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Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More!

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The New Consultant Kit


Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More!

Lesson 14 of 24

The New Consultant Kit


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The New Consultant Kit

Up next week we're able to hear a really wonderful way of how our community has really grown and how we are so much more than just beautiful products we really are a family and as part of that family we've asked one of our top consultants who comes all the way from utah not too far away from our home office springville, utah karen patterson karen patterson has been was close to my heart for twenty three years clean and stop a beautiful works oh hey I'm not the one you're gonna have a beautiful presentation here now all right thanks still way the sticky tape throw it on the ground all right thank you so much for coming and being a part of our creative life class tio having me so really we are so excited karen as I've mentioned has been with coast my heart since january of nineteen ninety three I mean for some of you might have been for right now I think I've been a close right just a little bit longer than you on dh karen has done a lot for close to where she is an independent sultan an...

d as a team leader of a multi million dollar million dollar team she has amazing team and what's the name of your team my team is called the pacemakers because we keep the heart pumping funds so q we'll carry tell us what you're here to share with everyone well, close to my heart asked me to come today to share a little bit with you about my story, how I started with close to my heart and where that journey has taken me, and also a little bit about our new consultant kit, how to sign up with this company and what that means and what we do to support you once you have. So I've got quite a lot to share today. Three. All right, well, tell us your story. Well, I think my story might be a little bit unique. I was the room up mom and my daughters first grade classroom, and one day I was in the classroom help being and by the way, this daughter is now married and has four children of her own. So does your eye like I've been with close to my heart. I was helping in the classroom and I noticed on her teacher's desk there was the most darling catalog that had a little kitten non friends I think we shown in an earlier segment, and so of course I quit working right away and flipped through the catalog and fell in love with the images I saw there, so I talked to her teacher and and said, how do I get some of these? And she said, oh, I have a consultant, I'll give you her phone number so I was a consultant's dream I called the consultant on the phone and said, hey, my name is karen you've never met me, but will you come to a home party for me? And she did and as she was doing my home party, we're not going to switch to a little different story at the same time I had decided I was going to enter the missus utah pageant I had a goal of becoming mrs utah and using the platform that I believe so strongly and to make a difference in my state and along with entering that pageant came quite a few expenses. I knew for sure I needed six hundred dollars and we had only been out of college. My husband and I and our small family of three children at that time just a few short years and had just bought her first home and six hundred dollars was quite a lot of money for us at that time and I just felt major guilt taking that out of our family budget. So as I was sitting at my home party looking at my consultant making these cute little sound cards, I thought to myself this could be a means to an end I could do that and I could earn six hundred dollars and then I would be done with close to my heart, which at the time was called doc so that very night I talked to the consultant filled out my papers got ready to become a consultant within my first full month with close to my heart, I had learned that six hundred dollars, I had no idea how well things were going to go, and I still thought, well, you know, I'm having a little fun I'm doing, I'm doing well, I'll keep it up, you know, there I know how long the fun last, um, it did end up being a means to an end in my goal of becoming mrs utah, I did become mrs utah, you've got the clinton that brought about the slide, and I went on to place nationally, but the funny thing is what I thought when I signed up with close to my heart was it was going to help me reach the goal of becoming mrs utah, but really what it did was changed my life because here I am twenty three years later, and it became I'm not going to cry your way really embarrassing and broadcasting it. Um, it really affected my family in ways I never imagined. I have been able to be a huge part of our family's income I've been able to take my family around the world and experience things that that I never would have how any incentive trips have you earned, karen oh that's a hard question but I think I was trying to figure this out with michelle the other day I want to say twelve I'm pretty sure I think it's well yeah so you really have been all over the world I really have and I'm going to talk about that in a few minutes to a little bit a bit more in detail but it has been amazing and I've built as monica said a million dollar team which I never imagined would happen in fact the very when I first signed up I was kind of on my own I knew nothing I didn't even know that you could build a team and make money on people and so when I was doing home gatherings and someone would say at first how can I do what you do? My answer was um I don't know I'll find out for you and I would sign up as you people and then I would got a check in the mail monica it's like what I make money on these people I signed that I really had no idea so I'm proof that anyone can do this because I signed up very clueless with a very short term goal in mind and it has so far exceeded my expectations well karen, you really are close to my heart success story which is of course why you're here you're here to talk to us tio how to sign up now so for someone who has seen all of that, we have to offer and says I want to do this this is possible how do you do that it's simple if you go too close to my heart dot com you will see on the screen a link that says find a consultant and if you click there you can put in your zip code or a little bit of information about what you're looking for and you will find a consultant that will fit your needs it will take you to there website and you can sign up right there and just the fastest, easiest fashion you could imagine it's like about three steps and you're done and you are a consultant before you even can say mrs utah also wonderful all right, we'll talk us through what comes in your consultant case so you sign up and close to my heart sends you this amazing box yes in fact I brought one with me today well then that handy so hand so this box that you see right here that says open me you definitely want to open the second and arrives at your house and I have one over here that we're going to open even though I have a lot of things on display here that comes in the box I want to show you what it looks like when it opens because it really is very exciting and I have the studio there can I think left right on home we don't need that again right now and I am going to slide this on when you sign out yet when you sign up as a consultant this is what you get in the mail from close to my heart and it's beautiful don't you think? And after I told you how long I've been with close to my heart I can honestly say that in all of those years this is the most beautiful kit I have ever seen it's not just beautiful it's a very purposeful so we're gonna walk you through and yes monica and I about what comes in this box and why it's so such a smart kid let me give a little background on our comm sultan kit this one in particular you say it's the best one we really put a lot of thought and to designing just even the box we wanted it to be an experience so that when you opened it you thought this is the moment this is going to be so special for me. In fact, it actually has the words this is your moment, and so we put some marketing messages here inviting you to really experience what close to my heart is all about so yeah, we do it let's do it so your box opens like thiss and it enough, the overhead camera can capture lord, turn it this way. Okay? Yes, you're right when you first open, it welcomes you says this is your moment welcome to the close to my heart family and it really is a family. And then you see this folder here that it's full of paperwork and order forms and things that you need and you'll probably want to look at it at some point. But really, what you want to do is take it out and see what's underneath, and I'm not going to actually open this one. I'm going to show you what I've got on my radio here. I do want to show them a little bit of some of the messaging to on the front, okay? All right, way. So here, right here at the very front of the box, I don't know well, we could do it with the front camera can see it says, um, what if I hold it up with share the moments that matter most? And so that's what we've been talking about sharing the moments that matter most, and so we wanted when someone starting and close to my heart, we want them to know that's our number one goal that's what we went that really is a synopsis of our mission of close to my heart and so we're gonna go ahead and close this one up carrying and let's move this window hamas to the table to the side because we've got lots of things to show beautiful so in your in this gorgeous box that you just opened you're going to find lots of of our idea books that you'll need for your business but more importantly I want to talk about some of these I don't know that you want to do these on the overhead we have probably at let's do that way don't you think way go as monica and the close to my heart team designed this consultant kit I think the main goal and you can correct me if I'm wrong is to make sure that a consultant starts out with everything they need to do their first home gathering and more so that once they purchased their kid there is really nothing they need to buy immediately other than what came in the kit and I love what you find in your kids so you do get this organizer as briefing inside of the organizer as part of your kid right and let's talk about a few of these things in here so when you oh yeah we want to face just you are holding a class or a home gathering quite often you are having several people making a project together and sometimes it can get a little sticky when you have ten or twelve people trying to share one stamp, right? And so you can see in the box probably just even looking without us showing too much that there are duplicates of quite a few things here in the box. And that, like I said earlier, is very purposeful, um, one column and yes, on it at this kid, so that it is great for you and your customers and gives everyone a good experience. We want our new consultants to hit the ground running and to have all the tools they need and not have to make a second order. So we tried to think of everything you would need at your very first event so that your customers will have a really awesome experience, and I think you did it. He hit it out of the party. Yeah, you'll notice you also make utah said we hit it out of the car. I think someone else is currently missing lots of paper and then I don't know if the camera can pan right over here because this is a really great visual with what we just showed you that came in this kit. You can make fifty cards, what you see right here, yes, and seven layouts, or if you choose in your business that you just wanted tio focus on the scrap booking you could make twelve of the two page layouts which we have on display here and one of our students here in the audience naomi and amy put this put the pictures on our layout for us last night show shoot and let's do that yet that will be much smarter I think um have actually some pictures from yesterday's experience here earlier at creative life here we go look at that look, robin is that and I have to tell you this is a brand new paper pack and when I saw this bill's favorite charlotte yes and it's karen pederson's favorite shoe I ok, I love love love love you guys love that cute little tze dear stem so trendy, so, so perfect and this is a layout that let's talk for just a second about these cards and land so when close to my heart gives you all the stuff to make all of these in your kids, you don't just throw the stuff in and leave you on your own. What what they have is a program where you can go online is a consultant get the cutting guides for each of these projects the instructions and exactly how to make them so that you create exactly what's here and you can do that at your home gatherings as a brand new console eat take training so seriously, at close to my heart, it really is something we're known for. All of the training at close to my heart is free of charge. Of course, we want you to be successful, we want you to feel like you have the tools that you need, and so I film every video doing of the new consultant kit, and I'm going to tell you everything that comes inside and why it's in there so that it's not just a fun, happy box, it actually has a real purpose, and so you get the beautiful artwork and all of the components that you need to make it, but then you understand how you can then go out and have a successful home gathering? Well, that leads me into the very next thing I was going to talk about, okay? So I wanted to talk just a little bit about training, especially a training for a brand new consultant. When you sign up with close to my heart, you obviously haven't up line, which is what we're talking about few minutes ago, when monica asked me to share with you how to sign up. When you find that person online, that consultant in your area and she's there, she or he are there to help you in any way that they can in addition to that bill, corporate has provided some really great tools and one of those is called start with heart in your first six weeks with close to my heart you will receive and email or multiple emails per week with tips and tricks of how to get started on the right foot. Not only that, but there are even checklists of do this this week do this this week and as you do those things we know you'll be successful it's been proven over the years with close to my heart what needs to happen at the beginning of your business to have it work and so start with heart is a great program for new consultants to be able to be successful right from the start we want to give you those small goals though small wins so that you're feeling that success right from the minute you hit the ground running with close to my heart and we call our close to my heart consultants but really we're a family of network and support that's what we're here for to help you both in the home office and of course our consultants out in the field and so we've talked a lot about home gatherings were going to be showing home gathering later on, but you'll love and home gathering really is a party and that's what it's about we have set up for class here as a party and s o just for those studio audience out there that aren't are our students. I don't want to turn to our students out there who don't understand what a home party is. It means coming together, tow no and make something that's close to my heart and hold on to your hats because christina will be doing our home party today and you're gonna you're gonna love there's some serious energy that will be happening there. Terror. I think tara had a question for us the comment because I am a new consultant and I have done direct sells many, many years ago, and this time before I felt alone this time, I really felt like close to my heart held my hand the whole way through all the training and the fantastic up line and everything. It really was a nice feeling. Thank you for sharing that. I'm sure that that's exactly what that's expanding city on the company we're shooting for. Yes, and I do want to say before we get into all that is straight, straight to the top. Yes. We're going to go to straight to the top next year and that is that the new consultant kit will change so about every three months or so we change the contents inside of the kit and so right now we're featuring zoe soon we'll be featuring charlotte and then our next season will come out and we'll have a new kid and so we try to keep it really trendy and current so that people are really excited about what's coming inside of their kit and what we feel is going to be the most popular kid within that season. Yes and I think you did a great job but also that you reminded me going back to the kit one thing I wanted to mention and please keep in mind that any numbers that I give to you today in the class are u s dollars. We also have consultants in canada and australia and new zealand so their numbers are a little bit adjusted so keep that in mind depending on where you're watching from at home our kit that we just showed you is one hundred twenty nine dollars I would be willing to bet if you asked any successful business owner how much money they invested to begin their business it would be a little more than one hundred twenty nine dollars but not only is that a great deal but the kit itself is what worth almost four times that so if you were to take each of the things that come in your kit, price them out, it is a steal, so if any of you out there that are watching us online are wondering how much is it to get started and what am I really getting for my money? I wanted to make sure that we thank you. Thank you carrying you're doing a wonderful job, suffer one twenty nine u s you can sign up and be a close to my heart consultant and be a part of the close to my heart family and you get nearly four hundred dollars worth of product in retail, so yeah, yeah don't even get this cute little deal. They're a little dear. Yes, exactly. And so all right. So we talked a little bit about start with heart are newsletters series that leads us, then two straight to the top. Let's talk about straight rates are going to clear off our little seriously because I just need to show a few things. Okay, straight to the top is a reward program when you sign up with close to my heart from day one you learning a generous commission and one of the things I love about how close to my heart's commission program work is it works is it comes right off the top you don't send in an order and pay full retail price and then wait for a check to come back to you. Your commission gets to come right off the top as you turn in that order, you make it today really time money. Did you say the percentage in it? No, I didn't know. We say, yeah course, because it's it's twenty two percent across all markets. So right off the top you get twenty two percent that's not all but that's. What that is no twenty two percent is the base amount, but more you so the higher your commission goes. And so it's not there's, not a ceiling on that twenty two percent it's awesome, awesome! And in addition to actual cash commission, there are other ways to earn product and things as well. So let's quickly go to straight to the top because I think I think I might like to talk a little. Okay, so a reward program that encompasses your first ninety days with the company, and so maybe terror is in that ninety days. Right now, she said she's a also congratulations, that's wonderful! So we've broken that first ninety days into three segments so that they're doable and and you don't have to eat. Is it eat the whole elephant at once you get to eat it once invited the time and I'm the whole cupcake way much other teo so level one is your first thirty days and if you sell two hundred fifty dollars in commission herbal sales you're first thirty days, then close to my heart sends you these three darling this right now yeah, that's on dh these are exclusive just two straight to the top earners you can't buy these in the catalog, customers can't get them and they are so cute and they're great wording in them that are perfect to send cards to your customers of thank you's or to your down line is you begin to recruit, but in addition to that they just make beautiful artwork, period many of the sentiments and side of the eye did you in fact I'm gonna show you a little artwork doesn't everyone love artwork? We got especially current pedersen artwork that, but I did want to point out that the stamps have a retail value of about twenty nine, ninety five us dollars and so that's more than ten percent of what you just sold on top of what you're already earning a commission exactly so it's a bonus so it's a bonus program that's what you have to remember again making sure that you're feeling those successes in those small windows of time thirty, sixty and ninety days. Okay, so I will be quick with this, because I think we need to move this always beautiful care. Thank you, karin anderson, original this's a lad that I recently made of convention this year, I wanted to point out these great sentiments from the stamp sets that I use that are perfect for anything close to my heart related or craft related live laugh craft it's a good day to be creative. They fit perfectly with what I was trying tio to say with convention and had fun with some of our close to my heart colors, and I carried these colors into some of this other artwork on I'm going to show you just quickly and it's fun to see how the stamps come toe life and artwork, these air just a few more cards that I've karen, you're such a beautiful artist, no wonder you're doing so. What? Monica, this is something I have learned you don't have to be a beautiful artist to be successful. Question time and show true all of those things online. Klosterman heart has so many great workshops and, um, project ideas online that give you exactly what to do, so if you're if you maybe are not an artist or are not confident in yourself yet, because I bet you will be eventually, then we take care of that we definitely do so not only do we give you the business tools and training we definitely most certainly give you the kraft and art tools and training as well. So it's fun is our work is we're going to move on first. All right, let me move on. Karen all right, we will. All right, so that was level one level two way have you sell an additional four hundred additional four hundred and you're next thirty days, so in sixty days that means you've sold six hundred fifty dollars and you get this cute little to go back and it has some great purposes. Not only is it darling floral print but it's great to take your home parties for money or checks bag or it's also good for a little project bag, which is what I'm going to show you today. Oh, it also comes with this cute heart dingell high now is when I have put on the bag and also wanted to show you that it's a darling on a purse so put it on your purse. People say where did you get that? And you have a great conversation starter about your business, right? Um so a great use for this bag is to put a project you might be working on in it inside here I have some cards that I'm working on some business cards and so that when I'm sitting watching my son's football practice or taking a child to the orthodontist on pretending I still have kids in your grand kids going to my grandkids um then I can pull this out and be working on it during waiting time and I can tell you from experience when you do that people ask they'll say, what are you doing? And and I can say oh, I'm working on a project for an upcoming workshop are you a crafter? Would you be interested in coming to one of my classes I thought to have you so this is another purposeful they work and this has been exclusively designed by close to my heart it's you're gonna have we have close to my heart here on the little zippered top pole and so this has all been done to match our whole look right now. So funny starling is do you agree? Don't you want one? Okay, thin level three is another five hundred fifty dollars in your third thirty days and like that way I'll put it when you get just beautiful close to my heart shirt that oh, I really want to turn that this way I'm used to the old cameras where you had to turn everything upside down when I talk okay? So this is a darling shirt has our logo on it in a very trendy beautiful script fund I think it's a three quarters three quarters please sit along for those of us that want long of our fish and it's perfect. So this is what you get on your redesigned it now, and they called me and said, karen, you needed from british? Yes, so that is your third. And if that weren't enough, if you hit all three levels there's a bonus price bonus bonus, we love the bonus hiding over here somewhere who I think you're gonna want this system of it. Yes, I am. Thank you. You get another medium organizer full of more new products to use in your business over one hundred fifty dollars worth of product inside the organizer. So what an awesome way to get started with close to my heart. Would you agree? It's so worth it to him that straight to thank you so much. You made me so excited. I think I'm going to sign up way. I'll tell you where to go e o all right, well, it is very exciting to be a close to my heart consultant. And again, we give you all of the tools and all of the supplies that you need to have a very successful beginning at close to my heart, and if that's not enough, I just know that you're going to be part of an incredible community of consultants all throughout the world. Who are there to support you and help you and encourage you. And you're close to my heart adventure.

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Discover your creativity and celebrate the relationships that matter to you with the beautiful artwork of Close To My Heart!

Close To My Heart, a leader in the scrapbooking and stamping industry, partnered with CreativeLive to bring you Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More!. During this unique event, you’ll learn how to use the Close To My Heart products to create beautiful scrapbook pages, customized cards, handcrafted home décor, inspired digital designs and more!

You’ll get dozens of inspiring project ideas as Consultants and staff members show you how to work with the complete collection of Close To My Heart Products. You’ll get instructions and advice on getting the most out of the Close To My Heart scrapbook supplies and Cricut embellishments, along with plenty of tips for good old-fashioned party hostessing.

Whether you just want to create personal treasures or are ready to start a home-based business of your very own, Close To My Heart is the perfect partner for you. Close To My Heart produces high-quality and inspiring creative tools and accessories that are only available for sale through passionate and hard-working Close To My Heart Consultants.

Tune in for Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More! and find out how fun and rewarding being a Close to My Heart Consultant and customer can be! 



I have been stamping, making cards, for 10+ years but only found out about ctmh last year. I love, love, love your clear stamps. They are great to use and easy to store. These classes inspire me and get me all excited again about making cards. I just recently got a circuit, so much to learn. I've got to get me a ctmh cartridge!!!


This video series will provide all viewers with a fantastic overview of not just the wonderful products Close To My Heart has to offer but the creative environment they foster. Whether you want to craft personally or would like to see if this could grow as a business, watch this series and receive tons of information. Thanks CTMH and Creative Live!


I'm in love really with art ,craft ,colours, everything related to papers stamping writing party preparation, celebration wedding everything over and over things that course will be definitely increase my ability to innovate more and more ... thanks a lot for that free course with massive information love my heart to close to my heart