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Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More!

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Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Stamping and More!

Lesson 18 of 24

Home Gathering Demo


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Home Gathering Demo

All right now we're going to be asking our wonderful consultant all the way from upstate new york christina livingstone who joined close to my heart in two thousand five come on in pristina thank you are you here to tell us what it means to have a home gathering with close to my heart I am and we're going to party all right cristina so you started in two thousand five yes and pretty much it's changed your life it's been changing literally I mean that I mean that it's been life changing and you're gonna tell us your story and how you really got started what I love about your story in particular is that you also work full time I do so you work full time and you do close to my heart all at same time so it's possible to do both totally possible and of course this is the most fun job this wallace I mean look at this display and all of this is yours yes it is oh it's incredible. Well I don't take any more time I want to kick it off to you I know you're gonna tell everyone what your story is ...

and how to dio hung gathering thank you so much. Ok, so we're going to party today in case you didn't know oh, thank you ah partee as far as I'm concerned it's just a little bit bigger than a party right, so I want to have, like, a little bit of fun and I'm a little bit bigger than a party, so I want to start by saying thank you, sir so much to naomi because naomi has offered to host this party for us today, so thank you, naomi, thank you so much for inviting all of your friends here so that I can share our love of close to my heart with them and thank you guys for being here taking time out of your busy schedules. I totally get how crazy life can be like monica said, I do work full time outside the home I come you an hour each way to work, so I get what that's all about and I'm still able tio make close to my heart a huge part off my life and as she said, it's been life changing for me so I will share my story with you a little bit later. But first I kind of want to get into what we're really here for and that's the home party today we're going to do just what I would do it a typical home gathering and that is to start by walking you through our idea book have you seen this book big right? This is full of happiness right here and this is all we're going to cover they'll be a small written exam afterwards? No, no need to be nervous. I'm kidding. I do want to touch on all of these things I have highlighted because this book is full of information so it's full of really beautiful things, things you can make things to inspire you but there's a lot of information in there as well, and I want to touch on it with you just so that you know what you're looking at. So what we do in the beginning is called a catalog walk through I love to talk what you're going to know really well by the end of this, I love to talk, but I really like to talk two people, so any point throughout this whole gathering, if you want to ask a question as long as it's easy, I'll answer it if it's hard, I'll look it up and find you an answer, but no really feel free to ask me any questions that you have. I'll answer them for you comment if you've used our product, if you're interested in it, I'm happy to help however I can as we go through the catalog and I'm really going to just pull you through it so you can see what we have to offer I also up here have an album that I will be sharing artwork out of sometimes it helps, I think this idea book is incredible it's laid out beautifully you khun really just get the beauty of the artwork, but I kind of want to see see it right? Sometimes you just want to see it like in real life, so I have some examples, and here I'll be sharing with you also something's up here on the table that I'll be sharing with you as well. I'm not sure if I mentioned the cupcakes once or twice, I'll be sharing those as well. So thank you, naomi, for this chocolate seemed party because seriously, does it get better than chocolate and scrapbooking? I don't think so, so I'll kind of pull you through the different examples a cz we go through the book, but please feel free to ask questions as you have them, because my job I view my job here today is to help educate you on what close to my heart has to offer and that's because I really believe no matter who you are and what your passion is if it's, scrapbooking or card making or if you're just a generally crafty person, I truly believe that we have something in here. That will help you today and that's my job is to share that with you so let's go ahead and get started we're really going it's like school I'm going to tell us what page around we're going to go to it we're going to talk about what's on that page so let's go ahead and get started at one of my very favorite spots and that's hostess rewards so we're going to turn to page five okay naomi is like this is the page I'm waiting for okay, so page five is our hostess reward chart and close to my heart has a really competitive hostess rewards program and if you take a look at it it's pretty simple and that the more sales you have at your party the higher your prizes go right and they only I know is look it name I can see her she has her eyes on this bag and that's because there's a level you can get to and hostess rewards that is right here not very hard to get to at all two hundred fifty dollars and I like to call that our sweet spot because not only do you earn free hostess credit then which is fab, but you also earn a half price item and naomi is like given that bag she wants that bag this is one of our higher priced items realistically but it's so worth it it's incredible and I'll show it to you a little later but to get it regular price I think is a great deal to get it at half price I'm like give me some more of that bag I want that bag and I know that that's what naomi is hoping for today bag is it collapses flat christina had showed me that before at the party I went to that I booked this one off up so anyway that is a really cool bag you guys should you know, like want that teo you always like so justly all know that's where I need to be right there to fifty just putting it out there but it's a great item you can use that half off item just so you know on anything if you want a half price stamps that you could get just a half price stance that with it you can use it for whatever you want typically it's really nice to use on these high priced items because it brings it way down low. I mean, where do you go that you get a fifty percent off coupon? I mean that to me is like a fifty percent off coupon so we'll be working to get that for naomi today and this is our hostess rewards chart now something else that's really exclusive to just hostesses if you flip the page one more time are these hostess rewards stamp sets and I love these when you look through these if you are absolutely in love with any of these think about hosting a home party the only way that you can earn these is with hostess credits so when you're a hostess and you earn those rewards we talked about the's stamp sets can be yours so they're not on ly exclusive for hostesses the other really neat thing about them is that the red a discount so when you look at those prices you'll see that some of them are saved five ninety five save seven ninety five so it's making those hostess rewards that you earn stretch further and further and further so those hostess rewards go a long way in this stamp section so great great another addition to our hostess rewards program and I know naomi had picked out a little wish list of those as well what can I say? She came very prepared s so we will skip right through now two pages number sixteen and seventeen and this is really the core of our scrapbooking line so I want you to take a good look at these two pages are albums are incredible they are very durable you can see the size of him here I mean that's a really nice album toe hold your twelve by twelve pages and and what I tried to tell people all the time is that we spend so much time on what goes inside of theis, right? You know, if you're like me, you spend a lot of time on what goes inside of there, we really want to keep good care of them, and putting them in a sturdy, nice album is really what you want to think about our albums air wonderful, we have deering and the post bound, so whether you prefer one or the other, we have both, so you'll see them listed separately. There both are available. This one here that I have shown is deering okay? And it really is just your preference other than pocket scrap bookers, I always recommend the deering for those otherwise you can really use whichever you're more comfortable with, but really think about your album it's something we don't put a lot of thought into because it's kind of the afterthought ofwhat we dio, but I like to bring it to the forefront. So albums air there after yes, between the d rings and the post's pound about how many page protectors pages tan you get in each one that's a really great question and one that I get all the time, and I will tell you, it absolutely depends on how you design your pages, I can tell you that my pages I have a lot of dimension, so I love foam tape I will use phone tape on everything if I can so I use a lot of foam tape so mine don't typically hold quite as money is your average scrap bookers because minor sophie thick but if you typically do you know more flat layouts or if your studio j user pml user years will lie morph flat and you'll be able to fit more in your albums really just depends on what kind of scrapbook or you are ok great, you know, thank you, and that was an easy one. So thank you for that. Ok, we're going to start now on page eighteen in nineteen in this book is full of beautiful papers and accessories I know, right? Everyone said, ooh and this is the one that you can win today. S oh, this is really beautiful paper it's called zoe and I'm just going to walk through this one set for you we have six of them in here, I promise I'm not going to go to each one and walk you through it, but I want to explain what you're seeing because I think even though we see pretty things here, I think it would be more important to really get a good idea of what comes in those packages, right? I want to know what I'm getting from my money someone suing that you do till so let's talk rate on the upper right hand corner here and this starts with the zoe paper packets. Now, looking at that picture, it pretty much looks like you get about six pieces of decorative paper, which is nice. I mean, six pieces of decorative paper is nice, but it's not you actually get twelve pieces of that hope. Excuse me. Six pieces of that with six pieces of cards stacked for a total of twelve pieces. Sorry about that. So here's the paper this is so much more beautiful in person, right? So here's a look at what you get. Now let me explain something that I love about our paper packs. You see these colors in here? This is card stack this we call be anti paper. Bmt paper is our fancy way of saying background and texture paper so to me, it's just the one with designs on it and the other one is plain. So if you want to keep us separated that way in your head you can. Tio what I love about these paper pax is I get all of this paper number one. Number two the decorative paper has this great little strip on it it's called a zip strip and what you can do is you, khun, slip that off and then you can use that as an embellishment on your papers and we're actually going to do that today to me that's like an extra little goody that I got totally free, right? Michael, I got a free prize in there, it's a zip strips so you can cut that off and use it, and we're using it here and the example we make today so it's a really cool little bonus, thie nothing that I love about these paper pax is that they have that card stack, that nice, solid paper and why that's important for me truthfully is that I have a hard time matching things, which can be difficult if you're a scrap, parker okay, you can relate that makes me feel better. It can be difficult if you're someone who wants to make beautiful things if you can't match and I can't match, which is why I'm wearing khaki he's in the colored shirt, so I struggle with that and close to my heart takes that struggle away from me, okay? They just gave me what goes with these decorative papers so I don't have to think about it. I don't have to sit and think about it, I don't also have to stand in an ill at a store and hold this beautiful you know how you find the beautiful pattern paper and then you too dark to light too busy not busy now you've been there right or you've at least seen me they're doing this in the aisle for like an hour that's me I don't have to do this I can open up this pack and know that everything in here goes together so I can just use it so this is one of our paper packs and again I just don't think you can see that fully from that picture so I want you to see how much paper you truly get for that price so great deal for the paper now rate to the bottom of that just under is something called a compliment let's take a look at what status so these are coordinating little items that go along with our paper packs again why do I love this how easy is that for me all I did was open this bad so in here matches what I'm doing there's two sticker sheets in these are so cute great little sayings they match coordinate perfectly with our paper all the hard work is done for me I didn't have to go to another aisle I didn't have to try and figure this out it's done and then they also have these little tiny embellishments that you could had to lay out you can add two cards in the very from set to set so is you look at the different paper packs when you're kind of brows singer your catalog just take note that some paper packs maybe have this vellum in them others might have plastic pieces it just depends on which one you're looking at but all in all it's the typical kind of two sticker sheath and then some bags of goodies now down below that and again I think that they kind of I don't want to sound selfish but I think they created this just for me they have these great little assortments that again go with the paper I picked out so I literally didn't even have to turn a page and I have everything that I need which that's about how ambitious I am so I just want to look at one page I'll take all of that and now I'm going to make a great lay out so they make it so so easy for us to kind of do our shopping and for someone like me who struggles with putting those colors together and things like that things I see like michelle do I'm an off right? I'm thinking who would put those two colors together and they look incredible well close to my heart and now I can look like I'm fabulous just by shopping from one page, so underneath they'll always show you these great little compliments in little assortments that you can use to go with the paper that you're just seeing we're going to flip one more time while we're talking about paper packs and this just makes me so happy this is a workshop on the go I know you're all shaking your head yes you like love me some workshop on the go let me explain what this says I always tell people that if you like a paper pack I want you to at least flip and look at the workshop on the go because if you like a paper, you're going to love a workshop on the go so a workshop on the go has the paper pack so in this instance this zoey one has that paper pact that we just looked at in addition, it comes with some of those really cute compliments that we talked about that we're at the bottom of the page it also comes in this I love is this exclusive stamp set so you cannot pray just that stamps that separately you can't buy it anywhere else in the idea book the on ly place that you can get it is in the workshop on the go now what I really love about this again, going back to the fact that I have a hard time matching even my clothes is that I can't think of layouts and I know that probably sounds strange people see things and they think, oh you were you did this and it's creative so let me show you what I mean in my album so these layouts car with zoe, which I love, right? Beautiful, beautiful. Now, if you look very closely in your idea book, the's may looks similar or exactly like what you're looking at and that's because thes packets of workshops on the gulf come with instructions. There are instructions that are going to tell you exactly how to create that lay out. So I like to call this my little bag of happiness because it is right. So this is what makes me look like this expert scrapper, and nobody needs to know this. We don't have to tell anybody that I just copied it from this, but it's, just our little secret. So in here is this little instruction booklet that I love, and this will tell you literally how to cut every single piece of paper to create those layouts that you see. So when you see those layouts that you absolutely fall in love with and you think, oh, they're beautiful. But how am I going to make those? This is how you're going to make those? This is your little recipe, and this is what you can use to create those beautiful artwork pieces that were created white by the art department. But you can do them for your own album. So it's really just a great program and these little guys right here, I keep a hole punch. I put him in my little binder and when I'm struggling for an idea, it may be with christmas layouts I will go back to the yes and think this was a really great lay out. I'm going to use thes right? Great idea I'm going to use these but with christmas paper instead. So these are just a great little tool that comes in there in lastly on the workshops on the go and this is again because not only can I not match, but I'm very frugal these air the savings you actually get these products at a discount so that pressure seeing is less than if you were to buy these all individually. So it's a really great savings as well. Workshop on the goat does anyone use those? Try them, love them! Lots of hand shut up! So these are really just a great tool that we have to offer you okay? You guys are doing good. We're like a quarter of the way see, these are not do not be afraid of these, they go quickly, they go very quickly, so we're gonna really speed ahead and go to page number sixty and sixty one we skipped a lot right there like skipping a great almost okay once you're there let me know good us a quick okay this paper while this paper is beautiful for starters right kaleidoscope isn't it gorgeous love it this one totally makes me think of jelly beans which I love use that may only said jelly beans at the same time I did love this paper the reason I wanted to just show you another paper pack was to show you something else that we have in terms of workshops on the go so if you flip and you'll see exactly card you will see exactly what we just talked about but for cards so if you instead of a scrapbook er maybe want to try dabbling with card making you can go ahead and create fifteen cards so fifteen cards from one packet and check out the price that is an incredible price, right? You get the stamps that you get again a cutting diagram that's going to walk you right through how to create them and you'll create five each of these three in the cards are so cute super cute cards right same thing with that savior little instruction book remember that you can always re use it again in the future so that's just another way that we offer the workshops on the go yes another silly question and they're not really they're not silly so with the instructional brochure I've gotten some of these card kits georg oranges I am never sure if I'm supposed to cut right to left or left to right I typically start from just like think of like when you read I would start right from the upper left hand corner and then work my way across that makes our sun so I was doing it the wrong way. That's ok, help me to keep my place to write because you're looking down looking at your cutter, looking down and it's easy to lose your place so I like to actually just like I read ah book from left to right great cash do you think you we love our workshops on the go ok, next item we're going to touch on is one of four in one o five the's are alphabets now I love to talk about what I love to talk about all of our stuff, but I love I know sorry that probably is showing I love to talk about are also bad because to me they're such a great value their beautiful what you can tell from looking at the stamp sets in the book but I also like to talk about them because there's such a great value alphabet stamps to me are one of my go to items still so I have a cricket I do I know you're all like, oh me too right now with the cricket I do a lot of titling with that, but I like to mix in there my alphabet stamps because I really think it's it's nice to just mix and match between the two different forms of I guess titles now the very first party I went teo I had never heard of close to my heart and I really didn't know what to expect I knew that the party was free, which I was into I knew that I would be a to create a scrapbook page, which I also wanted because as a scrapbook er I will do just about anything to get a free scrapbook page s o I also wanted to create a free page I had never even stamped before has anyone ever been to a party and you're like, oh, this is so intimidating, right? I don't even know how to use that and I hope they're going to explain it to me because I'm frightened that's how I felt and I really didn't think I'd have any interest at all in it. To be honest, I had been scrap booking in crafting and had never even gone near the stamps but when I saw the alphabet stamps I fell in love so things I thought about this who is with me and used to use sticker alphabets who is with me and has cut apart one letter to create another letter right you're like I would love to spell this word but I need a t and all I have is a couple eyes so you'll like cut pieces off them cross them over one another it looks awful but that's what we had to do to get the letter that we needed right and I had stacks of alphabets left and I had a ton of axes just waiting for someone to get next right and so I could scrap bucket you know not to encourage that but I was like oh I could have a perfect lettering for that but I wanted to be able to use them over and over again and I couldn't I had just a stack of basically these letters I was never going to use so when I saw the alphabets I thought never again will I make a tea out of eyes it so it was a moment for me and that was my very first purchase was an alphabet stamp because I knew that I could make any title that I wanted and I know I could spell any name that I wanted and I could say happy birthday I could do anything I wanted with just an alphabet now this is one of our largest stamp sets and it looks the same size as the others but let me just show you inside of here it's actually double sided see that so there's two sheets in their the's are great for titles on your pages love them for titling okay and simple enough I often get asked on pricing on the stamp sets so just to break it down for you as you look through that book you're going to see our stamps range in price this is our most expensive stamp in our smallest stamp. Is this so easy enough? The smaller the stamp, the less expensive it is the larger the stamp, the more expensive it is, but it is such a great value. I'll tell you that a stamp set like this I mean three packs of stickers would have cost me what the stamps that cost in this I like to call stamps forever stickers that's kind of always think of them, right? Because these to me are like stickers that I can use over and over and over again forever. I can have them in any if I want them in black. Aiken stamps him in black I want them red eye stamps him and read. So I like to consider my stamps kind of a forever sticker s so to me the value and hello two dollars, ninety five cents really? I mean, this is so inexpensive, it's just a really great value in terms of pricing versus what I used to use which was stickers so those are alphabets one of the things I want to mention that I think is important is that these letters are shown at their actual size so if you're trying to size it and thinking how do I want this for my card or you know if you're going to do a title on the page this one here probably not your best option okay, little bit tiny people may need by focus to see this you might want to go with something larger but these are the actual size same with all of the other stamps in the book so if you're looking at a stamp set and you're thinking I love that sentiment but I don't know if it'll fit right on my card how big is it? I love that they're shown at their actual size you don't have to guess what half of that what's happened that they're actually exactly as they're shown so that will help you kind of as you work through the idea book yes one that I really like like is the inked alphabet on the next page with the real script e because my handwriting isn't too good and those connect really what really pretty and then that looks like I hand lettered I agree completely if you would like to trick everyone that you know into thinking you have perfect cursive page number one o six inked alphabet we'll help you do that and you could see they have a little sample of it right here up on this thanks car isn't that beautiful and you can attach them they're so easy to stamp as you know, our stamps are clear which we'll see when we start our creative project but they're clear you can see through them so you can see where you're standing so you can line those letters up seamlessly to form any words that you want love that thank you, naomi okay, next item on our list is the fundamentals and I will keep singing if you want the fundamentals are so great I love them. This is like a whole other paper collection. Okay? The's air just incredible vibrant papers now wondering what a fundamentalist I think of it kind of like a card stack right? This is kind of like a card stock to me but it's more decorative than a card stack you know to me sometimes I want a little pop to my page but not like all of that pattern paper and a fundamental khun do that for me. So if you take a look at these little bubbles here that they have blown up one shows you the front side of the paper and the other shows you the reverse side of the paper so you can see what both sides look like and that's because both sides are different so one you can see has that white in it, which is really cool if you want a little bit more pattern to whatever you're working on because you can see that white pattern pop up through the card stack it's a neat look. Sometimes you might want a more subtle look, right? Like, I just want a little something. I don't want it to be crazy it's in the background, I just want a little something there underneath that shows you the back and that's like a clear in bossing that's on the other side of the paper. So it's that same pattern but it's actually clear in boss so it's just very, very subtle, which is really cool now these are available in four different what I like to call families, families of colors again, why do I love my family's? Because they're all right together there for me, so I know that if I use any of them out of that little family, that they're going to complement each other and they're gonna look nice together, and then even better than that, if you flip one more page, this is going to show you accessories. We love our accessories, I know I see smiles, the's are accessories that go along with those fundamental paper packs, so this is like whole other paper pack that adds into the next it's something it's a like a complete addition toe everything that's already in the front of this book fundamentals are just a great way to coordinate yet still keep it mixed up and what I mean by that is take a look at this layout at the top of page one eleven that's with fundamentals so do you see how those colors all coordinate together but it's still mixed up because there's different colors it's fun vibrant but it really ties all together with those patterns and then they've used some of these great accessories here the fundamental assortments which was knowing naomi's thank you gift for hostessing thank you yeah she got the gold ones which are so q and I think that you can really just use those with any that anything that you want I mean gold is nice because it really well that's one I know it will go with almost anything I put it with so I hope you enjoy those they're here in the back of the idea book if you're looking for them let me say something about this right here and that's just because it comes up often this looks like a super piece of glittery paper that's cute yes question on page one odai yes let me go back underneath each piece of paper there's three different dots yes and a line name what do those mean that is a great great question so on this page underneath here you'll see these different little circles and says whimsy, adventure and basics what that's showing you are these members said it's available in four families these air the family's off to the side and so then what they do up here is they show you from that family which color will be in which pattern so if you choose let's take a look at that top one whimsy let's say you picked the whimsy assortment you can look at each pattern and you can know that underneath there where it says whimsy that's the color that that pattern paper is going to be in your packet so it be whimsy under that one what's in whimsy under this one what's in whimsy under this one in all the way through does that make more sense? I know it's a little confusing that was a great question thank you okay let's flip back and again we're just on one ten one eleven so fundamentals think of them is an entire other piece to this puzzle of creativity right it's more than even the paper that's in the beginning and there's so much to choose from in the beginning but this is great because it's so non theme specific and I love that right because sometimes I do want something very specific sometimes I'm doing a birthday party and I want paper that says happy birthday, right? Sometimes I'm just doing some general pictures that I really don't want to have a theme screamed a crossed fundamentals are great for kind of filling that void for me and they're kind of my go to item for that so think of those is just this extra tool that you have yes what is this lovely glitter paper right here? Thank you. I started to talk about that it does look like just fabulous a fabulous glitter square, which I would be completely happy with because I love glitter but it's even more than that it's actually a sticker sheet so there's little stickers on their their hearts, their stars there's different little shapes and you compete well them off they're in glitter and you can use them is accessories and they've used a few of them up here on these pages they're super super cute accent it's a little bit hard to tell in the book though, but they are actually sticker sheets thank you. Okay, next thing we're going to talk about his picture my life so quick show of hands how many people are completely up to date on their scrapbooking do you want to give you a minute? There's? No and there are no hands in the air including mine, which I was just using as an example because my minus not up today either first of all it's okay, it's okay? I'm the teacher and mine are done. So how bad can it be? Right? So it's ok to not be completely done? I love to talk about picture my life because I think it's a way to help us get there right? And I want any tool that I can have to help me get to where I want to be. So if you haven't heard of picture my life yet is packet scrapbooking. And if you haven't heard of that, you're like pocket scrapbooking. What exactly does that mean? And it's really? Just like it sounds. So there are sheep protectors that air divided into little compartments. And in those compartments we have decks of cards that you can get and there's different patterns, just like with our paper. And you can take those little decks of cards and just slide them into the page protector and they create a beautiful layout. Let me show you the example. I have care of that and let's talk about this a little bit. So pocket scrapbooking is just great for so many people. This sample, I think, is perfect, right? Because what do we think about when we see this sand baby's, new mom in new moms just have tons of time to do nothing but create all right or not so this is really, I think, a lot of great tool for a lot of new moms, right? When we really don't have time to sit and create all day, we barely have time to sleep, I'm guessing, so I think that this is a break tool for them to use to get their pages done, but they still look creative, right? So they still look like what we're used to doing, but they took about ten minutes, as opposed to ten hours. I mean, it could take me ten minutes to find my scissors some days, so this is much faster than that in there. The card you just slide in, all, you do a slide your photos, and you have completed pages. Now that being said, I really think that these convey be for everyone, not just new moms, right? We're all busy, I think, of my mom who's in her sixties and likely going to be thrilled that I just shared that with you all, so I better rethink that, but my mom has a lot of catching up to do on her scrapbooking, and this is a great tool for her, too, because, again, it so simple and easy for her to use, she can pick that deck of cards that she likes the most sheikhoun slipped her pictures and slide the cards and around it and we have something that looks like what we're used to and what I mean by that is it's not just a page with pictures slipped into these it's our paper its texture you can add embellishments to these these look like what we like seeing so there's so much more to them than just a simple picture yes one thing I do with it is I keep one of the cards up on my fridge so if I remember something have a memory that I want to jot down tonight when it comes to journaling I could just stick that in the stick it right in right in the pocket perfect that's that is a great idea thank you so much for sharing put it down when you remember it exactly exactly when you have that moment when you're in that moment write it down and then you have it to just slide in here but very simple and easy and I'll show you what one of the decks looked like because there's so simple to use so this is a deck these air four by six cards and then three by four now something that I love about these cards that makes it really easy to use on a page like that in the sample you're seeing in your book is that the designs on them are both horizontal and vertical so yes, I know we're clapping but that's because otherwise you find the perfect design but it's going the wrong way right so it's this huge excitement and then left town but these are all double sided one going one way then the opposite on the back so you can use them however they fit best in your layout which I love and it's really a perfect amount of cards if you have leftovers these air great to use to make quick e cards up I like to keep some of these around there's someone just general sayings that air just cue keep someone hand my husband why love is notorious for like the night before oh tomorrow is so and so his birthday right like I could just whip something up at eleven o'clock on a tuesday but instead I can use some of these little cards to make really q handmade still but cute little greeting cards so just a thought for you with your extra cards that is picture my life and again really good for such a wide variety of people if you have catching up to dio I highly recommend giving those cards to try ok moving on tour next section we're going to flip two page number one eighteen one nineteen oh wow yes that's the excitement I liked here so we're going to talk about the cricket I know who loves the cricket has a cricket can't live without a cricket I know I'm with you I'm with you so close to my heart, we're so fortunate that we have five cricket cartridges, I'm not fortunate and that they all start with an a so it's sometimes very hard for me, but they are incredible, and what so unique about our cartridges is that they all have seven hundred hnida's seven hundred images on a cricket cartridge, which that alone blows me out of the water, right? I mean that's incredible in addition to that, and this is one of my most favorite things about it, too. As you can tell, everything is my most favorite thing about it is that it comes with these stamps sets three complete stamp sets come in our cricket bundle, which is really incredible, just the value of those stamps sets and they come in with the bundle. Now, if you didn't know it, take a look at your cricket page one eighteen lower right hand corner you'll see that they show an image and would that image they show a little red line going around the outside of the image and it's kind of like, ok, what are they outlining it? What exactly does that mean? That is pure excitement, because that means that the shape you're looking at on your stamps that actually coordinates with one of our cricket cartridges, and what does that mean? No fussy cutting? And I love to hear that because I was a big, fussy cutter. Anyone else? Yes, the saves tons and tons of time so you can coordinate the cricket cartridges with our stamp sets. Look at the ones that have the red outline. It will tell you exactly what cartridges on. It will also tell you on the stamp carrier sheet. What size to cut it at in the page that it's on in your cricket book, they make it so really easy for us so you can go to that page, cut it the size that you want and cut out that little shape stamp right on it. And you're done no more fussy cutting. So that's, really an incredible part about the cartridges for may. Additionally, because it's just not enough to give you three stamps. That's, what way also give you a card stock it, which is really cool because it kind of gets you jump started on your creating with our cricket cartridges. So this whole bundle it's how we sell our cartridges, we have five different ones. As I said in each is really unique. And has something different to offer almost every crafter so I'm going to just kind of touch on them I'm not going to go into a ton of detail on each because there are descriptions in this idea book for you to follow you can kind of take a look through those as you want see what catches your eye our newest one I will tell you is the artistry and it's incredible it has got some wonderful basic shapes that I love because who doesn't love a basic shape things that I use all the time kind of a go to item but it also has some really amped up things and it's got some overlays it's just got some incredible beautiful cuts and that's our brand new one called the artistry we're going to flip over and take a look at the others we have our last one that was introduced which was artfully sent now who's my card makers out there okay yes everyone's raising their hand you will love our police sent in the name kind of tells you this is all about card it just has incredible images for your cards different types of cards seen cards, pocket cards all different kinds if you're not a card maker this will make you look like you are a card maker this will make you look like you are so that's a really great one from my card makers tend to love it we have art booking what do you think aren't booking when you hear that name right? Art booking sounds like scrap booking right? This is a really great one for scrap bookers in the beauty of this and again for those of us I'm saying us I mean may who is designed challenged that cartridge will cut complete twelve by twelve layouts can you imagine right complete twelve by twelve layouts and I love it because you don't even have to move that little dial you don't have to figure out how big you want your title and how big you want a photo mat and get out your ruler none of that you literally set that dial to the number and just caught whatever pieces you need and they say by magic I'm not positive but magically they will all fit on your scrapbooking page perfectly it also makes really great many albums, so if you're a scrapbook er and you also like to do some more, you know, tiny like brag books and things like that that is absolutely the cartridge frio way have art east ark east is a really fun one this artist makes me think of michelle who is super creative at making these great themed parties and that's kind of what I think of when I think about art east so a quick example of art east would be things like these little cupcake grabbers how are those right? So it's really all about themes and it has everything that you need to just have great kind of themed parties or themed events are teesta is really perfect it creating little boy bags and bows and anything that's really funny and kind of party like and then last but certainly not least we have art philosophy that's on the lower right hand page of one twenty one now our philosophy is our top selling cricket cartridge it's also our oldest, which I think is so interesting. Right? So even though it been around for a while, it still has great sales and I firmly believe that is because it's incredible our philosophy has got all of the basics that you need and I love that so basic things that I used to hand cut fisica stars hearts little borders it's got all your basic items it's really my go to cartridge when all else fails, I look for our philosophy and I know I can find what I'm looking for in there I need a snowflake art philosophy I need a heart, our philosophy so it's really a great one for basic shape apps. Ok, everyone excited about the cricket bundles I know so exciting okay, let's, move on is everyone doing ok anyone have any questions? Yes, at their leather stand apps besides the ones that aaron the bundles that go with the cricket. Carter, that is a great question. Thank you for asking that. So other than the ones that come in there. Right, they come in the bundle, you know that those go with that cartridge. Other than that, throughout our entire idea book, you will see that red outline around things when you see that around a shape on a stamped image, look underneath testing upset. And it will tell you exactly which cartridge it coordinates to. So, yes, talk about value, right? Talk about the value for your money. Other than coordinating with those three stamps, sets it coordinates with other stamp sets that aaron the idea book. And the more I see of red lines, the less I know I have to cut. So I'm thrilled. S o great question. Thank you so much. Yes. About like old ones from other past. Once I got in here anymore. Yes, those will kind of live forever. Those live those stay around because they coordinate those stamps. That's stay. They hang out for us because they coordinate with our cricket cartridges, right? And we want to keep adding value to these, so, yes, you can get those and, yes, your cricket will cut around them. Where can I get up since they're not in the cattle out? You're like this. That is great. Where are they? You can visit your independent consultants website and you can view them on the web sites. Thanks. So we can't see them all in here. There's a lot. Yes. Did you have a question? That was your question. Great. Thank you so much for asking. Ok, I want to switch gears to instill life page one twenty six. How many of you use instagram? Okay, okay. How many of you didn't even know that you could take a four by four? Picture me? I didn't okay. I found out as soon as I saw this. Cute is ever a little album. Right? So these albums are great for those of you that love instagram because they are really made told those square photos and they are so q in super trendy right now I have one up here just to give you an idea of what it isthe. How cute is that, right? Just a super q many album and these are the little inserts. Remember how we talked about picture my life? This kind of reminds me of that through these cute little cards and all I'm going to do. It slipped them into these little page protectors, right? Adorable how easy is that? I took my niece to a concert recently and she told me how to set my phone toe square photos she's fifteen so of course she can teach me about those things and I took all the pictures and square so that I could do an album for us to kind of capture that moment for us so super cute in very trendy you can see it comes in a couple different patterns there and they also show you the little embellishments that are available for them, so the use of the little packs even has its own super cute little stamp like a little roller stamp. So for me personally, I'm going to give my niece that as a gift when I get my little album done and I'm going to give her this little stamp so that she can then use the wording that she wants she could make it say what she wants and kind of personalize it herself so it's a great little gift idea for an album as well. Okay, next item on our list is home to core home decor never in a million years did I think I would have anything to do with home decor, okay? And if you've been to my home, you know that I am not good at things like that, but this makes it so so easy for may so take a look at the different items that we have this shadow box is incredible if you're a scrapbook for this is so easy to really help keep those special layouts that you love out for everyone to see because I don't know about you, but when I make one of those layouts, I would like the entire world to see that if possible, they may not be able to see it, but at least the people who come to my house will be able to see it. I'll put it right in this little frame here, it's great, I can change it seasonally, aiken feature different artwork in it something that I was already doing I was already scrapbooking, so all I really had to do by that frame and put it on the wall really. Q and it just shows truly how our products translate seamlessly into home to core. So something to think about that I again never would have imagined any questions on that or anything. You guys, they're good, you're following along like perfect little students page number one thirty four in one thirty five I know first of all, based on bling has the word bling in it, so I love it that's all it needed to get me was bling and this again I am not by any stretch of the imagination a jewelry designer. Nor do I claim today but this makes me look like I am one and I like things like that. So let me just show you how this works it's so super simple. So we have different pieces you can see here in our sensory case which I also love, right? Naomi just said in it goes with my bag please know she's calling it her bag already you're like, I want that back, tio so this is just a great little way to keep all these base and bling items. They're really inexpensive which I love and they comes it come in sets of three which I love. So the pendants when you buy those, they come in a three pack the little glass pieces that you place over it, come in a three pack as well and so do our charms. Now why do I love that? I love that because I can buy one chain so I buy typically one chain like the one I have here and from that I can make three necklaces because I get three of these pieces. Then I buy three of the glass covers in one package and the charms so I can make, you know, three out of just one chain purchase, which I like because then I could just change it whatever I feel like wearing that day slide this piece off put the next one on the's take I will warn you in advance so you want to plan accordingly about three minutes to make so plan your day around this seriously though I've made these like running out of the house as a gift for someone you could make these in the car on your drive to the house whether that quick and that easy and that's because this piece that's under here is just from what's called a style sheet which is a really fancy way of saying sticker it is a sticker and so all you have to do is really just pick the sticker that you love put it into this little pendant put some liquid glass on it put the case over it and it's sealed in a soon as it tries its ready to wear drying realistically probably five to ten minutes but a really quick and easy way to have a super cute piece of jewelry so that is our base ambling collection. As you can see from taking a look at that we have silver and gold we also have some really cute charms flip one more time and you'll see those I love them and what we do is stamp so you know we like to bring that into everything that we dio they even have this really q sticker set here that you can get this stamp set for and make monogram necklaces how cute would that be right so I did this for a little girl's birthday party once so all of the attendees all the little girls instead of getting a little bag of candy or something they got to make their very own little monogram necklace right? How awesome is that? And if you're a mom I'm thinking you're appreciating the no candy think this's much better than sugaring them all up before you send them home so just meet little ideas super way to take who we already are which is creative people and just kind of translate that into different mediums like the jewelry like the home decor so that is base and bling flip one more page to my happy place this is our your happy place tio this's are embellishment section so this is all things sparkly glittery everything that you love and everything that you want and also things that you need which I think it's kind of important right I know I know there's actually squeals of excitement in the room which I love to hear this section here as you kind of just flip through it remember that you know those are all just real fun additions on top of what we talked about I like to follow this book through and that's how I designed my pages so I start with my paper and then I might add some of our compliments and this is kind of really the icing on the cake for may is our embellishments I'm going to have you guys take a quick look at one forty six and one forty seven again we're in the embellishment sections we have some beautiful new water colors how many people have tried watercolors it's like the rage right now, right? Well we have it which is great the's air beautiful watercolors that you can use I will tell you that I am by no stretch of the imagination on artist at all. As you know, I copy things that I see I'm very good at scrap lifting that's a ce faras my you know, as I am an artist but I can make these watercolors look incredible, very easy to use in super trendy right now, so think about bringing those into the projects you're already doing are markers I love to talk about because I love are markers does anyone have them love them can't live without them? Yes favorite thing about the markers anything I love that they you can just mix and match him and make any of your stamp images suddenly pop on your cards you can and again this is where the I'm not an artist thing, but I'm going to make you think I am comes out in our markers so here's a look at what we have right? Do you love may only just said and that also goes with my back so I just put that with my pile of things I'm earning free thank you so this is really great we have twenty four shin hand markers I can tell you again not an artist I don't do a lot of the a little of this color a little of that I don't even understand it I take this marker eye color in my a flower and it looks gorgeous and I love that it's either pink or it's read some people are super creative and can blend those the's blend very nice because we have alcohol alcohol based markers that was the worst place to pause ever I apologize we have alcohol markers I totally want like so these are alcohol based markers so you khun blend them that is what you do with them they're also dual tip which is really nice so one and is fine in one is bold so you can be a little bit more artistic with them or if you're me if I'm coloring in a big image, I use the big end and if I'm coloring in a small image I use the small end so really, really nice and just a super way to color in our stamps yeah, can you pass us around so we can see if I could pass them around do you want to come get them if you don't mind thank you thank you yes back to your water color pay yes, I know you guys have a tunney youtube channels I have not played with water colors for a long time since I was like, say fifth graders any of us same about a long, long time um to do is there new videos up since their branding products of how to use them there is youtube has tons of videos on how to use our water color paints I mean, how you that from someone who really just doesn't paint I mean it's not something I've done since I was five like you yeah literally water paint project that's how I use them ok even easy in their beautiful they gloss really really not used to you okay a couple more things before we finish up I just want to mention a few of my favorite tools on page one forty she said I love these markers on I have to have this roll up the role of so really nice and even has a little hook at the top yes, you can hang it which is so great right you can see him all one forty eight one forty nine r tools and I just want to show you tools that I basically cannot live without so tools I cannot live without microchip scissors once you use thes scissors never again will you cut with another paris scissors. This these air so great, and they're so pointy. So you can cut around all those perfect things you want, tio micro tip. Scissors are one of my very favorite tools. Another tool that I love is our scrubber in spritz cleaner. This is how we clean our stamps. Little spritz goes on the brush inside of here, you scrub off your little stamp, it gets in all the nooks and crannies keeps it very nice and clean tool I can't live without one more is the low pen pen that you all have it your spot. I put one for each of you, so that as you fill out your forms and things, you can try it. This is great for journaling. We all know how important journaling is, right? So this is really just such a great pen. I see you writing with it now, and you're smiling. It it's a great pen to do your journaling in your projects. So that's, the le pen, those air. Probably three of my most favorite tools. Although we have tons that I love. Yes, well, when you mention the scissors, I have to admit I have three pair of microchips, scissors you can admit it, I have I have one of I so the nonstick that I use with adhesive and then I have two of the j the microchip scissors one for cutting paper and one for cutting ribbon and I tie a little piece of ribbon around the one that's just for ribbon so I don't mix what I could says you like that one to be separate right? Because you want to know so that you can go back and cut ribbon on lee with that I have a ribbon on ly piece as well so I can totally relate with that. Yes, I have a favorite mine is I kind of jokingly called the poquito but mind yes, the piercing tool yeah, I cannot live without that. It's yes, it's one of those for everything you could easily nine. Yes, especially those tiny pieces of blank. Ok, a couple minutes left so I just want to go through a few other items let's talk about page one fifty two in one fifty three because naomi really wants to get here. So organization right organization is really part of the key to us being creative because if you can't find your things right, how frustrating is that you can't find what you need to be able to create what you need so we have some incredible organizational items nice showed you the accessory roll up and I also showed you the marker roll up um let's take a look at naomi's bag as I'm affectionately calling it now so this I'm going to change it it's delicious bag too this is the bag and this is really just incredible to be able to store your items and do we love that the only size just let off so this is great these are totes we have organizing totes inside of here. The bottom one holds forty stamp sets forty stamp sets the medium one I liked use from my ink pads. This small one is great for my embellishment and besides, just being a great storage unit in it again collapse this is like naomi said it's so easy to travel with and to me this really hides a ton off stuff I have my husband doesn't need to know about, so he like thinks that I just have this little bag of things and it is fall forty stamp sets in one container. Okay, so it's just a really great item that we have super easy it's on wheels in the packages these that come that you purchase to go inside of there they fit in their perfectly and they're great for storing all of your items ok last two things that I want to touch on quickly with you and you guys have done great our color palette is on page one fifty seven we have forty colors okay and you can see them all here I like actually want this like I want this in like my crafting area because it's just an inspirational to me so you can see here this is where you get things like our inks re anchors and also card stack quick note about card stock that I don't want you to miss out on our card stock is so different than what you see other places although this looks like just a black piece of card stack one of my very favorite things about it is that you can rip that okay, so we have a white core which is just so very neat because it makes you get that layered look without using two pieces of paper so from one piece of paper I can get this look so easily and you know I can get that up I can leave it white but I love the fact that our card stock is white core so when you're looking at those pages keep that in mind it's just a really really great benefit of our card stacks page number one fifty eight in one fifty nine one fifty eight I adore and let me tell you why again I can readily admit that I am not creative I can't come up with layouts I can't think of things I don't I don't know where to put things on a page this makes me look like I can. I just brought one of the small books. The's. Jeanette lynton designed all of these incredible card and page layouts for us. And it is like a gift to me every time I open up these books because it makes me look it like I'm a incredible artist. And it just makes me feel so good about what I created. So these sketchbooks, if you struggle with ideas, please tell me I'm not the only one. Yes. Ok. Thank you. If you struggle, you can go to this book and find one that you like, and it gives you all those cutting diagrams and instructions on how to create it perfectly on your own. So I love these books. Used them all the time. So those there are how to books. Right to the right of that is studio j hey, now, this is, I think personally, one of close to my heart's best kept secrets. Does anyone know what studio j is? You studio j? Yes. Why do you love studio j? Amy? Well, I I like it because all of my photos or digital anyway, and so I simply just drop my photos in and it's easy to print at any size, and I don't have to order enlargements and things like that plus it gives me ah the all levels of creativity aiken either just use a pattern already created by close to my heart or I can do my own exactly so here I'm showing you and oftentimes when I show these pages people can't even believe that these air digital right can you tell that those air digital they look just like our traditional pieces but these are all through our studio j program and they again just kind of magically look this incredible you're able to upload your pictures and then just dragged them and drop them into the layout you choose you pick your paper and do your journaling and it's done it's really so incredible and for the price of studio j layouts I'm telling you you could not develop the photos for the price of the layouts I like to use them because it's quick and easy scrapbooking and I also love to use them ok we need to ignore the fact that my husband and I are really bad itself because way realized now that we're looking the opposite direction of the camera but at the time we didn't so I still love this picture and wanted to put it in here but think about the price of developing a photo that size I did a two page layout for that price okay so studio j if you haven't tried it you go to your consultants website go under products studio j it's, free to try. I love that there's. No program. You're buying and downloading. You can access that wherever you have internet access. Go on there, put your pictures on and just give it a try. You never paid a dime into you, actually. Order them. Okay. Great way to catch up. And really just a great way to integrate studio or digital scrapbooking into what we already d'oh. And then last but not least, I just want to close this something that touches on a little bit about what close to my heart is all about on the very back cover. This is our operations that smile scamps that now operation smile is on organization. If you haven't heard of it, that does. Off surgeries for children all over the world with cleft palates on dh it's, just this incredible organization that close to my heart, does so much off what we do to support, because it is very near and dear to all of us, part of what we do, one small part of what we do, because we do a lot. One small part is that we have an exclusive stamp set, that all of the proceeds from so seven dollars, from every stamp set that we sell goes towards operation, smile, and this is a super super cute stamps that that will make you smile and it's just I think feels really good to know that in addition to getting this great stamp set, you're helping literally children in need all over the world. So operation smile is so important to us and you can help them as well with the purchase of this stamp set so that's exclusive on ly available during the life of this catalog so that's it now we are ready to create so I want you guys now that we've kind of gone through the idea book to really get a feel for what our product is like, right? I want to feel it, I want to touch it. I want to use the stamps. I want to see what it's all about so we will be creating and each of your spots is the supplies to create this page here on the end the best day page layout I want to point out just a couple things on this to you. We talked about this as we went through the catalog, so I just want you to know as you pull them out feel those papers this bmt paper are back some texture paper is thinner than the cards stacked, but notice we're building our page on it because we can it's actually thick enough to still use as a base for our page additionally, we're using the little zip strip that we talked about. Remember, I call that that little extra free piece that we get in every paper pack. We're using that, and we're using this cricket piece. So this I pre cut for you on the cricket, so it's all cut out. So you're going to see how easy it is to take a stamp and stamp right on that pre cut image. Now, you'll go ahead and just use this page as a guide as you work through your project, and I will be here to kind of help you along the way. If you have any questions, so let's, go ahead and get started.

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I have been stamping, making cards, for 10+ years but only found out about ctmh last year. I love, love, love your clear stamps. They are great to use and easy to store. These classes inspire me and get me all excited again about making cards. I just recently got a circuit, so much to learn. I've got to get me a ctmh cartridge!!!


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I'm in love really with art ,craft ,colours, everything related to papers stamping writing party preparation, celebration wedding everything over and over things that course will be definitely increase my ability to innovate more and more ... thanks a lot for that free course with massive information love my heart to close to my heart