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Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More!

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Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More!

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All right, so we're going tio made some cards today using the picture my life as well. So look at that these air really simple, beautiful cards we've been talking about water coloring right? And that this dad has the water clearing feature on it, so let me show you it's through the years what's so great about this car deck is that it really gives you a reason and you have the cards to support scrapbooking every single month out of the year to support that. So here we've got all of twelve months and again even some really fun positive quotes on here or sentiments best day ever happening now, while this was made just for creative life today, I know how I'm going to be scrapbooking all my photos for today s so we've got this wonderful deck that we're going to be using in our project today you can see january here's a journaling card, a swell so do you see how that works? It's just really, really fun and really simple to use, so we're going to make two cards and we're also going to make th...

ese picture my life pages so here's an example let me just move those out of the way of how you would use it for the month so you can say this month of july we did family photos with my whole entire family, so this is this is the gang this is the crew and I have five daughters and two sons and a whole heck of a lot of hair in my family and I was telling someone earlier too I said, you know, I just love being around girls I love my boys too, but I have four sisters and I have five daughters and I work with thousands of women so girl power all the way on dso here you can see how simple this was I just print it out my photos I did use the corn around her to give those rounded edges but you don't have to it's just really is a reference if you'd like tio but I didn't add anything extra to these pages these air just my cards, my journaling and my photos I mean seriously scrapbooking in minutes and went away to get caught up so we've asked our studio audience to bring some photos with them and hopefully they brought them so that they can get these pages done very, very fast and quick, but we also are going to be making from card so what I do with my left over cards, I've got all these cards well, let's make some cards right all right, so I'm gonna move this over and I'm gonna bring my project in here and you're going to see how fast and easy these cards come together so let's work on the b bright first you are going to need your paper trimmer because our cards are four by six and we're gonna need to trim it down to be a five and a half so here we go I've got my paper trimmer here and I picked up the wrong one all right we're gonna do this one ok so the first thing is we're going to trim down our card and I'm gonna try and trim off a quarter of an inch off of each side so right there so I'm going to take the round edges off and now I've got the front of my card face that tremor out of the way so you see how that works so simple I'm going to use this beautiful silver foil tape and it's already got adhesive on it so it's so easy we're talking cards in minutes so here I've got my card base oh I'm gonna get my tremor my sister's here so you're gonna need your microchip scissors and again like jill told you earlier we have um we have the the tremors that are the scissors that have that nice teflon so that the sticky things don't make it sticky so we'll just cut that off right there from that in just put that in there now we're going to do the bottom a bar card hoops and what a great way to use these extra cards and having some fast and simple yet giving it that homemade touch right by just adding a little extra embellishment and now I'm going to put adhesive on the card we just turned down and we're gonna stick that right on top so a little bit of my silver foil tape is showing through and that's it you've got a card how can you believe that, huh? Yeah, right so so fast and easy. Yes can you tell us again the name of the the pact that you're using? Sure this one's through the years and it's a picture my life car deck that we sell three close to my heart and we have so many themes we have all kinds of different themes you have wedding and baby and just generic themes and you can mix and match cards and again everything coordinates with all of our colors too, and so they're the close to my heart collier's as well we're going to make one more card and again it's just that simple so here we're going to use three cards who somebody is three hole cards right here and so I love that I have this sentiment happy birthday right here good I'm just gonna trim this off just a little bit so I take off the rounded edges and then right above it, so I'm just gonna grab my paper trimmer again on well trained that trim right here and now I've got my sentiment for my card happy birthday, and now we're gonna tram our base as well. So depending on how you want your your water color brushes stroke, too, be then that's how you a treatment? So I want mine to be horizontal, so I'm going to do that's so again, you're cutting off just a quarter of an inch so that it will fit your card base, and so I'm going to cover up march so now this card doesn't have to be used in the month of march and again, I've got my card base right here and we're using our silver foil tape, which really does go a long way up should have left a little bit of it, but I didn't all right? Well, in the interest of time, we're just going to move forward. I'll add it after because, you know, as we say in crafting, there are no mistakes just embellish month, all right? So we'll just put that on there and now this one has it popped up just a little bit so you can add some of our phone tape on the bottom of the happy birthday oops, I think I did I cut it a little bit short, all right oh, thank you thanks jill's mouthing you forgot to put the far base I did so this card is just straight from the deck look at that water water color look look at that beautiful and I'm not doing anything to this card I'm just going to add adhesive because it's gorgeous and we're just going to stick that right on there and then you can use bomb tape or you can just use the scrapbooking tape adhesive and you stay get that right on and I've made that card like in just a couple of minutes and so very, very easy you can add the foil tape you can add a little bit of sequence or anything like that anybody sparkles just to give it a little extra punch so really, really fun way to use a different use to picture my life of course the best way is and I think the easiest way is just by putting your pages together like this and so you can see you khun depending on the way that your photos are you can change it up they could be vertical or horizontal on the cards and we do offer offer several styles of the pocket pages mary protectors I want to show you two we have some really cute specialty albums that we have put together here this one is two thousand fifteen memories this little book is sold through close to my heart and it that's the picture my life cards beautifully as well so this is the beautiful u three by four and I've added some embellishments just to give it a little extra something so here we have love ian rose and even on the inside you can see I added some card stock libyan rose card stock so this is our black craft album and I've added stickers some foil tape love the in rows on the inside so do you see how our products just really intertwined and just work so so well together this is an overlay piece that I've just tramped the bottom of the overlay because I didn't want stripes over the whole family just another just a little embellishment right there so that's using the overlay you can see here's an overlay as well with a picture my life card so at all is a fun way of layering and very, very, very simple to d'oh these are my for babies yep I have those too because you know they just couldn't be enough chaos at my house seven kids, two dogs sure why not? But look at that how could you resist that face? You can't that's coda so they're my cute little babies and sweet little piara and you can see what a fun little gift album this is a great gift album all right, so there's been a lot of buzz a lot of us about planners and I have some really exciting things right here in front of me. This is a really great way to use our picture. My life cards is well, this is a brand new, like has not even gone out to the public yet. This is our black album that you can see has the golden boss here, it's a ring binder here, three ring binder and it also we also sell the page protectors so you can put your picture my life cards in here again. I'm just showing you beautiful use that you can see all of the uses of the card because you get so many cars within a debt that you can see that they how they all come together. Well, so I didn't do any other extra embellishment. All I did was slipping my cards and slip in my photos, and now I've got an awesome gift album for my mom surprise mom hope you're watching are not watching, so you can see how easy it is, and just by slipping in the cards, that's, all if you have there and I'm sure they're so much more you can do with this, but I've asked you all to come back and show you a couple of great things that you can do with our planners, so come on in, joe, right? Like monica said planners are all the rage right now, but we wanted this to be a versatile tool so people can use it in lots of different ways. Maybe you're not a paper planner person, but you can still use this finder and this whole system a really developed a system with this. So here we have the actual plan earpieces so you can see that every month has the day and all the calendar pieces that you would need your to do list and all that together is all prepared so that all you have to do is add your calendar details and you can see we that it's we have stickers that coordinate with this so you khun at all of that stamps that coordinate it all comes together beautifully if you want to be that person who is just perfectly organized in your day planner and still at a little art in some beauty too to your planner itself so that and this comes away a month with a little find earth among finder as well as all the tabs here and it is awesome so you can use the month has a different caper background that's one of my favorites so this is a great way to use this book and then also by combining our picture my life page protectors and our planners are going to show us what you've got in your next book this next one I have is a crush book this is what we call my crush so this insert is basically a scrap of paper that you can put into your album because sometimes you might be putting in some of those pocket page protectors but then you have a story to tell, so here you can see it basically becomes a mini album in and of itself, so we've got the keepsake pieces that we've collected on a trip and a few photos ah, whole page for just your journaling and then all these things so it's just a place where you can kind of old school scrapbook remember feeling like memorabilia on the bits and pieces that you collect along the way? It's movie stuff special piece for that so and again, every page in the book is just a beautiful design so you can add photos you can layer other being teasing here you could do anything you want to really dress this up, but the best part of the whole thing is that all of this can work together, right? Let me show you here really quickly so I showed you what it was like just as a gift album, right are just a small many album, but by putting in those pages as well as part of this book oh, this is all picture me like, oh, I huh? I picked up the wrong line surprise I was just seeing if you were paying attention all right so showing again the calendar portion but this has the my crush portion included because it's a binder that opens and closes you can interchange all of these things that's why we call it a system this is a planner system so you can do the planner the my crash and you can also add the picture my life pages as well here we go so here you've got the picture my life cards right that we just showed here's a my crush page and then you have it in the month of august and so it all just really does coordinate together it's a wonderful fund product of bringing in all these different aspects of it so if you don't really appear not really into paper planning that's totally fine you can do picture my life you khun dio but my crush as a journal book it just gives you all kinds of options well this is so cool we're very, very excited about this. Do you have any questions or comment on the planners are picture my life we did so we had a question about on the picture my life overlay cards yes I found that there is a protective sheet is there an easy way to remove this or should it stay on even with the bubbling now I would remove it when you're putting especially because they're meant to be overlays feel just like I showed you in these photos here if I left the protective film it would cloud my actual photo so you want to make sure to take them off there's not necessarily a special trick to it you just kind of like the shimmer trim you just have to keep working off the edge without really scratching the card and so they have a piercing tool that sometimes you're doing kind of that this scissors help a little bit so don't you don't want to scrap you kind of want a lift it just lifted a little good actual plastic and so yeah you could do it that way it is a little tricky but once you peel up the corner it just peels right off and so I would definitely recommend taking off the film of the over lace I think we have brand now oh great let's check in friend high yes we could see you looking adorable so now I'm a hoarder and done I had to do it was like anything I ever saw we love you brand we love you so tell us what you're excited about for picture my life first of all say that again what do you love about picture my life? I love the versatility because it's not just for scrap booking it's also for hard making it also for crafting you you can just do a ton of things with great my ladies have been working with you so did your ladies do the layouts already with picture my life oh yeah we get friends stuffy here we'd love to see it and I want to say one thing tio that studio j is not just for layouts I can also do like christmas cards right that's right or tag our invitations yeah exactly ok so we've got some things that they've been working out we'd love to share all right let's go all right we'll start with candidate hi candace oh, I want tio projects like this already yeah I mean I worked all right well we're kind of hearing you can and now I think what she's saying she's doing it for christmas workshop all right here we go this is an original cupcake box well look at that stripper yeah that is so wonderful look at that fancy and wait up that on this case let's talk in the mind of a network of the month to create art awesome so we do have a stamp of the month program where you can purchase a discounted stamp with a minimum purchase and it's on ly available during that month so that's that's another fund stamping selling point all right thank you look at that beautiful way got dry and bossing as well great this is so great thank you wait you finish them and plunging looks beautiful. Good job. You notice our shirts? Yes, they're also wearing that. Make someone smile shirts for operation. Smile. Thank you, ladies. Thank you for that. Thank you. Don't even ask any of them to do that. We just how they showed up today, which is awesome. And during the break, I had a couple of the producers asked me. Did you? Did I hear you? Right? Did you really say you've raised over a million dollars for operation smile and we have that is correct. We've raised over a million dollars for operation smile. We believe in it so much, and I recently went on a mission to mexico to go help them select children to be operated on two hundred children came families from all over. I mean, hours and hours sacrificed a lot to be there, just for the chance that their child would be operated on. And it was one of the most life changing experiences I have ever experienced, and I also speak spanish, and that was a great benefit for me at that mission. So I really connected with the families, and it was heartbreaking and wonderful and inspiring all at the same time because we had one hundred children that we could operate on, so that meant we turned away to another hundred children and but their families were grateful for that chance and that opportunity and so it's really wonderful that jeanette lynton the founder and ceo of close to my heart believes in this charity and that we have something to really work towards and helping make the world a better place and what a better way for close to my heart that's all about memories and photos to help children have their smiles so it's really awesome so I'm so grateful for brand and melissa and all are thousands of consultants who help us to raise that kind of money for operation smile while you were talking I finished early on you when you grab it so while we were just doing this little presentation now this is how fast picture my life layouts come together oh wow look at that so she's got the month of december here are the cards that she used and look at that all done done in minutes without a trimmer or any adhesive just getting them inside of a book and that's just beautiful thank you so much naomi anybody else finished there's great terror my star student erez oh fun christmas look at that oh, and I love how you did that you put borrowing of them all down here all that is great what a great visual yeah, that was a murder mystery party we did for a fundraiser really oh my goodness look at that and you you've even done. You're generally watch. Okay, seriously, I'm giving her another cupcake. All right, so she's, like, just give me a planner.

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I have been stamping, making cards, for 10+ years but only found out about ctmh last year. I love, love, love your clear stamps. They are great to use and easy to store. These classes inspire me and get me all excited again about making cards. I just recently got a circuit, so much to learn. I've got to get me a ctmh cartridge!!!


This video series will provide all viewers with a fantastic overview of not just the wonderful products Close To My Heart has to offer but the creative environment they foster. Whether you want to craft personally or would like to see if this could grow as a business, watch this series and receive tons of information. Thanks CTMH and Creative Live!


I'm in love really with art ,craft ,colours, everything related to papers stamping writing party preparation, celebration wedding everything over and over things that course will be definitely increase my ability to innovate more and more ... thanks a lot for that free course with massive information love my heart to close to my heart