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Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More!

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Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More!

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Studio J Scrapbooker Profile

So this is a really interesting area and it's a totally unique process for people who like scrapbooking but don't necessarily want to do all the bells and whistles of embellishment so the first thing though we need to talk about is the next to give away so I have a question for you at home how many photos are currently living on your computer on be honest, okay? Stacey said thirty five thousand thirty seven I have thirty four thousand eight hundred and sixty two I checked yesterday so that is my number so tell us your number on your phone or on your computer how many images you have photos you have now don't let that be overwhelming to you I can promise you I practice what I preach have printed every photo that I need or want to use in a scrapbook since september, so I need to do october and half of november now and then they're they're they're ready for me to you. So there is this awesome thing about having a digital place toe hold your photos to be able to take more photos than we ev...

er took before because we have that ability to store them and teo preserve them and to take him every turn I mean we're taking selfies in the lunch room right it's just fun because our phones air there we have cameras attached to us at all times now and that is amazing and it's so fun to be able to document even more than remembering two get your camera out at the birthday party or remembering on christmas morning, we're taking so many more lifestyle photos and things that are important to us, but what are we doing with them? We have to do something with them that's what this whole process is about, and one way to do that is the digital route. So for those of you who are watching at home and who may not be a paper crafter, this is the perfect solution for you, because basically we don't care. What product do you use? We just want your memories preserved and kept, and your kids aren't necessarily going to always go find the hard drive with thirty four thousand photos on and plug it in tow look at their life, they want to have a physical, tangible thing that they can use to see how everything in their life came about. There is a funny mim online that says, mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be j peg, because it's so true we sometimes just think I've got it. I've got all these photos on their story, and I'm going to access them whenever I need them. But think about the cassette tape that stacy showed us and our kids not knowing what that is their kids are going to go what's a hard drive what what's a j peg like it probably will be different than and so the technology is amazing to have it and to support our habits and our photo taking a session but doing something physically with them is so important so a digital scrapbook er is someone who is interested in preserving the photos but not necessarily having a craft room full of supplies and using all of the embellishments there really about their photos and the story and they're probably more technologically savvy people they have a computer at all times and that's really the only tool you need if you're doing digital scrapbooking you need your computer and your photos and you're good to go but with close tony heart we always want to provide an option that still gives you that beautiful paper crafted feel so studio j is perfect for that because within this software program you can build a layout from scratch you can start with the blanks slate and say I've got ten pictures I want to fit on a layout and you can start making that whole layout come together you can pick the papers you can add embellishments we have ribbons and buttons and all those things in digital form on studio j but if that's not your medium you can just keep it clean and simple and that's a great way to go about it too if you're also not a designer like you don't feel like I am a graphic designer who can build a page, we have collections that make it easy that you're basically doing a drag and drop you're going to add your photos and your journaling toe a beautifully pre designed page and I want to show you a few of those first I have a little video that kind of gives you a visual of what the studio j process looks like when you get inside the studio j website website when you log into studio j and could create a new project your first step will still be the upload your photos which you can choose to do now or later you'll then be given two choices start with an express collection or create your own custom layout the custom layout path is what you have been used to a studio j where you choose your kit, your pattern and customized to your heart's content. The express collection round, however, will lead you to a set of six complete professionally designed collections each brimming with ten themed layouts as well as the layout intended to be a front and back for your collection. When you open a layout you'll find that our artists have already done most of the work for you customizing papers, adding embellishments and titles as well as other artistic touches that can be challenging or time consuming to achieve now you can enjoy elevated artwork in a jiffy. All you need to do is drop in your photos and add your journaling. Of course, the collection still allow you some freedom for customizing your layout you can change titles as well as the sizes, placements and colors of objects already placed. You can add new text areas and embellishments, but the beauty of the collections is that you don't need to. In order to get a beautiful finished product to give you maximum flexibility, you have complete control over which layouts you want to use from any of the collections. You can mix them with layoffs from any of the other collections or even with layouts created using the custom creation path. The collection's give you optimal creative freedom while still furnishing sets of completely finished layouts that you can print without changing a thing you can go in, you can go pick an express collection and start building a layout, and they you saw how quickly he scrolled through those they were a perfect design page and all you did was drag and drop your photos, but you can also go to create a new layout and start from scratch. This is the zoe paper pack that was the one melissa told us was her favorite. This is a a sample of what those papers look like in digital form. So this is the express collection for zoe, so everything that you see there other than those unique photos was put there by a designer who put the entire layout together, and then you just simply go in and put the photos where you want them to be. You can still customize them and take things off or change things around, but the bases there, you just open it up and it's ready to go. This is another one of those zoe layouts, so you can get if you have a theme that you're trying to document, you can use it all in one kit and get a few beautiful layout all put together that have a nice feel that coordinate together but aren't duplicates of the same page. So look how fun that is, your photo orientation and all those options. Here's another one christmas is such do you not take like a million photos during the holidays? And what a great way to be able to put those photos to use and document a lot of your christmas in a form that lets you do all of the digital design there? So this was our past christmas kit that is a beautiful option for that as well, then here is a fun layout done. As your vacation photos this is another thing where you take so many photos and really what you're trying to do is include a lot of those you have beautiful landscape photos and lots of pictures of your family and all these different things that you've documented and so the digital route is a great way to do that the other reason I like using digital for these purposes is that I can make a copy for everyone so my in laws took us on a cruise and there's six siblings in my husband's family and all of us were on this trip and it was amazing and we came back and the best thing to dio is put all the photos gather everyone's but that was a little overwhelming and put the photos in an album like this and push print six times and everyone has their own set you don't have to painstakingly make and many album or a full album for every single person if you have multiple kids it's a great way to highlight that whole year that you know and put the highlights of the year together on a studio j layout and print a copy for everyone in your family so that they can leave your home when they go off with their own copies and you don't feel like you just gave them all your precious time spent layouts so it's a great option for that now I did talk earlier about how even if you if this isn't your medium, if you're not a digital person studio j still has a purpose for you because we have some express collections that are simply for photo processing so you can go in. This is the temple I love to use because I'm a big instagram fan and I proved apparently instagram photos all the time because I want to use them on projects. We also have a book we're going to show you later that's perfect for instagram, and so this template is perfect! It gives me two by two three by three and four by four photos. You can again move this around and change it around, but I can feel to twelve by twelve spreads with all those photos of my instagram prince and then just print out that and cut it down. Use it for any project I like. We have multiple templates that allow you to make those unique sizes that maybe aren't a four by six print that you could send off to your local photo processing, but you can simply print your four by six is with us as well. So there's a few different templates I just showed this one that you can go in, you can also create your own. Photo template if you know I'm going to do a layout that needs four of these and two of this size you can go in and start with a blank slate dropped the photos into the photo wells and you're ready to go so it's a great tool if you're just thinking even along the lines of I just need all my photo sized the right way do it in studio j and you're done so that's a great option as well all right next is I want to bring up amy yulin so we were so excited when we found out we're coming to seattle for creative life and amy is in washington this is her home area and so we were so excited knowing she came to our studio audience because she has taught many, many classes at conventions and other corporate events teaching other consultants about the use of studio j so I that I'm going to just pass it over to her because honestly she has even more experience an idea and she's amazing so I want her to come up here with me and helped show some things she does studio j traditionally and then so outside the box it's amazing so let's take a little amy has for it okay, well I will show you a couple things first of all that we were just looking at some of the I don't know can you see that there we go yet so we were looking at some of the express collections so again these were just photos that I dropped in and I changed the title and the journaling and I was done so super easy to do that and again you can see these air like star trek related pictures you know, it's like it doesn't have to simply be um uh you know, your family events or whatever, okay, but then we were talking about using studio j as a design tool and so what I did on this one is I created all of these little four by six and three by four knowing that I wanted to make a many alba says here's the many album so what I did because a lot of times people will think, oh studio j is on ly digital it does not have to only be digital so what I did was I designed the image here but when I printed it I left off the sticker and then this is actually a three dimensional sticker that I added tio it later in addition to these other little embellishment it's so I was able tio go in and still get to play with all of my fun embellishments but I designed it first in studio j so that and then to get back to it stacey was talking about as far a storytelling and really telling a story this studio j is perfect for that because you can tell a really, really a big story by adding flip flaps. So I designed this in studio j just simply cut it apart, and I have added it to flip flaps. And so I can tell a very, very long story that I probably wouldn't have if I was just doing regular scrapbooking and then for the gift givers out there. Calendars are great holiday gift and so close to my heart cells, blank calendars. And what I did was I would make a studio j layout. And then I created these titles in studio j and all of these little photos in studio j. And then I just went through this blank calendar and stamped the dates. And so lots of these for our studio audience. If you want to look at these later, I have a lot of different techniques that I use for studio j on dh. I would be more than happy to share this with you. Thank you. See why I want tio. She is the perfect example of how studio j can work for you as a hybrid project. You can. You can basically view are one of those people who loves to have your photos perfectly aligned and your paper's cut exact, then do that in studio j, then print it and then get to add your stickers and your brad's and your buttons and all the things you still want to dio to jazz up your page, but your base was created in studio j, which makes it just really fast, easy and really clean so well. And if you are a die hard paper scrap booker, you don't want to necessarily get your digital print that's ok? Studio j still has something for you design it and studio j play with the, you know, different paper combinations and embellishments, and then use that when you go to cut your papers so it really is for everyone. Yeah, thank you, amy. Thank you. Thank you. So happy she's here. Ok? We also asked the studio audience so, monica, I don't know if you want to come see what people are working, what they did with their studio. J we let everyone who's in our studio audience have a five patco basically they could make five layout and have them printed, and we brought them here for them, so they're kind of getting to see them for the first time is well but we thought it was fun to let people who maybe who haven't tried studio j to see what they created whether they used an express collection or any of those different things so we are letting them just kind of go through and see what they what they created all right, well I'm not sure if we can see there are some I have to bring out run me up the one I mean if you want to you know show some naomi do you want to show what naomi's done so here we go we've item right here's naomi's five pack project all right oh my goodness look at this hello, kitty. How are we getting banned all out there so great naomi doing to pick up the mike and just talk us through your lay out a little bit? I actually had my daughter do this she this is her thirtieth birthday with some of her friends at the mp here the experience music project here in seattle and so yeah, she loves studio j that's great and so there's all her friends and we're what's cool is you can go in grab pictures off the web, change him into a j pick and then bring them in yeah like this hello kitty little exactly that was just pulled right off offer their their website the mp website so anyway again telling the story and this is one of the collections it's there. And then we added some extra things to it. One of the kit mixes, and yet she told her whole story there. So we go from super girlie tio. So, anyway, again, that twelfth man flag with the scene, that thing we grabbed off of the web and stuck it on it was really cool that we're paper. Yep. Yeah, yes. And I love being able to the pictures. The one in the bottom? Yeah, you can add stickers. You can add tech that's what amy had also done on some of hers. You can add the embellishments to the photos. So that's a great tool as well. I'm gonna grab something. Well, is there another one that I can get? Grab some. Just a couple here. I'll grab some beers here right now. We have allyson's projects. Alison, have you ever used to doj before? Okay, so this was your first first experience. And look at this there's. Really? No way to mess up in studio j and my race this's a spread that goes together. Look, I love that you did this. I designed my titles to go on the right hand page. I have to do this every time let's, right there we go, okay? That is so cool. But do you see how she used the entire background to make a twelve by twelve photo and then even adding that that's so cool I love that you did that and these are obviously some of your instagram photos I can tell by a the filters and things but look how many photos she was able to put on toe one layout that's so great came out see another one here? Would you have me the pound hockey there's another anything you want to tell us about that that's so cool we were in hawaii a few years ago and it happened to be my fortieth birthday present. So and I had also just finished college. So I got a gift for my co workers to go for a half day out to sea see fishing. And earlier in the day I caught what now looks like a very teeny tiny fish in the bottom left corner so that that little ones you are little black but that was actually about thirty or forty para wow, but then later in the day my husband showed me up and caught that two hundred pounds. I love this journaling to look at the house she congratulate the journaling box so that the photo still shows through but it's just a softer opacity on that that's a really great feature as well I really liked with studio j being able to take my pictures my high res pictures and make them the full twelve by twelve layout because I if I'm going to design digital, I want to be able to do like what? What you did where you can just put your own embellishments on live right three d afterward, but I like being able to use a photo as basically the paper yeah, and I love that there's things in studio j in a digital format that you can't dio with paper, you can't get this look, you know, overlapping your photos like that so there's really cool techniques and things that digital khun do all right, well, that's really fun this's terrorists great farhaan and look at the color run! This paper is perfect for that. Yeah, it was really perfect and, uh, that year I was going through a phase where I wouldn't let myself say no if a friend asked me to do something, so we ended up doing the color on and I love the studio j I had never used it before, but you can go in on all of the little embellishments and you can change all of the colors, which you can't do with real embellishments you get right, yeah, but in studio j you can change all the colors, so it was it was fun yeah that's great it's fully customizable so you can change anything up even if you're in a kit mix or in a express collection you can change you rotate through the express collection so usually to be checking back constant in fact, here's another one is featuring our zoe express collection homers that kid which I just showed earlier in an earlier segment our zoe kids, this is sandra oh sangria sorry, I'm angry on dso this angry a paper plus having the studio j option as well. Who made this one? All right, tell us about it. I was having so much fun playing in studio j that I ran out of time and just second to dio and express kit and I had the pleasure of doing my nieces, senior pictures and so that's my niece raven and you just dropped the phone and I just dropped the photos in that's all in a way done and I was done and then my next layout, which was an expressly out to um I took my brave friend through the seahawks raiders game because he is a major raiders fan and I'm a major sea ox fan on, so I had fun just playing with the colors is all I did is just changed the green and blue perfect I don't remember what expressed, you know what I can't tell by looking at it but you did a great job just changing it up and making for many things that worked for your photos that's an awesome feature as well that you can really make it matched your photos so this's so fun thanks for sharing those and I love that some of you had your very first studio j experience so we want to make sure we give other people the for their first experience with studio j too so I think we should do some giveaway call melissa let's find melissa and sniping with us now military they're on their way awesome how's it going over there melissa we're having a blast on how is the hombre technique did it totally worked we saw some on social media beautiful yeah totally were totally fun and the girls got to play with studio j too and I think I posted a picture about just them sharing their pages with each other and this is really cool to kind of get them and be ableto so each other you know really helped write the pictures turned out I'm just talking about house on it was also you know, a lot of the girls that we get together so often they love the paper I love that you know the techniques and the hungry technique things like that but being able to use studio saying it's some of those pictures that they not have scrapple or like my friend jennifer got to play with that animal crack first paper just like so long ago and so and she never got to play with your day as she could into that before so it was really fun so fine and glad we could share the studio j love with those at home can I have some other questions question several people have asked about printing so from studio j can you print anywhere you want whether it's at your home or ship it off to mother printers so we have in in house printing at close to my heart so when you load up your studio j layouts that's how you send it off and we print them for you and we send them to you from our warehouse in pleasant grove awesome thank you you're welcome that was the main question and they're done on archival photo quality paper it's so it's these ladies who will have him in their hand can attest to the quality and the color vibrancy there beautifully often greg, I owe me my favorite thing to or the j pegs that you get the large and small side yes that's right? Yeah. You want to explain that the large size you can take and get reprinted at a local right? Or you can also I think you can just probably upload him as a j peg back into studio j if they you know, if they were not still there, then the small ones are great for posting on social media or even if you get those printed their perfect six by six size of you want to make about that? Not only do you get the twelve by twelve layout printed, but you also get j pegs email to you and pretty quickly yeah, its's intimate it comes right to you and you have the files digitally well, and another great thing you can do with your j pegs is I will take my full twelve by twelve and if I want to make in many album for a family member, all go into studio j and the no limits lay out and create six by six photo wells, put those full size j pig images back in and then get those printed out so that that way when I then cut them apart, I can make these little six by six many albums for my family because they don't necessarily want a twelve by twelve album from possum and what pages for the price of two because you're cutting it down so that's perfect, any other questions, anything else coming through? So people acting glad we could share that a studio j and hopefully you've learned a few minutes saying something you haven't tried before with studio j or if you've never tried it all that you're giving it a try so that you can start using it either in your traditional paper crafting or become a strong digital believer. So it is a great option are, you know, it should be called paper lover, not paper, quarter way, all for just a little bit. But really, we do want you to assume your paper to use it, you know, it's kind of like buying a new outfit. You think I love this and I want to save it because it's so special and then you never get around to wearing it because you're waiting for that special occasion, the papers, the same way. Sometimes I look at the design and I don't want to cut it up because it's so pretty, but it'll be a lot prettier in your album for people to enjoy. Then it will sitting mary in your collection going, I just think it's pretty, so scrap with your stuff, use your stuff and really make fun projects that you can enjoy a lot longer than you will a blank piece of paper.

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I have been stamping, making cards, for 10+ years but only found out about ctmh last year. I love, love, love your clear stamps. They are great to use and easy to store. These classes inspire me and get me all excited again about making cards. I just recently got a circuit, so much to learn. I've got to get me a ctmh cartridge!!!


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I'm in love really with art ,craft ,colours, everything related to papers stamping writing party preparation, celebration wedding everything over and over things that course will be definitely increase my ability to innovate more and more ... thanks a lot for that free course with massive information love my heart to close to my heart