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Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More!

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Paper Crafter Profile


Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More!

Lesson 7 of 24

Paper Crafter Profile


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Paper Crafter Profile

All right, we are going to talk about the paper crafter so I have a few slides to talk about this, okay? Many albums paper crafters love to make many albums were not talking about a paper crafter that kind of encompasses a lot of things, but really a paper crafter is the off the page person, so we've talked about our card makers. We've talked about our decorative scrap bookers and our digital, and now we're talking about people who like to make kind of those three dimensional projects those those things that are just kind of still using all those same supplies but not necessarily for their photo books and things. So many albums are a perfect paper crafter project this one again uses our cricket cartridge we just keep showing you more and more and we're going to talk about cricket later, but this is a great album that comes together just by cutting all your pages down here's another one that uses the same cricket cartridge idea and building your layouts are building your many albums tha...

t's a really fun paper crafting technique. This is called the hit picks album it's another album that we have that is the pages are already white and you can see it spiral bound so it isn't already assembled many album and all you have to do is art that up with all your stamps and all your embellishments and that's a great tool for your square photos beautifully too but you can just light in a four by six photo inside they already have the opening in there so it's a really fun and simple product to use next we have gift ease we like to call them gift he's anything gift of a little treats and special things that you make for other people. So again this box and these flowers all cut out of the cricket but you can see that that's just the perfect little I bought you a necklace and is it so much more fun to get a gift that's packaged cute then to just be given a plane box so we love are up even the presentation of things and that's the paper crafters thing so you can see here this is just a cute little president with treats but you add a little tag and it makes it so much more special these all again all these containers come on a cricket cartridge that you can cut those out and then pulled up together because you and then you assemble it but you can see again to give someone a little president and something that means something that you put some effort into these are really fun we have this here so we saw these gift bags and the chevron pattern is printed on here but you can see that we can art this up in any way so I've stamped on here on the one on the slide it's just anything you can do to this add a little touch but the bag in and of itself is cute to begin with we also have the same concept with these cupcake boxes so who doesn't love a good cupcake right but how much cuter to give someone a cupcake in a box like this so as the studio audience we're going to make this because this is seriously like a less than five minute project okay but you're going to start with that one yeah we're going to start with this all right here's your stuff so here's how the cupcake box has come to you and so all you have to do is put it together by folding it together there's even the base that lets your cupcakes in there so you just hold this down on the score lines and then when you put it inside your box it'll hold your cupcake in place but we're gonna work on the tag because here look how easy that is I cut the tag on the cricket and is in your project package for this project here so all you need for this is this cute little tag and I'm using this stamps it called packages boxes and tags so this one here we used it on the decorative layout and we're going to pull it out again so you can see how versatile you khun b with your stamps it's this is one of those I was talking about see how that there's no middle to that sam so it's kind of hard to keep it lined up so this is the perfect one to just drop down and pick it up with your block okay I'm going to stamp thiss on the living with the peacock great here this is one of our new colors and it's so lovely now one thing I want to point out to you is you can see how perfectly this tag fits the stamp image and you think how did you do that but it's because we coordinate our cricket cuts to our stamp sets so you can see when you get a stamp said if it has this outline around it that means there's a cricket cut for it and even tells you what page what cartridge and what size to cut that image so that your stamp will fit perfectly so you can use your stance and your cricket together so that is an awesome feature that's brilliant and so easy to news are you saying or brilliant we are okay so I'm going to take my tag and then just simply stamping the peacock e this little dash outline on my tag I love the clear stand you know there you go okay next I am going to take this polka dot tag topper and we are going to dio are same technique of the rock n roll or the hombre technique again so I'm going to start with glacier ink so I have out glacier and peacock and again as someone had asked earlier how you know which colors to blend if you're working in your blues all the blues in that family will beautiful together if you're working in your pink so your peaches all those there's different shades of everyone and you can just go up and down the radiant scale and get a beautiful outcome so I'm going to start by stamping into my glacier inc and then I'm just going to simply tap the edge of my image into the peacocking and then just stamp it right on my tag so you can see you just get that nice blended effect and then I'm going to stamp hug enclosed even though it's a cup kanna has a western right let's hear it if you could just tell people again why you are looking oh yeah you weren't there for the stamping out again thank you so when you get a brand new stance set you always want to season the stamps when you first get them you can feel they're just a little bit tacky because they're brand new so when you pull off a new stamp just for the first time you use that you want to season it you can do that by stamping it multiple times in your rincon onto a scratch piece of paper until you get a nice clear image or you can simply rub the stamp on any skin I just use my arm because it's here because the oils from your skin will transfer and take away that tack and make this will do anything anything like a white and you're a racer so anything you can do just to take off that initial tack and to get your stamp ready to use that's that's what I'm doing when you see when you see that so it's always important into season I'm just that first use and then they're ready to go to go so are they going to put finish putting their attack together? Yes well I think I have a little surprise for everyone in your audience way is right we love surprises now I just wish that I could share it with everyone who was way did real art class look it takes because you have a cupcake box don't you need a cupcake to put in your box now this is the only thing though I want you to gift this cupcake to yourself you know he was gonna make you take it home so we're going to share the cupcakes for everyone see you can't craft without eating right since they go hand in hand so to finish this off that tag literally took us two minutes right I added a couple sparkle or sorry, some sequence and silver sequins tied it around the box with the twine, and you have all of those supplies so you can wrap up the box, maybe take a picture of you and your cupcake so you can post that before you eat it. But that's, that is just shows how easy it is. Teo, add just a personal touch to something that you're going to give the box comes adorable. It has a pattern on it. It makes it just a cute, easy thing to give to someone, but add that personal touch with a tag and you're ready to go, and it just means so much more to the person who receives that cupcake was bringing you coming on. Now we have thirty three we'll find over with love it. I don't think I won't dive right into that when I'm out there. All right? So cupcake box just again, just the fun, easy gift, herbal items, but now we want to go into a more substantial gift. So let me go back to the key now so I can show you here's another if we didn't get all the way through here is a nice cream container we have these, they come white in plain, and you can add that so the edges of that is just water color paint painted all around acute stamp and that makes that just a really cute way to give someone a treat. This is also on the cricket cartridge you can cut these little box is the funniest thing about these is one year we did this for halloween, I make apple cider carmel's and they're to die for. So we made these and I put a few of them in a box like this, but I used to halloween paper and gave it to all the neighbors as our neighbor gift and I had was with a couple of friends, and one was like those carmel's were so good, how did you make it where's the recipe and the other friend was like, I didn't get me and I said, yes, you did, I gave it to you in that cube well, but, oh, the box was so cute, I didn't even open, so she had kept this cute little box that I made, and I'm like, you need to open because these really yummy stuff inside. But if this guy used this exact thing to put that to put those streets in, so it just is a fun way to personalize your gifts, but make sure they know it's still to be opened, okay there's, our cupcake box and another key lock perfect for the holiday. Ok, so this is what I wanted to talk about in paper crafting are more of those substantial home to core pieces, some of those things that are going to have longevity and be something that you make with it with the purpose of keeping that for a long time. So this is a cute a little calendar to keep track of your week or your day is just a fun thing that you could display in your home. Here we have, we actually sell this chalkboard. It comes with the red frame and chalkboard center, and that is a perfect thing. You can add your this one's a menu. Obviously, you can add any details to that and still see the paper banner top so you can still add embellishments and things to that to really bring it to life. But it is called a designer creations line and its pieces that we have for you that make home decor. This is also a display tray. So this is the twelve by twelve size and all of those openings are perfect for switching out different things to display in your house. So I like to do something like this one in the spring and then simply pull out all those little squares and not get rid of them just keeping them aside or add them to a layout instead and then switch it up for another holiday so that home to core piece the actual display trey stays a piece in your home at all times but you can change out the art in that same with this we have shadow boxes we saw a cream and a black shadow box and sometimes so you make one of those layouts that you go this is so good I can't just stick it in an album so you could put it in the shadow box and display it in your home for a while and let people really see your work of our on your pages and the sense it is the shadow box you can use the dimension and all those things on your, uh layouts and still let them be on display so here's an again another one with the shadow box you can see how you can just mix that into your beautiful home to court and just had that personal touch. This is my daughter lily so she's the one I was telling you about the artist and she was asked to be in a photo shoot when we had this halloween paper and our art studio made this hat and if you can see all of the detail on that it was insane it was beautiful but she came to that studio and put that hat on and said, now what if I turn this way? Would that be helpful? What if I turn this way? Do you want me to look over here or over there? She owned that singing, and when it was over, she said, can I do that every time? So she had a black doing it, but we received so many requests for the pattern to make that we thought it was just one of those who would ever do this it's completely over the top, crazy, beautiful art that was meant to showcase how cool the paper was, but everybody wanted to make that hat, so we had to create the recipe and sent out all the information. But I love that about crafters, paper, crafters get it, and they don't care how much time it takes, because the beauty of the finished product is what they care about. And so that was her claim to fame she loved back mentioned that we have a blogged make it from your heart, calm and you confined instructions galore patterns, inspiration, different ideas on what to craft and so you can you can find the directions to make this cute little hat on, make it from your heart dot com, just in case someone's watching yang, I might make that so you had a really cute story about lily and a photo shoot well, I have one too, because you know, my kids sometimes can be the models this is bison jonah this has taken last year for our first cover of our seasonal catalogs that we just started last year and jonah seven years old in this photo and I was so excited that he got chosen to be into the photo shoot because I didn't pick him they picked him on believe it or not. And so anyway, he was so adorable he comes into the photo shoot just ready a little bit nervous and he's like mom, why don't have to do this? Because boys aren't quite the same as girls and he's like do I really have to do this? I'm like, if you do this, I will give you a treat anything you want well, we did these photos and a model home like, you know, just a beautifully decorated, amazing model home we walk in, we look around jonas just taking it all in and then we go into the bedroom, pick out his outfit, I'm helping him change and he says, mom, I figured out what I want for my treat, for my reward for doing this, and I said, sure, what do you what would you like he's, like I want this house like you're seven I don't like I thought you're going to say like a slurpee or something, you know, like an ice cream or no, I want this house on like, well, jonah, how about you two smile really good for the camera and we'll go get you a candy bar afterwards he's like, ok, so yeah, so fun to use our kids and fun, they love being a part, and like we've said, our company is like a big family, so we know each other's kids and we have these experiences together and with our consultants, they start to know our children as well because they're in the idea books or because we talk about them so much because it is just so intertwined. It's just all about our families in the memories of love, katrine, consultant photos and our art. So we're always asking for people to submit their photos because we want to show really life and really people, and so you'll see a lot of that in all of our collateral when you see photos there, right? Okay, so that's fun. I just wanted to show you those few samples of decorative or of paper crafting projects, and now we're going to make our own hinz display trey so everyone in the audience has an actual tray, so you can see this is so wonderful you can put it away for a season if it's if you've decorated it to be seasonal and just folded up and put it away with you to core you khun gift it so nicely you can wrap it beautifully and then when they open it wow, are they surprised when they see what's inside? But you can see how easily this comes together because you're just working in these smaller sections and you're adding your details in your art but it is not complicated all but it looks so impressive because of its substantial detail and everything that you've done to it. So we're going to start by taking out all of our pre cut pieces so you would take this one here and added to this square and then if you have some photos, I added phone tape to this photo and I love using our shimmer trim on pretty much everything that will stand still because who doesn't need a little shimmer everywhere, right? So here I have my shimmer trim one tip about this because I did this for a long time I needed this long of a peace so I would simply cut this and then cut the piece I needed and then sit and try to pick the backing off oh, and it made me want to say swear words so now I make sure to keep the tail always in place so then every time I want to start up I just this one was brand brand new but that's what you do you just keep it so that you're peeling up the sticker part the backing so you have to do it once and then once you do it, you don't have to do it again anyway, you'll just be able to keep that tail going so that you don't ever cut the backing all the way off and then you can start fresh every time. So the other thing I like to do with my shimmer trim is to cut it so they get smaller monica will do it with our scissors for me really quick so here I just cut it here you can see I cut that thin so that I can just use just a little piece of that we're going to work on then making this little section right here so you should have a piece in your packet just this long skinny strip now we're going to use sorbet inc and all of this display trey I used one stamp set so again not a huge investment if you want to make this as a gift, you could just pick the one stamps that that you want to use all right, we got our shimmer trim going so see it always keep this tail and then peel from here and cut your piece off so that you never have to start fresh again. Okay, so I'm using the your own kind of wonderful stance that we've used it a couple times, but we're just going to continue to show you new uses for the same, uh, stamps and things. So we're going to take this image that says dream big, and you can see how you can customize this as a gift for anyone. So any of their photos or different themes you'd want to use, you just simply picked the stamps that that has the, uh, the right sentiment in the right design for what you're trying to communicate, and I'm just going to stamp dream big and sorbet inc right onto this from a paper, and then I'm just going to dovetail the end of this right here, so I just cut right into the center and then come up to that point and I've got a little dove tail piece, and this is all going to go on my great hero, okay, remember how we said we were going to sneak the product? This is the charlotte kit that I was talking about see the grays and the peaches and how beautif flee that all goes together and how perfect it is for home decor. You can put almost any photo on these papers. And it's just beautiful. The papers are beautiful in and of themselves. But when you add your photos, the photos really become the star. And the papers are just a beautiful support. Peace. So this is probably my favorite paper that we've done in a long time because I think it's just so versatile you can mix the gray and with almost anything and arrows air so trendy and fun. So I'm going to take some of my shimmer trim. Yes. What is your secret before doing the job? Tail? Yes, the tail. Okay, so I just started with missy. I'm gonna cut right on here since I already have the one. So I just cut like let's. Just say I have this strip, okay? I just cut in in the center of the piece as far likas deep as I want my dove tail to be so you could come up here and make it deeper. I usually like to do about a quarter inch just depending on how wide my actual pieces. And then I cut from the corner toe where the top of my snip was on both sides this way. So that gives you a clean even dubbed tell every time so cut up into the center of the piece and then over from the corners to the top of your slice and you're golden every time they nikki the question thank you yeah so we're going to add some shimmer term to this so I like to just cut myself a piece and I'm going tio cut off justin angle of this these are our microchips scissors I had scrapbooks like I said a long time before he start working it close to my heart so I had a lot of scissors and the first day picked up micro tips I threw all the rest away these are seriously the most amazing scissors and they come with this teflon finish so when you're cutting a sticker anything like this that's adhesive backed then it won't gum up your scissors it just comes right off so I love them and there's the super fine point and they cut so nice and clean every time so I am just going tio add some foam taped to the back of my dream big because I want a little dimension in this frame I'm just going to give myself a piece of foam tape I had it to this piece here and then I'm just going tio layer my glass, my shimmer tram and my other piece I've got stuff sticking to my fingers here all right put down some shimmer trim than the phone tape for my stamped piece well, just layer on top of that so I just get a peek of that shimmer trim and then we're going to stamp are butterflies so you have a few of these squares we can go ahead and do all four of them at the same time so you need to of them that are sorbet and again you could use the solid better flies or you could use some other uh detailed image I'm just going to stamp two of these and sorbet here's one and one more and then I'm going to stand the other in saffron so that's it really beautiful yellow color there's one and another and then to finish off this square I'm simply going too fussy cut my little butterfly and I find what I'm using a little piece of paper it's easier to move the paper than your scissors if you've ever tried that it's your scissors just kind of stay and then you just simply twist your paper around rather than trying to manipulate your scissors work your paper it's a lot easier can it do we have any questions coming in while I cut you know what? I was actually going toe give some comments earlier what you had jill you just blew my mind with that dovetailing techniques never again while my dovetails be love it I'm so glad similarly we didn't have a question about whether the close to my heart chalk marker would work on that chalkboard frame it does the chalk marker is a more permanent marker though so it is if you want to do some beautiful truck art that you want to stay the chalk marker is perfect for that okay if you want to be able to you use that over and over then you don't want to use the chalk market you'd want to use a different like just regular white cheap chock crayola talk will work great any of those kinds of things but the chalk marker is a permanent solution for the chocolate great so and another user said what a great idea for displaying in the display frame and shadow box and then put it away in an album yeah idea yeah you can just pop those little squares out just don't use permanent adhesive if it's something you know you're going to want to switch out over time and then you can still use those little squares for other projects making many album out of those then we also did have a tip as well hey, I'm a good trick with the shimmer trim is to use the tape adhesive on a scrap paper and then put your shimmer trim plastic side down burnish and lift the rapper is left on the piece of yeah I have seen that runs a great at any from hills penny playing penny it's great idea. All right, I've got the two butterflies I'm going to use on this little piece here and I like to just bend their wings in and use a glue dot which I have here you might have it your spot as well. Line issues one little blue dot to it here each of the butterflies and then that gives them some dimension as well by bending up the wings and not hearing it flat down so I can add a butterfly another okay, and then of course we don't want to leave it alone. We want to keep adding some more things to it and I have some sparkles somewhere see you in my box so we have sparkles that come into different packs. We have just a nice variety pack that has all these different sizes so you can see you can add a little sparkle to anything in any size. But then we also sell them where you get one hundred of the biddy sparkles in one package because sometimes we find that that's the one you used the most so you can order just busy city sparkles and I like to just use my scissors to pick one off and place that right in the middle of my butterfly, okay? And then you're simply going to add that into your spot there another thing I like to do when I'm building a display tree is to put a lot of foam adhesive behind certain things, so, like, I could put three or four layers of foam adhesive on this photo piece and have it really come to the forefront because you have a full inch of depth right here so you could bring it up halfway so that it's more like a half of inch up, and then these pieces are more you could just build your depth in the box. Does that make sense? So sometimes I like to do that just to get some variety in the look, kate, now we're gonna work on this one right up here, which is super simple because again, you're just starting with the small space that you need to fill, and then I'm going to stamp a sentiment I'm using always be your own kind of wonderful. I'm just going to stand this right onto the stand of a striped background in texture paper, and I'm using archival black. This is one of those projects where it wouldn't matter if used regular or archival, but I seem to just leave my archival out all the time because I I use it from so many projects that it's easy just to use, even when I just need a simple stamp image. Ok, so I've just centered always be your own kind of wonderful right in the middle of that piece and then again I'm going to add the phone tape to really bump this up and give it some dimension and then it hear that to this little dash paper and we gotta add the sparkle right? Just adding those teeny tiny sparkles to the site of the flourish of the stamp image so you could see you could make this display tree and we're going to finish it and, you know under half an hour and it's such a nice a special treat for someone I even did him for a neighbor once and I just stole our photos right off facebook because you don't need that big of a file tio you know, I don't want to say can you give me some photos? But I can't tell you why, so I just stole our photos, right all facebook and added a few in here and she was so surprised it was such a neat gift, but because you're not trying to blow it up two big sometimes you can even just do those photos so here's two of our squares and we just got one left which uses the two better flies we already stamped and one more better flight stamp can I gotta move my ink pad so I don't accidentally make a black butterfly okay and this guy is going to be sore bay as well and then we're just going to trim him out as well. This is perfect for me because I always stand up ally scrabble you any of you stand up for these catholic ok couple of our audience does maybe you at home even if I had a chair right here I would not sit down for some reason I find myself always standing y scrapbook I don't even intentionally need tio this is our last little thing to cut out and then we'll just finish assembling this and it will be beautiful I was going to make a comment while you're finishing that someone says not a question but I'm at home enjoying the best snow day ever where's the smelling thank you too close to my heart for the great ideas and giving me a creativity boost so thanks for sharing that do we know where she is? I'm not sure well I love to know where it's snowing right now we're excited it wasn't raining in seattle so another question is there an easy way to open the ink? There is a good question person says I have arthritis and sometimes it can be hard yeah e I mean arthritis might make it hard but it really is a simple process and I'll explain to you the reason that we have this system so here you can see there's a little notch that is for your thumb to rest and put pressure on, so I simply put some pressure on that while I pull back on the top and it'll snap open and then spends around and you can snap it into place. Now, the reason our stamp as air like this is because you always want your ink at the top of your pad, so when you start like this, your ink is your pad is face down does anything so that when you're open it all the ink is fresh at the top of the pad. So if you ever buy have had where the ink is on the base and the lid opens this way, then all your because at the bottom of your pad so you're you're losing a lot of that fresh, clean king and so you want the ink to be right on the surface and so that's, why our inc part are actual pad is on the lid so that it's always ready to go, so you just snap in place and then you just pull you back with your thumb and release, so sometimes it helps just to put a little pressure on this and pull back on here, and then it spends around and snaps into place. The other nice thing about our sam pads is that they all nest so you can build yourself a lovely tower of ing's because they'll rest on top of each other and not slide so that's another great feature so glad they asked about that because that is one thing that makes art in pads stand apart from others on the market how we coming with our little butterflies everyone doing ok? They're being so quiet just hard, hard at work well, I'll have another comment coming in from terrorist sita I love scene where people are joining us from all over the world and she's in puerto rico and she said she is a close to my heart consultant in puerto rico thanks for this great class even though I've been a consultant for the past eight years, I'm learning a lot and also I think that's really cool that she has been a consultant for eight years and yet she's still learning there's so much to learn way always are in the industry is always changing and there's new techniques all the time that's what makes our job so fun and so unique is that we're constantly learning and trying new things and hopefully sharing those and teaching them all around and that's what's so awesome about being a consultant they are teachers so you know monica air from the home office and we love to work with consultants but really are consultants know so much and they're always telling us I mean the thing I learned about the shimmer trim was because a consultant said you know what you need to dio because allah stating on stage trying to get my tape apart so really so much of the technique and the ideas and the things that we come up with our because consultant share and they're so good about sharing with one another to so they all just a create this network in places like we have boldin board that facebook groups where everyone shares and post there are and it's such anything to this watch everybody put their ideas out there and so we can all just learn and get great ideas it's so cool all right so I've got mine down are you doing ok in the audience? Ok, so I'm just going to add these three butterflies to this little piece the's little baby ones on with the glue dot again had a couple sparkles and we're good to go so really we've done an artistic touch to three of the squares and then one of them simply has just be anti paper because that paper is so pretty you don't even have to add anything to that because of the floral pattern really becomes the design element on that piece but you could easily added another photo there too if you have more photos to display and then going to add my sparkles to my butterflies and then we'll assemble this whole thing and see how beautifully it all comes together all right, so what I've done is created three cute little embellishments squares that have a little detail a little sentiment you could always stamp like someone's name we have alphabet stamps that you could spell out so instead of dream big I could have wrote david gill or you know the last name of a family that you wanted to give that to you could really personalize this but you can see how easily this whole project comes together and what a great gift item it is so we'll let you take another minute to assemble that and monica is going to come back up all right? Well we are doing great with all of our paper crafting items I love the gift aspect of close to my heart another awesome way to share the community and doing it in such a beautiful, beautiful way it's snowing in iowa and montana ok places in addition to that we did have a question I says I joined it close to my heart to inspire me to get all of the inherited photo boxes photo out of the boxes and into albums but do you do you have any recommendations for how to even begin that I've been a consultant for over two years and I have yet to do any scrap booking? I'm sure st e I'm going to try to just hone in my state see julian right now and that is just start pick up one photo tell that story and just start I got the two thumbs up from stacy julian herself I'm feeling so good right now so just start if there's no chronological there's no rhyme or reason just do it and you will feel so good that you've done in miami stacy told this years ago I was doing that start with the photos that make you smile so does that make you happy and I think she did that for you monica caters ago yeah oh my gosh is probably like fifteen years ago stacy came to one of our annual conventions like I said earlier we have these amazing three day conventions and stacey was a keynote speaker and she surprised me with the book about just simple things that make me smile she said she did a jill to she said can you just send me a bunch of photos and she put him in an album and it's a treasure that I still have on my bookshelf today? That was the thing that set me free I was just start somewhere and they don't have to be related to pictures that's her and that was a revelation to me because I was stuck in that got to do it chronologically got to do everything and then you do nothing yeah exactly so just pick up one photo have one memory and just start there all right? Awesome that's great all right, so I think they ever melissa so this's the left nancy team so we haven't really told our viewers why you're called that like what close to my heart had made you call your team this well, it's sort of a little bit longer of a story but when I started my close to my heart business I had always thought about opening up my own store and it would be called the fc melissa so when I started my close my heart business I called it fancy melissa and that's what I called my website and I on my social media sites and so when it came time to pick a team name I let my team pick today and they decided it should be let's get family so I love it it's great and it's so fun see all of the different team names throughout the world right now and it's just another reason to be together and you are so let's get fancy if it's a perfectly she is a decorative scrapbooking diva if I can so yeah we'd love to see what anyone's working on if there's anything they've finished or anything they brought with them from home that they have whoa, that looks familiar awesome photos and you're ready to go yeah yeah I mean really we've just been plugging away at all these you're not going ahead with william so jealous I think I've noticed two that you're all wearing red t shirts that say make someone smile so that's really great that's a close to my heart t shirt that we sell for a charity called operation smile and close to my heart has partnered with operation smile for more than ten years in fact, we've raised over a million dollars for operations smile and operations smile is a charity that helps children that are born with cleft palates and clip cleft lips throughout the world in countries that are impoverished and so we have these t shirts that are consultants and customers alike can order online and ten dollars from every t shirts sold will go toe operations smile and so thanks for supporting operation I'll fancy team that's awesome thank you yeah thank you for providing them it's in such a great pot and it's really need to be able to just let anybody go online and over their own t shirt make someone smile t shirt awesome all right melissa she did you have some are I saw someone handed something so I think we're getting ready baby talking about on the mental math pretty kid like a coffee cup it's hard it's I mean the holder larry thanks melissa job ladies s so awesome all right, well, you know as far as the hoarding of paper goes, I am really excited because later on we're going to talk about workshops close to my heart designs and makes workshops to help you consume your paper on a more consistent basis if you love to scrap book are you need to start scrapbooking we give you all the tools that you need to get those memories down on paper and into scrapbooks, so I'm excited talk more about that. Do you have any other questions or comments for us? One more question before we go to break, where are some good places to go for inspirations? I'm good at fine product but often find myself without ideas well pinterest of course we have a probably one of the top one's right now close to her heart has their own pinches sport you can connect with a lot of consultants that way too, who have their own pinterest boards and so there's a really great community on pinterest when it comes to inspiration yeah also like monica mentioned a little while ago the make it from your heart dot com our blawg is really designed to be an inspiration spot. So the idea books that we put out people keep those and collect those forever long after the products not available because the ideas insider so perfect and we also have how to books which I think should barber are how to books are just incredible and they really do break it down step by step and they give you cutting diagrams and blueprint on how you two how to lay out your page so it takes all the guesswork out of it, and so are how to books are probably are best resource on how to get started and where to find inspiration, lots of beautiful art there, and really, you confined inspiration just in everyday things, like I showed that aboriginal page, you know, that was inspired from a picture that we saw in australia, and so look around you, even just the fall leaves outside and all of the different colors that you see see, I'm going to start stores, clothing stores, whatever the trends are way we start with a paper pack. Actually, we like to go do all the research and find all the trends, so the things that are going on in fashion or home decor and all those things they translate into the paper that's why you love them right now because they're trendy with everything else you're seeing around you so that we do really work hard to make sure that all of our paper designs are current and trendy and fun for the uses them, they're saying and that's why seasonal catalogs are so ideal, so every, you know, we come up with three different seasonal catalogues so that we're keeping current with what's happening in relevant and trend. Right now, so usually what you see in fashion and her home to core, you're going to see translated into paper as well, and they have such great names. It's fun. So I do have a little quick story on charlotte way. We were in a naming meeting, and someone gave us some, you know, all these different names, and the princess charlotte was just born, and I said, what if we kind? We named this charlotte after the princess in england, and I thought, well, those funds so that it's winter, a path we should send her, we should send them a baby book. You never know. You never wake.

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Discover your creativity and celebrate the relationships that matter to you with the beautiful artwork of Close To My Heart!

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I have been stamping, making cards, for 10+ years but only found out about ctmh last year. I love, love, love your clear stamps. They are great to use and easy to store. These classes inspire me and get me all excited again about making cards. I just recently got a circuit, so much to learn. I've got to get me a ctmh cartridge!!!


This video series will provide all viewers with a fantastic overview of not just the wonderful products Close To My Heart has to offer but the creative environment they foster. Whether you want to craft personally or would like to see if this could grow as a business, watch this series and receive tons of information. Thanks CTMH and Creative Live!


I'm in love really with art ,craft ,colours, everything related to papers stamping writing party preparation, celebration wedding everything over and over things that course will be definitely increase my ability to innovate more and more ... thanks a lot for that free course with massive information love my heart to close to my heart