'm not going to put a background behind it going toe load that onto my block and I use uh gold rush this time. So again you khun blend all of these together the honey into the gold rush we've got forty different exclusive colors that you can use on any project and then I'm going to use the pomegranate again, so I've got gold rush and pomegranate open and then I'm gonna take one more of these square pieces of paper here. Now when you do the rock n roll technique, you always want to start with your lightest color first, so I'm going to stamp into whatever color is the lightest I'm going to show you a few different ways to do this. I'll do it exactly like the card, so I'm covering it completely in the gold rush, but then I'm going to come onto this pomegranate pad and tap into that so that I have this grady in effect, do you see how that happened now, a few different ways you can do this, you, khun, stamp your entire image in the darker this is why we call it rock n roll, because you really can just roll it around, just the edges, and I'll stand this on the desk pad, and then you can see I've made his wings just darker all around the edges. So always, when you do this, you just want to stamp into the lightest color first, then roll, whatever part of the stamp you want to get darker into your darker shade, stamp that down, and you can see that beautiful blends that that gives you so then I just went on to this one as well and stamped you are loved again with the word like that, I might just drop it down, tap my stamp, their my block onto that stamp that right in that pomegranate inc, and look how simple that would come together for a perfect little gift card with a handmade touch. You've got just a sweet sentiment, attach it to a base, and you're good to go makes a beautiful card, ok, one more we're going to make together, and then I want to show you a few more just samples I've got this right here, the thinking of you, and you see how that stamp has some some lines in that there's some detail to that so really we're going to start with the so many smiles stamps that with all the fun circles and this make this however you want pick any circles you want because we're going to just make a really fun pattern and it doesn't have to be exact kennedy have a question I dio so jill first of all we have people who are tuning in from all over the world which is awesome including australia yes, we love our bodies and so cheryl thomas has said and you can vote on the questions too so this has several votes says hi joe I have been using close to my heart stamps since they started in australia sometimes the stamped effect is incomplete or bubbled, but this on lee seems to occur when it's humid is there a way I can prevent or stop this from occurring? Yeah, I know that sometimes that can be a problem, but it really would if you're seasoning your stamps really well and making sure that you're getting a nice clean image on a desk pad first the more you season, the stamp, the cleaner and smoother it's going to appear and also making sure that you have the phone insert you're stamping we also have a product called adverse amat e snuck it, but here I can pull it all the way out and that will really help ensure that you have a smooth even impression and the other cool thing about our stamps is that they're clear so you can double stamp we call that double snapping so if you don't find mass up intensity sure you can stamp it again by lining it up through the clear block that's true, I'm going to leave that out pronounced I do have foam here so it's a great question, thanks for asking that one. All right, we are going to take this smaller piece it's a two by three piece of card stock and like I said, you can pick any of these circle images that you'd like, I'm going to seize on this one up I'm just going to go with gold rest since I already have it out, ok? And you're going to stamp this, but you're going to drag it across the ink pad so we're not going for the perfect, uh, impression on that. We're going to try to get that little jagged, not jagged, really smooth actually straight line that goes through the image you can see here on my finish sample how I've done that so basically you just stamp your ink on, but then you're basically trying to take a little bit of it off, so I'm just rubbing it across the edge of my stamp pad and then stamping it onto my project, okay so I've done that here with lots of different colors so we can just keep trying it you want to fill this entire piece with a bunch of different circle shapes and different colors again because those colors work so nicely together you can use the reds and the yellows together in a little bit of the orange shade and it just comes together beautifully that way. Oh, so I'm going tio open this honey and pat as well any of the things that we have out right now all of those will blend beautifully together so I'm going to just take this, stamp it up and drag some of that ink off and I was stamping that rain to the center do you see how those lines came through on my stamp image? It just adds a little bit of texture to it another technique so you can go ahead and finish filling in this paper while I tell you about the technique you basically want to make a full background here and this is called random stamping random stamping is basically making your own background by mixing your patterns and filling the space and the best way to always go about that is to create a triangular pattern so it's random but it's organized random because we wanted to always turn out nice and not be too crowded, so if I have this one still on the block I would take that, take it again and go here and then I could come up here so that every time I'm working in a triangular pattern and then you go back in and fill in spots that way so that you don't end up off balance. You kind of always work in a triangular pattern when you build a random stamped background, so go ahead to our studio audience, go ahead and make the rest of this car by just trying that dragging swiping technique on them. But I want to tell you about one other technique and it's called kissing. Yes, our stamps like to kiss each other so you can start with let me just take this background of the butterfly here way are yes, and we love our sam's way may have kissed a couple packs here and there when we love it so much. Ok, so I've got my butterfly image here. I'm going, teo. I mean, make sure you've got all these loaded up so I can do this all in one fails for you, okay? I'm gonna work with this guy here, so I'm going to take this butterfly, but he's, too plain and simple just to go by that solid pattern, so I'm going to take another stamp image and stamp it on while it's clean so really what that did was just remove some of the ink I don't do that very clean let me do it one more time but you can see how that came came off so I I think the one image well let me script that off okay I think this one and while its web I take another stamp that's clean and dry with no ink and tap it onto their so they've kissed each other and then when I stand this down it's like a resist pattern that image that I came out or took off with the ink is gone and you can see so you can mix your stamps like in so many different ways you could use a font and take off different parts to make your font look different as you go you can take any of these solid images and just remove some of that ink by putting some pattern into it from another stamp so really you can look at any stamp when find so many different details like just these swirls could be used on these circles that we've stamped here and you could remove some of it to get that floor issue patterns so really mix and match your stamps because it really makes for a lot more technique a lot more uses from the stamps you do own and allows you to just really play that's the best part of it all is just playing with your stamps on that's really what it's about making something beautiful having fun well joe we have some other samples do you want tio dio let's do some of the power point when you're young and I think I left the the power point here it is's it oh yeah I've kind of made a mess up here spreading off things out all right so as you can see you know are clear stamps are just so simple and easy to use aren't they the way that you can line them up and see exactly where you're stamping is one of the really great unique things about close to my heart stamps mike relic stamps all right jill talk us through the stamp is the basin shade so this is just another example on a beautiful finished card that shows you how the basis bass and shade comes together but this one we did two different colors so you can see there's a lighter peachy color underneath so you can always do your base in shade with mixing colors were on our sample here we just did the one color into second first and second generation so again you can take that one stamp image that's the exact same one we used but in different colors and you get in entirely different look with that here's another that one's got basin shade as well but then you can also see how you can layer that so that's just another beautiful sample this one the happy birthday can you see how that is the hombre pattern so it's kind of that same thing we did with the rock n roll technique you would start with the green, then you would tap into the lighter blue and then you go into that darker blue before stamping it down on your image so we're so diverse, weakest way have a lot of fun out it's so fun. Ok, again, this is a great example of the random stamping you can create your own background papers if you're making a scrapbook layout or even just a card, you can make any pattern in any color that you want. So here we've mixed four different colors together and you can see how we kept that nice triangular pattern that really is just a great design element whenever you're working on any kind of project it's that rule of thirds and keeping that balance together so I've just made a nice move. I got excited and it looks like the base. I'll make a nice pattern and fill your whole background and that's a great technique, okay, this again is that rock n roll, but look at all the different colors we were able to blend with that so you can do this another thing you can do, so this is what we did where we rolled the edges of our stamp into the other colors you can also do this with a sponge you can add color if you're trying to be really consistent about where that color goes you can use a sponge and you can see how some of that the darker pink color was sponged onto the top of those petals I'm going to show you sponging and a little bit when we do a decorative scrapbooking profile and it's really, really simple but has a really cool effect all right next one we high markers well our closer so funny it's like being a little kid again are you guys all getting into this coloring craze that's going everywhere it's therapy I tell you I don't have to pay for a therapist because I scrapbook I tell you it's so helpful so here we have samples of cards that have used the markers we carry a line called shin han markers and we carry twenty four different colors and they are wonderful they blend together there and alcohol a marker which allows the pigment to really blend and mix. We also have a colorless blunder which led to highlight and take color away so you can see on these samples first we've stamped on archival black ink so that the images colors fast and stays there on our card stock and then you go back in with those markers and you layer color and it was just a party sitting there playing at a closely you can see the different colors used and how intense and vibrant those colors are so that's just a great way to get a really fun look is using the markers ten again using the lighter color just in the stamping technique using a lighter color and then doing the highlights with the darker in the blender all right? Well um yes yes so I have seen so the attack techniques we just learned I have seen some of them in the catalog is their place on the website that you have them we didn't go back, we do if you go to youtube and look up and subscribe to close to my heart c youtube channel we have I mean hundreds of tutorials and you could do is just do stamping and look up and all the stamping videos will show up and course we have this creative life class now where people being dream in and see all of the different techniques that we're showcasing okay, thank you way have just a note for everyone watching at home. This will always be free here on the critical website for asking you so if you can't stay with us all day, we'll always be free right here on the page that you're watching s o we do have brin on the line yeah can I give you a little background on already so we have, like we said, we have thousands of consultants across the united states, canada, australia, new zealand who are tuning in but we have a special group right now in san diego, california having a crop they are getting together for several days and that's what's so cool about close to my heart is the community that we build, so we're going to check in with brand and her group of crafters close to my heart consultants and see what they're doing because they're following along with with us making what we're making so let's check in with brand and bring has been with close to my heart even longer than me I she just had a line that up again yes, we're so happy you're with us and you know what I have to say? I combined in this room we have over two hundred years of close to my heart what were the close to my heart expert? Are you all right? Talk to bring a friend tell us what you love so much about stamping like what brought you too close to my heart was dots right? You were with dots back in the day rubberstamped back in the day and monica, I actually have the first card I ever made what ah rape pad and the little bear in the wagon and the little breeding and heart does and I was so excited when I came home and, oh, a prism, a glitter and glue, and that was my very first party made at a gathering back in the day when we were dot and the rest is history, right? Well, I kind of remember a certain story, bryn, where we introduced our my acrylic stamp line and you you were in shock, basically because what we had decided to do was to go a different direction with their stance, and instead of being wood and rubber and heavy and, you know, that took a lot of room, we decided to do the clear acrylic stamps, and I I have a distinct memory of you saying something about what you're going to do with their rubber stamp. I was actually in an elevator with jeanette and david linton and and I was like, almost in tears going, what am I going to do with all my wood? And david says, well, you could have a bonfire on then I'm like, I'm going to put him in a sleeping bag and sleep with them. I think I could adjust and get over it, but I still have some of my original was, well, yeah, of course they're collector's items, but isn't it great how this is so compact, easy to use? They're so you know now where you had to have a whole room just what happened but I would and now we have our organizer's and they fit so beautifully inside of the organizer's. All right, so how many people do you have with you that you have there are eighteen of us today and would you like to see them? Sure let's say hi and you know some of these. So what do you love about stamping everything? They're easy their beloved group off you know what, it's? Not creativity, but it's the camaraderie and these air ladies that have been lifelong friends and we'll always be lifelong friends it is it's a community and it's our second family really? I love the friend. Thank you. All right, so I'm going to come back to stamping thanks for checking issue a lot. You know, crafting scrapbook you on dh chocolate go hand in hand after exactly. And so you know, brand touched on something that really is one of the most wonderful things about close to my heart and that is the community way have a community of consultants who really are like a support system. We are just an amazing sisterhood brotherhood of crafters and we have that commonality and it's a place for people to feel safe and to have their creativity show and to share that with others really that's why I've been with close to my heart for twenty three years it's the people the people are incredible and amazing and we just opened in australia new zealand a couple of years ago and I feel like it's my second home you know and I love being with all of our ozzie and kiwis sisters and brothers there and yet I said brothers, we do have video we do have a small person and a lot of male consultants who love crafting too so shut up for the guy having the men that's crap yeah so anyway so let's show a couple more sound yeah of scandal being you more samples are earth moves some of this how about we put the person that we should and I didn't want to show me in this mess you're working on this card still right? Yeah. All right, go ahead don't seem ok have you ever heard that quote? Creativity is really messy and I'm very creative yes brain than my daughter's room because that's true for her it's true for me this one we're going to do next our next project but I want to show you that he's right here grab those off the table so again just a few more things that we didn't cover in our actual stamping look at the detail on this one you can actually sponge your background you can see how much detail and color mixing you khun dio just by tapping in your sponge and adding all that detail but then stamping your realistic images and your trees and things on top of that so just incredible building an entire city landscape with your ranks and stamps so beautiful idea here this one I love because it's simple and it's beautiful but you can see how we've changed the colors as we've gone what techniques do you think we used to do that test masking your job so this is one stamp image but by masking it often working color by color and then that king is in bost now because I told you my story ofhim bossing does anyone know about in boston and how that works? Maybe someone in our audience is an expert at a mossy shoot ok tell them the question and done so just we don't have in boston here to try okay? But if you could explain how it works and the magic that isn't bossing so what I do is I stay use any ink like close to my heart and you take any stamp you want and could be clear it could be wooden stamp and then you stamp the image and they didn't take your in boston powder and you put it over the stamped image and then you take the excess off and what I like doing before I do that is I take like a dryer sheet and put it over the paper so it helps the embossing powder not stay true that's a great looking and then after you take off the excess in boston powder you take an embassy in heat gun and then you said it and you can see it said it's like magic it is totally like magic and their school and then it has that raised effect and you can see here this golden boston powder once it was he said when I put it on it was just matt powder that you could easily rub off if you had white e trade that once you he said that there you can see that well that's raised which is why it's called him bossing but all the rest is just ink straight onto the card stock so in boston is very fun I would just recommend always using an all purpose matt these here do not melt so you can heat set on this don't try it on your mom okay on another one water coloring water coloring it's such a huge trend right now we're water coloring everything and this is a beautiful sample of something that's been stand and in bost so that that stayed you can always in boss and then add color on top of it like you were saying there's so many technique with in boston you can use it as a resist and then add to it so this card is just a beautiful sample of that with watercolors and pulling your stamping into all the different mediums. Wait, we have a supplies so well, we have a couple more slides that I want to show with some really cool stamping techniques. Let's, see, let me go back one all right. I mean, this is water coloring and well, do want to show this. Yeah, so this the background with the triangles was done on our cricket cartridges, which we're going to highlight in depth later, but you can see of water colored the background of that and then the date and those flowers. So stamping is a beautiful medium to use with your cards, but you can use it on any type of paper crafting. So here you can see how you can tie your stance in to your scrap of pages, and those are all just water colored. You've got the date and the flowers and just add that little punch and impact on a project. And what I love about water coloring is really every piece is unique. We can tell you what colors tease, but you could mix and match the palate and use more water or less water to give intensity or softness, and its water coloring is a really fun technique to use. Oh, this is really cool using your block you don't always just have to use stamps so if you look at that haunted house down at the corner it has like a really cool texture effect on that image what we did is we wrapped twine just for a normal twine around a block and then inked the twine and stamps that on top of the castle are the haunted house and it gave it that texture to look like brix is a tremendous light and you can see it even closer do you see that detail that is just wrapping the twine around your block and stamping in that so you don't even have to have the stamp itself there's lots of different techniques you could do you can add water color to your block itself and stamp that just to get a cool so you're thanking passersby blithe all right, next one yeah. Oh, this is just in bossing some more in boston technique which is the white the boo there is done is showing that and let me show you a little closer you can see so you can add that color you com'on boss first and then just sponge your ink and go over that to really make that in boston area pop all right next like cares when I love because that's my boy you but what I want to talk about that with this is that stance can be your accent, so see this many album could be anything I could have used any pictures, anything but the stance, then bring in the boy element on this. So, see, this is the stance that I used to make this many album. He loves cars and trucks, and so this many album became a total boy project by using the stamps so you can have your basic supplies and then choose your stamps to be your accessories and the thing that's awesome about stances. They never get used up, and so you can use them over and over and change the colors different than a sticker where you would be. I added my truck sticker, and now it's done. I can stand that truck over and over and over again in any color and just really have a lot of uses. So your stance are amazing investment. Now you see why it's the foundation of close to my heart, it really opens up all of the crafting that's possible with our beautiful, wonderful products.

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I have been stamping, making cards, for 10+ years but only found out about ctmh last year. I love, love, love your clear stamps. They are great to use and easy to store. These classes inspire me and get me all excited again about making cards. I just recently got a circuit, so much to learn. I've got to get me a ctmh cartridge!!!


This video series will provide all viewers with a fantastic overview of not just the wonderful products Close To My Heart has to offer but the creative environment they foster. Whether you want to craft personally or would like to see if this could grow as a business, watch this series and receive tons of information. Thanks CTMH and Creative Live!


I'm in love really with art ,craft ,colours, everything related to papers stamping writing party preparation, celebration wedding everything over and over things that course will be definitely increase my ability to innovate more and more ... thanks a lot for that free course with massive information love my heart to close to my heart